Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on May 29, 1967 · Page 12
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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, May 29, 1967
Page 12
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-12 PITTSBURGH POST-CAZETTE: MONDAY, MAY 29, 1967- At Random- 'Copier to the Rescue By Harold V. lp fJLZFE? NEW DOWNSTAIRS ROOM f" ImMTRsSIl JJ MONDAY & Dll I V CURDIP and CO., I POMfiRCCC Dnfitrf 111 ll A A 3 , P'U U M II Cohe n TJic Monday Wash James Cagney paid a visit to Hollywood last week and told everybody it isn't so that he's planning a return to the screen. "I'm all through with that," the 63-year-old actor insisted. . . . Larry Peerce, Jan Peerce's son, who made "One Potato, Two Potato," is directing "The Accident" on location in New York. Gary Merrill, Jan Sterling, Thelma Ritter and can see the handwriting on the Beau Bridges, Lloyd Bridges' wall," says Dave Crantz, 1 lad, head the cast . . . Pamela "learn a lot of dirty words" Austin, the "Dodge Rebellion" ... Pat Boone has $600,000 girl, and her husband, Guy Mc- worth of concert, supper club Elwaine, are trying it apart and State Fair bookings, plus . . . John Ericson will be an August tour of the Orient, Princess Lee Radzwill's leading lined up the next few months, man when Jackie Kennedy's sister stars in "The Philadel- Taking a cue from the hot phia Mory" at tnicago s ivan- misiness of "A Man For AH hoe Theater. John Drew Barrymorc, 34, the son of Dolores Coslello and the late John Barrymore, was found guilty of possession of narcotics on the coast and will be sentenced June 13 . . . Jacqueline Pearce, a recent graduate of London's Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, has landed the big role opposite Jerry Lewis in "Don't Raise the Bridge, Lower the River," which goes before the cameras in England any day now . . . Faye Dunaway's the girl most likely to play "Marilyn Monroe" in Arthur Miller's "After the Fall." Pittsburgh's Abby Mann is bringing it to the screen for Paramount ... The Kingston Trio kissed off the act for good last night at Mclodyland in Hollywood. The boys are going their separate ways. Jill for Julie Seasons," Paramount's going to reissue the Richard Burton-Peter O'Toole "Beck-et" in the fall. The pictures have related themes personal honor vs. public duty . . . Milton Berle's doing a guest shot in "The Big Valley," his first western role since one with Bronco Billy Anderson in 1318 when "I was eight years old." A lot of people forget that Uncle Miltie was a child actor and a prettv good one, too . . . Peter Duryea, the Dan Duryeas' son, and Kristin Margret will tie the knot on Saturday. Young Duryea toured with Betty Field and Dennis O'Keefe in the Pulitzer Prize drama, "The Subject Was Roses," and played it here at the Carnegie Music Hall for one night a couple of years ago. Irony of It Roy Disney was one of the guests at a Universal luncheon honoring Woody Woodpecker's Jill nawonn, oi Diuauna, creator, Walter Lantz. and "Cabaret," is practically set here.s an jronjc twjst. Jn m for the original Julie Andrews Roy-s hrothcr the ale Wat' role when "The Boy Friend Disney, had an idea to animate gets packed in celluloid . .. a mouse and Universal thought Steve Oliver's "Peyton Place he was crazy SQ WflU jt gnd status, and oodles and oodles of Lantz replaced him. Nor-fan mail, doesn't faze him a bit man Jewisorl) the direcor of lie s sun iving in ..The Russians Are Coming Th wppk furnished room near the . .. Are via Coming," hypnosis quit T?llCciDnc studio . . . Leif Enckson has to tg una a new sianu-.. w. n.a R d R .- . High Chaparral' series Bill h Fine Arts Erickson, his son who had been . v .t doing the job, up and joined the p-,. . Army . . . Asiae nom un cuing "Tom Swift" for 20th Century- Fox, Gene Kelly will also stage the dances and even play a cameo role . . . Lionel ("Oliver!") Bart is turning Fedcrico Fellini's 1956 film hit, "La Strada," which starred Anthony Quinn, Richard Basehart and Guiletta Masina (Mrs. Fellini), into a Broadway musical. Maurice Chevalier's agents have been instructed to book him for 80 "farewell appearances" next year; that's when he'll hit 80 himself . . . Paul Kurtz, the sports writer, is vacationing in Honolulu at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, which is managed by Jerry McKcnna, a Pittsburghcr . . . "Valley of the Dolls" goes into paperback in July and there's already an advance printing of 2.5 million copies . . . Diana Ross, of The Su-premes, is being seriously looked at for one of the two leads in the screen version of "The Owl and the Pussycat." Carol and Don Carol Bruce is joining Don Ameche in the Broadway musical ("Henry, Sweet Henry") based on the Peter Sellers movie, "The World of Henry Orient." . . . Maureen Stapleton is up for the starring (Oregon) ... Her new 20th Century-Fox contract gives Sue (Lolita) Lyon a minimum of $100,000 per picture . . . Before Lynda Bird reported at Warner Brothers to make a television pitch for Easter Seals, Secret Service the set's environs from stem to stern, including even the nearby rest room. "Sherry," the musical based on "The Man Who Came To Dinner," closed in New York on Satnrday night after just 72 performances, a nearly $500,000 failure . . . And "The Impossible Years," which had Sam Levene in the role Alan King originated, folded, too, but it was a big hit ran almost a year and a half . . . Andrew Sinclair is dramatizing "Adventures in the Skin Trade," Dylan Thomas' novella about his early London experiences . . . Jon Jory, Victor Jory's son, has resigned as artistic director of the Long Wharf Theater in New Haven, Conn., and Arvin Brown is replacing him. . . "Ulysses" has been doing practically nothing at the Shadysidc and comes out tomorrow night after two lean weeks. Pacing GinjroM V ?ti m TUESDAY ""'I llnMt VUl. UUIIUIIUOO 5 vNNiiA1 I " ' 1 J ' ' ' ' - ' ;V' - EOPOC OPEN 4 P.M. t, 2 A.M. OnCC RESV. 281-2131 ZiDOU 1 Jf '"V"" " ! tickets 'kJ i I fr, 1 3 ip?li r 1 . . .1 -1 imht voir vw22fiJt . ... - performances i i L f - jTSffitfim&sSBk N EHMEESfflio D'1 25e Indoor Parting Wetkdays After 5 1 ', 1. L P. M. Indoor Theatn Entrance From rV J NOW! PHONE THEATER DIRECT FOR SHOWTIME X ' Grge RED Level. Mlltniiiinnmiillllll IV '. . : 1 MAT,NH.MTufs"'ot 2 3o Wlotk&TTl MATINEES AT ALL THEATRES TOMORROW N f if" :: Gro"1 al" ,n,orma,lon Mr. Bryson 261-1001 Pq 1C01 SM 'ISifc.i , ' mimi at 8:30 P. II I lijll JW3 7 tCmW SPECIAL memorial day matinee . 1 THE SHAGGY DOG also I 1 ONE MILLION YEARS B.C. I Jr2:V ' xf fT SPf dnwrsai prtjtnti i Absent Minded Professor i i oiso Com sPy Wiii m 1 iff i f JULIE ANDREWS ..miuic vh vm iiw"t3A, u . j a 1 1 y . B, W "IV MARY TyLER MOORE f34w O i ?mr TDA 1 -C.?'.r' Ju!l Andrew' I 2 Color HU Raguel Welch . I Q W in ROSS HUNTER'S production of , ' S00N0 OF ITOCi I ONE MILLION YEARS B.C. j H Oar'' . KofetlE kmMiJ, M DFATDITF I II I IF TECHNICOLOR fn ''hmWW MlTWyfJ171 J : Mlt4 r? "l'tIl'lMtiriNU.,.,-),ib,NO.IMIv,N "k'" I": , r..,t v. n, .... W M UOOrJ upcn D MM V. M. irMiTiw..,fc.,CHoooii .. 'ir.1 " ' J:.. D sl"v Hl,s! WW 2 Mm H,,S-' R0el Welch 11 1 uoki ot Mm r, , wi MUKtu . w i. fi SHSGGY DOG also p W OHE MILLION YEARS B.C. 1 ' OPEN DAILY 10 AM TO 9 PM SUN. I PM TO 9 PM 1 EJilliSSKBBI '"iHICT) LJ Also Gimbels & Horne'l B .J S Fffilltt tNWjmWp'1 " All Notional Record Marts NIKON TEIEISES Oo7s Open 5:00 P. M. g Ooot Open l'ooP"T NirV For Special Group and Theatre I I 2 Great Walt Disney Hits! I I 2 Color Hit,.' Rarjoel Welch I ?M Porty Information. Call R 5 L,berty Ave- 281-6773 I THE SHAGGY DOG also I ONE MILLION YEARS B.C. I X v ' Mr. Roberh ot 2B1-9222 BUY YOUR TICKETS NOWI I I Absent Minded Professor 1 I QUILLER MEMORANDUM Ckm3M I inQV BLl I It liflif'l ll I3l9 THEATRE! h 2 Jjlor Hits! Elvis Pr,sseV I i 2 Color Hits! Raooel Welch , PfeSs3 I V w inJuLlJliiiXrT- f - VMRNiNG SH0T i 0"ILLER MEMORANDUM J SJXtf r. ' RET!iS7!M ' UWri Tonight 8:30 P.H.-Tomorrow 2:00 & 8:30 P.M. I tj ''faw- QEST Plilll'8' IF TIE -W- WIIL fliOMBREl if?f " SPECIAL" YOUTnT WN t'crHWBW!; cc& Saturday, june 3 :; "w. "iCi rii k I B B. fi'ims-iir3Er.gsjg : j$$ call mr. bryant SwV T I rCT 2 j B f 682-2334 For Intormation:; I TONITE AT 8:30 LAST I I DAYS! 1 C "'t 120. h-r KIK.y W I COLUMBIA PICTURES mJ) ZINNELNNS rfiot IT XJL JL-r JAjLJu Tf J?'J j ji k wnd;-x p, m, nonaay mai, Tomorrow (Memorial uay) M tirt'T! - - - ; A lil jl H " H From Iif $ JULIE ANDREWS Rlnvcn CTC j I 4maxvonsydow "WW.? RICHARD HARRIS - : 0R BV MAIL j - ,Vi . rf''Vv EXTRA' . T A71.4909 L JN ' HOLIDAY Li A breathtaking rescue occurs when Richard Harris sweeps Doris Day up from a Swiss ski run in this scene from "Caprice," which opens tomorrow at the Stanley. The thrill film stars Ray Walston, Jack Kruschen and Edward Mulhare. NFOR Theater Clock On the Stage ASONS BEVERLY HILLS PLAYHOUSE - Bcib-cock Blvd. "June Moon." Tonioht at 30. BUHL PLANETARIUM - "Weolherwise" ol ;:15 i,,icJ 8: i j. Attfnborouoh In "The Sand Pebbles." T. ni"hi at 8. NIXON - Julie Andrews and Carol Chan-nine In "ThorouBhly Modern Millie." loniahl at 8:JJ. 5HADYSIDE James Joyce's "Ulvsses." lonianl at 8:30. ,.l I I MOUNTAIN PI 4YHOIKC Inn.nlnw LIICLKCU p "Rnrolnnl In (h. Onrl. ' 7.U SOUIRRFI Mil I 1-1 '""Jn 1 Iprminno Cranf ic linmrr spot in Neil Simon's collection paRcd t0 stgr jn .. Kij of one-act plays Plaza Suite, Sis(or Geotw. on (our ne;t which Mike wicnois win airec seas0I)i jn the roe that Be j next season . . . Overheard at Rcid created. she won a Tony The Interlude: "My wife bought Award for her pcrforrnance a pool table. She doesn t play- . , , Anouk Aimce will be just wants six more pockets to returning to Hollywood in 1908 go through." . . . 3,000 Harvard to team up with Omar Sharif in Po (it 8:45. NEW CASINO-Burlesaue Shows at 2:30, 8 and 10:30. Also movies. At the Movies ART CINEMA-"Assault" at 11, ?, 4:50, 7:35 and 10:15. "Hot Pleasures" at 12:40, 3:25, 6:15 and 9. CHATHAM CINFMA - Fti7nh-rh Tnv'or and Richard Burton In "The Tomino rf the Shrew." lonight at 8:30. DENIS ENCORE-Elizobeth Hartman In "lou're a big Boy Now,' al o.li, 8:i5 nnd 10:15. FORUM-Elizabeth Hortman In "You're o g boy now,'1 ai i.15, 8:11 and FULTON-Peter Sellers and Ursula An- i rcss in "Casiin Roval'?" today only a( 12:20, 2:50, 5:25, 8, and 10:30; and t?m-rrow through Thursday.. CATEWAY-CIInt Eastwood In "For a Hew Liollars More ' ui todoy only ut 12:20, 2:50, 5:25, 8, 10:30; and to-morrow through Thursday at .2:20, ?:55. 5:75, 8 and 10:10. GUILD-Essy Persson In "I, a Woman" nt 6:25, 8: nnd 10:25. KING'S COURT-Paul Scofield, Wendy Hiller and Leo McKern in "A Man to' All Seasons.'' Trnnht at 8:30. MANOR - Steve McQueen and Richard' Max von Svdow at 8:30. "Hawaii." Today STANLEY Paul Newman and Fredrlc March In "Hombre" al 12:45, 3:05, 5:30, 7:50 and 10:10. WARNER - "The Bible." Today at 2 and Tonight at 8:30. LAST 2 DAYS Tonight at 8:30 Tom'w at 2:30 & 8:30 TWrwil 'FBPf nf B jpsf ;Twrtr ppfjrw iTTtnut Reserved Seats New at Box Office or by Mail Eve. S5.50 MaH. S4.00 SHADYSIDE WALNUT ST. MU. 2-1901 ii A r- JULIE ANDREWS MAX VON SYDOW RICHARD HARRIS . ' . I l'V . MATINEE a PANAVISI0N COLOR 8Y DeLUXE RELSAStD THRU UKITIO ARTISTS '4 fcrtb, UOBEirr BOLT- KTBUr fg Kings Court FORBES AVE., OAKLAND 682-2334 RESERVED SEATS NOW AT BOX OFFICE OR By MAIL Box Office Open 1-9 P.M. Daily "One of the Years Ten OcstS" N Y. Daily fieivs I..A. Timet r TONITE AT 8 P. M. RESERVED SEATS AT BOX OFFICE OR BY MAIL BOX OFFICE OPEN DAILY & SUN. NOON TO 9 P, sweeps WD 'into a drama ofspeed and spectacle! AIHFAT RtiLRVID fsfVimM'riir students signed up to seminar with Peter Ustinov during his three-day Ford Foundation stay on the campus. Kathy Justice, the Pittsburgh actress and Carnegie Tech Drama School alumna, just checked in at Universal for a role in "Prescription: Murder," one of those World Premiere features the studio is turning out for television. She makes her screen debut in the upcoming Kirk Douglas-Robert Mitchum-Riehard Widmark "The Way West" . . . Zero Mostel has been forced to bow out of Gregory Teck's "Mackcnna's (iold" because a movie he'll be doing in New York for Mel Brooks, "The Producers." has the same shooting schedule . . . Minna Durlee, Fatly Arbuckle's widow, landed a bit in "The Odd Couple" at Paramount. She's been in pictures now for more than 53 years . . . Bob Orbcn says he's marketing fluoridated hair tonic lor actors with holes in their heads. JinIy,H Sugar Judy Garland will be getting $25,000 a week for her Music Tent appearances in the East this summer, but she'll have to pay dancer John Bubbles and comedian Rip Taylor out of that . . . Philadelphia, the late Mario Lanza's home town, will dedicate a park in his name come October . . . "People who "The Appointment," which Sidney Lumet will direct for M-G-M . . . Steve Allen has lined up an old side kick, Louis Nye, for all 10 of his summertime television hours in the Danny Kaye slot . . . "An egoist can't be all bad," opines Zane Knauss, "at least he doesn't go around talking about other people." ' , X : ' " iH ft5 ' f IN SUPER PANAVISION Wltrftt . JUNE 14 and IS WARNER MOM AW METROCOLOR THEATRE iSb iih Ave.. Pnh, Pa. 15221 riiT'MIIHIO FREE tWWrllfbl PARKING r-irjfrrr-s'i starts i t !l..-l rJS':'r ill "(Mi Centuty Fox EXTRAI HOLIDAY i w'ni-x r"..-a,4i nai i an c j 2 f l Ttoefri ;&sJtXri!dra:'kJ 4 vn(,.,v,.n. --j ' -f o - VTiDrno mil f it pj Academy Award Winner! "BEST PICTURE" JULIE ANDREWS "THE SOUND OF MUSIC" COLOR Tnihy i 1 I Tnmnrrim 1 :30-"5 S 8:30 D You'll Flip Over This Great DOUBLE DISNEY FUN! Welt Disney's Fred MacMurroy, Kecnan Wynn "THE ABSENT-MIKDED PrxOFESSOR" I iOTTifTnt4 starts ml ill ! .Hltf Elvis Presley, EAST COME, EASY GO" Color Dadie Marshall IASY CO" ri J. Stewart 'Greatest Jkow on Earth' "A FUMV THING HAPPENED ON THE WAV 1(1 THE E0RUM" i. Tolly Curtis nui WIIH MY WIFE YOU nr.NT" I.IMKm'P lUIGf PISIfLl WNSKI JOSfMPr.FR r.DC dlUSKia UIS SWuMll ind HIMI0 rJItU l DOWNTOWN JH I - 9511 J HOBBY KYDKIX The young Capitol recording singing star, and impressionist, too, will open a two-week engagement tonight at the Holiday House. Willi Mr. Rydcll in the show arc the Day Brothers, comedians. The word is Caprice. The game is excitement. The suspense is incredible. , I 15 li f trr? Crrz AzZZh AN AARON ROSENBERG-MARTIN WELCHER PRODUCTION mmM$T- I l..-.-- - . ..'''" 1 "J " " vr.. ' vw. mm-mwwSwweZii: in J ' , iainnBBi ?i-rHILA LEE VAN CLEEF-6IAN MARIA VOLONIE SERGIO LEONE TECHKICOLOI m 51,. .7. rat i..fcvWIITUUTUTJ NOW SHOWING The sexual awakening of a young man at a most ungodly hour! - if w 4i nooucmns wn a run mimn nomicnon I . At ELIZABETH HARTMANIGERALDINE PAGE! PETER KASTNER RIPTOWMICHAEL DUNNTONY BILL! KAREN BLACK llll IP UAPPIQ f l0m Wmn ' fc"" M '"M fwf 'J comu mJUUL nHnniO SiCimMbJOKISiBASVM ,tM,THtCm SPOOIF'.'l ' At am KMk lC0lof l SF W . : V. 0 3rd Zany Week! nAV A OTrM I A 01 ini inni itm rm AAnn k hi h i unr O-starrhsrVAI VVML0IUN JMof MUOOMLN and lUVVMKU MULnMKtasSrtoFa-ftclrAfiOSE! . 3'd fARTiSI MOT-DirsclKl bv FRAIJK TASHLiN Screwy by JAY JAYSON aid FRANK lASlilN'CneTOSCCDO'Cclor h Mi STARTS T0M0RR0V WITH ALL-DAY PREVIEW SEE BOTH CAPRICE" and "HOMBRE" "Cnprict" et - :?0 . ro-05 'Hombit" ef 12.45 4.25 1:05 PANAVISION'TECHNICOtOR lY?ttkF?) , A COIUMBIA PICTURI SRLLLA5E . .rtlif OHIHD 5TH GREAT WEEK! yDOWNTOWN 381-4356 J i

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