The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 13, 1942 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 13, 1942
Page 7
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Tlu Mgm Vft* PM MrtiiMt AigtM, low*, 0«t. 18,1942 BURT MEETING OF KOSSinU BUREAU Bujft; About 280 attended the Kossuth farm Bureau meeting?, which was held fh the high school auditorium ladt Wednesday eve* ntng. A dinner was served by the Band Mothers' club. I? red Plumb played several accordion selections and a group 07 high school students also played. Reports were-made and all of the old officers were reeleoted. They rae Wayne Keith, Burt, president; Fred Plumb, Algona, vice president; Floyd Bode, Algona, secretary, and C. C. Inman, Bancroft, treasurer, Roger Fleming, a member of the Iowa Farm Bureau Research committee, of Des Molnes, delivered an , excellent address. Alma Schultz, home demonstration agent, gave a report on the 4-<H gl 'slran report on the 4-H girls' and woman's work. MANY ATTEND FUNERAL OF JOHN GOLDEN HULBURT Among those from a distance, who were here last week Tuesday to attend the funeral of John Golden Hulburt, who was brought here from Portland, Oregon, for burial, were Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Hulburt and daughter, Colorado Springs, Colo., and Mrs. Hulburt's mother, Mrs Brown of Cherokee; Mr. and Mrs Harry Welman and daughter, Lyla Sanborn; Mrs. E. Burt, Luana; Mrs Ellen Hanna, Sioux Falls. S. D.; Mr and Mrs. Jonathan Hulburt, Gild den; Mr. and Mrs. Berray, Chattel C!-ty and Mr. and Mrs. Ben Hann. of Shlirdler, S. D. Helen Schwietert rfpent Thursda; at Bmmetsburg visiting her fr!«nd Mrs. Tony Stoeffel. The U. and I. circle will meet Friday, October 16, at the home of Mrs. L. H. Schenck. The IFrlendly me last week Wednesday at the home of Mrs. Ralph Steward. The 'Elmer Larsens visited rel atives at Hope, Minn., from Monday to Wednesday of last week. Mrs. M. M. Chipman Went to Marshalltown Thursday to visit he parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ross .The Rev. and Mrs. G. H. Wesse are spending a week or two at th home of Mrs. Weasel's brother, T. K Hartwfck at McGregor. Division 2 of the 'Presbyterian Mite society will hold a rummage sale Saturday, Oct. 17, in the ol City Meat Market building. Marie Grover accompanied he sister, Mrs. R. M. Wallace, Algona to Rochester, Minn., Thursday where the latter was to take treat ment. ' Dr. and Mrs. B. K. Bahnson an; Lurena Wessel attended a banquet and meeting of the Oateo/pathio Association in Algona last Wednesday evening. ' • Mrs. Herman Leek, William and Marlene and Marjorie Baas returned last week Tuesday from Camp Crowder. Mo., where they visited with Herbert Leek. Mrs, Paul Moore went to Bode Friday 1 to attend "a school "program at which her granddaughter, Roberta Schmidt, was crowned queen of the junior high. Sara Schroeder and Alice Esary left Thursday for Washington, D. C. C., where they both have govern- ment pdJltlon*. Betty Hutzell wilt ake S*ra's place as telephone op* eratdr here. MM. Guy Qaston left Thursday 'or her borne at Phoenix, Ariz.) ifter spending several weeks here with her slaters, Mrs. Marry Mo Chane and Mrs. George Boettcher, and her brother, Myron Melnzer. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Angus and sori, and Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Angus and Claude Whitehlll, Jr., re- :urned last Tuesday from Omaha, Ifebf., where they had visited Mr. and Mra. Claude Whitehlll, parents of the Meadames Angus. In honor of Shirley LOckwood'u birthday Marlene Drenwnel, Shirley Richmann, Margaret Officer, Joan Chipman, Joyce Ryerson, Helen Graham and Stella Rachtit were dinner guests last week Tuesday evening at the W. J. Lockwood home. Word was received by Burt rel atives that Mrs. Cooper, aged 89, mother of Mrs. W. H. Vogel, had died Wednesday at her home in Bonlila, S. D. Mrs. Vogel had gone to BonMla Monday to see her mother and returned Wednesday, the message telling of her mother'* death preceding her here. Iowa Mines Some possibility that inoperative lead ahd ziftc mines in northeastern Iowa may be reopened in s!.m- ilar manner as in the last work war comes in a move stapled b> Congressman William S. Jacobson of Iowa asking an Inspection o: the latent properties by the Federal Bureau of Mines. OFFICIAL PUBLICATION Statement of the ownership, man agoment, circulation, etc., require! by the act of Congress of.AuKUs. 24, 1912, of ALGONA UPPER DBS MOINES, published weekly at Al- Kona, Iowa, for Oct. 1. 1942. State of Iowa, county of Kossuth Before me, a notary public In and for the state and county aforesaid personally appeared J. W. Hamrard, who. having been duly sworn according to law, deposes and aayi that he Is one of the publishers o. The Algona Upper Des Molnes, am that the following IB, to the bes of his knowledge and belief, a tru< statement of the ownership, man. agemer.t, etc., of the aforesaid pub' licatlon for the date shown In th< above caption, required by the lie' of August 24, 1912, embodied In IPO. tlon 411 Postal Laws and Regular lions, printed on the reverse of tlvli form, to-wlt: 1. That the names and address 01 the publisher, editor, managing ed' Itor. and business managers, are publisher, Haggard * Waller, AL gona, Iowa, editors, Haggard & Wailer, Algona, Iowa: managing editor Haggard & Waller, Algona, Iowa and business managers, Haggard & Waller, Algona, Iowa. 2. That the owners are: J. W. Haggard. Algona, Iowa. R. B. Waller. Algona, Iowa, 8. That the known bondholders mortgagees, and other security hold ers owning or holding one per cen or more of total amount of bond* mortgages, or other securities are: 4.°Tnat the two paragraph* n«x above, giving the names of «« own era, stockholders and security hold ers. If any, contain not only the He of stockholders and security holderi as they appear upon the books o the company but also, In •»" where the stockholders or security holder appears upon the books o the company as trustee or In aiv other fiduciary relation, the name o the person or corporation, for wr.'om such trustee Is^actlng, Is given; al so that the said two paragraphs con tain statements embracing affiant full knowledge and belief as to th< circumstances and conditions undo which stockholders and security holders who do r.ot appear upon the books of the company as trus tees, hold stock and securities In i capacity other than that of ft bom. fide owner; and that this affiant ha no reason to believe that any othe •person, association, or corporatlo has any Interest direct or Ir.dlreo In the said stock, bonds or othe securities th H an ( as A .^ i .tated r by t l>.m Per J. W. HttRRard. Subscribed to and sworn befor me thi. My commission expires July 4. 194B SUPEEVISORS' PROCEEDINGS Auditor's Office Algona,- Iowa September 14, 1042 0:00 O'clock A. M. Board of Supervisors met ' at regular session with all members present. The minutes of the last regular session and all adfourned sessions were' rend by the Secretary as directed by Chairman Fraser, Motion by Cosgrove and 2nd by. McDonald that the minutes of tbe last regular session and all adjourned sessions stand approved as read. Ayes : Motion by McDonald anil 2nd by •Coagrove that a refund In the amount •"of $37.60 be made to Bernadtne Allen -for nnexplred Clgarett Permit. Ayes: Mfctlou by McDonald and 2nd by Helken that the Salary, of Fidelia Skow. Deputy County Superintendent of ScUbol be .raised to $115.00 T per month, starting with the September term, same being passed by the County Board of Education. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and 2nd by Coagrove tUat Qulnn be appointed to make necessary repairs on the following Drainage Districts, No. 134, No. 72, TrI. No, 8* and B. K. No 2. Ayes: Motion by Congrove and 2nd by Heiken that Frasef make necessary repairs on Drainage District No. 79. Motion by Qulnn and 2nd by Cosgrove that Helken make necessary repairs on Drainage District No. 188 >and on road between Sections 19 and. 20 in Springfield Township. Ayes; AH. Motion by Qulnn and 2nd by Belken that KoBSUth County, Iowa, ««|<Wj from J. N. Graham tbe sum of $100.00 aa a compromised settlement In full . for delinquent taxes personal taxes charged against J. H, Qrabam in Burt Township for tbe years of 1920, 1938 and 193& Ayes: All, Motion by McDonald and 2nd by Qulnn that the personal taxes, Inter. eat and penalty charged Against MilO H. Patterson In LU Verne Incorp, f for tbe years of 1918 and 1926 Incl. be abated as recommended by the Town Council of Ln Verne Incorp. Ayes: ^'Jkotjon by Helken and 2nd by McDonald that Bosswth County accept tbe sum of $000.00 as a compromised nf»H -for sums sYanwd . and ««ow bills »8 " Schedule fclalm, Hereinafter <* COUNTY 'FUND Uvan >. If., pos Koch Brortws, supplies W W BuJUvan >. If., postage Brortws, supplies f g, Co., supplies sup. snp, o,, sup. ., BoUford Lumber ,, lAtnf £ Muckey, iMippU A R Moulds set up el booths , ,..,..., DeHll W«M*r, IP ?«* Myrtto JordM i Bpard of ' of tlon meeting ...,...,,,..... 0 P T BairtWra of Hducatlon meeting - ,,.......••••••••••• A H Sehnler Board 'of JWuca- lion meeting , , . , . . . .... .... ^ 7. BraJey, Poarfl of Bdn,cft, tlon meeting ••••• ..... :..<. Wllbjr J SSslflw, labor ,,,, C W ?«arspn. Tr«a»., Prajnage. B.M 1,00 Co., supplies 12-0 DOMESTIC ANIMAL FUND H B Gibson, Inspection T. B. FUND Crawford Bros., Indem. cattle Harvey Jergenson, Indem. cattle , MAINTENANCE FOND Bancroft OH Co., supplies ... Interstate Oil Co., supplies. Dens Oil Lubricant Co., sup 2.5 44.9 21.ff 210.82 ' 140.4 266,1 , 150.51 C.4 309.00 10.11 Algona Oil Co., supplies .. Standard Oil Co., sup Royal "400" Oil Co., sup. .. Kossuth Oil Co., supplies .. Globe Machine & Snp. Co., sup • Glbbs Cook Tractor & Equip. Co.. supplies 137-' J D Adams Co., supplies 36.0 Waterloo Construction Co., supplies -T-Sles Ft. Dodge Co., sup. ..... 114. Stoux City Iron Co., supplies 20.1 Central Auto Electric Company, supplies ... Burton Warner Co., supplies Owatonna Tool Co., sup Retco Alloy Co., supplies .... Balbach Co., supplies DRAINAGE FUND Dr. No. 82 B E Norton, labor • • Florence Construction Co., ,.-... contract 1800.0 Dr. E. K. No. 4 Emmet County Maintenance Fund, use of drag line .... Dr. H. K. No. S-38 Geo. Cordes, labor 1 ' ,.. Dr. W. K. No. 88-80 Buffalo Center Lumber Co., supplies John W Smith, labor Henry Krull, labor Dr. W. K. No, 08-186 A F Quanrae, labor ........ Buffalo Center Lumber Com- nany. supplies POOR-FUND Hint End Grocery provisions Stamp Issuing Officer, prov. Zenrters, clothing .,.,,..,.... Botsford Lumber Co,, fuel .. Dr C H Cretameyer, medical .. Dr Pierre Sartor, medical .,., Dr P O Nelson, medical .,., Kossutb Hospital, hosp, care W 0 McCullOWgb, Ambulance service ,..,, ,,.,,,,•• RQUford Lumber Co., supplies Hub Clothiers, clothing .... .„ — •------— Hardware, sup.,, W »„««,„,«,O! That the County Aud HoMs bwb^.utoori.ed_t ? JW? *.»- 13.' 84.63 76.ft 0.9 24. «•«• 1«. 2.1 4.1 2,0 16.0 W 5.' V 60.00 25,1 2.00 9T.OC 1.82 4; pfne Auditor, County Auditor's office Algona. Iowa September J$, 8 ! Boarfof* f& PsrvJsors met purau ant f<» adjournment with all mem o makd neeessafy fepalrs on Drain* #e District 126. Ayes: all. Motion by Helken and second by oagrove thftt tlje 1941 taxes, be su«; ended on the following^numbered ropertles: No. 4J-367, No. 66-401, ^0. 66-602, No. 68-698, No. 65-696, No. 6-«01. No. B6-602, No. 66,692, No. 6687, NO. 66-585, No. 86-68S, No. 6684, No. 66'-680, No. 66-389, No, 6613, No. 56-182, No. 66-376, No, 6619, No. 66-663, No, 66-664, No. 66. 90 'No. Sr>-289, No. 55-491, No. 6526, NO. §6-527, NO. 66,616. No. 65. §64,1, No. 66- 364, No. 65-353, No. 66- ... No. 66-191, No. 66-172, No. 98, No. 66-433, No. 65M30, No. 16, No. 66-443, No. 66-651, No. 65 52, No. 66-126, No. 66-314. No. 6548, No. BB'?10, No. 66-192, No. 5555- 06'! No! 55-659", No'. 56-474! No. 5548, No. 66-277, No. B6-49, No. 66-48, >To. 65-362, No. 65-105, No. 55-106, NO. 55-180, No. 55-423, No. 65-341, Mo. 65-293, No. B6-83, No. 5B-84, No. 6-561. No. 65-321, No. 65-320, No 5-226, No. 56-643, No. 56-66, No. 657, No. 56-426. No.BB-633, No. 66-40(1. Vo. &5-49S, No. 56-497, No. 55-312, >Jo. 55-640, No 65-50, No. 55-234, No. 5-456. No. 66-8, No. 55-463, No. 55!)7, No. BB-243, No. 55-469, No. 5509, No. 55-508. No. 56-393, No. 6500, No. BB-44B, No. 65-504. No. 6603, No. 55-400, No. 65-429, No. 55• 36. Nn 66-233, Nn. 56-16, No. 65-1, No. 65121), Nn. 55-480, No. 55-652, Vn. 65-406, No. 65-294, No. 55-273. •Jo. 55.-440, No. 55-441. No. 66-105, Vn. 55-62S. No. 55-415. No. 65-402, No. 65-401. No. 56-283, No. 55-2C2. •Jo. S5.3M. No. 65-368, No. 65-181, *o nn-15fl. No. 55-199, No. 55-3(10, Vn. 55-361'. No. 56-371. Nn. 56-612, •To. 65-262. No. B5-234, No. 55-268, Vo£ 56-2SI,. rpnson recipient of OM Afre Asslstnnce. Ayes: nil. •Mntlnn bv McDonalil and Record feet <i,«66.O Bast and Thirty-three Feet (S3 1 ) South of the Northwest Corner of said Section 9; thence South On« Thousand Two Hundred Seventy-seven and Eight-tenths Feet (1,277.8',; thence Bast Three Hundred Fifty-seven and Two-tenths (367.2 1 ); thence North Three Hundred BIKh- ty»two and Six-tenth* F«et (382,8' ; thence East Five Hundred Sjiventy- one and Three-tenths Feet < 671,8'): thence North Bight Hundred Nlnc- ty-flve and Two-tenths Feet (896.2 1 ) thence West Nine Hundred Twenty- eight and Five-tenths Feet (928.6'); to the point of beginning, containing 22.21 Acres. Ayes: all. Motion by McDonald and second by Helken. that the recommendation of the Grand Jury In session this September, 1942, Term of District Court be approved and placed on file. Ayes: all. Motion by Helken and second by Qulnn that Albert Earner be and I hereby appointed as Constable for Lcdynrd Township to fill a vacancy for the term ending December 31, 1942 and that the official bond of Albert Earner In the amount of $600.00 bo approved. Ayes: all. Motion by McDonald and second by Qulnn that Chairman Fra«er and County Auditor be and are hereby authorised and directed to execute and deliver on behalf of Kossuth County, Iowa, a Quit Claim Deflil conveying all Interest and title thai Knssutli County may hold In Lot 2 Block 54 Original Plat to Alsona Tncorp. Ayes: all. Motion by Helken and second by Qulnn that tbe final estimates ol John Schumacher on Gravel Contracts be approved as follows: Projects No. 8, No. 596, No. 589. No. 691 No. 573-A, No. 566, No. 539, No. 677, No. 574, No. 5. No. 586. No. 49R No. 57R-A. No. 681. No. 582, No. 7. No iv Qulnn Hint L. A. Wlnkpl, County 640. No. 8, No. 674-A, No. 577-A, No, Attorney he and Is hereby directed '"" — '"" ' -" start condemnation proceedings ntrnlnst n certain parcel of land owned by (lie Kqultablo Life Assurarce Society and described as follows: nil of'that pn.rt, of the N% NWU of Section 16 Township 96 Ttar.Ke 30 west of Hie 6th P. M., bounded nnd Ic.inrlbed as follows: Beprlnnlner at •v point One Thousand Two Ttiln- rlrpcl Firtv-Flvo nrd Four-tenflis 579, No. 580. Ayes: all. Motion by Helken and second bj Qulnn that the weed commissioner's report nf R. B. Thnmas. Lu- Verne Township bo approved. Ayes all. First Ward iS'Tne Greenherp Motion by Cosgrove nnrt seconi by McDonald that the Judges am Clerks for November 3. 1942 Oen era! Election be appointed as fol lows: CLKTIKS Harriett Setchel •^Mrs. W. K. Ferguson Mrs. O. St. Join •Haze] Lusby 'COUNTING BOARD Bernadlne Allen Lee Hopkins Alice M. Hutcblns H. M. Harris , S. Blossom '- C. H. nelllcy ' p^Geo. Mahoney A.lsona' Second Ward SFrnnk Gelfrel i. C, C. Seharlach .•".J. M. Moore -.COUNTING BOARD S;Bdw. Capeslus Mrs. H. M. Smltl ,' ^Mrs. L. W. Keith Eva Corey 'S'Harry Nolle Third Ward TMary Strelt Mrs. Bd DeZella / !=Alma Nelson Bertha Johnsoi ' H'Mrs. Alwlr. Huenhold r COUNTING BOARD "- Julia Benson Phil Kolilhaa t-K. H. Hutcblns Linda Clapsaddl -H. C. Hargreaves AlRona Fourth Ward j. H. Brownell Mrs. Oale Towne °~ Dena KoUhaas Mrs. B. C. Dickinson - Vallle Tribon ^COUNTING BOARD •-Dr. L. W. Fox Elvira Monlus Mrs. Tom Sbarp E. P. Hanson L. G. Hube John McEnroe ~Marle Murtngh Buffalo Township ._ Wm. Stenzel 5 Chris Brardt r Clarence Schutjer ? COUNTING BOARD ' L. F. Callles Mrs. Ted Dunmin i^Peter Beenken Anna Andrew Burt Township ' p \ br'emmel Geo. P. Hawcot - E. R. Woltz Mrs. Virgil Scbrade " Hugb McDonald S-COUNTING BOARD '••IB. O. Chipman -_ W. W. Boettcher _ „ , . ~O. H. Graham Cr«sco Township tMrs. Louis Garmann h. Harry Sab In Eagle Township '. ""Joe'Voraczwokskt >"T. L. Thorson East Lone Rock (Burt Twp.) ^A. P H. P Hanra. n Lem Marlow _ - ., R. C. Thompson Fenton Township «- H H Dreyer ^Gaylo'rd Johnson ?-• G. R. Hrause rrCOUNTING BOARD " Pearl Chlpmai C. C. Smlf M. N. Phillip Minnie Materr O. H. Lind Viola Swansoi Helken that the Board adjourn to 9:00 o'clock A. M., October 1st, 1942. : *"' J. H. FRASER. Chairman. B. 8. KIN8EY, County Auditor. Auditor's Office Algona, Iowa October 1st, 1942 9:00 O'clock A. M. Board of Supervisors met pursu- int to adjournment with all mem- jers present. Motion by McDonald and second by Qulnn that the following reports be approved: Recorders Report of Fees Collected; Clerk* Report of Fees Collected; Sheriffs Quarterly Report and Auditor's Report of Fees Deflected. Ayes: all. 'Motion by Congrove and second by Helken that the Final Estimate of McGuIre Bros, on Grading Projects No. 1, No. 2, No. 425, No. 23, No. 24 and No. 3 be approved. Ayes', all. ... pproi .... Motion by Helken and second by Cosgrovo that engineer's report by D. U Leffert on Lateral No. 8 of Drainage District No. 1(16 be accept' cd and placed on (lie. Ayes: all Motion by McDonald and second by Qulnn that Cosgrove be appointed to make necessary repairs on Lateral No. IB of Drainage District H.-K. No. 6-87. Ayes: all. Motion by McDonald and second by Helken that Kossuth County. Iowa, make a partial release of claim filed In the District Court against the Fred Huettner Estate and effecting Lots 4, 5, 6, 7, 9. 10, 11 12 and 15 of Block 13 Lakota Incol-Jp., release to affect Lots 4 and the Bftlbach Co., sup 32.20 Ft. Dodge Auto Wrecking Co., sup 1.16 Northfleld Iron Co., sup ..... 64.83 Pink Supply Co., sup , 48.72 Owatonna Tool Co., sup. ....' 8.98 J. D. Adams Co., sup ;>,' 33.78 Lone Rock Telephone Co., sup. 6.62 Northwestern Bell Tele. Co., tele. «erv. ^ 8.59 Central States Electric Co., light serv 157 Central States Electric Co., light serv 1.02 DRAINAGE FUND Dr. No. 4— Olaf Oftedahl, labor 12.00 Dr. No. 7— C. H. Cooper, labor . Dick Baade, labor ... Stott Hardware, sup. Dr. No. 20— C H. Cooper, labor ... Dick Baade, labor ... Dr. No. 69— 6.00 6.76 8.00 9.00 James M. Long, labor 16.00 5, Block Is Lakota Incorp. all. Ayes: Motion by McDonald and second by Qulnn that the Petition for Establishment of Sub Drainage District relative to the establishment of a Sub District of Drainage District No. 68 of Kossuth County. Iowa, signed by Casper Tbllges and James Thllges of Bode, Iowa, be placed on file and that their bond for $500.OP be accepted and approved and placed on file. Ayes: all. On motion Board proceeded to audit and allow bills as per Schedule of Claims" hereinafter written." COUNTY FUND W. W. Sullivan, P. M., postage 5.00 City of Algona, light serv. R1.71 Dolores Sherman, salary .... 42,r,n W. W. Sullivan, P. M., postage 3.00 Northwestern Bell Telephone Co.. tele, serv 80.36 W. E. McDonald, comm. & ' 'on 162.9G Joe H. Culbertson, labor Wm. F. Schrader, labor Olaf Oftedahl, labor .. G. D. Hart, labor Dr. No. 72— James M. Long, labor Dr. No. 79— James Kelso, labor Dr. No. 80— George Looft, labor John Welch, labor Dr. No. 82— George Lopft, labor John Welch, labor* 1 20.00 10.00 20.00 3.00 4.00 9.00 2.80 1.60 10.45 8.40 R. Pomcroy, labor 28.00 Theo. Dorenbufili, labor .. 45.00 Dr. No. 86— George Looft, labor 31.06 John Welch, labor 25.60 E. G. Stenstrom, labor .... 3.15 Dr. No. 90— R. Pomeroy, labor 10.00 Theo. Dorenbush, labor .... Dr. No. 118— Kossuth County Maintenance Fund, spray thistle . Dr. No. 126— Theo. Dorenbush. labor R. Pomeroy, Dr. No. 126— labor Jamee Kelso. labor Dr. No. 165- 18.46 26.00 11.70 10.00 4.SO George Looft, labor 9.36 John Welch, labor 7.20 Dr. No. 166— E. G. Stenstrom, labor .. 95.86 George Looft, labor 66.45 — . 57.80 .83 John Welch, labor Dr. H.-K. No. 3-46— Stott Hardware, sup. Dr. P. A-K.. No. 1— Dr. No. 84— Wm. F. Schrader labor Joe H. Culbertson, labor Olaf Oftedahl, labor POOR FUND 4.00 5.98 4.00 Stamp ISHUIng Officer, prov. . 224.00 SJogren Grocery, prov. Hoods I. G A., prov. 25.20 7.50 Krause Groc., prov 12.85 Brook« Super Mkt,, prov. .. 11.79 Aim & Boles, prov 8.00 Whlttemore Creamery, prov. 3.10 Fred C. Huettner, prov 6.00 V. V. Naudaln, fuel 7.14 Dr C. H. Cretzmeyer, mod.. 99.00 Dr J. A. Mueller, med. .. . 1.00 Dr. R. K. Richardson, mcd. . 17.50 Dr. R M. Wallace, med. .. . 13.00 Dr M. G. Bourne, med. . . . 2.1.00 Dr. R. L. Corbln med. .. . 7.00 A. H. Borchardt, med. sup. . 10.00 LuVerne Pharmacy, med. sup. 6.94 Fenton Drug Co.. med. sup . 6.20 Kossuth Hospital, hosp. care 347.00 Ella Brlggs, care 26.00 Mrs. Irene Studer, care IB.Of Mary Kuhne, salary 135.00 Marvel Dole, salary Marvel Dole, mile* House of th« Good care ao.or 126.76 W. O, MeCullough, burial . McMahon Funeral Home, burial Carl Johnson, open grave ., Donald E. Cook, rent ' 10,00 D. D. Monlux, rent 10.00 Jakob Keller, rent 6.00 Lydla Reinhart, rent 10.00 Ernest Miller, rent 8.00 Henry J. Kline, rent 10.00 Department Of Social Welfare, , blind aid 30.73 County Farm- Roy Larson, labor 90.00 Ben Bakken, labor 76.00 L. E, Stephens, light serv. .. 26.32 Northwestern Bell Tele. Co., - . tele, serv 16.61 Katherlne Park, rtfle. oxp. . 12.06 Anderson Jack Sprat, prov. .. 37.87 Algona Food Market, prov. .. 92.89 H. Morgan, sup 3.60 C. F. Berggren, sup. 23.00 Hub Clothiers, clothing Shllts Shoe Store, clothing Dr. A. J. Eason, dental .. 39.U2 7.65 4.UO Grahamls Store,' sup. ...... 4,40 Hawcott & Ogg, sup 9.99. K. D. James, sup 2.87 Kohlhaas Ha.rdwarc, sup. .. 3.00 C. A. Rochleau, labor 60.01) C A. Heard, sup 6.00 RESOLVED: That the County Auditor Is hereby authorized to Issue warrants for all bills allowed at this meeting .as per Schedule of Claims hereinbefore written. .. Motion by Qulnn and second by Helken that the Board adjourn r.p the call of the Auditor.. Ayes: all. .1. H. FRASER, •Chairman. E. S. KINSEY, County Auditor. J. H. Fraser. comm. & session 211.20 J. F. Qulnn, comm. & session 196.n. r > P. J. Helken, comm. & session 212.76 W. S. Cosgrov, comm. & session 197.00 H. B. White, del. tax coll. .. 73.57 Mrs. August Belts, labor ..- 15.45 Mrs. V. L. Stebblns, labor . 9.15 A. J. Cogley, i mileage and Invest fee« 122.00 A. J. Cogley, bd. and lodge. prisoners 66.00 A. E. Laurltzen, travel exp. .. 47.95 Bancroft Register, bd. proceed- J. .1. Dooley, box rent .76 Ings and sup 214.92 Algona Upper Des Molr.cs, bd. proceedings and sup... 194.45 Advance Publishing Co., bd. proceedings asd sup. 183.67 Whlttemore Champion, sup. •. 20.60 Klipto Loose Leaf Co., sup. . 448.42 Jenknls Fergemann Co., sup. 6.42 Fidlar & Chambers Co, sup. 4.22 Pratt Elecrt-lc Co., sup 6.59 Funk & Delm, sup 3.84 Kohlhaas Hardware, sup. .. 16.04 Missouri Kansas Chemical Co.. sup. ..' 139.58 Dr. K. M. Wallace, med 5.60 C. W. Pearson, Treas., adv. bty. 9.78 Lester B. Schmidt, bty ,. .80 C. H. Ostwnkle, j. p. fe«B B7.00 W. H. Steward, const, fees.. 4.25 Ronald Ortman, witness fees . 1.80 R. H. Ortman, witness fees .. .50 A. J. Cogley, sheriff fees 25.50 William Moore, witness fees . 3.50 W. C. Engstrom, mtg 2.00 Karl Ewoldt| R. I. Anderson, mtg 2.00 Slerle Rlcharilsl Ell Anderson, mtg 2.00 . I A. M. Kollasch, mtg. 2.00 Henry Relmevs W. E. Stoeber Garfield Township German Township W. C. Stamer P. H. Jensen Herman Harms Joe Schaller Mike Heldersolieldt John Cordes Menno J.. H. W. Balgemar. Mike Wagner Rlslus R. W. Gengrloh Grant Township A. M. Kollasch AVIlbur Brlggs Greenwood Township Harrison Township Robert Kruse Harry Rleklefs W. C. Engstrom Eli Anderson Richard Anderson 7 F Coyne Mrs. Verne Austin Chas.i QiJInn A| Foreman 1. F. Engesser COUNTING BOARD Mrs Chan. Baker Albert Kollasch Mrs. Roy Hutton Mrs. Evans Carmcan J. J. Anderson l E. K'elly Mayme Sperbeck W. F. Leland COUNTING BOARD Geo. Butterfleld Mrs. W. G. Smith Mrs. Jennie McCrary C. F. Berggren Hebron Township Irvington Township Lakota (Ledyard Twp.V Elmer C. Smith Herman Larson Tom Berg Butler Jordal Henry Scheppman M. I* Rohey ~ Mawdsley Wm. Oldenburg Ray Elchorn Carl Hutchlns Herman Becker ortman Jerry Heetlaml g p_ powers,, Janette Mussman Charles Lewis COUNTING BOARD Geo. Heetland Mrs. Wade Ball Mrs'. Jennie Gutknecht Luclle Ley Ledyard Township Art Lester J. H. Moueel J. H. Holcomb Norman Plngle COUNTING BOARD D. A. Carpenter Mrs. Wm, Flynn OVen Yahnke Ed Looft Ed Halversbn Paul Hertzke B. P. Edwards Lone Rock (Fenton Twp.) .' £ Lincoln Township Alex Radlg Lotts Creek Township ............ W ' W; Albert O. Ruhnke LuVerne Township Albert A. Schipull P. I. Chapman COUNTING BOARD Ed Chambers Hulda Frltzemeler John Hartshorn Martha Gabel Bell Coppen . Mlnno Jtisius Geo. Fettit Art Prlebe Louis Hackbarth Martin Meyer H. C. Allen Paye Lichty Lucille Hof Violet Dlmler Wum Creek Townkhjp Leo £ Miller Portland Township W. J. Stewart Prairie Township .. Ramsey Township . Rlverdate Township Geo. CInk Alfred Jergensan Clark Scuftham E. O. Mann W. W. RIngsdorf O. B. Luclwlg John _ . . Seneca Township John Farrow A. B. Lappe John Frlderes Charles Plathe i Henry Bormann J. W. Bol\lg Otto R. Jensen Sexton (IrvlnBton Twp.) . James Black Sherman Township Springfield Township Township Unior Township Wesley Township John Hellman Earl Cushman John Bormann Wm. ftunehey Chris Dan! T. J. O'Donr.ell L. C. Hutchlns Henry Elschold Paul Philips John P, Bormann S. P. Blome Mrs. J. F. Sullivan _„,. ,~. Orvllle Thorson Arthur Anderson M. J. Kennedy R. A. Harvey Glen Jenkinson Fred A. Dlekmarn Albert Neuroth Simon Lelgrh Guy B. Risk John P. Byson Jens Sorensen O. K. Flora L. A. Bql»n«US A. L. Kl«lnpeter COUNTINQ BOAKD Whittempre Township by Ig ley Inpo y Cosgrove ben that the Official pond of Igno rdes. Assessor for Wea, n the amount of $609.00 y"<Sulnn «nd secopd by appointed Violft StudsBF Henry Sherman Ihno A, Gerdes H. F Schults Wro. M«yw Fred Kollasch Mrs, Myrtle Koubft Mns. Myrtle Lease Chas. Bormann Irvin Siems gS W.TJIfijlHJ Mrs7a Woo* Motion by Heik«n *nd secoiid by „ Cp»groy» that iMot t andJVeloh be Ayjss; all amount of contract awarded $251.6' and. being the lowest bid submitted Ayes: a.JL tiutlQH by MjnTiftn^l and second by 6'. on 1.22 P. A. McArthur, weed comtn. . 2.96 H. M Harris, weed comm. .. 4.60 B. B'. Thomas, weed comm. 15.4S Kossuth County Farm Bureau, approp 416.CO Max Bartholomew, guard air port 150.00 M. A/ Bartholomew, guard air port r A. H Borchardt, sup Mrs. Clotilda Hutchison. O.. A,. A. exp. 16.92 Northwestern Bell Tele. Co., tele, serv 2.44 A H. Borchardt, sup 9.r,5 Botsford Lumber Co., sup. .. .50 INSTITUTE FUND Marian Speaks, demonstration 25.08 Florence Ahlfeld, demonstration 26.16 Dorothy Bertrar.d, demonstration 24.61 Donald Harvard, demonstration 23.83 Allsos Atcblson, demonstration 23.88 Advance Publishing Co., sup. 16.83 INSANE FUND Katharine McEvoy, clerks fees 6.25 T C. Hutchison, comm. fees 3.00 Dr. C. H. Cretzmeyer, exam. physician 3.00 T. B. FUND Carl A, Brown, ind«m. cattle 78.87 BANGS DISEASE FUND Amos H. Bonacker, Indem. cattle 69.55 CONSTRUCTION FUND J. I. Merryman, bridge work 131.18 McGuIre Brothers, grading 1260.00 John Schumacher, graveling 681.46 Concrete Products Corp., sup. 64.70 John Schumacher, graveling; 546.60 H. M. Smith, salary 266.00 John D. Fraser, salary 135.00 Eugene H. Wray, Jr., rodman 78.75 Betty Walden, salary .,,.. .. 75.00 Jim M«rryman, bridge Insp .. 160.00 Mllo Patterson, patrol . .. 104.00 Wm. F. Gronbach, partol . .. 135.40 Hugh Butterfleld, patrol . .. 109.^0 Clyde Sanders, patrol 122.00 John Btott, patrol 124.20 Lem Stockwell, patrol 92.00 A. J. HLIdman, patrol 116.00 Roelf Miller, patrol 128.40 Mrs Anna Kalslem, gravel ..2071.99 Standard Explosives Corp,, sup 316.51 Hoenk Motor Serv., storage 5.00 Concrete Products Corp., sup. 293.85 MASNTENANCE FUND John SchumacH-er, graveling .6857.29 City of Algona, light serv. ... 10.65 Northwestern Bell Tele. Co., tele, serv 19.76 John Schumacher, gravelingl956.03 Hubert Mergen, patrol 92.00 -- - - 104.00 Bert Shellmyer, patrol Clarence Hentges, patrol James Kelso, patrol M. L. Worby, patrol 20.89 Clifford Holmes, patrol 104.00 Ralph Mark la, patrol 104.00 Archie Dodds, patrol -... 106.00 Joe Studer, patrol 106.40 S. Hlrner, patrol 100.QO C H. Cooper, patrol 66.20 D'lck Baade, patrol . .• .. 76.60 Merwlr. Marlow, patrol 32.O . , ---James M. Long, patrol ...... 88.00 Doyal Sanders, patrol ---- 96.SO Melvin R. Hawks, patrol ---- 104.00 Joe H. Culbertson, patrol . . 70.40 Olaf Oftedahl, patrol . . .' ---- 65.20 W. F. Schroeder, patrol .... 84.00 Verne Mollnder. patrol ...... 107.20 Joe Welch, patrol ........ 10 HS George Looft, labor ---- , , . . 7.20 John Welch, labor ..... ..... 6.40 Harry Helmke, patrol ...... 173.8B Joe M. Bsser, patrol ........ }9i95 Peter Movick, patrol , ..... }?1S8 S. D. McDonald, patrol ...... 117.00 J. E. Falk, patrol ..,., ..... 119.25 Elmer Swing, patrol . . ...... 426.00 Ed Fuchsen, patrol ..... . ---- 126.00 3. UP serv ......... ,...,,,,..,.. 3.06 Io , Public Serv. Co., light ......... . ..... ^ ... Interstate Power Co., -light ......... ,...,,,, J. I. Merryman, bridge work 257.87 John Larson, labor ---- .... *-2B O. W.iP«arson Treas., adv. freight .......... ......... , tl-87 ohlhaas Hardware, «un. .... J.lf Kohlb Great Stuff Prod., sup. . U. & Highway Sup. Co., sup. 884.80 . Tire Re-Cappers Co., sup. Titonka Impl. Co., sup Henry Plalser, reps. H. J. Tank, Dis*., sup Stott Hardware, sup. Botsford Lumber Co., SUP- Thompson Tard" Greenberg Auto Sup., sup. O. K. Rubber Welters, sup. «Vlp- 30.0? J-jf .HI JJ.J4 *8.J7 7.87 J-29 64.63 6.VS . . , . . QlbbS-Cook Tractor 00., sup, 184.65 Sieg ft Dodge/ Co.. SUE, . . , 'ff*? Sargent Machine Co,, sup .'.' 16.201 It is Easy to Own an OPPORTUNITY FARM! A 3RIEF STUDY of the table on the right will show you how easily you may become the owner of a fine Opportunity Farm. After the down payment has been made, you figure 6% yearly on the balance. This sum is payable each year—and it covers both interest and payment on the principal. Opportunity Farms are real values recognized by experienced farmers who know farms. Proof of this lies in the fact that thousands who have bought Opportunity Farms are paying the balance they owe faster than their contracts require, and are doing so out of current earnings. The ability to purchase farms on such favorable terms may not always be available. Why wait longer to own the farm you have always wanted? Consult your Opportunity Farm agent today ... and see how easily you can share in these excellent farm values. WHAT IS AN OPPORTUNITY FARM? An Opportunity Farm, to earn that name, must have adequate, sound, well-painted, weather-tlftht buildings; Improved soil, with good drainage, finJ expertly planned crop rotation. Cvery farm h a going concern. Metropolitan Life Insurance Company For Iowa and Nebraska Farms ILLUSTRATION: If you purchased a $5000 farm and paid $1000 down, tlio yearly payments on the b-lcnco cf $4000 would bo $240. » YSA.1 1 I * • « i ' rAYME"-' O:l INTEREST $180.CO 177.3D 174.43 17153 168.4S 16S.23 rAvwr- OH FRIXCIFAL $ CO.CO C2.73 05.52 C8.47 71.55 74.77 VriPAia EALANCS 53940.00 3877.30 3311.78 3743.31 3671.76 3596.99 R. E. JENKINS Room 425, Carver Building, Fort Dodge, Iowa Phone: Walnut 2783 21 22 23 24 25 26 95.30 88.70 E1.93 74.1? 67.44 59.67 144.70 151.21 158.02 165.13 172.56 180.33 1973.01 1821.80 1663.78 1498.65 1326.09 1145.76 __^^^^^^^MB CO-OPERATION OF REAL ESTATE BROKERS WELCOMED PUBLIC SALE LIVESTOCK Having rented my farm 9 miles northwest of Algona and 5V 2 miles south of Lone Eock, I wiU sell at public auction the following described livesitock. sale to commence at 1 o'clock p. m., on Thursday, October 15,1942 11 Holstein Milk Cows 11 Some milking now, some fresh now and others fresh soon. All arc Bang and T. B. tested. Have Kossuth County Cowtesting records on all these cows. 10 Holstein Heifers 10 PDese are two-year-olds, also coming fresh, and Bang anfl T, B. tested. 1 Pure Bred Angus Bull, 3 Years Old 1 Holstein Yearling Bull 4 Angus Calves Miscellaneous-^-One McCornaick cvcaui separator with motor; some milli cans, etc, Terms of Sale-—Oasb, If terms are desired see the clerk before sale or at the saje. No property to he removed until settled for, s • ^BP^ HI ' UlillilplWI IHW^ff HH|fiHP WH^Pfl^^ ^^^% *•? ' "^P* ^* W pi™I^RWBi i* 1 - "* ^" * ^ f i. Bros,, Jowa V '-' >>'. -% ^, "s. f-*f. .L, ..«si.'V.. lT.jr:i..?;£. f ,'Ti»t!_.£ J «... - % -*', / ." JV-- ' , :;-! > . v' ; r i' H -f j . .r^ift^P x *V *' ^-^ ""^i^" E-fa;

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