The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 4, 1942 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 4, 1942
Page 8
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tott*. A« 4, IMS RAY FORSYTHE, WILUAM BUSH OF WEST BEND ENLIST West Bend: Ray 'Forsythe an<} William Bush enlisted in the naval reserve, V-6 class, in the construction and maintenance department dn Des Moines Wednesday. Mr. Forsythe is the father of seven children, two of whom are twinu, and one child by a former marriage. He is a veteran- of World War I, having enlisted in the army at the age of 15, being one of the youngest Iowa veterans of that war. Had Birthday In France (He spent his 16th birthday in France, going there with the first 50,000 who went overseas. He wont overseas in September of 1917 with the Second division and spent 23 months in foreign service. During -that time he saw some of the hard fighting that the American forces •participated in. Served in Hawaii After the first W-orld War, Mr. Forsythe enlisted in the Marine corps for one enlistment and was stationed at Schofield Barracks at Honolulu, Hawaii, during that time. Mr. Forsythe was born and reared near Plover, but spent many years in West Bend where he operated a cafe for a time but the past few years he has been operating a bil- aiard hall. Mr. Bush is a single man and is employed as a truck driver for the J. B. Mertz implement company. He has beeit a resident of West Bend for a number of years, com- ang here from Whittemore. Models of Observation Paul Reynolds, Montezumu boy, Is helping out in the war effort by constructing model airplanes. The models are used by the government 3n assisting airmen and civilian defense workers to recognize airships He has built 16 models, showing the designs of United States, British, Russian, Italian, German and Japanese planes. And So the Box 0! Odds and Ends" Was Laundered The laundry clerk called an Algona-housewife last Week on the telephone. .She said, 'Tfpnr laundry Is all done and we'll deliver It with your dry cleaning;. The lady, bewildered, replied, "What laundry? I always do my own." "Why the laundry you left on the porch waiting for tno h °y-" "I didn't leave anything on the porch. We just moved in— unless it could bo that box of odds and ends we haven't broucnt in yet," replied the lady, as the lifjht dawned. The laundry delivered the package for identification and the lady, embarrassed, admitted they were hers. The men's rld- Inir' breeches, dust cloths, fifty- two assorted tics, hair ribbons, n lady's hat, and numerous stock- iiiKs without mates, weren't so hard to explain but what really stumped them at the laundry were the coat hangers, plumber's friend and children's toys Included In the box. As most things do, It all came out In the wash, when another lady one block down the street called and asked why the laundry hadn't picked up the wash she had setting out on the porch for a day or so. The laundry apologized to both ladies and explained about the new delivery boy and peace and quiet again settled over the McGregor street telephone wires. Floyd Edwards, Nayy, Visits West Bend Folks West Bend: Seaman Floyd Edwards arrived early Tuesday for a short visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Omef Edwards. Ted Flsli- er acompariled Him iond went tci his home to Algoha. Both are sailors oh the U, .3. S. Washington now in dry dock in a New York harbor' for repairs following an accident. Which happened when they hit another' boat during a fog. Floyd enlisted In the navy last December 14,' and has spent six months away from 'home port on sea duty. While* he cannot tell too much of where he has been his display of foreign.coins shows that he has been dn many potts on his duty.. He is cook on his ship. Floyd is one of the four Edwards brothers who are now in the service of .the United States: Harold, Leslie, and Clarence having been inducted into the army within the past year. Floyd and Ted Fisher left on Wednesday afternoon for Des Moines and from there Will return to the east coast. Making Tuberculosis Tests in Kossuth Floss McBride, tuberculosis case finding nurse, came last Wednesday and will toe in Kossuth county about three weeks working under the Kossuth County Medical Society to check any who have had contact with tuberculosis. The work is being financed from the Christmas seal fund, and an equal amount is matched from th eState Department of Health. Dr. M. G. Bourne is president of the Kossuth Medical Society. VICTORY DEMANDS HEALTHY AMERICANS LONE ROCK 2 IN HOT GAME MAY A tttdura' J&ttte With Both Teams Even With Hits; Lotts Creek Gets Narrow Escape Rachel, the three-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Durwood McArthur <of near Algona, suffered several broken .ribs and a punctured lung when a tractor driven by her father backed over her body. The rear wheels passed completely over here, but luckily she was small enough to pass between the lugs. •fl/WAM Women Wanted 18 to 40 To Work in Defense Plants in Wichita, Kansas, the Air Capital of America HERE is an UNUSUAL OPPORTUNITY, TO LEARN, then EARN and WORK in DEFENSE for YOUR COUNTRY, To muflify for this work it is necesary for you t» take a SIX WEEKS FACTORY TRAINING. Upon completion of Otis training y,ou will) be put to work immediately. You will find this work very interesting and pleasant VVie have a record of 100 per cent placement. The minimum earnings per week at start of employment is $31.20. A sm^U payment! will qualify you for this training, balance of tuition paiyable out of income, after you go to work. Write letter or card at once, giving full name, age, hpme address, 01' directions how to reach your home, to REGISTRAR, Care of H, Box 69, Algono. Interested in men with 3-A classification who ha,vo one child or more. AROUND IOWA Free 1/essons OBoys who will soon be drafted are being given free swimming lessons alt the Legion sw'unming poo} In Clarinda. The lessons are becoming more popular each week and new prospective swimmers '"• out" for the lessons. Just as He Wants It Chester Hunt of near Swan is building a new house, doing the work with the aid of his son. The lumber for'the building. Is being sawed at a mill on his place, with the logs coming from the farm. Black walnut will be used as part of the Interior finish, of the house. Mr. Hunt Is landscaping the place as he goes, so that when the house is finished! he wall have a farm home that will toe the envy of many. Scrambled Eggs A truckload of eggs and chickens was wrecked when it struck a culvert near Laurehs. The driver of the truck, Oliver Catroll, from Emmetsburg was not hurt. The eggs were nearly all smashed but only two chickens out of the six crates were killed. • Tears Discharge of a tear gas gun made it a "crying time" for a number of people attending a civilian defence class in Waverly. George Stephenson of Waverly accidently discharged the gun in the direction of the classroom as he examirrcd "Victory Demands Healthy Americans" will be the June ftalry Month slogan, shown in the picture above on the "symbolic poster,, June Dairy Month nutritional posters were previewed by (left to right) Roy J. Smith and C. R. Schoby of the low* Dairy Industry Com. mission, Neal D. Kelley of the National Dairy Cotncll, and Frank Galer, executive secretary of the Iowa Dairy Industry Commission. 1942's June Dairy Month will be a nutritional campaign, designed to aid In the government's effort to educate the American people In good eating habits. the Article. Dr. L. D. Jay received the most direct hit and all others n the room were shown the effects of tear gas, although the subject tor the evening was treatment ot bolls, pimples and other skin ailments. | Not Farewell . A farewell party was held for Larry Vint of Rdck Rapids who was expecting to leave for service as a civilian flying Instructor. The morning following the pa'rty, Larry received word to delay his departure for ten days. He wonders now what he should tell his friends as explanation for being still in town. Patriotism Shown Marlys and Janice Newhal'l of Iowa Falls show their patriotism very emphatically. They have formed large "V's" on their backs with the aid of adhesive tape and sunshine. The sun-tan around the white "V" makes a. very imperssive showing for "Victory." Falling Brick , Henry Rifen of Iowa Falls es-| caped serious injury when a brick fell 70 feet, striking him on the head. The brick did not make a direct hit, -thereby saving him more than a bump >on the head. Nx>t Solid When he stepped off the solid board floor onto a section covered with wafll board in a garage, Elmer Peterson of Hnjyifteld fell through the ceiling onto a cement floor below. No bones were brok- m, but he received many .bruises. ftione.Rook and Lotts Creek crossed-bats on the latteTfMd, Sunday With the game In neither 1 sack until th'e eighth inning When Lotts Creek slipped In two scores to win. It waa a pitchers' baTtle with both teams giving, their twlrlers swell support as indicated toy the .errors for both teams being, equal with 7 Outside of the s'cores made no man from either side ever reached third, The batteries were Luedtke and Wdchtendahl for Lotts Creek artd Kuecker and Schneider for the visitors. Lone Rack Krause, rf Aokerson, If Patterson, 3b Blanchard, ss Long, ib Sohnlelder, c Johnson; cf •••• ° Kuecker, p •• " Blerle, 2b ;....*.....yl H 0 aS^T*lfwarbaTdtf,whans Sent and apaft ttm fluH «$1 treasury fluotA plan. ftoW been appfWttd and adopted- b" Treasury depaf tment as tp pi bl usfT ih p - "^wbuituf*yL throughaut the country. This we. after Iowa showed the nation it could attain s«eond place in p«; centage of sales in relation to -'ta during 1 May. M.OIFO. .*.,» «»•«-« Just to a'dtf" ariothe'ip' problem to the numerous ones, they.alrealy had not enough apnljcattoni blanks for rationing sugaf*or earthing was received by the Buena Vista county rationing board,,, A shipment of the blanks apparently was lost enroute from Washington, D,r C,w and women desiring to can strawberries, etc. had to wait patiently for more to arrive. . Optimist Matt Kacmaryn-skl niay not believe that gasoline Is to be rationed soon, as he has opened a new gasoline station at Truesdale. ^Unfriendly Animal Larry Wilson son of Mr. l^MMMst&m&mc**- »«« l [®ie6 bthia stdre in a and 1 0 tjwwuwwwwwf^^ Keep Comfortable and One a Year Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Hull of Car lisle celebrated their 56th Wedding anniversary a few months ogo. They have 55descendants counting the "in-laws". There has not been a death In the, family or among the descandants since their marriage. They have eight children, 18 grandchildren and 10 great- grandchildren. Collision iBllly Bass dived from a tower Into the Wlnterset swimming pool, colliding with Harold Zink, who was floating. Thrilling Ride iFour tBarkersburg men had a little more than they bargained for when they went for a motorboat ride recently. The boat, driven by Frankie McDowell, went over the dam in Beaver Meadows Palrk. The boat did not capsize, and was soon put back into operation again. Nr one was injured. Dr. and Mrs. R. E. Weber of Bancroft returned home one day recently to find water running from the kiftchen faucet, and the kitchen draia not in proper working order. Therefore, water was all over the kitchen floor, the pah try floor, and even in the basement. They do not know how it happened, but believe someone entered the house in sarch of a cold drink of water, and left the water running. Not to be 'outdone, Mrs. Marie Christensen of Titonka, 68 years old this year, Went into the grain fieid and shocked oats for two hours each daiy for three days. Lotts Creek 2 R HE .Larry son, . Mrs. Clifford Wilson of Hanlontown was .bitten by a, nvohkey belonf.'lng to a show troup occupying the same park In Hanlontown wUere the Brattrud family was enjoying a reunion attended by the Wilsons. The animal which was tied to M tree, Is said to' have bitten another child In the park the same day. "Old South" County Auditor Louis Scott Rob- M^^^^^?^^«l^ill^»^ CLASSIFIED RATES Minimum charge 25c for 13 words or less. When paid with order, 2c per word; when charged, 3c per word. No agents commission allowed. If advertising agents charge their clients 3c and send cash with order, they receive Ic per word commission. JjULUS xsicv*n. . _ Bass, Ib -J * wSdahr:::::::::S2' 3 ? zz* '&*'•**&$&& Luedtke, p • ,..........:»0 Meyer, c • " P ; riebe, if • :••• ° Valentine, 2b ....; .,-.>•• •« Wfttkopf ..-' •-••••* Radig, rf i: ..«» ~° the .Boston, 0 0 7 7 inson of Mills county. coast guard statiorieu ... . Mass., has sent- his!, father in Malvern a bulletin of Od South Church nstructlng the congregation what to do in case of an air raid during service. 'It was Old South Church :hat figured prominently In the stir ring alarms of the Revolutionary The score The interest In the battle of the two teams was evidenced by the crowd present. There were 132 cars counted and assuming each car contained four people tfDafc means there was an attendance of 528. Paralyzed X.. L. Qastleman, Clarion, was badly Injured when he dived from a spring board into the local swimming pool and struck a boy wno was just coming to the surface after diving. Castleman saw the boy too late to avoid "Striking him and turned so that his head was snapped forward. The sudden blow on Castleman's neck caused a fracture resulting in paralysis of the larger part of his body. Ray Hill, the other person involved, was badly bruised by the impact. Donation The pastor of the Reformed church at Stout recently received a cash offering in currency sent by mail amounting to $376. The letter was unsigned and no indication was given to Indicate the sender. At their mission feast held recently, the church received donations •totaling $1,083. An Irate CornMg hotlsewlfs _...,, her month's Bfffe** bllp - ie dfoqe* tlrariWWMH-- it 166"—was going"-* W% She wWfta&W 0 '* by tne^j vhft explained that thefej n was ao<Je; y fo.f 1 bottle^ FaM^tt^lwIlSty ar * , h j names of trlpM carvesJborn on vW Can Mendershott farm south ot Storm Lake, Iowa; they are fult*| blooded whlte-/a(;ed.,Hei:5fo8d S . « Hospitalized John JeromefeSherldan •ot man one of Sts draftees Who palo Alto county for induction ter June 13, was deferred at Moines ,t6 recover from the .effecir of lightning shribk , suffered neaP ; Hampton, Iowa, several weeks ago. Ducking : Members of the Lynn Ingham family of near Waverly received an- unwelcome bath when their car, crowded onto shoft Shoulder of m road, slid into a ditch.Well filled with water. The occupants of tenT car were bruised and cut. ^ Parking Space ' The Grlnnell parking situation-: has been Improved by outlining- parking stalls with a bright yellow, paint. It Is reported that the, Itafi$. should be visible Jn;a blackout... ' '*Salute'•' to General MaoA.rtliur", 1 a inarch, has been' composed btf F. D. Curttrlght, director .of th* Harlan bank. The-compQslton ar-,. ranged for the entire band Instrumentation recently: was presented at a band concert. The City council of Lone Rock of Kossuth County, -r.-r- .••£----- ^ tt&A'^tsrjszssrs^gg; ginning April 1, 1943. A detailed statement of receiptsjuid.disburse- gln " %ast\nd ; anticlpatedwinB> r ^^ S hearin ferh , 172-B FiUNiDS 12 3 Expenditures for Yr • It If- H ffv i : \ I General (Grading • Improvement , .-. $ 555 $ 428 $600 Sewer Water Light Waterworks ..^ 952 696 1000 Water Bonds „ 1060 5 '' 6 I I $ 200 S 600 > 400- \ M TOTALS $2567 $1124 $1600 .* $ 800 $ 80» Taxable valuation (1941) .••.-••• •v..,..--;-".| 8 86,4|T' Moneys and credits .(1941) ............;,...................... •,....,..........,........»-.g.-«>. ol °_ (KOUISEHOILDER PAMOILY re union will be held at Call Park lunday, August 9th. Picnic din ier ot noon. Each family to bring ishes and sandwiches »or own fam- [y and a'covered dish. Everyone nvited. - 31* FOR SALE—Spike tooth combine with motor. Cut only 800 acres. Perfect. —Rex. Taylor, Case dealer, Algona. 31 * STANDARD - DEPENDABLE NON RESTRICTED AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE. ALL- FORMS AT LOWEST RATES—ALGONA INS. AGENCY. PHONE 55. 31-tf FOR SALE—15 Purbred yearlin bulls, 14 heifers. All serviceable age. Domino Herefords. 35 years high breedign. $100 to $125 per head. 1 mile S. E. Rodman, Iowa. —C, M. Haas. 31-32* at _ Chrischilles Store You can buy that cool, smart, summer dress now at reduced prices and get a whole summer's wear out of it and have something to start NEXT season out with. In our cool, air-conditioned ready-to-wear department, you can shop in comfort on the hottest day. It is always 10 to 15 degrees cooler here than on the street. Smart, Cool Inexpensive DRESSES We have the grandest line of cool, sheer, inexpensive summer dresses you ever saw. Good fitting and perfect washing. Dozens ,-, - Jand dozens of them. All sizes— it^^lyuniors, misses' and women's in all prices from $3 $4*50 $5 and up There are seersuckers, batistes, rayons, Bembergs, prints, novelty shantones—a truly beautiful line. One rack of VICTORY SALE DRESSES—values to $15.00 —meshes, prints, and navys IT...... $7.95 Buy 2 for $16. USED MERCHANDISE FOR SALE—3 Maytag washing machines, gasor electric. Electric One Minute, Dexter and Woodrow washers. Vega Cream separator, electric motors and gas engnies.-- Algona Maytag Co. 31 PRsIQE CEJEUNKJ RUBBER tamps for sale at the Agona Upper Des Moines, 35c each. 27-t' FOR SALE—94 piece dish and [lassware aet, $12.95.—Gamble Store. y PHONOGRAPH RECORDS—all he-new releases. Needles^—albums. —Kossuth Radio & Electric, Algona. Iowa, 8-tf Home butchered baby beef for threshers. Robin Hood Flour, $1.94, four lumbers free. C. S. Johnson .31 LARGEST STOCK of Electric Appliances in Iowa—with a service department to back It up.—Pratt Electric. 28-31 WE REPAIR all makea of washing machines. Wringer rolls for all makes.—Algona Maytag Co. 31-32 FOR SALE—1941 Pontiao eight, passenger coupe. Actual miles, 9,522. 'Five tires, like new. —Kirk Auto Co. 31 FILMS DEVELOPED and prijrted and satisfactory work guaranteed. Price ,25c per film- Lusby &, Olossl 24-tf FOR SALE—"Conn" Cornet- Trumpet, Gold bell, like new.—Harry Linde, Armstrong, Iowa. 31 SEE ME FOR Real Bargains IP arms, loans, drainage surveying and estimates on tile.—Phil J. Kohl. i, phone 22, Algona. IB-tf only. IF YOU NEED a rubber stamp for any purpose, you can order them at The Algona Upper Des Molnea, c and up. 13*-tf PLATFORM ROOKING chair, $27.95, special price.—Gamble Store. 31 iSAVE MONEY when you borrow, The Aetna Life's farm loan plan ;urns over every cent of your loan o you. No deductions for commission, appraising, title examlna- ton, -or application. For details n auire of Hutchison & Hough ' ~ 22-38* FOR SALE—1 new 22", 1 new 28" Red River Special thresher. Call for yours today. 200 feeding lambs. Get your place cleaned up and make money besides.—Oscar Larson, Blue Earth, Minn. 30-31* For Sale FOR SALE—Two Holsteln heif ers to freshen in September.—M. | W. Woltz, Burt. 31* Wanted WANT TO RENT 190 or 200 acre farm with electricity. Write 'Box 69, Algona, or inquire this office 81 WANTED—One boy on „.., Fay Minerd, four blocks west ol Court House, Algona. 81* Miscellaneous FARMERS AfntBNTION — Leather drive .belts spliced and repaired—Nichols Shoe Repair. 31-32 WE PAT CASH for good u?e< bed springs, If you fcaye one, le us make you an offer. —Gambles. 3. TOWN PROPERTY Consider tb,e economy and convf n, tence w : ' *Jfer-irJM* Savings & iean Awn. , f^fff 81-81 No Black-Out ofgYalues We're Helping You BOMB Old Gen. Sweatmore In His August Heat Offensive. IBB COMFORTABLE WHEN YOU SAVE v .>••, Exchange Dept. Basement Good Used Furniture Dining room—Living room suites Breakfast sets, Buffets, Radios and Washers Bjustrqm's Furniture 42-tf USED SIACHINERY 1937 Model 60 A. C. Combine, good 26" Wood Bros, steel thresher, John Deere B tractor and cultivator. Jl rubber tired trailers. 9 wagon boxes 1986 Chevrolet delivery J. Hf. C. single row corn picker. Oliver manure spreader 2 Pftpec ensilage cutters 10" Burr mill Cream separator with motor 0 b. p. gas engine 1H h. p. £88 engine , Wwd haininermlll Rotary plcH up for A. C. 60 combine. „ _ Bradley Bron. Phone 214 S. Hotel AJgona u- Boys' | Tailored / s Ensembles By Peter Pan and ' Tom Sawyer Ages 2 to 18 S1.98 and S2.98 %L£.^.^ - . « * j 80 POZ. MEN'S FOT, Sport Oxfords ^^ A Direct Hit on Wash Pants Plain and stripe patterns. Sanforized 149 1.98 2.46 WOTf SWEAT? New popular styles by Free* man and Leu-dair, 411 sizes In this quality aasem- bly. yotfre w<*xnn* wWIe . * they iMtl •. SOCKS IOC 14mit 0 pr, to customer S4.85 to STOAWHATS at 4 Price RiTsuM AND ASR FOjtYOOR WAR SAVINGS STAMPS of Thanks We wish to express our t—• - and appreciation for the bea-utlful flora} tributes and mahy kindnesses it..._ yg a t fee time of our be- » i.

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