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Pittsburgh Daily Post from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania • Page 5

Pittsburgh Daily Post from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania • Page 5

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:

II I 15 II POS jitm: in, ior. rio FKIDAY MORXIN'G, HOOVER SURE, World's Greatest Fiddle Collection Cached in Vault of Pittsburgh Bank M. Francois "Cleans Up" European Violin Market. AFTER PARLEY, COAL PRICES WILLJIOT RISE Voluntary Agreement Of Operators Completed, He Says. LEWIS PREDICTS GREAT SHORTAGE Oj-r 7 i ri i v- -V i v. fll'' l': 4V 0. vv 1 Wood Street at Sixth Avenue. New Umbrellas for men, women and children SAYS MODEL OF 1922 EXCELLENT I1Y TIIK AHSOOATF.n rRKM. WASHINGTON, June 15. Plans 9 ii for maintaining bituminous coal prices during the strike at the levels fixed in the administration's I The mot valuable collection of vio-llna an. bows in the world is now in Pittaburifh. This collection, valued at more than is the property of Gabriel M. Francois, violin-maker, McCano block. Seventh avenue. Although iM. Francois had worked for more than 3i years in making the collection, it was brought to Us present supremacy only this year. The wax was indirectly responsible for the realization of M. Francois' ambition. He had been making vioiina in Pittsburgh for 20 years, with UUia hope that he would ever together the wonder pieces of the violin maker's art that he Iongd for when the war came. When the war was over. M. Francois took a trip to Europe with all th money he could raise, for most of the eoveted instruments were in Europe. Before the war many of them had not been for sale at any price. Bui. now all of them were for sale and at prices far, far lower than the ones that had prevailed in ante-bellum days. Francois Cleans Up. Th-t reason was that the owners, like nearly everyone else in Europe, were "hard up." They were not only ready to dispose of the instruments that throuffh. the years they had guarded so carefully, but they were really anxious to dispose of them. Therefore, as the saying is. M. Francois went over and "cleaned up." He came back to Pittsburgh a few months ago with the collection, sym program of voluntary agreement were declared by Secretary Hoover practically to have been completed today at a further conference with operators and dealers. Hoover also stated that operators of anthracite mine3 had agreed not to advance the price of coal now held by them above the scales in effect during the last week. Conferenc-3 officials of the National Hi'tail Coal Merchants Association. Hoover ai'l. "had f.laned all difficulties" and the assoc iation had shown its fall desire to co-operate to proteit the public." bolizing the materialization of his life's Umbrellas that are constructed for Ions service and arc, at the same time, of stylish appearance 1,000 Men's and Women's Umbrellas of Rainproof American cotton taffeta, woven tape edge, Paragon frames and steel rods. Handles of natural wood, with leather side straps, or Bakelite with Bakelite rings, for women; P. 0. W. handles for men $1.65 500 Men's and Women's Rainproof Gloria Cotton Umbrellas, with 8 ribs and Paragon frames of natural wood or Bakelite, with rings or leather loops for women. Natural wood P. 0. W. handles for men $2.45 Women's Umbrellas of waterproof silk tafTeta, sfiown in a large variety of new sport handles. In navy, green, brown and $5.00 "McCreery Exclusive" Umbrellas for women, are of colored silk, with Ottoman borders. Handles of Bakelite, with Bakelite rings, or of natural wood, with rings or leather loops, for women ambition. One of the violins la a Stradlvarlus, of the "best period." as the experts have Lewis Wants Conference. SPRI.VGFIEID, June. 15. The state of the coal svipply above ground demands a conference of miners and operators in the very near Tuture" John Lewis, president of the International. Mine Workers of America, sai3 here today. The nation "faces a coal shortage of unparalleled Lewis declared, adding that "only the sultryness of summer weather" keeps the public from realizing: the teril of the situation. Rejection in Indiana. i bkue 1IALTE. jnd. June l-v un-diavial CKf th.r acceptance of an invitation to meet the Mine Workers in an interstate Joint wae conference. Has announced tonight by the Ind an b.tunilnoui coal operators' asifociat lou. The operators Will deal onij wUh the n.inei of th.s state, it announced. This follow sim.lar action by tne Illinois operators, the statement said. it. valued at J20.000. Another is worth J12.000. There are several that would brftig more than Jo.OOO each. M. Francois' latest purchases were made last morrth when he went to New York and brought a Stradivarms and a GuadaKnini for a sum that was stated to be well up in five figures. The Instruments were brought to this country by Sigrnor Rodriguez Mahon, representative of the Spanish court. Modern Fiddles Good. A fr RANCOIS" rnu-n Th r.iiatiacnini waa in in his little shop? He does not. Nearly crown The Guanasnini w3 made in in his little shop? He does not. Nearly That for the oil makei of violins. The Stradivarius. dated 1717. was the property of the Spanish musician Sara-sat. On his death in 1912. the violin passed into the hands of the Spanish 1724, jail of it is irk the tult cf a downtown Does M. Francoia keep this collection! bank. Here's something about th new ones I it's a secret nJ romm from tior.e other than jr. Franco. Mui.c ans pay big prices i'r the aged instruments bt-cause they think they are better; in reality a stradivarius is in no wny superior to the high-class makes turned out this Year of our Lord l'-J. And 11. Francois tas he can pro it! POLICE RAIDS CORRAL MANY MEN, WOMEN One Woman Rushes to Roof To Evade Officers. Had Tour Iron Today? Alleged Cockfight Spectators Given Hearings Yesterday Special Women's Umbrellas in a large variety of styles: strong steel rods and frames; covered with rainproof black silk mixed material. Have natural wood handles with rings and leather side straps. These umbrellas are of neat appearance, sturdily made, durable and are priced very specially $3.65 Four men, all'ircl to have ben spec McCreery Street Floor.) tators at conducted in a bi il-1 insj a trrove near Mt. Nebo, in Kii'iuck when it was railed, Jure 4. by a Rr.xip of officers haiJ hv of the Western i'ennsyivnnla i li Society, were given part hear- u.ETi. on charge of crjelry to before Alderman Henry Ochs. 271 Sarah i street, yesrerday. Th cae will be tun- tiuned next Thursdgy. The men re Krd Good. 15 South street; Wilharn C. McN'arriara, I Kast Diamond street Morris Sul- Raids on disorderly hou were conducted by in several parts of the city Wednesday night and early yesterday morningj Eisht men and two women were arrested a house in Haum boulevard At a hearins yesterday morning in I'enn avenue police station. R. B. Bor-toff. charged with keeping a disorderly house, was fined $Jf. Jane Leslie of liaum boulevard and Frances Davis jf I-arimer avenue each were f.ned a like amount. Seveti of the men were flne-l J3 each. Charged with keeping a disorderly house. Chester De Loner ani he wife, Laura, of Murray avenue, were hel 1 for further hearings yesterday morning in morals court. Mrs. V.o'et Grenp. "city," also was he'd, charge 1 with vis-Kin? a dforderly house. The police were forced to batter down a door to Kiln entrance. When a of police raided the house in West Canal street. In which ehe was Mrs Anna Green took refuse on the roof and for more thsn a hsif hour evuled the police. She was with Mrs. fivsrly Heine, C. B. Crutchfleld ar.d Robert Loffer. At a hearing yesterday morning the two nun forfeited ball bon1 of Mrs Beine was ill and her hearing was postponed. State Prohibition Officers Re-Elected Knights of Pythias Encampment Board Will Meet Tonight IHan rf the Kverttreeu rc-ad and William Kiskait, "city." Wiiliam Keller. id to own the propeMy on which the cockrighLa wpre conducted, had posted his release after an ion on tha same charge had been made hun. He fa. led to appear for the hearing yesterday and forfeited the n.c-ney. Where I Gef Some Shrine Oases Get Temple Charters At Annual Council The Trouble Lies The trouble always lie in the mind. Nobody goes wrong unless he has been thinking wrong. Think thrift. Think saving. Don't think profligacy. Thia 'will lead your foot steps directly to this bank where your savings will work for you. rout, pea cent on savings Northcliffe Sued For Libel by Man Of His Own Staff HAftTUSHrnG. June 13. Charles Talmer, Chester, was nominated as candidate of the Prohibition pat tv for the superior court Judgeship atx! Pr. n. V. Prueh. YVestmorelsnd county, re-e'eeted chairman the Prohibition slate committee at the annual meeting held here today. Charles Hummell. Shippensburc, was elected secrenu and Thomas H. Hamilton, Hirrihburc treasurer. The executive committee is composed of George Pennock, Delaware; James Peebles. Lawrence; H. W. Mead. Lycmlnar; F.Hsh. Kent Kan. McKean; Pr. E. J. F.thlan. Mercer; K. H. Iacy, Warren; Mrs. Minnie ii McGrew, Washinftton Gore P. Simpson, Westmoreland; James Arnold. Phlladelphls T. S. Grumbln. Iebanon; K. ltriags, Allegheny, and Albert Gaddls, Fayette. i Tri-State Licenses to Wed. CUMBERLAND, MD. WIHUm Hil Iwimhrrt Hostefer. Rachsel I-nibert BasMler, H-rv 'ntan Vs'ortcliAiri Hoover, Virg's Margaret. Enterprise The KniRhts of Py thias Encampment Association will meet tonisht In the Allegheny county court house to make further arrangements for the biennial encampment of the uniformed ranlc of the order, to be held here July 9 to 15, Inclusive. 12. E. Clark. fr-neraj chairman of trfe committee, will address the members Prior to the meeting Mr. Clsrk will deliver a radio address on the encampment. The committee received word yester-diy from Indiana that' two special trams will brinr several thoussnd members of the order from that state to the encar pment. The probUrn now confronting the local comm.ttee is where it will house all the visitors. Kvery state in the will be represented by a delegation. The tented city at ScJienley Psrk Oval will take care of about 4.0h0 kniehU. These will be members of the uniformed rank, but the uniformed men will be only a small percentage of the visitors. SAN FR.VNOISOO, Jne 13. The Oases nf Anah. Hanger. Me. Al He3oo, Mahl, Miami, and Tipria, Syracuse. N. were given charters as temples today by The imperial divan of the Anclerit Arabic Order, Naples of the Mystic Sin hie, In annual conclave. Bn Ali Oasis of Sacramento. was given a dispensation under which it may Ret U-mple charter at the 19231 convention. CITIZENQ SAVINGS BANKW Th Bank to Bank on and Bank in Knights Templars Plan Field Day LONHON, June 15. (t'nted News) Sir Andrew Caird. chairman, and Waiter G. Fth. director of the Associated Limited, which Includes all of the Nortnciiffe papers except the London "Times," have Issued writs of libel against Viscount The action Is causing much specula-tion in newspaper circles inasmuch as both complainants still hold positions in the Northcliffe organization. Northcliffe is 111 in Switzerland, having recently completed a trip through Ger-tnany incognito. It is supposed that internal differences havt? arisen. Fish's charge Is reported based on a letter Northcliffe wrote recently 'n withdrawing- from the newspaper proprietors' association, in -which reference was made to "Uh. The basis of and's charge has riot been disclosed. Head the HKLP WAXTEP COMIC amoni Ine Want A rmile evet.v cav. Aclvrt V423UT)0DST crWood and DnimonH eergy and iron NEVER mind fhe weather get some new vitality speed up any way. Don'rbe a lagger. Vital men resist the heat. Let little raisins help. 75 per cent pure fruit sugar. 145 calories of energizing nutriment in every package practically predigested so it gets to work almost immediately. No tax on digestion so it doesn't heat the blood. Fatigue resisting food-iron also! All natural and good. Try it when you're slipping when you yawn at 3 p. m. Stiffens up your backbone and makes thoughts flow again. Two packages and a glass of millq form greatest mid-day lunch you've ever tried. Tomorrow afternoon at Schenley Oval the Second division. Grand Command-ery of F'ennsylvania. Tetnplar, wll! hold t's field clay and several thousand swords of Christian are expected to he in l.n"-. The Held day will be in chnrirc of Sir Allen 1 Kropps. division commander, and Major W. H. Dls. is. adjutant general. Those ofllciHls havj as special aiiLs James H. Iyth Ktuil n.ele. Iavid W. fjunlevy, Gr'mt Saturday SpecinU Catawba Grape Juice, pint, 3So Toasterette Wafers, pound, 42o Geo. K. Stevenson Highland Aves, 11. II Birthday Party Held For Tallest Man; Smallest Cuts Cake I. N. A. jvnncy, Taul ijtiaitroujdi. Henjumin Jl, and as aids K'-kels, Robtrt S. I'atfon, 'ilhani (v.t,n.v licit i. Mattison. John H. SMany oAre Unaware of the advantages of safe storage offered by our three big warehouses for household goods. A personal visit will show you the minute, care and detail with which we guard your goods. Xhomas K. (Marshall. Harry A. Weitn'r; drill committee, W. D'puy. Menjaniin K. Alward. Kmnk N. Adams. T. Kay M'I3in. iVarhton C. Howard. Walter G. Gbtoii and Charles G. Kehle. Th ronnnatideries will form at temple at 3 p. ni. and march to il Sc-hctilcy oval throusrh Fifh avenue to bojl-vard, and lliiCe into Sihf'iilcy park. Jan Van Albert, (he tallest man In the world, leacbei! hM ent -rirst birthday jesterday. )n it sure waf pcriie birthday. The -sir invest freaks in the world ath '-red one of tlie hi-? lenfs of tho liuhin "herry Fhows, exhibiting in the Northside Unci' the susp.ces of Lolte NO. 11. I IJ. Klks, and gave him a biit party. Thrt party start. shortly before mi.l-iiijjh. when illiam Zebie. the sma.f-'st man in the world, cut the lull. day r-ike a ni-I ci ta in tit add' sscji were made i.v President if c'ouiKi! Iianiel and of iicials of tl.e show. jnd bllK 'l the Haugh Keenan Storage and Transfer Co. Center and Euclid Aves. Pittsburgh, Pa. Oell Phone. Hiland 5074 Jm To EMPLOYERS of HELP Whether You Want A Cook A Maid A Clerk A Salesman or other help you will get the better class of people if you advertise? for them in The Post-Sun. And your results sre obtained at low cost. HHCAUSK jour ad appears in both The Post and The Sun for the Price of One. HOOSE AGAIN FIRED 1'ire of un-letermined ori-Tin was acain (Uncovered in tiie vacant old frame build nc Ht Iarimer av-nue and street Inst nitrht. It is said by the police that between 2T. and SO fire in mis have been sounded, an 1 several still slarms hae been for tires of utidterniined ririn if. the build-in-. 1 ut 1 an in i iu on resulted in tin arrest of several hoys. The boys. It is sa.d, told the tiiat the lot on which Die house stands is used as a play around and they wanted to H'l rid of "the house by burr.ii.e it down, to make more room on the held. mm NEW FRATERMTY FORMED Thirty-nine bo and of the Fifth Avenue ilisjh iiocd bec ame the charter members of the Alpha chapter of th" National Honor for Secondary in oxer' it-es he id yesterday hi the hth bchool. Principal Kdward Rynearsuti of 1'ifth Av-puc School is national prrsd tit. Three frradualin classes, of FH-ruary and lli-J, and l-'ebr uat contributed to the charter ni'iii-bers clvosen. principals pn ic ipn ting in the Iristal-la iuii were. J. M. of So'l'ti llich. who cri'iu't lie- al Ii ion an ton T' W. 1 Smth. Alieahei.y llih. II V. U.i.ii't. S'-uth lliiia iliuh; In-. 1). It l'i lliiih. Kdwsrd Sauvain. s- hen-ey Hull, who ty proxy, W. L. l.eo;,oli. ig'l. and r. Uylieur- TJlUAur INFANTS and INVALIDS ASK FOR Horlick's Between-Meal Raisins 5c Everywhere -in Little Red Packages 1 TRUCK SERVICE ABATED mmMmm wm iris, 1 Substitutes 1 1 A HI P. I RG. June Thie public c. rvi co'nrnision hfs directed the Ih.uston-Pitt.-bMi-Kh Pai'y Truck Service, operated by M. 1 Peave 'r. cease op- i (tip a complaint by i pittsrvireh ftail'Aays Company, whi--h 1 cn'eoded tie truck service was la direct competition with its lines. rnr infants. TnvalHt snd Growln? Children Rich mitV, maitI ersin extract la Powdef son Members of Ihn noard, ut iter ho'd ofiicials, pit' ids and elsbiiia' Oi the cati'-lidatcj a '-tended. 1 No Conliins Nourishing Dig etlbU Tho Orisiaal Food Drink For Ail A.e

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