Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on December 6, 1987 · Page 12
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 12

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 6, 1987
Page 12
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1 2 —SUNDAY, DECEMBER 6,1987 tHi UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL N.Y. couple get married 43 times SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) — A semi-retired trucker and businessman has been married 43 times in 43 states, and plans seven more nuptials — to the same bride. Barring any complications, Richard Roble and Carole Duso- wit/ Roble say they plan to be married in all 50 states by 1990, Roble said Friday in a telephone interview from his home in Hempstead, N.Y. In their most recent marital outing, they exchanged vows one time apiece in Wyoming, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Idaho on their 18th wedding anniversary Nov. 30. It was the most times they've been married in a day. Their previous best was the day they were married by a Navajo minister in the Four Corners of Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico. "It's something different for us," the 60-year-old Roble said. "It kind of means something to us, and we enjoy it." Each lime is belter than the first, Roble said. "We get excited. We're nuts and we love each other." The streak began 18 years ago when Roble, a widower, married Carole Dusowitz in Youngstown, Ohio. "I'm from Ohio and my wife's from New York, so half of her people couldn't come to our wedding," he said. "The following year, we had a wedding in New York. So, when our third anniversary rolled around, we said, 'Lcl's do il again.'" Since Ihcn, they have exchanged vows in all but seven stales, Roble said. They plan to marry in three stales next year and two in 1989 before topping it off in 1990 With weddings in Alaska and Hawaii. Roble won't disclose the odier five states, saying the publicity might fou! up the streak. A story in the Walla Walla (Wash.) Union-Bulletin on Thursday marked the first time their multiple marriages have been publicized, Roble said. Not everyone shares the couple's joy. The Rev. Volus McEachem, who performed the marriage ceremony in Milton-Frccwater, Ore., became suspicious when he saw the newspaper article Thursday about their marriage in Walla Walla 30 miles away. "The bad thing about it is that it makes you feel foolish afterward, it makes you feel like you have been conned," McEachcrn said. "Part of me laughs and part of me is a little bit annoyed." Mrs. Roble, a 49-year-old certified public accountant, plans the ceremonies with precision, checking on residency and other state requirements before each trip, her husband said. He said thai he and his wife, concerned about the Icgalily of Iheir mulliplc marriages, had talked to their attorneys, who assured them ihere was nothing the states could do. Roble, a semi-retired trucker and manager of an aluminum manufacturing business, said he prefers to think of each wedding as a renewal of the vows taken 18 years ago. "Every time, we get married I spit and sputter and sweat like crazy," he said. Cubans leave behind machetes ATLANTA (AP) — FBI agents Saturday found bottle bombs and thousands of homemade machetes that rebellious Cuban inmates left behind after surrendering the federal penitentiary they ruled for 11 days, authorities said. Bui there were no booby traps or holdouts hiding inside the slonc prison, said Wcldon Kennedy, special agenl in charge of the Atlanta FBI office. Since releasing 89 hostages Friday, 936 inmales have left the prison peacefully and boarded buses bound for 47 olher federal prisons across the country, he said. The remaining 186 detainees are housed LOSE UP TO 15LBS*39°° Call Now And Begin To Lose Our client, Pat Baisa, lost 53 pounds. Our comprehensive program includes: Nutritional, flavorful, low-calorie meals. NUTRI/SYSTEM Flavor Enhancers. NUTRI/SYSTEM Flavor Chews. • One-on-one personal counseling. • Light exercise. • Maintenance for continued success. We Succeed Where Diets Fail You c§> As puople voiy so rtoos ui\ indmauol s \wight loss nutri/system weight loss centers in cellblock A and may be kept in Atlanta or moved later. The machetes were fashioned on prison grinding wheels, Kennedy said. "They were making them from the very beginning, almost every day," he said. "There are literally thousands of every description." One prisoner turned in 13 bottle bombs that had a mixture of naphtha and paint thinner, Kennedy added. The 360 FBI agents, wearing flak jackets and carrying M-16 rifles, began their sweep Saturday morning in the prison's tunneUsystem. c l987Nul«/Svsleni. Inc I I I I I L IWSJ*. wvnwi fci^^^^^^^» fc» Jfc««M^^^^M tlons apply. •jBBB^M^m^MBiE Special does not Include the cost of exclusion NulrlSystem foods. Condi 468-3857 Cross-oads Shopping Center UKIAH nutri/ ® People Baby Jessica AUSTIN, Text* (AP) —- Pour paramedics who helped pull Jessica McCluft froth an abandoned Midland water well were honored by Oov. Bill Clements as representatives of all who helped in the rescue of the toddler. "I think it was I freit, great thing that y'all did out there in the way you persevered and stayed with it. A lot of people had a major role in it, tat in a symbolic way you represent all of them," Clements said Friday. Clements presented state Meritorious Service Awards to Steve Forbes, who emerged from the well with the little girl Oct. 16 after the three-day rescue effort, and Charles Doit Lee, who monitored Jessica's oxygen supply. Awards also were given to Robert O'Donnell, who also worked several hours in the hole to free Jessica, and Ray Sprague, the Midland Fire Department's chief of Emergency Medical Services. Sprague made the first call to the well and remained on the scene until the rescue was completed. Forbes and O'Donnell also are with the Midland Fire Department. Lee is with the Texas Department of Health in Midland. 3 Joe Lewis's son CINCINNATI (AP)—A federal magistrate has ordered the son of the late heavyweight boxing champion Joe Louis to be held without bond on charges of making a false kidnapping report. '"..'' The FBI said Joe Louis Barrow fi, 20, called to say that his stepbrother was kidnapped Sunday, but an all-night investigation by seven agents revealed that the kidnapping was a hoax. Barrow has no job or family locally, said Assistant U.S. Attorney Robert A. Behlen Jr. Behlen expressed doubts about the man's claimed access to a $30 million trust fund and the ownership of his $78,000 white Porsche sports car. "It's still A pretty fuz/y picture," U.S. Magistrate J. Vincent Aug said. Juliet Prowse BURBANK (AP) — Actor-dancer Juliet Prowse, who needed 30 to 40 stitches to reattach part of her left ear after a second mauling by the same leopard, has sworn off making appearances with big cats, her publicist said. Miss Prowse, 51, said from now on she will make appearances with "nothing bigger than an alley cat." "This is the second time. I think somebody is trying to tell me something," spokesman Dan Jenkins quoted her as saying Friday. Miss Prowse was attacked Wednesday by an 80-ponnd leopard named Sheila, which gave her a vicious bite on the left side of her head. In September, the same animal nipped her on the neck as Miss Prowse prepared for a television special. That wound was closed with five stitches. ', In the second attack, Miss Prowse was preparing for an appearance on "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson." The cat put its front paws on her shoulder, and when Miss Prowse turned her head slightly to the right the animal bit the left side of her head. Some say devil worship on the rise HAYWARD (AP) — It's recess in a San Francisco schoolyard, but not all the children are playing. One girl sits alone, slicing skin from her arm with a razor blade, then watching herself bleed. When counselors ask why, she tells them she worship the devil and cut herself in a self-mutilation ritual to gain her savior's approval. The scene is not unusual. Experts say an increasing number of young people are getting involved in devil worship and the occult No one keeps statistics on the upsurge, but the story is told through a rising number of crimes such as animal mutilation and vandalism at churches and graveyards across the country. . "I'd say it is pretty much the 'in thing* of the 1980s for young people to do," said San Francisco Police Department special intelligence officer Sandi Gallant, one of the country's leading experts on cult-related crime. > Experts believe many children who choose to identify with cults fashioned after more serious devil worshipers do so for attention, and .most don't seriously believe what they claim. As Gallant puts it, "The spiritual side is not as important to them." Tom McFall will not forgetwhat he found while sorting through son Kurt's belongings after the 17-year- old's battered body was found three years ago. Among the bizarre scribbling on note paper and books dealing with the occult was a black leather bag. Inside were bird feathers, a candle, rocks and a dagger with an anifttal's hoof attached to the son was involved in some fod/fr a cult," said McFall, of San Ramon. "I believe my son was murdered as part of some kind of ritual." Still, a coroner's inquest lists events: leading to the death as "unknown," and police didn't investigate the case as a homicide. For McFall, reminders come too often about the likelihood his son's death was no accident. Befpre the death, McFall had always considered his son to be a normal child. But curiosity and a keen interest in "psychic things" eventually got the best of him, McFall said. On the evening of Sept. 10,1984, Kurt McFall failed to make the agreed-upon call to his father after spending the weekend with a "friend" in San Francisco. By the time "the call was to be made, Kurt was already dead. \M*W>- ' Evfen before the body was fbund, hoWeyer, Tom McFaU'»learned some disturbing things. A childhood friend revealed Kurt was involved in a cult that specialized in black magic. Kurt confided he thought cult members were trying to "control" him and he feared for his life. There are other examples. In Fremont two months ago, parents of a 16-year-old boy in trouble for drug abuse and battery told authorities they didn't know what to do with their child. They said he had a "Salan fanlasy fascinalion and was involved in devil worship," said Ray L'Esperance, section supervisor for ihe Alameda County Juvenile Probation Department covering Southern Alameda County. In Dublin, a 16-year-old girl n NO PAPER? The Circulation Department of the Ukiah Daily Journal is Open from 8am- 7pmMonday-Friday and 7am-10am Sunday Morning. ». If you fail to receive your paper by 5pm weekdays or by 7am Sunday please call the Circulation Department at 468-0123 'We Care" Store '/DIAMONDS Selection, Quality, I Price & Guarantee ]| Offer the Best Ji 280 S. School St. Downtown Ukiah ISlBST.r*^ 00 ! ( | CAU. TODAY FOR YOUR FREE NO OBLIGATION CONSULTATIOJT] I Hurry/ OFFER ENDS Sot. lt'll-17 I ^FINANCIAL TRADITION FIXED RATE INVESTMENT CERTIFICATES KATE ANNUAL YIELD 12 Month 8.5% 8.83% (Minimum Investment $1000) (Limited Offer) Interest Compounded Monthly Substuntuil Penalty tor Early Redemption « Automatic Renewal Available Optional Check Issuance for Monthly Interest California Residents Only Your neighborhood I With Branch is conveniently located to nerve you! 104 N. School Street Ask far: Janice Edberg Senior IJrauch Matiu^cr 707-468-9371 Office Hours 9 a.m. • 5 p.m. M-F arrested in 1986 told authorities she belonged to a cult. She told of ritur als performed in accordance with the phases of the moon, in which small animals were killed. Authorities insist satanism and cult activities usually don't have a correlation with crimes children commit or the motives behind them. Rather, mention of satanism conies out after the children have emerged from the legal process or during an unrelated investigation. Gorbachev's 1 st look WASHINGTON (AP) — The motorcades in the United States will not be longer or shinier than in Moscow, but the visitors will notice the smooth ride. The choice of restaurants and cuisine will offer adven- lure nol found at home. The ice cream won't always be vanilla. Six months after moving from Washington to Moscow, I still notice contrasts almost daily. The red brick walls and gold domes of the Kremlin make as impressive a monument as any in Washington, and the lines across Red Square of people waiting to see Lenin in his tomb dwarf those around the White House. The U.S.-Soviet summit will give Communist Party chief Mikhail S. Gorbachev his first look at America. And despite the isolation imposed by security and his limited schedule, he undoubtedly will spot differences between the superpower capitals as well. The sights, sounds, smells, tastes — and, above all, the price — of life n the United States can hardly help jut impress a first-time visilor from Moscow, even ihose whose posi- liohs give Ihem special privileges and exposure lo ihe West. If they see nothing else during their brief stay, they can't help but notice that Americans enjoy a lot of living space. The cars will be larger, too, and more comfortable than the little Zhiguli subcompacts that are the closest Soviet equivalent of an American Chevy. And if il siarls lo rain, American drivers won't hop out at the first red light to attach their windshield wipers. Wiper theft is not a problem in Washington as it is in Moscow, where spare parts are in chronic short supply. Those Soviet visitors whose rank Fireside Thrift < lo. does not entitle them to police escort may encounter one curse of American city life that I wasn't sorry to leave behind: the traffic jam. In Moscow, rush hour means a 15-mi- nule delay. Of course, the shortage of buses in Washington, the relatively tiny subway system and the utter lack of electric trolley buses and street cars may leave the Soviets wondering how people get to work. , Washington streets, 'even with their troublesome potholes, are in better condition than those in Moscow, and newcomers may be awed by a glimpse of the interstate highways, which have no counterpart in the Soviet Union, where most inter- cily travel is by train. Just glancing about the Madison or Vista International hotels, where most of the Soviet visitors will slay while Gorbachev resides at the Soviel Embassy nearby, a member of ihe delegaliqn may immediately notice some differences. Once registered, he — practically all members of the delegation will be male — can come and go as he pleases. Nor will he be charged double or triple the normal rate because he is a foreigner. The hotel room will have a color television, but the picture won't be as sharp as the Soviet broadcast standard my family has come to appreciate in Moscow. On the other hand, there are more channels and programs than Soviets are accustomed to — and the set is less likely to explode. Commercial interruptions often delight and amuse Soviet viewers. Perhaps longtime exposure to propaganda makes them naturally skeptical of advertisers' bold claims and hard-sell tactics. Bui ihey may be confused by the products themselves. FACES OF NEPAL Photographic Exhibit by Nancy Commons Open House - All Are Welcome Dec. 6, 1987 4-6 pm PEDIATR 1C-ADOLESCENT MEDICAL GROUP 620 S Dora Suite 201 Ukiah Bob Christensen DOS Welcomes New Patients • TMJ CONSULTATION, TREATMENT & SURGERY • ORAL SURGERY • PERIODONTAL SURGERY • ENDODONTICS AND ALL YOUR DENTISTRY NEEDS 48 AAADRONE ST * WILLITS 459-2555 or 459*2666

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