The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 28, 1942 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 28, 1942
Page 4
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\ t I Hid Atatt Upp«r l>«sMol^ALroww Iowa, July 38, IMfi <3crb«rs Wed 40 Years- Mr, and Mrs. John Gerber celebrated their fortieth wedding an< mlversairy when 40 persons gathered at their home Sunday evening to surprise them. The guests brought wo(ll( filled baskets and took the honorees to the Blackford iPark where they enjoyed a picnic supper. Mr. and Mrs. Gerber were mar- tied In Eureka, Illinois, July 24, 1902 Mrs. Gerber being the former Emma Aeschllman. In 1914 they came to Kossuth county and bought a farm in Whittemore township. Three years later they bought another farm in Cresco township and farmed there until 1938 when they moved to Algona and purchased the Mrs. Sndie Schenck home. The Gerbcrs have five children, 3Wrs. Sam Mogler, Whittemore, Mrs. George Briiellman, Ottosen, Mrs. Paul Strahm of Sabetha, Kansas. Ervirr, home. Algonry and Mlldfred nti All but Mrs. Strahm were present for the occasion. New Officers Preside at Rebekahs— (The Robeknlh lodge will meet this evening (Tuesday) at eight o'clock. The new officers, who were Installed by the Wesley installation team tinder the direction of the D. D. •P, Mildred Fox, on July 14. will officiate for the first time To head the organization for the coming six months are Ella Padgett, N. G.; Rose Smith, V. G.; Alma Nelson, R. S. N. G.i Carrie Wright, L. S. N. G.: Myrtle Turnbaugh, R. S. V G.| Maibel Lund, secretary; Ber- nitals Lynk, treasurer; May Heiman, chaplain; Rose Fritz, P. N G.; Anna Sharp, wardcrr; Luollji Etherlngrtotn, conductor^ Hertnan Fritz, I. G.; Emma Dehnert, O. G Let all Rebekahs show their cooperation to the new officers l>y attending this meeting. Refreshments will be served. Wed in Arizona— Announcements were received last week by friends of the marriage of Bcrnice Harrington to Prank Wendell Fuller. The ceremony took place at Yum«, Arizona, on July 18. The new Mrs. Fuller is the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Harrin-gton and a sister of R. J. Harrington. She is a graduate of thp'AIgona high school and attended Grinnoll College at Gi'.inncK. She later attended the Mankato Business college after which time she was employed at the Norton lumber office. Before going to California she was located at Des Moin-es where she was employed. IMr. and Mrs. Fuller are at home at 1357 Elm Avenue, Apartment A, Lung Beach. s^r I!— Farewell for R. J. Harrington— (Robert Harrington was guest of honor Sunday evening at a dinner party alt the Country Cfyib. A seven o'clock dinner was served after which the evening was spent socially. Mr. Harrington was presented with a leather kit from the group. Those attending were the Messrs, and Mesdames C. C. Shierk, John Haggard, Harlan Sigsbee, W. H. Sharp, Paul Hafrnill, Harold Cowan, William Steele. L. S. Bo- Ihannon, and Elizabeth Nugent and Joe Lowe. Mr. Harrington will leave today (Tuesday) for the army. Shower for Mary kain— A group of Plum Crook women entertained at a linen shower Sat- urday cente school in honor of Miss Mary Kain R. N 1 ., who will be married soon to Don Bajrkman, a civil engineer of Tlllamock, Oregon. About sev enty of her. friends attended th shower and presented her with many lovely gifts. Miss Kain, wh Is the daughter of Mrs. John Kain recently returned from Dutch .Har bor, Alaska, where she was a nursi at the hospital there. Engagement Announced— The Alpha Psi chapter of Beta Sigma Phi met at Emmetsburg on Friday evening for a picnic at the home of Helen Moad. The engagement of Miss Moad to Fay Meado of Algona was announced at this time. Those attending the picnic were Valeria Williams, Esther Siga- bee, Lucille Black, Dot Smith, Thelma Knudsen, Irene Hutchlns, Helen Chubb, Jean Klnsey, Phyllis Parsons, Dorothy Day, Elsie Hilton anc Verabel Ulfers. Betty Laird was a guest of the sorority. Farewell for Woodmansees — The members of the Methodist choir honored Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Woodmansee and Dick Keen following choir practice Thursday night at the church. Mrs. Woodmansee was presented with many hankies and Dick Keen was presented with a gift. Dick left Saturday to join the navy and Mr. and Mrs. Woodmansee are leaving soon for Des Moines where they will make their home. To Honor Club Members — The Bel Canto club will meet on Thursday afternoon at the Country Club for a one o'clock luncheon honoring Mrs. J. R. Woodmansee and Mrs. E. E. Attelson both 1 members of the club. Mrs. WoodmaJi- see, will move to Des Moines soon and Mrs. Attelson 1 will move to Fort Dodge where her husband will teach in the high school and the Junior college. Bridge at Woodmansees — Mrs. J. R. Woodmansee and Mrs. O. A. Lindgren were hostesses to a group of women at the Woodmar.- see home Thursday afternoon at a bridge luncheon. Three tables of bridge were irr play with Mrs. D. E. Dewel winning the first prize, a defense stamp corsage, and Mrs. G. D. Shumway winning the low Party for Sheila Wassenberg — Mrs. L. E. Linnan entertained Wednesday afternoon at a birthday party for her niece, Sheila Wassen-berg, of St. Paul. Guests were Sheila Sullivan, Judy Murtagh, Judy •Nasby, Alice Kresensky, the honoree and her two brothers, Dick and Ronald Wassenberg. Dinner followed an afternoon of games. Benefit Tety at Pollard's— The members of the Presbyterian tea circle gave a tea Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. C. U. Pollard foe the purpose of obtaining money to paint the interior of the church. The sixteen approxd- attended hostessles reported tWab mately seventy persons Garden Club to Meet— The Kossuth Garden club will meet Monday evening at 7:30 in the domestic scence room at the high school. Mrs. Olaf FunnemarU of Wesley will talk on House Plants and Mrs. L. S. Bohannon will talk on Cacti and Terrariums. •JUNIOR nnmissian, Wed.-Thurs., July 29-30 Dynamite with a girl—or a gun! I'S SIX CYLINDER Plus Tax..., nnVTIlTlE Sunday-Monday-Tuosdiy, August 2-3-4 Complete Laugh Riot! BREATH-TAKING ADVENTURE Fri.-Safc, Juty 31-Aug. 1 Big Double Feature Three Way Attraction I'm not whirling my pegs for long! ANN SHERID iRONALD 'REAGAN Leo Qarrillo is "TOP SERGEANT" March of Time Shorn "Men in Entrusted bj Americans with the destiny of their country are these figures from March of Time's "Men in Washington, 19-12." Roosevelt, Wallace, Hopkins and Hull direct the diplomatic and morale fronts: the war and economic fronts are* the responsibility of Nelson, King, Marshall and Henderson. Besides striking candid Studies of these men, the Aim shows the. feverish activity ot the wartime, AROUND , IOWA WAtef f 6 large storage tank used as supply tank tot water at the Albert Hoepner farirf near Relnbeck ha* beeh remodeled Into a large all- weather vegetable and fruit cave. The structure Is large and strong; enough to be used as a bomb shelter if the- occasion should arise. Mr. Hoopner has Installed an automatic water system on his place. Mere Flip of Coin If the coin had not landed as it did what Is now Grlnnell might have been named "Phelps." The Grinnell and Phelps families, both pioneer, settlers of the town werd naturally 'considered when it came to naming the town'. It Was decided to that the flip of a coin would determine what name the town would bear. The! coin was flipped,, and it decided that the name henceforth would be "Grlnnell," which It is to this day. .False Alarm An electric fly spray machine was the cause of a fire alarm in Indianola. Fog caused by the machine in a grocery was mistaken by 'someone for smokfe, and an alarm was turned In. Free Honey' Workmen repairing the walls fn the Guthrle County court house found a large number of pounds of honey stored there, an odd place I for it. to be found. The "bees were I still at work storing more of the AN OLD TIMER—The stethoscope shown In photo, was used by Dr. Hugh Lansden, Sparta, ^Tennessee, before and • during the Civil War. It Is not known exactly 'how old this instrument is, but It is estimated to be more than 100 years. . It Is made of red cedar and is seven inches In length. Photo shows Dr. T. B.. Lansden of Granite, Oklahoma, who states the stethoscope'Was used during the battle of Atlanta, Georgia. • ; , fitrtl faflft toth^Hottlttd $ -\ capital of the United Nations, and the steps being; taken to integrate vast IT. S. resources for the coming second front. These men and the huge corps ol Washington workers behind them face the grim task ot prosecuting successfully a war whose open- ing broadside wag S disaster to the U. S. But today America Is on the march, one with the other freedom-loving peoples of the world, and In the wartime capital of the United Nations these men are setting their sights for total victory and total peace. By Talking Less We Can Shoot More The telephone company is prlnt- rrg an advertisement in this issue appealing to telephone users to lim- t, as much as possible, their telephone calls, particularly long dis- ance calls. In normal times the company would build and extend ines but owing to lack of material hat is impossible now hence the appeal to limit calls in time as nuch as possible. Safety grams ATTENTION BIKE RIDERS! Last week I advised motorists to ic extra cautious because of in- reased bicycle traffic, but you too mve a responsibility to be care- ul. Remember! 1. Obey all traffic laws, stop signals and traffic lights. 2. Use hand signals. 3. After dark use a white head- ight and red taillight 4 Never carry passengers , 5. Keep to the right and close to 6. Don't speed, race, or weave n and out of traffic,7. Never Itftch 'onto other ve- icles. 8. Ride on streets where traffic is ight. 9. Dismount and walk across angerous intersections. 10. Be courteous. Give pedes- rians the right of way. Correct Posture is closely asso- iated with good health. If the case of a watch is badly ent it throws the mechanism out f line and it will 1 not run prop- rly. If the bony framework of tie body is misshaped or the mus- les have not been trained to sup- ort the body in a correct position, le internal organs are thrown out f position and cannot do their vork properly. Stand Straight. Stand as tall as iossible without raising on your oes. Keep your head up, chin in, houlders squared evenly, chest out, pine as straight as possible, ab:omen in, and knees straight with- ut strain. Sit Erect. Strive to maintain the same position of the trunk as when standing straight. If necessary to bend over your work, bend at the hips, not in the middle of the back or shoulders. •Here are three reasons for the inability of some night-time drivers to stop their cars within the range of their headlamps. 1. Defective brakes. 2. Inadequate lights. 3. Excessive speed. Regardless of what condition your lights are in, you must have brakes to stop your car. Many words have been written in this column about the urgent need for all motorists to see that their cars are in good mechanical condition now that parts and essential accessories are difficult to obtain. Your headlights should be checked carefully to see that they are within the proper range for maximum use of the rays. Then too, speed is an important factor in these night-time accidents and should be controlled now especially to conserve tire wear and increase safety in driving. • During the present crisis, many women have asked how they can help in war time. There are many ways in which women can assist in winning this war. If you are a housewife and your husband is engaged in work that is essential to war production, it is important that he remain on the job to help the cause along. Au accident can not only ruin this production, but also ruin your happiness. Women can be extPemei- i ly helpful in spreading the good word of safety along the entire family table so that everyone'will be conscious of his part in this large program. The efficiency of our soldiers and sailors and airmen depends upon the efficiency of our workers behind the lines—and they in turn depend upon safety and health to keep working. A Story of War—And War Bonds they luxurious" delicacy when were discovered. For very little extra work, the workmen found themselves the owners of several pounds of honey, merely for the taking. Motorized Caddy Blalne Asher of Spencer has purchased a machine that carries him around the golf course, together with his golf clubs. The little "scooter" Is run by electricity and needs re-charging every 36 hours. Published A new hymn, the words written by Miss Elizabeth Hoyt, the music by Jack Powell, and the arrangement by Howard Chase, of the Iowa State College staff, has just been published. The title: "Hymn for all People." Fly Far Chimney swallows have proven that they can be distance flyers. Recently a pair of swallows flew down the chimney at the Ed Bray home in Bedford, where Bray captured them. The birds were banded and the bands were forwarded to the Iowa State Conservation Commission. It was learned that one flew from Memphis, Tennessee, the and collects a bounty on the scalps of the Older ones. Nt> Girls 'During his 12 years •of _ school life, Edward Severson of Thor has not had a girl classmate. The Thor graduating class this year was composed of six boys. Honest People Three Indlanola cafe proprietors have changed the usual sugar rationing to customers. They place the sugar 'bowls on the counter for all to use as they please. The cafe owners report that the customeis use less sugar than they would if 'they served them or gave them the sugar In little packages. ' • Freak 'A Siamese-twin pig is being displayed In the window of a Belmond doctor's office. The pig had two bodies grown together at the side, eight legs, two tails, four ears but only one head. The pig lived-only a short time but when it breathed one body Inhaled and. the other body exhaled. Carl Menenga. farmer living near Belmond, took the freak to the doctor's office to be displayed. Recurrence Five buildings were destroyed by fire at the John B. DeMichelid farm near Chariton recently. The blaze apparently started from a spark from the house chimney, and be., , _ j • ... ™..^|j Q fore it could be extinguished, five other from Gainesville, Florida. bulldingg had burneds John ' De _ Not Edible . JMichelis, Jr., narrowly escaped death Lawrence Lansing of Dyersvlllo w h en a tractor he was driving turned over as, he attempted. to save some gasoline. He attempted to jump clear but was* pinned under the machine, and one arm was seriously injured. Twenty-two years . Will you give ;;pf your pay Iri War Bo ii * ' .. ' «.'..' 'IV'" .('*.'." ' ." • .This new color poster, which soon will be used in all parts-of the country to promote the sale of War Bonds and Stamps, is one of four recently created to emphasize new themes in the War Bond sales campaign. V. S. Treasury Dept. 10-28050-1 WSS *91 par flfhtlnf men are dolaf their share. Here »t homo the le**t we cm do is pa* 19% of our Income In W*r for our fbiro to America, Navy Appreciative . Of Cooperation by State Newspapers In the piast two weeks, your paper and many others in Iowa have given this office line assistance, and the Nuvy Recruiting Service deeply appreciates the spirit of patriotism and the willingness to cooperate as evidenced by your help. Wo feel sure that the people of your community must realize as wo do that the community newspaper is the back-bone, the spark plus, of any community, and as such ^deserves the best in community support and community patronage. In times of crisis or emergency tile newspaper truly comes into its own. How dependent we all are on newspaper cooperation could not be fully realized unless there suddeny were no papers. Among the many things that this nation is fighting for at this time is the freedom of religious worship, of political belief, of free speech and free press. The Navy thanks you for your unselfish aid, and pledges itself to see that those freedoms shall be maintained for all. Sincerely yours, TRUMAN JONES Lieut. U, S. N. R. Officer In Charge. Enliat in U. S. Navy And Naval Reserve The Navy Recruiting Station, Spencer, Iowa, wants men, 17 to 50 for enlistment in the Navy and Naval Reserve. UntrsUned men may go to Navy Trade Schools and become skilled workmen. Men with a trade or training may be enlisted immediatey in the higher ratings. Class 1-A men in Selective Service may enlist in the Navy or Naval Reserve up to the moment they are actually inducted into the army. Make application and take your physical examination at the Spencer station ^and ypur transportation wjll he furnished, to Des Moines: Make application and then set your own date to go within a reasonable length of time. Go to the Navy Recruiting Station, Second floor of the Clay County Court House, Spencer, lowaj and enlist now-' ' t ** " M. -1-'" "BUM STEER" — Woodland, tja.: Photo shows an interesting shot, of little "Bum Steer" of the Argi breed owned by E. B. Birdsong of Woodland. The miniature steer is 5 years old, weighs 300 pounds and works' and rides like a mule. The little colored boy shown riding the animal, cultivated 8 acres of land with him, producing 150 bushels of corn. Mr. Birdsong ihas refused a cash offer of $125 /for little "Bum Steer." recently found some hickory nuts that were petrified Into stone. No Bread Wheat that might later have been made into bread was destroyed by fire recently. The fire, caused when a truck back fired while i hauling -grain, 'burned 50 acres of ' uncut wheat on the Frank Sydow farm near Onawa. "Diggers OubK The 50 men who aided in the improvement of the Congregational church in Elkader by building a "Friendship Hall"-have formed a club to be known as the "Diggers club." From Junk to Planes etc. The Lisle factory yard in Clarln- da was recently the source of over half a carload of junk steel which will later be used in defense work if various kinds. A number of elics was found in the contents, hat -will not be sent unless occa- ion demands. One retained was a pattern for casting square hails. Another was one of John Crowe's original inventions first manufactured in the plant, a shoe pegging machine. Lot of "Scratchers" Mrs. R. J. Parker of Belmond ha.-j a cat that looks as though he might be wearing a large mitten on each foot. The cat's feet appear so large, however, because it has eight paws rather than four, two paws on each foot.' One paw on each foot has four toes, while the other has three toes. Ninety-Nine out of 100 Do It On July 4, 1941, a piece from an airplane, flown over Rudy Ulrich's farm near Garner, fell into a cornfield. Ulrich galve the matter considerable publicity, but did not learn until over a year later from what plane the piece fell. He got a letter recently from C. W. Heinselman, now with the army air corps, stating that the piece was a section of the ailerons, ripped off' in a heavy wind, but the loss did not hamper his landing the ship safely. Heinselman had seen the publicity in local papers, but neglected writing for over a year. ttiuitcr Fifty-nine foxes have been caught or shot by Joe Colla^n of near Jackson Junction this "spring. Collan sells the young cubs to fox farms Old Friends Meet In California Nat Spencer, who was superin tendent of the Algona schools in the early loco's, for several years, sends us a brochure telling of a trip he made to California, last year, and how he was halndsomely entertained by Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Butler, and their daughter, Miss Marjorie. on a fishing trip in the Yosemite Naljlonal Park. Mr, Butler, for many years a resident of AJgona. was president of the Algona school board at the time Mr. Spencer served ds superintendent and has been a'resident of Kansas City for many years where he has interested Mm* self in social reforms, now holding the office of secretary of the Social Improvement League. He is now 77 years old and Mr. Butler is 87. All are apparently {n good heatlth. The Butlers live at Atascadero, north of Los Angeles. Mrs. Butler was Lenette Wilson, daughter of a prominent Algona pioneer business man, J. J, Wilson. Mr. Spencer also tells of a short visit at the toqjn? of C. M. Doxsee, former "goa* man, at his home in Bed-•-" City, near Son Francisco. ,to * drew Juhl honis near Brayton re- tefttly art «ft' tifttumfti ifly'Wtt Carlson of,AMjHitfe .had afrtved « the Juhl home, Informing MM. Juhl that th«< farm was hls'ajid ha Wai "MbVlng In." When Mr. Juht re* tuned to the house, Carlson was ofdeted off, but Clemmensen wa« called to makfe thd order effective. It appears that th6 farm tthere Juhl lives belongs to a« estate. , i «y»> A grey streak has been apparent In Harold Hattsen's hair all his life. The Decorah hian now cbmbs and parts his hair so that the gf ey niakes a "V" on his head. The grey streaK In hair is characteristic of his mother's family* An uncle and cousin of Hanson's also have the same marking lit their hair. Unusual Case For the second time In two attd one-half months, Rowan Shultz of Humboldt Is confined tp his home with a case of measles.; Seventy- five cases of measles ha*6 ; been re* ported In Humboldt since Mirch'l;; • Explosion '' An- explosion of undetermined origin virtually demolished the homfc of Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Nlewendorp of Sheldon. Mrs. Nlewendorp struck a match to burn some papers Irt the furnace and a terrific explosion resulted. Mrs. Nlewendorp was seriously burned and cut., j Eyerjr wall and the floor was torn loose, the front porch collapsed—lrt .fact—the house was ruined.' Same Teacher ' . Miss blserens, kindergarten Instructor at Anamosa, started all five aons of Mr. and Mrs. James Whliio In their school work. The oldesit boy will be a senior In high school next year and the youngest has/just comnleted .his first year. Coincidence Hiram Finely, 101, and Richard Williams, 2, of Indlanola, celebrated their respective birthday anniversaries June IS by appearing simultaneously at an Indlanola barber shop to have their hair cut. Mr. Finley formerly resided In Red Oak. previously, on the same day of the year, lightning struck the barn on the DeMichells place, destroying H. < First in Iowa The first of 125,000 bushels of wheat from Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota that are to be stored in Iowa moved in last week. The WORM PIGS WITH PTZ Effective against nodular and common round worms. PTZ Powdee is easy to give. You juit mix it with feed. Costs about 3^ P«* pig. Use only as directed. Free your pigs from worms now. Use PTZ (Phcnothiazlne) before you start pouring the feed to them. A. D. James Parker Herbex Individualized Treatments Cleanse! Massage! Stimulate! If you have dandruff, if your hair looks lifeless, feels oily or like straw, •falls out excessively, if you cannot take a satia- factory permanent". . . your troubles may be due to shocked hair. Our operators have studied the Parker Hcrbef method and we are fully equipped to give your hair proper, conscientious care. For more ^han fifty years the Parker Herbex method of hair and scalp treatment has been unexcelled. Why not make an appointment NOW? Open All Day Wednesdays Marigold Beauty Salon THE SHOP WHERE NO SUBSTITUTES ARE USED Air Conditioned Phone 803 you CAN BORROW $504100 OR MORE Quick, Confidential Service . . , Easy Monthly Payments • SPECIAL PLAN FOR FAJUMEBS S, BOHANNON Phone 103 Algona, la. "Better Quality" SEALS "Uulokir Servlo«" HIADpUARTCRI .YOUR ORDER WIU II nUB PROHPTW AID EFFIOENTLY The Algona Uppe» Des'Moiaes

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