The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 17, 1942 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 17, 1942
Page 8
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the Algona ! • • •-,'.> JKrili 17, i«a. ," <\St? "L ". '-''A'^,:. ;i '.t'',"'•./> MAY PUBLISH THE WEATHER After a black-out of several months newspapers may again publish current weather 'reports. It wll be remembered that the reports as published recently have been' a week old. Now the government has •decided that publishing reports In this part of the country would have .no action on conditions in war zones. As a result Harry Nolle, weatherman, gives us the following up-to-the-minute report for the week: High Low Jan. 3 Jan. 4 Jan. 5 Jan 1 . 6 ..45 49 00 50 Jan. 7 44 Jan. 8 35 Jan. 9 41 Jan. 10 56 Jan. 11 44 Jan. 12 46 Jan. 13 '.: 40 Jan. 14 41 Jan. 15 38 Jan. 16 35 There were slight precipitations noted on the 10th. .03; llth, .02; 14th, 08 and 15th, .18. Legion Post Condemns Mob Action Against American-Born Japs Down at Shenandoah, Iowa, last week a mob of 200 persons demanded the discharge of four American- born Japanese chicken sexers from hatcheries there. It later developed that all four had been loyal to this country since birth and that one of them, George J. Kinoshita, 24, is an American soldier on 1 furlough until the close of the hatchery season. The Cotton Hatcheries, Lone Rock, employed several Jap chick- en sexers at the plant during the season last year. Willis J. Cotton, owner, itold an Upper Des Motnes reporter Friday that all of them spoke fluent English, were graduates of high schools and "that they were working under super' vision of" Iowa State College. One of them (Mr. Cotton said It was an unpronouncable name) had vol unteered and was serving with our forces today. Mr. Cotton suggested that there no doubt were some persons at large who should be interned but he felt the government should attend to that. He would, of course, prefer Americans to do the job in his hatchery, but so far only Japanese seemed expert in that line. Clifford Teeter, Of Turner Field, Visits Parents Here Just eight months ago yesterday, July 16, 1941, Clifford Teeter, son of Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Teeter, city, joined the U. S. forces. He is now stationed at Turner Field, Georgia. Accompanied by his wife he arrived in Algona Sunday for a 15 days' visit with relatives here and with Mr. and Mrs. Merle Wooster, of Mallard, parents of Mrs, Teeter. (Sorters M I D M I C I) T C/\ U B C « PAPER £ For Sale at The Algona Upper Des Monies North Dodge St. ALGONA BOYS NOW IN LONDON A telegram from Uondpn, England, was received here Wednesday addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bestenlehner, 645 N. Minnesota, stating that'Sergeant Donald Wood and Sergeant Sigwel Wood and Bill Bestenlehner, sons and step 1 sons of Mr. and Mrs. Bestenlehner, were now in London. The telegram stated that they were O. K, Victory Gardens Hospital News Kpssuth Hospital March 9— Mrs. Harlan- Frankl, Algona, girl. Mrs. Bill Larson, Burt, surgical. Mrs. Elmer Hanson, Burt, boy. March 10 — Arnold Deitering, Swea City, surgical. Jerry Ferguson, Bode, medical. Mrs. John Becker, Bode, medical. Marsh 12— Mrs. Frank Shilts, Algona, surgical. LaVionne Youngwirth LuVerne, medical. Mrs. Jess Riddle, Algona, medical. It is very unusual for boys to outnumber girls in high school enrollment, but in Deep River high school there are 38 boys and 18 girls. We'll Save That Fender! No need to worry about that bent fender. Our expert mechanics can iron it out easily and eco- nom,ically. Qui'ck service. Dau Garage AND BODY SHOP We're experts at anything in the auto line. Keep us in mind tor expert servfce. (By Mnrry N*lte) Many persons In Algona and Vicinity who have never planted a garden before a*e planning a 'Victory" Garden this spring. That is a good name for a garden, but whether the victory will be yours or will belong to the bugs and the weeds will depend upon the amount of effort you are Willing to expend. There is a great deal more to ifi good garden than planting the seeds and harvesting the crop. Unless you are prepared to give your garden time and thought and many hours of hard work you had better skip the whole thing. Without this attention you will be wasting space and time and good seed. The old rule that has long been a favorite of the amateur gardener, never to plant more garden than your wife cdn conveniently take care of, will no doubt apply to many a Victory garden this yjar. So it would be a good idea to consult the litle woman frequently when you are planning. A home vegetable garden will pay large dividends on the amount of time and energy expended. Not only will fresh vegetbles from your own garden add variety to the diet and improve your health, but will also help to relieve transportation difficulties and marketing pirob- lems that are becoming more acute every day. All this can be done on otherwise idle land and on spare time and will add greatly to the victory effort of our country. That extra hour of daylight can be put to good use in your garden. Little need be said about the soil. Here in Algona we are blessed with a deep, rich, black loam that will produce large crops with little or no fertilizer. I have known gardens here to produce good crops year after year from nothing but the natural rich black soil. However, any garden will produce more !f good manure or other fertilizer is added before plowing or spading. Of course, every gardener is anxious to get his garden started as early as possible, but none will care to have his early plants cut down by frost, so a consideration of the last freezing temperature in the spring is necessary. A weather bureau summary for Iowa for the past 49 years of the last killing frost in the spring and the first killing frost in the fall shows that while the first killing frost in' the fall is nine days later on the average the last killing frost in the spring is also later by 2.4 days. Thus our growing season is one week longer. In the past ten years in Algona the latest spring frost was May 14, 1937, while the earliest last frost was April 21, 1939. A median between these two dates is May 4th. Nine out of ten years the last frost has occured before May 4th, so we can say, with a reasonable margin of safety that a garden plant' ed May 4th or later will be safe from fost damage. Remember, a good garden begins in the mind. Start planning yours now—out where the soil is rich an< black and where the sunlight hits most of the day. In future articles I will go into further detail as to the preparation of* the soil, different varieties planting of seed, culture, insec control and many other things thai will help make your Victory garden a reality, nxost of the publications bf the" U S. Department of Agriculture an< of the lowft State College relating to home gardens and. all factua statements will be based on these authorities. Twenty years of e*» perlmental gardening as & hobby have produced some practical facts experiences and opinions that '. will be glad to pass along to you for what the yare worth. Clarence Smith, Marcella Thllges and Lorena Berger spent severa days recently visiting at Bnoken Bow, Nebr, Peter Kayser, Fred Illg and Alfred Reding attended the farm sale of Casper Kayser near Waseca, Minn., on Monday. Sister M. Gorgene of Alton spent the week end here at the bedside of her father, George Becker, and visiting lother relatives. "Polishing Papa'^ a three act comedy, will be presented .by St. Joseph's pupils on Sunday evening, March 22nd at eight o'clflck. (Mr. and Mrs. John Schumacher and Lawrence Schiltz were callers Thursday at the John B. Reding lome. They had just returned from Hot Springs, where they had spent the past five weeks. • Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Frideres from near Burt, Clarence Frideres and Fidells Thilges visited at the George Becker home in Rockford, 111. Mrs. Becker is a sister of Edmund and Clarence. Mr, and Mrs. Mike Bormann and aon t Clarence, Wilfred Kohlhaas and Caroline Kollasch recently spent a few hours visiting with Private Erwin Bormann at Dds Moines before he left for Camp Bowie, near Brownsville, Texas. The memorial Requiem High Mass for Thomas G. Wagner, 22, son of Mrs. Peter Schmitt, who was killed at Pearl Harbor ion Dec. 7th, was well attended Monday morning at 8:30 o'clock. Rev. Father Duhigg of Livermore delivered the funeral sermon. .*&». John Frellinger and he? elf- cle wwe InNcharge of the card forty In St. Joseph's Mall Sunday evening. Roslna Thllgeir and Clair fierryhlll were awarded prizes Irt bridge with Mws. Nicholas Wagner and Alfred Frellinger receiving the prizes in' 600. Joseph Faber received the attendance prize. A deli- clous lunch Was served to 1R5 guests. MARKETS HOGS Heavy butchers, 180-200 ;;,.....$13.!)0 Heavy butchers. 200-240 13.00 Heavy butchers, 240-270 NN 12.90 Packing sows, 270-330 ......; 12.40 Packing sows, 330-360 ....;. 12.80 Packing sows, 360-400 12.20 CATTLE , Canners and cutters ....$4.50-5.50 Fat yearlings -. 9.50-10.50 Stock steers 8.00-10,00 Veal calves 7.00-11.00 Fat cows 5.50-6.50 Bulls .„... 8.00-8.60 Fat steers 9.60-10.60 , SHEEP Choice .......! $11.60 Medium , .....; 10.00-11.25 Common .• 2.00 Culls , 3.00 down Fat ewes 3.00-6.00 GRAIN NTo. 2 white corn, new $.82 No. 2 yellow corn, new 68 N16. 2 mixed corn, new .67 27 Ib. test white oats .47 No. 2 yellow soybeans 1.72 No. 3 barley 47 EGGS Premiums '. 28c Extras ...'. 27c Mediums •.:. 24c Dirty and checked eggs .'..... 22c Cash cream— . ' Sweet ,. 36c ,No. 1 ..., .............35c No. 2 , 33c POULTRY Sens over 5 Ibs.' 17'/4c lens, 4'to 5 Ibs 15%'c lens under 4 Ibs HHc ?ocks, over 4% Ibs ; . lOc No. 2 poultry, 3c less. These are Monday quotations. Markets are subject to change 'by :ime of publication. 0!4«p IndSX Bale* f oft^Ui ,0opy iheets Ink Badlf, «._ Stamp pad Ink . Printing At The Alt 0 North Dodge. Bes 29-tf Card of Thanks We wish to express ou^ thanks and appreciati&n tot the beautiful floral tributes and many kindnesses shown us at the time of our bereavement. ~ Mrs. Edwin Johnson and Beverly Jean. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Johnson and family. •• ii* CardofThanks We wish to express out* most sincere and heartfelt thanks to all our friends, neighbors and relatives for their many' kind expressions, of sympathy following the illness and death of oU? beloved daughter and Sister. : s • Wllma Dacken and Jackie. 11* Classified Ads Notice of Probate of Will STATE OF IOWA KOSSUT--I COUNTY, ss. Mo. 488B in District Court,' March TermJL942. To All Whom It May Concern: You are Hereby Notified, that'an instrument of 'writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of WilHartiTJehnert, deceased, dated Feb, 2, 1940, and Codicil attached thereto dated Oct. 13, 1941, having been this day filed, opened and read, Saturday, the llth day of April, 1942, is fixed for hearing proof of same at the Court House in Algona, Iowa, before 'the District Court of said County, or the Clerk of said Court; and at 10 o'clock a. m. of the day above mentioned all persons interested "are hereby notified and required to appear, and show cause. If any they have, why said instrument should not ,be -pro- — as and itoKthe last Wilt a«d Testament bf slid d*» sewed * j " M •• Bate'd « Algflna, ftjwVifaFch ifc, IMS. -. » ' ; '- , Lusby & Giossi " ' '^ ' ' •„ ' • . • ' ' .•'•- ' :- : i-'.-'i . ; For Sale RATES—Minimum charge 25c fo 13 words or less. Cash rate, 2c pe word, paid in advance. A former library board member at Eagle Grove, the late Mrs. Lilian Smallpage, gave a large col- ection of books to the local library, Mrs. Smallpage's will als bequeaths other gifts to a local church. STARTS AT Chrischilles Store We've never shown a more beautiful and attractive line of smart individual dresses—dresses that are different and have that exclusive "look." See them here in complete size ranges now. Buy your Easter dress here. Jacket Dresses Jacket dresses with print frock arid plain colored jacket are here in beautiful combinations—you can even buy the dress and coat separately—in all price ranges. Silk redingote (long coat) navy, black and pastel for $10.95. Jacket dresses in juniors at $9.95 Misses' and women's jacket dresses $22.50 Navy and Blacks A truly beautiful collection of plain navy and black dresses, with neat white collars and cuffs, mesh and silk crepes—at $9.95, $15.00 and $22.50. New Easter Hats Buy your new Easter hat now and buy it from this grand showing of latest millinery, including the famous FISK hats, sold at this store, exclusively. All shapes and head sizes —for youth and matron and priced within the reach of everybody. X.50 to 6.00 FOR SALE—'Brood sows, Hamp shire and Poland.—Ed Chambers, mile So. 2 west Corwith. 11 FOR SALE—Team three year old. Broke.—Everett Witham. 1 FOR SALE—2 white geese hens —Mrs. Orville Gardner, 11F23, Al gona, Lone Rock phone 909. 11' FOR SALE—2 slightly used ca radios, used only a short time.—Kirk Motor Co. . 1 (FOR SALE—10 purebred" Chevio and 10 purebred Shorpshire ewes lamb soon. Als:o 2 Milking Short horn bulls, about year old.—Wm Fritz, Rl, Wesley. 11 FOR SALE—Special Water Softener salt for your water softener Bulk and package garden seeds Bulk lawn seed and lawn fertilizer Use them early. We deliver. Phone 257—Algona Flour and Feed Co 11-14* IFOR SALE—1940 Plontiac. 'Radio, heater. Good tires. In good shape. —Kirk Motor Co. 11 /FOR SALE—House at corner of Minnesota and East North Streets paving both sides, Modern. Want to sell to settle estate. Call 876 or see Dick Sorenson. 1] FOR SALE—1940 Buick 6 passenger coupe Radio, heater, defroster seat covers. In perfect shape.— Kirk Motor Co. 11 FOR SALE—Brown Swiss bull, eight months old.—John F. Weber, Irvington. Phone Algona 15F22. 11* FOR SALE—1940 Chevrolet. Low mileage. Radio, heater. This car is just Jike new.—Kirk Motor Co. 11 'FOR SALE—Modern 7 room house with 2 lots in Bancroft.— Nick Sandt. 10-11* ON HAND—Thousands of Baby and Started Chicks every day.— Thompson Hatchery, Elmore, Minn. 10-13*-24 (FOR SALE—Bison flax seed. ?3 per bushel. Dial LuVerne 2512.— Joseph J. Wadleigh. 11* IFOR SALE—1939 Buick two-door. Mechanically good. Good tires.— Kirk Motor Co. II FOR SALE-Good Remington upright typewriter. New roller. Completely overhauled. First $22.50 :akes it.—The Algona Upper Des Vtoines. 6-tf INSURANCE FOR Brooder house and contents. Insured against fire and -wind.—L. S. Bohannon, over S. & L. Store. 7-12 'FOR SALE—1937 Lincoln coupe, 5 good tires. —Cuss Clllen, phone 33, Algona. 11* FOR SALE—12 Black Angus cows, bred to registered bull.—Bob Young, Algona. 11-12* FOR SALE—Hoe Feeders, Hog and Chicken Waterers, troughs and tanks.—Raesly Lumber Co. -25-tf We WiU Buy Your Car Bring your car to 21-2nd S. W., hxm City, Iowa, We pay highest cash -prices. Zenor Motor Co. 6-12* SHED POTATOES FOR SALE —Early and late varieties. Grown on new ground. Free from disease. —Thoreson Bros., Swea. City, 4 west, 3 north- N 7-14* USED IMACBnmiY F0» SAIJ5 2 John Deere "B" tractors. 3 AllSs-CheUmers 'WO" tractors. 1 I. H, C. FannaU tractor. J I. H. C. 1S-SO tractor, good nape. . . 1 I. H. C. eniigate seeder, like ew. ' ' % used. 2 late jj. Q. Several discs, plows, milis, gas . - ...• &t r/iv^' v/U: readers, J. D. and engines, mowers, elevators, etc' Buy your twine now!'_ All kinds of hog and poultry waterers, feeders, hog pans, etc. Jflhn Deere Store Phone 850 O. A. Lindgren, Mgr. 11 iFOR SALE—Two white Geese hens.—'Mrs. Orville Gardner, 11-F23 Algona, Iowa. 11* CALL ALGONA SKELGAS SERVICE for your bottle gas, we have plenty on hand. Also have Skelgas Chick Brooder in operation. Anyone interested please come In.and see it. Can sell you Skelgas ranges, Water Heaters and Refrigerators. Phone 221-W or 2214R • , Wanted WANTED—Job on farm by married man. Also have son, 18, that wants farm job. Call at Upper Des Moines office. 11* Wanted WANTED—Again we are buying old books and magazines as well as scrap iron and metals.—Joe Green1>erg. 30-tf Miscellaneous SWIFTS POULTRY and Swine concentrates contain all of'the proteins, minerals and';,vitamins necessary-for correctly.,balanced diet, with your home grown grains. Poultry concentrates, 37% protein, $4.35. Swine concentrates, 41% protein, $3.80. Egg Mash, $3.00.—Swift & Co., Algona, Iowa. 7-tf PHONOGRAPH RECORDS—all the new releases. Needles—albums. —Kossuth Radio & Electric, Algona, Iowa. 9-tf The Algona Upper Des Molnes Authorized Smith-Corona and Underwood Dealer Allen Adding Machines 3-tf 97% INABILITY! Actually 9.7 out of evsry 10 ohioki olive and healthy at 8 week*! That'* the life •lory of more than 100,000 day-old Swift's Baby Chick,. Place and order today with your aeareit Swill Hatchery. Swift's Baby Chicks FARMERS—Swift's Baby Chicks can- be money makers. Place your order early to insure getting them when you want them.—Swift & Co. Hatchery, Algona, Iowa. 9-tf IP YOU NEED a rubber stamp for any purpose, you can order them at The Algona Upper Des Moines, Me and up. " 13*-tf WHEN YOU haul your own coal, come to the handiest place in town. —Raesly Lumber Co. Milwaukee Depot Plaza. Phone 234. 46-tf SEE ME FOR Real Bargains Ir /arms, loans, drainage surveying and estimates on tile.—Phil J, Kohlhaas, phone 22. Algona. 16-U TOWN PROPERTY LOANS as ow as 4%% to buy, build, remodel, refinance F. H. A. or Association >lan, monthly reduction or flve-year erm. No Commission or appraisal charge.—Algona Federal Savings & Loan Ass'n, Algona, Iowa 14-tf OFFICE ROOM FOR RBNT- 1 - Jeated room over Kleinpeter Food Store. See June Corey at Upper Des Moines office. 44-tf BEBWWD BRIQUETS. Sold by Raesly Lumber Co. Phone 231. 46-tf Exchange Dept. Basement Good Used Furniture pining room—Living room suites Breakfast sets, Buffets, Radios and Washers Bjuatrom's Furniture •••• ' SUPPLIES Folders machine rolls Typewriter ribbon.. >^_^« »^_ Scotch fr^-^^j^^^frfrwyvw^^ ^^ Call " ' ••'•''.:• Fellow an 'Easter Bunny' ' He's a wise fellow—knows that there are only I 9 days left until Easter. He also knows that perhaps the suit-he buys npw will serve for several Easters to con\e. It's a wise time to buy that new suit—a good suit and be sure of getting every nice^ appointment you expeet in a good suit of-clothes--yes, you can have zippers, pleats if you like 'dm—and most suits have two trousers. Colors—Indian^ Brown—it's swell; Strato Blue-^a lively shade. / Suits Haisi • Kuppenheimer • Michaels^Stern • Cloth Craft ' .• Pace-Setter PRICES 21 - 25 - 30 35 - 40 - 50 • Stetson' • Capson A fitting companion to your new suit. 3.95 - 5.00-&50 7,50 Shirts Shoes Arrow Phillips-Jones 1.65 2.00 2.25 Rodn John 3.50. '' . • ¥>'?*' s*>?» ^^^^H ^^^^p ^^ •^^ ^^^^^ f^H^I ' IH iRK< -'• i WIPI s . *•' " "• " '' . % *»,T TOIL, too, will find %M; w'lw?e at it's a pleasure to pay.

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