Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 29, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 29, 1896
Page 3
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Insurance Mllcles, mortgages and ether valluabtes, Snted at from t5 to H6 r*r year. FOR THE BLOOD, NERVES, LIVER —AND— KIDNEYS. 4 B. B. B. B. curod mo of Indi- gostion, Liver and Kidney Trou- I ble. Yours respectfully, MRS. KEBECOA. BEAMBLBJTT, Jamestown, Ind. 4 B B B B are purely vegetable. Put up in capsules, sixty in-a-box. Thirty days' treatment in a_box. Price $1 per box, or six for $5. Manufactured by H. C. BRAOQ, Connersvllle, Ind. For sale by all druggists. ,^UJ«...•.»»!» HTTP— ••••••»« FOB SALE BY .< B. F. KK1?S£JNG,' Drngglst. CHAS.L.WQLL, :-. UNDERTAKER >: N* 417 Market flTVeef C«U» attended to prolipUy, diy or niftht. i '• ••'•'. Central Onion and Mutual telephone*. Office, No. 16; Re»ldence, No. 12L AGENTS WAITED, LADIES or Gentt-Bverjwheri) -to Intrbduoa.our fast MlMnx goods, neodwi bi all. ."One agent mads VSt3.SH In one week." You can do lh« snm* 11,000 j«arij earned, and permanent position yor Mtniculus, address with 3tamp,'6wl.ra Herb. :T«CO., cn ALTGELD IMPLIES, Gov. AltgeUl yesterday replied lo the charges of AA". S. Formnn in which the Cliief Executive was licensed of using State funds to further his own Interests. The Governor declares the cliitrges untrue. He ,*;iys Froinan's action was prompted by the failure to secure tin: appointment of Railroad Commissioner Continuing, the Governor, says: "I Hnve ininle it :\ rule not \o notice attacks upon myself comini; from personal ;nul political animosity .ami luive found that in time the calrunuhitors arc buried in their own slime. AVliite your entire article is made up of malicious, false anil slanderous U-asli. that has been repeatedly publisbod in partisan newspapers, and while nil of it that any living man knows anything about has by them been branded as fal.se and malicious and does not eall for any further notice, it Is urged by prominent Pemocrats that ns yon are trying to pose before the people of this Stale you shall be asked to step out of the shadow into the sunlight and'ex- perience a. new sensation. "It is to be regretted that tins campaign promises to bo bitter and full of personal vituperation, and It Is still more to he regretted tnat the first gun. loaded with personal calumny should have .been IIred, not by the Republicans, but by a man and a set of men to whom -the Democratic party has given bread to oat, and who, because'they cannot control that party, are trying to destroy it. not by a manly tight In front, but. by skulking fnsilado in the rear." RALLY OX CHAMPION'S HILL. Arrangements are bclng'-made for a visit of the soldiers of the Forty-sixth Indiana to some of their old battle fields around A'icksburg. An excursion from Lognnsport to St. Louis and from St. Louis to Vicksburg by the Anchor lino steamers will start soon after the election. Tickets good for thirty days. All soldiers of other organizations and their friends are most cordially invited to join with us. We hope that no soldier of the Forty-sixth will miss this trip for it ivill be one of the most pleasant events of your life to look once more and pass over the ground where we left so many of our dear comrades. About thirty-five have already promised to go fvom this place while many who arc In the west -will join us at St. Louis. Kates from Logansport on the AVnbash have been secured and if enough can t>e gotten to justify, the company will furnish a special car from Logausport to St., Louis and an ngeut of the company accompany tho party ns far as St. Louis. For those desiring further Information address, HEZ nOBINSON, Bnrrows.Jnd. There is more,Catarrh '• tale section of the country than all other dis ; eases put together, and until the lost few years It was supposed to be incurable. For a great mnity years doctors pronounced it a local disease, acnd prescribed local remedies, and by constantly falling to cure with, local treatment, pronounced It Incurable. Science has proven catarrh to be a constitutional disease, and therefore requires constltvtional treatment Hall's Catarrh Cure, nwnuractured bj- F. 3. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Olii'- the only constitutional cure >r market. It is taken Internally from 10 drops to a teaspooni ^directly on the blood a no • surfaces of^the system. They aer one hundred dollars for any case It fails to cure. Send for circulars and testimonials. Address F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O. Sold by Druggists, 75c. X CIRCUS POSTER. AVheu all the political parties and parts of .parties get through nominate ing there will be enough candidates named to fill tho largest ballot over cast in an election under the Austra- lion system, ATith the Democratic, Republican, sound money, Populist, and two national Prohibition tickets, placed on one ballot and the name of tho State officers • added thereto the •ticket will- resemble a circus poster.— Ex. .''V. Otto's shoe sale is most wonderful. See sample case in passing. • • • THE RAILROADS Fast Time on the Panhandle-Long Distance. HIGH FREIGHT RATES General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes. The i':\st time the I'auliautUo h:i* beon milking between Fitlsburg and Chicago of lute with special trains i* said to have jeopardized Its'prospects of securing a differential nite on passenger business on nccount of the Pa 1.1- h!i mile's inability to niiike ns quick Time ns some of Us competitors. Since Hie Pennsylvania Company started to rim special excursion trains from Pittsburg to Chicago over the Panhandle route the raid has established a record of .spet-fli that is hard to boat. The special train of live Pullmans, two conches iiiid a baggage car, carrying di'lwitos to the Baptist Young People-'* convention ai 1 Omaha, \\-liii.-li left vlic Vnion Station ai: 7:45 o'clock Monday (•voiiing. :irm\'d (ho following morning :H Chli-ago at '.) a. m., having covered ."OS mill's in 1- liours and 1~> minutes. Tin' ti-aiu ma do fuurfiH'ii slops on the \\-ny. so that tlu> actual running time between ritlsliurgaml Chiciiga including the time lost at crossings, was 11 hours and t'.O minutes. Tins was at the rate of fully forty-two miles an hour all I lie way, and. when tlic great weight of tin 1 train is fivUi-n into orm- sidi.'i'ation, the record is one thn.r tin; Panhnmllo may feel pi'oud »f. There were -•!- people, on the train. KATES'-MUST BE RAISED. It. is probable that, early !n September a. ineL'itng 01' the Western roads will be ealled to consider the practicability of advancing freight rates, particu.-ilrly between the Missouri river and Chicago. It is said that'lho impulse of the movement conns from New York, where some of the capitalists who are to supply the roads wit.h funds for the payuieut of their approaching liabilities have taken :v look into the general situation in the west, and ha.ve concluded that the low rates'which are at present in effect are not justified by the circumstances and that the roads must lost no time in putting them buck whcro they wore before the reductions went into effect. There is little doubt Ihat when a hint to this effect is given to the roads they will lose no time whatever in getting back to the old tariff. COAL SHEET FOR .TULY,' , The coal sheet for July was posted yesterday and shows the following- premiums; Freight engineers, B. E. Lynch S12.03; Charles • H. Truman .$10.20; Ch.'uTes Keppler, .fO.50; A. L.- Maxwell, ?8.00 the rest- of the premiums mhghiK from $2 up. Pnsseh- ger engineers: IT. AV. Goodri3ge, Jfo.Sfi^ George" W. Liglithisor, ?5; Harry St. Clair, ?o; William Rowe, R25; John Trumau, .f-1.05 and John -.Xavin, $3.45, the rest of the premiums ranging from' ?1 up. Freight firemen: William' \Viuegardner !?10.GO; George I 1 ; Hornbook,'$11.00; M. P. Dolan, $S.30; t>. AV. Shoemaker, $7.13 and 'John Jfurphy, $7.13, the rcst.ot the premiums rang: lug 1'i'oni ?1 up. Passcngot fiuomeu:.K. JO, Surock, ,<F3.20; W. R. Kelly, ?5; D. AV. A". Higbce, .«">; and Sylvester AVat- son $=1.05, the rest of th.o premiums ranging from $1 up. TO .YELLOWSTONE PATilv. An excursion, train of, six Pullman, coaches, a.u observation car, and a dining car, passed through the.city yesterday en route from Boston to Yellow Stone -National park. The train left- Boston' Wednesday, 1 August 201 h, coming, through'Xew York to Plttsburg. 'it took ou passengers until it rea.clteiJ Pil.tsburg. It went from here to Chicago arid today the. excursionists will bo treated to a carriage rido over the city. They will go from there to all,, •points of interest in Wisconsin and' Minnesota and thence to'their Uest'ma-' tion in the northeast corner ot Utah.- The'farc from Boston'juclnding board, hack fare, etc., was ¥210. . RAILROAD NOTES. John Molique is off duty OLI account of sickness. The shaft-ing In the machine-shops is undergoing'a course of repairs/ J,. C. Pherson of the/lathe room is still off duty on account of poor health. AVllliam Kelker of Ft. Wayne is the guest of John Hawkins o'f the roundhouse office, . -; The-Pennsylvania is now working fewer men at its shops than at any pre.vious period since 1873, " "./• William Myers of Ft. Wayne, nn ex- employe of the boiler shops, visited friends-in the city yesterday., . , The Pennsylvania owes In 'round numbers'.$120,000,000, all gold bonds, 'and the (Interest 'on the-saroe is-..f(>,000,-- 000. a' year: • -. • The Pennsylvania to encourage its' live stock traffic, lias put on a fast train to be I;nown4s the Keystone llv.e-stock'' express,, to be run daily. - . •. • • . The , interchangeable- -mileage-book, question is-again at the front, amVtlefc-- CLOTHING. CLOTHING. We have no old shelf worn goods, but everything new and up to date. Read the following prices: Our $15.00 Suits go for $12,00 Our $12.00 Suits go for $9.0O Our $10.00 Suits go for $ 7.50 Our $8,00 Suits go for $5.5O Our $5.00 Suits go for $3.50 50C FOR CHOICE OF AM STRAW HAT IN THE STORE. 25c choice of any ^of our Children's Straw Hats. Boys'Duck Suits one third off, thfiy are bargains. Now is ihetimelo buy a Suit of Clothes, a Hat or Gents Furnishing Gcods, and 526 Broadway is the place to save money. These Prices are For Cash Only. JOSEPH G. GRACE .& CO., 426 BROADWAY. et scalpers arc much elated over a report, that several of the Central I'a^sen- ;ev Committee, lines will resume their' use. Joe Uose of the tank house while shaving Thursday evening cut his neck quite severely and will be compelled to lay off duly for a fo'.v days as a. result. The Wabash shops »t Ft. W;»ync have suspended operation until the. first next mouth. This is done to bring the shop expenses for August within the limit of the appropriation for su'cii purposes. E. M. Howard and Otto Weber of the Panhandle ofliees who, started a few days ago to drift down tho Wabash in a boat as Tar as Tcrrc Haute, abandoned their trip :it Lafayette and returned home by rail. The stiff breeze and high water caused them to do so. A tramp whose name was not learned, was quite painfully injured Thursday night while alighting from a moving Panhandle freight train near Auokn. Ho struck his head and inflicted an ugly Rash. Tho wound was dressed by .Dr. JTetheringtou after which the stronger was given free transportation to Chicago.. An official of the Pennsylvania lines say the criticisms of the silvcrites charging that railway employes are intimidated into joining sound money clubs is unjust. The truth is that the 'employers arc taking* an active part and'are desirous that the employes' 'should join such-associations, but not the least attempt hns been ran.de to intimidate them, -He named several rank sllverites who were in the company's employ who had uo fear of losing their jobs. NOVEiTvTY IN SUICIDE. E. A. Shaw, a hermit residing one mile east of Converse, committed'sui- cide In a novel manner Wednesday. By standing barrels ou top of each" other he made a tank- seven feet high, with lid and spring lock.ou top. After, filling the contrivance with water he lowered himself into it, and pulled down the lid. He had tied crape on liis door and left a note detailing how he wished to be buried and s,iyi'ng the spirits had ordained his death. He possessed wide information, was .-a weaver" by trade and owing to. his pe- cullnr characteristics of Robiuson Gru- soo's man Friday, he had long been -known by that name. -He leaves two sons living at Conncrsville, Tud. TO CLEANSE THE SYSTEM Effectually yet -gently, wkiw costive or. bilious, or when the blood to Impure or sluggteb, to permanently overcome ha- bkual constipation, to awake the kidneys-and liver to'a healthy activity, .without Irritating or weakening ttem, to dispel headaches, colds, or fevers, use Syrup of Figs- KENTLANp. FAIR EXCURSION ,V!a iPennsylvania- .lines. Excursion tickets to Kentland account the £air will.be sold-September 1, 2, 3 and 4; good "-returning-until Sept. ~>. , ..' Buy'two. school suits,' long or short pants for 1 the .price: ( p£.. one.—Harry, Frank, . .. • . • • • •;;'•.:;' •.-'•'''.'. •'.''. " .'.'• '. Drawings of All Kinds Made by BYRON B. GORDON. Draughtsman & Patent Attorney. Sp.y.BIock. ALL BAIL ROUTE TO THE SEA. lo Atlaatic. Ctty Without Toaster via Pennsylvania ' Lines. By the opening of the Delaware River Bridge tlie Pennsylvania Llues have become the only all rail route to Atlantic City and the seashore. Transfer of passengers and baggage at Philadelphia via Market street Ferry afld Camden Is avoided, as seashore trains of Parlor Cars and Coaches depart from Broad street station, at which pafisen- gere form, the west over the Pcnnsyl- .vania Route arrive - in that city. Through -trains from Chicago, Indianapolis, ColumibiM, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh and fcnteflmeWate points on the Pennsylvania Lines make convenient connection with the seashore trains. For details apply to nearest Pennsylvania Ticket Agent AN ENJOYABLE AFFAIR, Winamac Republican: The friends o£ Misses Hubbcl of Logansport, and Grace Wallace, of Wabash, gave a dance at tho opera house Thursday night of last week In their honor that jwas quite an enjoyable affair. Sluslc was furnished: by Will- and. Eugene Thompson. Miss Hubbel.has beeu the guest of her cousin Miss Cora Weaver for. some -woclzs, while Hiss Wallace has been visiting Mrs. Busic for the past month'. Both tlie young ladies returned to their respective: homes Friday: , - -• ' - ' '•'•'• • Slices.—Aaron' Greensfelder. G. A. R, AT ST. PAUL. Special Rates via Pennsylvania Line* for National Encampment. August 30th and 31st and September 1st are the daitos upon whten low rate round trip, tickets .to St. Paul will b« sold via Pennsylvania Lines, tlie short route through CMeago. Tickets will be good returning until September 15th, inclusive, and if deposited -with the joint agent lit St Paul on or before September 10, the return limit will be extended to include September 30th. The rates for this occasion -will be ercep- tfcually low via Pennsylvania Lines, the only system of railways over wnlcn trains run 1 from. Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio and Indiana to Chicago Union Station, the natural gateway from those States to the Northwest Daily trains from Pittsbwph, Columbus, Cincinnati, todiana^olte and Louisville make convenient connection at Chicago with St Paul trains. Arrangements may be made by G." A. K. Posts or partiea of Wends to 'travel together on special trains or special cars that will go through from starting point to the Encampment ivltbout change, If the number Justifies it. Information on. 1iu subject will'be cheerfully furnished' by representatives of the Pennsylvania. Lines. • ..... 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