The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 11, 1942 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 11, 1942
Page 5
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r »>s 'f--*& RATIONING BOARD CLARIFIES NEW REGULATIONS 'Any person leaving the United States of entering the military'ser- •Vlcfe Of the United States should leave their War Ration Book No. 1 •with the local board. :it Is the desire of the local board 'to get the canning certificates Issued to everyone In the county this week. . "To those who have not received canning sugar based on the family unit plan, 1 pound of sugar for •every four quarts of fruit canned, should bring their 'books with them to the Rationing Office this week. Any family or Individual moving Into Kossuth County will please report to the War Rationing Office so that the application card or Form R-301 that they signed at the school house at the time of the flrot registration may be sent for so it can be .placed on file with the Kossuth County Rationing Board. tlf anyone has not been afble to make application for canning sugar .at the time the various towns of KosSuth County were visited and rationing of canning 1 sugar was carried, If they will go to the tire Inspector In their nearest town and make application and have the Inspector send it into the local board by mall, a certificate for their can-* ntng sugar will be sent out direct to the applicant. We find that only th« farmer who has one vehicle and has no other way to get to town is entiled tot retreads for his passenger car. The government quotes under list B, paragraph 6, as follows: "Transportation- of produce and supplies to and from the farm if an applicant bperatlng such farm does not own or possess a truck or other practicable means of transportation." Victory Stationery To be Had at P.O. Postmaster W. W? Sullivan ^announces that he now has the Victory stationery at the local post- office. The stationery will be given free to people wishing to write, to 'boys overseas, tout It Is limited' to three sheets per person per day. Anyone wanting Victory stationery dan get it at the postoffice window. Pitching (bundles In; a harvest field all day Is a man-sized chore for most younger farmers, but , to 98^yea* old George Dille, Kellogg farm hand, it Is just anotherferm day. He came Into town the day after this achievement none the worse, and feeling as fit as ever. Get The Modern Habit School opens soont Are ,,• the children's clothes ready? Send or bring them in today for cleaning and pressing. Bend the children back to school looking their best. Freshly cleaned clothes are a big help and build self-confldence. Modern Dry Cleaners & Tailors HoMes & dopton. Phone 637 WWWWWWWVVW! Mtt. Howard Platfl entertained the members of the Thlnible club Monday afternoon at her home. Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Llndgtreit spent Sunday at Forest City visiting at the home of the former's parents. Mrs. Martin Denlrtger and sort of Boston, Massachusetts, are guests at the home of Mf. and Mrs. Leo Spllles. Mr. and Mrs. Gene Murtagh and daughter, Judy, spent last week at the CBlalkenhainjBr' icottbge at Lake OkobojI. Mr. and Mrs. Bpb Kolte spent Sunday at Emmetsburg at the home of the latter's sister, Mrs. Elmer Gunn and family. Mr. and Mrs. Mel Falkehnalner and Tasker returned Sunday from northern Wisconsin where they had spent several days. Mr. and Mrs. M. F, Amfahr attended a plonk Sunday at i Lake of the Waterloo .branch of the Fuller Brush dealers. , Lieut, Robt. J. Harrington spent the week end with his wife and son, Timmy. Lt, Harrington Is located at Camp Dodge at Des Moines. Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Bassmusgon and Dr. and Mrs. Charles Schultz of Des Moines, spent -the week end at the home of Dr. and Mrs. S. W. Meyer. Maryi Thompson of Eathervllle is .visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Miller. They spent Sunday at Storm Lake visiting with friends. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Wohl of Ft. Dodge and Mr. and 'Mrs. Sherwood Potter spent Sunday at Spencer at the home .of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Blinkman. .. R. O. Bjustrom and Qulntcn Bjus; trom took their father, A. C. Bjustrom to Mason City Monday where he wlH receive treatment at a hospital there. I), I* McDonajld and children, Mary Lou and Billy, spent the week end at Rochester with Mrs. McDonald, who underwent an operation there last week. Mr. and Mrs. George Stewart of Des Moines spent the week end in Algona with relatives and friends. Mr. Stewart is employed at the ordnance plant at Ankeny. Mrs. C. W. Morck and daughter, Mrs. Dorance Greer, spent the week end at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Vern Rawley at Perry. Mrs. Morck and Mrs. Rawley are sisters. Miss Phyllis Crawford, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Crawford, is spending the week at the hiome of her cousin, Norma Jean Runkle. Eloise Hoagland returned Saturday evening from Washington; D. VSALE/ LADIES SUMMER PRESSES Regular $1.98 Plenty of Large Sizes ^Department Stores in *8CN»AV PUNCH" Second Feature , «WBSnGRX UNION" •UUftOUR MRL f UIM III TUNMUOPPOOfVU VAN HEFLIN BARRY IYNH < «9ta, were vlsitteg friends gto»trand was the » minister here aay uvei»«B ** w " ••*—*—•* * . C, where she has spent the past two weeks visiting relatives. Eloise is employed at the Druggists' Mutual Mr. and Mrs. Clint Lighter spent the tweek end at ai cottage! at Spirit .Lake WJth friends. Mrs« Addle EUls, the latter's mother, spent the week end in Emmetsburg. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Akre, Mrs. Tom Akre, and Mrs. H. W. Post spent Friday in Des Moines. Donald wa» .'sworn into, .the army, air corps and returned to Algona to await his call. Mr. and Mrs. John Hlldman of Wesley became the parents of their first child, a boy, July 30, at the General hospital. The baby weighed eight pounds and has been named Eugene Peter. Jack Long arrived Sunday for a week's vacation with his father, A. L. Long. Jack has completed his school work at Coe College at Cedar Rapids and will be employed there following his vacation. Mrs. Ronald White left Monday afternoon from Boone for Ips Angeles, California, after visiting relatives and friends here for the past month. She will visit Mrs. Peter Chubb at Santa Monica, Calif. Dr. and Mrs. C. 3. Clapsaddie and son, Jury, of Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, left Monday after spending the past week at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Horace Ciapsaddle. Dr. C. J. Clapsaddie and Horace are brothers. Mrs. Hattie Stewart and daughter, Bess, of Dubuque arrived Wednesday for a visit at the homes of Mr. arid Mrs. Russ Cook and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Johannsew. Mrs. Stewart is an aunt of Mr. Cook and Mrs. Johannsen. Faris Miner spent the week end in Algona with his mother, Mrs. M. W. Miner, Faris is completing his instructors' course at the flying i field at Waterloo after which time | he wltt be sent to an army air port as a dying Instructor, Mr. and Mr*. H. A, Tjrttte will go to Perry Friday where Mrs. Tuttle and children will spend a week at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs, G. A, Burrell. Mr. Tuttle Will go to Minneapolis to'at- tend the cosmetic show. . Mrs. Maurice Bartholomew and Mrs. George Miller left Sunday 1 for Colorado Springs, Colorado, where they wlU spend several days with Mr. and Mr*. iFred! Bartholomew, Fred is employed-In an ordnance plant at Cotorado Springs, WWW^WWSFWV!!'' i«Mw -.i. . „_„ of P^msacQfc, Florida, visited a few dws last wee.k at the paren* ta} Tf,,-. j,. Hrtpii*. home. Ensign lesser had alen day leave from Jifc duties ajs tnjtlWtoP at Sau^ey Field. MW lesser J8 the, former Ida Halpin. J& and Sirs., Phil Rohlh»i» and Shrank Zender weat to Ames Wed* - to west Hr. and Mrs. Ver- AS of Washington, P. q,, urbB spfst n, <w days here viait' ing relayvw a?4 Blends, Mr. and 3«M« Koft»ajy» are ^»pk»y«d by "-- gsyernment «l WajWngton ** And MJ«. M. A» 8 m$-Wk BWW »f CJUoagVand Mr. and Mrs. Wm. F. Steele and daughter, Maryanna, spent Sunday at Spirit Lake with Mrs. Steele's uncle and aunt, who have a cottage here. • Mr. and MJm. Harry Nlelandcr and daughter, Ruth, lof Spring Valey, Minnesota, spent the week end at the home of Mrs. J. T. Chrls- chllles. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stevenwn of Waseca, Minnesota, arrived today (Tuesday) for a few days' visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Herfjst. Painter Sellstrom was visiting brieoy with Algona 'friends Saturday afternoon. He was on his way to the home of his Rockwell City. Otto Gudcrlan and son, Carl, of Cob, Wisconsin, were guests Wednesday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs, Henry Guderian. Otto Is an uncle of Henry. Mrs. H. W. MlHer returned on Thursday of last week from Sioux City where she had spent a few days. She also visited Ruth Will- lams at Sloan, Iowa. Mary Louise Gilmore spent the week end at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Gilmore. Mary Louise Is employed at the atate hospital at Clarinda. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Keneflck and son, Tommy of Eagle Grove, were guests at the home of Dr. and Mrs. John Kenefick for a barbecue supper Thursday evening. ...Miss Alma Schultz, home demonstration agent, was called to Cedar Falls Tuesday by the Illness of her mother. Mrs. A. L. Brown is substituting for Miss Schultz. A. F. Curran returned recently from Iowa City where he underwent an operation for removal of a cataract from his left eye. His sight has been much Improved. Mr. and Mrs. E. C. McMahon are spending the week ,at the Joel Herbst cottage at Lake Okoboji. Roy McMahon and his mother, Mr£. Nellie McMahon spent the week «nd With them. Mrs. D. EL Gpedets of Clear Lafce returned to her home Thursday after visiting Algona friends since Monday. While here she was a guest at the home of Mrs. C. R. Bennet. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Anderson and son, Phil, went to Minneapolis Monday for a few. days. Their daughter, Marcia, is visiting her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Becker. Dr. and Mrs. Karl Hoffman and daughter, Joan, spent last week at Lake Okoboji with Mr. and Mrs. L. C. OToole of LeMars. Joan Hoffman and Mary O"Toole attended the Story Book Camp there. Betty Reynolds will arrive the end (of the week.for a few days with her mother, Mrs .Lyle..Reynolds. Betty has been taking nurses' training at Iowa City and has completed her work there, Mr. and Mrs* R. F. Perry and son, and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Dferti- me and son l«ft Sunday for a week of vacation In Minnesota and Carrada. They planned to spend some time at Lake of the Woods. Mildred Murphy of Lakeside, Michigan, arrived Friday for a visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ger.e Gaddls. Miss Murphy, who is a teacher In the Roxanna, lyinois, schools, is Mrs. Gaddis, sister. Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Guthman have rented the H. W. Pletch apartment recently vacated by the W. T. Gios- sis and are moving to Algona from Fort Dodge. Mr. Guthmann Is a General Foods representative It this area. C. R. Bennet came Saturday after Mrs. Benrret who returned with him to Omaha where she will spend her vacation from the Christenscn store. Mr. Bennet is a civilian lia- 'son officer attached toi the army signal corps. L J. Sharpnack of Corwith was released Saturday from the General hospital where he had been a patient for a week taking treatment for his eye. About a year ago he got something In his eye, he reports, but Is now feeling fine. Walter Hicks, son of Mrs. Ruth Seaton-HIcks of Ames, has recently been promoted to corporal in the Marines at Kodiak. Alaska. Mrs. Hdcks was calling on Algona friends briefly Wednesday following a vacation of a month at Okoboji. Mr- ana Mrs. H. M. Hauberg left Saturday for Cedar Rapids where they planned to visit the Sumner Parsons for a day, and from there went on to Davenport and Chica- fall buying for the Chrlschilles store while in Chicago attending market. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Brown and little girl and Mrs. Jas. White and two sons, Tommy and Terry, came up from Cedar Rapids Friday. The Browns visited Mrs. Brown's sister, Miss Bertha Johnson and Mrs. White visited her mother, Mrs .A. Norman. Mtrg. DeMaude LAthrop came on Tuesday to spend several weeks In Algona. She makes her home In Salem, Oregon, where her children, Frank and Mrs. Dwight Parsons, are located. Mrs. Lathrop and her daughter visited him the week end ibefore the former's return to Algona. Mrs. M, P. Christiansen returned the first of last week from Rochester where she had spent three weeks with her sister from Britt who underwent an operation there. The two Christiansen children, Al- vln and Edythe, visited their grandmother. Mrs. Anderson, at Brltt during their mother's absence. Mr. and Mrs. 3. L. tMtsWotth have rented their home to Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Ditsworth and will move September r to Ames. Mr. and Mrs. Ditsworth have leased a roomirrg house and Dick will attend Iowa State College. The other Ditsworth son, Bob, has 'been in the navy a year and Is now studying for his petty officers' rating. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Sorensen of Waterloo were in Algona last week visiting their daughter, Mrs, Lloyd Brandow and friends. The first of September the ywill move to Fargo, M. t>, whwe Ben (8 opentiiif ui>. 4 new drug store for the. company ft? whom he has been eiwpfojted « Waterloo the past yea*. Me to*- merly lOWned the present Barke* drug store here. Mr. and Mrs, W»H F. W«lke» are expected home Wednesday from Clear Lake where they spent a few days With Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Dlckln* son of Des Moines who have a cot« tage there" this week. Mrs. B. C. Dickinson and Mrs. A. Hutchison plan to join the Dickinsons Thurs* day for the remainder of the week. The Dickinson's daughter, Mrs. RUth Hunter, and son, Lynn, will spend next week at the cottage. REXALL Facto*» You The Big Event for Thrifty Shoppers 25c Klenzo Tooth Brush 49o Medford Vellum PorMoUo 1 Pint Petrofd Mineral Oil 6 Chrystal Tumblers .'. Rexettes, Sanitary Napkins Oatmeal Sjoap 3 bars for 1 Pint M, 1.31 Solution 100 Puretest Aspirin both for 69c 35o Elkay Fly < Killer P te - ' $1.00 lavender ' Bath PowHer $1.00 iLorie | Cologne 35o Hall's Baby Talcum <• 25c Bexall a Castor Oil 85c Bexall Theatrical Cream IPint M. I. 31 Solution 1 Ft. Bexall Milk of Magnesia both for Manhood's success often depends upon •childhood's vision The leaders of tomorrow are the learners of today. A good education is a good foundation for successful adult years. Yet many bright, intelligent, alert youngsters are being robbed of a good education by defective sight. By poor vision that makes studying an exhausting chore, and learning difficult. Give your child good vision. Have his eyesight examined—now—and corrected if need be. Equip him to learn easily now; his whole future depends upon it. A. W. Amunson OPTOMETRIST Iowa Free booklet shows how to build lasting CONCRETE GRAIN STORAGES Increase the "war-production" capacity of your farm, and make sure your grain is safely stored, by investing in a weather-proof Concrete Grain Storage; Grain properly sheltered with rust- proof, rot- proof concrete construction is well protected against loss or deterioration from dampness, fire, •torms or rodknts— at low annual cosfc Concrete grain storages will prove safer and more economical than less permanent structures— are simple to build, moderate in first cost, and will last decades with little upkeep— a real asset on any farm I Grain storages and ether concr«l« Improvements you need for greater food prodiKtlon require a minimum of critical war materials. You can build the unaUc-r lobs yourself — or oik your craiant dealer for names of concrete builder*. Wonder Package Stationery 75 sheets 47* 75 Envelopes Of U Cascade Vellum Paper 39c 36o Kexall Milk of Af Magnesia Tooth Powder A I U 100 Hobarf s MQ Aapjirin ..... .......)- ......... ft«B Bouquet Bamee *) AK _ Soap ................ bars £vv 60o Lanolin Soap 25c Elkay White Shoe Cleaner 20o First Aid Adhesive Tape and Bandage ........ 26c Puretest Iodine A O cakes I "I I IB I9c Adrftenne Face Powder, 55c Adrienne Skin Lotion, $1.10 both for 79c 60o Elnlijex, for Athlete's Foot 60 sheets 50 env. each 1 Pint M. 1.31 Solution 1 Pint Puretest Rubbing Alcohol Both for 39c 50c Gardenia Pace Powder 50c Lorie Rouge both for Greater Values Bigger Savings A sale event you can't afford to miss! Many other values not listed. Save With Safety at Your Rexall Store PORTLAND CEMENT ASSOCIATION 4MHatttHNdl.DwM(taM,loiNi PIcu* scad lite booklets checked) Q ''CaKnHGrafr Slmttifir Emu" •Ma* p!anrei,dr»wiim»nacomptee' t howtpdo ft" informillon on f evenl types ud tliei. K.D. (Name other coocmc improvement! on which you wast booklet—iuch u bin floori. poultry ud hoc hooiei, feed lot Cttti. liloi. tanks and trough*, etc.) K.&N*. lf.0. — Q C O PREPARATION On The Home Front More Trouble week I got in bad. I read about the government taking fte cuffs of from men's pante and telling the women to wear, shorter dresses. Shorter dresses mean longer hose eo I suggested knitting the hose, on to thejr panties. With this one piece garment they , would not have to wear any dress at all which would be a Wg saving In material. Thp State Humane Council may appoint a committee to investigate the possibilities of this one-piece garment and report their findings to the boards of supervisors. But I an> in bad wjth the women. Three times' yesterday I escaped through the back 4oor from, an angry moto. Art Moulds Is on the women's side so I haya no police pfoteotlon, I gwees J nee4 a vacation. J cajjnot leave the store tW« month,. We are sjtlll selling sbpes ftt oW ?«*«*« Wri they are folng like hot cakes. Each day to better than the day before, pie are taking advantage ot these tew prjcea to gn shoes wflj t»« higher than a cat's ba^ and ality- Now fc the tte» to WTO WOJiey <N* *** $hpe« and overshoes you will need tbU Winter. 1 , •, Jimmie Neville — CONSERVING —PRODUCTION — WAR NEEDS—CIVILIAN NEEDS—RUBBER SHORTAGE! New words, new meanings, but nevertheless very vital thoughts to all of us! WE ARE PREPARED, so far as the manufacturers have have been able to supply civilian needs over the war requirements. WE HAVE COMPLETE STOCK OF DRY GOODS, READY-TO-WEAR, CLOTHING, FURNISHINGS, SHOES, MILLINERY and NOTIONS. Our far Hung contacts with mills and factories throughout the nations have enabled us to obtain as complete stocks of wanted merchandise as any we know of. THIS COMMUNIW HAS BEEN GOOD TO WOOD- WARPS! Now in order that we might show our appreciation, we have a&§emWe4 an# are maintaining a tefge stock, at a time whew you need to be served a* home, YOU CAN WAX ON WOODV^AWS! Woodward's BUY WAR : '^ -'$jM$ • J -. Y> *«i > ''fea

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