The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 23, 1942 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 23, 1942
Page 7
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•v^ DORWEILERS OF WEST BEND HAVE GOLDEN WEDDING Oh Suftday, June 14, M*. and Mrs. Joaeplh Do4w>eller of West Bend, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary at the Sts. Peter and Paul church, the Rev. «P. M. Dob- befsteln being the celebrant at the high mafls. Following the services at the church the Immediate family and close relatives were'given a reception at the Parish Casino. Married In West Bend ' The Dorwellers were married In , West Bend JUrte 15, 1892, In the parish church which then was located In the south part of West Bend. Mr. Dorweiler was In busl- nefes iln the home town for 40 years. In, 1936 he disposed of his 'business and has since that time operated the souvenir stand at the Grotto of the Redemption. He has held many offices of trust, was mayor of West Bend three terms, served on the Palo Alto board of (supervisors two terms,, and now is mayor of "the town. He has been secretary of the Sts. Peter and Paul pairdsh- for 30 years."\ Mrs. Dorweiler has also been active In church and social affairs in the A]g5nn West Bend( community. Have Three Children Mr. and Mrs. Dorweiler are the parents of three children, Phil, Jr., of Fort Dodge; Mrs. W. J. White and Mrs. Stuart DeLang of Chicago. These families each' have one son. Out of town guests at the celebration, besides the children, were Mr. and Mrs. 0. A. Mller, ' New Castle, .Nevada; Mr. and Mrs. Peter Wall, Cummlngs, Iowa; Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Fraley, Des Moines; Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Luebers, Des Moines; John,.Bauer Artesian, S. D.; Rev. Edward Maynard. Ledyard; Dr. and Mrs. Edward Hanke, Sioux City; Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Duffy, and three daughters,, Churdan; Mir. and Mrs. Frank J. Lud- wlg, and Bernlce, Mrs. Mary Lud•wig, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Lud- wlg, and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bauer, all of West Bend. Motion by McDonald and 2fld bj fletKen tfiat the contractor* Bonds of John Schumacher oft awarded contract tot graveling and maintenance In the respective amount of $20,000.00 and 11600.00 be, approved. Ayes: All. 4:00 O'clock P M Auditor's Office. Algona, Iowa Chairman J H Fraser directed Sex!- cretary to .open and rend all scaled, bids submitted and filed for Grading letting of 1942 work. Motion' by- CosgroVe and 2nd by Quinh that M T and John T McGulre be awarded contract for County Grading for the year of 1942, A»c»: All Motion by McDonald and 2nd by Qtilnn that the salary of Lloyd Steb- blris, Janitor be Increased to $95.00 per month. Ayes: All (Motion by Helken and 2nd by Qulnn that the Board adjourn to 9:00 O'- coclt A M .Tune 3, 1942. Ayes: All? Attest: K S Klnsey County Auditor .T H Fraser Chalrma>i Auditor's Office June 3, 1942 Algona, Iowa 9:00 O'clock A M Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. The cash counted In the Treasurer's office at 8:00 O'clock A M, June 1, 1042 by W E McDonald, J H Fraser and W 8 Cosgrove was lound to be BB follows: Cash Checks ................... ----- B8 2 1 11 TOTAL ............. $ 1186.84 Signed : W 15 McDonald J H Fraser W S Cosgrove Motion by Helken and 2nd by Qilinn that the Contractors Bond of by Oj M T and; John T McQulrc In the amount of $24,710.00 with the Western Casualty And Surety Company as Buret* fie accepted and approved. Ayes: All. Motion by Cosgrove and 2nd by, Qnirtn that,P J Helken be «PP« ln , t « (1 ' to make necessary repairs on the following Drainage Districts Nos. 10Z, 60, 151, 88, 4 and 12. Ayes: All. Motion by Qulnn and^nd by Cosgrove that the official Bond of Marvel Dole,.Food Satmp Issuing Officer in the amount of $3000.00 he approved. Ayes: All , „ , .„ Morton by Cosgrove and 2nd by Helken that the transfer ot »100.00 be made from the Secondary Road Maintenance Fund to Drainage District No. 5 (West Branch) in payment of Special Assessment levied on ' Lateral 1, Sub-lateral 2, Sub-lateral 3, Lateral i of Sub-lateral 3 and Lateral 2 of Sub- lateral 3 to main Drain of West. Branch of Drainage District No 5. Ayes: All* Motion by Cosgrove and 2iud by McDonald that the date and place for letting of Gasoline and ,-Coal be as follows: Gasoline letting; Auditors Office, Algona. Iowa, 10:0: O'clock A M June 18, 10&, 80,000 gallons of gasoline: Coal letting for Court. Houso County .Tall and Shed and County Farm; Auditor's Office, 11:00 O- clock A M, June 18, 1942, Algona, Iowa, 5 cars of coal bids on Iowa coal, Illinois and Indiana lump coal (lump or CK ^otio y n C9 bV A McDonnld and 2nd by Hciken that the Resolution for the Destruction of Noxious Weeds, recommended by the State be publshed In the the three Kossuth County Official Newspapers and then be placed on file In the Auditor's Office. Ayes: A1 Motlon by Qulnn and 2nd by McDonald that the salary ot Marvel Dole, Stamp Issuing Officer be net at $80.00 per month starting with June snlary. ^Motion' by McDonald and 2nd by Helken that the following named persons in their- respective named districts Lce 0 Hopkins Clerk of election ....... Frank Gelgel Judge of elcc- tion be appointed mlssloners: as County Weed Com- Swea City Incorp, T Molan n*v«,u Viii..y J.UIVM |r t •!i>*i>>tiiii>«i ••«« • - _ .. »i ., _ Plum Creek, Cresco, Union and Irvington Townships Alex MeArtnur Eagle Township John Teesfeldt Lincoln Township ., Theo. Dornbuscn Springfield Township Fred Darnell Harrison Townahlp Henry Oettman Whlttemore Township H F Schultz Garfleld Township- Herman Harms Rlverdale Township John Friedsrs Sherman Township Henry Kohlhaas Lu Verne Township E B Thomas Seneca, Swea and Greenwood Townships Pete Peterson Lotts Creek and Fenton Townships •. • Ben Llchty Ramsey Township / A B Lappe Burt Township Lcm Marltfw German Township Robert Krause Buffalo Township Clarence Schutjer Portland Township Bill Ringsdorf Wesley Township .' O K Flom Prairie Township George Clnk Ayes: All. Motion by Helken and 2nd by Cosgrove that the Personal Property valua- Class of Thirty Join First Aid in Swea City Delia Frankl of Algona will be the instructor of a class of thirty persons who have signed up for n five weeks course In fltst aid. Firemen' and oil station operators re> ceived preference in registration, and the remaining places in the class were open to teachers and others who work 'with groups of children. Classes will ,meet on Monday and Thursday rrights, beginning this week. Board Proceeding Audltor's Office Algona, Iowa • ? .-• ', May 15, 1942 2:00 O'Clock P. M ^ Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. ~ Motion by McDonald and 2nd by Hciken that 2:00 O'Clock P M. May 29, at the Auditor's Office, Algonn. Towa. be the time and place set by the Board for Grading Letting. Ayes: All. Motion by Helken and 2nd by Cosgrove that the Engineers report of Chas. E Chubb on Lateral No. 11 and Lateral^No. '11-A of Drainage District No. 85 be accepted and placed on file. Motion 'by McDonald and 2nd by Quinn that Clarence Zufall of Blmore, Minnesota be awarded the contract for repair work, digging and laying of tila and back filling ditch which is to ba 1076 feet in length as proposed In report of Chas. E. Chubb on Lateral No. 11 and Lateral No. 11-A of the Drainage District No. 85, contract . price accepted by Kossutb County $610.00 and Bond $300.00. Ayes: All. Motion by Cosgrove and. 2nd by Qulnn that P. J Helken be and is hereby authorized to purchase tile and other materials used for repair work - — " — - * No. 85. by tlons be equalized and adjusted as follows': COLTS I YEAR OLD— Springfield Township HORSES 3 YKAR OLD— Irvington Township MULES 1 YEAR OLD— Buffalo Township MULES 3 YEARS—, Fenton Township Irvington Township Ramsey Township HEIFERS 1 YEAR OLD— Plum Creek Township STEERS 2 YEARS OLD— Harrison. Township Portland Township Swea Township SHEEP 0 MONTHS , Plum Creek Township GOATS— Wesley Township On Motion Board proceeded to Audit and Allow bills as -"per Schedule of Claims Hereinafter Written." COUNTY FUND Bertha Johnson assessing ....$ 400.00 Northwestern Bell Telephone Co., Telephone Service .... City of Algona, light service.. W W Sullivan P M, postage .. W W Sullivan P M, postage.. Dolores Sherman, -assist. in- Auditor office E S Kinsey, delivering ballots ,W W Sullivan P M, postage C W Pearson, Treas., office expense • J H Fraser, comm. and sea 1 slon P J Helken comm, and session .'...'..;'.':....:..'....•••"•• W S Cosgrove, comm. -and session .'• 137.00 J F Qulnn, comm. and session W E McDonald comm. and ses Alma Pearson assist, in Auditor office H B White, Del. tax collector A J Cogley Bd. and Lodge Prisoners INCREASE • DECREASE 52% 0% 31% 3% 100% 18% 33% 17% Ayes: All. 94.78 6424 5.00 10.00 12.50 45.10 32.88 202.07 212.20 208.20 on Lateral No. 11 and_Latereal U-A .of Drainage District No. ^Motion 'by McDonald and 2nd Coegrovo that Board adjourn to -May SB, 1942, 9.:00 O'Clock A. M. Ayes: All. J, H, Chairman B. S. Kinsey County Auditor Auditor's Office •• Algona, Iowa May & 1042 9:00 O'clock A. M. . . Boatd of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment with all members pres- e °Motion by Quinn and 2nd by Heiken that the Contractors Bond ofClar> ence Zufall In the amount of $300.00 covering contract on Drainage repairs on Lateral 11 and 11A i of Drainage District No. 85 be approved. Ayes. by McDonald and 2nd by that a pauper* notice be •erved on the following named persons: A1 Motion Cosgrove Oden Martin and family and Toney Plemel Nora Kelly, Ayes, Motion by Qujnn and 2nd bf McDonald that H i Rice be S»ven^a refund for taxes, paid in the years 1938, 1939, 1940 and 1641 on 6.81 acres taxed MS paprt of 8% NWK Section 4 Twp W Range 20 that does not exist as to survey on file certified by C O as to survey Scharlacb, engineer. Ayes: AH a, . Motfen by IWken and 2nd by Quinn thftflicT Insurance policy covering Fire Insurance on the County Hoine, Emergency Home and all out buildings issued by the'. North River Insurance Co. ot few York be approved: Ay 'by Helken apd 2nd by Cps- t the ,fpUpwlnt transfer. b« t the 'various T)raln8g.ePU T 5.00 81.52 132.50 A J Cogley Mileage and Invest Fees •• -._ .... A E Lanrltzen, travel expense 47.SO Ada Laurltzen 8th grade exams 2.60 Mrs. L R Burger 8th grade exams ; Helen C Schnbi 8th grade ex- Mrs. E L Graban 8th grade exams L A Winkel office expense .. James Stebblns, labor Dwlght Webster, guard air port • : Farls A Miner, guard air port Bancroft Register, Board Pro- 1.50 2.60 1.60 64.32 2.76 75.00 76.00 189.66 J H Welch Printing Co. sup 1.26 Jenkins Fergemann Co sup. Matt Parrott & Sons Co sup Lorlng Supply Co., sup .... Wblttemore Champion, sup... Lakota Record, sup. Katherlnc McEvoy, office exp. Keystone Envelope Co. sup. .. J S Latta Co. sup Baker Paper Co. sup Metropolitan Supply Co. sup. Bancroft Register sup •Kilnto Loose Leaf Co. aup... Bwea City Herald sup. 1013 83.52 11.00 10.20 9.18 1.12 29.90 C H Ostwinkle J P Fees 14.50 A J Cogley Sheriff Fees 9.00 F A Newville Const. Fees .. .85 H A Warmbier Mtg .. .• 4.00 H J Kohlhaas Mtg 4.00 n Leigh Mtg 4.00 John P BoVinimn 'Mtg 4.00 P M Chrlstensen Mtg ."... 4.00 Alex Radlg'Mtg 4.00 C B Johnson Mtg "... .1 4.00 H H Dreyer Mtg 4.00 Kossuth County Farm Bureau Approp 410.08 I E Wortirtan loenl reglsrnr S P Eckbolm local registrar.. Q D Curtis local registrar.... H H Dreyer local registrar .. F P Newell local registrar .... H A Thompson local reglsrar Wm Boyken local registrar' R H Flnnell local registrar .. Florence Hof local registrar Fred A Dlckmann local registrar i Wilma Augustine local registrar ...'. Adah Carlson local registrar Mrs Clotilda Hutchison OAA Exp Bert Cronan labor Haggard & Peterson rent .. Browns Studio pictures .... ' Katharine McEvoy erroneously 4,25 2.00 ( .50 1.75 .75 225 '.76 6.50 .50 2.00 31*26 18.00 12.00 1.50 4'.29 87.00 C C Scharach Judge of election H B Nolfe Judge of election J M Moore Judge of election Clalrn Keith Judge of election Edw.^apeslus Judge of election ^ Mrs H M Smith Clerk of election Eva Corey Clerk of election .. Alice M Hutchlns Clerk of election II M Harris Clerk of eleclon Julia Benson Judge of election Eugene Hutchlns Judge of election Harry Hatgreavevs Judge of election Alma Nelson Judge of election Freda Norman Judge of election Mary Strelt Judge of election Linda Clapsaddle, Clerk of election Marguerite Wray Clerk of election Bertha Johnson Clerk of election Tudy DeXcllnr Clerk of election Henrietta Hucnhold Judge of election ^. H Itrownell Judge of election ,.... Dcna Kolilhaas Judge of election Vallle Tribon Judge of election Tolm Ovcrmyer Judge of election -. John McEnroe Judge of pectlon Marie Murtngh Judge of election Mrs Gnle Townc Clerk of election Mrs. E C Dickinson Clerk of election , Mrs Elvira Monlux Clerk of election '. Mrs Tom. Sharp Clerk of election .., Chris Brandt Judge of election Clarence Schutjer Judge of election W P Stenzel Judge of election L F Cullies Judge of election Peter Beenken Judge of elec- , tlon Ida Sachau Judge of election T A Dun mire Clerk of election E P Ilnnsen Clerk of election Anna Andrews Clerk ,of election Clara W Bruns Clerk of election American Legion Hall rent Ray E Hansen Arrang, booths Tltonka Savings Bank rent P L Drcmmel Judge of election' E R Woltz Judge of election Hugh McDonald Judge of election B O Chipman Judge of election W W Bocttcher Judge of election O H Graham Judge of election Lillian Schrader Clerk of election Pearl Chipman clerk of election C C Smith Clerk of election ' G P Hawcott Clerk of election Donald Mitchell Arranging booths ^ Burt Library Rent Harry Snbln Judge of election J P Simon Judge of election Sylvia Gormann Judge of election M L Philips Clerk of election Minnie J Matern Clerk of election T L Thorson Judge of election L J Hanson Judge of election Sam Larson Judge of election Viola Swanson Clerk of election A H Llnde Clerk of election A H Hanna Judge of election Lcm. Marlow Judge of election R C Thompson Judge of election K G Ewoldt Clerk of election M O Richards Clerk of election Fred Flalg Rent * E B Johnson Judge of election C R Krause Judge of election H N Dreyer Judge of election George C Goetch Judge of election W C Stnmer Judge of election P H Jensen Judge of election W E Stoeber Clerk of election H E Relmers Clerk df election P H'BOhn' Clerk of election.. disbursements Auditor of State examiners ex pense Ooo.ol H A Phillips School Service. sup, 0.39 Omaha School Supply Service sup O W ; Barger school mtg C A Gutknecht school mtg .. C W Elbert school mtg B P Hanson school mtg Dr R K ,'Richardspn J C Skew school mtg H W Llnde school mtg 3.51 3.40 2.80 1.40 220 1.30 1.10 3.40 .....,.„ .,„..„„. „ ....... Roy" B"'Bravender school mtg 2.70 Otto StenzeL school mtg Mrs. George Chapman school mtg E Rachut school mtg H Linde school mtg 2609 116.28 1241.61 14.40 898.50 3.97 1.63 108.83 ,60 .70 1.10 U tJUUlUHM *-»J _ . ft Baade _B*y !•« Algona Up. Des Moines, print. Kohlhaas Hardware sup Richardson Hardware snp. .. Missouri Kansas Chemical Co sup. •• Irwln Bcenkon Bty. Elmer Boyken Bty Kenneth Uauman Bty Alfred Melvln Rlcklefs Bty Harvey Boeckholt Bty S .30 2.70 George F Graham Bty «•»» A.,l,f!- m Prlohn Btv 20.60 Arthur E Priebe Bty Anthony Jandl IJty James Lone IHy George Butterfteld, Jr Bty.. R A Bvann Coroner gees .70 1.50 0.00 688 D A Carpenter school mtg .... B F Edwards school mtg .... D C Gardner school mtg .... G F Sonnenberg school mtg . f Frank Bestenlenner school mtg Thomas Berg school mtg .... M B Burwash school mtg Herman Nordman school mtg Orvllle Ruby school mtg .... O R Patterson school mtg .. Joe Qreenberg Judge of election R F Donovan Judge of election Hazel D Lusby Judge of election , C H Reilly Judge of election George Mahoney Judge of election ... .1 W J Becker Judge of election Leora St John Clerk pf election Harriett Setchell Clerk of election 3.60 2.00 1.00 400 2'.70 3.40 .70 2.80 1.00 3.80 1.90 1.90 220 4.60 4.60 4.50 3.90 3.00 3.90 4.50 4.60 F H Eigler Clerk of election C W Newel, Sec. Rent ...... Herman Harms Judge of election !• • Michael Helderscbeld Judge of; election ,.. Joseph H Schaller Judge of election H W Balgeman Clerk of election . .1 Robert Kruse Judge of election 3.90 6.10 6.101 4.20 6.10 4.20 4.20 4.20 4.20 5.10 5.10 4.20 4.20 +.20 4.35 4.95 4.95 '4.20 4.20 4.95 4.9S .00 4.50 460 4.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 4.50 4.50 3.00 3.00 4.80 480 4.'80 2.85 2.85 2.85 480 7:00 2.85 2.86 3.00 2.00 3.00 4.50 4.50 4.50 - 3.00 3.00 3.00 4.50 3.00 3.00 5.70 1.20 1.60 7.50 5.10 6.10 5.10 6.10 540 9.40 5.40 5.40 5.40 4.80 4.80 6.40 480 4'80 3'.00 8.f>0 4.50 4.50 2.70 2.70 2.70 4.50 4.50 2.70 2.70 • 6.00 4.80 Thomas Berg Judge ot election Butler Jordahl Judge of election > Ray Elchborn Clerk of election Wm Oldonbur'g Clerk of election i 15 R Maudslcy Judge of election Henry Scheppman Judge of election M L Roney Judge of election Hugh Raney Clerk of election Robert D Skllllng Clerk of election Farmers Lumber & Grain Co. Rent Frank Asa Arranging booths S P Powers Judge of election Olga Wortman, Judge of election C R Lewis Judge of election Ocorgc Hcctlnnd Judge of c.lec- Jpnnlo Gntkifccht Judge of el- tlnn Art Lester Judge of election Julia M Hall Clerk of election Miriam Stafford Clerk of election Jnnctte Mussmnnn Clerk of election J R Hcetland Clerk of election J H Mousol Judge of election J H Holcomb Judge of election N A Plngel Judge of election ...., Edw Halverson Judge of election Edw Looft. Judge of election Glenn Ynhnke Judge of election Mrs. Martha Gnbel Clerk of election John Hartshorn Clerk of election D A Carpenter Clerk of elec- , Uon >.. Mrs W E Flynn Clerk of election J H Warburton Judge of election Town Clerk of Ledyard rent Paul Hertzke Judge of election B F Edwards Judge of election ? Menno Rlslus Clerk of election Belle M Koppen Clerk ot election 9.70 6.70 6.70 6.70 6.10 6.70 5.10 6.10 6.10 200 2.00 4.50 4.50 2.70 2.70 2.70 2.70 5.70 2.70 4.60 4.50 7.20 4.20 4.20 2.70 2.70 2.70 2.70 2.70 4.20 4.20 8.70 8.00 6.40 5.40 6.40 5.40 tlon >ns S tlon election L Kleli ectlon e-s£i% -i . nn-.i'J f 'i tion LAB tlon tola ! tlon tlon red A 1 ectlon tlon tlon American Legion Rent aul Friber booths ... tlon , Fred Kollnsch Ju tton Ellznheth Hlggins ectlon Alice Rpimcrs Ju< tlon Edwin Wlchtenda election Mary Woodward «on Marie Hogan Cl( tion Erwln Slems Clerk tlon Chas. I tion Town Theo )ge of elec- dge of elec- . n Clerk of fudge of el- Ige of elee- dge of elec- Clerk of el- k of plwttnn rk of clec- Rcnt rranglng of lent ; of election Igo of elec- dge of elec- Judge of el- dge of clec- lil Judge of Clerk of clerk of elec- jrk of elec- lerk of elec- more Kent. . • ' 6.70 6.70 670 5.70* 4.80 480 620 3.90 390 390 4.80 4.80 .t 00 3.90 3.00 2.00 3.00 5.40 0.451 C.40 4.50 4.50 450 4.50 4.50 5.40 5 40 4.00 2.00 O K Rubber Welders Sup .... Union Construction Co Snp .; t*fliil Construction Co Moving Bancroft. OH Co Snp Swpn City Oil- Co Sup Stnndnrd Oil Co Sup DRAINAGE FUND Dr. No. 4 Dick Bnnde Lnbor . ., George Looft Lnbor James M Long Labor Stott Hardware Labor Dr. No. 7 C H Cooper Labor Stott Hardware Labor Dr. No. 9 Clarence Hentges Labor .... F S Norton & Son Sup Dr. No. 12 John Welch Labor Dr. No. 18 Dick Baade Labor C H Cooper Lnbor 14 GO .U23 70.28 2600 2.60 102 3.06 48 G8 45.57 3781 31 71 9703 10 90 517*08 131.83 59 28 6595 61 83 796.12 37.44 554.68 283.05 13.60 17.45 8.00 2.71 4.00 2.71 6 75 8.00 8.00 2.25 2.00 Df. W K NO. 68436 - Lyle M PeddiCOfd Salary . • * t Mrs Martin Vlnnas Care > Dr B K Bahnflon Medical . * . t Mrs. Ella Briggs care Stamp Issnlnk Offlcef Prov. Lvle M Peddlcord mileage. . Fred C Huettner Prov Aim & Boies Pro* Kennedy Bros Prov Smith Dept Store Prov Big Three Market Prov , i S & L Co clothing W A Murray fuel i F S Norton & Son fuel .... Dr P O Nelson medical .... I)r R W Beardsley medlcnl . . Dr R L Corbln medical .... Dr Harold D Meyer medical . . Dr R A Evans medical .... Dr A D McMillan medical Dr Torbes medical , Dr J N Kenef ick medical .... Dr C H Cretzmcyer medical . . Dr W D Andrews medical .... Dr M G Bourne medical .... C L Cavanaugh med sup .,,. A H Borchardt med sup .... Mrs Willard Curtis care Not A Kossuth Hosplal Hosp care.. General Hospital Hosp care Upper DCS Moines Valley House of the Good Shepherd ,ff «fe 1ltfW 7rt« ittfc aSs.* 2fl5.0 10.9 241 S2> 8.2i 8.0< 8.N ft 8' 25.6! 7.6( 14.01 159 24|4< 6.1 4.0 10.8 9.5 7.1 9.5 1 50.0 4,51 66.01 6.01 5.6i 5.0 7.0 US 181.6 560 50.0 ' 80.0 7.3 27.6 illowe 30.0 96.5 76.0 29 8 200 13.1 r booths A H Borchardt Sup Advance Pub. Co. Board pro Koch Brothers Sup 201.43 SIKer Burdett Co Sup 9.68 178.74 Alex Radlg Judge of election 4.80 P M Chrlstcnsen Judge of election ........................ 6.80 W G Flalg Judge of election 7.80 Art Prlebe Clerk of election 4.80 Geo. C Petti t Clerk of election 6.60 C W Elbert Jud^e of elecctlon 0.80 O E Ruhnke Judge of election 5.40 Geo. Wlnkcl Judge of election 7.40 Martin Meyer Clerk of election ....................... L Hackbarth Clerk of elec- 6.40 5.40 4.50 4.50 F J Chapman Judge of election 4.50 tlon B B Thomas Judge of election A A Schlpull Judge of election Ed Chamber Judge of elec- tilon ................... Ann B Murray Judge of election Huldn Frltzmelcr Judge of election ................... H C Allen Clerk of election Fnye Llchty Clerk of election Luclle Hof Clerk of election Violet DiraJer Clerk of election Town of Lu Verne rent. . . . J E McEnroe Judge of election Henry Bailey Judge of election ....................... Leo C Miller Judge of election ....................... Clark Scuffnhm Clerk of election ....................... Alfred Jergenson Clerk of election ..................... Leo J Miller rent ............ Russell Shlpler Judge of election 3.00 3.00 3.00 5.50 4150 5.00 3.00 0.00 4.80 4.80 4.80 0.70 4.80 2.00 0.00 W J Stcwnrt Judge of election 11.80 0,00 Will Ringsdorf Clerk of election Wyot Stott Judge of election 6.00 E O Mann Clerk of election John Arndortcr Judge of election Isadore Mayer Judge o£ elec- 57.40 tfncmlllan Co Sup 63.20 McCormick Mathers Co Sup 18.45 American Book Co Snp 40.97 Glnn & Co Sup 188.41 Scott Foresman Co Sup 170.96 Follett Book Co Sup 28.03 Follett Book Co Sup 28.03 Honghton MIfflln & Co 2.10 Kllpto Loose Leaf Co Sup.. 2.81 Lyons & Carnahan Sup 2.47 Charles Scribners Sup 115.32 Rand McNally Co Sup ..."... 12.05 Row Peterson_& Co Sup 1.48 A N Palmer Co Sup University Publishing Co Sup 19.85 FAIR GROUND FUND ' Kossnth County Fair Ass'n Approp 500.00 INSTITUTE FUND Donna Dooley Sup Algona High School Activity Fund Rent of Auditorium INSANE FUND 2.00 5.00 Katharine McEvoy Clerks fees 10.50 C H Cretzmeyer Comm Fees T C Hutchison Comm Fees Dr R M Wallace Comm fees Dr C H Crctzmcyer trip to Cherokee LIBRARY Macmlllan Co Sup Scott Forcsman Sup .. Glnn & Co Sup American Book Co Sup J B Llpplncott Sup .. K M Hale Sup D C Heuth Co Sup .. World Book Co Sup H A Phllllpps Co Sup Laldlow Brothers Sup Informative Classroom Plc- 3.00 0.00 3.00 50.00 5.86 6.20 10.43 1.09 1.22 24.39 25.03 7.51 2.19 12.01 Dlck Bande Labor Dr. No 20 C H Cooper Labor Stott Hardware Sup Dr. No. 23 James M Long Labor Joe H Culbertson Labor .. George Looft Labor Dr. No. 60 John Welch Labor Dr. No. 67 James Kelao Labor Clarence Hentges Labor .. Dr. No; 68 James Kelso Labor Clarence Hentges Labor Dr. No. 69 Carlyle O Johnson Labor .. D M. Llchllter Labor James M Long Labor Calvin Householder Labor Rudolph Fischer Labor Olaf Ofedahl Labor Alfred A Schultz Labor Henry Fischer Labor Concrete Products Co Sup Concrete Products Co Sup James M Long Labor Dr. No. 72 Calvin Householder Labor Alfred A Schultz Labor ., Dr. No. 75 Dick Baade Labor C H Cooper Labor James Kelso Labor Dr. No. 79 Clarence Hentges Labor . Dr No. 80 George Looft Labor ...... John Welch Labor Dr. No. 82 R Pomeroy Labor Theo Dorenbush Labor ... Gtr.ige Looft Labor n '°° W G - McCullo"ugh"buriai' 12.00 .. / 67.00 tures Sup '. 4023 John Winston Capital City Sup Bookblndery Sup Longmans Green Ine Sup . . Allyn & Bacon Sup ........ Houghton MIfflln Co 'Sup .. CONSTRUCTION FUND H M Smith Snlary £95 10.70 .39 .93 1.27 205.00 . John Welch Labor ... Dr. No. 83 X James Kelso Labor tion Geo. Clnk Judge of election .. Geo. B Ludwlg Clerk of elec- tlon 4.80 6.60 4.80 9.00 Mike Wagner Clerk of election 4.80 Harry Ricklcfs Judge of election John .Cordes Judge of election Menno Rlslus Clerk of election R W Gingrich Clerk of election Ely Anderson Judge of election Aden D Reynolds Clerk of election .'. W C Nelson Clerk of election J F Coyne Judge of election I F Engesser Judge of election Charles Qninn Judge of election George W Nyman Judge of election Ivy Hntton Judge of election. Mrs. Charles Baker Judge of election <•' Mrs. Verne Austin Clerk of, election t •• Andrew A Fangman Clerk of election Albert C Kollaech Clerk of election .................... Mrs Evans Carmean Clerk of election .................... American Legion Post rent.. 6.00 6.00 6.00 8.00 5.40 6.40 6.90 4.65 4.65 4.65 4.05 4.05 4.06 4.65 8.30 4.05 4.05 2.50 J E Kelly Judge of election.. 5.40 John Ludwlg Clerk of election Mary McKenna rent A B Lappe Judge of elec-; tlon John Farrow Judge of election ;• • Leo Goche Judge of election John Hellman Clerk of election E H Cusbman Clerk of election • John Frlderes Judge of elcc- i tion Charle» Platbe Judge of election '. ••• Henry Bormann Judge of- election 0.00 6.00 6.00 6.00 9.00 0.00 3.00 5.40 5.40 5.40 5.40 7.60 5.10 5.10 5.10 Bancroft Register Printing Advance Pub Co Printing J D Lowe Tile John D Fraser Salary ISo.OO Eugene H Wray Rodman .. 57.00 Jim Merryman Bridge Insp.. 34.02 Hoenk Motor Serv. Storage 10.00 Schwartz & Peterson Printing 20.CO 114'.08 „ ~«,... ~-.~ 30.00 ilcGuire Bros Grading 478.50 MAINTENANCE FUND Northwestern Bell Telephone Co Tele Serv ..». 17.30 City'of Algona Light Serv .. 12.54 Peter Movick Adv Patrol .... 24.00 Tom ^Welr Patrol 92.00 W F Schrader Patrol 90.00 Peter Movick Patrol , 70.00 Clifford Holmes Patrol 100.40 Mllo Patterson Patrol 100.00 Wm Runchy Clerk of election 5.10 JoTin Bormann ClerK of elec- Ition O R Jenson Judge of election 7.20 7.90 J W Bolllg Judge of election 6.40 W H Elmers Judge of elec tion i > Chris Dahl Clerk of election Thos. J O'Donnell Clerk of el- ectlon ................... i. C O Bailey Sec. Rent Herman Wise, Judge of election ' James F Black Judge of elec- M N Borma'n'n ifudge of election Mary Walsh Clerk of election 3.80 David S Anderson Judge of election Real Roalson Judge of election Geo E Butterficld Judge of election Jonnle McCary Judge of election Elmer C SiBHh Judge of election C F Berggren Clerk of election \ Dora Smith Clerk 'of election • 3 J Anderson Clerk of election Mamie Sperbeek Clerk of election A J Anderson Rent L W Bhrich Judge of election 8.30 5.40" 3.90 3.90 3.90 3.90 3.00 8.90 6.40 6.00 6.90 Henry Eischeld Clerk of election L C Hutchins Clerk of election Sim Leigh Judge of election H J Kohlhaas Judge of election H A Warmbier Judge of election ' Paul Phillips Clerk of election John P Bormann Clerk of election •• •Chester E Johnson Judge of election Guy B Risk Judge of election Lee W Kessel Judge of election • S F Blome Clerk of election,. Cunegundes Sullivan Clerk of election * .1 C C Anderson Rent . 5.40 6.40 540 3.00 6.80 4.80 4.80 4.80 6.80 6.40 6.10 6.10 6.10 6.10 8.25 4.65 4.6S 6.65 4.65 3.00 ^ V, ^XUUCIDU" *•!,•*.• .......... Wm Krumm Judge of election »•«> A Emanuel Anderson Judge of election Lev! Schuler Judge of election M J Kennedy Clerk of elec- Orvllle Thorson'cieVk of elec- John P' By son" judge of election 5.40 5.40 6.40 6.40 6.30 M L Worby Patrol 115.53 Harry Helmke Patrol.. 149.50 Clarence Hengtes Labor Dr. No. 85 CBas E Chubb Engineer Homer Nolte Labor George Looft Labor John Welch Labor . . . .|. . Dr. No. 88 George Looft Labor John Welch Labor Dr. No. 90 R Pomeroy Labor Theo Dorenbush Labor Dick Bande Labor C H Cooper Labor Stott Hardware Labor . Dr. No 91 Dick Biuide Lnbor C H Cooper Labor Stott Hardware Sup ..;. Dr. No. 95 F S Norton &-Son Sup . Dr. No. 96 Dirk Bnade Labor C H Cooper Labor Dr. No. 90 Stott Hardware Sup ... Dr. No. 102 8.00 4.00 6.00 2.25 2.00 2.50 4.00 71.40 75.40 4.00 34.00 16.00 08.00 32.00 27.00 43.39 85.08 4.00 16.00 12.00 11.25 10.00 4.50 4.00 35.20 28.40 600 13'.50 5.50 4.00 4.50 4.00 55.70 9.75 5.85 5.20 Algona Cemetery Ass'n opening grave 8.00 R A Boettcher rent.... Not Allowed, C W Nlcoulin rent Not Allowed C H Llchty rent D D Monlux rent .. E Ross rent Donald B Cook rent Lydla Relnhort rent 0.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 1000 Jakob "Keller" rent ".".".'..'.. '.'.'. elOO Leo M Sanndern rent 8.00 Henry J Kline rent 10.00 Department of Social Welfare blind aid '.i COUNTY FARM Ben Bakken Labor Roy Larson Labor 66.00 80.00 9.00 8.00 24.59 35.84 V.U A*rnr avi »iv;c >>.«••*••> O«*U F S Norton & Son fuel , 321.94 Hobarton Elevator fuel 131.43 James Kelso Labor Clarence Hentges Labor Funk & Delm Sup L E Stephens Light service Northwestern Bell Telephone Co Tele Service F S Norton & Son Sup Algona Food Market Prov .. Algona Bake/y Prov Dr P V Janse medical Dr C H Cretzmeyer medical ... A J Eason dental K D James med sup Kossuth Hospital Hosp care Hawcott & Ogg Sup W G McCiillongh burial .... Kohlhaas Hardware sup 1 Richardson Hardware sup McCormlck Deering Store sup Thorpe Wood & Iron Works sup , Bancroft Oil Co sup ......... Henry Field Seed Store sup.. Algonn Insurance Agency pre..... Geo Kohl sup 22,04 104.6S 12.67 33.60 100 3.00 2.96 14.00 10.69 67.60 6.32 11.98 2.60 11.15 33.28 14.68 312.29 10.68 ........ i ...... . RESOLVED: That the County Auditor is hereby authorized to issue Warrants for all bills allowed at this meeting as "per Schedule of Claims Hereinbefore Written." • Motion by Qulnn and 2nd by McDonald that the Board adjourn. Ayes: 12.15 All. 1080 J H -Fraser Chairman 18.00 K. S Kinsey 20.25 County Auditor 9.00 Auditor's Office | 8.00 Algona, Iowa ; 2.81 June 8, 1942 ' 9:00 O'clock A M Board of Supervisors met at regu- 15.75 14.00 Wm F Gronbnch Patio} Ed Fuchsen Patrol ........ 125.00 Ralph Markla Patrol 100.00 100.60 Archie Dodds Patrol Hubert Mergen Patrol Joe M Esser Patrol James Kelso Patrol ,„,„,, Bert Shellmyer Patrol 100.00 ino'oo Clarence Hentges Patrol Joseph M Studer Patrol A J Hlldman Patrol S Hirner Patrol Lem Stockwell Patrol . J E Falk Patrol John Stott Patrol C H Cooper Patrol 5000 98.00 98.00 100.00 100.00 28.00 Dick Baade Patrol .'.... 29.2S Calvin Householder PatroF .. 44.00 Alfred A Schnltz Patrol " °" 54.80 J M 'Long P.atrol Jeo H Culbertson Patrol ... Olaf Oftedahl Patrol ...... Doyal Sanders Patrol Melvln R Hawks Patrol 74.40 10.80 96.80 98.80 JO.C1 V It* A* **»»" •»« -.*...»,- .,-- -iwi A/k Roelf Miller Patrol ..... ..... JOO.OO Elmer Ewing Patrol ........ 112.95 Verne Mollnder Patrol ......... 99.40 Hugh Butterfield Patrol .... ,<™-°<! Joe Welch Patrol . ......... 100.40 Clyde Sanders Patrol ......... 98.80 S D McDonald Patrol Jake Roadlnger Labor .. 16.00 12.00 Henry Johnson Labor ..... J I Merry man Bridge work. . 644.20 M F Amfabr Sup ............ 23.75 1.48 4.60 4.00 2.91 George Looft Labor ..,........ 13.95 John Welch Labor Dr. No. 116 L E Dawson Labor F S Norton & Son Sup Dr. No. 126 James Kelso Labor .... Clarence Hcntges Labor F S Norton & Son Sup .. Dr. No. 132 12)40 6.70 15.75 12.00 4.54 Carl Johnson Labor 17.60 Dr No. 133 Olaf Ofendahl Labor .., 12.00 Calvin Householder Labor Dr. No. 135 Theo Dorenbusb Labor .... Dr. No. 151 George Looft Labor John Welch Labor Dr. No. 1W George Looft Labor John Welch Labor • Dr. No. 174 Clarence Hentges Labor . James Kelso Labor Dr H K No. 2-36 Dick Baade Labor C H Cooper Labor Leon Gclner Labor Goetsch Motor Co Sup Delegard Tool Co Sup Funk & Deira Sup Kohlhaas Hardware Sup .... Thorpe Wood & Iron Works Snp 98 7)30 2.24 9.70 1.48 H J Rice Labor 34.34 II J Tank. Dist. Sup .... Stott Hardware Sup Lease & Lease Sup Greenberg Auto Supply Sup.. Patterson Electric Shop Sup .. 47.25 2312 10!86 29.05 .75 J. Hue* DUM *a»x.*-».» •»- « — — *• ~ — tr - - ,_ ;-Harry Helmke Sup 42.00 Electric Ser Co Sup 13.08 Ogren Service Station Sup .. 5.46 Tltonka Implement Co Sup.. 6.85 Wesley Standard Service Sup l.oo Dutchs Super Scry Sup Ivan Iverson Labor Leonard Kllpplngr Labor Joe Lamoreanx Labor . Dr. H K No. 3-46 Art Sbllllngton Labor John Collins Labor Dr. H K No. 7-120 Jerry B Knabber Labor Dr. H K No. 8 F 8 Norton & Son Sup .. 4.00 11.25 12.50 10.00 4.06 3.00 1.00 11.25 1.16 1.03 4.11 8.21 6.16 4.62 .98 .77 2.30 Dr, W K No. 35-89 George Smith Labor A E Quamme Labor Buffalo Center Lumber Co. 16.00 lar session with the following mem bers present-Fraser, Helken, McDonald, Qulnn and Cosgrove. Absent Chairman Prascr directed,, the Secretary to read the minutes of the last regular meeting 1 and all adjourned, m Motion by Helken and 2nd by Qulnn that the minutes of /the last regular session and all adjourned meeting* stand apprdved as read. Motion by Qninn and 2nd' by Cos- erove that $1200 valuation be abated! from personal tax of Ed Weisbrod. Fenton Incorp. for the year of 1941 as recommended by the Town Council of Fenton Incorp. Ayes: All. Motion by Helken and 2nd by Qulnn that a paupers notice be served on Richard Sherer. Ayes: All. . Motion by McDonald and 2nd. by. Cosgrove that the Board adjourn to 12:00 O'clock, Noon, June 9, 1942. Ayes: All. Attest: E S Kiney ,. County Auditor : • •• ; J H Frasef ^*1 ' Chairman ". Auditor's Offle«J ."V,' Algona, Iowa •».. June 9, 1942 ' 12:00 O'clock Noon Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment with all member* present. The Board of Supervisors as an ex- offlcio Board of County Canvassers proceeded to open the Poll Books andi canvass the returns from each voting precincts of the County as shown by the poll books returned 1 from the several election precincts and the following is a statement of the names) of the candidates nominated by the Primary Election and the office for which they were nominated and a statement of the officers for which no nominations were made at the Primary Election beld on the 1st day] of June, 1942. For County and Sub-Divisions County Auditor County Treasurer Clerk of District Court Sheriff i.. Recorder *• County Attorney County Coroner Supervisor 1st District , Supervisor 3rd District Supervisor 5tb District DEMOCRATIC ...B 8 Kinacy ....None Nellie Van Allen A J Cogley ...Clara Walker ...LA Winkel ...Dr. R A Evans ...J H Fraser ... W S Cosgrove Frank Bauer REPUBLICAN None C W Pearson Helen White Alfred Schultz Sherman Potter H W Miller Dr II O Bourne F K Clapsaddl* W A Bchram Myron Johnson Justice of Peace' c H Ostwlnkle .. mad* treat ma* . trlcts to the General County Fund, for Supervisors expense for the year * ------ Buffalo, Burt .. Cresco . Eagle ,. Fenton Constable Reliider Kromlnga German ,.., Grant ..... Greenwood. . Harrison ,. Hebron ,.. Irvington . Ledyard ... Lincoln ..., Lotts Creefc Clerk Mike Wagner J H Sheridan J L Vaux Keller Art Lester A J Render James Black A A Fangman A C Kollasch J J Anderson Assessor Robt. A Bunkofske Linus. Vaske ....... Paul Hertzke C W Elbert .. ','.,. Martin Meyer L C HutcbLne Belle Koppen Lappe Leo Engesser . H A Warmbier t F ". e . 1 ..', <2brt« 9rwM»t Rudolph Hahn t Justice of Peace Howard Andrews W J tU? y H«tt|ijrj* m wy^lipaJt*. g» a*.} »IPVS th*t M«WO«8W OP »J> "**- i&wjr j»w*«.»ft Letter Harner JHfttfff t> St-RI w p fi 11? ta±^.v:;::::::::::::'^v;: l±!!«^.:::v.v::;::r. «„_,- George B Ludwlg - Mayer ra H Cusbman ... . John Bprmann Otto Wolf ,.........,..,.(» ...... Wnu_ Hammer ,,,, ,..,..,,,,,, t Joe Crowley ,,..,,.•!<* '^ * * ,t Jens eprensen « R A Harvey H F BcbutU - ..-' •'••/•"• Mwln. WlehtepdaM • ••• • -*•••'•• • '• — Charleg .Bormann """ * clerk , E P Hapnea , v # S JSSffifw '"*" Henry C Nelson ,..., George Base ,... •?«.«««*•«•** .,....(...•>••"•""• i """" Btewr ?sttw ,,,,.,..,,,•••••<>•">:• j P Peterson •••» O 5 &B*»~<""»""" ,. T fc Tbprgpn ,.,,.,,.....,. i j^clriStMNSen " B " pn>y«r OB Jo6»«on j. MM !•••••"! ' * ^ ' -iv '_«.'_.». v * «w.w ... » W fitof ri «* Geo. Ny»»8 •••••• ...,.M....M, HP LATiflB ...., WS*. TbpB. Berg ...MM"'MM« : *M"MM" t Henry J5i»ebei<j ..,,....., f Jas, Warbarton ......'.., Otto »!»!»*« *-•••* Bart Cualwuaa . Henry Bsite/ • i ¥»«»» Wm,|Jey^ Ctri* Q !• <! F4 Ww, Marty ...,.,, v .,..., t ; 'C£,ik.AtMi?'

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