The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 24, 1942 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 24, 1942
Page 6
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tei^^.i^Mk%^'¥/'-'H t ,; '» ' .•' ''i - v > ' " />-i ' >,,'; vv > „''*•'C." rj Jim Murtagh Writes "Prom "Deep in the West of Texas" "Greetings from Deep in the West of Texas" Is the way Jim Jfurtagh Writes to Chris Reese of the Upper Des Moines arid he goes on to tell, highly interesting facts of the life of One of Uncle Sam's soldiers. Until Thursday the boys have been in quarantine and now they are per rnitted to go bo any of the four theatres or the service club sponsored by the V. S. O. and he adds. "I'm sure glad I gave them $2 now." He wriles that they sleep in tents With wooden floors and gas heaters, and that the food isn't too fancy but the quality is good and very substantial.. He also says we can tell "Dutch" Liorenz there's no rubber shortage there, that nocks and sand are plenty, tough on shoes Outnt Only "Semi" "We arc classed as a semi-mobile outfit but as far as I can see we're only "semi". We rise at six, have two infantry drill periods a day, movies, lectures and calisthenics. If I get through this there will be nothing wrong with my health, I wrote to a friend in Washington Ihe other day and told him if he could do anything about that increase to $42 same would be appreciated by myself and countless others. I have been working with the supply sergeant doing some office work but dori't know for sure whether or not I'll rate $37 instead of $21 per month. One of the 'officers called me in the other day and urged me to apply for officers' training after completing the fourteen Weeks' 'basic course, said my examination at the induction center was the highest in the battery. '"Most of our boys come from Minnesota, Nebraska and Kansas farms. There are only two lowans In our battery but I see quite a few at the post exchange. I understand our work is search-lights. We are all to do anti-aircraft work. "Give my best to the gang at Barkers and tell Alex Dcrmand that We have no cooks like George but they are doing better and by the time we reach our battery strength maybe the 53c allowance will go farther. Best regards to all in Algona." Pvt. J. R. MURTAGH, Battery A, 604 C. A. (A. A.) Fort Bliss, Texas. The Week Odd Spots in the News Changes Management ,For 83 years a farm near Corley has been tilled by some member of the Cusher family. Although it remains in the possession of Mrs. B. C. Custer of Marian Ihe farm will be taken care of by Gerald Lorenzen since Glen Custer has moved to another place. The farm purchased in 1854 has been farmed by fc.ur generations of Custers and 2 Custer children have been reare.l on it. Mounted Martin B;rg, farmer near Kiron. lias announced that 'Lindberg" lias been slaughtered. "Lindberg" was a 1,550 pound hog owned "by Berg. The skin will be mounted and displayed at the Berg home. The animal had gained so much weight that ho had to be assisted to his feet when arising. Brave Boy Charles McClain. 7-year-old boy of Corydon, fell from a pile of baled hay and fractured his elbow. Charles went promptly to Ihe house and told his parents that he had thrown his arm out of place. Later x-rays showed that the elbow was fractured. Not a tear was shed by the boy when the elbow was set and placed in splints. Located Several days following the aubo- train accident causing the death of Charles P. Lazenby of Keosauqua, a search had been made for the wrist-watch worn by him at the time. After six days search, Mrs. Lazenby and her brother-in-law, Hazen Blackburn, found the watch on the highway shoulder covered with a thin layer of earth Except for a bent stem the watch had not ooen damaged. Kept in Touch Friends of Noel Bacon of Randalia were glad t: see his picture in a news reel recently. Bacon was shown taking off in his fighter plane nnnr Rangoon. Bacon is credited \v(ith downing_ several Japanese Tups.-Wod.. March 24-35 Keep 'Em Flying—War Stamps Continuous Shew from 1 o'coek News—Comedy Thurs.-Fri., March 2B-27 fThurs. Bargain Matinee 25c A TROPICAL TYPHOON OF LOVE! 1 Saturday, March 28 Big Three Way Double Feature JU Second Feature ST AS vii., "' wfrtl ' ' :«a^// JOAN CARROLL No. 3 Fun for Family .Saturday Midnight Show U P. SI., March 23 Sunday and Monday, Marcli 29-30 "Better Quality" SEALS "Quicker Service" Pocket Seal Uver Seal ORDER NOW HEADQUARTERS for MADE-TO-ORDER RUBBER STAMPS YOUR ORDER WILL BE FILLED PROMPTLY AND EFFICENTLY Stamp pad* and Inks, Mttal Ch««ks and Tagi, Badges, Stttl Stamp* The Algona Upper Des Moines " » ^ 4. HENDERSON TELLS OF RUBBER SHORTAGE—Price Administrator Leon Henderson is shown standing center as he told mcmb rs of the Senate committee (investigating the defense program, 'There is not one pound'of crude rubber or re- ; treading rubber available for automoblfe tires for civilians for the next two years." The committee, on left, heard Henderson as he paiirted a gloomy picture of what American motorists can expect in the next two years. EVIDENCE OF SOVIET AIABKSMANSHIP—Berlin, Germany: A German ground crew is .shown examining the damaged Heinkel 111 that managed ta get back to its base on the southern Russian front although the entire belly of the ship had been ripped out by Red army anti-aircraft flre. The pilot s cockpit is:directly above the torn-out area. Gov. Geo. A. Wilson Republican candidate for U. iS. Senate. A. E. Augustine Democratic candidate for governor of Iowa in the June primaries. planes in the fighting over Burma. Roney Houdck of Decorah, likewise, was surprised to see pictures in a newsreel of his brother, Charles, now with the A. E. F. in Ireland. Contribution Received Contributions are being taken by Central Osllege for a new pipe organ to be installed soon. One contribution of interest, was received from a Chinese church in Sacramento, Calif. Odd Coincidence Joseph B. Sibert of Waterloo has announced that during the first World War his son, Archie, then 21, enlisted for service. Now during the second World War, Sibert's younger boy, Joe, Jr., 21, at the present time, has enlisted for' service. The two brothers, were both 21 at ,the time of enlistment yet 2t years apart in age Absences One Monday morning recently over half of the enrollment at Irving school in Waverly or 105 of the pupils, was absent. Measles was given as the main cause for the absences. Young Businessman John Tokheim, 13-year-old Story City boy, is building up a business for himself. He buys burlap bags for five cents and sells them for ten, examining them closely for holes, and bundling them up for sale. In this way young John has made enough money to purchase $50 worth of government bonds. Forgot In constructing the new Allamakee county court house, one minor thing was forgotten—a method of contacting the sheriff's^quarters on the top floor after 5i:00 p. m. Sheriff Leonard Bulman has taken care lof this very nicely, however. He has installed a cow bell qji the top floor, and attached a cord within reaching distance of people on thi ground. Ice Tongs , N«w ice tongs cannot be bought, so the Reynolds Ice Company of Perry is willing to buy any old ice tongs that can be located. Improvements '". Bloornfteld residents are seeing several new improvements about their fair city. A new light plant has been ppened within the past week, and a tractor-powered street Breen Suggested for Congress in Sixth The name of former State Sena:or Ed Breen, of Fort Dodge, has spqn iprominenjtBy mentibined for •ongress in the 6th district on the democratic primary ballot. Mr. Sreen an attorney at Fort Dodge, served in the 47th and 48th G. .A. as senator from the Fort Dodge district. Earl G. Miller /Candidate for Governor of Iowa on Republican Ticket. flusher and sprinkler has been purchased by the city. The new 1 municipal plant included construction of a new building, with the total cost of everything at $68,000. Of this amount, only $2,700 remains unpaid. Old Story In the 1941 bowling tournament the Baker Lumber team of Decorah had a score of 2853. Again in the 1942 tournament, the same team rolled the same score 2853. Both years, the team placed fourth in the contests. With one exception the teams comprised the same membership both years. Not Hard Work Mel Griffith of Decorah was accustomed to exerting more energy in- working the switch at the power plant than was necessary when he started to throw the switch at ; new substation recently. As a result, Griffith strained the ligaments ir> his right arm, and has been going around with his arm in a sling. Retires For more than 21 years,- John Peterson- drove the Decorah Volunteer flre department truck, purchased in 1920. Peterson became the driver at that time. Improvements have been made on the truck during this time but the same one is stil". in use, after traveling some 900 miles, in and around Decorah. Peterson is retiring and moving from the town. ' Could Be IWhen away from home be careful how you brag about the size of ears of corn grown in the state of the tall corn. Robert Bell, formerly of Buena Vista county, has "lost face" down in Clovis, New Mexico, because he hasten unable U> prove his claim that ears of corn in Bueiva Vista, county grow 13 inches long. Home people have sent him large ears, indeed, but all short of 12 inches. Unless fee can,produce oflie Plant ftretft ifetm The Plum Creek Farm Bureau met, at the; community rftftm day evening, March 20, with Messrs, and. Mesdames Ronald Gardner, Fred Jennings, Floyd Sadort, William Kuhn and Merle Wolti a* the hosts and hostesses. Mrs. Walter Campney was In charge -of the program; Fay Meade played the piano for community singing and Wayne Keith gave a report. Harold Bode played two piano solos. A debate 6n the question, "Resolved Men are ore^ Important Women In Farm Bureau." John Kaln and Wayne Keith upheld the affirmative and Mrs. Burl Prlebe and Mrs Floyd Bode the negative. Rev. Jackman of Burt talked and the group played bingo in charge of DOrls Keith. Presbyterian Aid Postponct— The Presbyterian Ladies' Aid meeting has been postponed from the firs'! Thursday in April to April 9th because of Holy Week. At ;hat time the newly elected officers wil Ibegln their terms. They are: president, Mrs. Rudy Gud* erian; first vice president, Mrs. Prank Shllts; second vice prpsldc-nt, VIrs. Lyle Mathes; secretary, Mrs. R. J. Nealy; treasurer,'Mrs. Hugh iolwell. Men's Club Officers Meet— The newly elected officers -of the Presbyterian Men's. club met ai he home of Del Clopton Thursday veiling to lay plans for the new /ear's program. Del Clopton is he new president; H. L. Wood- vard, vice president; Harvey Reut* •r, secretary, and Harold Dains. reasurer. The group planned some new features and Mrs. Clopton served a lunch. Special Speaker Honored— Mrs. Robert Smyth, Fort Dodge, a conference official of the Woman's Society of Christian Service of the Methodist church, spent Monday in Algona. Mrs. Jj C. Buthman en- .ertained nine guests in the afternoon to her honor. The Wesleyan Juild met Monday evening with Mrs. S. W. Meyer and Mrs. Smyth will be the gue"st speaker. —::— \ Jed Cross Room Closed— Mrs. Sam Medin announces that he Red Cross sewing room wjll be losed temporarily excepting for Tuesday and Friday afternoons when it will be open for knitters nly. The chapter is unable to get ewing materials and as soon as more material can be obtained notification of the room's reopening vill be>given t . Book Club— Mrs. A. E. Lauritzen entertained lie fifteen members of her book" lub on Friday afternoon. Mra. E. Sawyer was in charge of the opic for discussion which was the urrent war and new books. Mrs. G. H. Christenson -of Ringsted and Irs. Oliver Martinson were guests. Jnibn .Farm-. Bureau.— The Union. Township Farm Burau will meet at Good' Hope- Community center Thursday .evening-kt ight o'clock. Members are re- uosted to come and bring old pap- rs and' magazines which- will be old! and; the proceeds used to car- y on meetings!. hower for Mrs. Pratt— Jleen Corey and Mrs. Hnrlan igsbee plan a miscellaneous show- r at hte latter's home /tonight Tuesday) following the_ regular meeting icf the Beta Sigma Phi orority. Mrs^ Merle Pratt, the ormer Shirley Vinson, is the hon- . O. The L. O. A. Class: of the Congre- ational church wilKmeet Thursday venihg with Miss Beth Annis. Miss Margaret Durant will be in charge f' the- lesson,. A round 1 table dis- ussion is planned' with. Mrs; Mabel axscn as leader: f Che required size he loses a $100 et. Again and Again. After four trips to Buena Vista ounty tire rationing board to ob- ain a tire, a feminine motorist eclared, "I believe ft would be asier to get a divorce tharj a tire." Her fourth attempt proved successful and she left with the tire. Rationing- Felt Perhaps thace ia no time when the tire rationing is noticed more than when an accident occurs. Wayne- Hoaglunot of Storm Lake had the misfortune to st|rike a curbing to avoid ' a collision with another car and ruined not one, but two tires. ttu»b*tid» Mrs. Dale Simons entertalriSd the members of her bridge club oft Saturday afternobn,' Guests were Jane Mahln and Helen Austin. Mrs. Chet DeSart won thd high score prize flad Mfsi Matold Walke* wtoh second. The same group entertain' ed their husband at a\ dinner at Cooks Sunday evening followed by bingo. Harold Walker won the high score for men and Mrs. Dale Simons won the ladles' prize.' Defense stamps Were the,prizes. — Syncopation Club— v Jean Guderlan will entertain the members of the Syncopation club at the home Of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hem-y Guderlan. The ClUb Is a musical organization sponsored by the Bel Canto club. Mrs. C. C. Shierk has been acting as advisor in the absence Of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Murtagh. Presbyterian Missionary— he Mislonary society of the Presbyterian church met Thursday afternoon in the church basement, Mrsi John McDowell and Mrs. Myron Ludwlg were, hostesses. Mrs. A. E/ Kresensky was in charge of the lesson. i • Pollards Entertain Club- Mr, and Mrs. C. U. Pollard entertained the three tables of players in their bridge club Sunday evening. Nyle Latch won the defense stamps given aa"prlze for high score. Sirs. Morck Entertains— , .. Mrs. C. W. Morck entertained the mettmers of her bridge club Wednesday afternoon. Mrs, John Kohlhaas received the first prize arid Mrs Angelo Holta .the second prize, Wedding An,nivers'y and Birthday- Mrs. Bob*'Nolte entertained four couples at dinner ion Thursday evening as a surprise celebration of the birthday of her husband and their wedding anniversary. Idle Hour Club— Mrs. F. E. Sawyer will entertpin the members of the Idle Hour club Wednesday afternoon. The club meets for luncseon and spend the afternoon playing bridge. Children's Party— (Mrs. Raymon Henry entertained several mothers and their babies Thursday honoring the first birthday anniversary of her daughter, ftttfas&V, -J t 'at thi Will are Mw, Mettry Woman's Society tit fti . Salpri-Bonovan a group of y6uh* gtrlfo «W> Thursday in honor of the tenth of'hef daughtei, Belt?, Dinner-Bridge Club— >• . > Afr. and Mrs. C. ft. LaBaffo.tWll ., .entertain the <sl* o»uple* of their Ian- Service luncheon had been post- dlnneri-brldge dub at their home oft toned unlll -April 9 fceoaUae- »f the Wednesday evening. ' ' Extra Rich Frettcft Sfe Have you- tried this exceptionally good, very rich,' very tasty ice cream; If' you lia ven 't yoit have a delightful experience 'coining 1 to. you.. ; WINTER SALES--You will like' Ice Creami'ii* winter as well as -'.summer. Our winter sales this year have been way ahead of any other year. Winter Sales grow better every year, just as- our ice cream grows better andi'betterr— HTse 1 Lusby & Giossi can \ For National Defense Buy NASH'S COFFEE 4* VACUUM PACKED he's a smart little woman Smart in appearance, ..and smart because she knows that these perfectly- fitting dresses wear long, and will serve her well into the future, Jftf Y T TV E youthful half*$ize DRESSES Bright new f ayoa sheen, in e«ou-dret*y and coat ttylei, ekirt» with the new uqprew«d pleat* or wide gore*. Penonality m louche* in ibirrug, tucking, (titchiox— lace collar* and gillet*, Your choice of gay print*, monotone* a«d (tripea, Wathable Glamor Sheer rayon, fenk* rayon. Sheer, Jeneite rayon and a new flaz-aod-rayon fabric. Admiral Navy, Victory bine, Burnt «ugar, Pwcock, MOM green f 790 and Grey, Sice* Utfc to ?6Vfr . . , . f Christensen's

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