Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on June 8, 1977 · Page 13
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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 13

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 8, 1977
Page 13
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Watch Diet, Alcohol If You Have Gout O. Could vou please discuss the latest dietary treatment of gout? A. While drugs now play the major role in the treatment of gout, a variety of dietary measures also may help to keep the disease under control. As you Know, gout is a hereditary disorder caused by a genetic defect that increases the levels of uric acid in the body. Weight loss may (although not always) restore blood and urinary levels of uric acid to normal, ft should be emphasized, however, that a well-planned weight reduction program is particularly important for gouty individuals since crash dieting can provoke gouty attacks. Second, alcohol should be used sparingly because it may lead to elevated" levels of uric acid. Third, avoid the classic overindulgences associated with holidays such as Christmas and Easter, weddings and other social events because the rich foods served on these occasions often provoke acute attacks of gout. As for more specific dietary recommendations, individuals with gout are usually advised to avoid nigh-purine foods, which include organ meats, mussels, anchovies, sardines, meat extracts, yeast, gravies, fish roe and herring. They also should use sparingly foods containing moderate amounts of E urines, such as meat, fish, poultry, eans, peas, lentils and spinach. In addition, a diet low in fat and high in carbohydrate appears to pro mote tne elimination of urates and, r By Dr. Jean Mayer and Dr. Johanna Dwyer such protein may favor purine production, total protein is often limited. Finally, ample fluids help to prevent the formation of kidney stones and a buildup of uric acid. Of course, if you have gout, be sure to check with your doctor about just what dietary modifications he feels you need to make. Q. In answering a recent question you noted that labels on foods for which there is a standard of identity need not carry an ingredients list. I don't understand the logic behind this. Can you explain it? A. A little historical perspective may make It clearer. The standards of identity were set up in 1938 under the federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. Until then, consumers had little recourse against highly competitive and unscrupulous food manufacturers and processors who regularly sacrificed quality to cut costs and increase profits. The standards of identity defined exactly what was to be included in a specific product and helped eliminate poor "second cousins" that bore little resemblance to the foods they imitated. At the time these standards were established, however, consumers produced many basic foods at home and were quite familiar with ingredients necessary to make them. This is no longer true. For example, how many people really know what ingredients are used to make mayonnaise, one of the many items now covered by the standards of identity. Moreover, many new variations of standardized foods are available, with ingredients often unfamiliar to the average consumer. In addition, a variety of allergic sensitivities and other disorders have been recognized that require rigid diets. For these reasons, the Food and Drug Administration has urged food manufacturers, processors and distributors to give consumers a complete ingredients lists on all foods including these covered by standards of identity. Until the law is changed, we urge food manufacturers to voluntarily provide this important information. 60-91ttmtt mrmd " Vduxe ARMOUR STAR BEEF u.s.d.a. choice oWIHlOILIo CUr FREE info Steaks Roasts or Ground Any Way You Prefer. 8 to 12-lb. Average r2 BONELESS FLAT CUT SIRLOIN TIP ROAST vssyf suu Xuuu tt&aw H WP Coopon ' If ?y 1 f8 THOBOtMI WIW TUB COUMN . Kfflk Ifl I JT" I i M. M Ckm MMcfc A 15 Iw. V'- 1 ' " Hdl fX 1 F- at WsHsssifcHMiHt ST sltsi.fctoSI.lt 1 MmTTTl U1 Om. it 1W W to II, IWT I li '''Ifllllillllll MUABlEj:OUPON J Appiesauee &je Pork & Beans . We Fear nawes use French Fries Facials S?49' &! w A W5 4-Pock W tVU Mtmt KMC m 'Towels S7 V IE WITH THIS COUPON AND S7.J0 PURCHASE TEA BAGS IITAHS EFEECTIVI THIU Ml., jUNi 11, 177. Wt fMtfft Hw iMit It KmH IMlHlltl M HmM h tdll l. Nwm uM H Mm. Mot ntpmtbk fw ypor(lMl II I loo.ct. mmmC VALUABLE COUPON By PIERRE FRANEY NEW YORK - During my tenure as chef at Le Pavilion Restaurant, it almost goes without saying that the clientele that passed through those doors was both international and celebrated. It also goes without saying that the owner, Henri Soule, held some of his customers in higher esteem than others. . The gentleman was inclined a natural inclination - to pamper those of whom he was particularly fond, whether it was a matter of seating or a complimentary bottle of champagne. His solicitude and care were never more apparent than when those whom he particularly like andor admired were hospitalized. He was known by that small segment of his clientele for the Pavilion's Poule au Pot, or chicken in the pot. He hated hospital food himself, and whenever he ascertained that a favored guest, temporarily indisposed, was well enough to eat, he would dispatch his movable feast to the patient's bedside and not without ceremony. - THE KITCHEN WOULD be charged with adding a whole, small chicken to an earthenware crock and over it was ladled a piping hot, rich and nourishing broth containing carrots, celery, turnips, leeks ana rice. It was not so much the healing powers of the dish that spurred him on. Poule au Pot also happened to be one of the dishes on which he personally preferred to dine. In any event, the chicken and broth in the crock would be covered closely with the lid and a tablespoon tied on top of it. A personal note would be added, addressed to such people as John F Kennedy, Margaret Truman, Cole Porter, the Duchess of Windsor and so on. For clients of this caliber he would send Martin Deere, Soule's second and right-hand man in the dining room, to see to the small but important details of carving the chicken and serving the broth while it was still steaming. AT ITS BEST, Poule au Pot is an excellent dish and certainly one of the easiest to prepare, simply a matter of cutting up a few vegetables and cooking them as timing demands. It is, of course, a meal in itself and the success of the dish depends to a large part on how rich, fresh and strong flavored the chicken broth is when it is added to the chicken and vegetables. This dish, plus fruit and cheese, would be an ample meal for a late spring or summer evening. HENRI SOULE'S POULE AU POT (Chicken in the Pot) 1 three-pound chicken J carrots, scraped, quartered lengthwise and cut into 1 ft -inch lengths 3 ribs celery, trimmed, split lengthwise and cut into m -inch lengths 2 or 3 turnips, about half a pound, trimmed and cut into pieces about the same shape as the celery and carrots 1 cup leeks, quartered lengthwise and cut Into lft -inch lengths 1 zucchini, trimmed, quartered and cut into 1H- inch lengths I cups fresh or canned chicken broth lk cup rice Salt and freshly ground pepper to taste 1. Truss chicken and place in a kettle. It should fit snugly or else too much water must be added and the subsequent soup will be weak and watery. Cover with water and add carrots, celery, turnips, leeks and zucchini. Bring to full boil and drain well. 2. Return chicken to kettle and add chicken broth. Add all vegetables except the zucchini. Simmer 20 minutes. Add the zucchini and simmer 5 minutes longer. 3. Add rice and salt and pepper to taste, and cook until it is tender, about 10 minutes. 4. Untruss chicken. Cut it into serving pieces and serve in 4 hot soup bowls with equal amounts of vegetables and rice in each bowl. Yield: 4 servings. Ann Landers POST-GAZETTE. Wed., June 8, 1977-13 Aging Parents Present Problems Dear Ann: You printed a letter from a desperate woman who was trapped into caring for an elderly parent. Ten years before, she promised her father she would always take care of "Mother." Now she is being driven crazy by constant nagging, financial trouble (gets 246 a month Social Security), no friends and she hates everybody. Your response was, "There's got to be an answer to your problem but I don't know it." You asked for help from readers. Well- here I am. First. Your mother is eligible for supplemental Social Security payments. And so are you if you are over 65. Second: Call your Social Security and inquire about part-time help so you can get out of the house. (Sounds like you're going bananas!) Third: Your mother may be eligible for food stamps. Check the phone book under Food Stamps. Fourth: You need to know how to present your mother's needs to your brother. Even a small monthly amount would be a great help. (Ask your clergyman or a counselor for guidance in this area.) Fifth: You need help for yourself in dealing with Sour feelings about your mother. Each of us wants to e a good child to an aging parent but we all have needs of our own. Get counseling from vour local Mental Health Center, your clergyman, the Family Service Association or jour city or county office of the aging. Try them all. Be persistent. You CAN put together a better system of care for your mother and a better life for yourself if you try. Jane 0., Washington, D.C. Dear Jane: Thanks for a superb letter You didn't ask me to plug your book, but I'm doing it anyway. Title: "When Your Parents Grow Old," by Jane Otten, publisher, Punk and Wagnalls, price $9.95. Here's another good letter - same subject. Dear Ann: Before I begin what may seem a hard-boiled letter, let me say my sympathies are with the people who are trying to care for elderly parents at home. Here are some suggestions: 1. Realize that your mother is probably suffering from some form of senility, manifested in unusual demands, infantile, egocentric behavior, etc. 2. Quit being a martyr! GO out when you feel like it and LEARN to turn a deaf ear when she yells at you. Start to make it up to yourself for all the time you've lost for your own life's fulfillment. 3. Get a lawyer. Consult the legal aid society (listed in the phone book) and see what arrangements can be made for you and your brother (the rat!) to share costs for your mothers care. See if he can be forced to reimburse you for past costs. Your mother is HIS problem, too. - 4. Grow up! If, at your age, you still feel dominated by parents, then you need professional counseling. A clergyman (WITH counseling credentials) is a good choice, or your county mental health society (see your phone book) can refer you probably for no fee. 5. When your mother starts her tirades, leave the room and close the door behind you Turn up the radio or TV REALLY LOUD. Go for a walk. Getting out of the house can do wonders. I am Praying For You in Buffalo. "Why do women wait to have kair removed permanently? " For mmtan women, pressed constantly for bmf and energy, the benefit of permanent hair removal are obviously ijreat Being hairfree saves her hours of plucking, having, or using depilatories ...enables her to come and go with less preparation . . . makes her feel so much safer and nicer. Why, then, do so many women put off having the ugly hair removed once and for all? Research shows that women are held back by three old notions: "Painful." This ide comes from hearing older women talk about old removal methods. New Mosse thermolysis is so comfortable that some women sleep during treatment. "f rii." Not Mosse Ollvil Loprsita thermolvsls. No pits or scars, seldom even temporary irritation. Physicians the world over recommend the Mosse method. "xpentir ." Not Mosse thermolysis. It's four or five times as fast as old methods of electrolysis, and correspondingly cheaper. Mosses spmallatlon In this work has brought the cost down to fit almost any woman's budget. Certainly the benefits of permanent hair removal are too great to be postponed bv "old wives' tales." Come in and see for yourself what it's like. You don't need an appointment Mosse Hair Removal Clinic is located at VMKI enkins Arcade Medical Hldg. Hours are 10 to M Monday and Thursday, 9 to S other days ( including Saturday). m e" r tyja- - t" -- v y i WE9TTSN ItfTf SANATION At HOTl (4 CARLTON HOUSE HOTEL & IS PROUD TO ANNOUNCE THE GRAND OPENING OF ITS ALL NEW CARLTON HOUSE HAIR SALON Great atmosphere. Great work. Great staff. Expert in tatitfying your every beauty need. Cutting and styling. Perming and coloring. Super talon service! for both men and women. Stop in for a complimentary consultation. A Glemby International Salon HAIR SALON2ND FLOOR Phone 471-6060 EiL 281, 355-0754 extraordinary purchase of arthur moscr quality sofas and : chairs 5- mft ) m examples of great values for Immediate delivery in in it v nti' w-n t 87" Mattress cushion sofa , reg. 1525 Sale '795 88" Roll Arm Tuxedo Sofa reg. M435 Sale '895. ..--rST" ,1 "KM. "J MM '7- J:. I 73" Contemporary Sofa reg. 1 175 Sale 825 91" Lawson style loose pillow back reg. M405 Sale '695 90", Contemporary pillow back reg.1520 Sale 760 .;;f-K-K.v.::;. ; ' ' '"'"'''" "'' ' I 76" Contemporary reg. M 180 Saltf825 paw1'--''-""" : ' i , li 'I 4 86" Tuxedo . reg. M550 Sale 895 1 ? We went to one of our ; top suppliers during the I spring market . . . hand picked each fabric and frame ... . and made I them an offer they could not refuse . . . . now we t pass these gigantic sav- Ings on to you. Demi Wing reg. 550 Sale 295 . Contemporary club Chair reg. Sale $535 $260 Contemporary Club Chair Reg. Sale , $560 $295 ..-.:. 4 ' ' . a -"ZAM :-AAh,l. Attached Back Chair i reg. Sale $575 ' $290 I All prices include Arm Covers and Scotch Guard. Other Sofas on Sale for as little as '650 5853 Forbes Ave. Squirrel Hill luittoser associates 421-2800 park free In our lot . . . . enter between our'bulldlng and Sirloin Restaurant

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