The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 22, 1942 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Tuesday, September 22, 1942
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WM.KADINC,LOTTS IN FORT DOME Came to Kossuth 11 Fanned Many Yeai'fl; Bad Been indoor Health For a'Long Time (Following an illness extending over the past two yeats an-'d during which time he had been a patient In the Lutheran hospital, Fort Oodge, W.m. M. Kadlrig,.Lotts Creek farmer, passed away Sunday afternoon at 5:30 due to a heart attack. The remains were brought here ana funeral services will.foe held Wednesday With a short service at the Merrltt Fufteral home at 2 o'clock Wednesday, followed <by final rites in the Lotts Creek -Lutheran church with Interment In the cemetery •there. -•,'V Caiwe Here In 1880 • (Deceased was born in Waldo, Wisconsin, Sept, 8, 1873. Me came to Lotts Creek in 1886 and followed farming in the Lotts Creek neighborhood all his life. He never married. He was. a member .of the Luheran church in Lotts Creek. Surviving him is 'one. sister, Mrs. Henry Rambairth Of Cylinder and two brothers, • Andrew and (Fred Kadlng, of Fentori toWnship. One sister, Mrs. Antonio Roaselsen, preceded Ihim in death. Rev. B. Fiene of the Lotts Creke church, will have charge of the funeral services Wednesday afternoon. Established 1865 ALGONA, IOWA, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22,1942 8 Pages VOL NO./38 ROBERT H. LOSS HEADS KOSSUTH AAA Algona Nurse Attends Our Boys In London JAYCEESGOTO TOWN fDRIVE FOR IRON SCRAP With a dozen trucks and pick-ups, manned by plenty of willing Workers, the Jaycees really 'went to town Monday and today collecting scrap rubber and scrap iron from Algona homes. The -boys were enthusiastic about the response and cooperation given them by Algona citizens and the estimated total varied in the number of tons, according-to the enthusiasm- of the estimators. However, the scrap pile ia growing and the collection will no doubt prove • highly satif actory Most of the scrap is being donated to *he boys and the funds will be used In defense projects. ;The Jaycee committee is desirous of having Algona citizens know that the cooperation in this drive is deeply appreciated by the membership of the Junior Chamber. Wednesday's Frost Did But Little Harm According to' Weatherman Harry Nolle the frost Sunday "night did but little damage in scattered localities of the county. Low was 35. Incidentally with fall starting to morrow thQ, SBvwas the lowest duV • 1'rig the ' - < . High 'Low Sept. IB ........... ........ *.' ......... :..:.'..80 64 Sept. 16 ...................................... 88 03 Sept. 17 ".-.„.:-. ............ ;:.:.,...* ..... 78 58 Sept. 18 ...... .............. ... ......... :....76 52 Sept. 19 ...... ....................... V..59 48 Sept. 20 ..... ........................... ....67 35 Sept 21 .. ...... ..'.„. ......... ;......,..,69 4 1 On Wtdnesday'the precipitation reached; more than 2 Inches. The soil temperature, for the week was '67.1 compared wdfih 72.8 last week. The temperature for the week watf -above normal with a 65.2 average. CLASS OFFICERS ELECTED FOR YEAR Academy students have elected their class officers for the coming year with, the seniors choosing Ruth Glsch, president; Ramona Elsen barth, vice' president:' Phyllis Walker, secretary; Russell Mahoney, treasurer, Herbert'Weydert will lead' the juniors with Deam Kohlhaas, vice president; Maurice Ela- chen, secretary; Eileen Wlngert, treasurer,,,''The sophomores' selected Jeane'tte Buscher, president; Vera Semon, vice president; William Lane, secretary, and Beverly StebrlU, treasurer The freshmen chose;Barbara Bisei»barOj, president; Robert Winter, vice president; Belores Rammer, secretary, and Robert Kinsch, treasurer. MARKETS • • " BOOS Heavy butphers, ISQ-200 -...|M.OQ Heavy butchers, 200-210 ...j..,,.., 14,25 Heavy Butchers, SWK-270 ...»..*.., 14.10 Packinjf sows,'870-580 14.QO Packing sows, 890-400 „.,-... 13.90 Packinl Sws,- 400-460 ,..,,,,...-'.,; 13.80 Cut Courtesy D. M Register (Mary Black Fraser,- Algona, first aid nurse at the United /States Red Cross Washington iGlub in- London, checks over the eye of Fred Emanuelli, American medical corps sailor. Mrs. Fraser said the sailor had . done too much'sightseeing. Miss Mary Black, daughter of {Mr. and Mrs 1 . J. F. Black, Irvington township, is a graduate of Algona high school class of '33 and completed her course in nursing at Iowa State Univer- JSity. On September 2, 1941, she entered Salisbury Harvard hos- . pltal, -an American Red Cross Field Unit, In London. On July :2S, this year she was married to Douglas G. Fraser, Toronto, Canada, member of the 'R. C. A. (F., hence the name under the above: picture, Mary Black iFraser. ' :•. FARM MACHINERY County Rationing to be Handled by Committee ; No Sales Unless Approved by Board After November IS, no farm- owned truck will ibe permitted to .operate without a Certificate of War Necessity, according to County Agent A. L. Brown. Mr. Brown advises fanners who want to operate trucks after the middle of November to apply in Writing how for 3 Certlncate.vOjf .War Necessity. Application ilflanks' should be obtained from a flieldi repfeaentatlve of the Office of Defense Transportation at Mason City,. ' ''' ' ' _ In issuing a certificate to each qualified applicant the ODT will specify the limitations of mileage and mpfor-^uel wid other requirements 'that- will ;* pvern operations, The*purpose of such certification is to confine operations to those necessary to the war ..-effort and to maintenance pfv«uential civilian transportation. (After the certificate .is issued it must be carried at all times with the, vehicle it governs. After November 16, no one may transfer or deliver any motor fuel, part, tire or tube to any truck operator unless the certificate is first presented, To Inspect Tire* Tires must be Inspected within 60 days JmnvJdiJaitely pteceo^ng any specific date of operation, or when- ev«r the vehicle, has been driven 5,000 'miles, whichever occurs first. The Inspection agency will certify that all responsible aqd necessary adjustments and repairs of Urea have -been made. , • ^ To Ke*p Records " The new regulations also provide that a weekly record of, operations fee kept and the OPT may require any 'person wit)) a vehiple to, operate it for such purpose and between such points as may be directed. Also the person possessing or controlling a vehicle may be re- glijreg to lease or rent It as instructed, iFarm tractors, however, when us- 4 (p null implements in field werH art n9t included -In the new^gen- of OPT. Named to Editor Post »'iW,,r~,».".r'-' !• <> - - r ' " Courtesy Mv C. • ': : . . " . . ... '. -.^.^ I • -• Ralph W. Anderson, former editor and publisher of the Rlng- sted Dispatch, has been named editor of the Iowa Farm Economics, economics magazine of Iowa State College. (Mr. Anderson recently; disposed of tils newspaper interests at Rlng- iste-d; .'- ;'•'.' ' ..:'•'•.'• ' IRVINGTON MAN FINED $58 FOR BINIW Appearing- In. the justice court of Chas. Ostwinkle Monday night Merrill A. Weaver, Irvington, plea<Tgull- ty to a charge 'Of reckless driving and was- fined ISO with $25 suspended. It seems that on Friday night about W;SO Weaver was driving north on W?.an4 Pale R, Dickmeyer, o| *urt, was driving south. (About three miles south of Bancroft tfte two cars collided with esH- mated damage of *79 to the Weaver oar and «50 to the Dickmeyer automobile, Charges of reckless driving were filed against Weaver, it being alleged tliat he was driving too f»p Into the left Jaw of the Wghway. , , RALPH MILLER NOW COMMANDER AMERICAN LEGION 700 TEACHERS OF THREE COUNTIES HERE YESTERDAY Take Part in Extensive Institute Program During Day and Evening at New School Building Registration of teachers from the counties of Palo Alto, Emmett and KOssuth at the biennial teachers' institute here Monday indicated that •there were 700 visitors in Algona. Leading educators in Iowa made up the faculty for the day to the number of sixteen. Speakers of state and national note addressed the different groups of teachers during the day. Extensive Program Following registration at 8:30, Dr. Ernest Horn, S. U. I., addressed tho elementary and rural teachers in the high school auditorium. During the same hour secondary teachers were addressed by Robert Kaz- meyer, news commentator, New York City, In the Congregational church auditorium. Following these demonstrations and discussions Were had at the high school auditorium until 11:15. Dr. Horn then addressed a general session .until noon. Junior Red Cfloss Following the noon luncheon at '1:30, E. R. Jensen, field representative for the Junior Red Cross, addressed the group. The program following this was in -the nature of a general session with Robert Kaz- meyer the speaker. Miss Jessie M. Parker, state superintendent of ichools, addressed the several groups during the day. Anderson Speaks fThe night sesson at 8:00 o'clock was open to the public. Joseph H. Anderson, member of the Iowa School Code Commission, was the principal speaker", his subject being "Why Revise the Iowa School Laws?" He set out many good points of revision- of Iowa school laws which would add to the efficiency as well as economy 1 of the school functions in the state. He urged teachers, parents and school Officers to talk and write to legislative officials urging such revision in our laws. His taVk closed the ,in' Chas. Paxson, Now in Portland, Visits Here FARMTRUCKOWNER SOON TO OPERATE ON CERTIFICATE Farmers Who Would Op- . There is lacking but a week •until Chas. Paxson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dana Paxson, Algona, has been- in the service of Un- fcle Sam one year. He was a member of the contingent which left here October 2, 1941, for Des Moines, and where he was stationed ten days. From there he was sent to Camp Roberts, California, and remained there until December 17, 1941, when he was assigned to the Port_land, Oregon, "air-base.' He is a member of the 655th Signal corps, which is part of the 4th Fighter Command connected with the'army air force. His duties are those of an adminis- traton clerk in the headquarters office. Chas. is home on a 16-day furlough. He arrived in Boone Sunday night, the 13th, via -streamliner. Mr. and Mrs. iPaxson drove there and brought him to Algona. He will leave again by way of Boone Thurs-' day night of this week. While here Chas. appeared before the •Rotary, Kiwanis and local clubs and very interstingly spoke on the activitlesi of the army de- Ipartment with which he is connected. BUSINESS IS DULL DURING PAST WEEK With only four cases through th week In Justice of the Peace Chas OstWlnkle's court business took decided drop during the past week Reckless driving, overload, car col lision and egg candling law viola tion constituted the docket for th erate TTOCkS Aftef NpV- weeTt. James Stebbins,, KUgona 1 amlvai. 1K IMTuat Aimlv flt chargred wibh re °kless driving whei . emper la-Must Apply at u e mowed down ae verai posts aion L • MaSOn City . No - 1& Just south of the bridge nort of "town, was fined $10 ami costs The hearing was had September 10 Fenton Man Fined The U.S. Department of Agrl' culture-order of September 17, temporarily, "freezing" .all farm ma- chlnery in the hands of dealers was Described toy Robert M. Loss, chairman of the Kossuth County USDA War Board, as necessary to Insure fair distribution of available equipment and its placement where it will do the most good In wartime farming production, ' -4 County rationing will be handled by a committee composed of County Chairman Loss, Frank Capesius and Jena Sorensen. Alternate* appointed are D. A. Teeter and Cliff Benschoter. Machinery Classified • IFarm machinery in one classl- flcatitn (Group A), which is scarce and especially needed to meet'cur- rent aricuuituraV needft jmb^r be sold only upon approval by the county farm machinery rationing committee. Fachinery in a second category (Group B), including items somewhat less scarce, may be sold upon certification by the farmer to the dealer that It is required to meet current agricultural needs, A third classification (Group C), includes the smallei; jtems that may ibe sold without restrictions. Group A includes beet lifters, beet loaders, combines*, "corn pickers, disc harrows, feed'grinders, fertilizer spreaders, grain-Drills, grain elevators, hay 'balers, lime spreaders, manure spreaders, milk cop- ers, milking machines, pickup balers, potato diggers, shredders, and tractors (including garden trac- tprs).. i Group B machinery which can be purchased upon certification to a dealer $>&t it ia needed for pur- rent prpduptlon, includes most other farn> ejjulpmenrand machinery. Group C, whtch is exempt from any jjf control, n- eludes fcpea, rakes, forks, scythes, , A- J- Krause, grocer, Fenton, wa fined $95 and $7,40 costs Wednesday for having violated the Iowa eg, candling laws. Information was fll ed .by H, J, Lbvern, state inspecto with the state department of agri culture. $10' of the fine were sus pended. On Monday of this week Roy Don aghy, Ankeny, was brought before Justice Ostwinkle by state weigh ers, charged with overloading. He was fined $25 and costs. Garfield Township Girl Grow* "V" Corn A. E. Clayton brought to this .office ear of corn (two ears rather) grown, together in a perfect V-form. The ears had grown to medium size and ev<"v kernel was filled to perfect growth The- corn was grown on the K< Anllker farm in Garfield township by Miss Marie Anliker and may <bi seen on display in the Haggard & Peterson building window on State- afreet. LEGWN DONATES COURT HOUSE GUN FORSCRAP METAL Post WP. 9Q, American I gion, at a recent meeting .voted tp donate the brass cannon on the court house lawn and the carmon and palls In Rivervlew cemetery tp the government for scrap. Those two memorials of another war have held their placq here many many years. It Is planned to, tunj tbfetn ovpr to the scrap, committee some time soon and tp have a ^lay set asicle Jfor tj»e perefnsny Hf^ep W'IT " and personnel cw One Lioense to Wf4 EIGHT CASES ARE LISTED FOR TRIAL SEPTEMBER TERM Judge G-. W. Stillm^n on Bench; Grand Jury Convenes Today, Petit Jury Next Monday The September term of the district court opened Monday morning with Judge G. W. Stillman on the bench. The grand jury convenes today. The petit jury is called for next Monday. Eight cases are listed for trial, according to the court docket.' They are, at law, Louis Dickmeyer vs. Peter Muller, Conner vs. Howard, John Hauenstein Co. vs. C. W. Morck, Webster Co. vs. Kossuth County; Susan Andirson, Exr., vs. Howard Northrup; Cooper's Sinclair Service vs. A. A. Fisher, Farmers Elevator Co. vs. Frideres, Theo. Kenne vs. J. M. Fleming. Grand Jury Personnel The 1942 grand jury is made up of A. H. Borchardt, Frank Capesius, Ethel Loss, August Slagle, and Hairold Smith, all of Algona; Cyril Hagg, Ledyard; C. C. Inman, Bancroft; J. H. Jensen and Ed Schmidt, Fenton; W. A. Marty, LuVerire; Fred Pannkuk, Lakota; Wm. To•bin, Swea City. Presbyterians In Anniveisaiy, 85th Obseivance SIXTEEN TEAMS TAKE ON BATTLE BOWLING LEAGUE Season Opened Monday Night at Barry's Alleys; Seven of Last, Year's Tea&s Sign Up (Starting at 7 o'clock Monday night 40 ten pin tippers opened the winter sdason of the Kossuth Bowling League on the Barry Alleys. Tonight, Tuesday, another group of forty will compete for high points in the league. Out of the sixteen teams which signed jUp; seven, o ' Rev. Clarence C. Richardson Local Pastor I "Our Undiscovered Country" will be the title of the address to bs given by Dr. Wm. J. Bell, of Minneapolis, the, ppenirrg program of Jie 85th "anniversary celebration" of ihe local Presbyterian church. On :he same program John McDowell will read the history of the local hurch since 1857. The Fort Dodge presbytery will be in session here Wednesday and Thursday and the delegates will take part in the anniversary -'observance: Grey, Wesley Auto,'K. of C.;^ ley Co-Op., Jaycees, Burt arid Ola Style Lager. • Four Teams Tied •At the'close of the league season this last spring, after playing sixty games, there "were four teams tied for points. The Pioneer and Interstate teams tied for top place with 667 percentage. The Wesley Auto and Courthouse were tied with 544, the Wesley Co-Op. and Grain Belt tied with 478 and Peerless Oil and Beckers' Sports had 433 each. .Eight men in the league last season . played high singles reaching over the 600 mark. They were: Paul Engen i..... 702 Dr. Liohter ,..._ 666 F. Rotoinault ,...;.'.... i ..»...660 George Muller -...839 Tom McMahon. I...633 Ed Hlldman ..630 Hank Furst 621 Walt Peterson ..613 The league teams will play their weekly series on 'Monday and Tuesday nights. , '• . ft R. MAHONEY, 61, STRICKEN HEART ATTACK Hezekiah Robert Mahoney, longtime resident of. Kossuth, passed away in Cherokee Thursday, September 17, due to a heart attack. The remains were brought here Saturday and kept at the McCullough Funeral Chapel until Tuesday morn- Ing when services were held from the Llvermore Catholic church -it ):30 in charge of Father Duhlgg and interment was made in tye Catholic cemetery there. Horn in Humboldt County Deceased was born 1 in Humboldt county In 1881 and had since a young lad lived in Kossuth following farm wprk all those years. He Is survived by three brothers and three sisters, George and John Mahoney, Algona; Dennis Mahoney, Willmar, Minn.; Mrs. George Stockwell,-Wat-, ertown, S. D.; Mrs Roy Powell, Spent, cer, and Mrs. Ernest Peterson, LJrjn Grove. COUNTY OFFICERS ARE RE-ELECTED FOR COMING YEAR Meeting Here Saturday Brings Out, Good Rep. resentation from Over Entire County Following twenty-eight meetings, one in each township in the county Friday night, township committeemen were elected as were delegates to the county AAA convention held here Saturday. At .'the election of officers for the coming year the) convention nominating committee submitted for the present officers foif ; consideration and the convention • unanimously re-lected the count/ '' heads as follows: Robert M. Loss, t chairman-; ,O, (L. Thoreson^ vice t chairman and G. D. Welhousen, * county committeeman. Tjownshlp Qormnltteemen • On (Friday night the different townships selected the following . members to the township commit* tees: Hebron^-Wm. F. Huglin, Adrian O. Hauskins, Buffalo Center; Louie E. Miller, Albert W. Krosch,. Swetr , G. Larson, Elmore. Seneca-^-Joseph G. Crowley, Jullus W. Bollig, -Frank R.- Meyer, J. H. Jensen, Fenton; Virgil E. Moore/ Swea City. (Plum Creek—Clarence E. Priebe, Gep. C. Berischoter, Floyd T. Bode, John W. Kain, Algona; Walter E. Campney, Burt. < Greenwood—Andrew A. Fang* man 1 , Geo. W. Nyman, Louis C. Dudding, Albert C. Kollasch, Maurice P. Bernhard, all Bancroft. Harrison—Fred W. Langerman, ' Axel Paulson, / William Sanders, Swea City; John Wesselman, Geo. »' W. Fangman, Bancroft. Union Elects Woman .Union—Jens M. Sorensen, Fred W. Schoby, Gten.W. Jenkinson, Al- , gona; Louis W Scott, Burt; Mrs, Anna M. Dodds, Lone Rock. Buffalo—Ernest A Peterson. Ern- " est P. Hansen, Thomas C. Young, Titonka; Clarence,A. Schutjer, F. J. Hauptly, Wesfey. Grant—Richard I. Anderson, Os-« car S. Nelson, Joe< A. Waynej Led- , > ICowuth Man Forfeits Bond at Mason City According to a news story In the Monday Mason City Globe-Gazette, ifortin Sw'ansqn, allegedly frojn A}- lona, WM arreate^ ia tb.&y<?»y F«t- lay evening oharged with intp*}ca. ipn. He grave |10 bon^ fw a — Dr. Wm. J. BeU Birthday Party Thursday evening a ; birthday party will be'held in the basement of the church, Wesley Hardy presiding There will be greetings from former ministers, as well as the', two living charter members of the reorganized church .In, 1895. There Will be read- ng of greetings from members, for- ner members'and friends and Mrs -Jndholm will lead: an old fashioned lymri sing.; This will he. followed by the cutting of the birthday cake /The Rev. F. W, Volzke, pastor of he Baptist ohurch, will bring greet- ng from the Algona Ministeral Unon. ; •--;. ; ' •"•• Anniversary Service Sunday 'morning at 11 o'clock the pastor, Rev. C. C. Richardson, will leliver the anniversary sermon fol- owed ;by the reception of- the 85th anniversary class of new members. At this time there will also be the rite of baptism. JAHUE HARDGROVE HEADS ALGONA HI STUDENT COUNCIL Jaime' Hardgrove, senior, was elected to the presidency of the Algona high school last week. Other officers are Robert Reed, junior ripe president; Tommy Lynch, sonh- Dmore, secretary, and Patricia Lynch, senior, treasurer. Grand! Member Other student council members this year are 7$ grade, Clark Philips; efgth gracHe, Bob F ' freshman. Bob Butts, Joel „_„„ Vernon Vpyjefl; sophomore, Robert Fwerstena'ii, Kenneth Brown, Vtr- ginla King, Bert Sankey; juniors, Dewey gkiWlng, Charles Brown, Marilyn .Keen, EM Parks; seniors, »'" Holdren^ R^Ji Ellen ~ Daje; chser,; jeaders, j Douglas faculty HH fvWHBljW ill? meieK - Fred'"'tGfvl-'«w"<'",' aeaafuty Brandt, LedyarcTj' W,m. V/Rotteri» man, Henry C. Blome, Elmore. ' j Jrvington—Henry S. Scheppmail, f John F. Weber, Irvington; James B*,' Black, Henry P. Eischeid, Robert • D. Sfcilllng,Algoha. -I 'Lincoln—George Jutting, Albert J. Doden, Buffalo Center; Albert; K. Johnson, Leonard G. Seibolt," David J. Patterson, Lakotai • « German—Everett Post, Herman ' Dreesmarr, Dick jjeenken, Titonka; . Robert E. Bunkofske, Lakota; Karl • H.'Sunderman, Efuffalp Center. v ,\ Biverdftto Eaec*s,Woman' * Rdverdale—Johh teller, Gfeorge ' H. Bormann,,; Mrs. 'Anna,M_, .Bor- ' man,-Peter .Kayjier, Bode; Douglas' S. Wildin, Algona7*4'« ...— -•-'• Lu Verne—Henry 'SI 'Weber. Cor-' 1 ! S*'K?^» I A; Jgnfafe Aaron W,> Steussy,' Dennis 'F. Carroll, Edgar" B. Tbonuu,.iLuVerne. O^eclyard—David O. Frlets, August- 1 H. KUnkBlek\ Cfeo. B. •WallentW;t Charles A. Cuttatachtj iLakota; Her- « bert R. Trenary,, Bancroft. , ',Sherman— Jogfiph J, Kenne, ,Carj[ i E. Swanson, Fred Bhuner, LuVerne; > Paul Blumer, LJyerjnore; Lewis A..J Johnson, Irvlpg|pn;*'\ _ -* Eagle—'Leslie#Hanson', Glenn E> *• Clark, Harvey 0. .Larson,. Arm., strong; Lloyd-G, Gardner, Wm. L,"- Tpbln, Swea <CJto. V" Swea—Walter jp. Offenateln, Samuel A. Butcher, Joe'Kennedy, Arm* ' strong; Arthur |j. Anderson, AIM* thur p. Peterson, Styea city. , Mich** Loss In Cresco ,. '<-*, Cresco—James £. Vippnd, Ralph;' E. Morgan, James F-. Devine, Mi»! chael W. Loss, John Weydert, Algona. -; " ' • ' t , Prairie—Herman J. Btuder, Chas.; F. Prtmml, Geor«e|t.Glawe f ,Mike!, A. Arndorfer, CJorteitb, Nick M.; Arndorfer, St« Benedict " i Fenton—Chas, 'H, ^ewel, R, C," Welsbrod, H, H. Preyer, Fenton; i O. M, Gross, Peter Mt Gnrlstensenv" LoneR»pk. , '' ^ *] Ramsey^Wm, B. Janvrin, Bppo .• Jphnspn, A, H> MoCftfthy, Lakota; 1 ' * John W, ScWU*,' ^pl ^C^sbjninii 1 Bancroft, ' -- •.*..V,H».« SI W. Wejfc Bend; *

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