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The Tulsa Tribune from Tulsa, Oklahoma • Page 6

The Tulsa Tribune from Tulsa, Oklahoma • Page 6

The Tulsa Tribunei
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Issue Date:

TULSA TRIBUNE TULSA OKLAHOMA SATURDAY DECEMBER 23 1922 BIG OIL NEWS 1 TOLD at a GLANCE il State Briefs Some Curiosities of World International Trade WEEKLY TRADE RECORD Th com the northeast ot section the i nnd associates liad a I the the 2 I plugged at If are as fol a drilled Into 2418 3 inancial Briefs I of $41000 Tax Claim General Offices Tulsa Oklahoma Oil Market Quotations i al) Tulsa Oklahoma rl 2K MARLAND OILS lar a two Gas was arrested auto recovery Is of of 3 oh the Clark Slick well haw the holo with the sand at 2 wns topped nt that thenhow that poaseaslvii The cars had but otherwise are down 400 feet In the Hobson farm in romer of section 16 of It 100 tw Bros I on The 394 Is Io la 2 thu the GREENWOOD COUNTY DUCES SOME GOOD WELLS OTHER COMPLETIONS no vti 110 123 113 South Boulder PHONE OSAGE 2008 his death He claimed never to have known a sick day In his life un til pneumonia attacked him with fa tal results Were here Indi North of TiiIhh There are 27 wells drilling in Bird Creek Owasso and Hominy districts with throe new rigs built the past week There was but one well completed which will add but 76 barrels to the production It Is the Charles Grimes and No 1 on the Blnkemora farm In section 26 21 13 What Is believed by police to be receiving and salvaging market CHICAGO Reductions ot rail road freight rates have averaged per cent within the last year nnd are coating the railroads (471000 000 annually the Western Railways committee on public relations said In a statement Inst night protesting against agitation for further reduc tions Additional reductions would constitute "menace to the reviv ing prosperity ot the country" enld the statement made public by Kelton chairman While railway rates and earnings have been reduced the prices of other commodities have advanced the statement said Total freight earnings ot the roads for September alone declined (47773 000 through the rate reductions It was estimated I lynn small showing of gas In their tost In I lie No 1 McKeown farm located tn the soutlieiiat corner of Um north west of section J4 16 5e The test Is now drilling nt 1660 feet Mascho and associates spudded In and shut down the No 1 Wyman farm In the southeast corner uf northwest of the northeast of northeast of section 10 14 6e Schulter District Maroney Bros have completed their No 1 well in tho Schulter dis trict In fh southwest of the south west ot 7 12 12 on the Katie Tyner farm and It la making 150 bnrrels niniirni in sand at 2400 feet oil Is of good gravity testing gravity Several dry' holes were completed In the Kansas fields In the past week The Miller and rlercaii 1 well a wild oat test on MOTHER NEARLY I OSES RABY IN MAIL SACK ASK WHO OWNS NY STANDARD PRAIRIE IRMS NEW IMMIGRATION IHLT OERED IN SENATE MANYAILURES IN KANSAS AREA IN PAST WEEK It wns in this well that the zqni!" now producing in the part ot the field wns first A good show ot oil wgs In tho sand In tho Slick but decided to drill this well to CEASE ELECTRIC CO Wiring Motors Repair CLEVELAND Amid the hus tle and bustle ot a large crowd of Christmas shoppers in tho main postoffice camo the cries of a mother for her lost Infant While the mother was addressing Christmas packages at a table In the lobby she placed the child In a market basket which alto placed un der tho table Her packages ready to be mailed she looked for the baby It had disappeared The basket with its contents had been picked up by a postottlce employe and thrown Into a mall sack Cries from the child as the sack was about to be placed on a mall truck led to Its discovery The woman refused to divulge her identity Announcement that a big con signment of butter from the other Side of the globe is now crossing the Pacific front New Zealand to New York calls attention to the increasing detail in which the com mon products of the various sec tions of the world are now being interchanged While we have been congratulating the American cow upon the fact that she has since the beginning of the war supplied a half billion dollars worth of her products for the foreign trade we now find that the cows of other parts of the globe are quietly in vading our own markets by unac customed routes and that they have sent us 120 million dollars worth of their products while we were sending 500 million dollars worth of our own dairy products to other markets especially those of Eu rope We sent 150 million dollars worth of butter cheese condensed milk and other dairy products out of the country in 1919 and in the following year 1920 Australia New Zealand Argentina Brazil Colombia Mexico Canada and certain European countries sent us 30 million dollars worth of the products of their dairy industries And the reports of big shipments now on the way from the dairy farms of New Zealand indicate that the great dairy industry of that country does not find even the equator and the long trip across the Pacific a bar to a permanent movement of their products to our markets despite the fact that the outturn of our butter cheese and condensed milk factories aggregated over a billion dollars value in the last census year 1919 while the de SAPULPA REINING COMPANY MANUACTURERS PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Sales Dept New irst National Bank Bldg Phones 6700 01 Jenks District Walla Co drilled to 1700 feet with nothing showing nml bus aban doned the No 2 in the northeast of the southwest of 2 18 12 Jenks dis trict Wist completed a C0 barrl well which has been shot In Glen sand from 1457 to 1460 feet In the No 9 on the Viola Edwards farm In the southwest of the southwest ot 1 18 12 This is in shallow sand for this district Other wells are pro ducing from the 2000 foot Band TEXAS TONS The 'Toths Iihh completed two now wells oi Its vuluublu Hawkins lease No 3 located In the northeast corner of the northwest of 1 15 9 Is making 760 tin reels In sand front 2lo to 2922 feet and No 8 In the southeast corner of the northeast of the northeast tf the northwest of tho section Is in sand from 29 1 1 to 292 4 feet and the well Is also pro dticlng 750 barrel No I Is also big well It wnz completed the first ot tho week Negro Dead nt 12t PARIS John Dunham negro who claimed to be 121 years old Is dead at his homo here He worked for his living to tho time of OKUUOMA CITY The state board of equalization late yestorday held that It was without authority to assess approximately 13000000 barrels of crude oil stored In Wash ington and other Oklahoma coun ties during 1919 1920 and 1921 'Tho Washington county tax assessor has mnde an effort to assess the oil for taxation but the Pipe Lino Co which had possession of the oil denied ownership and asserted that It did not know the parties to whom it belonged because It wns min gled oil The company also con tended that the oil was tn transit and thus was not subject to tax Through a misinterpretation of the board's decision yesterday It was erroneously reported that the board had ordered the oil assessed for taxation Tho Cotnar Well The Comar Oil Co NA 1 on Heverlln farm in the southeast cor ner of the northwest uf 34 25 lw is In sand from 1838 to 1850 feet and made 420 barrels on riday This well Is nn extension of tho field a mile to the north NEW A schedule In bankruptcy filed in federal court vesterday by Levy's Sons coffee brokers ot New York nnd New Or leans showed liabilities of (407 203 of which (3643868 Were se cured claims and assets ot (664 443 Unsecured Claims amounted to (405613 a i for stolen automobiles and acces sories from this vicinity wns dis covered yesterday by members of the auto recovery section uf police when they visited an auto salvage company on Lansing avenue be tween Second and Third streets The officers surprised the proprietor Ham Blast and his helpers as they were In the act of salvaging a ord car stolen curlier In the day from Helndselrnnn at irst street and Boulder avenue Police say that Blost made a re port of the purchase of the ord but gave the Incorrect numbers of both Its license and motor numbers When asked to explain the reason for the wrong numbers Blost said that1 one of his colored helpers looked Over the car and gave him the numbers Incorrectly Blost was arrested and county charges of receiving stolen prop erty were filed by arresting offi cers Sanders Granger and Stewart A Peerless car stolen from A Slemp 903 Boston ar and an other Peerless stolen from Mrs Whiteside 15 Seventh st were recovered at points south and' east ot the elty yesterday by uomns ana ms men been stripped of tires undamaged Hubert Welderman Thursday evening by officers In possession of a Dodge car which authorities at Wichita alls Texas wired was mortgaged property The man Is being held for Texas officials who will arrive to day to take him In custody Collins said IJnirilrt County TOMS The Magnolia Petroleum Co is drilling at 1360 feet In Its No 2 on the Payne farm In the southwest corner of the northwest of tho south east of 6 17 4 Sartin the No the southwest OKLAHOMA The state board ot equalization today accepted 1(5000 In compromise of the claim for (ft ooo gross production tax against tho Exchange Oil Co of Tulsa The company had protested against the high assessment levied by tho board The case had been pend ing for several months The (41000 tax was levied on the production of the Exchange com PJW for 110 eight months ot 10 2 It was the contention of state auditors that the oil company should pay the gross production tax on the amount received for the oil In some oases Including a premium which was paid on account of tho high gravity of the oil The company had paid Its tax on tho posted price In the Mid Conti nent field which was approximately 75 cents a barrel less than the pre mium price Tho compromise fol lowed arguments of the company and the auditor before the equaliza tion bonrd Judge Summers Hardy of Tulsa former member of the state supreme court represented the oil company Work will start January I on the revising ot the credit records ot tho Merchants association Merchants who do a credit business expect that news ot this fact will start a steady stream of delinquent debtors toward their stores In order that they may wipe the slate clean before that date The credit bureau ot tho associa tion Is In touch with similar con cerns all over the country and in dividual merchants in practically every city where there Is no local exchange The credit flies of the association contain 150000 cards on individuals and firms which guide members (n the extension ot credit The revised files will be the 1923 guide for this purpose to over three hundred merchants business houses and pro fessional inen In Tulsa therefore tho association snys everyone who ewes past due accounts should either pay them or call on their creditors and arrange a future set tlement ot some kind When this is done the cards are brought up to date A special report is compiled and distributed to subscribers It con tains all the delinquent accounts re ported giving name of the debtor ree Oklahoma County Clerk OKLAHOMA Tom Bodine county clerk was freed i rl'lar of a rluirge ot violating ths federal prohibi tion law lie woo alleged to have bat intoxicating wine 1 Ids possession Ern est Chambers United Mates commlxsion woo neuro io case ruiei nax mt sufficient evidence to tlm liquor found iu Bodluea was intoxlt'oting Oklahoma Producing Refining Corp AMERICA PETROLEUM AND ITS PRODUCTS Sales and General Offices 1 Building TULSA OKLAHOMA WAS I A fa Ira of oil companies the Prairie Oil Co and the Standard ot York were delved into further yesterday by ths senate oil investigating com mittee with the respective presidents ot the two corporations James iviin nnu jt 1 oiger aa principal witnesses Inquiry into the identity ot the ger stockholders of the concerns pursued at length through questions by Gilbert Roe attorney for the committee and brought from O'Neill that eight Interests owned 37 per cent of the stock of his company and from olger that four interests held approximately 35 per rent ot his stock Mr O'Neill gave the eight prin cipal stockholders nt th Prairie OH Gas Co with tho percentage of their holdings to the total outstand ing stock as: Edward Harkness 3 per cent Northern inance Corp 4 per cent John Rockefeller Jr 12 per cent A Harkness 3 per cent trustees of the Henry Hous ton estate little more than 1 per cent general education board about 8 per cent Laura Spellman Rocke feller memorial 3 per cent and the Rockefeller Institute of Medical Re search 4 per cent The larger stockholders ot tho Standard Oil Co ot New York with tho percentage uf their holdings as compared to the entire outstanding stock were given by Mr olger as: John Rockefeller Jr 25 per cent A Harkness about 3 per cent Ed ward Harkness 3 per cent and the Northern inance Corp 4 per cent Mr O'Neill wits questioned close ly by the committee attorney and al so by Chairman La ollette as to tho reason that prices for the crude oil posted In tho Mld Contlnent field by tho five leading buying com panies had risen and fallen almost simultaneously during 1921 and 1922 but declared that it could not be considered unusual and was a nat ural process lip asserted emphati cally several times that the rise and fall ot prices wus not preceded by any conferences between the com peting companies The Prairie Oil Gas Co presi dent declared In the course of his testimony Hint production ot crude oil in tho United States had reached Its peak and that within 10 years American refiners would be forced to get at least 50 per cent of their supply irom foreign countries Cash dividends amounting to (86 O6Oooo and stock dividends ot 400 per cent on a capitalization of (75 000000 have been declared since 1911 by the Standard of New York imcord'ng to a compilation presented to tho committee by Mr olger who added that during the same period his company had paid (75600000 in taxes The figures did not take ac count of tho stock dividends ot 200 per cent recently declared and now being paid Mr olger denied that the Mntr noiia Petroleum Co was a subsidiary vi uia oumoaraot New xork but in response to questions by Mr Roe snld that the Standard of New York owned 825000 shares out ot tho 1 100000 shares of the Magnolia com pany or 68 per cent He explained that the stock was purchased by tho Standard company from himself and the late John Archbold The committee nt the conclusion ot Mr testimony adjourned until after Christmas when it will hear certain experts or the Standard New York No tho Wenty farm In Coffey county has rfta niuninnnsR nr 1 a vatir it i located In the southeast corner the northwest ot the northeast section 11 21 15 Greenwood Comity In Greenwood county there wore three dusters drilled the Jeffers nnd associates No 1 on the Hull farm In the northeast corner ot the southwest of section 9 21 10 being Plugged at 2430 feet Deal nnd Haynes plugged their No 1 on the Smith form at 1840 feet This test Which la located in the southeast corner of the north west ot the southwest of 6 24 12 wns shot in snnd from 1808 to 1 829 feet but there was not enough oil to make a commercial producer The Great Southern nml Tidal Gil Co have ft dry hole In their No 26 on the Hull fnrm on the center of the north line of tlio nortlioast the northeast uf section 34 25 8 was plugged nt 2662 feet In Lyon Comity McDougall and associates No Newland farm In tho southeast corner of the southwest of section31 21 12 In Iyon county Is being plugged at 1965 feet Although several failures were re corded In Greenwood county a num ber of good completions were made In the past few days The Roth and Mission Oil Co No 1 well on the Scott farm located In the northeast torpor ot the southwest of suction 23 23 10 Is making 100 barrels In sand from 204 2 to 2065 feet It wla shot with 100 quarts The Cornwall Petroleum Co has I rhnt Its No 1 on the Allen farm bl eated in the southeast corner ot the northwest of ths northeast of sec tion 26 23 10 It Is estimated good fur 175 barrels in sand at 2132 do 22 3 1 feet The Empire Gns uel Co han shot Its No 1 well on the Seeley farm in the southwest corner of the northeast ot section 6 23 11 and It Is good for 250 barrels In sand from 1927 to 1975 feet The White Eagle Oil Refiningj Co and Nelson has a 300 burrel w'ell In the No 3 on the Seeley farm lo cated on tho center ot the north line ot I he northeast of the southwest of section 6 23 11 It was shot In sandat 1925 feet The Phillips Petroleum Co has completed a 260 bnrrel wU In the No 1 on the farm in the northwest corner ot the southeast ot section 5 23 11 It Is completed In sand from 1929 to 1988 foot In Butler county there was one well completed the past week Ituese Alkinun having a 10 bnrrel well In the No 8 on the McLaughlin farm in tho southwest corner ot tho northeast of section 27 28 5 Sand 1 was topped at 2776 fset It was shot with 6 quarts( In Ixigiin County rank 1 Kelly bus made a loca tion for a test in the northeast cor ner of section 28 1 le Tho Okla Drilling Co Is shut down at 1716 feet In the No 1 Johnson farm In the southeast corner ot the southwest ot section 36 15 2W January 1 Last Day for Backward Debtors ir 0 Sittiilleiiu Thm National City Bank of New York Trumbo I Retired OKLAHOMA Lieutenant Col ouid A i' Trumbo rbjef vf utaff uf the UutU division with headquarter At Oklahoma City hat bn retired frn etrvke in the I tilted Statee army HI mini it bus been niuevd ou the unlliuitetl retired Ht as beln exceaa of tbe qulri iiwutrt of the artny under the art of June 30 uuieuded September 4 nil retirement order wait effective ivKUrdiiy Lieu tenant Colonel Tritiiibo haa curved 21 years in the United state army 22 yearn of which wag served at a comiiihshifitul officer He was made chief of staff of the U5tli division Xeptem ber 13 1921 Later he organised ft re serve illvlsiuii for the state Major 31 Armstrong senior officer under Colonel Trutnbo will take rhnrjre of thejiffairs of the division temporarily Tne had to was Lieutenant donel only comment un Uls detiro inent WASHINGTON Admission if Immigrants into ths United States midor a bill introduced by Senator Rgqd Republican Pennsylvania would be bnsod on ft quota it 5 perent of various foreign population In the United States hi 1890 In stead of the present 3 per cent quota reckoned on the 1910 census Pas sage Of the bill It wns said would permit a large Influx of immlgt nnls from northern Eurona ROXANA PETROLEUM CORPORATION PRODUCERS AND REINERS State Accepts $3000 in Compromise for EMPTY HOUSES We give you information at any time regarding empty hodsea If we can help you Phone 118 11T or 875 NICHOLS Transfer Storage Company New ireproof Storage Just Completed Large padded moving vans and careful help Iron lockers fat storage Sprinkler system makes fire impossible Texas Corslcnnn (HI Corulcans Gulf Ceat Orangs Pierce Jet Mexia Currie tord lnna Cnddo 39 37 to to SU 33' to 30 to Homer to to to to Hnvnesvlll" 39 37 to 389" to 36 9 to to 329 tlavou to to Ia Cota Crlchtou I'2 Bellvua 73 By Atlnutlo llcflnlcc Co H'noivUle 36 L1W St Louis Mo Arcade Building Tulsa Okla Mayo Building Chicago Ill Continental Commercial Bunk Building School Board Takes Up Routine at Session i Two Are Injured BABTTES VILLE Ok Mm tries and her husband George rhw were both painfully lujurel riday ulaht whn struck ly an automobile on ono or principal downtown corners Mrs i rleg waa carrlMl more than fortr four by tba car both of her ankle beinst 11 V1 th0 ardent Erles suffered broken knee cap nnd other bod bruises MARLAND REINING COMPANY General Sales Ponca City Okla Tulsa Office and Warehouse 206 South Cheyenne Phono Cedar ((( Slick Well Largest in Tonkawa District TONKAWA Tom Slick's first oil producer In tho Tonkawa pool came in late Tuesday after noon producing at the rate of 4008 barrels dally which is tha largest producer thus fnr drilled In this section Tho oil is coming from the Tonkawa sand which Is found at Its shallowest depth here This sand frequently Is referred to ns tlio 2 600 foot sand because of Its being found at that depth in mos wells In the smith section nt tho field its depth in the Slick well which rated In section 34 25 1 west 441 91 foot! Slick found the sand at fee and a show of oil appeared at 2441 Approximately 6000000 cubic feet ot gns wns found when the drill reached the 2470 foot level At the total depth 2491 feet the well produced 460 barrels In two hours and forty five minutes Gypsy oil No farm offsetting tho 1000 feet ot oil In tho drill six feet In 431 feet Tho sand 2435 feet just three feet shallower than the Slick well depth Indica tions are that the Gypsy well will equal the Slick producer No 1 was completed some time ago a gasavr In the 800 foot sand The gas caught fire and tho derrick was destroyed Hater It was decided to drill to the deeper oil ninuR "stray north found found It wns tho Tonkawa and then drill an off set well to the stray Sllok has two gng wells on Ills lense in the Tonkawa field with others drilling Producing Refining Transporting High Grade Petroleum Products Trion thn Htnle Ciiellitl Bureau of Th Tribune An unusually small number ot wells worn completed in Oklahoma: iloiris during the past week ot which a majority wore dusters In I'ayne copnty the Shaffer Oil Refining Co No 2 well on the Briggs farm located In the south east corner of tho northeast of 30 iH is dry ana being 3905 feet Creek county dusters lows! The Wolverine Oil Co waler in the No I on tho Richnrds farm In the northwest corner ot tho southwest of 24 16 It la being plugged at 8742 feet Slick lias a dry hoi it 3063 feet In the No 6 on unallotted land on the center of the southeast of the southwest of the northwest ot 14 16 9" The Roland Oil Co has a holo filled with wator In tho No 3 on tho Williams farm on the 'center ot the northeast Of the southwest nt the northwest nt 14 16 9 It le plugged nt 3020 feet Tho Skelly Oil Co also has a fail ure in tho Kellcyvlllo district In tho No 1 on tho Tuffer farm in the northeast corner of tho southwest of 16 18 10 It will be abandoned at 1408 feet In Grady county Gnnt and assocl rites have plugged nt 2610 feet tho NO 1 on the Newell farm In tho northwest corner of the southwest ot the southwest of the southwest of 27 6n 7w Bledsoe and Briscoe have a duster nt 2520 feet In the No 1 on the Briscoe farm in the southeast corner Ot the northeast ot 3G 8n 8w It has been plugged Caddo county reports several dry holes The Magnolia Petroleum Co No 1 on the Duncan farm Is being plugged at 3750 feet This test Is In tho northwest corner ot the north east of the northeast of 2 6n 9w The English Drilling Co has aban doned Its No 1 on tho McKee farm in the southwest corner of the south east of tho southeast ot 13 5n 9w Total depth 2502 feet McKuin and English have aban doned the No 1 on the Bell farm In the northwest corner ot tho south west ot the northeast ot 13 5n 9w at 8846 feet Two wildcat testa one in Jeffer son county by Bodner and Nelson No 1 on the Martin farm located In the southeast corner ot 22 4S 8W has boon plugged nt 2745 feet In county the wildcat test of the American Oil Refining Co has been plugged nt 1600 feet after drilling into water hi sand at 1485 feet Thia test Is on the Me Clure farm and Is located In the northwest corner of the southwest of the southwest of 16 4n 6e Equalization Board Without Authority to Pass on Case KI 64 19 71 81 IM 35 abovo 195 And for each Io creaso iu gravity of one fnlt degree above grnvdje un to and incuiulva yt 340 gravity to ten cents per bar re auuittoual oreign Corning nuoua SENATE OIL INVESTIGATION CONTINLES QI IZ Chtirire Two With Murder OKEMAH Ok rChargos of flrat degree murder wero filed here Thursday against Oacnr Gaylor nnd Dlk Roberts for the murder Garrison City near here Suu dnv night of Hob Hughes a local prize lighter real name was Ed Lee He Mas shot three times outside of a restaurant In Garrison city It Is charged that the two men under nrreit did ihe shooting in retaliation for raid on a atm alleged to have been operated by them near Garrison Citv The still was raided by officers Saturday Hughes and Gaylor were formerly pals Gay lor was turned over to officers W'oflnes day night at Prague by his father in law ire nn Bandits BARTLESVILLE Au exchange of more Hinn fifty shots followed the rub bery of the Kansas Natural Gas Mure ut Hogahuoter six miles south of livre I ridgy night when tjvo hi jacken fled from the scene In a small roadster UlthuMiH of the town were warned of tho robbery when a little girl followed litr lather to tho store and saw him stand ing with his arms upraised and the ban dits looting the store 0 Complete Many Dry Holes in Okla ields INTERNATIONAL ARDMORE REINING DIVISION THE PURE OIL COMPANY DIVISION OICES REINRIESl i TULSA CUSHING LLSA ARDMORE DEENSE OPENS CASE TN 2 1 ERRIN' RIOT TR I A1S flrat YpH' IllTha killing ot the during ha "Mneis slain inning the Herrin rtatg (utrthe hX 1 one or the fit witnesses for the de Gth trl1! of with the 20 non union worker during the outbreaks besral1 the tortflng of Its chain of evidence after formal motions asklfig that nil tho evidence Inrt h9 tatB h0 xcluled hat the court direct a verdict of not guilty" had been overruled by Judge Hartwell A number of the first witnesses called testified that the territory surrounding the mine was peaceful and quiet until after union workers had been discharged and non union men and armed guards gent into the pit bv the con! company Several ot the witnesses testified that the guards had toured up nnl down tho public highway near the mine In a motor truck each one cnr rylng two pistols nnd a rifle that they held up and searched peaceful travelers shouted at women nnd warned everyone to stay off the road after cun down slaughter evtry year yet the qujl tty of the bristles of the "razor back" swine of the Orient differs so much from that of the refined American hog that our importation of bristles chiefly for use in the manufacture of brushes now ranges from 5 to 10 million dollars every year and has in the past decade totaled nearly 50 million dollars a very large proportion coming to us from China In many other articles we are constantly bringing into the coun try considerable quantities of mer chandise of which we are already the largest producer Our underground coal supply equals that of all the balance of tha world yet the northern border of ths United States imports considerabla quantities of coil from Canada are the largest producer of copper yet we import quantities of copper especially from South America Mexico and even the Orient largely because of our bet ter smelting and refining facilities we are the largest pro ducer of petroletim yet we art bringing large quantities constantly from Mexico we hold high rank as a lumber and timber producing country vet we are constant! porting lumber in auantifie our next door neighbor Can ada and wood pulp from Canada and the Scandinavian countries Nearly all pf these articled which we are adding to our own domestic supply of food or manufacturing material comes from non mannfac turing countries and are thua paid KTiAN BREAKS up WEDDING AND SUNDAY SCHOOLS CHELSEA Robed members of tho Ku Klux Klan broke up a ulnff hrB night and the game time helped tx bring Christmas cheer to the hearts ot Chelsea Sunday school children One of the local pastors had tin appointment to perform wedding otter prayer meeting The service was almost over and the couple were abott to enter the church when a largo touring car drove up and several figures clad in white robes strode Into the church The couple vanished and failed to re turn thus cheating the pastor's wife out at the man Iago fee num'i? fgures advanced to the pulpit saluted and handed the pas tor an envelope containing a mLn" Kroetlug and a gum ot achom tbT for I1B Sunday school Christmas tree fund The klansmen left without saying a word All churches in the city re ceived similar visits and donations the game evening unions date of tho report amount owing amount overdue length of time past due and debtor's addregs The fact that a man's name ap pears on this list does not mean that he Is not gofid for credit as there may be some dispute about the account or some good reason why It has not been paid or this reason the bureau advises all mem bers to call Its office un the phone before taking the Information con tained In the report as final Jan uary 1 the zero hour and the ac tions ot a great many Tulsa people during the next two weeks will de termine their credit standing for 1923 CHESTNUT SMITH CORPORATION Manufacturers Casinghead Absorption and Blended Phone Osage 6220 Gasoline Tulsa Oklahoma Acilit Hoiillal Building MUSKOGEE Ok Tho Oklahoma oul illi ro' relief eoiunilsolou com hided a two day inerting lirtg riday nt which th main building of the otuie reteraus liov pltnl being erected here was accepted from the contnirtorn lirt'ords of the cowinioslnn show that 1779 former serv Ice men have been given niedlrtil treat ment at tho University hospital In Okla homa City since Moy 21 1921 when ad nilitonct of pntlstits under the supervi sion of tho state hoaidtal association was begun The city Hospital now has 99 nf Its uni beds occupied while there are 97 pntleniri nt the Sulphur Tuberculosis sanitarium The original capacity of the Sulphur tnatltiitlon wno fl) beds and due to the large number ot applications for treatment the legislature will be asked to aimrvnrlate funds to double the ca pacity ns snnn as possible 8 Grant Victor of Afton rice shnlrman of the relief commission will art as eustndlan of the Muskogee insthutlou until the bureau staff takes charge un der an agreement by which the govern ment Is to operate tho hospital after January 1 The board ot education held an extra session yesterday to dispose of routine business which had ac cumulated during the past two wcekg and to which it has not been able to attend at the regular ses sions Matters disposed of were questions of property the answering of let ters authorizing repairs etc The question of the janitor situation was not touched upon In the mutter of the audit the committee which wns appointed Tuesday to Investigate blds from accounting firms was given more time before submitting a report A small contract was awarded tot ft sidewalk to be built on the east side of Whittier school work to start ns soon as the new building unit is completed The offer of a 9 9 year lease on the school board lot where the Ameri can Region building now stands was rejected because the price of (509 per foot on a sliding scale was considered too low nnd be cause advertised competitive bids are necessary before the contract can be let The lots near Booker Washington colored school which had been Placed on sale were withdrawn be cause more room Is needed for ad ditional buildings and Improvements Condemnation proceedings to ac autre additional ground adjoining tills school were started Leading Oil Refiners Producers and Jobbers SHAER OIL REINING COMPANY REINERIES AT CUSHING Sales Office: 208 South LaSalle Street Clilcag dell former president of the Hlnck Panther oil Co wns placed under 140000 ball by Judgo stern In quar er sessions court when he made ap plication for liberty under a writ of habeas corpus He already was un der (7500 ball imposed by a mag istrate on a charge of embezzlement ried ell Is alleged to have embez zled between (150000 and (300000 from the oil comnanv COSOEN I Unsurpassed acilities in Oklahoma Kansas and Texas Below to B0 to to to to and above Tonkawa Garber no MmrnollA Go In Oklahoma Under 2h to III Independent Ke finery In VI Lfll126L') 80 185 VO I 1J0 1IW 110 125 lia 180 169 140 125 1W L80 100 140 123 110 140100 LUO 18) tails of that census shows that we pioduced in 1919 6894000000 gal lons of milk 1628000000 pounds of butter and 480000000 pounds of cheese A little more than one half of the butter produced in the United States is the product of the factories and the remainder from the farms while of the cheese products of the country about nine tenths are of factory production Eggs are another class of farm products which are being sent from the other side of the globe to this greatest agricultural country of the world Our importation of eggs in the single year 1921 was over 3 million dozen in the natural state most of them coming from China Japan and Australia yvhile frozen or dried eggs entering the country were also chiefly from China and have averaged about 5 million dol lars a year value despite the fact that the number of egga supplied by the American hen now averages about 2D billion a year Peanuts are another example of the free interchange of articles con sidered of minor importance The United States produces from 35 000000 to 50000000 bushels a year yet our importation of peanuts in the past decade has amounted tn 27 million dollars value and of pea rom nut rill mtlJtnn rirslf sre aws luirtiwu W64S4V VU1 exports of peanuts in the same period were nearly 10 million dol lars though of peanut oil the quan tity exported was comparatively small Bristles are still another curiosity of international trade We are the world's greatest producer of swine for in large degree by the products and send millions of them Io of our factories PRODUCERS REINERS CORP PETROLEUM AND ITS PRODUCTS New irst National Bank Building HUKHANK PRODUCTION Tliu (Lilly pnxhii'Hon of the Bur bnnk Held hi tho (huikh nation ta now mo3O tinrrcls frni 65 plctcfl wells Coilinvlllft Tourlfct Turk Popuhr LL1NS VI During tho months of September nnd October 110 AutoiuoblleR were narked in the loenl tourist park nnd avrraite ot 14 per enr wns Hucnt livre by the occupant Im provements contemplated for the camp irrouml Include a drenstnc room nn additlohfll well and cook house an ii Klam circle awimr The nnrk now con tains one well one cook house 2o bench es shoot the shute and la located in a very desirable place ('utqosft Will Have Christmas Trr CATOOSA The Methodist church here wjl have Christinas tree Sunday nlKlit A two weeka revival held at the Baptist church has closed Broken Arrow Observes hrlstmns BROKM NARROW A White Christmas will be observed bv the irst Methodist church hero Sunday nlcjjt In the church auditorium A paconnt en titled Room in the will be pre sented by the Sunday school A can tata entitled Christmas will be given this evening at tho Pentacnstal church The BapHt church will have a tree and special program The Christian and Luthern churches will have Christ mas trees The Church of Christ Scien tists win have a Bible study hour Sun day morning KlaiisiHen Issue Warning BROKEN ARROW Rohed mem bers of the Kti Khix Klan visited the weir schoolhouse during nn entertainment held there Saturday and left a purse contatnfn? $20 to be used for school purnoses The klansmen Is sued a wartiinff that they will put to nn end an era of rowdyism at the school It Is reported that nn American finer was torn down and trampled underfoot by rowdies there a short time aao Bonus Loses by 4391 Votes OKLAHOMA The state bonus proposal was defeated bv a votj of 4301 at the November election ac cording to final figures announced here by tho state election board liowden Has lub NOWATA Organization of senior anl junior community clubs has be completed nt Howden cross roads vil lage near here Lane secretary of the Nowata Community club assisted in the organization rve the only merchant iu the village is preaident Menges a farmer is secretary The nr rlub has 15 members Its object is to carry out a program nf community de velopment and to assist In the general rognun of the county liowden is prob ably the smallest locality In the state to have nn organized community club SphaIiihw Hills urnish Christmas Trr JAY Several truck loads of ced trees from the Spavinaw hin near have been hauled to Tulsa Miami Vinita and other cities to be used as Christmas trees Police Arrest Dealer in Possession of Stolen Auto Parts To Dissolve Cor porutlon BARTLESVILLE Ah application for tho dissolution of the Bartlesvlllo In terurban Co has been filed 1n the dis trict court here The company has njot boon In operation for several years The npnllcauta are Hayes McCoy Mar ton Tom George if Holm and A 1 lai LUIS vi I tv Miami Holds ree Clinic MIAMI Seventeen persons examined by the free health clinic the past week Only five showed cations of tuberculosis Wimjipiaf fiimlni' AKDMOBE uneral sorrier for Harrold father ot Senator IV HnrreM and pioneer citizen ot th) city will be held sat the Broadway Baptist church Snudnv afternoon at 2 o'clock the Ray Davidson officiating ORMER OIL PRESIDENT UNDER HEAVIER BOND Smackover J9 Eastern and above 245 Princeton 221 Somerset lOtl Pnbel 211 Penn 34'1 Suniecet Itg 215 Rn gland iax Princeton 177 Plvtnoutli 115 Lima 198 Indiana us Illinois jn Waterloo 15tl Wooster i tai West Ky iM Montana Cat Creek t15 Sunburst jo Wyoming 119 Lander 45 Dreybnll Torchlight Hamilton nn Pilot Butte JO IJk Bailn ho L2W Basin L40 Bld Muddy ton Lnneo reek 120 Rock Creek gu le Creek tw Salt Creek 105 Mec hanical supremacy Biiuwii ju inc Lincoln Chassis Now being exhibited Ryan Motor Co A service Institution 2 416 8 South Malo Osage 81 40 1 jl California to to to to to to to 23B to to to 2091 I 3t to 110 to 105 Below AIS Arkantn 1 v' El Dorado IH0 i 87 to 380 100 to 140 i to 125 80 to i10 MARLAND OILS

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