The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 17, 1942 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 17, 1942
Page 4
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V" /' \ . * S' .J-'r, 1 *' l ""' "% 6 s * f e * ' /"" *'/•" f ' c ^i^* T •>','£ , r J » ^ '! ' « "A* "l , \r "* *" ^^ V' ' ' * • KOSSUTH COUNTY FAMILIES WILL HAVE TIN CANS iKossuth county famlliea will be provided with an adequate supply of tin cans for home canning this year as a restilt of a recent ruling by the War Production Board, Robert M. Loss, county USDA War Baard chairman stated this week. As a result of the war, not fewer, but more tins cans are going to be set aside for home canning In an attempt to partially relieve the drain on the commercial food market by promoting increased home canning this year. Fanners Will Benefit 'While agriculture will benefit, by receiving an increased supply of tin cans, many commercial users will be restricted, however. For the duration of the war tin cans Will not be available for such things as dog food, French fried onions and potatoes, coffee, tobacco, beer, and motor oil. Of these many industries that will be forced to discontinue the use of cans, the beer, coffee, and dog food Companies nre the largest users. In 1941 for instance, 1,600 tons of tin were used in the manufacture of beer cans alone. Saving; of 40 Per Cent This order by the War Production Board halting the use of tin cans in the canning of luxury and specialty items which can be packaged in other ways, is expected to result in a saving of 40 per cent in the amount of tin used by the canning industry compared with 1941. It is through this savings of tin in some industries that an adequate supply of tin cans will be available for farm home canners who are expected to double their previous annual schedule of canning in 1942, Mr. Loss concluded. Rotations Hear Lieut-Col. Hallagan On Selective Service The guest speaker at the Rotarlan dinner Monday was Lleut.-Col, Hallagan of Des Molnes, state advisor on (occupational deferment. The colonel set out some of the very salient reasons for local draft boards action on deferments, point ing out that not only waa man power needed now, but also industry and agriculture must be mobilized to provide equipment and food for the man power. He said a third mobilization was necessary, that of people back of man power and industry. President McDowell appointed a nomination committee to present names for candidates for the officers to be elected for ensuing Rotary year beginning July 1. Siune Knife For 51 years Mrs. Emma Granzoe Of Eldora has carried a pocket knife. She purchased it in the same store in 1891 where she went last week to buy a new one. Salvage for Victory Appointment Made William Ley, Lakota, county chariman, has appointed Phil J. Kohlhaas, committeeman for the ibur townsh'ps, Union, Plum Creek, Cresco and Irvlngton, to salvage old iron, rubber and papel-. Mr. Kohlhaas said that he felt the people in the four townships were cooperating 100 per cent in this salvage, by calling him or any junk dealer in disposing of these materials, and reporting to him the amount sold so that a proper government repwt can be made. Phi! does not do the buying, that is done by the junk dealer, who also collects the. salvage. He suggests that everybody check their junk possessions and contact either him or the dealers in an effort to salvage for government use these materials. Algona*s Sert&l Draft A umbers The Iron Trail Some Iowa railroads have started an iron scrap hunt to round up valuable metal for re-use during the war period. All of the iron salvaged which cannot be used again for railroad purposes will be turned over to the government. The round-up is taking place in railroad yards and along the rights of way. 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There are 1609 numbers in this . county. Any number above that drawn in Washington will have no effect on the local registrants. If No. 500 Is the iflrst number drawn that number will be assigned to our No. 1. If the next number is above 1609 it will have no effect on our numbers. If the third number is 355 that number will be assigned to our Nto. 2, and so on. We hope this is clear to our renders. • » • T- 10—Johnson Virgil Forest. T-25—Robinson, Lloyd Irving. T- 31-43kil!ing, Elliott S. T- 34—Gillispie, Lawrence W. T- 46—Anderson, Arthur M. T- "52—Tuttle, Homer A. T 1 - 57—Herbst, Joel Max. T- 68—Steven, Wilbur R. T- 73—Wagner, Chas. J. T-76—Reaper, Chas. M. T- 78—Wrede, Harold R. T-82—Fuhrmann, Louis. T- 84—Hobbs, Geo. H. T-104—Albert, Ralph Peter. T-105—Taylor, Earl. T-107—Anderson, Lyle Richard. T-117—.flllen, James. T-120—AVray, Eugene Harold, Jr. T-123—Myers, Jerry Jerome. T-130—Webb, Lloyd. T-136—Hagg, Albert H. 'C-145—Wells, Clarence Steadman. T-148—Ferstl, Richard Leo. T-151—Johnston, Carson. T-153—Zimmerman, Harold G. T-167—Heine, Vern Henry. T-169—Martinson, Oliver Rinhard. T-177—<Clopton, Delmer Guy. T-187—Gold, Raymond Anson.. T-197—Rich, Edward Henry. T-203—Seller, Julius Nicklis. T-205—-Klooster. Anthony Johnson. T-216—Collins, Perry Mason. T-218—Heiderscheidt. John. T-234—.Reed, Lewis James. T-240—Michel, Roger Dean. T-244—Seely, Hoawrd Brown. T-255—Keefe, Ray David. T-258—McMahon. Francis LeRoy. T-260—Phillips, Harry J. T-275—Hutchison, Donald Call. T-278—Crapser, LeRoy 'John. T-281—Gade, Hugo Henry. T-285—Runge, Wilfred Carl. T-290—Ross, Harry Frank. T-291—Hart, Harry Williams. T-299—Davis, Albert James. T-303—Harig, Adrian Herman. T-305—Manthei, Albert A. T-308—Schoby, Howard Merle. T-312—Taylor, Otto Cash. T-315^Tohnson, Walter Leonard. T-318—Weydert, .John. T-319—Wallukait,, Chris. T-322—Larson, Fred. T-33i—Crawford, Norman John. T-344—Heerdt, Conrad Worth. T-346—Barrickman, Charles Milo. T-349—Trede Hans Loui. T-371—Hoffman, Karl R. Dr. T-374—Stueve, Henry Gale. T-384—Barnard, Darrell Arthur. 1I7385—Steinman, Ralph. T-388—Stebritz, Rudolph Sandy. T-392—Otto, Wm. Frederick. T-399—Steil, Chas. Joseph. *.. T-408^-Lunbery, Howard Orin. T-428—-Holmes, Thos. H. Jr. KT-433—Gronbach, Fred George. T-437—'Reisner, Noah Henry. T-449—Carroll, Hugh. T-450—Flaherty, Chas. F. T-461—Stevens, Leo F. T-463—Gisch, Francis B. T-641—Muiler, George L. T-650—Pollard, Clarence U. T-655—Helmke, Harry F. T-567—Banker, Louis C. T-661—Brandow, Kenneth L. T-674—Fisher, Archie L. T-684—Dau, William C. T-686—Stillman, Gsrald W. 11-696—Yanser, Ralph C. T-701—Minard, Eugene Edward. T-711—Meyer, Martin F. T-720—Olin, Oscar O. T-746—Strayer, Howard R. T-754—Phillips, Wm. L: T-759—Vanderwerf, Wm. J. T-763—AVieskamp, Frank" W. T-766—Preston, Wm.t J. T-7G8—Eason, Alvin J. T-777—Miller, Chas. R. T-779—McKim, Chas. E. T-782—Jordan, John M. T-787—French, Wendell P. T-788—Jenson, Martin A. T-790—Erpelding, Peter N. T-791—McEnroe, Patrick G. T-794—Thompson, James A. rr-799—WellendorB, Merle. H-801—Perry, Robert F. T-805—Skilling, Frank H. T-808—iBenschoter, George C. T-481—lAnderscn, Fred H. T-484—Bales, Glen LeRoy. T-487—'McGinivis, Cecil E. T-496—Bilyou, Milford E. T-500—Billsborough, Raymond G. T-503—Gade, Arthur Otto. ; T-510—Sleichter, Everett E. T-516—Clapsaddle, Horace D. T-527—Miller, Helmuth W. T-533—Morgan, Ralph E. T-542—Lee, Roy Jewell. T-544—Hagg, Edward L. T-545—Glaser, Arthur G. T-551—Johnson, Edwin V. > /T-566—Sandberg, Bruce D. T-572—Dettman, Erwin R. 11-579—McMahon, Maurice C. T-580—Eischen, Martin Fred. T-585—Chase. Philbert O. T-589—Zittritsch, Eugene H. T-592—Gunder, Harold. T-594—Moore, Keith E. T-600—Larson, Earl F. ^ T-601—Zittritsch, Anton W. T-605--iLorenz, Walter A. T-609—iPenton, John A. J. T-612—St. John, George M. T-616—Webb, Floyd. T r 624—Sperry, Robert E. T-626—Brown, Ralph H. T-639—Baker, Merlon D. T-809—Irons, Paul R. T-814—Carroll, John S. T-817—Carney, Robert R. T-823—Godfredson, Ernest. H-825—White, Gayle O. fT-828—Carney, Robert E. T-835—Shumway, Gaylord D. T-837—iBunting, Francis A. T-845—Putz, Arry A. T-849—Heiderscheidt, M. T-851—Meyer, Wm. H. T-853—Scuffham, George. T-863—Lee, Thomas LeRoy. T-865—Baker, Chas. H. T-868—Waldron, Peter J. T-871—Steinman, Lloyd. T-874—Young, Loyal S. .T-878—Pogue, Edward T. T-789—Mertz, Nick M. T.gsi-jBjustrom, Clifton W T-884—Kenefick, John N. T-887—^Johnson, Francis V. T-891—Minard, Forester F. T-898—Batt, George E. T-902—Hurlburt, Donald M. T-904—iBunkofske, Henry T. T-908—Thompson, Robert LeRoy, T-912—Drayton, Wm. T. T-915—Casler, Adrian P. T-916-^FitzpatrlQk, Elden J. T-8J8r-«pbbs, T-928—ttJojUe, Edward. ' T-928—Boswell, Oeo. C. T-935—Steinman, Leslie R,oy. T'938—Blelch, Walter Arndfd. T-940—Rockey, Ward M. (T-944— Bller, John F. T-954—Rlnggenberg, W. V O. T-&58>—Halverson, Jesse L, 11-962—Bust'.her, Raymond /. T-970—Myers, Eugene L. T-971—Curtis, Willard G. T-977—Orton, Donald C. T-980—Brown, Albert LeRoy. T-986—Valentine, Ralph H. T-990—iHelmers, Helmer J. T-993—Dodds, Archie A. T-997-<Su)ltvan, Wm. W. T-999—.Kiecker, Arthur A. T-1010—Reding, Louis C. T-1011-^Wittern Ordell B. T-1012—Cooper, James M. T-1013—Burbank, Marlon F. T-1018—Morton, Richard G. T-1022—Olson, Herman M. T-1024—Esser, James L. Tfl025—James, Eugene JU TV1026—Adams,. Garmon H. T-1027—iForbes, Kermit E. T-1029—Rich, John Henry. T-1035—Wimmer, J. Clyde. T-1039—Becker, Geo. E. T-1044—Moore, Marc. T-1047—(Dicklson-, Harvey M. T-:050—Johnson, Clifford J. T-1052—Sorenson Anton. ',r-1055—Hoenk, Howard L. T-1056—Klnsch, Nick. T-1060—Rutledge, Orlan J. T-1062—Asa, John K. T-1063—Brethorst, Ferdinand M. T-1064^Doyie, Archibald L. T-1071—Forsberg, Virgil F. T-1078—Long, Howard M. ' T-1079—McEnroe, James T. T-1080^-Timm, Freddie B.' T-1086—Cogley, Arthur. J. T-1088—Kollasch, Calvin E. T-1091—Schoby, Fred W, T-1094—Willrett, Rudolph G. T-1096—iBrownell, Roy A. T-1101—Whittaker, Floyd E. T-1102—«mlth Harold E. T-1103—'Diirnin, Owen J. T-1105—(Bjustrom, Milan D. . T-lllO—Schwietert, Merle W. T-1121—Romer, Gust. fT-1124—Walsh, John H. T-1129—Gillingham, Robert Robin. T-1131—Swanson, Martin Bradford. T-1133—dhristensen Roy Victor. T-1135—Sherer, Richard Celestine J. T-1137—Lee, Eurie Everett. T-1140—Ross, Alva Ernest. T-1143—Bilsborough, Floyd. T-1147—Rochleau, Clarence Alexander. T-1149-JGenrich, Edward August. T-1151—Amfahr, Mathew, Franklin. T-1155—Murtagh, Eugene. T-1155—(Haas, Herbert August. T-1162—Seely, Claude A, T-1164—iDooley, Kenneth John. T-1165—-Esser, Otto Anthony. T-1168—Hum, Matthew Paul. T-1170—Camp, Alfred Jesse. T-1173—Falkenhainer, Melzar H. T-1175—Lampright, Harold E. T-1176—Loss, Robert Michael. /T-1177—McGinnLs, Percy E, T-1179—Briggs, Alvin Edward. T-1182—McGuire, John T. T-1184—Winker, Lawrence A. T-1186—Wildin, Douglas S. T-1190—Volzke, Fredric C. T-1195—Platt, Matthew J. T-1197—-Deibler, Charles R. T-1200—King, David C. T-1202—Wolcott, Edwin L. T-1205—Etherington, William 3. T-1207—AYiese, Arthur E. T-1209—Platt, Howard L. T-1211—Richardson, Jesse L. T-1213—Rutledge, Verne M. T-1217—Archibald, Ralph L. fT-1221—Byson, Fred C. T-1224—Buthman, John C. T-1226—Duboski, John B. T-1228—Schmidt, Arnold F. T-1230—Thompscn, Robert W. T-1232—Reilly, Clem M. • T-1234—Furst, Henry Harold T-1237—Robinson, Clair R. T-1240—Lindhorst, Kenneth D. T-1242—^Dwenger, Bernard A. T--1244—Sifert, Edward R. T-1246—Colburn, Chester D. T-1249—Dewel, Duane E. T-1255—^Douglas, Wayne E. T-1260—JAllen, Wayne E. T-1265—McCorkle Harry L. T-1266—Hackbarth, Harvey H. T-1271—Zentner, Walter H. T-1276—Schaap, Claire D. .T-1280—Bobo, Arnold W. T-1281—Lindeman, Herman H. T-1283—Dunn, Linal T. T-1292—Gish, John N. T-1293—Henry, Joe. T-1294—McVay, Floyd Louis. T-1295—Casey, Charles Henry. T-1298-JHarlan, Otto Verne. T-1299—Jacobson, Melvin W. T-1307—Clayton, Harold R. T-1312—Laing, Otto B. H-1313—Kain, John William. T-1316—Staebler, John G. T-1317—Hennings, August. T-1320-JMyers William H. T-1231—Dahl, Milton T. T-1322—Kunh, William C. |T-1325—Beckman, John H. O. T-1327—Teeter, Vern R. T-1329—White, Claude N. T-1331—Ward, Curtis E. T-1332—Cullen, Cleophas J. T-1335—Loss, Casey. T-1338—Gatton, Kenneth. T-1342—Dremmel, Louis Paul. T-1347—Neville Harold V. T-1351—Willey, George H. T-1356—Kelley, Russell R. T-1358—DeZellar, Edward L. T-1360—Swanson, Clarence H. T-1363—Mathes, Jesse Lyle. T-1364—Clark, John Henry. T-1367^Baldwin, feert, B. T-1370—McDonald, Sherwood D. 11-1373—Keen,' James Richard. T-1377—McDanel, Archie J. T-1379—McMahon, Eugene C. T-1382—McVay, Charles L. T-1386—Moe, Ernest T. T-1389—Phillips, Paul A. T-1392—Dragen. Eugene L. T-1397—Ditsworth, LeRoy H. T-1401—Black, Everett Paul. T-1406—Moe, Ralph R. T-1410—Robinson, Glenn O. T-1415—Conklin, Robert A. T-1419—O'Brien, Timothy. T-1422—Bourne, Melvin G. T-1424—Holta Angelo I. T-1430—Broadwell, Harvey E. T-1432—Powell; Arthur Mi T-1435—Balnchard, Daniel L. T-1437—-Kain, Edward J. T-1440—Walker, Lester W. T-1444—Johnston; John-B. T-1448—Guderian, Henry C. T-1450—Peter, Carl George. • T-1454--Mayer, William John. T-1457—Norman, Helmer A. T-1459—Parks, Edward L. T-1461—Ferstl, Julius L. T-1463—Wendrich, Paul. T-J467—Miller, Bruce E. T-14T2—CJhapin, Emery. T-W7B—Saas, Julius Wm., Jr. T-1480—Brown, Carl A. •J-MSa-vJohnson, Orren E. , T-1485—Laidley, Kenneth D. » ArcWe J. J. T-1480-Renta, MUo B. M. A b, Club—' The Cresco 'Mothers and twugh- ters club met Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. O. S. Moore, Mrs, Kathryn Parks assisting. Mfs. W. L. Martin led the singing and letters were read from Mrs. B. F. sparks, now In Florida, and from Mrs. Alice WHklns. Mrs. E. c. Potter discussed Red Cross sewing and members reported on the cotinty Federation meeting last Thursday. A guest, Mrs. Howard French, Ti* tonka, County Federation president; gave a talk on club wcirk. New of* fleers were elected as follows: president, Mrs. Lloyd Martin; first vice president, Mrs. B. H. Potter; Secretary-treasurer, Mrs. A. K. Clayton; first and second assistants, 'Mrs. L. A. Vipond, Mrs. D. D. Sparks. The guests at the meeting were Mrs. French, Ruth Fraser, Mrs.' J. A, Fraser, Mrs. 'Lawrence Baylor, Mrs. Lyle Rumshey, Mrs. Runchey was made a new member of the Club. The next meeting will be at the home of Mrs. J. Buecher near, Hobarton with -Mrs. C. H. Potter assisting. Circles to iMw>t— The Woman's Society of Christian Service circles of the M. E. church meet Thursday afternoon with the following hostesses?Mrs. E. A. Genrich's circle with Mrs. D. A. Barnard, Mrs. C. H. Clement's circle with Mrs. D. B. 'Dewel, Mrs. P. A. Danson's circle with Mrs. A. E. Michel, Mrs. R. W. Andersons' circle w'th Mrs. R. W. Anderson, Mrs. E. J. Hermanson's circle with Mrs. Robert Williams, Mrs. F. E. Sawyer's circle with Mrs. John' McGuire, Mrs. Clint Lighter's cl with Mrs. G. E. Gaddis, Mrs; A. B. Laurltzen's circle with Mrs. A. Lauritzen Mrs. W. C. 'Irelan's circle with Mrs. W. C. Irelan, and Mrs. T. C. Hutchison's circle with Mrs. H. M. Harris- Sorority Nominates Officers— |The Beta Sigma Phi sorority met Tuesday at the home of Mrs. EUT- ene Hutchins. It was voted to Un- vote one evening a week to Red Cross sewing. Mrs. Clyde Ridenour gave the report of the nominating committee who have selected the following names for officers: president, Mrs. Ken Knudsen and Helen Chubb; vice president, Lucille Black or Jean Kinsey; recording secretary, Mrs. Robert Williams or Eloise Hoagland; corresponding secretary, Verabel Ulfers or Mrs. Norma Brandow; treasurer, Mrs. Jack Hilton or Mrs. R. B. Waller. The officers will be elected at the next meeting. Missionary Speaks— Mrs. J. Riggs Brewster, former missionary to Greece, will speak this afternoon at a sacrificial lunch at the Congregational church sponsored by the Ladies Association. The ladies will 'be seated at tables forming a cross and instead of serving a lunch they will make an- offering of the money. Mrs.. Bert Palmer will sing a solo. Also contributing to the program are'Mrs. W. K. Ferguson, Mrs.' Chester T-1495—Colberg,. Ray.- JT-1499—Miller, Leo C. T-1505—Lichter, Leo C. T-1507—Hamill, Paul J^ T-1510—Tech, Elmer H. T-1511^Crionan, Mervin C. T-1513—Hutzell, Roy" R. T-1515—Bjustrom, Roy O. T-1519—iBellock, Leo M. (T-1522—Scanlan, Francis C. T-1524—'Bowman, Earl. T-l§26—Anderson, Clarence R. T-1527—,Bode, Robert C. T-1532—Reed, John. T-1535—Huber, Eugene M. T-1541—Morton, John M. T-1543—-Kirk, John. ' T-1546—Miller, George M. T-1547—Grant, John A. T-1550—Lallier, John T. T-1553—Schneider, Paul P. T-1558-^Pierce, Edwin V. T-1560—Etherington, Franklin M| T-1562—Wagner, John Peter. T-1570—-Hutchison, .Earl J. T-1573—Sjogren, Richard R. T-1577—Schweppe, Arthur Fred. T-1580—JHauenstein Elmer E. T-1585-JEsser, Vincent F. T-1587—Baker, Willaim L. T-1591—Taylor, William Rex. IT-1596—Smith, Allen L. 11-1601—Gellenfeld, Henry A. L. T-1605—(Nichols, LeRoy C. T-1607—'Helmers, Reakus R. Odd Garden Place William McKee living near Leon has his garden in a place not often used for such. He raises a number of vegetables in a spot along the right-o-way of a road near Leon. Mr. McKee reports that it is an ideal place for a garden as the ground is muck soil and well drained. 25* PER DAY for INSURANCE PROTECTION on Public Conveyances up to $5,000.00 Other Accidents including Automobile up to $3,000.00 Weekly benefit! for Disability due t~ arcldent THE TRAVELERS » HARTFORD Algona Insurance Agency Phone 65 FUTURO Ankle grace Patent <i«*l»R ftlrai bett« »nd more comfort»bl« o?eriu«t«p. Lusby & Coissi Mrs. .ltioyd fierce, MM, — 'Krttftfterti Mrs, E, M, Hut» chins, Mrs,' €V L. Tortene'e and Miss Lola Scuffham. The SeventyFlve club of tho Presbyterian church will have a St. Patrick's 'Day suppler In the church basement this even-Ing. .(Tuesday), Hoists and hostesses will be Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Schultz, Mf, and Mrs. Wesley Hardy 'and Mr. and-Mrs. Harold Dalns. The 'evening's enter* tainment/ls In charge of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Llndholm and Mr. and Mrs. tt. L. (Latch. The group Is newly organized and consists of the married couples of the* church combined ages total seventy-five or less. Showers for Miss,Bohlen— Miss Jean Mahln and Miss Helen Flshbeck entertained Wednesday evening at a personal shower for Miss Viola Bohlen. The party was held at the home of Mrs. S. B. French. RUth Ann MarUn entertained .a small group (of friends on Tuesday night In honor of Miss Bohlen. Miss Bohlen left Friday for the west coast where she will become the bride of Robert Qulnn on 'March 24. Until recently she 'has been teaching in the local high., school. Home Builder's to Meet— The Home Builders class of the Methodist church will meet for a seven o'clock dinner Wednesday evening. Those serving on the committee are Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Rockey, Mr. and Mrs. Carlyle Becker, Mr. and Mrs. Delmar Cooti- er, Mr. and Mrs. Don Miller;'Mr. and Mrs. George Scuffham, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brosemer, and Mr. and Mrs. Homer Anderson. Entertainment will be a "white elephant" party, Two by Two Club— The''Two by Two club.of the Con' gregattonal church wdll meet Friday evening for a six-thirty dinner. Hosts and hostesses are Messrs, and Meadames Floyd Pierce, Eugene Murtagh, G. W. StiHman, H. T. Bunkofske, W. P. French and Lawrence Misbach. Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Torrence are in- charge of the program. The group consists of the younger married couples of the church. \ Dinner Bridge Club— Mr. and Mrs. Robert Williams will entertain, the members of their dinner bridge club Wednesday evening. Guests will be Mr. and Mrs Harold Walker. Other members of the club are 'Mr. and Mrs. Chet DeSart and Mr. anti Mrs., H. J. Sigsbce. Family prizes of defense stamps are given each time. Approaching Marriage — Mrs. Louise Peter, Algona, an- I houhoes the.ap'flfoftohinf.fMrrlag* ,Bf • nftf diWghWrV (3ttftft»*M f*> J#* hanfi Olson, sort of ifrt, Margaret Olson of Thory Iowa, the wedding will take place at twelve o'clofK next Sunday In the Trinity Luth- erafi church «f Algohft, The pub' lie la welcome. Sorority FUuiB Par'ty-- , > The Beta Sigma Phi aorofity wit haVe & 'Barn party in the reqreatio df Mrs. Robert Williams on Ltihcheo* at jfMf* \R« ft. ttalph DBnovftii jtfei-e hostesses .to % group of Jftdles Friday afternoon at the Hutzell home at & one o'clo6k luncheon, tlie sflerTrtdon was spent sewing and vLsltlng. " dr? Just lend us your eld one , for a , while. When We're finished you won't be able to tell It from new. V Lowest prices Pei'cival Motors We*r» on all kinds of auto work. Call 012 for ELK Cleaners Makes Garments Fresh and New! Being at war, it makes you stop and think whether you want to invest money In,a new suit for Easter. 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Sold without rollers for only WINDOW SHADE BQIJUEB&- ONLY. Strong spring. Copper trim. Thirtj4-sijc inch DECORATED TIN; WA^W BASKETS. Outside finished with fancy design in colors CLEAR CLASS W4J4, JVpRRORS. Round or firajaexj mirrors jn a variety of shapes .... PINNEW4RB SK3& Service for 9 lor only Necessary Housecleaniug Items OIL MOPS, 1.25 value O-CEPAR FURNITURE PO&ISH 4 o? Curtain Bods Spring Rod» Be |Qc SELF POLISHING QJ|f« TRIANGLE , ^>5 ,. u, ^^A **. , wears so jjrejli. ot new teraa.

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