The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 28, 1942 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 28, 1942
Page 8
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TWO WHTTTEMORE, YOUNG FOLKS WED LAST THURSDAY Whittemore: Miss Avis Torkel- aon, daughter of Engals Torkel- sott of Rlngsted, became the bride of Ralph Schumacher of Whittemore Thursday in St. Michael's Catholic church with Father WP.l- lam Veit performing the ceremony. Miss Alice Bisele, cousin of the bridegroom, played the wedding march and Fra'ncis Mullin sang during the nuptial mass. Durwood Walters and Bobby Reding, cousins •of the bridegroom, were acolytes. The bride wore a blue silk two- piece suit with white accessories and a corsrtge of roses. Her at- Lawrence Schumacher, wore a rose- teindand, Mrs. Lawrence Schumacher, wore a rose two-piece su't and her accessories were also white. The bridegroom was attended by his twin brother, Lawrence. Following the ceremony a wedding breakfast was served at tho home of the bridegroom's uncle and aunt, Mr and Mrs. Leo Walters. A reception at noon was held at the home of the bridegroom's parents. After 4 short wedding trip the couple will make its home on a farm south of Whittemore. 1938-39 Reseal Corn Loans Maturing Aug. 1 Not to be Extended "The 1938-39 reseal corn loans which mature on August 1, 1942, •will not be extended," Oscar L. Thoreson, acting AAA chairman, announced Monday. "It is expected that with the present price r of corn," he continued, "in most cases farmers will wish to redeem these loans and either feed or sell the corn. "While it is desirable liquidation 1 of these loalns be completed as soon after maturity as is practical and farmers should be urged to complete liquidation immediately after the maturity date of the note, Commodity Credit Corporaton will accept payment at any time during the sixty days immediately following the maturity date of the note." Elmore and Ledyard Business Men, Farmers in Good Samaritan Act Sixty business men of Ledyard and Elmore and the fanner neighbors and friends of Mrs. Leo Flynn, Springfield township gathered at the fsfrm one night last week and shocked all her oats. The grain had been cut by neighbors the day before. And at the Thomas Johnson farm one-half mile east of the Flynn place a like group also cut and shocked his oats. Mr. Johnson had been- a patient in a Mason City hospital for six weeks. Mrs. Flynn lost her husband a year ago in an auto accident and just a month ago she lost a ten-year-old son by drowning. This help given these two people toy friends and neighbors was certalinly fine. Slides Down Mrs. Edwin Marty of LuVerne fell down a hay chute recently. The door covering the chute gave way and Mrs. Marty fell nine feet. In TAe WEEKS NEWS CURRENT WEfttS PtinfOGftAPttfii) FOR , The Upper Des Moines MALTA~"^ /i0 1 TERR HUDDLE-EASTERN THEATRE — AFTER FALL OF TOBRUK AND MATRUH—New York: The long snakelike solid black Inie shows the present course of Nazi Gen. Rommel's African army, ending at a point beyond Tobruk and Matruh after which a dotted line shows the coastal route toward the vital Suez Canal. The short dotted line from Nazi-held Crete shows the short distance that need be flown to launch a Nazi air attack, and the dotted line, starting from the Swastika at the left sihows a possible German encircling move from Nazi-held Greece. Latest report says Axis forces Were halted 65 miles west of Alexandria by large scale aerial attacks of British and American planes. FIRST PHOTO OF JAP ATTACK ON DUTCH HARBOR—Soundphoto—First official United States Navy photo of Japanese attack on Dutch Harbor, June 3 and 4th, showing 'bombs that fell harmlessly into the bay, this was an attempt to silence machine gun emplacements. Ship in background staved off enemy attack with continued machine gun fire. Red Cross Classes ' For Graduate Nurses Winning the war is our first concern. Wars cannot be won without a strong army. The health of the nation must be preserved at any cist. U. S. wants us strong! With this in mind the Red Cross headquarters of St. Louis, in connection with the Wright County Red Cross chapters and the Wright County Nursing Service, are sponsoring an "Instructors Institute" at Clarion, Iowa, Tuesday, August 4th through Friday, August 7th. Miss Gertrude Cromwell, Nursing Brave Girl The aviator's saving that any SPORT SHIRT - WITH ITS OWN Consultant of St Louis, will be the | ]anding they can walk away from instructor at the institute which will be held an the Clarion Public Library each day from 9 a. m. to 11:30 a. m. and from 1 p. m. to 4 p. m. fThe course will consist of instruction and demonstration in care of the sick and will act as a Refresher Course for graduate nurses. It will also prepare those interested in the teaching of Home Nursing classes in their own communities. This is a real opportunity for the nurses of this vicinity to receive instruction from such an outstanding personality, and instructor Miss Cromwell. All graduate nurses' are urged to attend. Our country is at war—we need trained individuals to go out and teach ipeople to care for themselves and their families. We need you—you need us. So come to the institute August 4th through August 7. We know you will enjoy it and benefit by it. New Gravel Discovery of a new gravel pit on the Lynch farm near Clarion will aid that county tremendously. It is estimated that the pit will yield from 500,000 to 1,000,000 yards of gravel. Heretofore, It was necessary to transport gravel a considerable distance for the local roads. Here is one shirt that fee/* just as cool as it look11 The cloth is a silk-like acetate rayon that's soft and gentle on your body and, at the same time, has a frosty touch that's mighty welcome on warm daysl It's the perfect mate for your slacks and as an extra sports shirt to alternate with your ensemble* shirt I In a wide range of cool colors. The Hub Clothiers is a good one evidently held true for 11-months old Mary Ann Carey of Indianola. The little girl fell 16 feet from a second story window but didn't utter a whimper when she was picked up. Not a scratch or bruise could be found on 'the tot. Nickel-a-Day ' A new business block is being built in Westside to replace a former bank building destroyed by fire. Nearly 500 business men and farmers are financing the construction by donating five cents a day. The Organization formed by the mun pledging stock In the non-profit corporation will be known as the Westside Nickleway Corporation. FAIR WILL AGAIN HOLD MILKMAID'S MARATHON 1 DAY Tills year the county fair "Will agatft hold a milkmaids' marathon on the race track In front of tie grandstand on Tuesday, August 28,' at 8;80 p. m. The contest 'B open to any. lady In Kossuth county under 31 years of age. Entries limited to 12 contestants and after the first 12 have been received at the fair secretary's office, no more will' be accepted. Costumes will be provided by the fair association and will be issued to the contestants at 7:30 Tuesday evening In the GdrSs* 4-tit club building. Four prizes will be offered and will be paid in Savings Stamps, 1st $l(XOty second $6.flO, thl'rd $31.001 fourth $2.00. The milking* period will be three minutes and the prizes will be paid to those obtaining the largest amount of milk In the three minutes. The contest will"'be under the supervision of competent -judges. Cows will be numbered and contestants will draw by lot. Gate and grandstand tickets will be provided each contestant. When sending In entry, applicant should give correct address, age and dress size. Good Hope Church Rev. M. M. Scliaper, pastor Sunday School at 10:16 a. m. Worship service at 11:16 a. m. Rev. M. M. Schaper is attending Bible conference of the Northwest Iowa Conference of the Methodist* church held at the Methodist camp on Lake Okoboji. Among the nationally -kn6wn speakers to appear on the platform this year are Bishop Bruce R. Baxter of Portland, Ore., Dr. OB. A. Annett of India and Miss Dorothy McConnell of New York City. Gong! Gong! A dinner bell used many years to call men from the fields at the farm home of Mrs. Elizabeth Allen of Dakota City, now calls attention of Algona residents to the sale of another war bond. The bell has been installed in an Algona bank and whenever a bond has been sold, the bell is tolled by Dorothy Day, bookkeeper at the bank. Seven Up The Patten brothers—all seven of them—were among the sailor survivors of the' U. Si aircraft carrier Lftxington following the sinking of that vessel in the battle of the Coral- Sea. The Patten brothers formerly were farmers near Lake City, Iowa, and later operated a sawmill near Odebolt. Their names are Floyd, Jr., B/uee, Ray, Myrne, Allen, Marvin and Clarence. Needed Help Private William Robbins of Waukon,i now stationed in Texas, believes he was the victim of a practical joker. In three days time Private Robbins received 170 letters, with more coming in each day. Most of the mail was postmarked from Louisville, Ky. Robbins was unable to understand this as he knows no one from that locality. In one of the letters was enclosed a clipping stating: that "he was a lonesome soldier Who doesn't get much mail, and that he thought by appealing to the editor someone might write him" Included in some of the letters was money, and inquiries as to his favorite brand of cigarettes. For Park Twelve new stone benches were donated to the Mt. Vernon city park by Mrs. Laura Hoffman. :! •*"'<* jff "'" '>• j, * t^A^^itf J YOUR COUNTY A«MT CUIA FROM FLOCK NOW Farmers can save considerable feed and at the same time get some ready cash from their poultry flock by selling off the hens that have stopped laying, says County Agent A. it. Brown. He points 'but that many hens, particularly the heavier breeds, stop laying during the hot summer months and go Into a molt. Bui they continue to^eat around 8 or 7 pounds of feed a month just the same. Prices for old .hens are generally good right now. It is a good management plan to quit the abwer portion of the (birds from the poultry flock every two or three weeks—at least every month, he suggests. Feathers about the ward or laying house are an indication that the flock needs culling. Hens which are shedding their feathers about the. .neck, wings or tall can well be sent to market. The presence of yellow pigment or coloring in the beak or legs Is an excellent indication-that the hen Is taking a .vacation; dry combs are additional proof. PREPARATION OF GARDEN FOR LATE PLAN! IXGS .To help insure successful late gardens It 19 well tb follow thd fallowing suggestions: I. Remove the eariy mftturing vegetables Immediately after har* ' " " ' ' ' . • 2. . Cover the seed ' -14 . to % Inch deeper than for .sprltfg planting. Make tne trench ft little deeper than usual. , v 3. 'Soil that ; ls dry' shb'uld be made wet by filling the trench with water, , .. 5 ,.,.,.,,-,-. * 4. Gardens exposed to the south west Winds will .be helped by plant ing 2 or 3 rows of late maturing fleia corn on the south and west side. Corn should be planted fairly thick. : (Following the strawberry season the bed should be prepared for next year as follows: mow off. the leaves ,ahd destroy them and the mulch. Cut rows down to 12 to"'i4 inches and cultivate shallow the rest of the summer. Make new row to one side of old] row so you will have new plants* 'j__ . . . --' ________ ;'-.- if. '..-,>' Gets Harvard Accent iLeslie Rollins, formerly of Denison, and lately engaged In teaching at Northwestern University, Evan- Ston, 111., has just been named assistant dean of the Harvard school of business administration, in Cambridge, Mass. MM WITH, HERE >Finaft ',*!te& tot MM. Josepnfrto jaltonr, letti-«m^ieaiden£'of cor- with, 1 - wore 'held at the Methodist church here Sunday afternoon at 5 o'clock, with burial In Rlvervlew cemetery. Services were in charge of Rev. j&rry At. Butt* Mrs. Walters was bdrn Josephine May, •-•• daughter of Mh .and Mrsl Joseph Qranvelle , January 18, 1676, at Lar'alb, 111. She «was 'married to Chris F, Walters at Slbletf 111., oh Sept. 8, 1894, and to this flhlon were borh two daughters ..and' two sfthS, Mrs. Hehry;.Weber ^Mrs,;, Willard SariforoVaHd Leo at hom<j. One son died' in Infancy. Her husband passed away , September 4, 1637t She Is also 'Survived by two sisters ahld two (BVotnefs. Weathernhan Decent According to records i>y Weath* erman Harry Nolle the temperature the past week has been -quite decent, not too much heat, with <m occasional sprinkle of rain. In fact it has been Ideal harvest weather. The record) High Low July 21 ........... '• ..................... ,•»][» .58 July 22 .................... '..» ..... * ....... 79 63.. July fl3 ..... ,. ............................. 82 50 July 24 ........... <. ............... .'.•• ......... 76 63 July 25 .................................... 82 60 July 26 ... ............ <• ......... • ........... 85 60 July 27 ................... . .................... 76 69 /The rdlrifall was .02 on Friday and .07 on Monday. The soil temperature was 81.4 average with 83.8 The Big Battle Against High Prices Is On Classified Ads CLASSIFIED RATES Minimum charge 25c for 13 words or less.' When paid with order, 2c per word; when charged, 3c per word. No agents commission allowed. If advertising agents charge their clients 3c and send cash with order, they receive Ic per word commission. FOR SALE—160 A. very good land. 7 mi. Estherville. $1250 down. 320 A. well improved good land, $30,000.—O. J. Sheldon, Estherville. 30* START WITH 4/QcAe SHORT 60 e ld«ol for activ« »um£n«r tporU. Sle«k,-bri«f, jlreamlined. Prpyid«i mgiculine tuppsrl. Cool bocoui* jinit fabric abtorbs and evaporalvl p»nplratlon and left your »kin br«alh«. Originated and menu- fodurvd by COOPERS. The Hub Clothier? FOR SAL.E—1 new 22", 1 new 28" Red River Special thresher. Call for yours'today. 200 feeding lambs. Get your place cleaned up and make money besides.—Oscar Larson, Blue Earth, Minn. 30-31* For Sale ' FOR SALE—New Idea and Idea cream separators, $110 up.—Algona Maytslg Co. Phone 399. 30 FOR SALE—Chore Boy and National Milking Machines, gas, or electric models. $150 up.—Algona Maytag Co. 30 FOR SALE—Several good washing 'machines, gas aiid electric models, $30 up. Used cream separators, radios, electric motors. We repair all makes of washers. Wringer rolls for aH makes.—Algona Maytag Co., Phone 399. 30 FOR SALE—Woods Bros. 26' threshing machine. Good condi tion. Priced to sfill.—Bradley Bros. 30 FOR SALE OR RENT—Fflrn Murray residence property on Park avenue. If interested see C. B 'Murtagh at Security State Bank 30* Wanted WANTED-AU roynd mechani for implement store. Good on tractors and magnetos. Write Bo> 69, Algona, or phone 16. 9 WANTED—Engineer and house man.—Algona Hotel. 30 WANTED — Housekeeper— Ar thur J. Budlong, Titonka. 80 WANTED —To rent, farm with good improvements. Also "want to buy rat terrior dog. 'Inquire Upp« Des Molnea. 3Q ~* PAim"JOB & y give it that new 1 look. Factory methods.—Dau Garage. Phone 165 30 ATTENTION FARMERS: Bet- .er have your binder canvas ru- paired while materials are atill available.—Nlichols Shoe Repair. 26-t.f LARGEST STOCK of Electric Appliances In Iowa—with a service department to back it up.—Prat Electric: 28-31 j ANNEX | I Ends Saturday, August 1st 1 =: ,. '..-'•-••'• •- • '- • *" ' v f " Vj " 'gg* [ Here's the most amazing array of bargains you've aeen^ for = 1 years. It's a real "second-front" against General High Prices. = 1 The little ANNEX is simply CRAMMED with stupendous = I BARGAINS. Come in during this SALE. Help us beat the old 1 j enemy—HIGH COST OF LIVING, \g = x patterns itfb *iP very • popular- Fine rayon slips in flesh and white—well made slips at lowest price of/the season— sizes 32 to 44 £Q*» special w«rl 2 for $1.00 ' d clean- >r '^M&^^ i^^^^^*,ldflvode>S , ^ C 3 V"v«uv 6° u ^ FOR RENT—Two new portable typewriters. Rates $4 per month, &1.50 per week, or 3 months, $10.— The Algona Upper Des Moines. 30-tf EXPERT MOTOR TUNE-up and every part of your car and motor checked. Cost is. small. Drive in, —Dau Garage, Algona. Phone 165. 30 FILMS DEVELOPED and printed and satisfactory work guaranteed. Price 25c per film. -' Lusby & Giossl 24-tf SEE ME FOR Real Bargains U ("arms, loans, drainage surveying and estimates on tile.—Phil J, Kohlhaas, phone 22, Algona. 16-tl SAVE MONEY when you borrow. The Aetna Life's farm loan plan turns over every cent of your loan to you. No deductions for commission, appraising, title examination, or application.' For details In quire of Hutchison & Hough 22-88* - SEE THE NEW Philco radios at the Algona Maytag Co. SO Exchange Dept. Basement Good Used Furniture Dining room—Living room suites Breakfast seta, Buffets, Radios and Washers Bjustrom's Furniture sale— ---- ." Grand assortment line broadcloth, print, spun rayon, swlss and summer cotton sheer dresses, including also some silks, complete size range from 14 to 44—your last chance to buy a real dress for a • choice only— -,•,-—•"—-"-'•— 8 i **•» •" , 3 BOMB SHELL BARGAINS CBJLINK3 RUBBER stamps for sale at the Agona Upper Des Moines, 35c each. 27-tf P* YOU NEED a rubber »tamp fop any purpose, you can order them at The Algona Upper Des Molnea, We and'up,_,> 18»-M PHONOGRAPH RECORDS—all the new releases. Needles—albums. _4$p*mtb Radio * Pleptric, Algona. low*. «Kf off YOUR CAR- new by havlog the See i» for : A grand collection off "better" dresjes *rom> the Jfero Btpre-Httavy sheers, printed jeij> •seysi summer wash T ables and pwtel conv navy, blac^arid T?L--aU s{«e8 18 to 4 " juniors i valves t and e j, bajlf stee* , m f JMg, n $i&.QO, $5*00 w«*« r the season's scarcest — good fcemb dresses have been & most impossible to get AT ANVmSB- W» have i good selection of aU aizes fc 9ew* t Print overall (or summer wear, coJor. Sizes $ gnd 6 only to and plain anco sde for rea c,r $9 QQ 99999 only, ^WiJSPlBBpSPIBP^^Pff^*^^^^ "™^ «. :< ^ ! ^P'^HP^^^^WP^I^«?^WW^^ fW ^ *^r -WT >^ ; ~- V Kft~Tv^'^$'r* " 0 Pay. TREMENDOUS BARGAIN WVINO

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