The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 21, 1942 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 21, 1942
Page 8
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SCOimNG DRIVE ON IN EARNEST HERE THURSDAY Chairman Announces 112 i. Men Will Take Part in Work; to Complete Job in One Day E. S. "Diike" Kinsey announces that 112 workers had been recruited to act in the "Friends of Scouting" drive scheduled for Thursday, .July B3rd. These- men will meet at the Algona Hotel at 7:00 that morning for an Early Bird Breakfast where each man will select the names of four or five other men whom he will see to secure funds to maintain the Scouting program in Algona and Kossuth county, The majors and their selected workers are as follows: (Major P. C. Zerrder—A. L. Borchardt (C), John Beiser, Win. Gios_ si. Paul Wille; Wm. Steele, Jr., (C), Joe Bloom, Jack Waite, Vern Lovely; Art Cogley (C), C. W. Swanson, Paul Hamill, Geore Boswell;, Gene Murtagh (C). Major John Kohlhaas—C. B. Murtagh (C), Otto B. Laing, Prank Kohlhaas, Joseph Bradley; Joe l<ynch (C), H. M. Miller, P. J. Kohflhaas, Cfc. D.' BMmdage; J6e Greenberg (C) H. A. Norman, Joe Harig, G. A. Wittkopf; H. D. Hutchins (C), A. L. Brown, Rev. D. R. ijtartin, D. D. Monlux. " D. D. Paxson, Ma^or Major D. D. Paxson—C. L. LaBarre (C), R. O. Bjustrom, W. A. Foster, Milton Dahl; H. T. Barker (C), C. A. Phillips, W. W. Keiv, Herman Moore; K. D. James (C), Fred Schiltz, Dr. John Keneflck; Menke Buy« 160 Near Bancroft for $85 Per Acre iLeander Menke, Bancroft, recent.- ly purchased the 160 acre Sanftner farm two miles north and 3 J /4 mile West of Bancroft, now 'occupied George Diers. Mr. Menke has fw- sumed possession as of March 1 1943, and Intends to start improve* ments on builidngs this year. The sale is reported by L. W. Rouze, Ai goa Field Represetattve for the Equitable Life Assurance-Society of the United States. Reported sale price was approximately $85 per Hears from James Spencer, Australia A letter from James Spencer was received in Algona last week by Mrs. Edythe Dailey, mother of Jim's good friend, Bill Dailey. Jim said he was well, getting along nicely and wanted to be remembered to his old Algona- friends. He had learned that his twin brother, Lt. John Spencer, was in Australia, but at the time the letter was written, May 26, hadn't been able to get In touch with him. James has been made a sergeant. This was his first letter to Algonans since landing in Australia some months ago. His mother, Mrs. Emily Spencer, visiting relatives in the east. Ed Thaves (C), Bill Dau, Charles Ulfers, L. M. Merritt. ... Major J. G. McDowell—J. A. Haggard (C), W. A. Lorenz, Ted Lar- Bon, A. E. Lauritzen; A. E. Kreserr- Sky, (C), J. R. Woodmansee, L. A. jGopp, Allen Hungerford; Chet De- Sart (C), Del Clopton, Dr. P. C. Scanlan, Melvin Jacobson; Dr. S. W. Meyer (C), Dr. H. 'D. Meyer, Roy Ingham and J. L. Richardson, j Sliumulay Serves .*• Major G. D.;Shumway—N. C, Rice ,CC), Harry Godden, Fred Kent, Tom Holmes, Jr.; T. C. Hutchison (C), Airtone Johnson, Lloyd Robinson, . Howard Hdenk; E. A. Schemel (C). H. W. Hauberg, C. U. Pollard, W. 33. Alien; R. O. Bjustrom (C), Bob Insk'eep, Bill -Kohl and Wayne Bjustrom. >; Major L. A. Winkel—L. H. Bo- cannon (C), Art Moulds, Rev. Harfy Burns; E. H. Hutchins (C), Fay Meade, H. C. Anderson, Merle Pratt; Wm. Barry, Jr., (C), Roy Christensen Marvin Clement, Gene Rotary Hears Shierk On J. C. Convention Dr. C. C. Shierk was the gues speaker at the Rotary noon lunch eon Monday. He spoke on the na tional, Junior Chamber of Commerc convention held recently at Dalla Texas. He very interestingly de Hood; Earl P. Larson Reese, Earl Sprague. (C), Chris Major Joel Herbst—Edward Capp- sius (C), Wendell Jensen, H. W. Becker, E. J. Zender; Chet Williams (C), Carroll Johnson, W. P. French, L. W. Gillespie; Dr. C. C. Shierk (C), Dr. C. D. Schaap, Matt Streit, Bob McCullough; E. H. Pittman (C), J. E. Noel, R. S. Blossom. Heldt Made Sergeant Arnold Heldt, son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Heldt of Whittemore, formerly Algona, has recently been made a staff sergeant at McChord Field, Washington, which is near Tacorna. He was made a corporal only three months ago. scribed the country and crops a they appeared between here an Texas and his hearers were con vinced that Iowa after all, is a rea garden spot. The convention hel forth three days with an attend arrce of over 1600 delegates fron over the United States. Dr. Shierl is president of the state Chambe organization. JUNIOR CHAMBER TO INSTALL NEW OFFICERS THURS. The new officers of the Algoni Chamber of Commerce will be invested Thursday evening at an installation dinner to 'be held at th* Country Club. The meeting will be open to the public. Those who wish to attend should make their reservations with L. G. Kenyon, phone 639, not later than Monday noon. A program with John T. Flynn, special agent of the P. B. I., Des Moines, as principal speaker. The officers to be installed are as follows: W. H. Sharp, president; Chet DeSart, vice president; L. G. Kenyon, secretary-treasurer. Directors elected for the 1942-1944 term are John Haggard, Chet DeSart, Bill Barry, Jr., Dr. C. C. Shierk, Kay Setchell and W. F. Steele. Hold over directors are Craig Smith, L. G. Kenyon, Gene Hood, W. H. Sharp and Bob Williams. Bob WiUia'.ns is the retiring president. has been arranged A TIP To Thrifty Buyers On New Fall 1942 Wearing Apparel Just Unloaded You can buy these goods NOW If you are SURE YOU WD^L, NEED THEM, at reasonable prices in effect test March and what's more, YOU CAN HAVE OLD RECORDS AND CARDS FOR ARMED FORCES Local Auxiliary Making Drive to Help Beach a Quota of 37,600,000 Records for Boys Phonograph record collections are being sorted, and closets and attics searched as .the women of the American Legion Auxiliary opened the Records for Our Fighting Men Campaign here yesterday. "In almost every home there are many -old records which are no longer played, and which are only accumulating dust and taklrrg up room," said Mrs. Ted Larson, who s In charge of the Auxiliary's part- cipation in the campaign. "These records contain valuable materials from which new records can be made of which there is a shortage. 3y salvaging all our old records we can send a continuous supply of rrew records to the men in the ighting forces." Opal 37,300,000 Records The American Legion and its Auxiliary 1 ,, nationally are astoing 'or 37,500,000 old records. These will be sold to record manufacturers and new ones purchased at cost and these in turn will be sent to our fighting forces, wherever they may be. Musicians and en- tdrtalners of national reputation After 28 Vcais the Old Model T1914 Vintage, Retires from Mail Service The Model T Ford of 1014 vintage which has daily carried the mails from the post office to the depots and from the depots to the post office for 28 years has flnaly been retired, so we are told. The Ford has been the property of the men who contracted/to carry the .mails and When Eddie Genrich resigned as mail carrier after serving ten years he retired the Model T. Since its job as a mail carrier 28 years ago there have been placed three new engines within its frame. It has undergone changes with the times except the body which remains the same as the original 1914 style. Traveled Many Miles The Model T has covered many thousands of miles since it was delivered from the Ford factory 1« 1614, in the matter of mails alone it has covered' §3,280 miles. To the Milwaukee depot froth the post office is 1.2 miles. This trip was made four times fdalty each way, 8 trips, and four trips 01* Sundays, Then to thp Northwestern depot four times daily, % mile each, adds more to the speedometer, which the car didn't have, - But the total runs Into many miles. S. Wilson Has Contract Since Eddie Genrich has resigned and moved to Ames Where he will teach radio electric the contract has been taken over by S. Wilson, Algorra. Mr. Wilson has a more modern car, Which at one* time, we are told, served as a hearse. He will use this transportation and the-old land faithful Model T, 1914, will be retired. are donating their time and services to make these new records and which means the best talent in the land will be presented. Local Workers Will Call Members of the local unit of the Auxiliary are calling upon- every family in Algona by telephone or in person, for the old or broken records which may be donated. Boy Scouts will make the. collections and donators should call Mrs. Larson who will see to it that the collection is picked up. Also Flaying Carda The Auxiliary is also making a drive for playing cards, old but not too much used, or new. Bridge fiends, rummy hounds, poker addicts and others who.find pleasure in card games can well imagine the tedium 'of a 35-day trip with nothing to do but look out over the waters in the day time and twiddle thumbs during the long evenings A need for about 25,000 decks per month is a minimum figure. Mrs Carson and her workers hope to push this drive along with that or records. To Far Oft Lands The record and playing card drive s sponsored by the Legion and Auxiliary for the sole purpose of iroviding entertainment and am- ssment for the boys in the arm- d forces serving in foreign lands. The need for cards is particularly FINE VEGETATION GROWTH NOT ALL DUE TO MOISTURE By Harpy Nolte Because of the remarkable growth 'of all vegetation this year many persons suppose it to be a result of excessive moisture. An examination of the record.8 show that this is not true. During the growing season, beginning with April 1 and continuing until July 10, we find we have had 11.66 inches of rain while the normal for that period is 12.45 Inches. Therefore it Is plain- that there has been a deficiency of precipitation amounting to .79 of an inch during that period. The luxuriant growth of farm crops, pastures, gardens and.fruit has 'been due to. several other factors in addition to this season's moisture. To begin with the water table Is higher than has been known for a number of years due to the excessive precipitation -of last fall when a new all-time high for full rainfall was established. It should be understood that it Is not the amount of water that falls but rather the amount that is absorbed by the soil that is of anv benefit to vegetation. In this connection we find we have had some rain-fall each week during the growing season and up to July 9, -when 1.4 inches of rain fell in one hour, all the rains have been comparatively slow and there has been littlo surface run-off. Thus the evenly spaced rains have kept moisture in the upper portion of the soil at all times where it is readily available for the growth of vegetation-. Lawn Mower Clips Mary's Pig-tails lilttle Mary MaWdsley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Mawdsley, who live south of Algona, had her braided pigtails cut off In a hurry recently, and not IntentionaHy. Her father had purchased a new powered lawn mower, and was doing a little experimenting to see how it operated, when- suddenly the machine went out of control and across the yard. Mary, who stood in Its path, was knocked down, and bruised some, but the chief injury was the loss of the pigtails. Northw&t Iowa , Golf Tilt, At,*, 1.3 At Spencer .The annual Ndrthwest Iowa amateur golf tournament will be held, this year on August 1) 2 and 3 Rt Spencer. The ladles 1 tournament Will also be held, but is limited to one day, Friday, July 31. Walter fit. Thomas of Spencer was named general chairman of the< rhen'a tournament and Mrs. Genevie ve Flllgraf was named chairmen for the prospective wom'ert's event. This year bonds- an-d stamps will 30 given as prizes ,lnstead of the customary trophies. The only trd"- >hy to be 'presented Will be the V. H. Th&mas traveling trophy for he winner of the Championship flight. .•.-.' , Those who Wish to enter the tournament should wirjlte Walter H. [*homas, Spencer, Iowa. Among some of the outstanding golfers to be present for the occa- lon are Chase, Kraft and Upde- jraf, who have won the tournament irophy twice. Others expected are State Champion Jim Gardner, Dixie Imith, Jack Donahue, John Stoltz, Mck Hoak and others. Want*, 29* 69 1&B& WHfeh |/«HU > VTffct* w*w.*f 2c per word; whefl charged, 80 per word. Mo agents etfiniiwidaloh. ^ towed. If advertising f" charge thelf clients 8c and cash with ofder, they receive la per word .cpnfimisMon, For Said West Bend News USED MACttNElMT (Good 28 Inch Wood Bros, thresh-' Ing machine. 8 ft. Deerlrrg binder'. 3 good wagon boxes 4 used trailers \ 3 tractors with cultivator I. H. C. 1-row corn picker • 3 good plows | . 2 ensilage cutter's Burr mills, cream separators, gas engine. BRADLEY BROS. South Hotel Algona Phone 714 FOR SAL®—A good' ilsed Remington standard typewriter. Phono 712-W OT call at 401 E. Nebraska. First $17.60 takes It. 29 FOR SALE—Regular $22.95 Cdr- onado car radios. Complete' with aerial. Now selldjrg for $19.95.~ Gamble Store. ' 29 In addition to moisture the temperature has remained, on the av- Two Sons of U. B. Frankls in Navy Bernard . Prankl, son of Mr. and Mrs. .U. B. Frankl of Irvlngton, was recently commissioned an ensign In the Naval Reserve with orders to report at once to the Naval Training School for Officers at Dartmouth, Hanover, N. H. For the past seven years he has been field supervisor of the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen In the New England states. He is married to a Boston girl. Donald, a younger Frankl son, has been in the Navy about a year and Is now a Yeoman second class, located at Miami, Florida. He also married a Boston girl, and he and his wjfe have a home near Miami. cute on the transports and in the I frage, very_ dose tojiorrnal^ which alf-world-away outposts where'"" American troops are stationed. Dig p your old records, and that deck f cards, or the price of a new eck, and get in touch with Mrs. 'ed Larson or some member of the Auxiliary today. LOCALS QUALITY. At Our Ceiling Prices ALPAGOBA OVERCOATS ALL WOOL SUITS Prom to Fine Hart Schaff ner & Marx at $29.50 S29.50 $40 and $45 Men's and Boys' Heavy Mackinaws Men's Leather Jackets with Zippers In Cape, Suede, Goat and Pony Styled by Orals and Star. Men's and Boys' Rubber Footwear By Converse and Ball Band in Victory quality^ New Fall 100% Wool Sweater* 50% and 100% Wool Underwear The only Restriction is that you buy only what you •will need so that all may be served. Hub Clothiers Mrs. Joe Kelly, Sr., is., in Chiago visiting her son and family, Ir. and Mrs. Joe Kelly, Jr., and ew son. Boyd Granzow returned Friday fter spending the week at the orrgregational church camp a.t lear Lake. Mrs. F. W. Thaves of Lakota spent from Sunday until Thursday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Guderlan. Mrs. Thaves is Mrs. Guderian's mother. Dr. F. E. Sawyer returned Sunday evening from Chicago where he had been visiting his daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kelly, Jr., and son, Michael. Marjorie Eason, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. A. J. Eason, Is spending the week at LeMars at the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Crowley. Mrs. Crowley is Mrs. Eason's sister. Rev. and Mrs. Ben Van J!yl and three children of Chicago arrived Monday to spend several days at the home of Dr. and Mrs. A. J. Eason. Mrs. Van Zyl is Dr. Eason's sister. Betty Kohlhaas, daughter of Mr, is an important factor in ?uod growth. The amount of cloudy and partly cloudy weather has been considerably above normal and this has somewhat diminished the water loss from evaporation. Coupled witn this a relatively high humidity has further conserved the soil moisture. rrhere are additional things that must be considered such as the spacing of the high and low temperature periods, and many others: but so far in 1942 we have had a favorable combination of climatold- gical factors that has given us"" one of the besj; seasons for growth in many years. ' Laidley to Minnesota Dow Laid'ey ieft Sunday for Lu- Verne, Minnesota, where he will be employed on the LuVerne Rock County Star. Dow has been one of the Upper Des Moines most faithful employees for over 10 years and was always to be-relied on. The office force of the U. D. M. gave a little going-away party on Saturday afternoon to show their appreciation of his faithful work. Mrs. Laidley and two daughter will move to LuVerne in two weeks. Emmert Dean of Rolfe, Iowa, arrived Monday morning to take Dows place in this office. He has been employed on the Humboldt papers. Two Cars in Collision Northeast Lone Rock A car driven by Beulah Gladstone going west and one driven by George Long going east, both of U)ne Rock, met on the highway Friday night at 11 o'clock three miles north of Lone Rocli, in a head- on collision. The car driven by Long went into the ditch and the estimated damage is $150]. Th'e Gladstone ,car was damaged to about $50. The accident happened near, the George Long farm aird both drivers claim the other was too near the road center. •Made a Corporal Everett Bowman, son of Mrs. Alvis Hill, was recently made a corporal in the U. S. Army. His mother received the news last week in a letter .which stated that he ha.3 also compldted His iradio school work and chemical warfare training at Camp >Barkley, Texas. Wrays to Omaha Mrs. 1 -Gene Wray and two sons, Bob and Freddie, left last week for Council Bluffs to make their home. Mr. Wray has been employed at Omaha for several months as chief purchasing agent of oils in the U. S. engineers office. Gene Jr., remained in Algona awaiting his call into the Cadet Air Corps where he was accepted a few weeks ago. Only one license to wed was issued during the past week, maintaining -the record of one per week during the month. The license wns issued to Arne Pedersen and "Laura Jean Smith, both of Algona. ADOPTED BUDGET AND CEBTEFIOATE OF SCHOOL. TAXES Slate of Iowa, County of Kossuth School District of Fen ton Independent, SB. To the County Auditor and Board 'Of Supervisors of Kossuth County, Iowa: , _ . I, Paul Eigler, Secretary of Fenton Independent, Fenton Township, and Mrs ^ philJKiol J, 1 ^ a . as ;, andi; ;,.^ 1 J' Kossuth County, Iowa, do hereby certify, that at a meetins of the Board 'of Directors of said school district, held as provided by law on the 31st day of July, 1942, the following budget was adopted and .tan levy noted for the year 1942 on all of the taxable property of said school district; that said estimates and levies were made after public hearing as provided by law. ine Zender, daughter of Frank Zender, left Wednesday for a weeks visit with friends at Cedar Falls, Cedar Rapids and Iowa City. Dr. and Mrs, Emmett Kenefick of St. Paul spent Saturday evening at the home of Dr. and Mrs John Kenefick. Emmett and John are brothers. They were on- their way to Eagle Grove to visit the men's mother, Mrs. Thomas Kenefick. Donna Hill, Harriet Keith am Lucille Peterson, Algona, and the latter's sister of Titonka are spend ing this week at a cottage at Clear Lake. Other girls who will join them for a day or two during thfiir stay are LaVonne Sankey, Mnr- jorie Peterson and Imogene Hill Mrs. Joe Elbert, Jr., is taking Donna Hill's place at the Hutchison aw office during vacation. and( M!rs. Hrobuk iof Des Moines came tio Algona Sunday Dringing with them Mrs. Hrobuk's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lund who had been to Des Moines to see their son, Raymond, off to the wars after a visit here of ten days. Mrs tlrobuk, who was Miss Ruth Lund before her marriage, is remaining for a week's visit with her parents and sister, Mrs. Myron Ludwig. Fned Skinner and two daughters, Joyce and Jeananne of Springfield, Illinois, came Saturday to visit' Fred's mother, Mrs. Anna Skinner, and with -other Algona relatives. "Fred and Joyce returned to their home Monday, but Jeananne remained for a week or ten days' visit. Fred has been in the insurance business for a number of years, and about four years ago established a business of bis own. Beside the two daughters, the Skinners have another daughter, Helen, and a son, Jack. Mrs. Myron Boos and daughter, Lorraine and son, By^n, went to Clear Lake Thursday to spend a few day? witb Mrs. B. F. Bliss and children of Independence, Mo-, who [are here for an outing. Funds i 2 Expenditures for Year to rf- i&ff i2.° ~s 4ff re y. > General $12,681 $12,936 $14,926 $ 7,815 $ 4.000 $ 8,000 Total—General Fund ....$12,681 Bonds and Interest $ 3,147 $12,936 $ 3,330 $14,928 $ 3,078 * 7,815 $ 1,414 $ 4,000 * , $ 8,000 $ 3,000 Total —All Purposes ....$15,819 $16,266 $18,006 $ 9,230 $ 4,000 $11^)00 Table No. 1—Distribution of General Fund Expenditures I - - ' ' ' Proposed Expenditures for year Expenditure 1940-1941 1941-1942 1942-1943 1. General Control f 645 ? 645 $ 780 2. Instruction $ 8,745 8,391 10,166 3. Auxiliary Agencies '346 207 420 4. Co-ord. Activities 1 2 10 5. Operation of Plant B,86fi 2,609 ?,657 n. Maint. of Plant 478 ,. 301 580 7. Fixed Charges 74 * 60 75 8. Capital Outlay 25 39 100 10. Revolving fund .«>*?' 676 260 Mrs. Walton DeWltt attended the funeral of Mrs. Pearl Rlley of Lu- Verne. Mrs. Leo Spllles of Algona was a visitor in West Bend Thursday afternoon. P. J. DeWitt went to 'King City, recently for an extended visit with his niece, Mrs. Eva Wanamaker. Mr. and' Mrs. Darrel Schuster, of Wheaton, 111.-, were visitors at the Chas. DeWltt home recently. Mr. afid Mrs. Dwalne Wilcox and sons of Rutland spent Sunday with Mr. and 'Mrs. Elmer Ferden and family. Mr. and Mrs. U. W. Stone visited recently at LuVerne. Bill's brother, Ray, underwent an operation Monday. %. . • " Mr. and .Mrs. Elmer Schmidt and granddaughter, Ruth Wilson, went to Elgin, 111., to visit relatives for a week. Mrs. Ed Anderegg and daughter, Norma, Mrs. Henry Studer and Mrs. Kenneth Anderegg were visitors In Algona Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Olson of. Chicago are visiting at the home of the latter's parents, Mr. artd Mys. Ed Stattelonan. Mrs. Richard Thacker returned to.her home at Emmetsburg after few days' visit with Mr. and Mrs. John Thacker, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. George Brock and daughter, Barbara of Fort Dodge, visited Mrs. Brock's brother, Elmer Ferden and family. ODr. and Mrs. H. Frank Glvens returned recently from a ten day fishing trip in Canada. They report very good luck. Mr. and Mrs. Fay Melr Neal and children weht to Humboldt Thursday to spend the week end with relatives there and at Thor. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Boeve'rs received word from their sorr, Bud, that he had just arrived at Camp J. T. Robinson in Arkansas. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Mimbach and son, DeWitt of Renwlck spent Sunday with Mrs. Mimbach's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. DeWltt. Rex Downing began working for the West Bend Elevator Co. Monday. He and his family are living in Mrs. Rowland's residence. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Gustavnon and Mrs. Mary Ferden of Fort Dodge visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Ferden and family. Jerry Schutter went to Emmetsburg to bring Mrs. Geo. Varco ant' daughter home In his ambulance. She is staying with, her parents, the Swartfagers. Mrs. Ella Bell is in a very serious condition at her home. Her daughter, Mrs. E. H. Dick, of Oklahoma City, Okla,, arrived to assist with her care, A pre-nuptial shower In honor of Miss Mildred Brown was given in the Methodist church parlors on Wednesday evening. She received many'lovely gifts. Miss Brown wll! soon be married to Bill Crahan of Charles City, but who is now in service, stationed at a camp In the south, Mrs. Victor Hansen 1 and daughters, Lois, and Ruth of South Sioux City, spent Sunday with Mrs. Hansen's parents, Mr. and Mrs, John Thacker, Sr. Miss Gene Hansen returned home with her mother after spending three weeks with her grandparents, Mr. and.Mrs, John Thacker. A group of rEpworth Leaguers consisting of Gloria Lou Hoffert, Alice Davenport, DeSla "Maberry, Kaa Boevers, Johnine «Bardslev, Barbara Jean Koch, Dean Kinkade and George Lehlgh went to the Methodist oamp atf Spirit Lake recently. They are being chaperoned by Mrs. Hoffert and her mother, Mrs. Snook of Mallard, FOR SALE—Choice :240, well Improved. $95 per acre.—IT. A. Dreesman, Lakota. 29* , ft class find salary expected. Ad- ; Bat ..Aom 29' Miscellaneous FARMERS: Better* haVe ; youf binder,,c'anvaa re-; paired''whfte mnteriaiftH/are stilt'/ available.—Nichols, Shoe Repair., ,A , 26-t,f'. 'cash for Used Bites, j We Pay Good Prices. l •i ,i.;»4mble S»W, .V* 29 ,1 -'* • '• . .. V •..-. . ,.»., . . • I of 1th" 6. service- LARGEST Appliances 'Iff':_. department to back It up.—Pratt! Electric. ' - • .»•;•' -$^8-3^ FOR ' RENfT—Two new portable/ typewriters. -Rates $4 per monthjij >1,BO per week, or 3 thonths.i $10.~v The Algona Upper, Des.MoineS. 29, and printed aftflsa'tofaotory worli' guaranteed. Price 26c per film, f lusty:.# Glosai^ ; SEE MB FOR Real Bargains informs, loans, drainage surveying, and estimates oh Ule.—Phil J. Kohl- fiaas, phone 22, Algona. 16-tf CASTOR MACHINE oil, gal. 75c. est bundle forks, $1.29. Fly spray, gal., 79c.Johnson Hardware. 29 FOR SALE—10 purebred Poland Chln-a sows.' Bred May 25-30. Best Of blood lines.—Aaron ,W. Steussy, \LuVertie. ' 59* FOR SALE-iCombination conl and electric stowe. Like new.— Walter Bradley. Phone 941-J. 29 FOR SALE—22-inch Rumely Ideal separator in good condition.— A. E. Merrlam, LuVerne. 25*-tf FOR SALE—Eight acres second crop alfalfa.—-W. H. Brandow. Phone 26F1J. 29 Wanted WANTED-^Tob operating tractor on threshing machine. Experienced operator. Call at 412 North Minnesota street. 29* the hotel -business. Hotel Algona, man' to/learh Apply at the 29 . WANTED TO RENTr-Farm with good .Improvements, electricity. In- SAVE MONEY When you borrow. The Aetna Life's farm loan plati urns over every cent of your loa» to you! N6 deductions for commission, appraising, title examination,' -or application. For details; In quire of Hutchison & Hough. . . 22-36* W® PAY 6c per Ib. for broken, phonograph records, 2c for whole records.—Gamble Store. ., 2* Exchange Dept. Basement , . Good Used Furniture -, Dining room—Living room suites • Breakfast sets, Buffets, Radios and Washers < ;". Bjustrom's Furniture 42-tf PHONOGRAPH RECORDSr-all the new releases. • Needles—albums. —Kossuth Radio & Electric, Algona, Iowa. • 9-tf Cash for Used Ice Boxes. We Pay Good Prices. Gamble Store. 29> iPRIOE CE5BLIN1G RUBBER stamps for .sale, at the Agona Upper 'Des -Moines, 36c each. .' : 27-tf IF YOU NEED a rubber stamp for any. purpos*, .you can order them at The Algona.'Upper Des Moines, 50c and up> " "•'• v •* < lS*-tf All Upper Des Moines Want Ads run a second time free to The Sat- 'urday Shopper. ^^^ Totals, same as Gen. Fund above $12,681 $12,936 $14.928 Table No. 2—Distribution of General Fund Receipts Other Than Taxation Receipts Other Than Estimated , Taxation Receipts 1940-1941 1941-1942 1942-1943 Tuition * if 109 * 3,637 $ *,QOO Semi-annual Apportionment 228 243 Transfers - Wfi • 90 Other" Receipts '.. 48 174 ' Totals- $4,044 $4,000 Secretary's Balance July 1,1842': t General Fund - t 7,816 3. Less Bal. Jjtegerv^d ••..„..:. Net Unencum. Balagc* .?;'«••$ 1 Fund at persons of schopj age ....4 GOT ANY PRODUCE TO SELL? Classified s Ptrect Ppn't wear yourself put trying to and a market tor your produce. SVr a few sent? you can run an $d in the classified section of the ALCrONA flume W«f 41 RELAX do your shopping •: : .. at CHRISCHILLES No matter how hot It gets, ypu may always be sure that it's cool in OhrischiUes alr-condlH«ned store. Come In and get cooled off. And let's relax while we read this advertisement, written when it's a hot 98 deetfess. Here's a cute story about reducing. You know there's a lot of women, who through vigorous dieting have lost 20, 80 or jsven 40 pounds. One woman wlent down from 800 pounds to 160 pounds, casket and all. Well, here's a few hot wpath- er items you ought to know about. Cool Comfortable WASHABLES We have d'ozens and dozens of fine, washable, cool summer cot- ton .diresseia to stock, in all sizes from junior range (9 to 17) misses' sizes' 12 to 20, women's 38 to 44 and half sizes 16% to 24H " There are sebrsuckers, Bembergs, chambrays, suitings, batistes Swisses, rayon-washablea and a host of others. Buy your summer's supply now, • -^ •••-.*•* -v- 3.00 4.50 5.00 Sale of Spring COATS SUITS and DRESSES We have some very desirable Spring Coats, Suits and dark «Uk Presses in stock and we are making a very attractive price M these. Many are all wopi. r A Victory Dress Back contains Spring and Summer silk *•* AB dresses worth, to $18,00 for only ............. .C .............. 5 IiW , w " '" •"••••••««» ^jf q* V^FVp t Thousands of Yards of choice, hard to find goods «m^^ AJJ toe wanted fabrics are here a* YW }ofr prices, Winter Blankets and on Our Layaway Ypu. v

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