The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 11, 1942 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 11, 1942
Page 10
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Tht Algom Pflttt DM MoteM, Jtigm, tern, Attg, 11,1»M CLARK AND BAILEY IN FUNNY FALLS Clark and Bailey, two agile young fellows who seem to have captured the right idea In mixing acrobatic prowess with funny falls and bumps in the right proportions to get best results from their audiences, will 'be on hand at the Kossuth Oounty Fair to amaze and provoke Jaughter as a feature of the grandstand afternoon and evening on August 26th. The boys first mot in 1930 in n gymnasium in Sioux Falls,, S. D. Being interested in the same type of athletics, they worked out together, developing a better than average amateur, turn, strictly along "straight" lines. After their first professional engagement, the boys decided the public thought more of one giood laugh than a hundred thrills. Hence thty went back to work again, this time on an act heavy orr the comedy end. It wan a hit from the start, resulting in complete tours of the nation's leading theatre circuits, two trips to Europe, one to Australia, one to New Zealand, and two to Hawaii. 'From far-away •pdlitically agitated India there came the other day a check in payment of Clayton county taxes. The taxpayer, Mrs. E. Stanley Jones, has for many years been a misisorrary in India. (FOR SALE—Bottled gas stooe and refrigerators in excellent condition. Call at 420 S. Jones or phone 752-W. 32 MARKETS HOGS Heavy (butchers, 180-200 $14.10 Heavy butchers, 200-240 14.20 Heavy butchers, 240-270 14.05 Packing sows, 270-330 13.25 Packing sows, 330-360 ,. 13.15 Packing sows, 360-400 - 13.05 CATTLE Canners' and cutters $4.60-6.!iO Fat' yearlings ,...10.50-11.50 Stock steers 9.00-11.00 Veal calves 8.00-14.00 Fat steers 10.50-11.30 Bulls 8100-9.00 Fat cows 6.00-7.50 GRAIN No. 2 white corn new $.82Vi No. 2 mixed corn 72 No. 1 yellow corn 72 30 Ib. test white oats '10 No. 2 yellow soy beans 1.50 No. 3 barley 46 EGGS Extras 33c Mediums 29c Dirty and checked eggs 26c Cash cream— Sweet 44c :No. 1 43c No. 2 41c POULTRY Hens, over 5 Ibs 18c Hens, 4 to 5 Ibs 17c Hens, under 4 Ibs 14c Cocks, over 4% lie Cocks under 4',6 lOc Springs, over 5 Ibs 22c Springs, 4 to 5 Ibs 21c Springs, under 4 Ibs 19c Leghorns ISc No. 2 poultry, 3c less. These are Monday quotations'. mm^8^^ •little lady" Slated for a shower of compliments this two- piece cardigan of Dodson rayon crepe with bloused bodice. Perfect for your- college debut... these demure collar and cuffs. In black with pink, blue trim. Sizes 11 to 17. $12.9.5 j A perfect "pre-requisite . . . this iridescent rayon couvejt frock. The gay embroidery, bright suede belt,'smart casualties* makes it a hit for the foot-ball opener and shin* dig later, -in. green, tan, olue with contrasting embroidery. Sizes 9 to 15$70.95 Final Reduction On Summer Doris Dodsons This is your last opportunity to buy a smart, nifty Doris Dodson junior dress at a GREATLY REDUCED PRICE. We are selling our entire summer line at COST AND BELOW COST. Buy one or two for the rest of the summer and then you'll have a dress or two to start next season. EVERYTHING IN SUMMER DRESSES REDUCED ckriscJ <o> CaiW« Circu* Thursday afternoon _ cahnlng' cfltn to be fotischoot lufKhe/Hn the edte-> Among the outstanding attractions to appear before grandstand audiences matinees and nights at the Kossuth County Fair this year will be that of Carno's Circus Combination. This unique traveling circus unit runs the gamut of sawdust arena entertainment, from a footballl horse" to eight handsome 'black and white Liberty horses that prance, dance and go through military drills; and from a bareback riding monkey to three performing elephants. In addition to the above, Carno will present a circus manage act, in which three well-trained horses and three riders offer a full rout!m> of equestrian features. Then there ^s a laugh-provotoing unrideable' mule, who pitches and bites his would-be riders—a scream from start to finish. The fair's management has. selected a well-balanced show, one designed t>o .please the most discriminating show-goer. There will be comedy "aplenty, and 'thrills to awe every spectator in the stands. There will be changes In the program during the run of the fair, and those who take In the grandstand shows on more than one occasion will always fln-d something new to entertain them. (Kossuth's fair has built Up a rep-, utatlion for staging the finest attractions in the show 'business, and the 1942 array of vaudeville circus and sensational thrillers will be no exception to the rule. Portland Twp. Mr. and Mrs. Chris Bolie and family were Sunday dinner guests at the Ray Smith home. The Portland Peppy Pals held their Achievement program at Mrs. Tony Jandl's Monday evening, Aug. 10th. Many from here plan to attend the Presbyterian Sunday- School picnic at the church lawn, Burt, Wednesday. The Portland Progress club will meet August 20th with Mrs. Frank Burger. Four other members are assisting hostesses. Mr. and Mrs. Wyott Stott and Mr. and Mrs. Tom Trenary spent the week end at Madrid with Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Pederson. (Mr. and Mrs, Howard Sparks and son attended a picnic at Call State Park Sunday which was in honor of the first birthday of a niece of Mrs. Sparks. Mr. and Mrs. Ray McWhorter and three daughters and Mr. and Mrs. Bert McCokle spent Friday at Austin, Minn., with Mr. and Mrs. Harry McCorkle and son, Donald. Jane Keith took part in a piano recital at the Algona Congregational church Wednesday afternoon. Joan McWhorter and Evelyn 1 Becker with Mrs. Wayne Keith and Mary Jo, also attended. (Dennis Mulligan is now at the home of his aunt, Mrs. Ted Ringsdorf, since Saturday when he wns released from the Kossuth hospital, following treatment after suffering injuries in a bicycle-car collision recently. A 1 A r\ c /\us CLASSIFIED RATES Minimum charge 25c for 13 words or less. When paid with order, 2c per word; when charged, 3c per (WANTED—Part time ' stenographer. Call 226, 8 to 9 a. m. 32* word, lowed. No.agents commission al- If advertising agents charge their clients 3c and send cash with order, they receive Ic per word commission. For Sale FOR SAiLE—One block of land. Good land and well drained. For particulars call G. D. Shumway. 32* WANTED—A young man not >ver 18 years old for store work. A ull time job. High school graduate ireferred. Call in person at the Upper Des Moines office for information. FOR SALE—Young Guernsey bup,l. Papers furnished 1 .—(Edwin Hanselman. 32-33* FOR SALE—Well improved 160 acre farm on highway between Burt and Bancroft, $160 per acre. Call at this office. 32-33* FOR SALE—1941 five passenger Chevrolet coupe. Good tires. Radio. Price $750. Owner called to army. •—Lawrence Youngwirth, Wesley. 32* FOR SALE-^-1940 Chevrolet coupe good rubber. Inquire Algona Produce, Leland Larson. 32 Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Cooper were visitors in Fort Dodge Thursday. to our modern LOW-COST direct-reductian Home Loan Plan g*»* Be Wise i SAVE MONEY '.. Be Safe ^^•^^ Algona Federal Savings & Loan (FOR SALE-^Dutch oven range with water front. Practically new. T. L. Ditsworth, N. Ackley St., or phone 160. 32* (FOR SALE—Lunch wagon, com- petely equipped/ four good tires, located at Seneca Store. 32-33 FOR SALE—Electro Master Electric stove. Excellent condition. Insulated. Leaving town. 318 South Jones. 32* (FOR SALE—We have electric and gas used washers. Used ice boxes, Majestic coal and wood range, and bycycles—Coast to Coast Store. 32 FOR SALE—15 Purbred yearling bulls, 14 heifers. All serviceable age. Domino Herefords. 35 years high breedtgn. $100 to $125 per head. 1 mile S. E. Rodman, Iowa. ~-C< M. Haas. 31-32* CEJELING RUBBER stamps for sale at the Agona Upper Des Moines, 35c each. 27-tf IF YOU NEED a rubber stamp for any purpose, you can order them at The Algona Upper Des Molnea 50c and up. 13*-tf FOR SALE—1 new 22", 1 new 28" Red River Special thresher. Call for yours today. 200 feeding lambs. Get your place cleaned up and make money besides.—XDscar Larson-, Blue Earth, Minn. 30-31* Wanted .WE WANT TO BUY 25 good used bicycles within the next 10 days We pay cash, and high prices fo them.—Coast to Coast Store. 32 Protect your ((and still be well dressed and keep your trim figure) Chrischilles Store The doctors are agreed that a foundation garment is a physical necessity and a protection to your health. The Aug. issue of Hygeia (monthly publication of the A. M. A.) contains a very interesting ar- tide on the subject. We have a complete Fall line of both old and new models. If we cannot fit you with the model you have been wearing, we have the war-time substitute. Let Miss Rose Lampe, who is just home from the H. W. Otossard Special Summer School in Chicago, fit vow. ' She has many suggestions. She knows her "girdles." Come in and with her. WANTED TO RENT—Alfalfa or :ltover lalnd.- ihone 3-88. -R. Hf. Peter, Burt, 32* WANTED—Fat lambs. 19.—McEnroe Bros. Phone 32-33* Lost-Found JFOUND A belt and pin. Owner denbify at this office and pay advertising cost. Miscellaneous FARMERS AITTENTION — ..Gather drive belts spliced and repaired.—Nichols Shoe Repair. 31-32 TOWN PROPERTY LOANS- Consider the economy and conven- ence we offer.—Algona Federa Savings & Loan Assn. 31-34 STANDARD - DEPENDABLE NON RESTRICTED AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE. ALL FORM! AT LOWEST RATES—ALGONA INS. AGENCY. PHONE 55. 31-t PHONOGRAPH RECORDS—al :he new releases. Needles—albums —Kossuth Radio & Electric, Algonn owa. 9-tf WE REPAIR all makes of wash- ng machines. Wringer rolls for all makes.—Algona Maytag Co. 31-32 Supt.-W; P. tfuesdeil spettt * .... days at Cedar rails returning; home Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Cooper and son visited Mrs. EJ. (Long at Sheldon Sunday. Atr. and Mrs. Bob Uftderberg of Humboldt spent Sunday vjtslting the Percy Watrrems. Mr. and Mrs. Merle Falk.&f Fbrt Dodge spent Tuesday at the Percy Watnem home. Mr. and Mrs. S. Nelson and family visited at the Herman Nelson home at Plover Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Chester.Alhie spent Thursday In Mason City on a buying trip for their store. Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Anderegg'of West Bend spent Thursday evening at the Oscar Movick home. Mrs. Roy Jacobson and Lois, Mrs. Ernest Enockson and girls were Wednesday-visitors In West Bend. The boys' 4-H club meeting was held at the Mike Coyle home oh Tuesday evening, tended. Sight boys at- The men's klttenball teams played at the school house diamond on Thursday evening with the being 7. to 4. . Mr. and- Mrs. Ted Truelson and sons are spending their vacation at the home of their mother, Mrs. C. Anderson. Mr. and Mrs, Russell Reese and Gerald, Mrs. Irvin Movick, Betty Lou and Clarence Reese visited In Spencer Thursday. » Ed Johnson of Eagle Grove visited Wednesday and Thursday-at the home 'of his. daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Antone Splech and family. '•', . Mrs. Peter Watnem who underwent a minor operation at Roches? ter, Minn., Is reported recovering nicely and will return home next week. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Hoflus and Eugenia and Mrs. Knute Oppedahi of Algona were dinner guests at the Mrs. Cora Bacon home Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Richards returned Monday evening- from Des Moines after spending the week end with their daughter Mrs. Donald McBain. Mrs. Dora Bell Moore a former resident of this community, is reported in the Mercy hospital at Ft. Dodge suffering with gangrene in one foot. . Ladies' Rural blub held Its' annual family plcnld at the Ed* wafdSHnnei home Sunday, August 'families were treated to n tty thd club. fttot; Harold Johnson of Thdr was, '& Friday dinner guest at the Roy Jacofoson home and also visited at the home of her parents, Mr .and Mrs. John Coyle near Rolfe. -. .MM. ' Cliff Lander had dental woMt done, at Livermare Tuesday. Evelyn Spleoh spent the frast week) at the home of her sister, f ¥* tofot (ftiftfe *.'' , 13 8 p.m. ' Bradley Bios. '' USED MACHINERY , PhoHe H4 a Motel Alfcotoi WM^ Heie's the way to- Greater Pork Prof its! ALGKtfNA PRODUCE HOG BALANCER Sure, It's possible to fatten hogs on corn alone, tout'it takes a lot of corn and a lot of time. You'll get your hogs to market a lot quicker and with lower feed cost if you feed ALGONA PRODUCE Hog Balancer along with: your corn and grain. ALGONA PRODUCE Hog Balancer has everything you need to round out your feeding program and provide your hogs a complete ration which will enable them to make a greater profit for you. Algona Produce Phone 9 NWV CULL YOUR OLD HENS now We offer you the services of exper cullers. Do this now.' Feed prices are high. Call for appointment.— Swift & Co. 32 FILMS DEVELOPED and printed and satisfactory work uaranteed, Price 25c per film. Lusby & Gloss! 24-tf SEE ME! FOR Real Bargains It /arms, loans, drainage surveying and estimates on tile.—Phil J. Kohl- baas, phone 22, Algona. 16-tl SAVE MONEY when you borrow. The Aetna Life's farm loan plan turns over every cent of your loan to you. No deductions for commission, appraising, title examina- iton, or application. For details in quire of Hutchison & Hough 22-38* Exchange Dept. Basement Good Used Furniture Dining room—Living room suites Breakfast sets, Buffets, Radios and Washers Bjustrom'a Furniture 42-U Card of Thanks Our sincere appreciation I anc heart-felt thanks to .our many friends and neighbors for the beautiful floral (offerings and acts o kindness during the illness and death of our daughter, Sara Jane Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wolcott anc family. 32 CARD OF THANKS. We wish to express our thanks and appreciation to our friends am neighbors for the beautiful flora tributes and many deeds of kind ness shown us at the time of ou: recent bereavement —The Fuhr. mann Family. 32' Card of Thanks We wish to express our thank and appreciation to our friends am neighbors for tha beautiful flora tributes and many deeds of kind ness shown us at the time of ou recent bereavement.. Albert J. Blanchard and family 88* UNION NEWS Mr. and Mrs. Clalr Winkle and sons, Titonka, were calling at the Robert Sarchet home last Saturday evening. A family pienip of the Chris Alt's was held at the Alt home here on Sunday with a pjcnic dinner a noon. Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Wil and two daughters, neighbors, als attended. ||r. and- Granada, Minn-, the Walter Pe, granddaughter, Ruth Heerdt, re turned to MiRnesota With them for several wests' visit Banna of marriage -were wmounc ed at St. CeceUa/a Catholic church Saunders of Bancroft and Stuart Thoj»p««Ji, »oa. of Mr. and Mr*. V 9* ' Witt Protestantism Yield ToRome? 9 This lecture surprises many—-leaves some Amazed! Startled! Thousands have heard this great subject expounded Algona's Opportunity Has Come Wednesday, Aug. 12, 8:15 p. m. In the Church 308 W. State St. Thursday night, "The Mark of the Beast", what is it? arid who will receive it? t . You Cannot Afford to Miss These Outstanding (Lectures Song service begins at 8 p. m., led by R. W. Holley ijuvwtfwwyrtftjvwwwwwvvwvww^^ * .'"•,. Subscribers' Rates I Effective September 1st 1 Year In Kossuth Co. Either Algona Paper - - - - $2.00 Both Algona Papers . - - - $3.00 6 Months In Kossuth Co. Either Algona Paper - - - - $1.25 Both Algona Papers * - - - $2.25 The above prices are also ,in effect for the bordering ipostofflcea at' Armstrong 1 , Bode, Britt, Buffalo Center, CorwiiKh, Cylinder, Elmore, Hardy, Hutchlna, Wvermore, Ottosen, Rake, JUngsted, Rodman, Stiteon, West Bend and Woden, • ' ' .. t Outside Kossuth Co. 1 Year - EMte* Paper - - « $2,50 1 Year - Both Papers - * - $4.50 6 Months • Either Paper - - - $1.50 $ Months - Both Pavers - - > $2.50 Special rate« to Men in Service Sam^a» County Rate Algona Upper Des Moines

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