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The Hawke's Bay Herald: and Ahuriri Advocate from Napier, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand • 3

Napier, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand
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1HB HAVMjAY HERALD THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 1 Ig81 Auctioneers Auctioneers PARLIAMENTARY HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Wednesday August 81 The House met at 230 pm cedes or BUSINESS The Speaker announced that in accordance with standing orders 51 and 71 he would at 730 pm proceed with the orders of the day whether or not the question then ibef ore the House was disposed of He would strictly adhere to thatirule'ih future and regretted that he had committed ah error in not doing soon previous occasions STONEWALLING Mr Collins moved the adjournment of the House He charged the Government with having deserted thoir colors and attempted to conciliate their foes rather than stand by their friends They were meditating a grievous wrong to the district he represented and although ho entered the House to support them he could no longer do so Sir George Grey asked that the ad jonrnment should be agreed to and that they should be allowed till 730 to consider the ruling lidd down by the Speaker after which an opportunity should be given for debating that ruling In reply to Mr Bryce the Speaker said it was competent for members to discuss bis ruling and if possible to show cause why it should not be acted upon Mr Hursthouse announced his intention of finally severing his connection with the Government party and that for the future he would be free to range himself on whatever side he might see fit Sir George Grey contended that the ruling laid down by the Speaker was unjustifiable If the House had become unmanageable and the Government desired to punish it for its refraotory oonduot he challenged them to dissolve Parliament and allow the point to be decided by the oountry The standing orders be said ought not to be interpreted by the Speaker for the coercion of the House The Speaker's attention was called to Sir George remark Sir George Grey said he did not intend to -impute improper motives to the Speaker All he aesired was to prevent tiie Speaker being placed in a position which would countenance the impression that he was using his authority to coerce the House Mr Gisborne said he took a similar view of the ruling He contended that the real question before the House was whether or not an important step should be taken until the matter was relegated to the electors for their consideration Sir William Fox said that there was nothing noble in the condnot of the Nelson members They were simply fighting for their seats The coercion proposed was not for the purpose of stifling a fair expression of opinion but to curb superfluous and unnecessary verbiage Mr fMacand rew counselled the Nelson members to give way and allow the business to proceed Mr Sheehan said he had not yet taken an active part in he stonewalling but he bad some bricks and mortar on hand and when the proper time came he intended giving his Nelson friends a hand in strengthening their barricade He reminded Mr Macandrew and Sir William Fox that they had both when the occasion suited them taken part in stonewalling or similar proceedings although they professed so muoh virtuous indignation against those now so engaged Mr Andrews quoted from the Timaru Herald an own telegram setting forth that be had gone in opposition to the interest of Christchurch upon this bill He denied that statement expressing surprise that anyone could have so grossly misconstrued his actions He had very clearly laid down bis views on a previous occasion and he still adhered to them Mr Wakefield spoke in support of the Speaker's ruling and complained that the action of the Nelson members in stonewalling by means of motions to adjourn precluded members from disoussing the real point at issue Mr Hall also upheld the rul- the firm of Wright and Edwards engineers of this SOUTH AUSTRALIA- ATrnnAips Wednesday Uean Probert and Twopenney who -xirganiied the Trifyrnationai Rrfnhitloin now open in this--city have announced their intention of promoting a similar exhibition at Berth -Western Australia to be opened in the month of December and at some town inNew Zealand in the following Starch SOUTH WALES vi Syoney Wednesday -Dr Bullen has- ten supposed oases of small-poxunder observation Another authenticated case was reported to the Health Board yesterday In theLegUlative Assembly last night Mr Copeland moved that an address be presented to the Governor dnnlaring that the quarantine of healthy persons and of houses supposed to be infected was cruel and tyramoal and an infringement of the hbertftiftHe subject Mr Watson the Colomsl'Treasiirer vindicated the action of the Government in their efforts to stamp out the disease which' he believed in tune not far distant would entirely 9l TELEGRAPHIC IBB T7SITBD PKXB8 A8SOOIATIOXJ Auckland Wednesday Theeae of birds animals and plants yesterdayat the acclimatisation gardens -The animals were bought in beingKuhder offer to the Domain Boards The agents of the Pacific Mail Steamship Company have received a cable message stating that the Zealandia left San Ifranaisoo for Auckland on Sunday last behind her time-table date Afrthe- annual meeting of the Auckland Steaftiahig Company- to-day a dividend of lOperceht was deolarea The chairman Obtain Daldy stated it was under consideration to provide a large steamer for the development of the Islands trade Captain Daldy and Mr Kissling were directors An exhaustive trial has been made between Bay of 'Islands eoal and Kamo coal at the waterworks station The result of the test showed a saving of twelve shillings per million gallons of water- raised by using Bay of Islands coal New Plymouth Wednesday The HeraMUt Bahotn correspondent has just telegraphed that the Maoris are to fence near To Farapapara The Constabulary at Bahotn ana at Pnngarehn are under orders to hold themselves in readiness for immediate action A mounted patrol has been out daily for the 'last fortnight Yesterday about ixtyMapro'maae an attempt to stop an AO from taking firewood but BjpDg Jsorero retired growling Otaxi Wednesday AHatal'acoident occurred here yester-dayvsto a1 daughter of the Bev James M'Williams by which she lost her life The father was unloading a cart and by some unknown cause the blinkers came off which caused it to bolt cart passed over the neokbf -theohild who wasplaying in the yard canning death almost immediately afterwards Chbxstchobch Wednesday The refrains of Dr Campbell and family were interred to-day The procession was about a mile long and included 70 carriages The principal streets through whiqfy jt'had to pass were lined with spectating The following are the vital statistics for Births 199 marriages 39 deaths 637 The New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agenoy Company are about to add to heir business an auctioneering branch foTjthp dupoaalof wool produce land ftOi Gbxyicouth Wednesday MrJjkO Bowman of Beef ton reports that 'the Welcome Company's return for lastfweek'was 828 ozs of amalgam from 90 The Fiery Cross Extended put through 230 tons ofquartz for- 191ozs' of retorted gold The Nil Demgandnm Company put through 144 tons for 71 ozs of melted gold The United Alpine Company obtained 376 ozs of alburn from the top plates from 218 tons pf quartz 'The Golden Treasure Gompraytedubed 160- tons for 136 ozs 10 dwtJ There' a good demand for bares in tha Just-in-time Welcome Keep-it-dark and United Alpine com- Tncjnu -Wednesday Tfie diatoms revenue' for August collected at Timani am(mnted to £2686 for the oorrespondih month last year it' was £985 showing an increase of over £1700 The-vital-statistios for August deaths 12 marriages 11 Dunedin Wednesday The VitoLrtatistios for August were Births 181 deaths 68 marriages 36 The Customs revenue was £44533 SiM against £33172 18s lOd for the oornsponding month last year wiLINGTON GOSSIP questioned if there are xlot nowadays many oases of living bnrial not designed but occurring through ignorance or neglect It will barmy be denied that from time to time when exhumations have had to be made it has been found that bodies are in different positions to those in which kindly hands placed them in their coffins and the only reasonable explanation is that vitality still existed at tho time of the funeral Occasionally too there are more harrowing instances in which the supposed corpse has after being consigned to the grave managed to attract attention and has been rescued from that unutterably terrible position But considering the lonely Surroundings of any cemetery or churoliyord and how very few opportunities there aro for a buried person to communicate with the world it may be feared that intorments alive are more frequent than is generally supposed A case of the kind has just come to light near Beaune and is reported at some length in tho Revue Bourauianonne An unfortunate woman attacked by a fit of apoplexy fell into tho river and when her body was recovered the doctor certified that death had taken place and according to custom in that part of France she was buried within forty-eight hours The funeral rites were hardly concluded when the grave-digger heard a cry under his feet and the cure on being called also heard groans as if from the coffin below the Mayor likewise was a witness of the strange oircu instance and on exhuming the so-called corpse the woman was fonnd to be alive By means of friction the wretohed creature was restored but only as the report says for a single instant did she become conscious Almost immediately however she really did die and the next day was buried anew In all human probability the poor woman was killed not by the fit but by premature interment and the unspeakable terrors arising therefrom Now doctors are fond of telling us and we do not doubt that they believe what they say that the signs ana marks of death cannot be mistaken yet here and in other cases of which there is no doubt it is obvious that a mistake really was made and that a living being was buried instead of being restored to consciousness If such cases do become known at times when everything is against the discovery of the foot it is reasonable to assume that many instances occur whioh are never heard of and if that be the oase it is high time that seme steps were taken by scientific men to put an end once for all to the probability of such horrors taking place What would be the best means to that end it is not for ns to decide THE NECESSITY OF OCCUPATION The Rev Spurgeon speaking at tha Metropolitan Tabernacle from the text Gelations ii 20 observed that it had been asserted that the preachers of the Gospel taught men to live for another world and failed to teach them to live well for the present life Nothing could be more untrue for no more practical moral teaching could be inculcated than that of the faithful minister of the Gospel who really tanght men how to live here below It would be a pity if in the process of being prepared for the next life man became disqualified for the duties of this He (Mr Spurgeon) would venture to say that no lazy man oould have faith in God The believing man became an active man and he who believed nothing did nothing It was a mark of faith that when it oame into the soul it suggested activity It did not permit a man to remain listless and indifferent bnt made life lively and caused a man to wish to be doing something It was good for a man to have something to do and plenty of it The first man Adam though created in a paradise was given something to do God made him a gardener and his Eden would not be a paradise if he had nothing to do but to smell the flowers and observe the scenery The trimming of the garden gave a zest to his enjoyment thereof Occupation was necessary to man as man bat much more so was the active working principle of faith This faith in God oade men to be industrious Even He from his youth did not resemble the loitering son of a gentleman but the toiling son of a carpenter The principle of faith would not allow men to go through the world as loiterers It also aided in the choosing of a profession or career and in preventing the sad mistakes so often made in early life in the choosing of wrong callings whioh often occurred How were men to be so seen endeavoring to do what they were mentally or physically incapable of accomplishing the bird trying to imitate the fish and the ox endeavoring to enter into competition with the racehorse The precept 11 Make money honestly if you oan but make it was put on one side by this faith for tho true Christian would embark in no enterprise in whioh the Savionr himself would not have engaged AN ENGLISH GOLD MINE We (Time) have of late heard a good deal of gold mines and most attractive peculations some of them should be to judge by the advertisements but we doubt if many will prove as profitable as the one that we now purpose noticing which instead of being buried in this bowels of the earth occupies a lofty position on the Surrey hills and is a noticeable landmark through many miles of the surrounding distrusts The name of this valuable property is known wherever civilisation has reached as the Epsom Grand Stand a veritable Goleonda to those lucky individuals who rank as original shareholders The Epsom Grand Stand is no creation of mushroom growth for we have to go back as far as 1828 to find that the revival of the October Meeting on Epsom Downs had led to tho formation of a company for the purpose of building a magnificent grand stand capable of holding from 4000 to 5000 persons and in the October of that year the lord of the manor at his court baron granted to the company an acre of land for the purpose Directly the project was notified to the publio there were so many applications for the thousand shares of £20 eaoh that the task of allotment was most difficult This obstacle was however overcome and after the designs and plans had been submitted to the approval of His Majesty George IV who gave his gracious sanction to the project the following year witnessed the Epsom Grand Stand an accomplished faot It was originally intended that the building should fulfil a double duty During the race meeetings it was to be devoted exclusively to its legitimate purpose but at other times it was intended to let the entire building during the summer and autumn as a tavern or hotel and it was considered that the Btdubrity of the air and the extreme beauty of the situation would attract many to the spot The latter idea was however it may be presumed never carried out but as a grand Btand the speculation must have exceeded in its profitable results the most sanguine expectations of the most sanguine of its original shareholders (who looked at it through the most rose-tinted of speotaoles) for they are now receiving a dividend of some 40 per cent each of the original shares being worth about £130 and this although the venture even now when paying so splendidly is notin the flood of its Bnooess MR SUTER AND THE BRIGANDS A correspondent of the Telegraph giving further details of Mr adventure with the brigands writes One or two stories as related by the gang to Mr Suter round their evening meal will be snffioient to show not only their utter heartlessness and brutality bnt the pride they take in displaying these qualities Aristides one day oame across an old Turkj out shooting who hod with him his piece of forked stick which is used in order to obtain a better aim by resting on it the barrel of the gun Without the slightest provocation and simply for amusement as he termed it the brigand ohief strangled the man afterwords placing him in a kneeling position putting his fowling-piece to bis shoulder and resting the barrel on the cratch in the most natural position so that any passer-by wonld never suspect bat that ho was a peasant sportsman instead of ii corpse Another anecdote was told with great gusto Niko the chief of the band that took Colonel Synge caught a man near a sawmill whom he thought he recognised The conversation commenced thus 11 Did not yon once spy for me Did I not pay you five liras for so "Did yon not tell the soldiers in snoh and such a village that you had scon Then said Niko Take a bit of paper and pencil and write as I tell you This is the way Niko treats After this was done he first sawed off the right hand so that he should never write anything against him next he deprived him of bis ears so that he should hear no more questions abont tho band and finally out his tongue out to prevent liim from telling tales Then wrapping all these fragments in a handkerchief lie bade him walk to the nearest village to present them with a note to the Pasha The poor man not daring to refuse struggled on till he droppeddown and died from loss of blood I could enumerate several other outrages just as bad and of which I can guarantee the truth but I think these will suffice One word about the superstitions of these incarnate fiends The whole of the band by whom Mr Suter was captured were that is they belonged to the Greek Church and no less than seven had been in the Greek army in different grades and had deserted therefrom Now notwithstanding that every day of their lives is passed in perpetrating the most heinous crimes yet these men never begin a meal without crossing themselves and saying their prayers at night On the Greek Easter-day Mr Suter was surprised to find that each had his candle lighted and that after presenting one to the prisoner they would not begin to eat till they had crossed themselves three times each time the ohief saying Christ is concluding the ceremony by kiss-ingeaeh other allround includingMr Suter Every brigand wears a charm to preserve his flesh from being penetrated by bullets and faith they all pat in these things surpasses belief One anecdote is told of a member ef band who daring the Cretan insurrection was exposed on the top of a rook to the fire of the Turkish troops Presently he gave a shout and fell back saying he was shot but when examined nothing could be seen but a slight black mark where the bullet struck him This was all accounted for by a bine marble charm he wore and several men swore to the truth of the above story This pager has as its sale and special representative in America for the reception of advertisements and subscriptions The International Newspaper Agency Hubbard Proprietor New Haven Connecticut United States of America where all the editions of this publication oan be found regularly on file with all other prominent newspapers of the world Adyt 581 Notice to the Public Monthly customers can moke arrangements for shaving and hair -dressing at 4s fid per month at HastingS'Street A good supply of the best Cigars and Tobaccos always in stock Try the Cigarettes whioh for quality cannot be Adyz 97 We are requested to mention that on the front page of this paper the Second from the Wanteds" has been taken by Messrs Price and Innes whose "Reduced Price-list appears this morning for their" First Stock-taking Sale since the partnership oommenced We axe also asked to state that only a small portion of the Seduced Prices are quoted os it would bo possible to print a list of all the goods the firm are determined to sacrifice in order to make their 8 ale a in one column of our paper Adyt 96 amusements HEAT BOYAL POSITIVELY THE LAST NIGHT BUT ONE OF LYONS' TOUBISTS OB PLEASURE PARTY ANOTHER CHANGE OF PROGRAMME THIS (THURSDAY) EVENING Domestio Drama in Two Acts MISS AMYHORTON in Impersonations The WONDERFUL WYBURDS Champion Skaters of the World MISSES LEON AND TULLOOH New Swiss Duet' MISS EMILY FOX New Songs and Dances PARLATO MLEAN AND FARRON New Sketches To conclude with the Screaming Faroe "IRISH Prices as usual Box office at Repository 806 HEATRE ROYAL LILIPUTIAN OPERA COMPANY Will om ix LES CLOCHES DE CORNEVILLB ox SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 8bd 788 Lectures UNITED METHODIST FREE OHUROH Shaxbsseabk-boad A SERIES of Lectures and Service of Song will bo given in the United Methodist Free Church Sliakcspearo-zoad in the following order On THURSDAY September 1st A Lecture by the Rev Bower Brown subject Rambles in On THURSDAY September 1 6th-Lecture by A Hamilton Esq subject: "A Sea-side On THURSDAY September 29th there will be a Service of Seng subject: by the Free Methodist Choir On THURSDAY October 18th a Lecture by Hill Esq BA subject 41 What the Rooks tell us" Doors open at half-past 7 commence at 8 pm Tickets for tbo series to be obtained from Messrs Johnson Hastings-street Wright Emerson-straeb Saunders Rees Watkins Townshend and others 782 £JONVENT JgAZAAR TARADALE FRIDAY AND SATURDAY THE ARTILLERY BAND WILL ATTEND Adxibsiox 8XXFSXOB Coach will loava town each even ing at half-past six returning at ten Return tickets including admission half-a-crown to bo obtained ef MkBowsbiiax Haatings-street 799 ST OHUROH BAZAAR THE Bazaar in connection with St Church will be hold on THURSDAY the 16th SEPTEMBER when a collection of useful fancy work will be submitted for sale The ladies of the Oommittee will be glad to receive all contributions where convenient by (he first week of September 681 th ppt-qnga PETANE CBICKET CLUB A-GENERAL MEETING of the Potane Cricket Club will be hold at Villers Hotel Petane on SATURDAY NEXT at 8 A HAMILTON 707 Hon See NAPIER CRICKET CLUB SuBsonimox £1 Is Pxr Axxux THE Annual Meeting of the above dub will be held in Empire Hold on FRIDAY EVENING next 2nd September at 8 A lull attendance of Members is requested Persons desirous of joining the Club are requested to attend or communicate with the Secretary CHAS EDWARDS 791 Hon Bee MARAEKAKAHO LIBRARY THE Adjourned Meeting will take place at the abovo Library on the 2nd September at 2 dock 767 OLUNIE A PUBLIO Meeting in connection with the Petane Jockey dim will be bdd at Hotel Petono on SATURDAY 8rd September at 4 pm STEVEN 762 Secretory TJ OtlOBB NOTICE "KTETE owners of Otarata give notice that Vv the number of owners who own Otarata is thirty-one Three of the owners have signed their names to tlie lease We the undersigned part owners de not agre the lease Mb Hush M'Lbax is on the land Therefore we give notice that he must go and leave the place (Otarata) and take all Lis goods cattle hones and sheep On SEPTEMBER 12th 1881 we owners will take possession of the house We sincerely mean what we have written We publish this so that our English friends of this Island may see it The following are our names Himxi Hipahipa Whaxako Takuao RataxaTs A oh at a Watbxb Hapuku Pohuea Hapuku Maraba Pubi Tamaiti Waifu Rbxata Tb Pbwa Wkakataxe Haxaua Makabixi Ac Otarata August 30th 1881 805 GRASMERE DAIRY MEANEE NEW MILK and other Dairy produce at the lowest current prices is now delivered in all parts of Napier before 8 am daily and will be delivered twice a day during the summer months All orders from fresh customers will receive prompt attention as there is a plentiful ampply of milk on hand Address JOHN MORRISSEY Dairyman 626 Or HARVEY BLADEN NOTICE SOUTH BRITISH FIRE AND MARINE INSURANCE COMPANY OF NEW ZEALAND MR STEPHEN has been appointed Sub-Agent of the above Company at Waipawa from whom forms of proposal and any information can be obtained EDWARD LYNDON 741 Anant for Bay MEDICAL PRACTICE FOR IMMEDIATE SALE in one of tho largest Towns in New Zealand an excellent Practice Income last year considerably over £2000 Vendor leaving the Colony Comfortable 12-roomed House with Stabling Ac can be purchased if desired for cash A portion only of the premium need be paid down balance by instalments properly secured For further particulars apply to XYZ care of Mr Blair Bookseller Wellington or care of Mr Simpson Bookseller Christchurch 776 NOTICE FOR the convenience of our Country Clients we have made arrangements in conjunction with Mr Wm Beilby to open an Office at Hastings Our Mr Dobson will be in attendance every WEDNESDAY when wo shall be prepared to Grant Loans take particulars of Properties for Sale and transact every description of business Mr office will also be open on Saturdays from 7 pm until 9 pm 663 BROOKING ft DOBSON LILIPUTIAN OPERA COMPANY OPENING NIGHT SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 8bd 786 Business Notices CATO QOMMBBOIAL GENTS Tbhpobabt Oppicbs BACK OF MASONIC HOTEL 795 Nafibb HP A- 0 1 1 1 Hastxxos-Stbbet Napxbb TO ARRIVE this month Summer Goods in great variety consisting of newest patterns ana shades in English Scotch and Colonial Tweeds Cheviots Suitings Worsted and Diagonal Coatings Bedford Worsted and Cotton Cords Fit style and workmanship guaranteed Forms for eelf -measurement and samples on application 707 3L A A PAINTER GLAZIER PAPERHANGER fto SHAKESPEABE-ROAD (Opposite Survey Offices Napier) BEGS to inform the inhabi- VX" tonts of Napier and surrounding districts that he has Just opened in tho above premises a largo stack ef Paperhongings Oils and Colors of every description and is now in a position to supply customers at the lowest ourront rates Estimates given for town and oountry work Workmanship and quality of materials RG can defy competition 658 INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION MEL-BOURNE 1880-81 Second order of Merit was awarded to Motherall Brothers for Flour (manufactured1 from Bay Wheat) HASTINGS STEAM FLOUR MILLS Messrs metherell brothers beg to inform their old customers and the publio generally that their new Steam Flour Mill at Hastings is now in full work and they are prepared to supply Silk-dressed Flour of a quality equal to any manufactured in the Australian Colonies Gristing done at current rates Flour Sharps and Bran always on hand Hostings June 1st 1880 151 JJOOTOR RANGER £JAREY SURGEON fto HASTINGS May be Consulted at the following Hours 9 to 11 am and from 2 to 6 pm emporary address Hotel 140 BOYCE ft FAIL QBNERAL ROOFERS Wbst Quvx Have for Sale a hum quantify of Building Timber and Firewood errrent rates 162 1 1 1 WATCHMAKER axd JEWELLER Eicbssox-stubbt Napibh Having re-assorted liis stock in every line of the business wishes to acquaint the publio with the foot that he is constantly buying for Cash at considerable disojunt ana having greatly reduced the working expenses of the business he is in a position to SELL WATCHES (guaranteed correct) CLOCKS and JEWELLERY In excellent designs and finish at for LOWER PRICES Than hitherto have boon knows of in Napier 15 Auctioneers BANNER SALES TUESDAY 6th SEPTEMBER 1831 At 11 BANNER ft LIDDLE Have been instructed by Coimixs Esq who is leaving (lie province to sell on the premises Lighthouse -road Napier his valuable Household furniture and EFFECTS Consisting of Handsome Walnut Drawing-room Suite in figured rep A Circular walnut Sideboard marble-top gloss doors and back a Teiy beautiful piece of urr-itnre Valuable Oval Walnut Table inlaid Walnut Piano by Rowlands and Sons Walnut Piano by Brinsmead and Sons Large Oleograplu Carpet 16 18 Orniulu Clock Ornaments Dining Table Walnut Suite in green rep ChefFonier Engravings Carpet Very Handsome Marble-top Waslistand Large Wordrobe of mottled kauri Dressing Tables Bedsteads Curtain Poles Curtains Chairs Waslistands and Ware Kitchen Utensils fto BANNER ft LIDDLE Auctioneers 798 SALES PRELIMINARY NOTICE SALE OF THE KOEOKIPO AND MOTEO ESTATES IN VAEIO SIZED FARMS MR MILLER Has received instructions from the owners to sell by publio auction in October next on a day to be fixed in future advertisement the whole of tho properties above named ACRES (more or less) Title under Land Transfer Act This valuable property is situated about six miles from Napier by the Toradalo-road and is being surveyed into FARMS AGRICULTURAL and varying in extent from 60 to 1300 acres Terms Easy Soon after the sale of land the Stock on the property comprising 16000 Sheep 200 head of Cattle Hones fto will be sold on the ground For further particulars apply to MILLER 642 Stock anl Station Agent Napier PROPERTIES FOR SALE ACRES Freehold first-class VP OVF agricultural land fenced and improved with 6845 sheep cattle hors os fto 155 7990 Acres Freehold and 23000 Loasohold half surface sown fenced subdivided axd otherwise improved with 16000 sheep 450 Acres Freehold fenced and improved with 550 sheep 146 6000 Acres Freehold first-class land 1292 Acres Leasehold fenced and improved good dwelling paddocks fto 148 4500 Acres Freehold good rich land well watered Waikato 139 16800 Aeres Leasehold Bay of Plenty good portion surface sown portion ploughed and laid down in grass with stock 181 8350 Acres Freehold with 8180 Acres Leasehold ring fenced and improved 180 4000 Acres Freehold first-class land Waikato 129 481 Acres Freehold first-class land Poverty Bay fenced and subdivided new dwelling house woolshed ftc now carrying 2200 sheep 50 cattle 162 8500 Acres Freehold with 700 Aeres Leasehold highly improved fenced and subdivided with8000 sheej? 6500 Acres Freehold well improved Bay of Plant 126 1000 Aeres Freehold first-class agricultural land well improved large dwelling house woolshod fto with 1800 sheep 124 18300 Aeres Leasehold well improved house woolshed yards fto with 7000 2700 Acre lYVeehold first-class land Thames Valley nearly all level 104 Various other properties from 50 acres upwards improved and unimproved in Bay Poverty Bay Bay of Plenty Thames and Waikato For particulars apply to MILLER Stock and Station Agent 239 Napier LILIPUTIAN OPERA COMPANY OPENING NIGHT SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 8u 785 Nurserymen A HAS FOR FRUTT FORRST axd ORNAMENTAL TREES SHRUBS PLANTS fto NEW AND CHOICE SEEDS Ex "Johx Comprising NEW VEGETABLE AND FLOWER SEEDS hong a Seed Grower only imports the kinds that are likely to get hybridised I wish to call the attention of fanners to my stock of Fattening Sugar Beet Seed of which I have grown large quantities this season Agents Mr Minis Napier GODDARD 690 Havelock Nurseries NILBERD AND TARADALE NURSERIES Have for Sale fit for Planting out this DKAA FRUIT TREES including UOUU 1400 Apples (950 on blight-proof Stocks) 1060 Pears 700 Peaches 600 Apricots 250 Nectarines 200 Cherries 200 Almonds 150 Quinces Plums Figs Walnuts Median Mulberries fto fto 500 Grape Vines 1000 Gooseberries 500 Lawton Blackberry 850 Currant 5000 Raspberry and 10000 Strawberry Plante 6000 Conifers 1000 deciduous Forest Trees 750 Roses (in 90 sorts) 2000 Asparagus 600 Rhubarb Roots Flowering and Foliage Plants in any quantify and A have suoh confidence in the above trees and plants shifting well with fair treatment that they are prepared to make good all losses when-transplanted under their own supervision Town Agent Mb Pjbbbbls Fruiterer Hastings-street 21 A INDUSTRIES STURM Has the pleas ore to offer this season to his Customers Patrons and the Public generally his Large Stock of Fruit Forest Ornamental Trees Shrubs Pot and Greenhouse Plants Garden and Flower Seeds in Great Variety Catalogues may be had gratis on application STURM Boy Nurseries West Clive near Napier June 1 1881 20 Art Unions NEW ZEALAND ART UNION Authorised by the Government) ox WORKS OF ART Specially selected from the Art Treasures at the Melbourne International Exhibition £1600 Value in Works of Art arranged in 263 Prizes Tickets (£1 each) and Catalogues may be had from the Napier Agents DINWIDDIE WALKER ft OOf Tmmyson-atroet Napier 719 MR SALES FUBEI1UKE SALE MONDAY SEPTEMBER 5 1881 At 11 o'clock MR EDWARD LYNDON Will hold a salo on' Monday next' arid will dispose of a quaitify of Household furniture 1 Drawing-room Suite 1 ditto ditto 1 Dining-room ditto leather 3 Chests' Drawers Tables Chairs Iron Bedsteads Mattrosses Sheeting 1 Dining-room Table telescope Sewing Muchincs Books Pictures Invalid Bath-chair Kitchen Utensils And other goods EDWARD LYNDON 'Auctioneer: 800 DRAPERY' BALE AT AUCTION THURSDAY AND FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 8 AND 0 1881 At 11 IN THE ESTATE OF JOHN NICHOLSON MR EDWARD LYNDON Is instructed by the Trustees to dispose of the remainder of the Stjek-iu-trade consisting of Drapery clothing and IRONMONGERY Prints Shawls Shirtings Hollands Jackets Hosiery Braids Collars 8oarfi Trimmed Hats Cottons and Buttons CLOTHING and Tweed Suits Cloth Caps Hosiery Boots and Shoes Merino Vests oases Wax Vestas And other goods EDWARD LYNDON Auctioneer 803 MONTHLY LAND SALES THE LAST TUESDAY IN EVERY MONTH MR EDWARD LYNDON'S Next Land Sole will he held ON TUESDAY 27th SEPTEMBER 1881 EDWARD LYNDON Load and Estate Auctioneer 802 MONEY £10000 T5S55S SECURITY from £500 and upwards: EDWARD LYNDON 120 Land and Estate Agent MB SALES FRIDAY 2xx SEPTEMBER 1881 At noon ON ACCOUNT OF WHOM IT MAY CONCERN MR ROUTLEDGH Will sell by auction on the above date at Messrs Murray Roberts and Oo's Store Spit the undermentioned goods ex Go-ahead A OASES GLUCOSE JL vv 8 hales Hops 200 Woolpauks detaohed tops 10 Bolts Scrim 8 Bags Sugar And Drapery All slightly damuged by salt water ROUTLEDGE Auctioneer 778 MONTEFTH A SALES MONTEITH ft CO AUCTIONEERS LAND STOCK STATION AND GENERAL COMMISSION AGENTS HORSE BAZAAR HASTINGS STREET NkxixB LA 8 A LB HORSE BAZAAR Evenr SATURDAY at UK) pjn fot Horses Carriages Harness Implements fto 1 HORSE BAZAAR Every FRIDAY at 130 p-m for Gram Wool Skins and all kinds of Station and Farm Froditce SHAMROCK MONTHLY SALE For Frit Mid Store Cattle Sheep Pigs fto WAIPAWA MONTHLY SALE At an Early Date for Cattle Hones Sheep fto Special Sales held when required and all descriptions of Stook purchased on Commission MONTEITH ft CO Auctioneers 119 KENNEDY ft SALES jgENNBDY AND QILLMAN AUCTIONEERS in GENERAL COMMISSION AGENTS Tennyson-street Napier Agkxtb tob Northern Fire and Life Auuranoe Co-Pacific Mail Steamship Co 121 ORTHERN SiRE AND LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY (Established 1836) Capital £3000000 Aooymulated Funds (1877) £2093006 FIRE INSURANCES On all descriptions of Property effected at LOWEST BATES LOSSES' are settled by the local agent on woof Ibh pgTf gillmaN Tennyson-street 122 Agent for Bay MR BALES HAS ON SALE-10 Tons Flour 8 Tons Sugars) 5 Tons Salt 2 Tons Oatme 2 Tons Soap 2 Tons Rice 60 Boxes Tea 10 Half -chests Tea 40 Boxes Candles 30 Cases Jams Old Malt Whiskey Lone Whiskey in bottle Whiskey in bottle Superior Old Port Very Superior Old Port Superior Old Sherry Very Superior- Old Sherry Currants Raisins and Prime Dairy Fed Hams and Baoon GENERAL GROO FRIES GLASSWARE AND EARTHENWARE 136 TX NEWTON LILIPUTIAN OPERA COMPANY OPENING I SATURDAY SEPTEMBER Ssd 784 HOADLEY ft BALKS I HOADLEY AND RU CTION SALE ENGAGEMENTS Hastings Thursday 1st Sept Cattle fto Taradale Thursday 35th fiept Cattle Ac Petane Cattle fto upon receiving further -entries Cattio ftc upon receiving farther entries Napier Mob day 6lh September Land and Properties Wool Sheepskins fto every Satiny day at 11 80 Enlries for above sales oan be made up to dates nt sales rendered immediately efts respeothe dates Acoou the sale Cash advances made on Stock entered auction Special sales in town and country oan arranged HOADLEY ft LYON 127 Auctioneers i HASTINGS MONTHLY STOOK SALE THURSDAY 1st SEPTEMBER at 1 30 HEAD OF CATTLE Confuting of Fint-dass quiet Dairy Coijrs near calriig find Fat Stock Also XO 118 8 Broken and unbroken HOADLEY ft LYON Auctioneers 779 MONTHLY LARD SALE MONDAY 5th SEPTEMBER 1831 At 2 pm Wo are instructed to offer by publio auction on abovo dote the following valuable properties A I SUBDIVISION No 31- part Napier Town Section No 5 Onepoto oontaining acre and-4 perobee vnth goad 4-roomea verandah cottage garden arid every convenience GOODW1 LL of LEASE of part Napier Town Section No 169 Emerson street (adjacent to the Hawke's Bay -Wool -Stores) with' substantial buildings tliercon now let for £117 per annum 81 yean of lease nnexpirea This is a fint-dass invesfment-' WAVERLKY HOTEL situate on 'tbe new Tuadsle-road' with 4 aeres and 11 perches first-class paddocks -The house is well-built and contains 16 rooms besides store-room good stabling ftc and can be purchased st a very low figure Furniture fte to betoken at a -valuation To anyone with 1 i a small capital this is an opportunity seldom to be met with SUBDIVISIONS 1 to 7 -part Napier Suburban Section -No' 45 situate-on the Milton-road This is -a first-class quarrying site NOB8EWOOD SEOTION No 88 containing 48 acne 1 rood 19 perches' with small houae and-improvementa The 1 section is mostly -cleared and fenced HASTINGS SECTIONS Nos '69 and 70 containing 4 an mere East Hastings having 250' Cnka frontage to the Napier-Hastings-roadi -with newly-built cottage thereon Trams oosy Farther entries for this sale will appear in future advertisement HOADLEY ft LYON 706 Auctioneers LAND AND PROPERTY SALES FIRST MONDAY IN EVERY MONTH IOR the convenience of Property-owners' Mortgagees and others we pmpoye holding at our Boy Wool Stores Napier periodical LAND AUCTION SALES on the first Monday in every month The result of a similar system in other eeritres of population in the Colony having met with great success eonrinces ns that the convenience of both sellers and buyers will be augmented by periodical sales at an established mart in this prosperous district and we now beg to solicit liberal support from owners of property upon whom we depend to make this a successful institution Cash advances made on properties entered -for sale Special Sales can be arranged Surveys undertaken at moderate charges Our' first sale under this' system wfil he held on- MONDAY the 5th September 1881 fin' whioh further entries axe requested when full particulars will be advertised HOADLEY LYON 406 Land Brokers and Auctioneers BAY WOOL STORES NAPIER HOAD LYON axe prepaxed miAii CABHADYAN CE8 on 'favorable terms on the ensaing dip of Wool for sale hi this msyket or shipment to Londqn They aot os SELLING BROKERS ONLY and constituents may-rely ou their brat endeavors to obtain the fydlest1 inarket valno for any consignments with which they mwr be favored Valuations art carefully made prior to sale and various lota4 axe pro--! tooted up to full maxket' value The sales will be held fortnightly through out the season and every arrangement aid for the efficient display of the Wool -Sales of SHEEPSKINS HIDES TAX be held i LOW and other produce will Baturaay as hitherto HOADLEY ft LYON Wool Brokers 1 Bay Wool Storte 129 Napier TO LET at Hastings the Dwelling-boas lately in occupation of WeUwood Esq together with 22 aeres firsttclass land Apply to 429 HOADLEY ft LYON FOR BALK lATIOa PROPERTIES i Bay Auckland Wellington Wanganui and Poverty Bay District Also levers! Small Farms witlin dil tance of Napier HOADLEY ft LYON Stook avid Station' Agents NuiWr 130 COLONIAL INSURANCE COMPANY Capital £2000009 -CURE AND MARINE INSURANCES -E aooepted at the lowest rates BATHBONB Sub-Agent Waipawa i HOADLEY ft LYON Asents for Bay MONEY TO LEND £25000 freehold seeuritg in sums of £1000 and upwards Apply to HOADLEY ft LYON 185 Emerson-street FOR SALE jgHEBP FAT AND STORES CATTLE FAT AND STORES The above axe booked in lots to suit purchasers 181 HOADLEY AND LYON MILLER ft SALES FOR SALE QAA STEERS two three and four year-dlds in good oon-- dition for sale oan be seep oq 27th inat at Waipawa -Fop-fortha? particulars apply to Mk MILL3ERA POTTS 701 Stick Salesmen Waipawa Ballance was speaking against it when he was interrupted by the 530 adjournment EVENING SITTING The House resumed at 730 BEFBESENTATION BILL The Speaker ordered the clerk to call on the orders of the day the first of which was the consideration of the Representation Bill in committee Sir Reeves said he had a case of privilege to bring under notice but the clerk having read the order of the day for going into oommittee on -the Representation Bill the Speaker at onoe left the ohair without noticing what Sir Reeves was saying On the House going into oommittee Mr Seddon moved a new olauie to the effeet that only persons possessing the residential qualification should in future be entitled to the franchise Mr Beeves moved that progress' be reported He complained that the Speaker had left the tohair while he was drawing attention to a matter of privilege It was monstrous he arid that members should be ohoaked offin such a way He had not intended to move any bogus motion or delay business but he wanted a Committee of Privileges appointed to consider certain transactions between himself and certain members of another place as to the honorarium This was a matter seriously affecting himself and such a oommittee had been appointed in the Council Mr Sheehan supported and Mr Hall opposed reporting progress A long dismission ensued Eventually the motion to report progress was negatived by 42 to 21 The oommittee then proceeded to dis-quss the new clause proposed by Mr Seddon In the course of the discussion Sir George Grey said that if an absolute population basis was agreed to and provision made to confine eaoh individual to a angle vote in the eolony he believed the bill would pass that night and he would be glad to expedite its progress Mr Hall said he would willingly accept any assistanoe of the kind from the hon member Mr Sheehan urged the committee to adjourn to enable the grand meeting to come off between the rival leaders on a common platform He suggested that the Honse should vote a sum to paint an historical picture of the event Mr Speight spoke in favor of limiting every elector to one vote in the colony He denounced the bill as a delusion and a fraud in professing to be based on population Mr Beeves began to speak at 1130 and quoted largely from statistics of other polonies contrasting the figures with the proposals of the bill At one the oommittee divided on the motion that the Chairman leave the ohair Ayes 4 noes 25 Mr Sheehan then commenced speaking a bare quorum being present and most of them asleep on the benches well wrapped up for the night The Honse was still sitting at 150 It is understood that both sides are divided into watches BURIED ALIVE In the Dark Ages (says a writer in the Daily Chronicle) and even now in savage lands the most awful punishment known to man consisted in placing a still living victim in its final abode and every now and Main the world is horrified by hearing of homes being fonnd built up in old walls in circumstances leaving little doubt that they were so placed while conscious of ftud appalling fate But it may be i by tktkorath SPECIAL oobbbspondxnt Wellington Wednesday The stonewallers opened the ball this afternoon immediately after prayers and before the -Speaker had time to call for the usual petitions or notices of motion Some surprise was expressed at Mr Collins being allowed to speak before the preliminary business was disposed of bub it was evidently an oversight on the part Sir George Grey has now joined- the stonewallers He spoke for nearly two hours last night with unusual eloquence and effeet but his peedi was Somewhat marred by the acmrohejgave to the obstructionists the-" trusty little band he palled them to persist in their efforts "to the utmost He also further encouraged them by saying -that they were striving in a noble cause So of coarse it is a tnfling matter to Sir George that the bill he is now opposing is exactly what he has beqn ad vomiting' in the House and oat of it for years past (namely representation framed on'the population basis His action last night has been severely commented on by several of bis supporters and it is likely to lose him some votes in the future The Standing Orders Committee met tins morning and decided that rule 71 of tfie' standing orders provides that the Speaker may call on the orders of the day day at 780 without any reference to the question previously left unfinished Tfeej speaker intimated this afternoon that he should follow that course but it iBxpeoted -some other question will be raised so as to block the business for another night Jhe speech last night is braked as very injudicious and effectually disposes of any hopes of compromise' that may have been previonsly entertained Both sides appear dster-nunedto fight the matter out to the last Irmcerstand Ministers have had serious thoughts of resigning in oonseqnence of the helpiw situation in whioh they find themselves bnt they felt they oould not consistently do so in the present crisis Botn Mr Collins and Sir Hnrsthouse jifinly stated this of oourse with great regret that they had altogether broken with the Government party Mr Pitt spoke to the same effect some days ago and it is understood Mr Gibbs wiufPlidw suit This will leave the Government in a minority of four votes in the eftifit of nc-oonfutenee motion being propdileift'' OUB.

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