The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 9, 1942 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 9, 1942
Page 8
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MRS. CHAS. SCOTT WILL HEAD BURT AUXILIARY 1943 liurt: The American: .Legion and Auxiliary met at the Legion hall last Tuesday evening. The Auxiliary elected the following officers: Mrs. Charles Scott, president; Mrs. Jjrti Christiansen, vic'e president; Wtfs. O. H. Graham, secretary; Mrs. Tressle Rlngsdorf, treasurer; Mrs. £!. tt. Pannkuh, sergeant at arms; Mrs 1 . Peter Thelssen, chaplain; Mrs. Wyott Stott, historian. Mrs. W. J. Lbcltwood, Mrs. C. H, Schrader and Mrs. Wyott Stott are on the executive board. Mrs. L. H. Schenck is publicity chairman. The Auxiliary meets In July to install officers, but the Legion will have a vacation during July and August. GIFT TO PASTOR BY GOOD HOPE CONGREGATION Seneca: Rev. S. O.- Sande, who has been pastor at the Seneca Lutheran church the past 18 years, resigned his pastorate at last Sun-| been in Camp Lewis, Washington, day's services, the resignation to; since May 1, this year, a tank driv- take effect Oct. 1. A congregational meeting was held Tuesday evening to act on the resignation and to make future plans. Affies Student* Return To Titonka Home« For the Summer, Tltonka: Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Boyken motored to Ames Thursday to get their daughter, Verdehe, home for the summer vacation. Feme Krantz drove dWn Wednesday to get Jier sister, Doris, who also attends college at Ames, but will ba home for the summer. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Callles got their daughter Jacky, home on Thursday from Idwa State College for the summer vacation, Cdsgroves Hear from Son, Andy, After Eight Weeks Silence Wesley: Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Cosgrove are in receipt of a letter from their son, Andy, the first word in two months. He is with the U. .S. navy, serving in transport out of harbors on the east coast. His letter said he'd like to tell them where he was most of the time, but rules forbid. He is a member of the crew on the U. S. S. Legionnaire. He has been with the navy the past fourteen years. Mr. and Mrs. Cosgrove have a son, Donald, who enlisted in March, 1941, and is with the coast artillery in Alaska, and a son, John, who has Classified Ads RATES—.Minimum charge 2Cc for 13 words or less. Cash rate, 2c per word, paid In advance. For Said iPOR SALE!—Fine 10 acre home, $10,006 modern 6-room house. Other buildings as double garage, chicken-house, hoghouse, * etc. First class condition. Fine rock garden. Land black soil. AH tiled. H milo W Fairmont on old No. 9. Price $11,000. Limited time.—Fred Zeitz, R. No. 3, Fairmont, Minn. 23* FOR SALE—8 acres alfalfa. Firdt crop. 1 ml. N., % W of sale barn. —S. Dedrickson. 22* iFOR SALE—About 20 bus. Mukden seed beans, $2.00 per bu. to clean up.—Carl Hutchlns, Algona. 23* FOR SALE—Well improved 80, 2 miles north Swea City.—Mrs. Victor Johnson. 23-24* Pastor of Ramsey Reformed Church to Lecture in the East Titonka: Rev. Calvin Schnucker, pastor of the Ramsey Reformed church, left Saturday morning from Wesley on the train for New Brunswick, New Jersey, where she will deliver a series of lectures at the Institute for Town and Country Ministers in the New Brunswick Seminary under the sponsorship of the New Jersey State Agricultural college, the United States -Department of Agriculure. . : Good Pickings The commencement exercises rt Sheldon was attended by unwelcome WWitors. At least four persons were robbed of their, billfolds. Apparently the pickpockets did their trprk as the people crowded the exits on leaving the building. , ! Notice of Letting Sealed bids will be received at the office of the County Auditor, Algona, Iowa, until' 10:00 ,a. m. June 18th, 1942, for furnishing Kossuth County with a one year's supply of gasoline, consisting of approximately 80,000 gallons. Bidding blanks and additional information may be secured at the office of the county engineer, Algona, Iowa. June 5, 1942. E. S. KINSEY, County Auditor. Vacation School Had 60 Enrolled ' Titonka: Friday at noon the Methodist vacationl Bible' school closed with a picnic dinner. There were 60 youngsters enrolled, and the school was conducted for two weeks in the forenoons. Rev. Patterson was general superintendent, assisted by Mrs. George Bonacker, Mrs. Harold Miller, Harriet Schram and Elsie Larson accompanist. The girls of the World Wide Workers organization also helped. Hospital News Kossuth Hospital June 1—Mrs. Randall Clark, Algona, girl. June 2—John Camacho, Ledyard, surgical; Mrs. Clarence Swedin, Wesley, girl. , June 3—Billy Dewel, Algona, surgical. June 5—(Mrs. Arthur Alexander, girl; Mrs. E'dw. Besch, Whittemorc, boy. June 6—Allen Wagoner, Algona, accident; Mrs. Raymond Roach, Titonka, girl. 23 General Hospital' June 6—Mrs< E. E. Spencer, West Bend, boy. June 3—Geraidine Stevens, Corwith, surgical. June 4—Harriet Boeckholt, Wesley, surgical. June 6—Wm. Champion, Irvington, surgical; Jean Champion, Irvington, surgical. June 8—Roland Ostwald, Whittemore, surgical. ;FOR SALE—Good Kimball piano. First class condition. —Mrs. Guy Bone, Swea City. 23-24* iFOR SALE—Soybean seed. Farmers' price.—John Gisch, Phone 2F14, Algona 23* FOR SALE—F-12 I. H. C. tractor, resleeved, repainted, with cultivator. Two 8 ft. McCormick-Deerlng grain binders; one 10 ft. tractor binder. —McCormick-Oeeriing Store, Algona. 2.1 Old Rocks, .Rods, Wyandottes, tra-Whltes, Giants, Leg-Rocks, orcas, White, Buff And Brown Leg' horns. G«t your house ready now and get. them at Bargain prices. Guaranteed strong and . healthy.— Hamilton Hatcheries, Bancroft and Titonka, la. • l?-tf •WAiNTED — Responsible girl, housework, child care for summer. Small family. Modern conveniences. Phone 987. , 23* Miscellaneous SAVE MONEY when you borrow. The Aetna Life's farm loan plan turns over every cent of your loan to you. No deductions for corri- misslon, appraising, title examination, or Application. For details in quire of Hutchison & Hough. 22-36* SEE MB FOR Real Bargains It terms, loans, drainage surveying and estimates on tile.—Phil J. Kohl laas, phone 22, Algona. ' ~16-tl Exchange Dept. Basement Good Used Furniture Dining room—Living rooni suites Breakfast sets, Buffets, Radios and Washers Bjustrom's Furniture 42-U Grocery, mdse. Municipal' Plrt. • Ass'n,, dues —_.. — *—..-•_ A. H, Borchardt. mdsfe... N. W. Sell Co., service James bailey et al, labor CrescorUhton Elec. Co., signs .............. . M.' F. Amfahr, mdse. ,.. C. U.' Pollard, expense. Mrs. .John Helrrters, labor '.. ........ —_.___ Frank Caughey, labor.. City Clerk, postage ... Petrojeum Prod. Co., oil WATER FUND Harry Barton, salary and overtime— _J.^_ Frank Ostrum, salary __ Chester Webb, salary _ R. S. Baffon, salary __ C. U. Polfcrd, salary __ . 1.20 500 2,60 20.24 11.00 . , 5.29 1.28 14.23 3.60 21.00 3.69 180.28 76.25 60.00 7.26 38.00 35.00 20.00 65.00 7.20 IFOR SALE—(Electric automatic well water pump with motor, and: pump rod complete. Cheap.—Lloyd Wellendorf. 23 FOR SALE—Milking goat in production, two 10 weeks old doe kids, a Daisy Beebe gun.—Lamont Wellendorf. 23 (FOR SALE—Started chicks it greatly reduced prices while they last. Nutrena chick and growing mashes and pellets^—Wellendorf Hatchery, west of fairgrounds. 2? PHONOGRAPH RECORt»S--a;11 the new releases. Needles—albums —.Kossuth Radio & Electric, Algona Iowa. .. ••.... 6-ti IF YOU NEED a rubber for any purpos*. you can order thei'n at The Algona Upper ; Des Moines 50c and up. : ' 13*-tf FOR SALE—One new Serve! gas refrigerator, can be sold without government restrictions. Three used gasoline, pressure stoves. Three used coal and'•TJ'ood ranges. One used Westinghbuse electric range. One used combination gas range. When in need of cooking gas call Algona ; Skelgas/Service. Telephone 221-W or 221-R. 22 •FOR SALE—Strawberries, quart, lOc. Bring your containers. Leave orders early.—Gottlieb Hanselmen, LuVerne, Iowa. Phone 4591. 23 ON HAND—Thousands of Baby and Started Chicks every day.— Thompson Hatchery, Elmore, Minn. 10-13*-24 FOR SALE—1938 Chevrolet deluxe 2-door sedan. Priced to sell. —Casey Loss. 17-tf FOR SALE—Special Sale 10 Day , CARD OF THANKS We wish to thank all our friends for the many lovely kindnesses that have been extended to us during our recent bereavement and for the beautiful floral tributes sent at that time. Also we greatly appreciated as did our father, the many courtesies and deeds of kindness shown him during his illness. Mrs. Pierre Qullett'e, . Kenneth and Leon Stock and (families. . , . ' : ' 23 CITY BILLS J One Ad Will Point Their Feet To Your Door! The more people see your ad, the bigger the results will be. That's the reason why advertisers who havo used The Allgona Upper Des Moines once come back again and again. Each week The Algona Upper Des Moines is in the hands of thousands of Kossuth county readers. Each week those readers look to see what Algona merchants are offering the.m, where they can buy quality goods at the right price. Ar£ you putting your best foot forward to tell them what you have to sell—and what seryjce you can best give them 1 ? TELL YOUE 8TOBY TO THEM EACH WEEK IN COLUMNS OF The Algona Uppei Des Moines Classifieds run ill the Upper Des Moines are run free of charge in the. Algona Saturday Shopper May 28, 1942. City : Council met at the .City Hall in regular session. ;...,-'' The minutes wero read and. .approved. , ••,... . ... Building repairs for R. £. Lieb and Margaret Hofmaster were approved. Opening day for pool to be June 8. Pool employes follow: Roger Michael, salary ..S 65.00 Russell Thorpe, salary _ 55.00 Betty Scanlan, salary __' 52.00 Barbara Pool, salary — 45.00 App. ord. No. 573 was passed. ELECTRIC LIGHT FUND L. M. Bellock, salary __ 77.50 F. C. Dailey, salary and overtime 93.10 Tom Halpin, salary 75.00 Walter Gorman, salary. 75.00 C. C. Wright, salary and overtime ___——^— 67.20 Earl Bowman, salary and overtime 79.85 Wm. O. Ludwig, salary. 65.72 Alvis Hill, salary 45.50 S. Barton, salary ___ 22.77 i. E. Steph^nson, salary and overtime 80.94 Chester Webb, salary and overtime .1 48.00 Frank Ostrum, salary . 7.95 Joe Dunn, salary and overtime 73.11 H. S. Roth, salary and overtime 78.15 C. U. Pollard, salary __ 95.00 Ira Kohl, salary ... 40.00 Adah Carlson, salary __ 80.00 L. J. Lutker, eng. 40.00 Fulton Iron Works, eng. . and mdse. , 145.27 Diesel Service, mdse] — 10.44 Globe Mach. & Sup. Co., "mdse. _—_ 50.83 West. Elec. Sup. Co., mdse. 40.09 General Electric Co., mdse. 32.40 Norton Mach. Wks., repairs 118.20 Northland Elec. Co., mdse. .83 W. D. Allen Mfg. Co., mdse. . 8.70 Leighton Sup. C o., mdse. _ 3.77 American Salt Corp., mdse. 51.3Q Pratt Elec. Co., mdse.._ 94.57 Kohlhaas Hdw. Co.; mdse. — 18.79 Algona Laundry, serv.__ 11.10 Kennedy & Parsons, mdse. - - 3.96 Greenberg Auto Sup., mdse. 8.05 Kent Mtr. Co., repairs. _ 4.06 Harris Bros., gas 7.82 Johnson's D-X Sta., gas 20.90 Ry. Express Co., exp. — 1.16 Thorpe Wood & Iron Works, repairs 8.64 Foster Furniture Co., mdse. 101.73 Advance Pub. Co., mdse. — - 417.27 Algona Upper D.. M., RUPTURE SHIELD-EXPERT, H. U HOFFMANN of Minneapolis, Minnesota, will demonstrate, without charge, his Capture Shields" in Algona Hotel, Algona, Monday June 15. Prom 10 a. m. to 4 p. m. Please come early. Evenings by appointment. I have been supplying my shields to rupture sufferers in this territory for ten years and longer. I have fitted thousands of cases in the United States during this time. There are many of my satisfied customers right here in your community. CAUTION: If neglected, rupture may cause weakness, 'backache, nervousness, ,(^to!ma«(h <and gas pains. People' having large ruptures, which have returned after surgical operations or 'injection treatments, are especially invited. "If you want it dope right, don't experiment. See Hoffman." If unable to see me at this time address: HOFFMANN'S 6UBGICAI, APPI44NOJS £p. m MfM»f«S»c Minneanolia. Ifa Kohl, salary — Laura Mitchell, salary- Jack ttahle, labor Culligan Zeolite Co., mdse, - r _. 227.65 Norton" Mach. Works, mdse. —i *.__ 3.90 Electric Dept., mdse. __ 16.90 H. W. Post, freight .... 11.36 Wm. C. Dau Garage, mdse. _ :'._, i_ .91 Funk & Deim, mdse. __ 1.17 Harris Bros., gas 9.21 GENERAL FUND A. R. Moulds, salary" __ 72.50 Cecil McGinnis, salary__ 65,00 Tirn O'Brien, salary 65.00 Alvis Hill, police 10.80 N. W. Bell Co., service.. 4.26 W. S. Darley & Co., mdse. 12.20 Hooker Sup. Co,, mdse. 34.95 Algona Laundry, service '.- 2.26 Moore's D-X Sta., gas__ J32.20 ,Rpyall 400 Oil Co., gas ; and oil __.. 7.13 Kossuth Oil Co., gas and i/oil.. i-......^_..,.__ 9.91 Hieters Texaco Serv., gas and- oil _*__, 18.14 Thorpe Wood & Iron Works, repairs _, 1.50 J. W. Neville, rent ___•_ 10.42 Jesse Lashbrook, salary 77.50 Elliott Skilling, salary.. 77.50 John Helmers, salary 47.50 Oliver Bakken, salary __ 47.50 Chas. Harvey, salary 47.50 Herman Lyon, salary <' 47.50 H. W. Post, freight .98 Advance Pub. : Co., ' mdse. 20.98 Algona Upper D. M., printing u_;.-.-__ 68.55 Herman M. Brown' Co., mdse. '._' 10.37 Thorpe Wood. «& Iron Works, repairs _. ' 29.55 Greenberg "Auto,. Sup., mdse. _•„! 14.02 Kohlhaas Hdw. Co., .'•'• rtdSe. —I _' 8.40 Percival-Motors, repairs 15.26 Kossuth Implement Co., repairs — . 24.18 Frank Oil Sta.," gas 16.25 Johnson D-X Sta., gas and oil . 13.96 Clear Lake Sand & Gravel Co., mdse. _._ 27.74 Continental Oil Co., oil 37.69 C. M. St. P. & P. R'y, freight 28.76 SEWER FUND C. U. Pollard, salary __ 20.00 Ray Barton, salary 4.23 Frank Ostrum, salary _ ; 4.55 County Auditor, permit .25 SWIMMING POOL FUND West. Disinfec. Co., mdse. . 21.21 Algona Hbt>ftef , Supl>lsr';\<3e.', fndS&r i.-----«.*..l'-i"i- JoHnsoft D-X'ger., Kossuth Oil 06.1 're Algona tea, Agc>., _„._ Algona Oil Cow gW,-»...» 16.42 1.30 30.59 1.12 2.61 A. M. dttlnffon, ^saary .L-»-..*-*..i. Dt. F,' E. Sawyer, tent— . 25.00 SALUTE TO COMFORT CHRISCHILLES A Grand Showing of Attractive Washables No scarcity here—hundreds and, hundreds of cool, sparkling, washable dresses are | here to make' the .coming ' summer days delightful and refreshing. There are cham-. brays, seersuckers, Btitnbergs, waflfle-wesves, sharksklna, batiste, suitings, Spun-rayons, rayon-washableB and many other fabrics—all designed to give you maximum comfort at minimum cost. Buy two or three of these dresses while our stock is complete. Courteous treatment by experienced and consdien, 1 t|ious salesladies makes buying here a real pleasure- v Sizes 9 to 17, 12 to 20, 38 to 46 and 14% to 350 ^OO £00 £75 £50 I Zipper Dresses We have a limited supply of the easy-to-wear zipper dresses. While the present stock lasts and while zippers can >e had, these dresses are for sale in fast color prints at ; only. Kay Dunhill , Kay Dunhill has become one of our most popular tailored street and home frocks — shown now in Bemberg, novelty sheer, dotted Swiss and rayon prints — sizes 12 to 40-~ strictly a plain. tailored dress for the woman who likes a quality dress at a reasonable price. • • ••••,. •' •••'. ' - - 6.5O 8-OO f REMEMBER THE DRUG STORE FOR BEST VALUES IN TOWN Mechanical Type Constipation Relief RiKER'S PETR0FOL American Type MiH- eral Oil. Tasteless, odorless, non-habit- forming. 49c OO 89c £f\ PINT jyc ouAjTOyc THESE ARE IUT A FEW OFVTHE MORE THAN 150 BIG VALUES DURING THIS SALI SIZE SIZE fOU TWO iv elu the home Here IB for V° u SI.OB BOTH FOR ^Bl» — 77< ,& /, Bouquet Romeo SOAP - v For home use or guest use. Fine quality • hard milled. Ab.undant lather, 3 - rVI\ ff- % .* I0c 25 >*» fa &* ,»••«» \ •• • .• . ' -,K. D. James Better, comfort, more beauty, trigger savings—and greater happiness. These ; are yours during 7 the Rekall Drug Store Health and Beauty Sale. You'll find things you ne'ed for vacation as well /as home use. And all at glorious big savings too. Check your list now and hurry for the best values. Pkg. of 100 Logan's SODA MINT TABLETS «f 1C Vt oz. size Cell's TINCTURE IODINE .with applicator A. VW . H oz. size Sheldon's MERCUKOCHIIOME ' with ap pllcator lie 4 Oz. size JPurGyV CASTOR OH. ..- I3c T&ssMi Theatrical COLD CREAM The favorite of well known stars of stage and screen because of the thorough cleansing. ' ^* 7Se full lansing. ^^ j)' Valu* Snugfo/cf folding Folds and ntu into rubberized case— ^ out of Bight. . Strong, well made, f-'the'tWne f° r en joy 8O 1 _i^^B^ * u *., M M Q •'•'••••'• •'•• COMBINATION '«;• k- VALUE A Ypur choice of any 2'ADRUNNi BEAUTY CREAMS and a box of ADW^NNl FMinwiR A value that will be snapped up »l,65V»lu« quickly and we cannot guarantee A > extra •/pwUtjes. Chow fwn Ml X MO C}e*wirif,-Cold, Finishing, F«un- * ** rw option anq Skm Cream—-JN»turelle, ^* j/« Blossom, metafile-Ivpry or OllySs *f IV ._ , OOWN SOLVENT Fuu Pint Basfeey-B SWWtt Vi. CWL l4WSOJl'« TRIAL OFFER SHAVING UsW 'g »ru«hje8» Ott <W< 10* * Cora Nome Perfume and a 2f« f!*j|; «f $2,00 per box Cora Nwn* Fcj?s Powder Tm* ywrwtf to thw .r*n»rtoWy |OTH fO| low prfc|4 trtal offeif ojf these ft» ON^Y> mop Cara .JJlome Pr«4ucl», Q you try thenj.- y,ou will vw th always, Hurry! they'll |o fast, '' All REXALL PRODUCTS SOLD ON'A MONEY- BACK GUARANTEE OF SATISFACTION H!S;J r-i:i ,!A("ii' ! \ Vi''- 1 ' 1 •i-

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