New-York Tribune from New York, New York on January 4, 1910 · 14
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New-York Tribune from New York, New York · 14

New York, New York
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Tuesday, January 4, 1910
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14 TO ENJOIN PAULHAN 'GREETED BYSVMMOXS Wrights'' Laic tier on Pier to Meet French Aviator. l/ouis Paulhan. the young: and daring French aviator, did not xjnderstand English yesterday, nor did ; he understand why he ■was not met by ' at least one member of the Aero Club of America, when the French liner La Bretagne docked, but, instead, ■was greeted by a lawyer with singleness of purpose and a legal document asking him to show cause why he should not be enjoined from making: flights in this country. Everything was rather new and abrupt to him and his wife and the fancy. highpriced spaniel that stepped proudly ashore. I Boyce Smith was the process server, representing: the law firm of Williamson & LOUIS PAULHAN. The French aviator, who arrived yestorday. Bmith, of No. 115 Broadway, acting on behalf of the Wright company. The r&pers *- ■ : nf rin^rement of the Wright brothers' patents 5n the u"=e by Paulhan in his flights pf a Farma.n flying machine. The suit calls for an answer to the complaint before tht first Monday in February. With Paulhan on the steaniti were D. Masson and C E. Miscarrol, both French aviators, and E. Ronon. a mechanician. The party expect to leave the city this morning for Los Angeles, where Paulhan has bt^n engaged to fly at an aviation meet. His equipment consists of two Bleriot monoplanes. No, 11, and two Farman bi- I'lanes. One of the Farman machines is *>uilt to carry three persons, besidfs the aviator, and is equipped with a w-horsepewer Gnome motor, and is to carry enough gasolene for a flight of eight hours. When the Frenchman who has been amazing Europe by the height of his aeroplane trips learned through an interpreter be did not have la proceed at once to court, be rhos* the Hotel at Sth F-reet and Fifth avenue, as a refuge from the chilliness of his American reception and there opened champagne for the benefit of his fellow flyers and a group of reporters. He is twenty-six years old. with a ruddy complexion arid clear brown eyes. He is tmal!, but strongly knit: cool and extremely roiirTeiius. He sails under, no false colors as to the object of his visit here and his flights abroad. He said frankly that it was the money be v.-as after, and that he loved to fly hig-h for much money. The machine thai would carry him most quickly to the most money was the one he most wanted. He should like to try a Wright machine, he Raid, ar.d a Curtiss machine; perhaps they were better than the ones he had been using. ■ Mkad if he were to receive PMM a month during his American exhibitions, he thruggfcd his shoulders and apparently re■jaeded the Interpreter t<> say: "I only wish it vera true; but it is not <o much as that. Not at a'l." As to th^ action brought by the Wright company, he Baid: '1 shall remove the small movable wings end other things that may be construed as Infringements of the Wright patents and eteer by the rear rudder only. I have already experimented along these lines and find I can tooooad.** In an official flight at Chalons Paulfcans took his machine to a height of 1,000 feet, and once remained three hours in the air. His wife has made three flights ■with him. She is also dark eyed, and her appearance bears out the statement of her husband that she knows no fear when flying. Indirect testimony also was advanced that the dog had been a, passenger more than once whin the earth below "appeared small like a map." Paulhan is one of the numerous recruits to the field of aerial activities who have surprised the world since the Rheims international contest was held last summer. Less than a year ago he was a workman In the Voisin aeroplane factory in Paris, •with a salary of 515 a week. Pliny W. Williamson, personal counsel for the Wright brothers, said yesterday that the bill of complaint in the action for infringement of patent was filed in the United States Circuit Court here against Paulhan, in accordance with 'a definite policy of the Wright company to endeavor to uphold f-'f-re and abroad Its rights as it saw them. The failure of any representative of the Aero Club to meet Paulhan at the dock was said to have arisen through a misconception as to his standing abroad. The local club did not know, said a member last night, that Paulhan belonged to the •Aero Club of France. But the aviator, not •without some show of proper pride, showed reporters his certificate of membership in that organization. And he also showed he had been the recipient of several honors from that body. HEADS CHICAGO BOARD OF TRADE. Chicago, Jan. 3.— A. Stamford Wnite was deeded president of the Chicago Board of Trade to-day. J. C F. Merrill was chosen first vice-president and Frank M. Bunch f;<-rond vice-president. VAUDEVILLE FOR A CHARITY. An amateur vaudeville performance, tin (■ the management of Mrs. Edwan Siegman, will be given at the Waldorf next VLiursday evening and next. Saturday afternoon, tor the benfit of Auxiliaries 12 and 17 of Btony Wold Sanatorium. Tickets at $; each may be obtained at the Waldorf and Tyson'« and from Mrs. Benjamin Stern. %■-. 7 West Bd street. NATHANSON'S PARTNER FREED. Ifaar H. Gold, of No €18 ProFp^^ct aver.v 1 . The Bronx, who was arrested following lfce' finding of th* body of Moses S. Naihanson in a loft at No. 58 Walker street, vi as diticharsed from custody yesterday. Tbe Coroner and the police are satisfied that Nathanson was a suicide. He was found dead from Kas. Before /■ri<liii^' his life he had tied himself to a chair. Nathanson had taken out an Insurance policy for iIO.OOO only two weeks ago. and recently; he was despondent because of financial troubles. Tribune Ads. Get Salesmen Brooklyn. December 23, '09. Gentlemen: I pot .1 salesman through the advertisement and think he is all right. BENJAMIN* IvEVY. Mo 203 Flatbush avf-nue. Brooklyn. WE bath ir.ts hot. Policeman Jumped Into Hudson Near Steam Pipe. It seems that George Boroho will have to admit his defeat in the "fresh air contest," for James J. Scanlon plunged into the ice caked North River yesterday.' and Boroho did not even appear. Both ire policemen attached to the Charles street station. For several days Boroho. a freshman on the force, had been complaining of the hot air in the sleeping quarters of the station, and at 2 a. in., before retiring, he would open every window, regardless of the icy blasts blowing over the heads of the sleepers. Scanlon' resented this, and asserted that he could stand more real exposure than Boroho. The first try-out was to sleep on the roof during: one of those near-zero nights. Clad in rubber coats and boots, both lay down to sleep out under the stars, but it was a freeze-out for Boroho, and •while Scanlon was keeping the inhabitants of Mars awoke by his snoring Boroho had to retreat, below. Scanlon and a strong force got by the German guard at Pier 68 about S a. m., as the next contest was to be a swim to the Jersey shore through the ice. At the appoint hour, Boroho not appearing, Scanlon took off his uniform and plunged in. After paddling around for a few minutes and saying the water 1 was fine, his friends declared him a winner. Later the big Gorman guard let out the secret that Scanlon was in the "Gulf Stream" off Pier 58, as the Interborough power houst- sends out a tremendous stream of hot water there, which can be felt for quite a distance out. LOS ANGELES AVIATION MEET. Total Entries Now Reach Sixty—Expect 150,000 Visitors. Los Angeles, Jan. 3.— With work well under way on the grandstand that will seat 2"».000 persons and on the aviation coone at Dominguez, final plans for the aviation contests to be held next week ure on the way to execution. The meet will begin on January 10 and continue until January :M. It is expected that 150,000 visitors will attend. The aeroplane entered by Glenn H. Curtiss arrived yesterday. Charles F. Willard, of New York, who has made fliuhts in a Curtiss machine, is here with the Curtiss machine No. 1. Roy Knabenshue and Lincoln Beachey are here with two dirigible balloons. Clifford B. Harmon, the New York aeronaut, has MQt the balloon New York, holder of the United States duration record. Hillary Beachey is present with an aeroplane built in Baltimore by H. H. Gill. Louis' Bergdoll, of Philadelphia, is coming with a Bleriot monoplane. Captain A. E. Muller has already assembled his monoplane. The total entries in the three divisions have reached sixty. RUSSIANS FOR SOUTH POLE. Army Officers Buy Two Dirigibles for Their Expedition. Paris, Jan. 3.— MM. Matt hiessen and Volt- Echoek. officers of the Russian army, today purchased two dirigible balloons, with capacities of l,4in and 2.000 cubic metres, with which they will undertake an expedition to the South Pole. The explorers plan to convey the balloons with Hangar equipments by ship as far south as the ice will permit, and then pro<e<-<l in the balloons southward. They will keep in touch with their ship, their base of supplies, by mearys of a wireless outfit. HEAD WAITER MISSED DEA' Assailant. Thought To Be Insane, Held at Bellevue Hospital. Mentally unbalanced because of his failure to obtain work and earn money to give his little daughter a proper burial. Georgre Kelly, of No. 333 West 29th street, attempted to kill Fivd Btecotte, head waiter in a chop house, at No. 64 John street, yesterday afternoon, the police say. A man in the dining room saw Kelly draw a revolver. and, jumping up. struck him over the head with a chair. The blow knocked the man down and the bullet went into the ceiling. For several weeks Kelly has regularly visited the chop house, which is owned by Peter J. Hickey, and applied for a job. Jjiscotte told him repeatedly that there wore no vacancies, and Kelly came to the conclusion that the head waiter had some nnimosity toward him. The death of his little daughter in Bellevue recently and her burial in the Potter's Field, the police say, unbalanced his mind, and letters In his pocket reveal jd that he intended to avenge himself on Bisootte and then commit suicide. Magistrate Harris, In the Tombs court, sent the man to Bertlevue for examination as to his sanity. GIRL SHOT AT DANCE BETTER. Victim of Fight of East Side Gangs in Lyric Hall Out of Danger. Grace Foley. of No. 63 Jane street, who was thought to have been mortally shot at a dance in Lyric Hall, in Sixth avenue, between fist and 42d streets, when two East Bide gangs started a sensational gun fight early yesterday morning, was reported as out of danger at the New York Hospital last night. Although the-re were five hundred persons in the hall when the fight began, only twenty-seven remained when the police arrived and no information of value wap obtained from them. Programmes showed that the affair was the twenty-fifth annual dance of the "Fashions," which is supposed to be an organization of employes of Tenderloin resorts. Among the names on thA programme under "guests present" were those of several Tammany politicians and a notorious gang leader. According to Tillie RoseiJe, who went to tho dance with Grace Foley, the latter at 2 o'clock joined a party of four women and eight men at a table in the wine room, and had hardly taken her seat when five men appeared at the door and opened fire on the party at the table. Two men In the party drew revolvers, but before they could fire the lights were turned out, evidently by a confederate of the attacking gang, and the hall Immediately was in an uproar, with men and women struggling to get to the street. The police cay thai era! persons who had been Injured were spfrlte-l away before their arrival, ami that twenty-five shots In all were tired. C. N. BLISS NOT TO RETIRE. I By T«lagraph to Tha Tribune.] Pall River, Mass., .lan H II w;ih reported !»: trade circles here tv day thai C. N. bush. of Bliss. Fabyan ft Co., of New York and* Boston, a commission !irm am) the veiling agents <>f the American Printing rompany, i,{ this city, would retire on July i. It wa'i alho reported th:n the American Printing Company would <«i"-n :i hounc in New York and Bell direct to the trade, and that the Barnaby Manufacturing Company, of this city, would sell through tho American Printing Company's omce. Cornelius N. Bliss emphatically denied last night a rumor that he would retire on July 1 as the head of the firm of BHsb. Fabyan & Co. "The only reason I would retire," Mr. Bliss said at his home. No. 27 Kaat 27th street, "would be because I am over the age limit. I'm over seventy years of age, but 1 think ! have .-till a good many rears yet in which to work." ; - ■~~ ' ■■ ■ ' -•' ■: • ' •':■■'■'■ ■ ' •' ■-■'. : TUESDAY, WRIGHTS WIN FOOT ( I RTISS IX JI WCTIQN. Company Cannot Sell Infringing Aeroplanes. B'lffalo, Jan. " Judge Hazel, of the T'l-iteri States Circuit Court, to-d;iy granted on behalf of the Writrht company a preliminary injunction jipiinst the Herring- CurtJss company and Glenn H. Curtiss restraining them from the manufacture and sale of aeroplane? infringing on patents "for improvements in a flying machine" granted May 22, 1906, to Onille and Wll bur Wright, and subsequently assigned to the Wright company. "The requirements In patent rases for Issuance of an injunction pendente lite — the validity of the patent, general acquiescence by the public and infringement by the defendants-are so reasonably eiear." says Judge Hazel in an opinion discussing exhaustively the technicalities of the case, "that I believe it not improbable that complainant may succeed at final hearing, and therefore a preliminary Injunction should be granted." In his opinion — the first in the history of jurisprudence involving the airship — Judge Hazel says: "The essential claims of an infringement are an aeroplane, or supporting surface, the lateral portions of which are capable- of adjustment to attain different angles of incidence, and a vertical rudder In the rear of the machine. CLaims further include as elements a horizontal rudder, which is positioned forward of the machine, and means for raising and lowering It so as to present its upper and lower side t« the pressure of the wind." News of the decision of Judge Hazel, in the United States Circuit Court, at Buffalo, granting the Injunction asked by the Wright brothers against the Herring-Curtiss Company and Glenn H. Curtiss, caused a decided stir in local aeronautic circles yesterday. Coming simultaneously with the filing of a bill of complaint in an action for infringement of patents against Louis Paulhan, the French aviator, on his arrival on the French liner La Bretagne. it added strength to the promise recently made by the Wright brothers to lose no time in trying to protect their interests wherever and whenever jeopardized. Emerson R. Newell, counsel for the Herring-Curtiss Company, said at his office yesterday: "Except that we shall, of course, appeal from the judge's decision, I have nothing to say." Pliny W. Williamson personal counsel for the Wright brothers, said: "It is what we expected would happen. The facts warrant no other result. The Wright brothers will some day be remembered as the two most self-contained men, under peculiarly trying circumstances, that latter day history records. They have seen the fruits of their work seized upon by others, who have become rich, and have maintained a silence which, tho better understood, reveals a most wonderful degree of forbearance." The wording of the decision of Judge Hazel left aeronautic students in this city uncertain last night whether Glenn H. Curtiss would be restrained from giving exhibitions as an aviator. Mr. Curtiss is now on his way to California, where he is under engagement to fly within a few days. H. A. Toulmin, chief counsel for the Wrignt company, said n hts brief regarding Curtiss that "he obtained a knowledge of how the Wright machine was built beforehe became an infringer." He wrote to the Wright brothers, the brief continues, for friendly advice and information as to how they constructed their machine, while he (Curtiss) was experimenting for tha Aerial Experiment Association, the president of which was Dr. Alexander Graham Bell. The Wright brothers, say the papers in the case, replied, giving full information, directing attention to Wlbur Wrght's public addresses, and, in particular, to the patent now in suit. Mr. Herring— who, by the way, cannot be found— was at Kitty Hawk, N. C, says the brief, in 1902, anl there saw a Wright machine in flight while he was In the employ of Octave Chanute. of Chicago, and while Mr. Chanute was a guest at the testing camp. The papers allege that "it was there that this member of the defendant company first acquired a knowledge of this invention, which he carried away with him." MARINE INTELLIGENCE. MINIATURE ALMANAC. Sunrise. 7:24; sunset, 4:46; moon rises 12:40, moon's age, 23. HIGH WATER Sandy Hook 1:56 2.11 Governor' b Isiand <£:■*« •' •"•> Hell Gate 4:31> 4:50 WIRELESS REPORTS. The Caledonia, reported as 196 miles east of Bandy Hook at 10:f>5 a m yesterday, is expected to dock this forenoon. The Graf Waldersee, reported as 1.120 miles east of Sandy Hook at 10 a m yesterday, is expected to dock Thursday aftf-rnoon. The Adriatic, reported as 1.294 miles east of fairly Hook at 1 :33 p m yesterday, is expected to dock Thursday afternoon. The Kroonland, reported as 077 miles east of Bandy Hook at 7:4. r > a m yesterday. Is expected to dock Wednesday forenoon. The Alice, reported as 6.V) miles east of Sandy Hook at 5:10 p m yesterday. Is expected to dock Wednesday afternoon. INCOMING STEAMERS. TO-DAY. Vessel. From. Line. •Caledonia Glasgow, Dec 25 Anchor •Marowijne. Trinliad. Dec 27. D W I •Zulia La Guayra, Dec 27 Red I) •Clement. Para. Dec 23.... Booth "Havana Havana, Jan 1. Ward •Verdi Barbados, Dec .Lamp & H Kurdistan Lisbon. Dec 4..., Inca Huelva. Dec 15.;..,.... Pa:ris Patras, Dec 23....: <;r.-*>k Matanzas New Orleans, Deo 29... 50 Pac City of Coiumbus.. Savannah, Jan 1$ Savannah WEDNESDAY. JANUARY 6. •Thames Kingston, Jan 1.. : R MSP Hawaiian Puerto Mexico, Dec 29 Am Haw Narragajisett London, Dec 22.. , 8 O Co Alice Palermo, Dee 22..: Austrian El None Galveston, Dec 20 So Pac Olinda Nipe. Jan 1 .; Munson Kroonland Antwerp. Dec 2."i Red star THURSDAY, JANUARY 6. •Adriatic Qu^enstown, Dec 80. White Star Graf Waldersee. . .Hamburg, Dec 25. ..Hamb-Am Excelsior Hamburg, Dec 16 Comua . • • New Orleans, Jan 1....50 Pao El Sißlo Galveston, Dec 5t.. ...50 pp a c Ban Jaclnto Galveston, Dec 31 Mallory •Brines mall, i OUTGOING STEAMERS. TO-DAY. Mall \>««el Vessel. For. Line. clows. sails t X WHhelm 11, Bremen. N G L 6:30 a m 10-fKi am Panama. Cristobal, Panama. 11:30 am 3:00 pm Ftyndam, Rotterdam-Holl-Am i :00am C of Atlanta, Savannah, Say. ! 8:00pm Apache, Jacksonville, Clyde.. j 1:00 p m WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 5. I'mbria. Liverpool, Cunard... 5:30 a. m 9:ooam X A Victoria. Hamburg;. H-A 930 am 1 00 pm Cedric, Azores, White Star. ..11:30a m 2:oopm Byron, Santos, Lamp & Holt 7:3oam 11:00 a n p.errnudian, Bermuda, Quebec 800 am I<> 00a m Orotava, Bermuda. R M 8 P. 0:00 am 11:00 a m Denver, Nassau, Mallory 0:806. m 12:00 Crispin. Para, Booth .12:00 m 300 m Tudor P, Montevideo. Prince. *2:00 m :t rv> p m Vaderland. Antwerp. Red 8.. r 10:00 am Madonna. Naples, Fabre. ... : Sablne. Tampa. Mallory . : 12:00 m Iroquota, Jacksonville, Clyde. ; 1:00 pro THURSDAY, JANUARY; 6 La Bretagne, Havre French. 7:00 am 10:00 a m Boon. Bremen. N'l 1. 7 .-00 tare 10:00 a m Esperanza, Havana, Ward !>:00 « m 13:00 m Frutcra, Guatemala, U V Co. ll -.30 a! m Hamburg, Naples, Hamb-Am . C of Columbus, guvannah.Sav — — 3:00 p m SHIPPING NEWS. Port of New York, Monday, January 3, 1910. ARRIVED. ! Steamer Bella (Br). Port Ant.,m., December 20, to the Atlantic Fruit Co. irlta fnili Arrived at the Bar at 3:30 a m. ■. Steamer Frutera (Nor), Porto -Barrios and I-orto ■ art* December lit. 80. ,> -,|,.| ■!,„,, ■■■■ and Port Antonio 20, to the United Fruit Co with fpjJt. Arrived at tha Bar at 4 a m. In order to facilitate the settlement of the estate of the late Mr.J. P. Howard Howard & Co offer for a limited time, their magnificent stock of Diamond Jewelry, Pearl Necklaces Antique and Modern Silver Gold Jewelry a uniform reduction of 20% Filth Avenue and Forty-Seventh St. We are strong at keeping on hand generous stocks of overcoats and suits for great big men. Attractive mixture fabrics, besides the staples to which big men are usually confined. Sizes 42 to 46 chrst, especially, and even much chrstier. "Soudan Buck" makes one of the warmest of unlined gloves for City wear. Soft, smooth, mole colored leather, specially serviceable. $2.50. Lined gloves from $2.50 to $6 50. We can hardly be thought prejudiced in underwear choice. Not with 44 varieties, representing the choicest making of every fabric. Every day more men find our union suits. In Derbies, too, we go the limit in variety. Kach of these in a variety of blocks — ■ Our own Derbies at $3, $4 and $.5; London made Derbies at $5. Stetson Derbies at $3.50 and $5. Exclusive \pw York agents for Stetson "Special" Derbies at $5. Leather Goods don't stop with the holidays. For instance, Thermos bottles in leather cases make excellent birthday and wedding presents. Trunks, bags and suit cases arc others. "Bentwood' is a late accession to the famous "Red-man" tribe of collars. Here, with all the other Redmen. Two for 2»c. The longer a man stands the more he needs our "Cushion" shoes. $5. Cushion insoles of elastic felt In a kid cover. Rogers Peet & Company. Three Broadway Stores, at at at Warren st. 13th st. 34th st. Steamer Coamo, Ouanica December 23, Ponca 26. Mayaguez 27. Aguadilla 28 and San Juan 20 to the New York and Porto Rico Ss Co. with 26 passengers, malls an.l mdse. Arrived at the Bar at 2 a m. Steamer La Bretagne (Fr), Havre December 25. to the Compagnie Generate Transatlantique with 128 cabin and 26S steerage passengers malls and mdse. Arrive.! at the Bar at 2:40 am. Steamer Montserrat (Span), Vera Cruz December 26. Porto Mexico 27 and Havana 30 to the Campania Transatlantic^ with 23 cabin and 60 steerage passengers and mdse. Arrived at the Bar at 4:30 a m • Steamer Oceana (Ger). Hamburg December 21. to the Hamburg-American Line, in ballast Arrived at the Bar at 11:30 a m. Steamer Orotava (Br). Bermuda January 1 to Sanderson & Son, with 119 passeneers and mdse Arrived at the Bar at 11:30 am Steamer Bermudian (Bri. Bermuda January 1 to A E Outerbrldge & Co. with 120 passengers' mails and mdse. Arrived at the Bar at sam ' Steamer Barbarossa (Ger>. Bremen December 21. to Oelrichs & Co. with no cabin and 1 34° steerage passengers and mdse. Arrived at 'the Bar at 6:80 a m. Steamer Toronto (Br), Hull December 1° via Boston January 2. to Sanderson & Son "'with mdse. Arrived at the Bar at 9:15 a m ' Steamer TJmbria (Br>. Liverpool December "5 and Queenstown 2<!. to the Cunard Ss Co ltd with 1M cabin and 1.086 steerage passengers.' malls and mdse. Arrived at the. Bar at 1040 p m, 2d. Steamer Ida Cuneo CKot). Port Antonio December 2«. via Delaware Breakwater January 3 to the Cuneo Importing Co. with fruit. \rrlv P ri at the Bar at 2:20 p m. Steamer Clenfuegos (Cuban*. Tamnico December 22 and Havana 29. to the New York and Cuba Mail Ss Co. with mdse Arrived at the Bar at 6 p m. Sandy Hook, N J, Jan 3. 9:30 p m—wind west, fresh breeze; clear; moderate, sea. ! SAILED. Steamer Surinam* (Dutch). Barbados. STEAMERS AT FOREIGN PORTS. ARRIVED. Plymouth, Jan 8. 6:25 p m— President Grant rOer). New York for Cherbourg and Hamburg. Yokohama, Jan 2— Katuna 'Br). New York via Singapore. Hong Kong, etc. Malta, Jan 2 — Llchtenfels (Ocr), New York fo r Port Said. etc. rK rOr Shanghai Jan 3— Seneca (Br), New York via Babant, Ponang, etc. ' ° rK vla Port Said. Jan 3— Oorjtstan ißr> N> nri . fnr bfohammerah. rk ror Suez. Jan 3—3 — Inverclyde <Br), Gebn etc for Boston ami New York. ' Queenitown, Jan 8, |:87 p ni^LutUanla mr) New York for Plshiruard and Liverpool Singapore, Jan 3— Blisabeth Rickn^,-, ",Geri Sew York and Norfolk via Si Vincent c v and Port Natal for Yokohama. Durban, Jan .".— Ardova ( Rr». New York for Amoy. etc. >ork for Suez. Jan 2— I>iifh>ld (Hr>. Manila for *!««..■.„ and New York; M, Fangturm (Ocr) cl ,lcTi,m for Boston and New York. ' Calc ""a Lyttelton. D«o 80 -Fails of Nlth (Dr). N ew v.l via Melbourne, etc, ' w 10lk ' I^i Plata, Deo 20— London Bridge ( Hr) ye™ York, via Norfolk. ' l!r) - New Hull, Jan — Galileo (Br). New York Stockholm. Dae 27— Oreliana (Nor). n* w V( ,rk I>e Ta^,a 1 7or n h <lramay ° <nr> - «*« Shang- Fluin«. Dec 3O— Marianne i.\ust». Mew vm, Rotterdam, Jan 2— Potsdam (Dutch) \..,, v«,i-and from Boulogne. Januarj 3d „ " » or X- Chrlftianla. i<- » Peanaylvaaia , > ; V. , . Io ,?r^' Copenhagen), New York. '""in. (from porman, Dec 27— Ratthwalte inn \.... v«-u Hamburg. Dec 30. n„ ,„ rv.t,, rll TaZh^^ Havre. Jan I— Mexico (Frj, New York. JANUARY 4, 1910. 9 wA I A good day to start with a supply of Red-Man Collars. Bentwood a new shape. EARL & WILSON l|j!flse<tbNGEß Fireplace Furnishings Fire Irons and Brasses Spark Guards, Andirons Coal and Wood Carriers Antique Bellows, &c. in LftlfC Variety. 130 & 132 West 42d St. AMUSEMENTS. NEW YORK'S LEADING THEATRES & SUCCESSES FMDIDC B'way and 40th St. Eves. 8:20. ' tlwirillE Mats. Tom'w. & Sat., at 2:15. LAST 11 NIGHTS and 4 MATINEES. MAUDE ADAMS B £ R J R & S WHAT EVERY WOMAN KNOWS. Jan., Sir rhas. W'yndham. Miss Mary Moor© RADDIPIf 35th St.. nr. Bway. E vs. 8:15. UHrtnlUA Mats. Tom'w. & Sat.. 2:15. First Matinee To-morrow, 2:15. OTIS SKINNER ™ By Booth Tarkington and H. L. ."Wilson. Prif AVIAN B'way & 44th St. Eves. 8:20. UlllCnUil Mats. Tom-w. & Sat.. 2:15. "A Great Biff Popular Success." Eve. Scan. FRANCIS WILSON £ft* The Bachelor's Baby I YPCIIII 4r ' th St - nr B'way. Evs.atS-30. LlUbUn Mat. Thurs. and Sat.. 2:20 MARIE TEMPEST a \V^ l v °cT n in W. Somerset Maugham's PENELOPE. HUDSON 44th St -- nr - B'way. Eve.S:ls. nUUOlin Mats. Tom'w. & Sat.. 2:15. THE NEXT OF KIN b '227 with GRACE ELLISTOX. —i — — __^ ; SAVOY Broadway & 34th St. Eves. 15. v'HIUI Mats. Thurs. and Sat.. 2:15. THE COMMANDING OFFICER KNICKERBOCKER""^, 3 ,"^ 21 " »• THE DOLLAR PRINCESS CHARLES DILLINGHAM'S Montgomery GLOBE^l v t 7xow. st and rn ton<% 8:15, Mat.Wed.&Sat.2:ls. THE OLD FIRST NIGHT NEXT MON TOWN BURTON HOLMES 5 Sunday Eves.. 8:30. Carnegie Hall. 5 Monday Mats, at 3. ) Lyceum 5 Tuesday Mats, at 3. $ Theatre. Ceylon, Jan. 16. 17. 18: Egypt. Jan 23. 24. 35; Sicily. Jan. 30. 31. Feb. 1- Italy Feb. 0. 7. 8; Norway. Feb. 13, 14 15 Course tickets: Carnegie. $5. $4,' $3-' Lvcpum. $S. $4. Opens Wed., closes Jan 12 NEW AMSTERDAM -SPS^tf liast \Veek. Wed. Mat. Best Seats 51.30. G E N E E SILVER 1 STAR & WATSON and Cast of 100 Beßinnme Next Mon. Seat a Next Thurs. THE BARRIER A Drnmfit izatio n d I lib Re x Beach's Novel With THEODORE ROBERTS. I IRFRTY THEA.,W.42dSt. Bv«..8:15: LlDknl I Mats. Wed. and Sat 2:15 ' THE FIRES OF FATE i By A. COXAX DOYI.E. Author of SHERLOCK HOLMES HITrT. w —^ Ki? «? ~ rc Hcor£ THEMANSK&fi'WAY W r\ 1 6A I ET Y jTUPI £I/£J 8/s " AT **** »4&vsr j I U L [WED &SAT.2JIS I l^ > wiNCHtit smith's comeoT^-O 1 IT I V-^ith JOHN BARRYMORE^^nJ JOE WEBER'S "."ri.r. 1 .",- Bway & 29 St. Evs S:ls. Liberty Wed. Mat.. $1 .00. with May de'.SooM MANHATTAN operThouse GRAND OPERA SEASON moo-io To-morrow (Wed.) at B—LUCIA.8 — LUCIA. Mmc Tetrazzinl. Mr. McCormack. M. Sammarco" etc Fit (Firs' time in America) — GRISFI mutt" Miss Garden. Mmes. Walter- Villa. Duchen»' MM. Dalmores, Dufranne. Huberdeau 1 villa' Scott. Dir., M. de la Fuente. Sat ' \(t ' THAIS. Miss Garden. M Renaud. etc Sat Night (popular prices*— TROVATORE ' v m »' (Nippon. Mile. Alvarez. MM. Zerola. Sammarco. etc. SPECIAI ELECTnA. Tues. Ev ? .. J an " Prices for Electra. $10 to $2 SO. Seats Selling TUC I ITTI C 1 A chr "tma S tTd« InC LI I ILL Play by Katrina ■ftftlHlßl ttC Trask, to b« relUWBi Ur r^ " horMy by BETHLEHEM '"smsst ruU .PARTICULARS LATER. ACTHD By - 45tn St Evs m. M«U \VVrt AoIUn & Sat.. 2:IR. Wed. Mat , 500% ivY :Z7>, SEVEN DAYS xi I w ks. Kvb.S:l.V Mati.Wed SaT^Js" A Little Brother of the Kich LYCEUM BONO RECITAL; SeltT^ ,llt, llt m.;i Munich 11 x, „,„•;; to-day raEYN H#il AT 3 IWfclll 11 \< ki 11. Friday .Matinee, Jantilu^~V "OLIVE LATIMER'S HUSBAND/ By _Rjjdf)lf Bea 1 Flrat Time In Amirlf. mc UnP^FV HOCKBT CLUB vs. I To-nIKhT ICE HUbRtT st NICHOLAS H. C. | «j fs "ft ■ ■■;'!' RINK, tirt gt. a , 'i.iurnhui ay» Para. Jan 2— Dominic (Br>, New York. Hull. •">" '-— Mat tell.. ,Hr>. j^'ew York. PASSED fcfut?r«». Jan l — lVttcl< * «'»«!•• (Br». New York for ll, ..iritiah. etc; Laura (Auil). New York for Nuplr* tina 1 ii.-stn. '" Registered Trade Mark. Annual Sale Sheets & Pillow Cases These goods are of Irish, German and Flemish manufacture and are reduced in price for the January Sale. Pure Linen Pillow Cases (per pair). 22^x36 inches at 1... 1.10 1.35 1.50 2.23 2MI Reduced from,.. „..../. 1-25 150 2.00 2.50 3| 25x36 inches at '. 150 2.00 > 2.50 310 Recfaced (mm 27x36 inches at '" "' 20 ° 23 gl Rrrluced from 175 225 ™ 3( *\ ............. Pure Linen Sheets (per pair). Single Bed Size, about 72x96, at 450 5.50 650 850 Reduced from - 5.00 6.50 7.50 9.50 Double Bed Size, about 90x96 inches, at 550 6.50 7.25 10.50 Reduced from • - 6.00 7.50 8.50 12.00 Extra LOW, Single Bed size at 6.73 8.25 9.00 11.50 Reduced from .." «•*> 9.50 10.50 13.00 Extra Long. Double Bed size at 800 9.25 12.00 14,50 Reduced from 9.00 10.50 13.50 16.50 In addition to the Pure Linen Sheets and Pillow Cases, we offer very attractive values in Table Cloths and Napkins, Towels and Towelings, French and American Lingerie and Corsets, Infants' Wear, Ladies' Outer Garments and Ladies' Hosiery. James McCutcheon & Co., sth AVC & 34th St., WaldofSoria A Sale of Overcoats We have marked all the Heavy-weight Overcoats at our Cooper Square Store only at these three prices : $12, $15 and $20. The demand this season has been largely for Fancy Overcoatings. This has left us with more staples at both our Cooper Square and Broadway Stores than we should have. We have, therefore, removed some of the surplus stock from Broadway to our Cooper Square Store and have added what few Fancy Overcoats remain, and have made these very unusual prices on the whole stock : ? 200 Overcoats, formerly selling at $IS, $20 and $22, $12.00. 300 Overcoats, formerly selling at $25, $2S and $30, $15.00. 250 Overcoats— many of these silk-lined — formerly selling at $35. $40, $45 and $50, $20.00. We have never before offered such great values in Heavy-weight Overcoats. At our Cooper Square Store only. 'Browning, King W & Company V Broadway Cooper Square Brooklyn at 32nd Street at Fifth Street Fulton & DeKalb AMUSEMENTS. THE NEWf^THEATRE ■ Central Park West. 62- N^^ *?.;.«•> Tel. SSOOCoI ; To-night at 8:30 The Nigger ! Wed. Mat.. 2:30 The >I-aer , Wed. Evg, 8:30 The Nigger I Thurs. Mat.. 2 (Opera) PasHacci and Pantomime Histoire dun Pierrot i Thurs. Evg:., 8:30 Don ! Frl. Eve.. S (Opera) . Don I'jmiujl^ and Pantomime Uiatolre il'un Pierrot Sat. Mat.. 2:30 Don Sat. Eve . 8:30 ' The >i«er NEXT WEEK: ! Mon. Evg, S:ls The School for Scandal Tues. Evg. S (Opera) Fra Diavolo I Wed. Mat.. 2 Opt>ra ! Wed. Evi?.. S:3O Don ! Thurs Mat.. 2:30 Th«. Xleeer j Thurs. Evg.. 30 * Don Fri. Evg. S:P.rt The MstKer : Sat. Mat.. 2:15 The School for >« 4 u.1-«l ! Bat. Evg . 8:15 The School for Scandal • Seats for two weeks in advance reserved by i mail, telephone or telegraph for ANY peri formance. Drama. $2 to .W. Opera. $.S to $1 HIPPODROME Daily Mats.. 2. Best Seats $1 Ev.S,2sc-$1.50. A Trip I Ballet 1 Inside I 10 Xew to Japan | of Jewels | the Earth | Circus Art.t Comedr. ILaurence lrvlns & M,ibe! H.rknev ,Evg.9:80.1 in The Affinity .The Incubus/ BROADWAY I THE JOLLY BACHELORS Opens Thurs. 1 with XORA BAYKS. LYRIC Evs S:ls Mat.Tom' T ho ' Pi . Lin 111 C i yd<) FUch - Greatest Play. 1116 GIIY HIRKETT iv St 7 Tms - ? Its I Austin FarnunT nauKLi i Thurs. and Sat. | in Cameo Kirhv Mavin»-E!liotfsEv3.S:3o rr n ,h|i C DnL..!... Matinees Tomw ami Sat • noD6rtSon in The Taking of the Third Fjoorßark. CASINO. Eves.S:ls. Mat. To-morrow, STSO THE CHOCOLATE SOLDIER. Riiflll H < 'Oth. Eve.S:ls. I Cyril Scott in DIJQU MtB.To-w.ftSat.g:ls The 1.,-trer, M ,■, Lew Fields* lEys s:ls. Mat. Ton m $1 -..-» HERALD SO. IKH FIELDS as Old Dutch DALY'S. Last U'eek. Eves. *:15. Mat Sat" FRANK DAXIEI^— The Belle of Bjjttanv' Wast End ihk MIDNIGHT m>\< METROPOLITAN OPERA HOI Evenings at 8. Saturday Matinee at • To-night— Special. Perfce. I. n Boheme. I Mmes. Ciaparelli. N'oria: MM. Caruso. Scotti I Dt.itir. Glanoti. Pini-Corsi. do Se Bad*. ; Teivhl. «"'onductor. Podestl. Wed. Titnnh:ieii<M>r Mmes O'born- Hannah i d^but » Fremstad; MM. Jttrn Whitehill. Hlnckley. Hall. MUhlmann. Cond*. Hert* Thurs. Evg Ot-il,, Frt. Evg ij» «i»or«n.l.i Sat. Aft., at 1:30 Die AValkuere. I Sat. Kv< Mid mi , Huttrrtlv NEXT WEEK: Mon Ev|f . —La Boheme I Mmf.i Alda. Alten; MM. Caruso. Scottl de S<y- I Kurola. Pltlur. Plni-Corsl- Cond.. Po<lesti. Wed. Evg. — Tova. Mmc Fremstad; MM ' Martin. Amato. Ananian. fSlanoll. Pevauxi i <"iid.. Tango. AT THE NEW THEATRE Thurs. Mat — rilUltfl Mme. Norta MM Martin. Foraell. RAH Gllly. Cond.. Pod'estt ' lli»t.ilre tl'im Pierrot (Pantomime). jr n |,- s( —Don l*iisqnal« Mm« .1- Pa«<]ualt MM ' 'V 1V 1 ' Scotti. Pinl-Oorsl. «'<» nd. Tango an. Hl»i,.ire dun Pierrot. NEXT WEEK- t2"» live.. I r.i OUrolo. WEBER PIANO T r SEp POL Mil A I ( J," 5 Etiw «""ir~\viiii»M t|ULUIi|HL I Slmms x Co The k>iii- ' I',: Mat. -'V. MM Kalmer A- nrown.oth. A I lIAIIHRJI " <U th * Waldorf." Prin- ALnAfflDnA »» R«j«h. 4 Huntings. JlTr>all>-_Ma». .'%. Beatrice Ingram & ( . o . FllClll WORLD IN WAX. NKHI.HOIIs EUCnI (INniUO(.K\HI-Am4 S I.,'uu, i MI'SKK I I'rof !*iru«W 11, , ■ ln ., u Novelty cL Half a Century. AMUSEMENTS. __ STh» Be!ascoT : B'waj-- Ev.515. TUYVESAX I | Mats. Thurs. & Sat . 2 13. S I THE LILY BEL4SCO '■ ' - West42dSt. Eve. S:li DLLaOUU Mats Wed. and Sat., 2 13. LAST 4 WEEKS. IS MATRIMONY FAILURE? Academy of Musii Mats. Wed. & Sat 2. David Bflasco Presents. Last W«-ek * FRANCES STARR £2vS I w'V k MI ROBSQM Th o?T^S'™ LAST 5 DAYSNATIONAL 32JSS ACADEMY *3vsSß OF DESIGN ard 9 tolt> r : WINTER EXHIBITION CARNEGIE HALL. SYMPHONY SOCIETY OF NEW TORK. WALTER DAMRQSGH, c*ami£ \i.,ti r AT 5:15. soloist Mmt\ Carreno "Rhenish- Symphony. SCHI'MANN; ? .»rjß* '■■"1 I'M IRK Concerts. \ minor for Piano with Orchestra. ORIEG: Don Juan. STR.M'?S- Tickets 5Sc. to $1, 1 W. 34th St. A Box OSJc*. " Bethlehem" A N V rIvIT V riAY TKESKNTED BT , . , "'- Chri»traa» l*!ay Association. ni. Christmas Carols &■ Procession jn Costtt=» CAK.M-.i.lK UA1.1.. JAN. 6. AT ;:3t> P. M. I jay un«W manay#ment of Mr BEX GKEET Tickets. ,M» cts. to 51.50; Boxes. $15. on st!eit 1 34th St.. Room SOS. Tel. 2936— Murray Hilt >1 EN n RI.SSOH V HA L L S4 Concert TO-XIOHT AT S-15 KNEISEL QUARTET ■ m Jf s .'* ll "S - Vr « ts ». Mr. M»S» X KOVARIK. tl-jft Box Offle© and t W#st 3ith 5: A8Tfl«8BILE Sisij ORAXOCEN'TRAI. PA' v ■• ) Leadtn? \m»rjcan and Foreign Cars, and Accessories 10 A XI. to II P. M. Admission 50c.- Tuesday. St. Finest decorations. Lex. ay«. & 43d st PHILHiRMbSiG K^t.. philharhomic :;v::\ lk GUSTAV MAHLER conductor Thurs Eve at Sis and Friday Aft. at tm , Mirth Concerts of the First Series. «, lout Ht -<«m Piano His First Appearance This Season. j "HJMMERSTEIN'S .£t«"S'V& __l-j|y Lena. Motoring and t'Plc AJta. WALDORF-ASTORIA. 34th St.; -.ith-Ara. \ \| I OKAMATIC ASS'X. TO-DAY t> . MM and TO M..HI ggS?""'' London Assmimucp I BUI til. ! Every Evening. S;l.\ th* «»reat InfliiU i china Success. MtK noil I'l.ACi: j IM mil!" tThe Flea la tho Ear*. I lit V tut. I Sat. Mat.. "V* T ZlseunsrbAroa."

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