The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1949 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1949
Page 12
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PACK TWELVH BT/YTHEVTLL15 '(ARTC.)' COURIER THURSDAY, MARCH 17,1949 69 Miles of M-A Railway Sought N«w Firm Requests Authority to Use Part of Junked Line WASHINGTON, March 17. M'i— A. new Arkansas company yester- 'd»y asked authority to acquire and operate about 69 miles of the old .Missouri and Arkansas Railway. The application was filed wllh the interstate Commerce Commission by the Arkansas and Ozurks ' Railway Company of Harrison, Ark., organized i*»rch *The ICO last year authorized abandonment of the entire Missouri and Arkansas 335-mile line from Joplln, Mo., to Helena. Ark., niter a series of company receiverships und reorganizations. On petition of Arkansas stnc* authorities, the proposed abandonment, scheduled for late In the y«:ir was postponed lo April 6. 1949. to permit more time for making plans for continued operation ol either all or parts ol the system. Actual operations of trains were suspended in September,'1946. Murray M. Salzberg. New York attorney Kr I he Arkansas nnd Ozarks Co.. told |he commission hl.s cllenUs desire lo buy the 6G miles or main line trackage between Harrison. Ark., and Selleman, Mo., and a three mile brunch between Freeman and Bcrryvlllc, Ark. He said the financing plan calls for purchase of roadbed and rails from the Missouri and Arkansas Company and lease or purchase of : rolling stock. He said ;the company will Issue slocks to provide working funds. The application did not Indicate what money may be involved In the proposed plan. The petition said, however. Hint the projected service i-s nrRently needed In Ihe area, which has a population of about 15,000. 'Daddy Shot Mummy' Ex-Warlord Who Turned Communist Has His Eye on Presidency of China S Seven-year-old Roger Hord sits on the Jap of his fnther, Lee Herd, 41. at a coroner's Inquest in Chicago, where he boy testified, "My daddy shot my mummy and Ihen lie tried to shoot himself." The lad testified he was awakened Ihc morning of March 12 by Inucl InlkiiiK by his father, and that the father shot his wKe, Flossie, fnllowlni: an argument. Police testified Hord admitted shooting his wife mxl that lie was intoxicated at the lime. <AP I'holo.) By Walter Brl«» NEA Special Correspondent HONG KONG —(NEA) —An elderly, unobslruslve little man who recently slipped out of this British crown colony for Chinese 'omnnmlst territory may become Ihe next leader—In name, at least —or one-fifth of humanity. He Is Marshal, LI Oil-sen, 64- year-old former warlord, who aspires to the presidency of the Communist proposed "coalition 1 government, for China's 450,000,000 people. Around New Year's Day the marshal qultely vacated his apartment on the side of the peak above Hong Kong harbor nnd boarded a ship—variously reporter! to be Soviet, British and Filipino. His arrival In Communist North China was heralded fn a broadcast by the Communist North Shcnsi radio. Li's name headed list of 45 non-Communist "demo cratlc" figures who, having statement of current situ- rived there. Issued a our opinion on the ntion." The Communists, who soon may exercise most of Hie political power in China, are likely, many observers believe, for president. The marshal! sees to support himself a? LI Marshal Li Chi-sen: "It's nut for me to say . . rallying figure for China's anti- Kal-ihek, but non-eom- mun!»t left- wlng«r« and moder- tes. He believes that this group j a "third force" can share the ?overnlng of China with the Communists. But the way LI talks places him very close to the Communists, and many observers .hlnk he has been completely .aken In by the, Reds. The Communists have strong rea-son for building a "coalition" facade rather than filling the na- ;lon on an all-out Communist ^asls. Such a government might attract greatly-needed technicians, engineers, administrators and the like who would shy from partlcl paling In a straight Red regime. U Is a short, tut man who usually wears the traditional Chinese .skull cap, gown and cloth slippers. His face Is round and kindly making him look more a teacher than a soldier. LI halls from Kwangsl Province in South China Kwangsl is famous for rebels— and native home of several other Chinese leaders. notably Acting President IJ Tsung-jen and Central China Commander Pa Chung-hai. Uke the marshal!, they all hav variously cooperated with th generalissimo. then revolted against him. LI broke with hi In January, 1947. on the ground that Chiang had "betrayed" th Chinese people. LI regards Chiang as a lyrnn who has failed to carry out th reforms in the direction of de Wandering Steel Mill Finally Settles Down PHILADELPHIA, PH. W) — A shipment of eight-two Ion rollei bearings from here to IJmuirfen Holland, brought to light the story of an uncompleted Dutch steel miil that has been wandering over Europe for 10 years. The Royal Netherlands Bias!. Furnace* and steel works, for whom the bearings were made to order here by SKF Industries, Inc., twice has been moved—lock, stock and bearings; once 340 miles from Holland to Germany and now, back to Holland. Construction of the steel mill, Raid SKF officials, .wa< halted at IJrmH- den when war broke out in 193B The Nails Invaded the Netherlands »nd decided to complete the mill. .But, three yeare lator, with production about to start, the Germans dismantled the plant nnd moved It to Braunschweig to become part of the Hermann Goering Works. Just when the plant was once -' ,more ready to operate, in 1945, it " »as seized by Allied troops. The Dutch entered R claim for Ihc plant. Again the mill was dismantled and moved back to Ijninidcn. Novr, It appears, production may finally start. Today's Russian Not Sad, Brooding Bur Is Optimistic MOSCOW U'l—'riif traditionally sad, tea-drinking, brooding Russian —ol Dostoievsky, Chekov and others—has disappeared frotn Soviet writing and drama. Today the typical Russian is an entirely different fellow. He Is optimistic, cheerful, hard-working and. confident about his future. He drinks his tea, but he doesn't dre;un over it. He's never a mystic, but R realist. Ami he doesn't wear a beard. 'I'tic Soviet, woman ol 1949 has a j ,<orncwhat longer dross than she did at this lime last year, but her skh'i.s arc certainly nothing like the models of Paris and Fifth Avenue. On cold, windy days many Moscow women still prefer a shawl around tlie head lo a hat. but hats are moie in evidence than ever before. j One of the departures from the Russian of earlier years Is tlie swing away from mysticism. > melancholia and thinking, thinkins, ! thinking and — talking, talking, , talking. i Today'.'; Soviet people—on tin stace an off—don't spend much time with Gypsy songs and moan- Ing about "Dark Eyes", "Two Oili- tars" and "Farewell Dinners". Today's youth sing aliout the better life, the work in the factory and till! field, their clubs. Die five year plan, Hie industrious village, the homeland. Male liGrorx in the movies and on the stage and In books are often engineers, doctors, scientists, factory workers, directors of plants, soldiers and officers and young- Communists. The same thing applies to tlie heroines, with a sprinkling of mothers, trade unionists, office workers and up and coming girls on collective farms. With Extfash* Tiadianlub* Htattng Urirt, Ortfy Fngtdatre Has It / Frigidaire WATER HEATER Plenty of clam, hot water always . . . for baths, shaving, dishwashing, showers, laundering, and many other daily household needs. No other convenience in yonr home gives you so mvich help and pleasure for so little cost. Here's why— p^ |hiAVir>, oboul i Adams Appliance Co. Inc. J. W. ADAMS, Manager Complete Service Department In Connection. 206-08 W. Main Phone 2071 Friday and Saturday i Every Item Reduced IOOK1 REG. 1.19 45 GAUGE NYiON HOSE ON SALE1 88 C REG. 9Bc COTTAGE SET rN A GAY TRIM Spring-fresh curtain* tor tha kitchenl Dutch jtyU cottage set* of crisp, shadow striped JC f^ tcrlm or* «dged "in colorful percale bands and riebacks to match! Specially-pric«dl fjrti quality ... a/I ny(or> lop Fa lo* Hurry - - . Iliess nylon! ol Iliis savings are loo good a buy to miss! 30 denier ... 45 gauge, jusl the right sheerness lor everyday wear. Reinforced in heels, loes. New Spring shades. SiiesS'/jlolO'/j. REG. 1.19 WOMEN'S FELT SLIPPER Reduced! Rich wine or blue with arav Irim. 4 lo 9. „, , . REG. 1.00 MEN'S YOKED SHORTS Sturdy sanforized coMcm; grippar fastantrs! 30-46 .... 35e HOLLYWOOD ANKLETS ... 3 PAIRS Wash fas I Durene cottorij smart colors! 6 1 /? to lOV?:-. 39c WHITE LONGCLOTH 3 YDS. FOR Sovs now! Pracrical for hous&nolci uses. .14 inches ,. .. REG. 49c MEN'S ARGYLES, 2 PAIRS 3-color combinations; marceii/ed COtlonl 10 to 13 1.09 COWHIDE PALM WORK GLOVES Heavy cotton bocli, insidt napped. S'.ihb^rizsd cuffi.. . $1 MEN'S NEW SPRING RAYON TIES Full sizs! Nsal and bold patterns. All-wool lin»n 88 C 88 C 88 C 88 C 88 C 88 C 88 C REG. 98c PLASTIC VEGETABLE BAG ' Exlra large, odorless Vinylite bag with zipper 88 C SUPER FLAT WALL PAINT REDUCED! QQ C N«wb saury lory our horns! Washable colors.* Gal,3.07 \J \^** • 7-BLADE JACK KNIFE REGULAR l.OO K,s»n clip and psn blades. Durabls plastic handle REGULAR 29c STANDARD SPARKPLUGS QQC liniiled lime only—gel your s«t today, savs!. . $•• °f * *^ *~ BABY'S 25c TRAINING PANTY 4 FOR QQC Double thicUesi o! fin* v--hil« collon. Si/ei 1, 7, 3 '4. . O O 98e SET OF PLASTIC BOWL COVERS ft QC ? ossorled Vinylit* covars with elastic edges. , . ., ^^ \^ 1.00 JADE-ITE BOWL SET REDUCED QQ C Four bowli (or mixing, serving, bating, storing.... „ ** OPEN END WRENCH SET REG. 98c. Q QC 5-pi«ces . . . durable Nickel-plated drop-forged steal. . ** *^ 2" BRISTLE BRUSH SALE-PRICED! O Fur« China bristles. Pansl-slyls handlo. Easy lo us« . ..-. ^* 1.09 DISHPAN-98« CAKE PAN 9-ql. write- enamel distipan with gay red trim. Resists ocid and stains. 13-egg size, 2-pc, aluminum Angel Food cole pan with removabla bol- lorn. Cusl-proofl Big saving on each! Your Choice 88= YOUR CHOICE TOP QUAtlTY HAND TOOLS ^ -Q R^ ** ** . Save 10% today on these fine hand tools i i ; 7-inch Block Plans, lakeside Claw Hammer, <-fool Flexible Sleel Rule, or 4-inch Adjust- obU Wrench. All Wardi {amous quality! IACH locrncy «nd tconomto welfare hlch were enunciated by Dr. un Yal-sen, the late father ol he Chinese Republic. Before LI left, this concspond- nt visited his apartment, with Us anging paintings of birds and amboos. Asked how soon he ex- ected to become president, the larshal said: ' "It's not for me to say. Il's tip For Expert PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Call 4601 NICHOLS DRUG to the people." 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