The Tulsa Tribune from Tulsa, Oklahoma on June 4, 1921 · 8
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The Tulsa Tribune from Tulsa, Oklahoma · 8

Tulsa, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 4, 1921
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THE TULSA TRIBUNE She (luisa (tribune I HaryeyDiplomacy! 8 Az P’rJtt' rob! Co By CASSEL etors n ? :3ft a 11 S-T Le- Mernlr Th a oei11 1D- tiionf ‘JW ACROSS THE EDITOR’S TABLE i -7 The Disinterested bAILY EDITORIAL DIGEST KWIZ But— Br R M STTVK1W wax Da- Confederate largest city in of fortune of the man ? for of Ten- Thrr®' ! u nf 4nha t L as the ‘ ’s' rn Okmulgee negroes arc branded in iiejrlx Uvrntx billions about 0 pcr cent of New Vnrk haUnff bren uir(1 thut the is going to have bath the I’ve And n aw O-Avn ntnntlrt manlbt menu) legislation not afford sq ml) is (9 7914 aq I month I mnnth 1 mtutb he advertised for a watchmajRo from rowing over and- rohbingftAe the ot The weary - When a’ Neighbor’s a Neighbor ‘ A real neighbor is one who is wininr to take you riding in his automobile on a hot day and never mention how well the little old car runB-Whlta Eagle r ‘ stray hv A number federal activ-second has no it The sub-the argument of Education 1 — - What w Oregon ? 2 — -AV hich of If be lieves ”h means that the President has allowed himself to be persuaded that the public- heahtv tail should be authorized to wag the education dog” nnd since “education is by-far fthe most predominant interest in this group” it should bo given first consideration It is pretty certain the New York Herald tlndA thinVe “that two new cabinet departments will not be ere- rum the of the taxpayers wno a single lent of extra Spokane Spokesman Hep) Is Inclined to proposed new -depart- ' A ride through the burned district yesterday afternoon revealed many groups of able-bodied negroes standing about in more or less care-lrfT‘ mood Mayor Evans’ edict to work or fuco vagrancy charges should change thia situation Buflv Bd Rnnrt ? I year R(W 1 44MH 'I SMS jell Hvfcnin to the (’horn’ To our mitd there U only one act on the stage thU is worse than a “trained dog” performance and that is one put on bv “trained ‘ cats”-“ Bartlesville Enterprise “Nutmeg kState" Qotlons the United States rt Lerun srne rfimiwr Murqueti Whia Cbc-tro Kreciu hid’- Dtrlt i ten Bldg St (xiul burn A Smith he ifth Bldg I larlj I I’wbKcii j- Bid? BuJieu i doos to discuss and The honest simple-minded negro Is quick to be led It time how forward to advise him proper course to pursue month month yir $1(iO V 1 ated and also that there is far more likely to bft! one ofc public welfare than of education" But it inlasts that In case the work of tho bu-rAuiof education “should remain Just as purely and distinctively educational as it is now" -But to the Washington Herald (Ind) “a solution of the difficulty - is not mi far to seek" since in the nature of things “a depa-rtnirnt of education Is also a di ipartmont 1 of welfare" It bases its support for making education the prime objective on the aff?rtion that:? "There is no phase ofanv welfare movement which to Inspire its success docs not have to he hitched to : education Wherever it has been attempted to separate welfare from education the result has been comparative or totpl failure-Wherever welfare has had the maximum- of result It has been made a part of the -educational system and under educational supervision y This is so of playgrounds of civic -nr social centers of open forums of physical care of Americanism and every receivable thing that comes UQdor the title ‘welfare”’ However the Indianapolis News (Ind) is convinced that ‘there Is no wide demand" for such a department as the president’s phvsician -proposes Any premature on me suojeet which the: public a chance consider the matter unwise move in the (Title ftrst Applied for U s patent Office EDITED DY THE WASITI5roN i:TITIE SERVICE flni6i ( ft Ire City Editor Pporthig i'd I?? CempoMfig Hoorn TuiM T rlbaiM i The honor of a large number of Tulsans is being put to the test by (he gun store mm They want their property returned r one of their own as The suggesuun f the Beal Estate Exchange that the negro district he moved out farther the present burned-over area to be given oyer to industry and switch tracks is a sensible one If Tulsa busineiMt is to expand the ground occupied by the section now in ashes is by all odds one uf the mott necessary to suih expansion PflUy Only ttM 4U5 ANSWERS TO YESTERDAY’S KWIZ 1 — A stag beetle is one of -the large group of beetles the male having large tootbed mandibles similar in appearance to the hums of a stag 2 —-Atlantic Time is the time division next east to Eastern time It begins at the boundary between viain nno eastern Canada 3-— rancis Richard Stockton a well-known American writer humorous stories z 4— The largest city In North kota is argo 5—-The stone age was thrft period in the history of any race or people during which their weapons and tools were made of stone ' b — Stone Mountain is a huge-gray granite rock near Atlanta Georgia it is to ne maae into a memorial 7 — Colorado (103198 larger than Wyoming mi) b— rThe land claims of the thirteen original states extended westward to the Mississippi river 9 — In its origin the term ‘Yankee” was a corruption of the word English as pronounced by the Indians 10 — ’Vhe popular name for Con necticut is tne Hapulra Ing “beach" end conununitv singing this summer Two of the greatest of ail civilizing fneturHurv snap nnd music is remarkable st thi trvinj?am in nauKer Miumatrs few married men are as The press unlikfe the muzzles itself tn times of stress It merely records what i happening pulling the soft pedal on thjR The pulpit may mouth dire predictions of things to' come — -which generally never-happen WOULD YOU TAKE THIS JOD? Sherlock Holmes nr Socrates would have been very Interested in thia extraordinary classified ad that appeared the other day in a New York newspaper “Wanted — A man to live alone on an island Inland lake Eight miles from shore Transportation food shelter boat etc fur-Dished No work No compensation Address Summertime 600 Tribune building New York" Sixteen hundred men applied for the job! How many men tn Tulsa would jump at the chance to play Robinson Crusoe alone on an island without even a Man riday for company? Would you take the job yourself? Mr Summertime who ran the ad is a frjend of seagulls These scavengers he claims each consume two pounds nf refuse daily Since an estimated 200000 gulls circle in New York harbor they conserve the community’s health by clearing the water of refuse ? Many of these gulls have their nests on our Brothers Island in a lake near Burlington vt Summertime owns the Island So live alone there and keep the neighbors nests of their eggs - It’s an odd idea and commendable AH your life you have heard that "It is not good for man to jive alone” And judging from the way man congests his living quarters in Tulsa nobody wants to live alone k What is there about modern civilization that caused 1600 NewTwi’ era to jump at the chance to live alone on a lonely island as a watc)nfl!in-without Yay? Is it the exceptional case— nr does it betray an underlying current 1 reaction to caveman ancestors a desire to be rid of clanging street can time clocks jazz orchestras and the filth and worries of city life? There’s lots of Jobs I wouldn't care for A trainer in a Hon’s den Is not a task I’d like and therefore I’ll leave that stunt to other men w I wouldn’t care to tame a rattler- -i Or stare a tiger in the lamp— ’ Nor be the poor misguided battler w no s sparring partner for a champ! had a football outfit jump me -I’ve ridden on a burking bronch had the plunging critter bump me With awful force upon my conk faced tv lodge init iation DfG Sun'll yw 0 J V1 je OkinulRlce's Liu-k of I’atrtotlsm ' It is to the everlasting discredit of the citizenship of Okmulgee thatMemorial day was celebrated more as a holiday for fun-making than for honoring the memory pt those Ok-mulgee boys who gave- their Ilves to their country To add to othei affronts only here and there were tings flying at half-mast If® small wonder that patriotic warm-blooded citizens blushed with shame on Monday — Okmulgee Times ' Where lndln'4 Aren't Kecptn'a s - )t'e just one Jail delivery after another In Tulsa The 1 Wonder City seems Io have as much trouble keeping them as It does gettlrtg them-— Bartlesville Examiner ' Most of it Wag a afrticxerle nuu rtna winter night while wandeing homeless in tho streets of New York he HOME SWEET HOME ' Today's most popular Jazz selection will be out of date a year hence or less but "Home Sweet -Home" still makes hearts weep wherever English Is spoken though It la a hundred years old this year Jt has power to turn back the footsteps of the wandering bov and to wubt tJ tHuun ue song came from the near i was to have a home — John He warn who was born in America and died the leads In cane sugar production? ' 3— Who was Jonathan Swift? I— What is a tangerine? 5 -—Which state is larger in ara sn Kansas or VKianomar (i — What is the origin word “tantalize?” e 7— How many teeth has 8 — What is the popular the state uf Delaware 9 — ’Where is the island uffe? 10 — What is a trance? I’ve ! And had my bl ow with tear grow damp-— But 1 don t want tho situation Of sparring partner for a champ! You don’t get any cheers or glory i or all tho blows that cut and sting ’ Each day is just the same old story Of getting Mugged around the ring You stand for every jolt and wallop or blows that batter bruise and cramp v Oh gee I’d hate to be the lollop y Who's sparring partner for a champ! 1 (Copyright 1931 by Newspaper Enterprise) Among the State Editors call home the exile i of a wanderer who never knew what it 1 ine an actor and soldier in Africa lleasured only by the standards of material success John Howard A headline says Congresswoman Bobertson was "honored’ by a Japaneao admiral’s request to be introduced to her We are Inclined tu think it was the Jap who was honored A man’s home is his castle— In Oklahoma the same as elsewhere An officer without a search warrant has no morfc right to Invade it than-a professional burglar If tho search warrant? Is not available then It is the nuly of tile police to exercise common sense tn their selection of houses that might justifyu search -Isa Ma ib im n Be ’ SOLDIER RELIE Efforts to improve facilities for the carc cf disabled soldiers are bringing results at last By a recent order from Congress $750000 was transferred from the treasury department to the war department to be devoted to enlarging and improving itzsimmons General Hospital in Denver where tubercular cases will receive especial care Plans and specifications already-under way will provide 600 beds and all sorts of modern equipment for first-class carc ' 1 This is the sort of news which the public has been waiting to hear and of which it hopeS to hear more speedily urthermore it is to be hoped that every expenditure planned’will have aK its first object the relief of the patients rather than tlw adornment of buildings and unimportant but expensive detail opinion of the Detroit News (Ind) because “no one understands the need of public welfare bettor than the public"-and while there arc undoubtedly “some good reasons for the addition of a lenartment of mt him Wflltnrfl'' lha The ‘‘lukewarm- MTlmintrnn ' fN C i Star Dem ) agrees that “if therfc are any ‘bad1 retisons they should be brought out" “The ? sentimental argument for it" the New York Times ( Ind Dem) says ‘fcis easy to make:” the essential question to aYswr is “-will It work? Will It pay?” While - the Louisville Post (Ind) has no disposition to condemn the creation-' of this new department L'unqualitledlv’' it is interested dn ‘knowing ’before the scheme goes further “how far it will lead in the matter of ‘appropriations from Congresaj’ ’’ rom the point or view "do not want expense'' the Review (Ind feel that-the rnent is superfluous and that the most immediately necessary thlngfa “reform and reorganization of the present departments not creation of new ones” Until reorganization is effected the Chicago News (Ind) holds that “the creation of a new department would beu a blunder" since It would probablv only increase the duplication which mustbe eliminated Rut the Ithaca Journal Nows (Ind) suggests that perhdps “tho institution of the proposed department of welfare might be a step toward: such reorganization? bv incorporating “groups of kindred nature?: The Norfolk Ledger Dispatch Und Dem) ' Is satisfied that such-would be the result since “th1? new department would simply take over ind administer as a whola” the public welfare oik which the country is ah eady carrying on "through a number of separate and distinct agencies ” ‘ r- a perfectly definite Rrnwn out of a dona history or increasing ity in education the such history behind atantial character of for the Department is indicated by the fact that President Harding Uses this argument almost solely In his advocacy uf the Department of Welfare ’ There Is n measure of plausibility the 'Christian Science Monitor (Boston Ind) concedes' in grouping into one organization “edu I cation public health social service i vrfnfnns ” rm If av career I a fear that tho president’s comma dvlecliun of Dr Sawyer as the means lo the of carrying out his idea suggests that' he “favors a medical man as ! nead of the new department Caruso after spending ri whole that is the case the Monitor summer in? tns lann ot apagnetu should bn nble to unwind a wicked nolo when he returns to dhis'eoun-try- ” of its wenllli The figures tor Germany and Austria-Hungary seemmost incredible The former's debt is 312 per cent uf ils wealth and latter’s 2710 per cent Bankruptcy is a mild word to use in connection with financial situation of Austria-Hungary Little Inpan is the onlv nation in the lot in the same class with the United States Although her national wealth is but forty billions ns compared with our live hundred billions her debt is less than two billions slightly under ours in percentage :-m m na m - I rent and the workingman Bent is of first importance to the workingman when the question is considered of bringing his Mages back to horinnlcy The rent item next to that of food is the biggest item in the family budget ' Experts on domestic economy have been f or j ears in almost unanimous agreement that safe family financing requires BJCTTER PATENT Y OUR NA WK If the shade of Grover Cleveland could be interviewed what would h say ot Qrover Cleveland Bergdoll who has dishonored the good name that was given him? He would probably ask: “Why didn’t they pickf on Judas Iscariot of Benedict Arnold when they w-ere naming that boy?” '‘Great men have no protection against infringement nn their namM-by the u worthy-- We read of a George Washington Somebody-or-other who is arrested for beating his wife And occasionally one hears of a boy named after William McKinley doing something he' shouldn’t The William Tafts and the Theodore Roosevelt? are still childrn m are the W’oodrow Wilsons And we must wait till 1 840 at least until we hear anything good or bad from tho Warren G Harding of whom (here is now a numerous tribe The boys who were named after Ulysaeri'fi Grant are middle -aged men by now and they must be law-abiding quiet citizens for they seldom get their names in the papers Still if'Crover Cleveland Bergdoll haz sullied a' great and jrood name the same name has been honored by none other than-Grover Cleveland Alexander Who was a good soldier and Is a great pitcher I’arenU who center upon their children a great man's name are under obligation to see to it that their children live up to that name passed a cozy home and there came to his ears from the parlor the strain of his own Home Sweet Home" Years after his death In Tunis' Algeria John Howard Payne’s b"dv was brought tu America nnd a gateful country fcald its highest tributes tv iho wanderer who sang: ' An exile from home splendor dazzles In vain' Oh give me my lowly thatched cottage again The birds singing gaily that come at my call Give me them' and the peace of mind dearer than all Home swert home sweet swet home i Thcie's no plie like homo time Is at hand when those of the world needn’t drink wood alcohol or carbolic arid’ The - e - - r t- I u— i y uucuiiiuer win supply trcir iltaf no' more than la cr cent of income be bpenl lor rent This 1 neu - I A DEPARTMENT O EDUCATION nnlnlt A situation which might be called out lie ln rftd5 union parlance a "Jurlsdtc-p ‘ ) tlonal dlftnutfi" tn havu rison between the advocates of the bill to establish a “Department of Education" and those- who are sponsoring the movement to create a "Department of Public Welfare" Editorial comment is inclined to support the contention of the educators that the vltal needs of education cannot be properly met by an organization In which that field is subordinate In fact the entire scheme for a Department of Public Welfare is given scant welcome In the press as a whole While it hau some warm supporters the majority of ’writers view it more or ’ess ss a step in tho dark which should not be considered until reorganization has made possible a more etiicienv grouping of federal activities As an immediate measure tile proposal as regarded by most papers does not square with ’he demand for retrenchment in government expenses As at present outlined the Department of Public Welfare which the ‘Detroit ree Press (Ind) states “the President desires to establish” will contain the present government organizations having jurisdiction over “education workmen’s compensation child welfareand public health" But the ree Press notes “the teachers who want a department of education arc persistently— inquiring what education has to do with publie health while the doctors insist that the subject of public health ought not to be buried tn a department which will be absorbed in the great ub- lent or education ness not to say hostility of the educational forces of the country” toward the proposal the New York Post (Ind) finds “readily understandable" The -“very difference’ between the plans for a Department Of Education nnd 1 Department of ruuiic wviure it is that: “The tirst Is plan which ha ARr1nnM! Dmi t nelullT ntltlrf HU'hrft r'P’'d to it or not olhrwl erat to this paprr itd i’i® i if i-h'41 sew puHrtrli'! hfifln Mumwr Th tn luuri12 Aesorletlwa ) ’iiljthr‘ Anrltp AiSil Uorii xw- eilaiicM firfiS('ruPTm uatks bi mail-payable in apvancb In OkjbofljA Elewher Dally Onlyer fn 3 OO uulb uiidy Only— I y carrier ia TulM Rju! spring R1 Eerk end Kendall— 1 ' UaO' S ’jtonlh IM I renr 10 00 in edreaew I PlMIsM 2Gir? nd Sunday Mtfnlnr by tb Toleu TrtDaao RICHARD LLOYD JONES EdMof T Mu sger Victor PB WJJJulf’Affi! H Itoi Adrf’rM nil Uotrf r 1 be Till Trlbsn Twin Ok I i ubHesttoa Ou-c Arber Hl Branch Wifut Ad Uffh-e Quaker Dru ' TELEPHONES daltt end iom s m rn n "i hmirt a 1 1 tulInflOflC flUlSne riPcitlRiiM Dprtmmt ” i 'iiur Hvm 9 JJX pr Koiun ’ ZJJJ (ll Iteprntpr office r Tule (rnbo®s evud I he moment tlmt hue in ilestroyeil liberty in font: mid men left free to enter npnn the domains of each other destroy each other's rights mid invade the field of j teach other's liberty — I imothy Titcomb IT MUST NOT BE AGAIN Ql'CII a iliklni t ns Ihc 1i “Niggi rlow n” must never be iil-lowed in Tulsa again It svns a cesspool of iniquity and j-S-J corruption It was Hie cesspool whicii had been pointed i out Spi eiliudlv to the 'I ulsa police and to Police Commissioner i c Adkison nnd they coukl sec nothing in it Yet anybody could go down then- anil buy nil Ihc booze they wanted' Anybody j could go into the most unspeakable dance halls and base joints ”v of prostitution Al) this had been culled Io Ihc n th nl ion of our police deparlmenl and all the police department could do under the Major of this city was to wnilewash itself The Mayor of Tulsa is a perfeilly nice honest man we do not doubt but he is guili less He t mild have found out himself any time in one - night what just one preacher found out In this old "Nigger town” were a lot of bad niggers and a bad nigger is about the lowest tiling that walks on' two fee t Cdvc a bad nigger his booze nnd his dope and a gun and lie thinks he can shoot up the world And all these four things were to be found in "Niggcrtow n”— booze dope bad niggers and ’guns Tlie 't’ulsa Tribune makes no apology to (lie Police Commissioner or to the Mayor of (his city for having plead with them Io clean up Ihc cesspools in this city I Commissioiu r Adkison has said that tic knew of the gr(Av-ing agitation jlown in ‘"Niggcrlovn” some lime ago and that lie and the Chief of Police went down and told the negroes that if imylliing started they would lie responsible That is first lass conversation but rather weak action Well the bad niggers started it 'I hc public would now like Io know: xvliy wasn’t it prevented? "Why were these nig- ‘ gees not made to feel the force ot the law and made to respegt the l iw? Why were not the violators of the law-in “Niggertown” arrested? Why w ie they allow cd Io go on in ninny ways defying the law’ AVhy’ Mr Adkison why? Tho columns of ’Ihc Tribune are open to Mr Adkison for any explanation he may wish to make ' ' These bad niggers must now bo held and what is more the dope selling and booze selling muP gun collecting must STOP The police commissioner who has not the ability or the willingness Io find what a ‘preacher can find and whq WONT slop it when told of it but merely whitewashes himself and talks of “knocking chairwai mers’’ had better be asked to resign by an outraged city ’ ra r 1 a a OR TULSA Don’t let your eye escape the coupon on tlxc first page Put syour pencil to if The honor of 1 ulsu is nt stake The commercial stability of Tulsa stands in jeopardy or reasons of justice for simple plain good business reasons 1 ulsa must do tho right thing nnd do it NOW Are you a Tulsan? (live And give NOW B W W BI rv M w WEALTH AND DEBTS O NATIONS The f innncial slalisticinn of Commerce and inance has compiled some interesting figures showing the wealth and debts of the leading nations of the world A study of those figures ought to give Amgricans a rather comfortable feeling when they compare their lol with that of the citizens of other nations The countries dealt with arc the United States (rent Brit-iin ranco Russia Italy Japan Germany mid Austria-Hungary rile estimated total wealth of all eight is a thousand billion dollars The wealth of the thiited Stales is estimated al five hundred billions or exactly one-half tlie total v The total debts ot the eight nations is two hundred and lifty-seven billion dollars or more than ‘Jo per cent of their total wealth ’ The total l hts of the seven nations other than the I'nitcd Sthfes is two hundred and thirty-three billion dollars or about 46 per cent of their total wealth The total debt ot the United States is roughly twenty-four billion dollars or less than j per cent of its total wealth " The British debt is almost double ours— about 20 pcr cent of its wealth ’ - rance -owes I it tv-one billion dollars” 5f per cent of it --rmil Ifnlv owes 1 v v ii - - I r w 4 ui i iit v in io its wealth Russia owes about iwcntv-fivc billions 12 per cent r and iaiated ty coior wno rrnreHenien nimseir the agent for an African culunlza-1’ I tion plan permitted the $l200-a-year man before the war to live in a HJ-a-month house or'apartment Assuming that the $l200-a year manpre-war is today a $2400-a-year man he probably j ! paying ip35 to $10 a month for the same house or apartment that Used to cost him $15 a month Of all the different kinds of profiteers developed by the war the rent profiteer ik the most unconscionable - i( e ' Now supposing that the $2400-ii-vear man is forced bv to the $1200 pre-war level with a $10 a month rent charge'! meet Instead of rent representing 15 per cent of his income J would represent 40 per cent of it f ie simplv couldn’t get idono even if every oAher commodity required 1 j bis f u lilv drnppcj tpthe pre-war level r Even a 25 per cent wage reduction which would put if $2400-a-year man on an $l800-a-year basis if he still k pt J the high rent level would throw his budget all out of balance And from the workingman’s standpoint as well as from the standpoint of the public generally the worst of the situation is that the rent profiteer is going to be the hardest to dislodge of the whole foul profiteering crew That he will be finally shaken loose even if socictj has to (dispossess him of his property is quite certain but that cer- tain ty of future justice isn’t goihg to help solve the wmking- man’s problem (luring the period that he is being "liquidated'’ jas to his wages while paying or trying to pay an Inflated rent I bill’’ I Everybody agrees that there must be a new wage level i which’will take into account the declining price of commodities But in justice to the yurkingman this wage level must aso 1 take into account the vital fact that he is still iij the toils of the I rent profiteer T" 11 A-" 'LL 4 ' ' ‘ ‘ ' -A' 1 I 4 -- 7 -twEu ' MiS ' J r IS) ' — ut IL v TN Ini I f JU NtWa ‘WiWWW woMmry irf - i 5 ! ft: MEL' ) J ZWOIBI i i I & I sa&wim iswjmsaawirf an i 'i 'S Hl - ' w O ? v rtSic 5 ' w- jf

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