Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on January 1, 1974 · Page 51
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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 51

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 1, 1974
Page 51
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-PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE : TUESDAY, JANUARY 1, 1974. -51- rOn fhe AV- Win Fanning Ch. 53 Plans Jan. THE LONG-AWAITED return of WPGH-TV, Channel 5 3, to the local air is now scheduled for Jan. 14. So you'd better dust off that UHF loop antenna and limber up the dial,; unused on most area sets since the station left the air on Aug. 5, 1971. The new management, headed by Leon Crosby, a minority stockholder who will be general manager, and Ar-mand Belli, who returns as general sales manager, expects the major kinks to be ironed out during the next two weeks. "After the long wiit for FCC approval we discovered that a number of minor obstacles still, had to be overcome," Belli told me yesterday afternoon. "Little things, like the carpets had become rotted and the furniture had deteriorated during the more than two years the studio building has been out of service,", he said. The' transmitting equipment, however, is fully operational and the station will come back with the same 3,1 million watt signal with which old WPGH-TV went off. While its coverage was generally satisfactory, it was discovered that a slight tilt of the antenna caused the signal to skip over some areas. Belli said a new antenna will be erected in the spring. THE STATION will telecast 10 hours daily, Monday through Friday, staiting at 3 p. m. It will be fired up two hours earlier on Saturrl j and on Sundays it will operas from 8 a. m. to 1 a. m. "Naturally, if all goes as expected, these hours will be ', increased . after our initial shakedown period," Belli said. WPGH will be an independent station, that is not affiliated with any of the networks. However, it will pick up some of the network programs now pre-empted by Channels 2, 4 and 11, as did its predecessor. "JUST WHICH programs these will be remains to be worked out," Belli told me. "But I'm sure we'll get approval to carry some of them." The local lineup will include movies, new and off-network syndicated, series, sports and even a 90 minute talk show. The latter is scheduled on Sunday nights, starting at 8:30. The voice, if not the face, of host Mike Silverstein will be familiar to former WJAS listeners. WPGH-TV will be operated by Pittsburgh Telecasting Inc., of which Crosby is presi By Bronze Goddess of Fire 'Sanford and Son' Aunt Esther-lzed HOLLYWOOD - The Bronze Goddess of Fire, who used to light cigarets with her fingertips in a night club act, has found her niche as religious Aunt Esther on NBC's "Sanford and Son." With a touch of gray in her wig and fake wrinkles on the ' face, LaWanda Page becomes a Bible-quoting, nosy sister-in-law to Redd Foxx's Fred Sanford on Friday nights Fred's only real nemesis on the show since son Lamont stopped carping so much at Dad. LaWanda's Aunt Esther Isn't afraid of heathen Fred. She browbeats him at every turn in the tradition of Godfearing sisters who have seen the light and seek to quench the devil in a fun-loving man. Full of righteous lip, Aunt Es-ther managed to foul up Fred's wedding to Donna, and stood by Fred's bedside recently, surrounded by church : singers, to pray for the old MARMADUKE "Oh, no I don't not In the 14 Start dent and Henry Posner Jr., the majority stockholder. It will be good to have it back on the air. MORE BRIEFLY: A new program, "Insight ... the Arts in Pittsburgh," will make its debut on WWSW this Sunday from 9:30 to 10 p. m. The Hostess will be Paula Bern, formerly of WQED-TVs "Life Style." The show will cover a broad spectrum of the arts, from movies to folk art and crafts, with knowledgeable guests joining in the discussion. Channel ll's news and public affair show, "In Conflict," will move into the 11:30 a. m. Sunday time slot, starting immediately. The program, alternately moderated by WIIC-TV newscasters, was formerly telecast Sundays at noon. The 1974 opener will have Bob James in t h e anchor seat, with guests Dr. Edward Blakeley of Pitt; Shelton King, Duquesne Univ.; Leon Howard of the NAACP; and Dr. Anthony Dent, professor at Carnegie-Mellon. They will discuss "Minority Employment and Promotion Within Our Universities." k THANKS TO a grant from Giant Eagle Markets, Channel 13 will present 6 hours of children's programming on Saturdays, starting this week and continuing for 39 weeks. The schedule consists of "Sesame Street," "The Elec-tric Company," "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" and "ZOOM." It begins with "Mister Rogers" at 8:30 a. m. "Sesame Street" will be telecast at 9 a. m.; "Electric Company" at 10; Rogers again at 10:30; followed by "Sesame" at 11. "Electric" is back at noon, with "ZOOM" at 12:30.' Another "Sesame" comes' along tit 1 p. m. "Electric" pops up again at 2 o'clock and at 2:30 "Hodgepodge Lodge" winds up the youngsters' day. No two programs are the same, so it would appear that you can park the little darlings before the set at 8:30 and, hopefully after slipping them a bit of lunch, feel secure in the knowledge that they will be in good hands until 3 p. m. ASIDE TO V. F. Sorry, Channel 4 will not carry the ABC network repeat of the critically accaimed 'The Glass Menagerie," starring Katharine Hepburn, set for Sunday, Jan. 20, from 1 to 3 p. m. The Rege Cordic vintage films air at this time. Happy New Year, anyway. rascal who thought he was dying. Esther may be a pain in the neck, but she can be useful in emergencies, like the time Fred and Lamont went to jail for a dirty movie production, and needed bail money. Needed is the word for Aunt Esther on the show, an added touch for flavor and plot construction. Esther turns out to be a key ingredient in one of the funni-est shows of the season, "Mama's Baby, Papa's Maybe," scheduled this Friday. Story editor Ilunga Adell is .in top form over the question of whether Fred Sanford is really Lamont's dad. Big Money Grip arrives from St. Louis with the news he is Lamont's real father, and then gets down to the time, the date and the place in front of stunned Fred end an indig-nant Aunt Esther. Adell's explanation should tickle all but the narrow-minded.. mitty - p of this crucial game." Complete Television 13) KDKA (CBS) Pittsburgh lg) WTAE (ABC)-Pittsburgh WIIC (NBC)-Pittsburgh WQED (PBS)-Pittsburgh fS) WJAC (NBC-ABC) Johnstown Q) WTRF (NBC-ABC) Wheeling I WSTV (ABC-CBS) Steubenville WTAJ (CBS) Altoona Black and whit 5:55 Farm Report I Quest ! Blue Ridge Quartet 6:15 1 Farm, Home, Garden 6:30 A. M. 15) Me and You and Us j Radius I World Tomorrow l International Zone 6:50 (D News .7 A. M. ' 12) News I Ladybug's Garden . 1(H) ( (Z) Today : 7:30 A. M. 13) I News Munsters i(!D Today (Cont.) 8 A. M. 13) I 153) Captain Kangaroo I AM Pittsburgh Channel 4 meteoroloolst Jat DeNorde, brlnai his model trolns to the ihow. Also, a orevlew of 1974 by tht hlah school generation. Today (Cont.) 8:30 A. M. CS I 15 Captain Kangaroo (Cont.) (D AM Pittsburgh (Cont.) CD Today (Cont.) 9 A. M. 13) I Dream of Jeannie AM Pittsburgh (Cont.) Captain Jim (6) Romper Room 1(7) Phil Donahue I New Zoo Revue Sesame Street 9:30 A.' M. Q) Match Game '73 Bonanza Captain Jim (Cont.) Romper Room Phil Donahue (Cont.) Tel-All Qg) Sesame St. (Cont.) 10 A. M. 2) I 15 Rose Parade Review Bonanza (Cont.) GD Jr- Orange Bowl Parade . (See TV Key) 10:30 A. M. (2) 15 Cotton Bowl Festival Parade (See TV Key) iitiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiim Highlights On Radio 10:00 a.m. (WDUQ - 90.5) Morning Special. "Hitler and His Rise to Power." 12 Noon (WQED - 89.3) From Twelve to Two. Purcell's "The Fairy Queen" starring Peter Pears, Mary Wells and James Boman. 12:30 p.m. (WPIT FM -101.5) Special. "Could 1974 Already Have Happened?" 5:00 p. m. (WQED - 89.3) Special. "The Chocolate Soldier." starring Rise Stevens, and Robert Merrill. 8:00 p. m. (WDUQ - 90.5) Concert Hall. Suppe's "Morning, Noon and Night in Vienna"; Werner's "The Curious Musical Instrument Calendar"; Berlioz' "Te Deum." Broadcasts in Stereo. iiiimiimmiiiiimiiiiiimiiiimi Legal Notices ESTATE NOTICES Letters hove been fronted on th ejtote of eoch the followlno decedents to the personal representative named who reauestt all persons having claims against the estate of the decedent to make known fno. same In writing to him or Ms ot-tcrnev, and ail persons Indebted 1h decedent to moke povment te him without delay: MOSER, Use. deceased, of Pgh., Po. No. 5143 of 1973. Arthur Moser, Extr., 6545 Beacon St., Poh., Pa. 15217, or to Lawrence W. Kaplan; Kaufmann t, Harris, Attvs., 415 Oliver Bldq., Pah., Pa. 15222. DETRICK, John W., deceased, of Pgh., Pa. No. 5089 of 1973. Bernlco M. Keib and Sue McCracken, Extr., 4448 Sherwood Dr., Pgh.. Po., or to Richard C. Witt, Atty., 1010 Grant Bldq,, Poh,, Pa. 15219. BISHOP, Harry L ALSO KNOWN AS Harry L. BISliop Sr., deceased, of Poh., Pa. No. 5140 of 1973. Horry L. Bishop Jr., Extr., I Chapel OoK Rd., Fox Chanel, Pa., or to Andrew L. Weil; Eoler, McGregor . Rein-itodtler, Attvs., 2100 LawytM Blew,, Pah., Pa. 15219, COLEMAN, Charles L., deceased, of Pah., Pa. No. 5164 of 1973. Florence A. Coleman, Admx., 521 Industry St., Pgh., Pa. 15210, or to Arnold M. Friedman, Edword B. Friedman, Attvs., 921 Frlck Bldg., Pqh Pa. 15219. . REPKO. John G., deceased, of Pah., Pa. No. 1491 of 1965. John M. Reoko, Adm., DBN., 41 Keswick Ave., Pgh., Pa. or to August A. Barrante; Barronle, Jarrantt It Schomoker, Attys., 100 lawyer! Bldq.. Pgh., Po. 15219. ITER8UTCEL, Anna C, deceased, of Pgh., Pa. No. 5343 of 1973. Bill Beck (William R. Beck) and Michael J. Sterbutcel, Extrs., 31) Mary St., Pgh., Pa. 15W or to William M. Acker, Atty., 304 Ross St., Pgh., Pa. 15219. SHIELDS, June aka Juno E. Shields, deceased, of North Versailles, Pa. No. 5319 of 1973. Elinor Monardo. Admx., 100 Sandra Ct., North Versailles, Pa, 15137 or to Linn V. Phillips Jr.; Lltman, Ltt-mon, Harris & Specter, Attvs., 1320 Grant B ldg Pgh., Pa. 15219. MOLYNEAUX, William H., deceased, of Verona, Po. No. 532J of 1973. Pittsburgh National Bank, Adm., 5th Ave. J. Wood St., Pqh., Po. 15222, or to Ivan E. Blrslc, Cflulev, Blrslc & Conflentl, Attvs., UU Manor Bldq,, Pgh., Pa. 15219. ELLIOTT, William A also known at William Adami Elliott, deceased, ot Plttsburqh, Pennsylvania. No. 45(9 of 1973. Clyde A. ArmstronB and Mellon Bank, N. A. Co-Extrs., Mellon Square, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15230 or to James S. Crawford, III, Esaulrt, Thorp, Reed Armstrong, Attvs., 2900 Grant. Bldq., Plttl-hurgh, Po. 15219. MrBRlDE, Bertllle J., deceased, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. No. JI740 of 1973, Mary Louise McBrlde, Marv Louise Conrov and Mellon Bank, N. A. Co-Extrs., Mellon Square, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15230 or to Truxall Herald Attvs., 17 Frlck Bldg., Pittsburgh, Penna. 15219. TO PLACE YOUR WANT AD BY PHONE )IAL 263-1201 (D Bonanza (Cont.) 12) Orange Bowl Parade (Cont.) 10:45 13) Rose Parade Preview 11 A. M. GD I I Cotton Bowl Parade (Cont.) ) It's Your Bet QD ICZ) Rose Parade Preview 11:30 A. M. 13) IE) ffl U3D Tournament of Roses Parade (See TV Key) ) Brady Bunch (g) Mister Rogers NOON QD MD CD CS) Rose - Parade (Cont.) (3) Password Sesam Street 12:30 P. M. CD in) Z) Rose Parade (Cont.) (3) Split Second Sesame St. (Cont.) 1 P. M. 5) KB) CD l Rose Parade (Cont.) (5) To Tell the Truth Electric Company 1:30 P. M. ' CD (3D CD I IIHD Rose Parade (Cont.) (5) Let's Make A Deal g) Festival of the Dance 1:45 (ED CD Rose Bowl Preview 2 P. M. CD I I Cotton Bowl Nebraska vs. Texas (g) Newlywed Game CD Days of Our Lives Festival of Dance (Cont.) 2:30 P. M. CD I IS Cotton Bowl (Cont.) I Girl in My Life (ED CD Doctors Alexis Weissenberg 3 P. M. CD I .Cotton Bowl (Cont.) I General Hospital (ED 12) Another World itiiiiiiitiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiitiim Radio Stations WWVA 1170 WBVP 1230 WTAE 1250 WKST 1280 WKTQ 1320 WCV1 1340 WIXZ 1360 WACB 1380 KQV 1410 WJPA 1450 WARO WMBS WHJB WISH WPIT WPIG WEDO WAMO WAVL WESA WWSW 540 590 620 680 730 790 810 860 910 940 970 WMBA 1460 WFAR 1470 WTRA 1480 WOH1 1490 WPSL 1510 WLOA 1550 WQTW 1570 WZUM 1590 KDKA 1020 WBUT 1050 WEEP 1080 WKEG 1110 WASP 1130 WBZY 1140 WKPA 1150 FM Stations mc. WQED 89.3 WSHH 99.7 WDUQ 90.5 WOMP 100.5 WFEM 92.1 WNUF 100.7 KDKA 92.9 WPIT 101.5 WKOI 93.7 WDVE 102.5 WPEZ 94.5 WQMU 103.1 WJPA 95.3 WSTV 103.5 WJAC 95.5 WLSW 103.9 WTAE 96.1 WRTS 104.3 WLOA 96.9 WYDD 104.7 WBUT 97.7 WAMO 105.9 WFBG 98.1 WBVP 106.7 WESA 98.3 WOKU 107.1 WWVA 98.7 WTRF 107.5 WIYQ 99.1 WEEP 107.9 WPQR 99.3 Stereo. Stereo 24 hours. amiiiiiiiiiiiiiiJiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiii WHEN ANSWERING ADS WITH P-Q BOX NO'S. ADDRESS ALL BOX REPLIES TO PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE P.Q BOX NO S4 BLVD. OF ALLIES PITTSBURGH, PA. 15230 i if IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIII1IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII1IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII TV KEY PREVIEWS Today's top shows as previewed by reporters in Hollywood, New York and Pittsburgh. 10:00 a. m. CD Junior Orange Bowl Parade. Live from Coral Gables, Florida. Randolph Mantooth and Kevin Tighe from NBC's "Emergency" series co-host this children's parade centering on the theme "Heroes of a Child's World." 10:30 a. m. GD ICS) Cotton Bowl Festival Parade. William Conrad and Lee Meriwether handle the commentators' roles in this live broadcast of the festive Cotton Bowl Parade. 11:30 a. m. CD l CD I I Tournament of Roses Parade NBC and CBS offer spontaneous coverage of the glorious .New Year's Day, Parade, live from Pasadena, Calif. Heading up the NBC coverage will be John Davidson, Ed McMahon and Rebecca Ann King, Miss America of 1974; while CBS will sport the familiar faces of Bob Barker and June Lockhart for the Fifth consecutive year. ' 8:00 p. m. CD Maude. Uneven but chuckling episode featuring an outbreak of quarreling between lovebirds Arthur and Vivian. When the outspoken Findlays take sides, with Walter aligning himself with Vivian and Maude with Arthur, -the air is charged with wisecracking but as the Findlays move stage center, the pace drags a bit. - 8:00 p. m. War and Peace, No. 7. The terrible emotional drama of war is physically present, in the scene of the dead on the battlefield; in Pierre's personal anguish and his decision to assassinate Napoleon; Natasha's desire to help care for the wounded soldiers; and Napoleon's shock on entering Moscow. 1:30 a. m. Wide World of Entertainment "ABC News-At Ease". With Howard K. Smith and Harry Reasoner acting as co-anchorman, ABC offers an informal review of the major news events that have made' these past few months a time of crisis. Participating newsmen from assignments around the world offer reactions from their vantage points, backed up by appropriately illustrative film clips. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Hodgepodge Lodge 3:30 P. M. CD 133) Cotton Bowl (Cont.) Flintstones i(TD Big Valley Mister Rogers GD Return to Peyton Place llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Movies On TV 8:30 p. m. ) "Short Walk to Daylight." (1972) Drama of eight people trapped in a New York City subway tunnel after an earthquake. James Brolin, Don Mitchell. 11:30 p.m. "The Next Voice You Hear." (1950) Drama of a strange visitation and its effect upon a handful of people. James Whitmore, Nancy Davis. 11:30 p.m. "Big Parade of Comedy." (1964) Compilation of memorable comedy events made before 1947. Clark Gable, Jean Harlow. Black and white. r KM IHtt JONITHM UVINQST0N IE10UU, Munc Iron ht film plul lher Neil On. mond $oni By Andy Willnmi. Pflfey f nlh, Johnny Mitnn ft The Johnny Minn Sm. in KH JOim JOHNNY MATHIt KH 100M TMM WrKfTTI KH SOU! ANDY WILLIAMS KHJHU4 THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAMBly Conilf KH 30 HI THE WALLS OF A PRISONJohnny Cllh KH 1031) El PASOMirly Robbini . . . KH 30317 0C. SMITH ' liitiiMinin it mtiiii'i I'iiicf mm FRANK SINATRA GREATEST HITS THE EARLY YEARS Fh. MfluM. M. I H... Bui On. Hwl KH H! II THE GREATEST HITtFnn lixifrl . KH 10311 IF HE WALKED INTO MY LIFEEydil Oormi KHlOJti I0RN FDEEJirry Vili KH 10371 TO EACH HIS OWN Booby Vinln KH 10111 S0MEB00 Y TO LOVE0'lcl Slick KH 1014 BATTLE OF NEW ORLEANSJobnny Horlon KH liili ANNIE GET Y0UA QUN.Doiii Oiy mi obtdGoulil KH 10311 SOMEWHERE MY LOVEJim Niborl KH 10110 I BELIEVE KH10S0T RAINDROP KEEF FALLIN' ON MY HEADRoberlGoolel KH Hill LOVE STORY Pilif Nm KH lltOI ARETHA FRANKLIN I GREATEST HITS' l)(0 IHi KH 107 A SUMMER PHOtftie 1 ' end Hit Orchtllrl KH 10111 COUNTRY LOVE KH toril FROM THE HEARTMirly Robbini wvmsv i iiiiijAiiqiri im : ; R(M)f w,i KH Itfil FIDDLER ON THE ROOFHinthil Birmrdi ' KH lllll THE VERY THOUGHT OF Y0UTnr Binmll KH 10111 MOREJlffy Vill KH 11110 A WOMAN LIVES FOR LOVEAyM Andorion KH 10111 DORIS GAY'S GREATEST HITS - KH 10114 ITS JUST I MATTER Of TIMETimmy Wyntllo KH 1HII UN0ERSTAN0 YOUR MANJohnnr Cub KH 10017 TENDERLY Johnny Milhil KH lllll THE NEW CRISTY MINSTRELS' GREATEST HITS KH UHt RELEASE MERiy Frill KH lllll GOOD THINGPltil Riillllnd Thi ' Riidiii KH 10111 RAINDROPS KEEP FALLING ON MY HEtOPmv Fmh KH lllll BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER! Retail Goulol Programs 4 P. M. . CD Cotton Bowl (Cont.) - l(D Lucy Show ICQ) Big Valley (Cont.) Sesame Street (CD Somerset 4:30 P. M. 13) Mike Douglas Mission: Impossible CD Rose Bowl Pre-Game Sesame St. (Cont.) Flintstones (T6) Gilligan's Island 4:45 iJT) (T) Rose Bowl Ohio State vs. ySC 5 p; m. (5p Mike Douglas (Cont.) I4) Mission (Cont.) in CD Rose Bowl (Cont.) 03) Zoom Star Trek Green Acres 5:30 P. SI. I That Girl (Advertisement) BORROW THE EASY WAY NO RED TAPE. No embarrassing invastl qation. MONEY in TWO MINUTES on DIAMOND, 9 1 UCKS, S1AMFS, tUINS WArtHtb, etc. B.D.L. ft P.A. 413 Smithdcld Street 566-1728 GBCG fill -f ) mSt-7 A HARMONY LnJ JmNctasiVtae lfKMW.AI MH1'T.yTl)mTiBJf Illrijpil"Tl'J'ij'".lVrtIn!!ii4MFBliid KH IIIOI MOREJii" Nibon KH Hill LORD 00NT LET ME FALlMihilii Jickion KH )IIH LOVE . . FROM AWORN Eifdil Hum KH lllli LONESOME LOVEFnifd.. Hirl KH 1IWI BROWN EYED HANDSOME MANCirl Pnkini KH 11104 LADY WILLPOWEROiry PuckeM t The Union Gil KH 31 III THE ENCHANTED SEIBill Jmlll KH lltii GIVE MY LOVE TO ROSEJohnny Cllh Wilh Jum Color KH JUST MARTY DOBBINS1 FAVORITES KH 31310 THEIOUIS ARMSTRONG SABA KH 11141 I M A FREE BORN MANthl Clinty Brolhef! A Tommy Milrnm KH J IU WELCOME TO MYWORLOHinion Cittill KH 11414 GREATEST HITS OF BROADWAY I HOLlVWOODAoditKoiKlinloi KH lllll BROADWAY J GREATEST HITS HoricheiBornirdi . KH 3 1500 LOVE THEME FROM GODFATHER Andfo Koiloiinlif KH 1ISJS FIVE 0UEENS OF THE COUNTRY WORLOTimmy Wynillo Arlom Hlrdin, Lynn Andllion, Blrblll Mindill, Simmi. Smilh CEORGF GERSHWIN WDUDI "I m (OMtiif th w.k HOviiiMf 'ir,n .uvthm iMf ,i.W, i i 'I it". i wri.u. Mt KH 1IS31 GEORGE GERSHWINPmy FnlR t HuOifhtllii KH 1IS3I GSORGE GERSHWIN, VOL 1Plicr Fulh i Hit Oflhitlrl KH IliiO HOW GREAT THOU ARTThi lllllil. Bfotnefi KH Hill FIVE KINGS OF COUNTRY MUSIC Johnny Bond, Jony Rood, Mirfy Robbini, Riy Pne I Dmd Homton KH1ISII JEROME KERNPiu Wlllon A Hti Oirheitn KH Hill RICHARO RODQERSAndri Koiltlmill I Hit Orchtllrl KH 31101 THE 'JOHNNY CASH S0N0B0- OK Johnny Clih KH 31103 JEROME KERN, VOL. 1Piul Wiilon I Hit Orchlllrl KH lllli TELL IT LIKE fT lTh Uli Sinrl KH 31111 EVERY NIGHT AT THE M0VIES-Plnf Fulh KH lllll THE MANY SIDES OF DIVIO HOUSTON KH 11114 FREDDY WELLE t COUNTRY C0UFCTI0N KH IllH HIT SONGS FROM LA MANCHA FIDDLERCABARET KH lllll GREATEST HITS OF CARL PERKINS j o 3 ) for Tuesday (S) Bowling For Dollars lit) CD Rose Bowl (Cont.) Electric Company Star Trek (Cont.) i I Dream of Jeannie 6 P. M. ICS Local News ' CD Rose Bowl (Cont.) Hodgepodge Lodge I News 6:30 P. M. ICS I I News-Cronkite (4) News SmithReasoner CD Rose Bowl (Cont.) Mister Rogers 7 P. M. ICS Local News What's My Line? . CD Rose Bowl (Cont.) Electric Company Truth or Consequences I Bonanza 7:30 P. M. ICS Wild, Wild World of Animals (3) Hollywood Squares i Rose Bowl (Cont.) Newsroom I Parent Game Bonanza 8 P. M.- ICS I I Maude (See TV Key) I Temperatures Rising "The Mothers." Noland's mother checks Into the hospital as Dr. Mercy's mother iu ituve. I I Orange Bowl Penn State vs. LSU War and Peace (See TV Key) 8:30 P. M. CD l I Hawaii Five-0 "The Banzai Pipeline. " The Banzai pipeline, one nf the world's most exciting and danaerous surflna beaches, forms the backdroD for a trio of Slav-Inas that McGarrett investigates. t Movie "Shortwalk to Daylight." (1972) I Orange Bowl -(Cont.) War and Peace (Cont.) 9 Pr M. CD I Hawaii Five-0 (Cont.) I Movie (Cont.) I Orange Bowl (Cont.) War and Peace (Cont.) . 9:30 P. M. I I Shaft "Con Killer," with ouest stars Dorren McGavin and George Maharis. Shalt 279 FROM INSTALLED TO YOUR PRESENT DUCTWORK Emergency Services mm to MOfl Johnny Mathis This Guy s In Love With You 9 ,f If 6 J KH litis THIS GUY ! IN LOVE WITH YOU Johnny Milhil KH HIS! MEL THUS KH JUS? SKITCH HENDERSON PLAYS IRVING BERLIN KH Smi TV S FAIR JULtEJulil Andfiwl KH 3M0t BOB LtJMoN KH 11011 SAMMY KAYE I ORCHESTRA J of nun Dnncy fvtilHi tut: him Ihttn'V UonnHiHI tn Voirnnnl'l ShmiM r' II .lll AHDiw Annn O On tM KH Mil TOMMY DORSEYI ORCHESTRA KH 170 FS LES BROWN A HIS BAND OF REKNOWN KH 31011 HARRY JAMES A ORCHESTRA KH 11010 WOODY HERMAN A ORCHESTRA KH 11011 ARTIE SHAW A ORCHESTRA KH 110S1 THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF LES ft LARRY ELGART KH 11110 BILLIES BLUES KH Mil SWEFT HOUR OF PRAYERAmli (..ml KH IZOOi ROMANTIC PIANO FOR SENTIMENTAL LOVERSVlnoui KH 11901 OVERTURES OF BROADWAY S BEST IOVE0 SHOWS KH lllfi GOODVIBESUonil Himpton AT EVERY NATIONAL RECORD MART OR ORDER BY MAIL ! -1' NATIONAL RECORD MART Dept. M 1 P.O. BOX 2970, Pgh., Pa. 15230 I I Please Send Me the Following Records ORDER BY NUMBER j j NAME I I ADDRESS j l CITY ZIP ' J . Add 6 Stale Tax Per Record ond 25c ' I Postage and Handling Per Order I I 0 Aaiounf $ I Check or Money Order BANKAMERICARD - :l I DMASTERCHARGE ' I r -4 gets involved with uolice rorruotion oh a scale that includes the frame-urj of a black officer, plus theft and bribery. i Movie (Cont.) :: I Orange Bawl ' (Cont.) Alexis Weissenberg Odd Couple 10 P. M. V I I Shaft (Cont.) l I Marcus Welby, M.DC- "The Comeback."' A woman orthooeaV surgeon returns to the hospital as a therapist after a two-vear bout with alcoholism and wants to be reinstated as a surgeon. , ( I Orange Bowl ' ' (Cont.) . , Newsroom 10:30 P. M. I Shaft (Cont.) ;' ! Marcus Welby (Coni) Black Horizons "Ain't It t h e Gospel Truth?" Blade Horizons features several of hte youne gosoel groups in Pittsburgh. Rene. Moore. Miss Black Allegheny Countv sets the pace with a stirring rendition of "Precious Lvord." (Other guests include Gloria Briskee, the Northside Youth Ensemble, the Youth and Young Adult Choral Union, directed by Alter Howord, and the Gospel Chords. ; ll p. m. I I Local News :; Our Street I News : : 11:30 P. M. i Movie "The Next Voice You Hear." (1950) Movie "Big Parade of Comedy." (1964) : ' i Tonight : Guests: Rebecca Ann kino America of 1974), Lola Falana, Ronnie Graham. (MUs ana 1:00 Tomorrow A look into 1971: What Is ahead (ft employment, money, energy, food, ett.; discussed by experts from each area, 1:30 1 World of Entertainment " (See TV Key) Buy A Pair Get a Spare NOW ... and ONLY at COLL'S . . . with every Dair of IGlasses you will receive an EXTRA PAIR of Lenses at no extra cost We will fit them into your old frame at no cost. EYES EXAMINED Oculists Prescriptions Filled Budget Terms Frames Repaired or ReDoMri While U-Wait Dolly 9 to 5; Mon. 9tn? 204 Fifth, (2nd Fl.) Cor. Market St. 281-5831 Mil ri.A.iinir-ii DnMy, iV.x V Nwinnin .V V v W" rsttiinArsHThinkin .A UpiAndUOWtil v J i ft KH lllii I DO MY SWINGIM AT HOME Chnlii Rich KH S1I10 STRIKE UP THE BANDKlllllilI KH 1!U1 TONY'Tnny B.nill KH 31111 CARMEN McRAE SINGS IILIIE HOLIDAY KH lllll OUELINGBANJOSBinioRitont AH 11141 KILLING Ml SOFTLY WITH HIS SONG Zim Zemrnl KH HZl! BEST OF THE BIG NDSIi.i.i Cutll KH lllli STREETS OF LAREOOMiily Robbini KH 11117 010 TIME RELIGIONOmd Houilon KH 311IS AN EVENING WITH EARL WRIGHT-SON A LOIS HUNT KH lllii DO YOU LOVE ME TONIGHTSlillor . Broihm KH 3I3II BAL LAOS OF THE AMERICAN INDIAN Johnny Cnh KH 31411 RAGTIME FAVORITES OF SCOTT JOPLINMirMonlhi Willy Ron KH 11V0 I START THINKING ABOUT YOUJohn. nv Clrver KH 3141! THOSE LEGENDARY LEADING LADIES OF STAGE SCREEN I RADIO. VOL. I RADIO VOL I KH lllll THOSE LEGENDARY LEADING LADIES OF STAGE. SCREEN 4 RAO 10, VOL II KH 31411 THOSE LEGENDARY LEADING LADIES OF STAGE, SCREEN 1 RADIO. VOL. II OF STAGE. SCREEN I RADIO. VOL H' ' KH 31411 THE DONCINGEST POLKAS 0U' AROUNDFnnkn Ymtoiio KH JUJ stnuinu mi unulynn mioiiion KH lllii VOUAREMYWORLOF'.iMioHiiI KH JH'f YOU RE GONNA NEED A MtNJohnnf Duitcin KH lllll WHAT A WONDERFUL WOALOJirty Vill B"y A Pair i-Jr""! Get a Spar

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