The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 31, 1942 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 31, 1942
Page 7
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*<>**> .March 31, WHTTTEMORE EDITOR JOINS 0. S. FORCES Whitterrioro:, William Higau. editor of the Whltternoi-e Chant pipn the past five years, sold h bUslneus to Mrs. Chris Reese, form eriy of Fenton.' She will issue th Champion this week, April 1. Th Reeses are Well known in this com JMUhlty as they have visited Whltte more loccaslohally while toeing locat ed in Fenton, and shoudl with th cooperation of this community make a success in the riewspape business here. The leaving of Bl Hlggiris is greatly regretted by ev erybody in the vicinity and In Whittemore. Although Bill Was Iris he had more loyal friends than any body in Whittemore, and as a editor he handled his business i first class shape. As a eorresponc ent'IhaVe been associated with Mi HIgglns the past five years both i , a business manner and socially an never had a chance to go flshin •With Bill, but have been in hi place of business when he returne from a fishing trip and asked wha luck he had and with a big smll he would answer, "Ah, Shucks, got skunked."' Mr. HIgglns was ii Des Moines last week Monday where he reported 'for duty. H came home Tuesday and will leav for Fort Bennlng, Georgia, Wed nesday, April 1, to begin his actlv duty for -Uncle Sam. He Has th sincere wishes of this community as a brave and loyal citizen of thl country. ' v SPANFERKEL, GOES OVER BIG THURSDAY EVENING The Spenferkel feed sponsored fey the Whittemore Chapter of the Kossuth County Conservation League held at the Academy hal Thursday everting was well attend ed as there were about 130 'from the vicinity of Whittemore and. sur rounding towns present. The eve ning was spent playing cards am 'at 10 o'clock the serving began am four small pigs weighing arounc 30 pounds were served filled with bread and oyster dressing. This was the second Spanferkel feed helc in this comunity and everybody en joyed it. We don't know who was the donor of the small pigs, but do know that E.. Ernies, president o chapter, has small pigs and were (well fed, to make them fit to feec the -President. flPaul Urich received notice to report for active duty in the U. S army April 30th. Blanid Cullen, R. N., of Palo Alto • Calif., is visiting with her parents Mr. and Mrs. John Cullen. Fred Fish went to.Graetttnger last week Tuesday to'celebrate his birthday with his twin brother, John Fish. 'Clarence Wiltgen closed his watch repair shop and gas station the first of last week and will report to the .army next month. Jacob Thul of Clarion is visiting with his daughter, Mrs. Peter Schumacher and son, Michael Thul, - northwest of town .for several weeks., • . , Rolands Knecht of.Cedar Rapids, •pent several days last week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Knecht. / Frieda Mae Alig left for Mason City last week Monday to enter a business college for •& course in' stenography. She was accompanied by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Allg and Sister, Aurelia, who spent the day in Mason City. Kern Elerick, manager of the Whittemore Farmers Creamery Co., wan called to active duty with U. fir army and left last week Tuesday evening for Fort Francis IS. War- Ten,-Cheyenne, Wyo., where he will •be permanently stationed in the quartermaster corps. Mrs. Elerick •will Join her husband as soon "Like Father, Like Son," Both Join Navy A northern Iowa father find son enlisted together 'Friday in the United States navy here. The recruits are Harold Neville, 41, and Robert Neville, 18, of Algona, Iowa. The Nevilles are the son and grandson of J. W. (Jimmy) Neville, pioneer northwest Iowa shoe merchant. Harold has been associated With his father in the busi- nesfc. Robert, an Algona high school student, would have been' graduated in late May. However, he has been interested In amateur radio wjork and now will be an apprentice seaman In radio. (His father was enlisted as a seaman, first class, and probably will be assigned -to storekeeping. Mrs. Neville, the former Grace Gibbons ic-f Fenton, la., who is the youth's step-mother , accompanied them to Des Moines. Relief Navy recruiting officials in Des Moines have been relieved of a heavy burden — receiving applica- tions for navy commissions. More than 500 men with educational and experience records to qualify them for naval commissions, have applied through the Des Moines recruiting sta- tttfh In the last few months. Doctors lawyers, merchants and chiefs have appeared. The work •will now be handled through the office of naval officer procurement, 141 West Jackson boulevard, Chicago, 111.—a new office to' which appHctaions for commission nbw are to be made direct. Change Capt. L. J. Denmlre, Iowa recruiting officer for the Undted States marine corps, Friday, announced a change in requiremnts for marine officers training. College graduates between 20 and 26 who are married now are accepted if they meet physical requirements and have college degrees. (Previously only unmarried can- journalism, business administration, agriculture, forestry, Industrial arts, engineering, and other fields. "Unofficial Recruiters' "Unofficial navy recruiters" have been appointed in 1 many Iowa county seats in a recruiting plan inaugurated by Com. Phillip R. Weaver, Iowa navy recruiting officer. Gomander Weaver^ ha^ng found well-recommended and . capable business men over Iowa, has given them the task of stimulating navy service and lining up candidates for enlistment. An "aye, aye sir" has been the quick response of the unofficial recruiters, Commander Weaver said although there is no compensation-. (The plan was revealed Friday as a letter from Capt. E. M. Senn, inspector of recruiting for the 13- state ninth naval district, was sent to James IM, McSpaden of Hampton, Ha., real estate dealer whb has given "splendid aid" and was "com didates were accepted. The degrees mended for the fine spirit of co- include bachelors of arts, science. I operation" with the navy. Doris Thompson, . Former LuVerne Girl, Weds Britt Man 'LuVerne: Doris Thompson, daughter of Mr and Mrs. Wm. Thompson, was married to Gaylord Ericksbn, Britt, on Saturday, March 14 The :eremony was performed at >Lara- >ee by the bride's .brother, the Rev. Clarence Thompson, pastor of the Hethodlst church at that place. Mrs. Srickson has not lived at LuVerne tor a number of years, being em Renyick In the Bell tele- Jhorve office foe some time until ibout two years'ago when she went o Waverly and Britt. The couple wiH make their home at Britt. Miss Addle Thompson returned o her home at Morrison Wednesday after spending the winter hsre and .t Algona. Mrs. Dwlght Hardgrove and son, Llgona and Mrs. Howard Ulfers nd children, 'Minneapolis, were re- ent, visitors at the Kate Barton ,ome. ^ Mr. and (Mrs. Otto Ramus are he parents of a grandson, a son eing 'born to their daughter, Anna, nd -husband, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Marr, Wesley. YOUR COUNTY AGENT 4-H MEMBERS NEEDED IN MARKET UTTER PROJECT •If you've, been wondering how you can do more to" help on- the war effort, join a 4-H club and enroll in the market/litter project. At a meeting of the county 4-H leaders and club presidents it was decided to extend the date of enrollment for the market litter prqfject which normally closes April 1, We ne$d all the pork that can be raised and the farm boy or girl between 10 and 21 can- contribute materially by enrolling in this project. The county leaders suggested that an auction sale be held for the market litters the same as It done with the baby beef calves. This would be held later than the'fair, probably some time in October or at such time that the pigs would be ready for market. To enroll in this project a boy or girl can select a sow from Dad's herd and feed and care for the litter from farrowing time until the show and sale. Grade 'pigs are used " in the market litter project so any farm boy should be able to enter this project. 1 There Is also still ample time to enroll in the dairy, sheep, colt, poultry, garden an dcorn project for the individual .that prefers one of them. Contact either one of the fifteen local 4-H leaders or the county club agent at Algona. They can provide you with further information about the club projects, organization or activities. Notice of Sheriff's Sale STATE OP IOWA KOSSUTH COUNTY, ss. 16754. Notice Is hereby given that by virtue of General Execution directed to me from the Clerk of the District Court of Kossuth County, Iowa, or. a judgment rendered in said 4 Court on the 23rd day of November, 1937, In favor of Oliver Hoc & Gus Sjogren, dba Moe & SJogren aa plaintiff, and against Winifred Sarchett as defendant for the aum of (602.34 Dollars and costs, taxed at 16.05 Dollars and accruing costs, I have levied upon the following described real property as the property of the said Winifred Sarchett to satisfy said execution, to-wit: Lots Five and Six (5 & 6). Block One Hundred Thirty-four (13-O, Call's Addition to Algona, Iowa. An undivided 2-21 st Interest in Block One Hundred Forty-three (143). Call's Addition to-Algona, an undivided 2-21st Interest In Block One Hundred Forty-five (145), Call's Addition to Algona, Iowa. An undivided 2-21st Interest in Lot Four (4), Block One Hundred Forty-six (146), Call's Addition to Algona, Iowa. i And I will proofed to sell sajd property, or so much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy said execu- ton, with i.costs and accruing costs at public auction, to the highest .fn the bidder, for cash. In hand, Why have hundreds of thousands of car owners, like yourself, made Phillips 66 Poly Gas their first choice in cold weather? The reason is simple, This higher test motor fuel has demonstrated in their cats, day in and da^ out; that it packs * wallop }ike a heavyweight champion,,, that it snaps cold moron into acfipn the instant they touch the , burton, - uiuuer, lur cusr.. in nunu, jon trie 24til day of April, 1942, at the east door of the Court House In Algona, in Kosauth County, Iowa, at the hour of 10 o'clock a. m., of said day, when and where due attendance wllj be given by the undersigned. , Dated this 20th day of March 1-942. ART J. COOLEY. Sheriff of Kossuth County. Iowa. Hutchison & Hutchison, Plaintiff's Attorney. 12-13 in your car. We believe you will jget such » dramatic demonstration of the value pf high. test in improving all 'found performance, as. well H starting, that you wtU N » Philips 60" booster every mpnth in the year, Remember, the Orange and Black TFpM |Wl™"'f 4W wWJW W vrt WWJW^WUPirflW^' for sit owner? , , . bemuse Phillips ji , the WPWP'S U*C*ST Pnopyon of 'vmraj High T«« Gasoline, Notice of Probate of Will STATE OF IOWA / KOSSUTH COUNTY, ss. Mq, 4885 In District Court, March Term 19<2. To All Whom It May Concern: You are Hereby Notified, that an instrument of writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of William Dehnert, deceased, dated Feb, 2, 4940, and Codicil attached _ iheret« dated Oct. 13, J94J, having been this day filed, opened and read, Saturday, the llth day of April, 194?, Is "fixed for hearing proof of same at the Court House in Algorfa, Jpwa, before the Pistrict Court of fgld County, or the Clerk of said Court; and at 1Q o'clock a. m, of the day above mentioned all persons interested are hereby notified and required to appear, and show cause If any they bave.vwhy said instrument should not be prV jated and allowed as and £:>r the last Will ajid Testament of said <M>* Phill-up with Phillips Gated at Algona, Iowa, March 19, KATHARINE MeKVOY, Clerk of District Court. £y T- Hoit?bauer, Deputy. Hutchison $ ffutchson, Attys. ALL SOYBtaA^S ABO NOT GOOD SEED fcecent reports on the germina tion of soybean samples sent in by our office for testing have indicated that there is a possibility of many beans not being fit to plant. Some lots have tested as low as 45 percent and others from only 70 to 80 percent gefmlnation, Kosauth county farmers have indicated that they intend to help the nation's oil supply by increasing bean acreage to a large degree. This will take a lot of seed and it should be good seed, so all should be tested before planting. REPLACE SOME CORN WITH WHEAT THIS YEAR Many county farmers have already bought or placed orders for some of the Commodity Credit wheat that has been in storage. One hundred pounds of ground wheat will replace 105 ibs. of corn or 140 pounds of oats as a livestock feed. Since a variety at feeds Is always good for livestock and since wheat can now 'be secured at a favorable price, it Is possible that more farmers should consider feeding wheat as a corn or oat replacement. IDEAL FOR TREE PLANTING (Nearly every farm honie in Kossuth county needs more trees and this is an Ideal spring to plant. There Is plenty of moisture in the ground and besides it is not good to wait until the old trees are dead before starting another one or two. Good shade trees are the American elm, hard or black maple, hackbef- ryr green ash and White or fed oaks. REMEMBER 'Getting your scrap iron into the production channels is a very definite contribution to the war effort just the same as buying Defense Bonds. Also is may Improve the looks of the backyard when all of that old iron is gathered up. and the Wm. Khrhardts. Five hundred was played at three tables and a fine lunch was brought and served by the guests. The Lees moved to the Potter farm March 1st. The guests presented Mr. and Mrs. Lee with a fine gift. Four Corner News Mr. and Mrs. Leo Ramus entertained Mr. and Mrs. Art Alexander and daughter, Joan, Tuesday evening. It was Art's birthday and a fine supper was prepared in- his honor by Mrs. Ramus. The <Four Corners 'Mothers and Daughters club met with Mrs. Robert Walker and Loretta Broesder March 26. There were 24 members and two visitors, Mrs. Wm. Bhrhardt and Mrs. Jce Priester. The secretary announced at this meeting that the club had purchased a $25 defense bond A fine lun-ch was served by the hostesses. Tlie next meeting will be April l(i with Mrsj Arthur Cruikshank. A surprise party was held at the Roy Lee home, Friday evening, March 27, to give them a house warming. The guests attending were the Wm. Draytons, the Ed Rlchs, John Sabins, Herbert Haas', Mr, and Mrs. Leo Frideres are the parents of a girl .born at the Kossuth hospital on Thursday, March 19th. They have tinfe oiKret? child, A boy. Tlie infant was baptized LaDonna Sunday by Fathef George Theobald. SpohSc-rs werd Mrs. Lawrence Kirsch attd Cldrchce Erpeldlng. Banns of marriage were published Sunday for the first time in St. Jo-* seph's church by Father George Theobald for Elsie Munson of Llv- errriore and Richard Marso, son of Mr. rfnd Mrs. Mike Marso of here. Read The Want Ads—tt Pay* Authorized Bottler: Pepsi Cola Bottling Company of Fort Dpdge CONSERVE..GAS..OIL! Drive a Mechanically Perfect Car Your present car will have to last for the duration. Keep it in perfect condition for greater economy and greater savings on gas and oil. Trade in your worn out motor block assembly for one of Gamble's completely rebuilt block assemblies. Rebuilt in a modern factory in straight line production just like a new car factory. All assemblies bored and double honed to silver-satin smoothness. All wearing parts replaced with either new parts or scientifically reconditioned and triple checked parts. Completely rebuilt to exact tolerances. Gamble's Rebuilt Motor Block Assemblies Are Guaranteed Equal In Performance To Original Motor Block Assemblies. CARBURETORS $2.69 At Low At Gamble't carry • complete itock of new and rebuilt carburetors to fit practically all model* of popular cart. Rebuilt To Fit.Ford V8, '33-'37—Each. Price $2.60 Genuine TUlotion, Fits Ford A 3.60 Genuine TUtotion, Fits Chev. >29-'31 S.79 Motor Gaskets Pan Set to Fit Ford V8 Replace leaky gaskets and insure economical operation of your car. Head Gasket, Fits Ford A ^.. B5c Head Gasket, Fits Ford V8, 33-37..43? Head Gasket, Fit* Chev. 29-32.,..53c Cork Motor Set, Fiti Ford A 29o Cork Motor Set, Fits Chev., 29-31. 47c Pan Set, Fiu Ford V8, 32-40 21* Gamble's Twin Point Deluxe Spark Plugs Positively guaranteed for 18,000 miles. Made from finest materials. 8 points of superiority. Double side electrodes insure proper spark and spark gap under all conditions. Single Plug, 49e Bach. In Sets 43 FAN BELTS Guaranteed for 3 years. Tough, long wearing, twist cord construction. Carry a spare fan belt 'for emergency use. To Fit Ford A .......... . . . , ....... 47c To Fit Ford V8, 33-36 .............. IfiSe To Fit Ford V8, 37-39, 85 Series. ..... 65o To Fit Chev., 29-32 ..... ............. 40* REBUILT FUEL PUMPS As low At Gamble's replacement fuel pumps are finest quality, Equal to original equipment pumps. Factory tested for draw and pressure. Chemically treated diaphragm for' long life and positive action. To Bit Ford V8, 33m, Bxcn, Prfc«. . *1,10 To Fit Chev. ?9-33, Bxch. Pric.. . . . 1.10 WATER PUMPS At Low At »1.59 Precision made, fully machined, Gamble't guaranteed water pumps are made with accurately sized, hardened and ground'shafts. Full sized castings. Completely greased, .ready for installation. ' To Fit Ford A ^... .S1.89 To Fit Ford V8, 33-3^.... "»»*I' TP Fit Chev., 29-34 149 Rebuilt Dirtrikulon L'C,: '1.98 "fcuijt dwtributon we synchro- wwd, trntd «wl adjusted « tb« factory fw perfect ep«4uon. ..$ mA wh«m«r n*#d*d to gK* MUM* ft, dj»t ef new . Tp Ki Ford A, !«J>w«pn»i M To F« Ford V& 33.3$, B*<-h.. . . . 1,8§ V8 37-40 |ig . . 1 M CLUTCH ' **P w 9* 9m .9i •• # r «. • «•_ ^

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