The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 19, 1942 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 19, 1942
Page 4
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TheAlgOttft DOAN FARMER LOSES FATHER AT WEST BEND Uoan: Dale Struthers and Ted Hoover drove to Mason City early Wednesday morning to meet Dale's brother, Howard, who arrived from Camp Lewis, Spokane, Washington. Howard, who was called home by the il'lness of his father, Geo. Struthers, West Bend, was allowed only a nine day leave, six of which were spent coming and returning. Mr. Struthers died Saturday afternoon, but Howard had already left Saturday morning and consequently could not attend the funeral. M E. Hoover, Belmond, is spending several days with his son, Cliff, where he is helping plant corn. (Merlin Hoover, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ted Hoover, graduated Wednesday night from the Titonka high school. The school picnic for Wesley No. 8 taught by Miss Alice Thorsen,, was held at Call Satte Park, Algona, on Sunday. May 17. The Doan W. S. C. S. will meet at the home of Mrs. Guy Carlson next Thursday, instead of at the Dale Struthers home as scheduled. | On Friday evening, Lee Struthers accompanied his parents, the Dale Struthers family, to his grandparents, the George Struthers home at West Bend. He returned home with his aunt, Mrs. Dorothy Hundermark, where he will spend several weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Cosgrove report that their son, John, has been stationed at Fort Lewis, Tacoma, Washington, and is in the tank battalion. Clarence Hoff, Sexton, who left in the same group from Algona, is a bunk-mate of John. Sixteen of the group are at Camp Lew- Is. Mrs. Carl Spellhorn and daughter, Susanne, came last week to spend the remainder of the month with relatives in this county. Mrs. Spellh;rn is the former Mildred Kain, and spent Monday with her brother, Robert-Rain and family. On Wednesday, Mrs. Robert Kain and children, Mrs. Mary'Kain and Mrs. Spellhorn and Susanne spent Wednesday afternoon at the Feme Drone home, Burt. Mrs. Elna Buffington was hostess to the Doan Woman's club on Wednesday, May 13. Fifteen members were present. Lesson, Inter- American Relations, was given by Kolina Buffington and a paper on American Ballads and Folk Bongs by Emma Martinek. Evalene Asa gave the story of Hymns and Tunes. A contest !by the hostess of conundrums and quizzes was won by Maud Brink and Aline Martinek who was a guest. American Ingenuity Maintains Through the Years 1902-1942 .Now that the Philippines are in the hands of the enemy and Ooregldor has fallen those of the veterans of the Spanish- American war who took part in Uhe Philippine occupation are reminded of some of the activities of our forces during that period 45 years ago. Geo. W. Spikings of this city, and probably the only veteran of the navy which took part over there now living in Kossuth county, is reminded of an incident which never was generally known. Said Mr. Spikings: "The Spanish was the first nation to sink a fleet to keep It from our hands but not many people know about it. On Lake Lanao, Island of Mindanao, the Spanish had a fleet of four large gun boats and three steel barges. They deliberately sunk them to keep them from falling into American hands. This was in November, 1898. In 1902 our forces reached the Lake Lanao section. They had heard from the natives about the sinking of this armada and proceeded to investigate. "They found this fleet, raised it to the surface and put 'it in (service after it, had been on the bottom for six years. This was a big job, accomplished by U. S. forces, but we didn't have •a press, agent to give it the place it'should have had as a marvel. This is just one incident that ingenuity was not a n;w quality with our U. S. forces even in those days forty- years ago." Now that the Japs have sent many vessels to the bottom and likewise have our forces sent Jap vessels to the bottom, n" doubt American Ingenuity will again assert itself and many of them be raised following U. S. victory in the islands, suggests Mr. Spikings. Read The Want Ads—tt Pays. John W. Behlmer, City, Promoted to Naval Petty Officer Graduating among the honor men in his class at the Aviation Ordnance school, U. S. Naval A!r station, Jacksonville, Florida, John W. Behlmer, son of Mrs. J. F. Behlmer of 402 Call street, Algona. has been- promoted to the petty officer rating of Aviation Ordnance- man, third class. Behlmer averaged 89.9 for the difficult course in the operation and maintenance of aerial weapons ranging from light machine gun." to airplane-launched torpedoes. Hr has become proficient in the syn- chonrization of machine guns, the tearing down and rebuiildling of them the use and handling of flares nnd the installation' and operation of bomb sights. Enlisting Baltimore, Mary- inmi, the Algona 'bluejacket went tliroush recruit training at Norfolk. "Virginia, before his transfer to the huge naval air center at Jacksonville, Fla. Hospital News Kossuth Hospital May 13—-Marian Lee Morgan, of Burt, surgical; Ralph Gaylor, medical; Harry Treve, surgical. Muy 14—Mrs. Jim Logan, Sioux Falls, S. D.. boy; Mrs. John Rod- koff, medical; Opal Sabin," Algona surgical; Richard Bierstedt, Whittemore. accident. May 17—Mrs. Leo Gardner, Wesley, medical. ' May 18—Mrs. Edwin Wolcott girl. General Hospital May 12—Alice Buss, Lone Roclc surgical. May 18—Keith Stott, Titonka surgical. ATAWWWV^ SLACKS ARE THE FASHION! For Working— For Loafing— For Gardening For Bicycling—For Hiking— For Skating For Household Duties We offer the correct type for every activity from the three famous makers—'^Loomtogs 1 '—"Graffs" and 'Wayfair". Slack Suits and Separate Slacks. Attractively styled and made to fit. SEE THEM AT Christensen's ALGONA MEMBERS TOWNSEND CLUBS TO DES M01NES A large number of the members of the local Towns-end clubs are banning to attend the state-wide Townsend meeting af-Des Moines Sunday, May 24. Russell Sflville, national director, will address the meeting at the Krkwod hotel. The meeting will 'be an all-day affair, lasting from 10 a. nl. to 4:30 Tu«s.-Wed., May 19-20 Matinee 2 p. m. Michelle Morgan Paul Henretd in "JOAN OF PARIS" Thurs.-Fri., .Muy 21 -« Thurs. Bargain Mat. 2 p. m. — 30-25C. Plus "the Raven" ' New News Saturday, May 33 Big 3 Way Double Feature and Fun for the Family HIGH ADVENTURE! ROBUST ROMANCE! LuuM Imu Out B All-CRAIG-J AGGER Plus Superman "Billion Dollar Limited" Saturday Midiught, 11 P. M, Sun.-Mjon., May 83-31-35 ABBOII (OilEllO ...»'K- 'I C« • CjAf Qeof|<s fil In ho-ttbf o* the L01 T01 TEACHERS PICNIC Creek: The taaehefs of Ixitts Creek towshlp enjoyed a pic nic Tuesday evening at the Call Park at Algona. „ Those attending were Mrs. Evelyh Boevef, Misses Thelma Jones, Lauretta Fandel, Dorothy Reid, Luellie Kuecker and Ruth Schfnlel. Mrs. Amanda Logemann was unable to attend. . 'Miss Alice Buss, daughter Of Mr. and Mrs. Will Buss,, had her tonsils removed Tuesday morning »t the General hospital, Algona. A few members of the Ladies' Aid quilted Tuesday evening at the home of Mrs. H. F. Mittag. Those attending were Mrs. Ed Kressin Mrs. Alex Radlg, Mrs. Lydia Wet- zcl, Mrs. John Scha+lln and Mrs F. W. Mittag. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hemple oC Pasadena, Calif., came the past week for a visit at the homes of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Radig, Mrs. Dora Limbs and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Feur- atenau aivd other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Hemple we're enroute home from Valparaiso, Ind., where thpj had attended the marriage of one of their daughters, a former student of Valparaiso University. Relatives and friends gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Koisner Monday evening to help M. Reisner celebrate his 60th birthday. Those attending were Mr. and Mrs. Frank SchalHn and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Liesner of Algona, Mr, and Mrs. Herman Mittag, Mr. and Mrs. John SchalHn, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Zumaoh, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Boettcher and Mr. and Mrs. Noah Reisner and family. Five hundred was played for, entertainment and high prizes went to John Schallin and Mrs. Robert Liesner and low to Carl Zumach and Mrs. Boc'.tch?r. W. & C. 8. Circles Tile circles ot the" WomWV* Society ot Christian service of the Methodist cfiurch Will flieet Thu«* day afternoon at two o'clock with the following: Mrs. B. A. Qenrlch's Circle With Mrs. W. D. Andrews. , . Mrs. C. H. Clement's circle with Mrs. Homer Anderson. Mrs, P. A. Danson's circle with Mrs. Anna Powell. Mrs. R. W. Anderson's circle with Mrs. Bernard Carter. Mrs. E. J. Hermanson's circle .... Mrs. G. C, Yeoman. IMrs. P. E. sawyer's circle with Mrs. W. H. St. Clair. . Mrs. A. R Lauritzen's circle with Mrs. Perry Collins. Mrs. W. C. Irelan's circle with /trs. Gus Torlne. Mrs. T. C. Hutchison's circle with Vtrs. Dg White. , D. of A. Election— , Election of officers for the coning year took place at the regular business meeting of the Catholic Daughters of America which took jlace at the academy hall Thursday venlng. Donna Dooley, grand rn- gent for the past two years resign- d from'her office. Mrs. Mel Griffin will succeed her. Other officers looted were Mrs. William Barry, Sr., vice regnt; Mrs. Bernice Reynolds, prophetess; Mrs. William Giosi, lecturer; Elizabeth Holtzbau- r, monitor; Josie McEvoy, ffnan- ial secretary; Mrs. Chris Reese, p. m. While committee work will be carried on during the meeting many speakers will be on hnnd to address the crowd. Seville heads the speakers list. This Iowa mass meeting comes as a part of the spring expansion drive which has established new Townsend clubs throughout the east and middlewest. It will give low- ans a chance to hear at first hand of progress in Washington of the Townsend Bill now before Congress. Saville has been in Washington for several months, directing Townsend activity there. WE'RE GOING TO HAVE A HOT JULY SAYS HARRY NOLTE "Unless all signs fail in dry weather," we are promised a very hot July according to Hary Nolle, local weatherman. And so far Harry's predictions have been fulfilled 100 per cent. Harry bases his prediction on- records kept by the weather . bureau during the many years sines 1879. It has been noted that if April in any year is comparatively dry the month of July and extending into August is very hot. April Normal 2.07 The normal precipitation for April is recorded as 2.07. It will be remembered that in 1934 with the precipitation in April as 1.07 an'j July was dry and hot; in April 193J 1.21, April 1936, U10, and all of those years gave us hot July months. April this year showed a precipitation of 1.05 and since April, 1879, there has only been one April-lower and that was in 1926 with a precipitation of .91. Accordingly, we may look for a hot July in 1942. The Week's Record The temperature for the week has been somewhat below normal as follows: High Low Monday, May 11 72 Tuesday, May 12 68 Wednesday, May 13 67 Thursday, May 14 69 Friday, May 15 62 Saturday, May 16 65 Sunday, May 17 62 Monday, May 18 62 KOSSUTH OFFERS TRAINING FOR LOCAL TEACHERS A. E. Lauritzen, county superintendent of schools, announced today that Kossuth county will cooperate with the Iowa State Teachers College in a new program for the training of teachers for the schools of the county. The'program requires training for four quarters of twelve weeks each. During the first two twelve-week quarters the student will attend classes on the campus of the Iowa State Teachers College. The student will be enrolled in the college during the third twelve-week quarter but will not be 'in attendance on the college campus. Instead, the student will spend the quarter as an apprentice teacher in a rural school in his home county. Students in Home County Since the period of apprentice teaching will be spent in the stud ent's home county, it is hoped tha the student will 'be able to reside a home and escape the cost of room and board for thy twelve-week per iod. The Iowa State Teachers Col lege has been authorized to gran each student enrolled on the coursi a partial tiution exemption amoun to twenty dollars during the fourtl twelve-week quarter. This will fur ther materially reduce the cost ti 'the student. The course has been designed ti train- teachers specifically for th rural schools. Each sutdent ad mitted to the course agrees to teacl at least two years in a rural schoo in the state of Iowa. All work tak en on this course will apply towar the requirements of any highe grade of elementary teachers certi ficate. For instance, an gradual of this course can attend two mor twelve-week summer sessions at til Iowa State Teachers College an< become eligible for the Standan Elementary Teachers Certificate High School Graduate Eligible Any graduate of accredited low high school is eligible for admissio to the course provided he or sh has maintained a satisfactory schol arship record. Anyone interested I the course should apply directly t A. E. Lauritzen, county saperin tendent. Students will be admitte to the course upon the recommendation of the county superintendent. County Superintendent A. E. Lauritzen, is interested in meeting all prospective students and their parents desiring further information about the plan of teacher training at the court room, (courthouse), Algona, Iowa, at 8 p. m., Monday, May 25. 55 50 63 38 34 37 52 55 Schoby, of Bode, has Tops Producing Cow Brattleboro, Vt.: Kew Pea Josie Watson, a registered Holstein cow in the herd owned by C. R. Schoby of Bode. Iowa, has just completed a record of 12,861 pounds of milk and 465 pounds of butterfat, which far exceds the average of the dairy cows in the nation, according to The Holstein-Friesian Association of America. "Josie" was milked three times a day during her record-making lactation which began when she was 0 years 4 months of age. The record was made under the supervision of Iowa State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts ani The Holstein-Friesian Association of America. 24 Children Take First Communion At St. Cecelia's Twenty-four children, ten- girls and fourteen boys, received their first Holy Communion following the 8?3o Mass at St. Cecelia's church Sunday morning. They are students in St. Cecelias' Academy. The children are Mary Lou Valentine, Darlene Glaser, Rosaline Erpelding, June McEnroe, Jeanne Wells, Bridget Weir, Marie Davis, Lavonne r; Minnie Schlck, sentinel; Mrs. larry Hargreaves, organist; Mrs. itary Cain and Mrs.. Lou Matern, ritstee. The officers will be fnstaH- d in the near future. Mum Creek Literary Club— The Plum Creek Literary and So- ial club met at the Algona Hotel or a one o'cloclf^and Mothers'- Day >rogram Wednesday. Devotions vere in charge of Millie Slagle. Spiral honors for mother were given by Catherine Hutchins, Janet Scuff- inm and Marilyn Kuhn. Mrs. M. G. 3ourne gave a vocal solo and Clara Keith played, a .piano solo. A play, •Midnight Fantasy" was given by Evelyn Jenkins and Marjorie Bod I Corsages were presented to the oldest mother, Mrs. Simmons, and the youngest mother, Mrs. Priebe, and ;he mother with th elargest famii" The next meeting will be May 27 at the" home of Clara Keith wir.h Hazel Seeley assisting hostess. Congregational Circles Meet— Mrs. D. P. Smith's circle of the Congregational Ladies Association will meet Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Lee Reed on McGregor street. There will be desert-luncheon at 1:30. Mrs. M. G. Bourne's circle will meet Thursday afternoon at two o'clock at the home of Mrs. H. R Cowan on State street. Mrs. Kenneth Cowan is the assisting hostess These meetings are the last ones be fore the summer vacation. Beta Sigma .'hi Convention— Helen Chubb, Janice Barta, Lucille Black, Helen Corey, Mrs. Kenneth Knudstn, Helen :Moad, Phyllis Parsons, Dorothy Lane and Mrs. R B. Waller returned Sunday from a three day state convention of the Beta Sigma Phi sorority held- in DCS Moines. Highlights of the convention were a dance with servicemen as guests, a luncheon and a banquet with the founder of the national group and his wife as the speakers. Merry Mixers Have Picnic— The members of the Merry Mixers club entertained their husbands at a steak fry at the Call Park or Friday evening. The party was in honor of the birthdays of Mrs. Albert Gro:ters and H. W. Thompson. Mr. and Mrs. Grooters are former members now living at Eagle Grove and they drove up for the picnic. The group went to the H. W. Thompson home for entertainment aftur the meal. v Party for Sirs. Wafford— Mrs. Chet DeSart and Mrs. Bob Richardson entertained at a dessert- bridge luncheon Thursday afternoon at the latter's home honoring Mrs. Ben Wafford who with Mr. Wafford and their son, Billy Ben, are movin away from Algona. Mrs. John McDowell and Mrs. Roy Ingham received bridge prizes and Mrs. Wafford received a handkerchief shower from her friends. Attend Legion Convention— A delegation from Algona will attend the eighth district convention of the American- Legion Auxiliary to be held at Webster City Wednesday. This is the Spring Rally meeting. The Fall Rally was held in Algona this year. Attending Wednesday will be Mesdames Maurice Bartholomew, L. M. Merrltt, G. D Brundage and Fred Bartholomew. ts» crab nctffah*}. - \- /rL&£ The '75" club d<? 'Hie F>Bsbyt($Jati church Will hold an outdoor dinner meeting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Keith Strayer this evening (Tuesday), Those' Wishing trans- pr/rt»H4ri at? asked tb call Rev, Richardson, The dinner edihrnltteo consists of Mr. ard Mrs. Nyfe Latch, Mf. and Mra. Joseph Skow and Mr.- and Mra. kefth Straytr. The entertainment Is In chav *e . of Mf. and Mrs. Wesley Sehultt, Mr. mif- Mrs. VVV A. Hardy anb' Mr. and Mrs. Harold Dames. Mrs, Guiuis Circle Mecti— Mrs. Sylvia Quhn's circle of the Congregational Ladles' Association "will meet'In the church parlors on Thursday afternoon for a 1:30 des* sert lun-cheon. 'Hostesses are Mesdames D. D. Monlux, E. J, Murtagh and Dick Cowan. ' Congregational Circle Meets— (Mrs. T. L, Larson's circle of the Congregational church Will meet Thursday afternoon at 2:30 with Mrs. H. E. Lmpright; Mrs. Henry Bunkofske is the assisting hostess. Mrs. E.. W. Lusby Is In charge of the program. Methodist Ladles Picnic- Mrs. Clint Lighter's division ol the Woman's Society of Christian Service held a picnic meeting at the home of Mrs. Fred Will last Thursday. This takes the place of "then- regular meeting scheduled for next Thursday. Sirs. McDowell Entertains— Mrs. John McDowell entertained the members of her bridge club on Saturday afternoon at 'her home. Guests were Mrs. G. W. Stiffman and. Mrs. Bob Richarcl .who also won first and second prizes respectively. ' ri I* *. jr. Dorcas Morning 1 Tco— The Dorcas Society of the First Lutheran church Will hold a morning tea for its members and friends at the home of Mrs. Ida Nickerson Wednesday morning. ' Mrs. Peterson is assisting hostess. Farewell for Mr. and Mrs. Wafford"— The Couple club held a dinner Thursday evening at the home of Dr. and Mrs. S. W. Meyer honoring Mr. and Mrs. Ben Wafford who are moving away. The evening was spent informally. Hjouscwarminu for Mrs. Dnnson— Sixteen members of the Homebuilders class of the Methodist church held a housewarming party for Mrs. P. A. Danson Friday evening. The evening was spent ptay- Jng games. Delphian Luncheon— The members of the Delphian society are meeting this afternoon at the Algona Hotel for a one o'clock luncheon. Mrs. John McEnroe Is in charge of the discussion subject 6f Stella BrttholM, l&c&l Wgtt school ttrtdtfette Club Meet*-* M>8., A. HOlta Is entertaining the a.guest, ' Oh*, to , gob fttctodWm will enter- member* of hef ttttdg* club Thursday sveftlftg at nef h«ne. Party for Mrs. Potter—' Mrs. D. L. McDonald entertainecl 6 ladies at a dinner Wedresday vening honoring Mrs/Herb Potr Hoffman, Kathleen Griffin, Clucky, Phil Kohlhaas. Willard Ristau, Gary Wingert, Billie Elbert, Elwood Davis, Earl Eller, Charleen Hieber, Tomy Weiskamp, Bobby Loss, Junior Scanlan, Dickie Becker, Billy Hum and Kenneth Gorman. Flower girls were Sheila Sullivan, Mary Jo Murtha, Dorothy Woodcock, Darlene Hentges, Madeline Parks, LaVonne Lane, Ursula Schults and Georgia Hobbs. Legionnaires to Webster City Meet Wednea4ay, May 20 Several car loads of members of Hagg Post No. 90 and of the Auxiliary plan to attend the eighth district conference in Webster City tomorrow, May 20. A program lor the Auxiliary will be held in the Methodist church beginning at 0 o'clock. Registration of legionnaires will be at the Legion building the conference'starting at 1:30. Mrs. Kern Elerick, Whittemore, Joins Husband in West Camp Whittemore: The Bridgette club and the Trump it club held a surprise farewell party at the Kern Elerick home last week Monday evening. Mrs. Elerick left Tuesday evening to join her husband, Second Lieutenant Kern Elerick at Fort Francis Warren, Wyo. Mr. Elerick has been assigned to the 44th regiment. The ladies played contract .bridge, (Mrs. James Geelan 'winning high, Mrs. John Cullen, second high, Mra. Peter Schumacher, low and Mrs. Lewis Dufly |he draw prUe. The honoree wa« presented with defense stamps. Mothers' Tea— The Missionary society of th Presbyterian church will hold a Mothers' Day tea Thursday afternoon at the church. The officers Mrs. C B. Murtagh, Mrs. Joe Wad- leigb, Mrs. 'A. E. Kresensky and Mrs. LeRoy McWhorter are in charge of the program which wil consist of old favorite songs iilus trated, Shower for Teacher—, (Mrs. Earl Sprague and Janice Barta entertained 15 ladies at a shower Wednesday evening honor ing Rhoda Anderson, local teache who will be married early in June The ladies played Indications. Mis Anderson was presented with a gift of silverware from the group Baptist Girls H»ve ftcnlc— The Dependable clasp of the Bap list church held its-monthly -picn! at the State Park Friday afternoon Eleven girls and- their \suibstitut teacher. Mrs. Engstrom, attended After devotionals the girls enjoy ed a picnic lunch. Old Coin* Robert McKee'of Mqntezuma ha a 50-cent piece, U. 8. currency tha was minted in 1803. The coin is sti] very bright. Mr. McKee has in hi possession a Columbian Half Do] lar, one of the few ever issued, i 25-cent Canadian papeA piece also is'-in the possession of Mr. McKee The paper piece is about the size o a, dollar bill, but no date can be found on it. you CAN BORROW $50-$100 OR MORE Quick, Confidential Ser vice . . . Easy Monthly Payments • SPECIAL PLAN FOR FARMERS L. S. BOHANNON 'hone 103 • Algona, la. members of her Brtdgette club /at An Outstanding DRESS SALE / - at Chris tensen's A May Sale of Mffli grade dresses that will outdo all our previous May Sale Events. The fact is we have too many dresse's and therefore we ; are taking from our. regular stock about 40 garments to be sold at this sharp reduction. The&tr are not 'old -dresses or left overs, but all brilliantly styled garments. ThVxDresses— The Eabrics- tliis event outstanding. Formerly priced atl $12.95, $15.( •a May Sale Price No Approvals—No Exchanges—No Charges Christensen's TO OUR IOWA TELEPHONE USERS: IN RESPONSE TO THE REQUEST OF THE OFFICE X OF PRICE ADMINISTRATION, AND WITH THE DESIRE TO CO-OPERATE FULLY WITH THE NATIONAL EFFORT TO PREVENT INFLATION, WE HAVE WITHDRAWN THE 15% SURCHARGE ON TELEPHONE RATES IN IOWA EFFECTIVED MAY 15, i ..*.•" NORTHWESTERN BEU TELEPMONECOMPANy

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