The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 21, 1942 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 21, 1942
Page 8
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MRS. SARAH WISE, SEXTON, HONORED Sexton: Mrs. Sarah Wise celebrated her 75th birthday with a dinner given in her honor at the Herman Wise home on Sunday There were 35 guests present. The families were Mr. and Mrs. Mack Wise and sons, Mr and Mrs. Strother Wise and children of Mason City Mr. and' Mf«. Martin Minders and children, Iniogene Jensen, tfuile Noble of -firm, Mr. and Mri>. Henry Phillips and children of Algona» and Mr. arid Mrs. Arch fiurfcer of Burt, and Mrs. Drusilla Noble. A gift was presented to her by the children. Mrs. Harvey Steven and Mrs. B. E. Sanders attended an AAA meet- Ing at the Legion hall in Algona on Tuesday. Mrs. Mary. Miller spent Wednesday and Thursday visiting at the home of her son, Bernard Miller of Mason City. ~-"~ » *»—•»» •^ JUNIORS Announcement I wish to announce my caiidiclacy for the Democratic nomnation for sheriff, subject to the demoratic voters at the June 1st primary. Art J. Cogley Take every precaution to preserve the life of your Furs! Heat, Moths, Fire and Theft are dangers that lurk constantly in wait for furs stored at home. Store your furs in modern, scientifically constructed vaults that offer you full protection against all these hazards. Clean, circulating air, at a frigid temperature, "Climatizes" your furs, and preserves the precious natural oils that gives them their lovely lustre. REPAIRING AND REMODELING AT LOW RATES Phone 281 Chrischilles jn: Graduation* activities for the 1942 senior class began Friday night, when the annual junior-senior banquet was held at Arlo'S Grill in Algona. The program committee consisted of Rosemary Finnestad, Phyllis Gibbons and Eugene Schmidt. The program "Ship Ahoy" was as follows: Seniors, Faculty, Classmates, by Robert Berkeland; Hi! Juniors and Faculty, Melvin Berkeland; Ideals and Goals, LaVorine Newel;.Pleas ant Memories, Phyllis Gade; Art chors Aweigh, Supt. V. jr., Tatum How About You, the entire grou directed by Bernice Prew; On tl Bridge, Fern Carlson and Yester day. Harlan HoUOnrf. /The decoration committee wn composed of Bernice Prew, Lucili Jentz and Charlotte-Thomas. Th senior colors, blue and gold, wer used. The place cards were blu lighthouses with names written Ii gold. Blue program books and golc anchors, blue nut cups trimmed In gold and the centerpiece, a. large model ship, completed the decora tions. The dinner was eaten by candlelight. The menu committee consisted of Phyllis Gade, Phyllis Fauerby and Esther Ruhnke. The graduating class is as follows: Ethel Weisbrod, Luella Mueller, Isabelle Ohm, LaVonne Newel, Barbara Frank, Phyllis Frank,. Betty Jean Schwartz, Irene Berkeland, Francis Halverson, Helen Pert!, Vedoiia Klatt, Marylice Boyken, Betty Jean Meyers, Bertha Solberg, Anna Marie Mitchell. Everett Vigdai, Harlan Holldorf, Herbert Krause; Don Prew, Lyle Weisbrod and Meivin Berkeland. 'Donald Jorgenson left .Tuesday for Marshall, Minn., where he will be employed by the G. A. Olsen construction company. Mrs, W. J. Welsbrod, Ruth and Dorothy Dreyer attended the last 4-H training school held at the Bancroft public school on Thursday. Martin Pertl, son of Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Pertl, who. is stationed at Fort Leonard Wood, Rollo, Mo;, has been promoted to the rank of captain.,,. , Mrs. Mary Han^en returned home Wednesday morning from Verdi- gree, Nebr., where she has -been since early in March, having been called there by the death of her mother. Edith Wolfe and Mesdames Earl Dean, Sam Warner, Tena Newel Hans Baago, S. E. Straley, W. R! Wolfe and George Jorgenson attended the county Auxiliary meeting Tuesday afternoon at the town hall in Lakota. Mrs. Hans Baago was elected county president and Mrs. Baago appointed Mrs. Jorg- snson as secretary. Mrs. W. R. Wolfe was reelected county treasurer. Titonka MtMftiani Kate High fit GJ Titonka; returned '.superiors. -The five e&We'hiaTwe're 1 girls' glee club, mixed chorus, ml", ed quartet, boys' quartet and Beryl Bonacker's bass solo. ...Those with suberlo? ratings wer Gladys Ann Snifth'd contralto solo and Lawrence Miller's baritone solo Promoted to Major Word has been received here of the promotion of Paul Hutchins Algona boy, and son of Mr anc Mrs. H. D. Hutchins, to the rank of major in the U. S. army. ..Major Hutchins has rather Specialized in military study since being, a member of the R. O. T. C. at Ames, and the promotion is a recognition of his ability. ST. JOE NEWS Anita Stattleman went to the Joe Vollmer home near Lakota last Sunday to assist with the-household duties. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Stattleman received word of th;e iblrth of a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Joe Vollmer at Lakota.Thursday, April 16 itrs. Vollmer is the eldest dauglK er of Mr. and Mrs. Stattleman, ne Vollmers now have two slrls nd a boy. • - '• PEOPLE HEMS IN FT. DODCE HOSPITAL i St. Joe: Martha tfrelllnge'r, eld* efet daughter 6f Mr. and Mrs, John' Frelllngel-, underwent an operation for appendicitis at the Port Dodg6 hospital Saturday afternoon/ Johri Fr-elHnger', Martha's father, had been a patlen't at the Mercy hos pltal for the .past three weeks. He has . « n , d «gohe .a major operation ahd 14 Improving nicely. M'rS; Math Weydert and 13 month-old son, Bernard, went to & ( L?° rt 1> 9 dg , 6 Mer °y hospital on ' in dlametdr or bveif. TWa mal ttlal tf tot govetftoient -tt|ito.-Jftanlt J. Stebrit$, Alfona. 16 ....—.-~-—T<6 taUfe Aver a faton lease, wtll pay & ftUr.'fttice. In gulfe «r write Algona Upper Oe Moines. , i» , WANTED—Pa'sture ,ttf 20 hem of young cattle and colts^Everet O 1 * —•»«.» \fjf 11*^C?£S1 LCfcf tj|j evening where Mrs. Weydert oBe ear lanced, and Bernard —™. troth., ears lanced. Mrs nni>£ fitpeldlhgf, sister of Mrs. Weydert wsbeeh! assisting at the Weydert iome,» but was taken to the Fort Dodge Mercy hospital Sunday by ambulance suffering from a serious hroat Infection. / *K. L. iKohlhaas underwent / an operation tat the Fort Dodge Mery hospital for appendicitis last Tuesday morning. He is expected ome ,tne first of this week. (Nick Bormann went to the Fort Dodge Mercy hospital last Tues- ay for medical attention and observation. and-Father Luke'Becker from Missouri speiit last week here at the bedside ,of their father, Geortre Becker, wljo was quite 111. ' 10F121, Algona. WANTBD-Ag'ttln we are buying old books ahd magazlHes as 1 wel as scrap Iron and metals.-Joe Greenberg. , ,... Miscellatteoufl GET YOUR v LATEST Decea phonograph records today at the Gamble Store. • M WOMEN 17-63 , Trajn now for War Defense Office Jobs during spare time. Shorthand, Typing, Bookkeeping, Business English, etc. Give name, address, age ahd occupation ' P, O. Box 117 Maskm City, Iowa. 16* Classified Ads 97% INABILITY! Aolu.IlT 9.7 out aj avtty 10 chloki fltr. and healthy «t 8 w.ek.l Th.f. lh« HI. •toryblaioi* th»n 100,000 day-old Swift's Baby Chlok«. Pl«6« Md order today w«J« ypurnvkrail Swift Hatchery. Swift's Baby Chicks 60o and up. Sf ARTBJO CHICKS MOW* One wefck to three/weeKtf old- at reasonable prices. Blood tested and guaranteed strong, and healtHy. A good supply 6n hftnd'at 611 times. tfcy-dld Legliofhd, $9.90j Heavlei, $io.8o'( Leghorn pullets, |l8.flO; Leghorn dockerels, $1.00.— Hamilton Hatcheries. Bancroft and Titonka, Iowa. - H4f 8BB ill POft fteai Bftfgahw )„ fUfm^lHUStf drito«»8 sur Ahd eitiihatWto* tftufchit E phon* M, AlS-ona, . .,*...... J.t~t v.«-.'. .. Jn . |[T .J •&WvtW$*t$to£ ni m&e&'MSr Jia washers ., Bjustrdm'a Furniture" MOCCASIN-SOFT FABMERS-Swlft's Baby Chicks can be money makers. Place your order early to Insure getting.them •When you want them.—Swift & ;Go. Hatchery, Algona, Iowa.-' 9-tf RATES—Minimum charge 25c for 13 words or Jess. Cash rate, 2e per >vord, paid in advance. For'saie FOR SALE-Mukden soy beans good germination.—Carl Hutchins phone 2AF3, Algona. . 15-16* FOR SALE— ~ " ~ 240 A. well imp. $85 good terms. Good quarter on-paving, $125. 80A. unimproved, $5200.-, 85 A. improved, $6,000. I have many other farms to sell. Farm loans 15 years at 4% up to $80.00 per acre.—Edw. Capesius, Algona, Iowa. FOR SALE—Unimproved 80 acres in Kossuth Co. $65 per acre. This will pay you a good dividend on money invested.—C. W. Nicoulin, Algona. lg . 16 The Home Builders class of the Methodist Sunday School had its regular getHtOge(ther Wednesday evening in the church parlors. Somerset,. Chinese Checkers and Rook formed the evening's entertainment. During the business meeting plans were made for the annual picnic. Lunch was served by Rev. and Mrs. J. G. Waterman,, Mr. and Mrs. Frank McFall and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Chrischilles. Hazel Jenkinsion is assisting with household du^e« at the George Kohl home. (FOR SALE—One black and white taffeta formal, size 18. Reasonable. See Mary Lamuth or phone ™- • , 16* FOR SALE—Moews & Lowe, either yellow or white seed corn and also some silo corn—Andrew M |Hansen, dealer, 439 N. Williams FOR SALE-House trailer, Shafer make, 18 ft.; Sleeps 4, completely furnished. Cheap for quick sale. —Baptist parsonage, Bancroft. 16* FOR SALE—Feeding oats, '45c per bushel.—McEnroe Bros. Phone 519. - 16 * ^ SALE-4Clean Manchu Soy Beans for seed. Test 98%. $2.25 per bu.-Walter-Muhle, 8 mi. NE Lu Verne ...... , 14-13* SWIFTS POULTRY arid Swine concentrates contain all of the pro- .telns, minerals and vitamins nee^,!? ry for correctly balanced diet, ,with your home grown grains. Poul- .try concentrates, 37% protein, $4.35. f^o« e « onc t ntr ^ tes - «% protein, $3.80. Egg Mash, $3.00.-Swift & :Co., Algona, Iowa. 7-tf . SALE—Clean Mukden soy beans.—R. O. 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" 6—Used Auto Steer Spreaders 2—Side delivery rakes. 1—New Idea Hay Loader, used 1 season. 1—Wood wheel running gear. 1—8' McCormick binder. 1—No. 999 John Deere corn planter with trucks, like new. 1—Fertilizer attachment for No. 99 John Deere planter. a—Oliver 70 tractor with starter and lights and Hi-Cleat rubber 1—JModel D John Deere, good shape. 1—2-row New Idea corn picker on rubber, used 2 seasons. Livestock . .. . .. 2—Shorthorn springing heifers. 1—Team -matched: bay yearling colts. - ' 1—Team matched sorrel yearlinc colts.""--. 1—Team matched 3-yf. old sorrels, silver mane and tail. J—Red Roan 7 yr. old, mare. 1—Bay 6 yr. old gelding. 1—Sorrel 4 yr. old Gelding. 1—Black 4 yr. old gelding. 2—(Bay 3 y». old geldings. jlT^BlackJi yr. old gelding. Llnde Implement Co. Swea City, Iowa PHONOGRAPH RECORDS—all the new releases. Needles—albums. -Kossuth Radio & Electric, Algona, Iowa; •,-- --' -••-: - . .« 8 . t ; The Algona Upper DCS Moliies Authorized Smith-Corona arid „ •SUnderwood Dealer ,' : ,x Allen Adding Machines -\3-tf .IF YOU NEED a esmp for any purpos., you can order them at The Algona Upper Des Molnfts, BEE THAT SHELL It fa found only Jn th.t part of the hide over • hone's hipg. There, only, i« hidden ^the tough inner then,"* sub- • stance like, your finger; nifl. That explains the lonr- er wear and service for which Wolverines are Minous. The secret triple tanning process known only to Wolverine explains the softness and flexibility that makes this amkring shoe the Uvorite of millions. WOLVERINE SHELL HORSEHIDE Alona Gives You nils Amazing Softness flexibility In Both Soles and Uppers to-" Th.1 all its enormous strMirrfi, .-,1 J_::™™v7~ ret Clothiers For Rent FOR RENT—Two storage rooms at the M.! and St. L. depot.—'McEnroe Bros. 'Phone 519. 16* FOR RENT—Th'ree or four room unfurnished apartment. Heat; light and water furnished—B. L. Palmer, corner of Harlan and Lucas. SS-16* OFFICE ROOM FOR RENT— Heated room over Klelnpeter Food Store. See June Corey at Upper Des Moines office. 44-tf Lost-Found LOST—Black and white female Boston terrier. Just-reward.—Julius Capesius, Bode. < ;••-.• i6* USED FARM EQUIPMENT USED TRACTOR.S WORK SHOES WOhKCLOVES WEEK One Model H John Deere with rubber and cultivator. One F-20 Farmall on'rubber'with cultivator One F-30 Farmall on Rubber wlgi cultivator One 10-20 MeCormick-Deerms tractor. Good shape. One 16-30 McCormici-Deerlng tractor, good shape. One 22-36 McCormick-Deering tractor, foo4 shape. r. old We have a team of horses, one Wach 6 yr. old gelding. ^y i , MACHINED 2 Ho. 4 McCftrmick-neering erpam >eparatorg, • > ' )t V~9) Of F-30. 75 Dozen Hand Picked Ties on Hand from the Nation's Finest ^ie Manufacturers Do You Like tp Pick'tK^rom a Veritable Garden of 'Em—Ctonae In! , <£ ean * wpajratofs, one with motor. 8 root M«|Cori&lck Qrain Binder , One 8" Feed Qrlwder r ^' One used njower. Store • ' ,.. Oft Walt Hall, Mgr. eveiy conceivable fine fabric in existence IRE—The imported English wool and mohair fabric, HOH^JSPUN-T-niggednesa' atyl beauty of the mountains. 'featuring all > the beau^ of American BY GHE.N1Y—The Nation's finest, .'• TBEWHIp by Gwyco—featuring ali the glamour of the west <& ect frpm I^os Angeles. Try, Frizes ar e, b w d If , Vpu'll Be Amaz \ i V I V 4

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