The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 11, 1942 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 11, 1942
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mS'i'OiltCAt Dl2*»f», j 17,000,000 TONS OF SCRAP METAL SIX MONTHS'GOAL Iowa's Quota 246,000 tons; Local Salvage Committee Will Open Drive Here This Week The war production board has set a goal of 17,000,000 tons of scrap Iron and steel to be collected under the nation-wide salvage program in the next six months. The WPB predicts that the greatest source of scrap would be the region Including Pennsylvania, Maryland, .Delaware, Virginia and the District fof Clumbia. .The next largest source will .conle from Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois' and Indiana. Ionia Quota 245,000 Tons - The state quota assigned to Iowa has been placed at 245,000 tons. Earlier in the year the state quota gathered amounted to some 140,000 tons. Kossuth's quota for col- , lection during the drive now on has been set at 1,000 tons. So far this year, according to W. 'B. Ley, Lakota, Chairman of the Kossuth County Salvage. Committee, 2553 tons of scrap has been collected. . Scrap Rally Day Aug. 29 Saturday, August 29, has been set aside as a county-wide scrap rally day. On that day, ire every town in the. Bounty, a central salvage collection point will be established and a man will be In charge to weigh up and pay for the scrap metal. In the meantime, It is the Intention of the committees ' over the country to Insitnte collection of scrap Iron and to coritaCt residents of the county In an effort to collect as much as possible of'the available scrap or to arrange 3or having it delivered to the nearest collection point on scrap rally day. Four Township Committees The townships of Irvington, Plum Creek, Union and 'Cresco have been assigned an area .over which Phil J. Kohlhaas, Algona, is chairman He announces the following committee members in the various ' townships, as -follows: Creseo-rMrs. Hubert Schotoy, A L. Smith,- H.*- R. Clayton, Ralph Brown and Harry Sabin, all of Algona. Irvington—'Fred Neahring, Sexton ; Nick Kinseth, 'Prank McEnroe Anton Hurlburt, Hugh Black, Algona; Gilbert Hargreaves, Lu- Verne; Clem Cunningham, A. M Lemkee, Irvington. Plum Creek and Union Plum Creek—Lee I. Kiley, R. I Mawdsley, .TWyrle Woltz,' Burt; Lee J. Miller, L. R. Drager, J. E. McEnroe, Emma Hagg, Algona. Union—"Kenneth Strayer, " Louis Scott, Burt; Erwin Turner,- Lone Rock; A. B. Schenck, Roy Sarchet D. C. Gardner, Will Drayton, A'- gona. Chairman Kohlhaas suggests that anyone who may have scrap iron and who wants it collected shoulc ^call him at phone 22, Algona,, anc arrangements will be made, to col" vertlsement setting out further particulars as to the'necessity for collecting every pound of scrap iron in the county, Vernon Gray, Titonka, Setrving in Hawaii .This Titonka young y> man, Verrion "Gray, son of Mr. and Mrs, Arnold Gray, is now serving in the signal corps in Hawaii. He was one of the 21- ygar-oldp -who rtegfctered for |serv«ce July 1, 1841. Seven months later, Feb. 1, 4942, he was called and spent nine weeks in Paine Field, Washington. On April 18 toe was sent to Ha- 1 wail and be whites his parent* .that he likes it there that he can now swim Jdke fish, Jpves the tan he has acquired, and the fresh fruit. He has gained in weight to the extent th»t he and his sergeant were compelled to exercise to reduce, His address is Hdqr, Co.. Reporting Bn., Signal A W Re^njent, Box 3590, Bonplwlu. ' So-Cdled Potato Applet Prove to be. ,Onjy Potato Seed Considerable Intereit, yet; ha* ;lmn experienced, }n IgbAorhftod. fif late by, tha g? •jltQ'Vtwi<>f«lWtt!*tf f4 to fee smaJJ t0mt|oe« «n.d wero thought tQ *§ ft>u "" - ' ffife/H*" Established 1865 ALGONA, IOWA, TUESDAY, AUGUST 11,1942 Ten Pages VOL. 71—NO. 32 LAKOTAN, POOR HEALTH, HANGS SELF LeRoy Nelson Now at Camp Murray, Wash. School Days Again/ Starting August 31st SIX YOUNG FOLKS BADLY SHAKEN UP IN AUTO ACCIDENT It isn't often that schools 'open until in September but this year the Algona schools will start the grind for students on Monday, August 31. The public system in Algona will again be under the direction of Otto B. Lalng, superintendent. , Several teachers are yet to be employed to complete the faculty roster. The roll up to date includes: Junior-Senior High J. G. McDowell, Senior Principal Hattie Wilson, Junior Principal Helen Austin, Girls' Phys. Edue. Kathryn Mills, English, dram tics. Antoinette Bonnstetter, nurse. Elnor Van Note, science. Helen Fisbibeck, Jr. Math. Marguerite Gilmore, English. Orln Spaulding, band. . Melvin Nelson, boys' Phys. Educ. Jane Mahin, Jr. English, library, Alvena (Miller, Mathematics. Donald Miller, history. Grace Miller, commercial. Helen Moad, Jr. English. Clarice Powers, English. Esther Quinby, Mathematics. Dorothy Quirin, Jr. Geog., Eng. Francis Bone, history, debate. Bryon Van Roekel, science. 1C. E. Rldenour, manual arts. 'Positions to be announced later are home economics and vocal music. Bryant School Margaret Hulierman, principal. Janyce Edwards, sixth. Christine McCullough, fifth. Freda Den Burger, fifth. Maxine McCleod, fourth. Lyla Olson-, fourth. Fern Pederson,. third. Janice Barta, third. iRuth Cedergren, second. Dorothy Lane, first. . Agnes Engel, vocal music. Third Ward Evelyn Murray, principal, fifth and sixth. Bernice Jensen, fourth. Kathleen Lorenz, second and third. Joyce Schwarm, first. South Side Primary . Bertha Godfrey, first. Joyce Talcatt,. kindergarten. •In a letter recently received by his mother, Mrs. Edna Nelson, LeRoy announces that he has been transferred form Edgewood Arsenal, Maryland, where he had been stationed since he enlisted on April 2, to Camp 1 Murray, Taaoma, Washington-, • and that he expects to remain there for a time. LeRoy serves in the chemical division and is .an army cook. A" group, < of which he was a meiriber, recently took an eight weeks' course in cooking and he rated the high-, , |est marks of the group, , His address is 97th Chemical Composite Company, Camp,Murray,, 'vWashington.-;'; ' ,. ..'•'•• ' ; ? :U: GRAYS SMOTHER ARMSTRONG 15-1 HERE SUNDAY Game Turned Into Parce When Three Pitchers . Fail to Stop Hard-Hit\ ting Locals The Algona Grays turned on the heat Sunday against the tail enders Armstrong collecting 16 hits, two walks and with "the aid of five errors smothered the visitors by -a Score of 15 to 1. The one score was a gift in the fourth.inning when Godfredson was safe on an error at first and later scored the orfy-Bun for the Armstrong boys..' . The visiting club sent in three pitchers tout the-locals just could not be stopped when once they Started their hitting spree, starting their assault in the first inning after Nelson was called ont on strikes, Watts walked and was followed *y four safe blowa, another walk and an error to efanlk up six runs-and enough to cinch J;l tenth win of the league schedule. After the first inning barrage,, the game become more or less i fanuT with the locals hitting and running 'bases almost at will. The locals have won ten and lost but two to stay in first place in the league and have two games with Lone Rock to finish up the season before the play-off series. Box Score Armstrong < Ab R Griffith, of ...4, Q Johnson, 2b -3 . .0 Godfredson, lib, 3b 3 1 Vlgdal, c, V * ° Stevens, as 4 0 Anderson, 8b „ 4 0 M** » ;•;•;;:;;;;;:;;;;* J p, ib •- s 0 0 ss * Wfttts, gb. 4 Peyjne, 3b S Rtogjdorl; c ?...^....7. .6 *l M - .-« ...4 rf, « •••* T B fnJsel, K e ,ves, lib ....M, 9 B o a s 3 8 a 9 9. I Conscientious Objector Case to U.S. Attorney The Kossuth County Local Draft Board reported Ernest Ea\^ord Eichenberger, 23 t 'flt. lakota, Thursday to the U. S. district attorney, T, E. Diamond, at Sioux City, as a delinquent. Eichenberger had been •ordered to report for induction on August B, and failed to appear. At a hearing before the Kossuth County Local Boa>rd on August 6, he acknowledged re- tliat he did pot report because celp1i;pf 5 the order, ,>ut stated he is a conscieiitibus objector; ,,, refused- to *«ar arms. Eichenberger had appealed from I-A classification on the besis of his conscientious objection but .the appeal board had refused to uphold Ills appeal, after an investigation had been made by the Bureau of In- vestignjtion. :He lives on a farm with his parents near Lakota. Evangelist Vories Speaks in Local Church "We ma>-wander through all the mazes of human knowledge, exploring the depth of thought 1 of the wisest men that have ever but we will not find a ray of certain light, as to what the state and condition death is. This question cannot ibe settled toy the belief of any man, the teaching of any denomination or the decree of any church council, We must have an authority which will forever settle all controversy," said Evangelist C. I* Vories in his outstanding lecture of the week in the Seventh Bay Adventist church at 308 West State street on the subject, "Where are the Dead?" There Is a lecture every night except Saturday night beginning at 8:16. The lecture topic, for tonight ((Tuesday) Is "The Sabbath Christ Made. 1 ? Which day is it? Saturday •or Sunday? Wednesday night, •"Will Protestantism Yield to Rome." All are cordially invited. Virgil F. Forsberg EnTwts as U.S. Flyer Virgil F. Forsberg, 20 years old son of Mr. and Mrs, Albert J. Fors- iberg, «12 TBJast Elm, Algona, has enlisted «s a 'flying student In .the United States'"Naval Reserve with the Kansas City Naval Aviation Cadet Selection hoard. He ~graduated from, the Algona school In JW and Is now assistant manager, af the Algona A. & was store }*»• W* Albert J. • Forsberg, served overseas In the at World War, ff(W*b.erg ordered to a Jfe-tifght trajning"tn4wctlon center tor three mp,nflw pf physjpal conditioning under ssyeral of the nation's lea4ing atblatfc J*to Creels Wfll Play MRS.D.D.MONLUX HEADS LOCAL UNIT OFI.U.S.W.OFA. Organization Started here Friday Night with 40 Charter Members; Meet Monthly With forty local women havhij signed the charter unit No. 96 ol the Iowa United Service Women of America was organized here on Friday night. Officers were elected for the balance of the year as follows: .. Mrs. D. D. Monlux, president Mrs. Karl Willasson, vice president Mrs. Max Miller, secretary; Mrs -A. Ww .Befirends, ^"treasurer ; .Mrs 1 -A. A. Bishop, chaplain; Mrs. Wai -'- , and Mrs. John Kohlhaas, historian To Meet Monthly The purpose of the /organization is the ibuilding of morale at home as well as on the ibattle front. As fast as towns are organized in a county delegates will be selected t< organize a county unit. The un' meets monthly. Charter member in the Algona unit are: Mesdames A. A. Bishop, A. W. Behrends, C H. Beardsley, Ray Barton, /W. E Courtney, Frank Oook, H. M. Colwell, William Daughan, H. D. Hutchins, T. J. HaJpln, Alvis Hill, Emmett Hagerty, T. S. Hatchell, John Kohlhaas, Mayme Kelly, B. J. Kelly Clint Ldghter, Jess Ijashbroolt, Sam Medin, A. B. Michel, Max Miller Bdlth Miner, D. D. Monlux, Kath erine McEvoy, Charlotte Parsons Hugh Post, B. H. Potter, Claude A Sampson, Mary Sands, John Son'tm- mel, Clinton Sampson, Otto Schmidt D. P. Smith, E. M. Stoffel, Josephine Stanton, H, W. Thompsec Theodore O. Thompson,. Wijliam Vanderwerf, W. A. White and Keif Willasson. LOSS WHEAT FEED SALE PROGRAM CHANGE According to an armouncenmen made Monday by Robert M. T-tfss chairman of the Kossuth County Agricultural Conservation Commit tee, recent changes have been made In the sale of feed wheat The sale price for all wheat soli during the month of August shall be 74c per bushel and 75o for the month of September, whether the wheat is stored in Commodity Credit Corporation bins, country warehouses, or shipped Into the country Wheat (purchased for shipment to aijy point shall toe sold at on-track- destlnatlon 'basis of ?4c during the month of August, Loss stated that the county committee has recently placed orders for several carloads of wheat to be shipped to various parts of tne country and it will *0 available in a very abort t'roe at the prices quofr ed above. Johp Merriam Now Second Lieutenant (According to WQf4 recelv«4 frpm Three Kossuth Boys Meet In Sunny Hawaiian Isles Car Strikes Soft Gravel and Turns Over Twice James Walker Receives Broken Leg When the car In which six Algona young people . were riding struck some loose gravel about 2 miles west and 2 miles north of Wesley Sunday night the driver, Elmer Stebritz, 1'ost control and the car careened into the ditch and :urned over twice. Several of the occupants were thrown out of the car and all of them were barlly shaken up and bruised while Jas. Walker suffered a fracture of the right legj near the knee. Sheriff Cogley was called as was an am- julance and the group was brought ;o the Kossuth hospital here for first aid. All Algona Youngsters The car, a 1933 Chevrolet, was the property of Phil Clease, city. The . group was on, its way to a supper and party with relatives and friends north of Wesley. With Elmer Stebritz driving the other members of the group were John Ste- britz, Russell Strayer, James Walker, Rosemary Stebritz and Velma Gregerson. Because of much pain in his back an x-ray was taken of Strayer' to determine as to the extent of his injury. However, all of the .party were discharged from the hospital except Walker . Vincent Announces Hobby Show for Fair •Because of the interest shown in the hobby show at the fair last year Secretary Vincent announces a like exhibit as.part of the ; program this year. Mrs,, Paul Wille will be in charge of this exhibit ant those' who have hobbles, such, as coins, stamps, airplanes, scrap books, pictures or any other mat erial collected as a hobby, shoulc contact Mrs. Wille in time to have the collection' entered for display AND KOSSOTH CLUB TO HOLD EXHIBIT Two Days, August 15 anc 16 Given Over to Pres • entation of Homegrown Flowers at Higli Schoo The Algpna Gladiolus Society and the Kossuth County Flower club will present a combined exhibit in the high school gymnasium hen August 15 and 16. The junior am senior chambers of commerce, th county 4WEI clubs -ami 'the Rotarj and Kiwanis clubs -will cooperate A .banquet and the -annual meetin; of the two groups wfll'be held at th Algona Hotel on 'Saturday evenin •at '6:30 and at this time prize win ners -wTll be announced. Special Awards Awards -will 'be given toy the Ro tary and 'the Xlwaaiis Clubs, th junior chamber and the " Senio 'Chamber and the Algona Gladlolu Club, The Iowa Glaflious Societ, •will also be presented"ln'21 division and two divisions 'wiirije'clevoted tc entries «f flowers in the Kossutt county 'flower 'exhibit, The "Show XJomtriittee The show committee consists o Mr. and Tklrs. John SChimmel, Mrs V, A. Bunting, ^Mra. *W. 'W. Gilles pie, Glen Shore and Tdrs. R, O Hochhaus. A. W. Behrends is show aifcerfntenaent, Mrs. 'Paul Wille classification clerk and F. A. Bunt ing supervisor of judges. 'W. W Gfflesple, R. -'O. HodHhans, Britt and F. A. Bunting are officers o the Algona tSteaiolus society am Gten ffcwwsy. M»s, Uoyd Bdhannon and Mrs. P«ul «re tffficer . of the JCossuth county -flower club Fire Company to Take Part in Fair Show In cooperation with the civil defense group local police and local Red Cross, the Algona Fire Department will put on an exhibition at the fair grounds on Sunday night, August 33. The presentation of first aid in drowning, broken neck, asphyxiation, etc., will he supervised by Joseph, Dphson, of Keokuk, national representative of the Red Grogs out o? St. Louis. As an added demonstration the fire-corn It was a happy coincidence for three Kossuth. boys, now in the service of Uncle Sam, to meet in Honolulu one fine day in June. And the three boys are cousins. " One can imagine the fine and happy visit those boys had, thousands of miles away from home and relatives and friends. While each of them knew the other was in the seryice, none of. them knew just where the others were - toert, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Elbert, Whittemore. He was a member of the contingent which left Algona January 3, 1942. He took, six weeks training at Fort Warren, Wyoming, and then served several months at Everett, Washington. According to letters he left the mainland about May 30th and has since" been a member of the 90th Division Quartermasters Corps, in Hawaii. His job is training riders for motor cycles and superintending the machine repairs. He writes home regularly a letter reaching here in- four days. The sailor In the center is Ralph Fandal, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Fandalj, ..WhittemoCej He has 'been In the seryice nearly two years, hawing signed up Nov. 18, 1940, with the navy. He is rated as fireman first class, and before being assigned to sea duty was stationed at Great Lakes six months and later at Dearborn. On Dec. 34, 1941 he was assigned to shore duties at Pearl Harbor. Ralph was raised In the Whittemore vicinity and attended Presentation Academy there, graduating with, the class of ;39. ' The ''boy to the right is Rudoljph. MRS. RIPPENTROP COMMITS SUICIDE, BUFFALO Found in Besche Home on Sunday Afternoon; Had Been iw 111 Health for Several Years Sunday afternoon the 'body of Mrs. Myrtle Rippentrbp,' former resident of Ledyard township and Lakota, was foUnd in the Beche home at ^ Buffalo Center, she having com- | mltted suicide by hanging^. 'At , this time details are rather lacking but it is known that she had been despondent for some time because of ill health the past two years. She had been keeping house for Mr. Besche the past month. Previous to that she 'had been making her home with several of her children for two years. In L/akota 18 Yeajrs •Mrs. Myrtle, Rippentrop was the former Mrs. 'Tab Loats and her children are by the former , : husband^ Following his death she married Cort K. Rippentrop about 20 years ago and for several years they lived on the Rippentrbp farm, south of Lakota. They 4 moved to town in 1925 and lived there until the death of Mr. Rippentrop two years ago. Since that time she had been making her home with several of her children. A month ago nhe decided to accept a positon as housekeeper for Mr. Besch at Buffalo Center. Five Children Survive •Mrs. Rippentrop -is survived by .wo daughters, Mrs. Earl Goodnow of Mason City and Mrs. Andrew Jansen of Lakota, and three sons, , Tab Loats, DubUque; Tom Loats, ' Titonka and^Heyo Loats, Buffalo lenter. Fourteen grandchildren also survive. Funeral services will je held Tuesday afternoon at 1:30. in the Lakota Presbyterian church > and burial will '*e in Ramsey .Reformed cemetery. Clarence Kraft, Lone - renceT Elbert, 601 Putnam street, Algona. He was a member of the contingent for the army out of here February 3-, 1942. He spent six weeks at Camp Wolters, Texas, anc several weeks 'on Angel Island, ofl San .Francisco and there he was sent to the Hawaiian Islands, having served there with an infantry unit the past two months. Rudolph came to' Algona from Whittemore i with his parents eight years ago, and for seven years he was employed by McEnroe Bros., city. He attended the Walter Brandow school southeast of Whittemore prior to coming here. The Elberts also have another son, Anthony, who left here in the same contingent with Rudolph, and he is also in the Hawaiian Islands -but the two brothers, so far, have failed to meet out there. PRESIDENT AND VICE GOLF THURSDAY With nineteen foursomes lined up' for the president and vice president tournament at the Country Club Thursday the course will probably see some good golf during the day. It is urged iby the promoters of the tournament that players star 1 as early in the morning as possible Wade Sullivan, president, and Joe Lynch, vice president, state tha' interest is running high and thu the tournament should be a success in every way. The losers will treat the » Dutch lunch at the club house In the evening. The President Sullivan Smith, D. P. Amunson Griffin Linnan Blossom Hamill Itewel Burns Bourne DeZellar Foster, W. A. Falkenhainer Gaddis Fraser i Vice Preslden Haggard, J. A Granzow Allen Andrews French Cowan Dab! Buthman Fuller Bloom Gilnwr* LaBarro Band Program at 7:45 Thursday Night Beginning at 7s45 Thursday night on the Bryant school grounds the Algona Municipal Band will play the following program:— March—landing of Troops. Overture—-Trumpeter of the Fort. March—Brazen 'Colrr. Waltz-Silver Glade. 'Popular—We Did It Before. Selection—Ballet Music. Fox Trot — Darktown Strutters Ball. Overture—Annflet of Odin. March—Chicago Belle. Patrcfl—Cupids. Papular—Sleepy -Lagoon. March—Officer of the Day. Star Spangled Banner. Weather of Week Just About Normal Acording *• "Weatherman Harry Tfolte the tenrperatwes the past week have been about normal except for some slightly cool nights, H« reports the crops outstandingly fine. The record: High Lrw .. 83 57 83 ' 50 „_ 81 64 August 6 , ------August 8 ., ......... „.. August 7 8 Clarence, son of Mr, and Mrs. Emll Kraft, didn't .heslf when he made up his mind help Uncle Sam, •. He went't Spencer on June 7th, signed up, passed his examination w!iU flying colors and the.-n;:;<: .-lay was "one of the thousand" at,, Great Lakes < Naval Training- Station, Clarence Is a gra' 1 - uate of the Lone Rook hlgh s school, LAIRDliViVES LEXINGTON; WEDS; VISITS IN ALGONA Mrs. J. J. Cosgrove and Mrs E'"-i Laird enjoyed A vUlt Tuesday i C last week frpm their granrljo.i, ! t, William, Ray Laird, Jr., rf, t** t;.' S. Navy and hla bride whu st )^#4 here enroute to Washln^taac'$, r, where he wjll take epesiaj Verk i-t two months. • } 4 T

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