The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 18, 1942 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 18, 1942
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ALGONAGRAYS W^CO.LEAGUt SCHEDULE FLAG fwlce itt Sunay's Dott* 4-0 fold i 1-0; ^^'SuS^ forcVat the latter play ground last Srtrtdav. when the Grays, finished up thelf Sar Schedule before the th y!offbyWfeite.W&shlngtheRock- ftwice With score of 4 to 0 and 1 to Tand'captured the regular league schedule* pennant losing but twoparties this season. \, . The Grays played excellent, oaii the superb Etching of Johb allowed the opposition but ohe single In the first game and <l*ftv" Long scattered five niw hTthe »lght g cap and struck out nine to win a shutout 1 to 0. Their mates made Just two misplays .in SetwHameV and again, demoh- atrated their ability that makes champions.' Play-Ort August 80 The Grays Will 'enter the play* »ff series of the.four leading teams of the league to begin August SO. The place will be named next week and the teams, eligible to takejmtt. The Algona team has given the fans of this townbaseball this season that merits a word of praise In bringing a winn'er to the county ieat and we' salute them as .they hold this place* of honor in baseball of .Kossuth county. f . Box score: _ »,; n jj 0 2 1 1 2 0 4 1 0 ALGONA, IOWA, TUESDAY; ATOUST 18,1942 Three Whittemoie Leiningets Sewing on Same Ship ^• 2 ^..;::::::~::1 ° Devlne, 3b , •••>••• >-j| • ° Ringsdorf, c • ° " .Long, Ib • ••-'••* n Kajewski, cf • •••••* " Winkel, If * ? Leek, rf •.••" * . Johnson, p :.-•••••••• ••••* 36 4 11 Ah R 4 0 ,.A 0 ...3 0 Ixme Bock . Krause, 3b, 2b .../; Aclrerson, If- / « Patterson, p, 3b "Blanohard, ssA, • * « riAvqfrnrlshn.'c * " .'....3 • 0 3 0 Will, ago Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Leininger, Whittemore, are contributing man to the second world war, having three sonsjin the United'States Navy. The ithree boys, Will, George and feobert, enfisted in the navy at X>e.s Molnes April 18th and they spent the first six weeks in pre- George, age 20 liminary training at Great Lakes. The past several months they have been at sea and they write their parents every time they have shore leave but just what they are doing or the ship .they are assigned to is a navy secret. However, they have been at Iceland, according to word^ Robert, ag* 18 >. • ' , rece|ved. Ever since their enlistment they have been assigned to the same quarters and the same ship. To write a letter to these Kossuth county sailors address them at U. S. N,, Receiving Station, South Brooklyn First Ave., and 52nd St., Brooklyn; N. Y. Long, Ib ...... Schneider, rf .... v , .Johnsoft, cf •• ~ Brile, 2b •• • • Kuecke.r, ..p •;••• -^ ' ;-, • ' ; •• ..- ,31" Second Oame H Patterson, 3b ....,.,..,....».•» • Ackerson, If • • . Schneider,-c *..••••;•.• •••" J Godfredson, c .... - ; ••••-£ " Blanchard, ss ........*••:• » " Long, Ib | o Johnson, cf , n Kuecker, -p ... Krause, rf, 21 TWENTY 4-H GIRLS TO DEMONSTRATE AT KOSSUTH FAIR Ten Clubs Represented on Achievement Days August 24 anfd 25? to foe Held in Tent , Twenty 4-H gtrla will represent ten 4 J H clubs with demonstration teams at the achievement days at the county fair, Monday, August 24 _ A n i LIlt? i;""" 1 ^ . ii *"i — a • „ X i and Tuesday, August 25, 28 . 0 B 1 Nelson, ss • Watts, 2b :•••"•" : Devine, 3b • • _ Kingsdorf, c •"° W , tr** . O IV The girls will demonstrate processes of canning chicken, beans and corn; the method of preparing fruitf and vegetables for the locker; mea planning, using left over or can ned products; breakfast prepara tlons; making of attractive salad; and custards. , •, .', , \~ " Monday, August 24 '-- «UX>-rSsflaid BaMad* 1 , Marjorile Meohler and Orusilla.Hansen, Buf falo Boosters. , _ 0ttO—"Chicken; in the 'Can", El len Laabs and Betty Bggerth, Led Kajewski, cf ,-..,•- « « \i7tnke If "• Leek, rf .,,.........,. * ° Hargreaves, Ib -,.••* J^ Algona 0 0 2 17 0—0 ........1 0000000 0—1 Merle Hush, Taking Navy Radio A collegian In uniform, would bfi fitting delscription of James Merle Hush, 21, of Algona, who is now studying at the Naval Training school for ' radiomen at .the University of Wisconsin. ,'•'.-.. He is receiving training in international code, radio theory and laboratory, typing, and spelling. Also, he is getting advanced train- Ing in military drill, first aid, and naval procedure.) Upon compue- tion^of the 4-month course, he will be eligible for a petty officers' rating of radioman, third class. Hush, enlisting in the Navy in April, went through recruit training at Greul Lakes 111. After finishing school at Madison, he will be assigned to active duty at sea; or some other naval shore station. WBXILLARY DRIVE FOR OLD RECORDS NETS OVER 1000 Auxiliary the recent //anyone who may have old records who has not been contacted yard _..»..-" 10:06—"Three 1n One",, France Halverson and Jeanne Wilberg, o Seneca Stars. • ilO:30-^-"Beans for Victory," Shir ley Bunkofske and Magdalene Har- rlnga, German Up and Coming. (11:00—'ICups of Colorful Custards"! Ruth Pijahn and Lorna Fauls'tich, Lotts Creek Lassies. Tuesday, August 25 fl:00—'tMeala from Cans", Shirley Haryjey-*an'd Betty Sarchet, Un- .ion Alethean. .-' , , 9:30—'^Freezing for Preserving,* Cecelia Miller and Virginia Zeigler, Plum Cr«ek Elite. ' IfliOO—"Putting the Lid on Corn our Problem Child", Shirley Hanson and 'Helena Welsbrod, Burt Bluebirda. ' '.-•>'' 10:30--"Chlckeh on the Shelf, Phyllis Gade"and Dorothy Dreyer, Fenton Forwards. 11:00—"Menus for Monday 1 *, Jane and Ramoria Mayer, Crescp Chums. The' public is invited to attend these demonstrations, which will be held in the tent west of the 4-H girls' club building. COUNTY BOYS 4-H TEAMS PLAN FAIR DEMONSTRATIONS Program by 14 Teams on Sunday Afternoon; club MJembens Will Exhibit 140 Four-H Calves (Fourteen boys' 4-H demonstration teems plan demonstrations for the County Fair August 22 to. 26th, ac cording to Fay J. Meade, county club agent. Demonstrations wil be given Sunday afternoon, Augus 23 ' ' Jimmy Woltz and Harold Fisch er, Jr., will represent the Burt clu with a demonstration on egg grad ing. They have been preparing , chart and have equipment for.candl should if they desire to turn them ?n "eave th^m at the local expreas office. She aald that the cooper- aHon on the part of Algona wj, 4enta had been very fine throughout the drive. WILL COMPETE AT FAIR ON TUESDAY In. front of the grandstand on Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock at tb KossufE Fair, ten of the county 1 lovely milk maids will compete for honors m doing thi» best Job of milking. The girls who, have registered for entry In' the milking contest ar«: , ; :, BpBeHa 'Hanson, Irtvington Dorothy Dreyer, Fenton -» x Mrs. Miiyiiard Jetosen, Swea CUty. . . Nina Pwston,, Swea City , Kutti Helnen, Ijone Bock. Marnuet Plumb, Algona. Irene Bell; .WhitJUsmorte. Mary Ann Smith, Ixsdyard, Betty Eggerth, Xakota. ngso-,, f , tors Which are- Important in grad ing eggs. ,' , '" The .Irvington club team, Fai Lemkee»and Donald Krause, wl discuss the equipment necessary fo the correct care of the sow at far rowing time. They have built miniature -pen with guard rails am even have some hog models -to J lustrate their' demonstration. Thirteen Reservists Called Monday A group of 13 enlisted reservists was returned to active duty Monday evening aftef a two- week furlough following induction. They reported to the local board office here and wcre.sent out oil the dvetning train to the reception center at Fort Lf»v- emvor((hj Kansas., There they will be classified according to their experience and skills and Assigned to various army camps for their basic training. These men were originally delivered for induction on a call for limited service, but some of them were found qualified for general military service and wtere sO Inducted.:- The irten were! Guy Bever, Algona. Joseph J. Bnmlng, Jr., Corwitn. , Thomas B. Brans, Algona. MerriOJ. Edbetgr, Swea City. Gerald B. Flaherty, LuVerne. Henry V. Hahn, Whlttemorc. Ervin F. Schwartz, Swea City. Leonard Siepmann, Algona. Newton O. Taylor, Titonka. Alvin H. Weaver, Irvington. Thomas Clark, Ames. Emll J. Vaske, -ntonka. Richard J. Shellmeyer, volunteer, Whltterrtore. Flaherty and Bruns were transferred to this board from other Ijocal boards. You May Pledge or Buy Bonds at Fair Mel Falkenhainer, Kossuth chairman of the defense savings committee,' announces that a booth will be provided in the floral hall at the fair and at which may 'be bought war savings stamps and bonds. Individuals who may buy either will be assured that their home community will get credit on their quota. Kossuth is Still short on Us quota and the drive ends August 31. In charge of the booth will be the post office force ;on Sunday, C. R. LaBarre's on Monday, the Iowa State bank Tuesday and the Security State Bank on Wednesday. Four^H club girls'wOl cooperate at tKetfcooffi*, durfnfe' the'sale*-which will be held l&OO to 2:00 and 4:00 SIXTH ANNUAL GLADIOLUS SHOW PROVED SUCCESS Attracted Exhibitors and Visitors from State-wide Gardens; Local Club Elated With an exhibit of gladioli, many In number and beautiful in growth, the Algona Gladiolus Society is highly ipleased with the exhibit sponsored at the .high school gy:n Saturday and Sunday. There were entries from as far away as Sioux City west and Waterloo south and east. The quality of blooms was considered the best ever exhibited here and even with the state show held here last year there were more blooms entered this year. The flowers following the close of the show were turned over to County Chairman of the 'Red Cross, Mrs. Woodward, Whittemore, and the proceeds of their sale given to that or ganizatlon. Trophy Winners The Kiwanis trophy was won b; R. O. Hochhaus, Britt, for the bes basket of Harmau blooms. Mrs. Oran Friedow, Britt, won th Rotary trophy with the best sing!' spike, Zunl. The Junior Chamber cup went to Theodore Jensen, Sioux Rapids, for sweepstakes in the vase division. ,. \The Senior Chamber trophy, eligible only to members of the Algona Chapter of Iowa Gladiolus Society, was awarded to L. V. Perkins, Estherville, for winning most points in the show. The best three spikes in the entire show were exhibited by C. R. Payne, Waterloo. Sweepstakes'in the basket division were won by John Schimmel, Algona. », , , In the vase division sweepstakes were taken .by Theodore Jensen, Sioux Rapids. Division Winners Winners in the fifteen divisions were as follows: First and second, Dwight Davis, Sioux City; third, Mrs. Wm. Ayers, Sioux City; fourth, Mrs. C. A. Allison, Newell; fifth, W W. Gillespie, Algona; sixth. C. - - :flth, At Cnnecticut Field ....en Weyman Blanchard lei Algona almost a year ago Septem ber 23, 1941, he was sent to Jeffei son "Barracks, Missouri, air corps division. From there he was sent to Chanute Field, Illinois, and spent several months in school for ground mechanics. Later he was assigned to an advanced school period in Detroit/Michigan, and only recently he was transferred to Bradley Field; Connecticut. This field is the last word in advanced air mechanics and he believes that he will shortly be sent overseas. Weyman is an Algona boy, born and MAY BE LAST SHOW FOR DURATION; MANY CLOSED : Exhibits and Entertain- Next Week Up to Those of Past Years; SaVe Eubber, Attend The first four days of next week promise to be gala days for Kossuth county and Algcna when the annual county fair will be in Hal swing. The officers expect a big attehdaTfiee because of many neighboring fairs 'having closed this year and all of the 'bigger ones called off For entertainment, exhibits and Interest this year's fair has ipromise of topping all past events. A fine string of horses has beatt entered for the races, several ball games will be played and the attractions for the •platform and the free acts are outstanding, according to Secretary Earl Vincent <i Shpw Starts Sunday The Algona Concert Band will open the big fair at 1330 Sunday afternoon. From then on until 9!80 In the evening it will toe tine round ot entertainment on the track aria platform in front of the grandstand. We call your attention to the different features and displays of livestock, the demonstrations by -H club iboys and girls, thfe dls- lays in the florahhall and ground ntertainment as set otit In .the rogram on page two of this, is- ue. Service Men Free Members :of Uncle Sam's armed orces in uniform will/be admitted ree. While a 25c per day-charge vill be .made for automobiles en- ering the grounds, a ticket for 50o raised here, a son of A. J. Blah. chard, and was home last week because of the death of his mother. to 7:00 o'clock during the days. four Waterfoo; .Sioujf sevei Bancroft Boys B«ild , Gerald Soderberg and Ross Inman .of Bancroft are preparing *o demonstrate a safety bull pen. They have constructed a model and dis- cuss thfe different - of mater- I MARKETS Heavy butchers, 18Q-2QO . itavy Etchers, 200-840. Packing «ows, 870-360 , Packing sows, 360-400 ?* •• * sows, 400-450 CATTUB 18,40 ARMSTRONGS SPONSORS a CALF lal which tan be.Used to construct & Lowell Larson and Floyd Gabel of Swea City plan to Demonstrate the way one should polish a calf's horns for the,show ring,..whilerEd- win Nauman and Sanfqrd Elchhorn of the Hebron club will splice rope. The Algona club will be represented by two teams. Paul and Lee Schenck who will make a simple milk cooler and Wayne ; Barr_ and Robert Mayer who dairy feeding. will . dicsuss Titonka Tie Knots SCRAP RALLY DAY PLANS FOR AUG. 29 NEAR COMPLETION 1 According .Ito Chairman Phil Koh'hfias plans for observation of scrap rally day here are taking form,, Complete plans, and program will be announced next week. The ' 'chairm •' en In the various 9Ub*dls- in 'Cresco, Irvington, Plum and -Union townships have the work and scrap salvaged 4<Mly, Mr. sajd, ... ^. TowiwWp Committees bwt -Peboby A, SmJth,, W, R Clayton, , and Hurry SaiWn, all p* AJ*+ < -* Kefthring, Sex A 4-H Club Community Show is being sponsored by the Armstrong Community club to, be held Thursday, August 20, In-Arrostrong!, This shpw; Is open to all 4-H club, members of EJmmet and aSjolnipg, counties' with prijes 'fo bUrt> calves shown in dairy and,1)eef types and pig litters. '„-••, All entries will receive H,OQ per head -for all club' calves shown, and $2.50 for each Utter of pigs. There will be first) second and third.prizes on dairy typ« f Calves, the same on beef type c'alws, as well as grand championship prices, an<| prizes for the best Utter. In the Shetland pony show, tost, and se«ond'. prizes wlllV glvew. 8t?pk will be yarded at the Armstrong Sales $y|Uon free of 'charge. -, ' .;V C.alf judging •will start at\lp!,OD am, on tb* Stwet S^uth of %'MtM pavilion, and will tw fplto'feAby the Shetland pony ju4gln??.<. r '> ff The Armstrong, school band wju glw a concert at J?80, and.thte will be f9U«we4 ty » 8p« W *e »t 8:00 Donald Budlong and Gerald Bonacker of the, Titonka club plan to We' knots and Illustrate various knots by having them ore aboard. Harold Osborn and Wayne Lyncn of Seneca plan to .build a poultry self-feeder while Phil and James Bhimer of the Sherman club will illustrate th'e construction of a porn crib.' The Lakota t«am,, Henry and Edward Bggerth win discuss seed rn^ selection. 4 'Eugene iRadlg and Robert Hanna of Lone Rock have miniature equip; ment- such as loading chutes ano hurdles. to demonstrate livestock loss preVention,, ' • Orvlll'e Muller and Richard Bo:- rnarin of the Whittemore plub and Carroll Willrett and Ervin Borchardt of Fenton are also preparing demonstrations, , livestock Well fitted Entries are nearly all In and they Indicate that there will be over 100 Four-H feab,y beef calves and about REDING REUNION AT ALGONA FAIR GROUNDS SUNDAY A family''reunion of one of the largest Kossuth county families was staged Sunday at the Floral hall on the Algona fairgrounds, when three generations of the v descendants of the late Nick Reding of St. Joe assembled to spend the day together! The occasion was prompted by the home visit of Sister Mary Phyllis, youngest daughter of Nick Reding, and Sister Mary Ellen, his granddaughter, both members of the Franciscan order at Dubuque. Those attending were Mr. and Mrs. John Reding, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Reding and family, Mr, and Mrs. Matt Kirsqh and family, Mr. and Mrs. John Capesius and family Mr. and Mrs. John Bormaun and family, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Reding and family, Mr,, and' Mrs. Alfred Reding and family and Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Kramer, all ol Bode; Mr. and .Mrs. Mike Reding and Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bormann and family of Llvermore; Mr. and Mrs. James Reding, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Capesius, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Reding and family, Mrs, Clara Walker, Mr. and Mrs. John Weydert and two'sons. Pr. and Mrs. Julius Wlnkel and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bradley, all of Algona; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Thilges, Mr and Mrs. George Bormann arid family, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Reding and family,-all of Ottcsen; Peter Reding, Monterey. Minnesota; Mr. anfi '"B' +_. i.- and fami iy O f C A • Allison, Newell;' ninth a.n tenth L. V. Perkins, Esthervllle; eleventh, Mrs. Wim. Ayersl Sioux City; twelfth, Theodore Jensen, of Sioux Rapids; thirteenth, John N. Jensen, Dover, Minn.; fourteenth, Theodore Jensen, Sioux Rapids; fifteenth, JQ R. Poyner, Waterloo, i . ' "'Society Officert The officers of the Algona (Jlad : lolus Society are W. W. Gillespie president; R. O. Hochhaus, Britt, vice "president, and F. A. Bunting, Algona, secretary. Officers of thq Kossuth County Flower Club which held an exhibit in conjunction with the gladiolus group, are Glen Raney president; Mrs. Lloyd Bohannon. vice president; Mrs. Paul Wille. secretary. Annual. Rich Reunion At Call Park Sunday •The annual Rich, reunion and picnic was held in the Call State Park Sunday with 81 in attendance. Present were the Arch and Robert Walker families, the Lewis Broesder Orville Holdren, Walter Rich Dr^y ton, "Edward, -Rich ,»*" Httfitt^Mi , M'rs. Wm- Rich, Mr. and Mrs. John Rich, Mrs. .Edith Rich and son Earl, all of Algona; the Ethan Light family of near Bricelyn, Minn.; Mrs Rhoda Dunn, Charles, Mary and A. G. Kirtoberg of Ledyard; Mr and Mrsj Herman Uindemam ol Algona and Mm Robert Ward anc son, Donald, of C-gden, Utah, and Gordon Draytori of Sycamore, HI covering the four days may be 'or your car. Following the program and fireworks in the evening, open air dancing will be provided. Eadi evening will be one of excellent entertainment in front of tha grandstand. In fact's program of acts and vaudeville has been recur- ed which.ranks high in the e^«.er r ;ainment world. LUVERNE UQUOR AfJCT SENT TO, -'' •& •— ..—-ax••«!•«•• (•Wffl'i Soil Temperature For Week Lowers According to records by Weatherman Harry Nolle the tempera- ure of the soil for the week lowered 5 degrees, from 81.3 last week to 76:3 and that's not the best for good corn growing. The temperature for the week was as follows: High Low August 11 August 12 August 13 August 14 August 15 August 16 August 17 . ..79 ..82 ..73 ..77 ...76 ..85 54 B7 62 63 67 54 56 , 40 calves that have <been well fitted for show, ', Many more members are enrolled in the pig projects and in order to ftocon}D4qda,te th* Increased number,, market Utter? will be shown Inter living only purebred litters from, whjeb tw« pigs, are exhibited at the fair. All clubs are making final fair Arrangements «nd grooming their animals and an excellent Corwlth; Mr. and Mrs. John Redjng £d family, and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Reding and family of LuVerne; Mv, a^d Mrs Bernard Devine and family of Woden; Dr. *n4 Mrs. Edward ChWriW To! ^VentPnf Sister Mary ptyllis Reding and Sister Mary Ellen ThUges pf Pubuque. honcred the ^vo Bis- home for a five-day The visit. BOWfANSTO HOLD LEAGUE MEET TUESDAY COLLISON SUES FOR DAMAGES IN AUTO COLLISION Suit was filed in district court Saturday, August 16, by A.'M. Colison against Thetaia Jones, both of Algona. The suit involves a collision at the intersection of Jones and State streets about 7 o/doek the evening of February 28, 1943. Callisoir alleges that Qlen Jones, driving 'a ca.r the property of Their ma Jones, collided with the Colll- son car and the damages to the lutteys oar were $76, and that Cp> lison suffered injuries to his ISSUED TO 257 BIBLE STUDENTS At the Methcdtst church Sunday evening certificates were issued^ to 257 students who had completed the course in the Union Vacation Bible School. The five churches Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist, Congre- •gational and Nlazarene sponsored the two weeks' study and 23 teachers served during the term. i/The pastors of the various churches served as superintendents in the different grades. The range of age cf students was from four to fifteen years. The success of the school was so .outstanding that from now on no doubt the Union Vacation Bible School will become a regular fixture in tbfs city. Parade Friday V •Led by a band the 257 students put on a parade in the main street Friday. At the program Sunday night Books of the Bible contest finals were won by Margaret Pelisek and the reference finding con- tost was won by Harriet, Vlning. More than 600 attended the program Sunday night. Ten churches were represented in the enrollment of the vacation school. was brought here last Thursday charged with intoxication in JUB-. tice Ostwinkl'e's court, MarshaH Kalph W. Dimler, of LuVerne, made, the arrest and filed the charges^ Baumgartner had been,-before fhe. court on a similar, charge a year ago but had not seemed to Improve* and had became a virtual addict. He plead guilty hut instead of a'*m sentence he asked to "'be flefltisto liquor cure hospital. Justice^Qst- winkle sentenced Won to 30, days and suspended the sentence'pendjpg his entry in a hospital'. Friday Ji»rn- Ing .Marshall Dtmler took the'^at- ient to Minneapolis where He' Ifl now receiving treament. , Justice Continues %:^ Webster Case 30 Day* Charged with non-support of-'fda family, >r»wight G. Webster, 'local painter, was .brought before Justice Ostwirikle Friday by. Chief o*,|Po» lipe Moulds. After haaHng .'«ylr. dence and upon promises would do ibetter Justice OstwlnWe continued the case 30 days to give him a chance to prove his promises. ,-< He has a wife and two small child- ; ren.. and Mrs, CoUison was also injured, two Qf them to the extent .pf each. The plaintiff to suin? for The cost of the dinner will be 8Qs per plate. Mr. KeUy, representing tfee of ige pf price e,4n»}nUllW^ wljl «»e present and yrtll «MW«? a« questions concerning posting and porn; ww *$&'"* ft? I display of livestock will be found wth the Bancbft Mo*W Wf sting the to, be Iff pt and urioe' r?!i m fi?5 that also general y ™K P"^ 1 ' ^^^ juirerv r TW*^* f county is .invited Vf B^*wf T^ *9^***Wt Pr0mi»e* Fine Exhibit mm «8tf ( wpjr* l^i^wr* ^wj^"*? Increase Thru mm fatwem Mr*. promise of some fine xhibits roust be Jp. pla.ce fs in PRICE CEILING MEETING HERE THURSDAY, 20TH Donald Leigh With Medical Detachment fightlnflatlpn" IP the title of a 81m which wiy-be shown at Hotel Algona Thursday «v<?ning,

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