The Evening World from New York, New York on June 13, 1911 · Page 3
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The Evening World from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 13, 1911
Page 3
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THE' EVENING WORLD, TUESDAY, JUNE 13, 1911. MARY GARDEN BEGS El FOR ICE ITER AS SHE SAILS AWAY Just Barely Makes Ship After a Champagne Supper for Breakfast. OFF TO SING IN PARIS. Says She'll Handle John the Baptist's Head Any Way She Pleases. auaa Mary (Terrten tind what ahe MMM as "a champagne supper (of limhir to oeiebrats her return from a ooncert tour In the West h oeme very near lielng left hy the North 'lerman Lloyd liner Kaliier Wllhelm II, on whlcih ahe sallM to-day for l'erte. Har father iM mother ad a group of "era folk hud been waiting for nearly half aa hour an1 were In a flrtget as sailing tlma cam nearer and there was no MM of the voyage. Finally .he lw in sight at the end of the long hsr yellow-etoclttngeJ ankle.. Her m.n4 W. Max Hlrsch. trailed behind trt.ll. . a .Up n.w. reporter Interviewed her on i HH " 5? mi"" rr d"h "" "Late?" ahe gasped. "Of course I'm lata I'm Just up: If you'd h.d a cham-iagn .uppor for breakfast. In the Kltx-Carltn you'd be late too. I don't 1 now whn: to talk about for an Interviewall I warn In the wide world , just now is a long drink of Ice water, xivd I'm going to get It uu.ok." IGE WATER GIVES HER A NEW INTEREST IN LIFE. K waen't quite a. late a. .he thought and after the log water had been brought on the pier she got her con- I veraatlonal wind, so to apeak. Her i big blue hat with its flare on the southern exposure was all un one aids and her feather boa was "railing on , one shouldo" but .he was it',11 enthus iastic "I'm going to Paris to sing," ahe aald. J "and that's about all I know. Oh, yea, I j read what thorn foolish old duohes.e. In Paris said about my methods being bet- I j tar fitted to the Moulin Kouge than to tiie Opera because of the way I handled he head of John the Haptlet. "But what do I care for those frumpy old dowagers poor, wrinkly old duchesses!" and she snapped her fingers. i u u ou urn , Opera after moat of them are gone and I'll handle that old head just as I stun "I'm taking over forty-five pairs of American shoes with me I alwaye get my shoes In this country, but I've never taken so many over before." TALKS ABOUT HER BROTHER IN- LAW'S DIVORCE ACTION. She was asked If ahe would say anything about the chargea made by her brother-in-law, Mr. I.agen of Philadelphia, who is suing for a divorce, and who claims that fife prlma-donna's In- j flusnca over his wife icd to the separation. h. Igen,'' aald Miss Oarden, "he- almnly doesn't exist -that's all about him My sUter Is an Invalid and I ahal! of treatment, under all aorta of allaaes. I :?".:,''' u,,.n II,V Ms sister, aee her In Parts. They'll be divorced anJ I have about seventy-five aliases of my I V.f. " . 27 5" ta'ln-win itv hsnnllv ec.r after. I a-uesa." , r. h.n hv sunDosed . wire gave a soornful glsnce when j ,s then th. sv w. nfted m - --- - the siing and the singer niMo a dive ror It. She hoisted ht-rsolf ont lt with the h7.:.":.U..:. :ZalZ hip. She didn't linger at the rail, as the .hip steamed out, but went right be low to her cabin. 60V. STOKES'S MOTHER DEAD HTLLVIU.K, N. J., June 1 Mrs. I H. Stokos, mother of former Gov Sxokes of New Jersey, died at her home iweu actress. hare sarly to-day. Last Thursdy the ..j remP,her once we were very anx-formsr Oovsrnor and his fathe,- aallsd lou , aT4dsnO aga:n.t an Italian from New York on the steamer , h b ber , hl, 0wn Amerlka for Europe, and for th. past ; J " hd undertall,n M twamv-foiur hours effort, have been , countrj , oui woo ness made to rch them by wlrele... praotlc. madlrJM In New York on my Mrs. .Stokna had been 111 for many first visit to big office he refuaod to u',eka but showed great Improvement I treat me. I went away, and having last week. Protection! The best l s u r a nee and t h e -heape s t gainst loss i hf money invested, is to Uuy a busineti en- & house, lot, farm, terpnse. etc., where your S money is not only secured by tangible property but where profits, o.. your Investment are assured. I A great variety of .ti Invest- ment securities were offered through the 16.721 "Heal Es- fate" and 'Business Oppor- (unity" advertisements printed In The World last month I 3,169 m n e than In the Herald. 5 r a World Ads, for Variety! Wcrld Ads. for Results! I s I 4 V llitet ll Woman Who Traps Quacks by Taking "Cures" For All Sorts of Imaginary Ills Tells of Work Detective "Belle Holmes" Earns Living by Taking Pills "Treatments," Plasters and Potions, and Is the Picture of Health. Never III Nor in Need of Medicine, but Is Persistent Patron of Fake Doctors How She Came to Take Up Career. Br NIXOLA QRRBLBY.9MITB. ajaaa fearless and consequently very much ... , ... - . ' . 8n" ' graduate of tha New Tork ";mal, College, htu. a huaband and two "' ""' "d In the sit year, which Hho has given to exposing quack, ha. , baen baked, frozen, hypnotised, mag- 'u"fl,J nd " " 'T ,nd """"J " -oclety . offlo. .vary 0re,or tne nmM f frMh "WM 0ShU.wL there yastsraay. a MM. un- u.ually symmetrloal young woman, with dark hair, gray eyas and a very bu.tnes.llke manner. Her photograph would make tha finest kind of "af'r taking" picture for any of the quack. It Is h.r buslne.a to expose, but, ot rourM, detective, for obvlou. rean. i don't have picture, taken. ; HOW SHE CAME TO TAKE UP DETECTIVE WORK. "I at t,V..1 n n rat n v fur a VAlr l.m1 A . .... . ... how she oama to take faka treatment for a living, ' and then a friend of mine who wa a detective for tha County Medical Society told me about her work and fhet thre us a tvistflnn onen for an- wom(m. , . ,,,, and gni ilx year, ago last February, and I've been on the trail of the faka medical prao-tltloner ever since," "You mu.t have had some Interesting nr. I ... , a i I ... & ., , I . i i j m , r . i i .f1Ul.nPl " "Oh. sometimes I'vs been discovered snd ordnred out of plaoes; sometimes my life has been threatened, and once a woman declared that ahe would throw S carbolic acid on me. My experience take, me from the mo.t luxuriously furntall,a omo9t on Fitth avanus. or nMT l( w tn on tn. M(t ,,. where fake treatuieuta are given for five and ten cents apiece. "Very recently I caused tha arrest of a woman who had a magnificent apartment In the Nevada. The place was actually so Impressive I was afraid to g0 In and uk for treatment. Thla was Mrs Allna Cu.lsn Arnold, now hen under U ball for Special Sessions This lady called her.elf 'President of the Columbia College of CosmotheTapy' and also ran a 'healtharlum,' aa she rrn,4 lt iler specialty was 'chlro- practlce,' or healltig by the laying on of hands. Ohlro-pracllce was a new word to me, though I've taken all sorts " ; K.:; k,,,,.; i r i u 1 1 isj -Lin - - - - h ..,,. ,h. hydropaths. me.hano-therapl.. faith healers and mental and Christian aclentl... DISGUISE FOR HER IS ALL MAT. TER OF DRESS. Sonetln.cs I wear a disguise, but more often I go to ask for treatment just as you see me now. My disguises range from ths black dress and white cai and apron or the good class housemaid to the stunning co.tums of a lesrned that is had a sweetheart named Flo,' who waa on the stage. I got ray-; eelf up In some gorgeous clothea and called again at his office. I told him 'Flo' had recommended him to me, answered a lot of questions about her, an.1 he was satisfied that I was really a friend of hers. Then he gave me a treatment, I paid for It, and on ths ! evidence I had obtained he was ar rested and gubgaqittntly convicted. "It's a slnguUr thing," Mrs. Heniecry ad. led, "that they never deny hiving given me a treatment when I confront them, though sometimes they claim they didn't tako any money from me. "The only things I've over been afraid of are those huge appliances for giving electricity, because In the hands of an ignorant person they ate cxoomely dati-gsrous. Ons woman sold nis a prayer plaster' lor rheumatism. It cost 15 cents, and I was to tie It to tha rheumatic arm and put another prayer plaster under my pillow at night. Would you like lo see a prayer plaster?" I said I would like very mu -h to see one. Ho .lokn 0, liycr, attorney for the County atedleaj. Bociet. in ofllce this Interview took place, produced from fill ' a soiled and crudely cut ractangli "f Vary cheap paper which wag covered on both sides with an Unintelligible scrawl Ilka that a chill makes when "writing a letter" belors he tin mastered the alphabet. 1 observed to Mrs. Ilcniecry that, notwithstanding prayer piasters, love po tions, ball ngs. freezings and mag nei'zlnga, she seemed to enjov excellent I.e. ith. "Yes," she said, "I do. I haven't taken any mediolne In rears for myself, though, of course, I believe In It when real doc! .rs give It. Tou hee, my pro- r-Klnn keens me full In tile air a great dl Lttd gives tne plenty of exercise.' 1 believe It Is a splendid profession for, women wtio are ghrowd jind wlio are not glveu-to loo much tantin" a pro-viao which to the ready-made cynic, at I least, might serve to ni fetninlne ef- This is the story nf the ffofls doctored human belrm In New York, a well built, thoroughly healthy younn woman who does not live by taking pills, but 'nstea ! takes pill for a living. Alan she akps "treatments'' of every variety; buys "prayer plasters" from '.he purvey ors of these and other strange remedies; tries the beau-tlfylng effects of vlnagar aaths -in ehort, samples In her own parson all the cures of all the medical fakes that her business compels uer to Investigate. For this much-medicated but very wholesome young woman la Mrs. Frances Bemecry, known to the fake doctors of New York ns Dcl'.e Holmes, a shrewd. feared detivtlve lu tho employ of tha FOUGHTBY WIFE She Has Obtained Decree Here, hut Contests Husband's Action in West. PORTLAND, Ore.. June IS. Mrs. Sid ney C. Love of New York, her mothrr Mra Bums, and Sidney c. Love's mother and sister have arrived here. Love's suit for divorce la sst down for trial to-day. Mr. and Mrs. Love, so Inappropriately named, have been tugging at either snd of the longest matrltnonlal chain on record; It stretched clear across the continent In the effort to loose herself fro.n the chsln, Mrs. Love, whom Burne-Jones. the aesthete Engll.h painter, called "the most beautiful woman In America," brought suit for dlvorcs at White Plains. N. Y.. few weeks ago. wo oajs after ner aii It was fllsd. har husband began a similar action In Haker v-iiy. ore. Thouaands of miles apart, eaoh yearned to be free. v mot m. .in to-day with a half qulxzloal, half amused smile. He seemed confident of getting the custody of their three-year-old daughter. Mrs. Love', mother. Mr.. Frances Burnes of St. Joseph. Mo., who accompanied her, la sjfa .nabeth s Hospital, auffer frum a nervous breakdown. The ww ..jui-wi is uoi witn nar mother and Ixive's attorneys have, openly charged Mrs. Love with hiding her. Love and hla wife met In the lobby of the hotel, where he. his wife, the ettorneys for both. Love's mother. Mrs. "w w.y. With m leei apart ana n.a nands on his uviiuf-raieiy gazea at her ,.i,h h.i -...I- ...T -T: . aald: "This Is too good to be true. I didn't! think ale would contest my eult. Ii thought srie considered her decree auf- flclent. Her presence here ahowa she aocati t. i am worneo about where they have put Muriel." ON FEBRUARY 22 ' Krnest Nelhart promised hla parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles W Nelhart of No. MS Kast Thirty-fifth atreet, Flatbush. a surprise yesterday. Young Nelhart Is nineteen years old and the family Is prominent lti social affairs. When the surprise cams in the form of a wife for their young son, toether with tha tldlngs that the wedding wss secretly celebrated Feb. 22. relatives were not altogether harmonious in the hlthaito happy Nelhart home. Hut the father and mothtr decided t hat even though they had not been taken into the confidence of their son ths best thing to do was to accspt the situation gracefully. Nelhart is a broker's clerk. While tho rest of ths country waa celshratlng Washington's bin). day he went down to Atlantic City, where Mr. and Mrs. Jo-soph Wi I'arker have an Interesting family of eleven children. There were so many Of the young l'arkers that the famll)' did not miss Bthal, who is twen- Iy-tnree, durltig the day, when went in an automobile over to Wilmington, Del., an l hunted up the Itev. ln Wolf, the same pastor who married the latejf of the (iaynor elopers. After the trip, the couple came home and nothing was aald to Indicate that there had been an unusual event. Young Nelhart came home and left his b!idl Witt) her family. Ml-s Bthol I'arker had been a school chum of Miss EMM Nelhart. and th-family knew her very well, hut nobody suspected t;. fr.ciulsh'.p "f tne sS LuVtS DIVORCE i SUIT IN OREGON SURPRISES FOLK WITH GIRL HE WED ter cloaked a warm ailachment on the'suratire policy for an aeroplane in Con Pa" ' the brolher Nelhart went to Atlantic City yester. day for his bride and brought her home The news of the socret WI ddlng was circulated In .Fiatbuah to-day. to the Intense lnterel of the lealdenU ot that pan it UriiUayts "Most Beautiful Woman in America '' And Husband Who Is Suing Her .sssssfByesBPKjei aeXsV-ro" r sa sm ill isssxeas . 11 CATS BRING LUCK TO ACTOR KESSEL, BUT ASCH WEEPS One Feline, With Six Kittens, Aids Play, While Another Smashes Crockei y Ahrsham Asch of No. 1W Clinton street snd Herman ICessei, the .lewlsl k. . . si actor, are having a dispute today as to whsther a cat "irliigs good luck or bad (V, . . ' "oekery and glass store snd breaks Pass worm ot cut glass is certainly not ' a desirable acquisition to a place Of I ' business. I Actor Kesssl declsres that a cat com ing on the stage at the proper time, as ordered hv the play he Is Interpreting, and, depositing elx kittens in view of the audience is oertalnly worth acquiring. The cause of As h's complaint Is that a cat, frightened by the atorm last night, daahed Into his slore nrd In Its terror Jumped among the gliss and did ths damage he speaks of. With Actor Kessei lh!:iKs broke differently. He was giving the Jewish plav, " at the thcatr. hearing hll name on Hecond street. One of tho characters of the drama Is a cat, but , Kessei had never been able to secure a I fellr.e that had any Thespian Instincts ! and he was despairing of getting tha proper support. i There OOJne a loud clap of th indef j last Light that geared the au.llen'-e, '. but fright soon xave way to a titter. Actor Keascl, looking up, saw a cat coming across Die atae as if g a hurry to get away from aomethlng. The cat accuatomed Itaelf to its sor-1 rout.dlnga, and aealng a larne eisy chair mult Itself at home tn It. But when the actor picked up the net na required In the play she emitted yowls , anu endeavored to sorotah him. When I he looked doun Into the chair lie re-1 allied the cause of her change In digs position. For where there had ben but ont cat a few moments before there WOM sin klttena of different colors. Kessei I Bays he will keep Die six In the hope that one of t hem will be able t- do a turn on ti e stage. I INSURES HIS AEROPLANE BUILT TO CARRY TWO. William C. Beers Gets Hirst Plying Machine Policy Written in Connecticut. KSW KAVBNi June 13 -The first In nectlcut has been written here It la for a two-passenger DteOblM bought by Wllllatii C. Heers, president of an aeronautic company, wt.l h la to establish headiiuartera in this city. The plane is igovu te be put Uto evMuuilaslup. r JHHHfl SCHEIB AGAIN HELD IN TOMBS CELL AS IT Chauffeur Whose Wife Was Found Dead in Bathtub Jailed on New Charge fhauffeur Harry A Bchetb landed ba.'k In Uie Tombs this aftnrnoon, this Mm utider bonds of 12,000, f- await the sntlon of the 'Irand Jury on a grand larceny complaint. Ills return lo his old cell was a vlotory for Urn Infective Buraatli whl'ih for tWO woeks has been w. irking to find SVldsnos that would OOnHMl Schelb wllh tlie desth of his wife, wliose liudy waa found In the bath tub of a locked and d- ser'e flat at No Ml ICest Seventy-eighth street. an May 29. Jolui Wyefh, Sdhelh's re-ent employ . r er who nia.le tho newem accusation MaTOixnty ewier Msgisfrnis l orrfgan ha'1 1"clln''1 10 lo"er hold the muoh- buffeted prisoner for hotnlnlde upon I such aoanty proof an the police had lttm,.d apporgs1 f .-day as om- plainest In the West side Court, where the preliminary hearing was resumed. Mr. Wyeth's charge wns baaed upon tne now law whl'-h makes It a felony to uae an automobile without tho owner's Consent. Mr. Wyeth said he wsa p.tttv he did let use ills machine May IS the date named In the warrant and the affldav lt -he. auae on ths evening of tiist day he had gueats .at illfiner. Anna Krauee. a waitress to whom Hcholh paid attentions af'.er his wfi r,.sa;ieared, tostlfle.l t! at on May IS at 61 o'clock In the morning she wrote I note to Scheoii. asking Mm to take ! n(r ,htt, .vening for a .pin About I Is O'clock, she said, lie drove a machine to her hotiao at No. 100 VVoSI Nlneflefn street. Mr. and Mrs Sncrman, Ml ... Sempor and W. D. .Weaker a' urnpanlc I ,,V...lti frr fi rt 1e T; ,'' were Ir..,. i. iuri ati'1 hnlf. Anna Krause rode On the front scat wfth aVahelb and reL called that he told her the autofnoliile was a Pullman - the make owned by ; Mr. Wyeth. W. It. demons, manager of a irar-vx.' at No. 2oC Hroadway, produced lOOOroxl to show the Wvth cur hsd beeTl "otiecked out" May II at 1,40 IV M. snd had lieen returned shortly ' before midnight Alexander Karlln, flchnlh's lawyer, cross-examined teVOh eltnoai atiarply. Then )ie announced that he wanted t press a charge of perjury against Mr Wynth because of alleged i on'i mil tory tatetnenti, MMlatrate Pregohl told ' Mr K':,rhn thul If ).m m-i.i.-..l tit u ,. Sl. against Mr. Wyeth he must swear to the iirollmlnnr., papers and I assume raspontlhtMty for prosecution. I Mr Karlln dropped that subject and mi g a leneTthy pla for the dlscharg) of Ills client, saying a mlssrabls p.-llce connjilrs'y" wss liehfnd the con llnUOd imprisonment of Boheib nr.-l thai detectives In New York wo .Id swear au Inni ent man's It fa aaay to make reputations. whan he was through Central Offloe meti head luffed t suspect and started with him fur Ja 11. wlille Mr K.iriin hurried out, threatening to invoke habeas orvus a right whlnh he had already amptoyad twice in tits efforts to free ids man. tgnl U mi I. III.. I b rail, irs EUiaa tooth Clancy, atgty.yaavri old, No. lis PHfft axeiiue, fell down tho atalra leading Int the cellar to-day and as UiaUdil a.Usu. POLICE HUNT PROOF 1 000 IN A PANIC AS LIGHTNING HITS CROWDED CHURCH Music Averts Peril in Darkened Edifid It F'eildie Institute Exercises. PRINCIPAL KEHPS HEAD. Orders Orchestra to Play and Crowd Marches Out of Burning Building. RXOimTOWlti N J. Jnue 11 By virtue of his courage and the "Htar Spangled llanner,' K. W. Swetland, principal nf last Peddle Instlute here Is s hero to-dsy. More thai MH per.ons sssemhled 1n IM Itaptlst Church laaL nlsht tc attsnd the prelltivlnary comtnencentent exercises of the Instttuta Parents, friends snd sweethearts of ths students from many cltlea were In holiday attlra, and the programme hail juat started when a bolt of llghtnl ig struck ths steeple of the church. FYeg-ments tumbled to '.be roof with a mighty roar. Pants resulted tn an Instant, but Prof. Swetland waa equal to the oooa-slon. Whispering to tha orchestra leader to start tha national antham. aa the lights went out ha Jumped to tha platform and shouting so hla voice ould be heard ahuvs the heavy artillery of the atorm outs'de. he commanded ai-I lence. The flashes of lightning had alarmed rrany In the audience before the steeple wss shattered, and th Midden dark-ness aa the lights went out .trunk ter-I ror to the hearts of the women. One shrieked snd somedbody twsoe I yelled "First" "Keep quiet'" commanded Prof. Swat-, land. "There la no danger." Tr-S strains of the "Star enwragted Ilannnr" hind a soothing? effect and the i onrush for the exits ceased ss sud dcnly as It had begun. Then tha filed onit In an orderly manner. (several men and women had fainted. however, and a do.en or more had been slightly Injured by being trampled In I the Incipient panic. Fire in the steeple followed tha crash of the thunderbolt. Moat of the spire. ISO feet high, toppled to the ground after the lightning struck. The looal Are department waa unable to nrps with ths tolas at first and tele phoned to Trenton for aid, tut by the time the auto engine arrived from Tren ton, fifteen miles away, tha Ore waa under control. The "hurab waa badly dasnagwd. but the fire did nut spread. The loaa is estimated at IBO.OiiO. The Peddle Inatlute la an axaluatve school and in the gradautlng class are representatlvea of the best aoclety In New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Pittsburg and Baltimore. Hightatnwn Is crowded with visitors for ths com-msncerneut, and thla accounted for ths crush at tiie exerclans Tuere were to have been entertainments hy the van oua classes after the exers'lMS, but all hnve been called on Indefinitely. The regtiler oommencement exercises set for to-day probably will tie post poned. Dr. W. I, Wilbur, who attended moat of the fainting women, aald to-dae that the tacr ana courags ox ror. Hwstiaml undoubtedly prevented the loss of seany lives. THREE CHINESE WOMEN GO HOME AFTER YEAR HERE. One Mas Finished Full Gnurv at Columbia and Will Teadi in Shanghai. Ths steamer Kalssr Wllhelm n. of the North Herman Lloyd line, which left to-dsy. carried three Chinese women wlio have bean in this country for mors than a year and who are returning to their homes by way of Kurope. They are Mlaa Fy Tsao, who haa flnlshsd a four years' courss at ("'u"',', '-nlver.lty and I. "lurnlng l'l nilBlK.l.l Ml tmmi U MWVI i . .win Kaiaon. wife of one of the ercretarle. of the thlnese Legation In Washington, and Miss L N. Chang, who haa baen attending a private soiionl In I'hlla- . "'libla Among the other passengers were Aug jeto PaOB, Ids wife and Ave ohlMren, of Yucatan They were on the ateam-ahlp Merlda which was recently sunk on her way to llavaxia. Mrs I'eon's back was Injured In the oolllalon and they wer the laat, esrept the captain and a few tm.mbara of the crew, to leave the ship They are going to spend a ymr In Itiurope ami wlU place the children In school there. WICKEDEST BLOCK AGAIN SHAKEN BY More Than loo Persons Stampeded to Fire-Escape Rain Spoiled One Bomb. WORK OP BLACK HAND. Victim Had Already Paid Blackmail, and Thought Me Was Safe Another hnmt. explnslnn shook New York's "wickedest block" earlv tn-dav when mlscreanta fried to blow Frank Zibe.lo. of Nc W Last Kiev-nth out of tha neighborhood Tha bomb waa set off In front of Zl- THR LARGBST WAIST BOMB EXPLOSION Great Sale Dresses Marquisettes, Voiles, Lingeries, &c Values $18.50, A eiplendi.l opportunity to pick up mym rmmX tor your Summer WtartlroVjsj. A VERT IMPORTANT SAXJS Linen Tailored Suits Values $15.00, $18.00, $25.00 A matt unttsutU off erring, comprising as U di the very Inteart styles and color. All size Included In thla su leu j June Sale 1,000 Lingerie Waists $2.45, $2.85, $3.85 RetruUr Selling Price. $3.75, $4.75, $6.50 ec-84-sfl John Forsythe vve.t B4th su WEDNESDAY, JUKE t4lh "" AN UNI8UAL OFFERING OF Fine Silk Petticoats TO CLOSE OTJR KrTTIHK STJPLlTSSTOCK OF FITtT SlLK PBTTICOATS.COIISISTIHO OF FUULAK DS, CHINA SltK 'Q QP P BROCAOBD SILK AND SATINS, VARIETY OF LATE iO.73 MODELS. REGCLANLT7o to I12.00 EACH 1 J Sale of Silks At One-Third and One-Half Off Former Pries A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF PRINTED FOULARDS, TAFFETAS, CHECK AND STRIPE SILKS, PONGEES, GAZES, EMBROIDERED CHIFFONS, LOUISINES, BROCADES. ETC, IN WAIST. SKIRT AND DHKsft ijsnuinn. Acker, Merrall & Condit loan EQQS Ultra Selected Freax. ,2 1 BUTTER nsirt n mi i .28 Asparagus Mammoth California Ursr Cans .2.90 .25 Peai Choice Early June 1 .30 .11 TomatCS A M. & C Selected Whole Pruit -If. Cu.s .00 . 4 Com Finest Maine - Sweet an J Tender 1.30 .12 Rice Noreca Fancy-3 Iba, for J25 Pineapple, Pears or Cherries lis. Calif., Delicious Flavor -LarKe Can 2.75 .25 Tea Running Special blend India and Ceylon --tb .35 C O flee Plantation A superior Java Blend lb J2 Chili Sauce A -M.&C--Every Ingredient the finest ... y pints I.OU .1 Jams A. M. & C. Home Made- All Varieties 2. 85 .25 Olive Oil hi-.ii.R Sun 'Preucli' I arKe hot ., ; M cd.. . 16c ; Small. H 13 Chambers HI. r.Ttb St. oth Ave. Broagwar a 1M SB. lilts West A-iA SI. T'4d St. S) Awsteraasa Ave. IMIk Kl t TUi Ave. I nSUIIUIlNSI'llRIIN: 1 1 1 B t hello's grocery on tha ground floor sf ths five-story flafhouse, demolishing s I plsts glass door panel, but doing catty j 2S damaga I By tha time Pollreman Peter Ksaxtan I of the Plfth street station got to UtS house from .Second svenue and Klergauh street ths hundred or mora tertaatg af I the building hsd slsmprded te the are ssrspea and were crowding and pushing snd screaming m their efforts tn get through tht landing wells os the lass- dera All ths windows In the neigh ti st tsaafl were filled with frightened men and women snd many of them, as wall as several men on , adjacent roofs, ware firing pistols tn attract the police. In the hallway of the house tha s-llceman found Zlbatlo, hla wife and ftvs children crouching. They hsd run oat of their fist bsck of ths grocery at tha sound of ths explosion, fearing that an attempt would be msde to hurl a baxafe through the rear window of their retn Last Sunday night I'olireman Far 4a. of the Klfth stret ststlon. found an IsB-exploded bomh. which had been dean aged by rain. In front of i&Jbello's store It Is believed that last night's sxplostoe was a retutn date of tha rulprtta. The police heard that ZINello Into the Mock from MOM street a time aro and Is eensidered an loner. He adml'ted to the police I... had received f .en'ening li-Kers ' years aire and had paid the uowr ; mandd by the Mackmallers and 1 I ha would be let alone. I W ds sgo a bomb wag ax ftS V 'J" "Z'tJJS. gi hepera, but, aa was the rase) I no one was hurt. HOUSE IN THE WORX-XX ' .T $120 $16eSO $22.50, $28.00 $10.50 and $15.00 Company g Ht 44S rsllu KU (sr. V5

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