The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 24, 1942 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 24, 1942
Page 10
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TheAlgona .. *«d'Fj«WW Dining *oo»^WHC fo< Breakfast ift^Bttmttf and W«-H««' Bju-tfrdfn'j! index card* Salel Lost-Fotmd —i<nt- ..BtefltniT; allvei chain, crystal nesday nigh. Enfoe, Algwia BUPPLlfflfc , , machine foil* Miscellaneous roim COUNTY AUNT After the War Then What? After the War Is over. This Is the worst war we have eVer had Or ever will have In my estimation and should be settled on a soun,d basis. Fair to all and favors- to none'. The world should be put back after the war the same as It •was before the war. Then all countries would be states In the united States of the world. Each country would have a civil government and enough (small arms and ."Billy" clubs bo keep order within their own borders. No state would be forced to come into the union without a majority of its own citizens desiring it. Those that did not come in would have to abide by the military government of the United States of the World. They would be represnted in the court accord- Ing to their population. They wouia have a right to come Into the government any time they saw fit, regardless of time and be treated as the rest and have the same rights.—A. F. Curran. AROUND IOWA Old Shoe Earl Burkhalter found a baby .shoe in. his home at Griswold last week, but coud not find the owner. The shoe was hand made and the eole had been put on with wooden pegs. Minister Aplenty Ministers were everywhere when Wesley Jensen and Pauline R. Draper were married. The ceremony was performed by the fathers of both, aided by the bridegroom's two brothers, and the bride's grandfather—all in all, six ministers helped in the ceremony. The three Jensen brothers are alumni of Simpson college at Indianola. The ceremony took place in Chicago, New Grapefruit If Mrs. William McCabe of Decorah had planted all 54 seeds that ehe found in one grapefruit, she anight have had a large crop in a few years. Her grandfather. Miss Caroline-La FJeur rejjdrte'd the incident. \ •'"' ....'•'-'*';: New Lights/ .,.-.• Flood lights 'have/Seen thrown on the court'house-clock at Bed- lord, making it possible for residents in all points of the city to see the clock an-d read the time. Nice Tires, Too! With tireS and autos rapidly nearing the stage of the unobtainable will we witness the come-back of the old time livery stable where good horses and classy turnouts THEY FLOAT IN THE AIR IN COLORADO—They can float from the ceiling like this In Colorado, Top or toe Nation State, so light and buoyant is the air—or so cladms the States Department of Information, tongue in cheek. Pretty Verne Lee Breaks Colorado Woman's College senior, 'recently selected «ky , Queen" by aviation cadets at Denver's Lowry Field, demonstrates There's a trick to it, of course. Just turn the picture upside down. : SOYBEANS AND FLAX Farmers are urged by the U. S. Department of Agriculture' to sub* stitute flax and soybeans for oats. Titos applies to farms where a porj tion of the oats are grown as tt cash crop and not needed for feed. Since Kossuth courtty has high productive, comparatively .level land, every farmer should plan, to grow at least 10 to 20 acres of beans and those farmers with larger acreages should plan to grow some flax. Both of these crops will pay as well compared to oats and both are vital war crops. • MORE MILK FROM PASTURES This year when the need for more milk production 1 is urgent, when grain prices are relatively high and grain Supplies are dwindling and when labor Is not plentiful, it Is estremely impori&mt to use Che advantages of better pastures more than ever before. A pasture crop is one that cows will harvest themselves. PLAN MAXIMUM HOG, PRODUCTION Because of the great demand for fats and oils there is no danger of art over production of hogs. xlfew of this great need» every farmer should plan for maximum pflbduetlon. Save all of the plg9 possible and then feed a good balanced ration and plan to carry.the hogs out to a good weight of 250 .pounds or more.' Ootod (feeding 1 means jnore profit. GG PRODUCTION UP Dried eggs will continue to be used in large quantities, so every effort should be 'made to maintain; a high production average. Continue feeding the laying flock the same good ration .that they have been getting through the winter. Turning the hens out wherf we get a few days of nice spring weather and then letting down on the.,feed will also cause the egg production to g*> down. GARDENS (And last, but not least, let's re member that a good garden will provide more dollars worth of food stuffs per acre than any other crop The more we raise in our own gardens, the more- of the commercial production care be used to feed the boys In service and civilians iFERTMLIZER—Now Is the tlrrte to plan your fwfUUtt* needs. Swift's Red Steer Is dependable. We can give you quick sefviee and economical prices on any, standard analysis—Swift and <X-Algona, la. 12*16 SWIFTS POULTRY and Swine concentrates contain all df the proteins, minerals and yHahiins , necessary for correctly balanced diet, with your home grown grains. Poultry concentrates, 37#> protein, $4.33. Swine concentrates, 41% protein, $3.80. Egg Mash; ?3.<KM~Swlft.& Co., Algona, Iowa/ 7 PHONOGRAPH RBCORDS-all the new releases. Needles—albums —Kossuth Radlft A Electric, Algona Iowa. - ' •" : 9-tf The Algona Upper DeaiMoinea Authorized Smlth-Cororia arid Underwood Dealer< . Allen Adding Machines 3-M U S. NAVY SHIFTS ITS ADMIRAiLS—Streamlining the armed forces still further, the United States Navy, last week reassigned three of its admirals. Left to right are: -.Rear Admiral E. J. Hornie who will head a staff <of officers administering the duties of naval operations; Vice Admiral -Robert'.L. Ghormley, ordered to a sea post, and Rear Admiral RUssell Will-. son. Chief of Staff to the Commander-in-Chief of the U. b. Fleet. ' .''•'-.- were'for hire? In the Ludeking garage at Waukon once a livery stable, is stored the handsome rubber-tired surrey of former Governor Francis M. Drake. There may be other good numbers in the car- riage line still awaiting a call for service in other parts of Iowa. LOST—Side endgate truck' box .between Algona and Sexton . on Highway 18. Reward.—Joe Krieps, Sexton. 12* Other attractive Doris Dodson Junior Dresses are here in a really bewildering array of styles and price ranges. Doris Dodson is still the supreme junior line in the country and you find it exclusively at this store. Other price ranges are 6.50 8.00 10,95 JO ":«?«or e d P«flt. Sizssi™' gfccn ' or Wacfc '14.9$ CHRISCHILLES STORE Classified Ads RATES—Minimum charge 25c for 13 words or less. Cash rate, 2c per word, paid In advance. For Sale •FOR SALE- J Farm trailer with good tires.—Louis Stoulil, 2% miles northwest of Ottosen. 12 FOR SALE—Mukden soy beans, good germination. $2.50 per bu. ready to plant. No bags furnished. —Alvin L, Weber, LuVerne. 12-13* Wanted WANTED—Woman to care for aged lady. Inquire Upper Des Moines. , 12 WANTED—QJd disabled horses and mules. Will dispose of as owners wish^—Wm. Durant. 12* IFOR SALE—Used refrigerators, good tires—Diuis Stoulil, 2% miles northwest of Ottosen. 12 IFOR SALE — Refriigerators- 1 One 6 cu. ft. $55< One 9 cu. ft. $75. Completely overhauled.—Pratt Electric Co., phonei 170. 12 FOR SALE—Extra Moews-L:we seed corn on hand.—L, B. Larson, representative for Moews-Lown Seed Co., Burt. WANTED—Expert cleaning ol aseptic tanks and cess pools. Call John Eller or 884-J, Algona. 12* WANTED—Reliable girl for general house work in Des Molnes for family of two. Private room and radio. Phone 360, Algona. SS-12 WANTED—Reliable person want ed to call on farmers in Kossuth county. Steady work—no lay-offs in our line. Some making $100.00 in a week. Write Mr. Cole, Box 264, Marshalltown, Jiowa. 12-13 32* WANTED—Again we are buyuif old books and magazines as wel 'FOR ASLE—Mukden soy beans. Germination 95 -or better. $2.50 per bushel.—Hugh Raney, Algona. 12-13* (FOR SALE—X_ome after your hybrid seed corn. It is graded and tested. Best corn I ever had. Some left for sale—A. C. Carlisle, Whittemore. . . .12 ,97$ INABILITY! Actually 9.7 Out of »T«iy 10 ohiolu «11Y« and healthy at Swtekil That'* the 111* •loryblmort than 100,000 d.y-old Swiff. Bafay Chlolu. Hacnand ord«r fbtfaywith youi nMtMt Swift Hatohaiy. Sniffs Baby Chicks Qitbon P«>eif Mlmeagiraph pap«* Second , Oojty 8h«*ti(, 1 Ink pads, »tan-;pii Stamp pad ink W pnn At The Algona Upper DWr,«Molil 0 North Dodge. • » FARMERS—Swift's Baby'Chicks can be money makers. Place your order early to Insure getting them when you want them.—Swift & Co. Hatchery, Algona, Iowa. 9-tf _IF YOU NEED a rubber stamp 'or any purpose, you can order them at The Algona Upper Des Molnes, 60c arid up. 13»-tf WHEN YOU haul your own coal, come to the handiest place In town. —Raesly Lumber Co. Milwaukee Deiiot Plaza. Phone 234. 46-tf SEE MB FOR Real Bargains Ir /arms, loans, drainage surveying and estimates on tile.—Phil J. Kohlhaas, phone 22, Algona. 18-tf TOWN PROPERTY LOANSi low as 4%% to buy, build, rdmodel, refinance F. H. A. or Association plan, monthly reduction or flyS-year term. No Commission or'appraisal charge.—Algona Federal Sayings & Loan Ass'n, Algona, Iowa •••> ,14-tf OFFICE ROOM FOR Heated rooirt over Kleinpeter Fooc Store. See June Corey at Upper Des Moines office. 44-tf BERWTND BRIQUETS. Sold by Raesly Lumber Co. Phone 234. 46-tf Chrischilles PHOENIX HOSIERY WARDROBE* New suits -/- new hots — new. hosiery, top -— and only hosiery as beautiful as Phoenix to carry your Easter greeting. Phoenix hosiery fabrics are the very touch her Easter costume wants; and a gift as Welcome as Spring itself. Mercerized Sheers 1.25 Full fashioned silk 1.25-71.35 Nylons 1.65—2.25 ,i" I' i|. HART SCHAFFNER & MARX HERE EXCLUSIVE LY IN ALGONA IFOR SALE—Buick Special, 1941 sedan, neV tires. 22,000 miles,.Charles Lindhorst, Algona, Iowa. FOR SALEr—Stack of hay.—A. J. Martinek, Wesley. Algona phone 29F4. -" _______ FOR SALE—Mukden soy beans. Good germination. —Carl Hutchins phone 24F3, Algona. 12-13* FOR SALE—125 bus. Manchu soy beans. Nine year old gelding, well broke. Set of leather fly nets.—Orville Gardner, Lone Rock, phone 11F23 Algona, 909 Lone Rock 12* . . * iFOR SALE—Cobs.—Chester Bailey, phone 2F23, Algona. 12 FOR SALE-1935 Ford V-8 Deluxe model. Excellent condition. 5 very good tires Terms, caah- Mrs. Roy Woolrldge. SS-12* ,<* FOR SALE—Special Water Softener salt for your water softener. Bulk and package garden seeds. Bulk lawn seed and lawn fertilizer. Use them early. We deliver. Phone 257—Algona Flour and Feed Co. ON HAND—Thousands of Baby and Started Chicks every day.— Thompson Hatchery, Elmore. Minn. FOR SALE—Gd&d Remington upright typewriter. New roller. Completely overhauled. First $22,50 takes It—The Algona Upper Des Holnes. , g '" INSURANCE FOR Brooder house an-I contents. Insured against fire -•d wind.—L. S. Bohannon, over & L. Store. 7-12 FOR SALE—12 Black Angus cows, bred to registered bull.—Bob Young, Algona. 11-12 FOR SALE—Hoe Feeders, Hog »nd Chicken Waterers, troughs and tanks.—Raesly Lumber Co. 2S-tf We Will Buy Your Car Bring your car to 21-2nd S. W., Vtason City, Iowa. We pay highest iash prices. Zenor Motor Co. 6-12* SEED POTATOES FOR SALE —Early and late varieties. Grown on new ground. Free from disease. —Thoreson Bros., Swea City, 4 west, 3 north. * USED CABS AND MACHDJEBY ,One 2-year-old, 2-row John Deere Mounted corn picker, No. 28, like ffvi One used Oliver plow with new Raydex bases and coulters. 3 used caro, cheap. 5 used tractors with cultivators. 4 used spreaders. We have used plows, planters, hay tools, discs, separators, miH?- er$, feed grinders, ensilage cutters, 6 New machinery available and lote in stock. ' See ui >|pr »}ne soon MAKE YOUR NEW SPRING CLOTHES LAST LONGER —it saves wool — labor and money for our righting men I T'S the right idea. But to make clothes last longer you have to have longer lasting quality in them, Hart Schaffner & Marx clothes have . it—longer lasting all-wool f abrica^-. longer lasting hand needing. When you need clothes, these are the saving kind to buy. , SPRING SUITS TOPCOATS 45 50 \ : | Allis-Chalmers, " Oiiver, Farm Machinery Phone 714

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