The Frederick Post from Frederick, Maryland on December 10, 1910 · Page 6
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The Frederick Post from Frederick, Maryland · Page 6

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 10, 1910
Page 6
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THE ETEKlJf« YOU PAYING YOUR FIRE INSURANCE AGENT? TO SIMPLY BAND YOU A POLICY AND | COLLECT YOUR PREMIUM OR is your insurance placed with the Maryland Insurance Agency Company, with its free inspection service, premium reducing department and quick adjustments, without discounts. FRENCHMEN SATISFY "HONOR" ON GRAND ROUE FIELD Harry G. Tritapoe Real Estate LOANS AND INSURANCE OUR POLICIES COST NO MORE THAN THE OTHER KIND. Maryland Insurance Agency Company of Baltimore, HAllER fi NEWMAN, Managers. F R E D E R I C K . No. 15 East Patrick Street, M A R Y L A N D . THE KIND THAT MARNOLD Snapshots of Recent Duels Near Paris WE ARE PRETTY HELL POSTED oa real estate values aud prospecis. IVe make it our business to find out everything about property there is to know Our knowledge and experience are at your ser\ice in any real estate transaction you may hare in mind. Better consult us before you either bu -or sell. We cm probably saw you from a costly mistake. PHONE M W 1Z9 COURT STREET FREDERICK, MARYLAND. REAJL ESTATE JOHNP.SHAFER BRADDOCK HEIGHTS '. The Cream of Frederick County. Begun in 1896 by xvhat was believed to be a few visionaries, its rapid and healthj growth and the · increase of its land values have exceeded any- thins in the history of Frederick County Building lots that were in 1898 offered at public auction on the site now- occupied by / Hotel Braddock, and withdrawn because no one ·"would bid Fifty Dollars for, them, have since been sold for as much as $800, Mid -now are practically unobtainable. Profits of from 500 to 1,000 per cent, hre been realized many tines. ie Jefferson Boulevard lots possess all the desirable features of the high-priced lots near Hotel Braddock and have more improvements and command a more extensive view. n the 127 lots on the Jefferson Boulevard piatted 'by Westinghouse, Church, Kerr Co., for the Braddock Building and Develop- PICTURES AND PICTURE FRAMES Two duels were recently fought onl the Grande Roue ground, near Paris, France. Both were di- ected by Mons. Rouzier-Doreieres, nd swords were the weapons in both ases. In the first Comte Raymond e Castellane met Comte de Lestang- 'arade. as a result of a personal quarrel followed by blows. Comte de Caatellane's seconds were Mons Par- dailbe-Galabrun and Mons. Andre de Fourquieres. Comte d Lestang Parade had as second Comte E- de Les- tang and Comte de Franclieu During the first assault Comte de Lestang-Parade received a sword thrust in the forearm, which penetrated to the bone. This brought the combat to an end. In the second duel ,which closely followed the first, Mons. Georges Casella was called to the field of honor bv Mons. Marnold, who felt offended MAKE A NOTE OF THEM. Christmas Suggestions That Coma In Handy. M. L. ETCHISON, FUNERAL DIRECTOR. Phone 355 NEXT TO eiTlZEIS' HTHHIAL BAIK ~ This space -will be occupied by TE. S. MOBLEY ' BRO. 4 ' Heating and SaruTary Engineers, who are :oo busy satisfying customers t ·» ^ rite up copy for this issue. 100 Y\~. Pairick Stre-y Frederick. Md. DOLL DOLL Why not p«t our horse on livery this winter and let it have proper care ? UP-TO-DATE SINGLE AND DOUBLE TE VMS FOR HIRE ^ i Personal attentiort g:\ en to.Weddings _% v**w4 Vv*nAw*1e and Funerals. Frederick. Phone 2»7.~^~ Mary lane or, or a very striking method would be to gold thread the entire design. Treat- ng It In this manner, the effect Is a compromise between a stencUed design and one for embroidery. The sewing case Illustrated, although a sentimental Booking heart shaped affair, wfll be found a great help In tfme of need, as It contains in its four hinged sections papers of needtes in different sires, a small pair of scissors, two bodkins and a buttonholed white flani^ needle holder. The material nsed is a dainty French ci* tonne on the outside and satin for the inside. Tne heart shaped sections are cut from cardboard. Bibbon makes the casings for the sewing articles and the smart bow and hangers. Negliges Hairdressing. The girl who affects picturesque cos- tomes will like this negligee style of hairdressing. which has the stamp of by an article which appeared in the 'Mercare de France " Messieurs Leon Sasie and Georges Edward wereMons. Marnold's seconds, while Messieurs. Raymond Woog and Rene Prejelan acted in a similar capacity for Mbns. Casella. After a lively assault Mons Marnold was wounded in the right forearm, receding a deep cut, which immediately put him in a state of inferiority. The adversaries were reconciled on" the field. _ ~ Safe "The examiner for life Insurance asked me what I considered a funny question. He asked me how long 1 had been married, and when I" toU him three months he asked whether we kept a cook or you did tiie^cook Ing." ,"And when you told him that kept a. cook, dear?" "He seemed to consider me a good risk."--Houston Post. «juamtity.j| Sterner Sros.J Jteftabfe Drug0/*te, frmtlmrltlt, am FOB THE nBfc WHO TRAVELS. A pillow top is one of the few em broidered articles of which there cannot be too many in the Christmas box. What "woman has ever been at a toss to dispose of an extra couch pillow? For if a pillow is really enjoyed it gets hard wear and needs frequent replenishing. ,,_· Flower designs are, especially attractive, though conventional scrolls hold hich favor. As for the material to be worked, pongee, china silk, satin, velvet or velveteen, especially the latter treated with gold thread, would be extremely good^ooking, though there is nothing for ordinary use quite so acceptable as the art linens and crashes. These may be secured in many charming shades. In view of the popularity of stenciling, the work will be most eff«-ct!ve if done In flat embroidery heavily outlined. The well taiown Kensington stitch Is the one to use. Supposing the design to be one of roses or carnations, one shade of pink and one shade of green will effect a good re- Bult, and then the whole should b*» outlined in a darker sjiftde. of. eaoh col- on MW KEST COIFFTJW. Parisian approval. Judging from the finished effect, all one has to do is to curl the hair, then take the hands and raffle it no in a becoming flumness. Opinions Divided en Hobble Skirt. There is much dispute over, the hobble skirt Society women are divided as to whether it is graceful and commodious and "whether it wffl be retained In style. Lady Duff Gordon insists it soon win be abolished, because it is hideous andjnakes woman the slave of a fad. "While the hobble skirt Is not becoming to French, German and American women on account of their broad hips." she says, "it adds grace and charm to the slimmer figures of the Englishwomen. Short persons especially nave welcomed the skirt, because it has the appearance of increasing their height. Women are naturally eager to loot as becoming as possible, and any fashion which helps toward this may become popular among many ; of them. As an instance I may mention hair pads. Women who formerly were compelled to wear taesr hair flat now find their looks greatly improved by the stylish coiffures which hatr pads male possible Hair pads thus remain, like the veil, a permanent feature of dress among many women,'' Chimney Stacks Left Standing. Some carious beliefs stf.l linger ts conatrr parts of England. For instance, in Hertfordshire when ancient houses are destroyed the chinraey sticks are left Intact, the popular theory being that the houses are still in existence while these remain standing. This may be a survival of some ancient bat now almost forgotten 1«S*J right.--London Chronicle. To Clean · White Fur Boa. Put some ground rice into a targe bowl, then pat In your boa and gent!., rub all over with ground rice til! clean. Then shake well to tn» tkc fur from powder. ment Company in August, 1906, more than one-half have been sold. Early buyers obtained lots on the Jefferson Boulevard, 60x200 feet, for $240 Today the Braddock Building and Development Company is getting $390 for lots of the same size; and buyers a few years ago, in some instances, have resold for as much as $500 per lot. The" company will advance the price of the unsold lots January. 1911. These lots present the most certain prospect for a steady increase in value of any real estate proposition in the State of Maryland. The pro- 5ts to buyers, now, may not be quite so large as in ti3 earMer development, but they are ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN.' This unqualified prediction Is not based on things that will be done to -nhance values. The Braddock Building and Development Co., -ae Frederick Railroad and Na- tjre, have made the Jefferson Ponlevard the finest and most "ealthful thoroughfare for res- ..ential purposes in the State ..." Maryland. The natural drainage is absolutely perfect. It has Concrete sidewalks, the best ma"- '-adam road in the State, water ~ arts, fire protection, excellent -rolley service', local and long (.1 stance " telephone' connection* -.d free electric lights all eight. - ery night. Xo taxes except -^·ate and County, Th- layer of today at Braddock Bights will be the profit-taker the future. For further in- nnatiotr, call OR, telephone or -ite . JOHN P. SHAFER. - - nt Agent for Braddock Build-_: Development Co., Jefferson Boulevard, Braddock Heights, Maryland. PEARRE'S Modern Pharmacy TELEPHONE NO. 101 SOUTH MARKET STREET. FREDERICK. MD. WSPAPFRI

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