The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 10, 1942 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 10, 1942
Page 8
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DRAFT BOARD ASSIGNS SERIALS TO REG! (Continued from Page One) T- 31—Elliott Stephen Skilling, Algona. fY- 32—>Earl Henry Elbert, Whittemore. T- 33—Lester McKinney Harner, Swea City. . T- 34—Lawrence Wesley Gilles- pio, Algona. T- 35—Henry Gerdis, Sr., Algona. Lone Rock. T- 30—WHliam Conrod 1 Buss, Lone Roclt. T- 37—Emil Charles Koenck. Armstrong. TJ- 38—John Edward Wubben, Buffalo Center. T. 39_jrulius Peter Capesius, Bode. T- 40—Louis John Ferstl, St. Benedict. T- 41--Carl Ferdinand Callies Titonka. T- 43—Albert Emil Mitchell, Fenton. T- 43—Roy William Mmo, Ledyard. T- 44— Cleon Albert Larson, Buffalo Center. T- 45—Edward Henry Hackbarth, Lone Rock. rr- 4G—Arthur Melvin Anderson- Algona. T- 47—Melvin Michael Thill, Whittemore. TJ|_ 48—Sylvester Albert Dornbier, Corwith. T- 49—Rnlph Miles Roberts, Butt. T- 50—Thos. Dominick Von Bank, Bancroft. T- 51—Paul Donald Reid, Swea City. T- 52—Homer A. Tuttle, Algona. T- 53—-Frank Haisman, Swea City. T- 54—Raymond Alvin Kromminga, Titonka. T- 55—Reuben John Joseph Olson, Ledyard. ;TJ 56—William Jasper Combs, Bode. T- 57—Joel Max Herbst, Algona. T- 58—James Robert, Lang, Titonka. T- 59—Vernon Dale Godfredson, Bancroft. '.fL J60—Dell Kenneth Mariow, Lane R/>ck. T- 61—Harold James Lampe, Bancroft. ;T_ 62—Earl'Stott, Titonka. /T_ 63—George Humphrey Johnson, Swea City. T-' 64—William Otto Dreyer, Lone Rock. T- 65—Albert William Klein, Lone T- 66—Carl Boyd Rembold, Swea City. T_ 27—Martin Albert Bleich, Titonka. ff. 68—Wilbur Rihard Steven, Algona. . T-69—-Ralph Edward Theisen, Burt. [p. 70—Alfred Emil Jorgensen, Lone Rock. T- 72—Charley Wayne Mann, Burt. T- 73—Charles John Wagner, Algona. T- 74—Vincent Theodore Elbert, Whittemore. T- 75—John August Harms, Burt. T- 76—(Charles M, Reaper, Algona. T- 77—Arthur Krause, Irvington. •^ 78—Harold Robert Wrede, Al- PARLEY ON PACIFIC NAVAi, STRATEGY—Melbourne, Australia- As the war shifts ever nearer to Australia, naval commanders responsible for defending the waters in that area are- shown in conference here. Even as they conferred, reports came in of a Japanese, bombing raid on Darwin, strategic port and base in North Australia. Left to right here, Vice Admiral Herbert L=ry United States Navy, Commander .of the Allied Naval strength in the Australian-New Zealand area; Vice-Admiral Sir Guv Royle of the Commonwealth Naval Board, and Commodore WE Parry Chief of the New Zealand Naval staff, who com manded the Cruiser Achilles in the battle with the German pocket battleship Graf Spee off Montevideo. MacArthur in the Philippines Islands The whole United St&tcs is marveling at the military ability and the strategical nghtffig j»f General MacArthur In the Phlt- Inplries these days. With but a comparative handful of »i» boys, iv few airplanes, a few big RUMS for harbor defense and-the natives of the islands he has proved more than a match for the wily yellow sncalis. Without question he's the most highly admired of all our military leader*. And Algona has at least one boy over there under the guiding hand of MacArthur. Dona'.d V. Thompson, son of Mr; and Mrs. Tlieo. Thompson, AlRonn, enlisted at Fort Dodge Dec. It, 1039, and Is rtdw serving In the islands as an airplane mechanic. His parents have not heard from liini since Dec. 28, 1041, when he sent a radiogram "O. K. Season's greetings." But no news Is good news these days. At that time Donald was stationed at Ft. Stotseberg, Clark Field, Philippine Islands. The Thompsons also have an jolder son, Maurice, who enlisted last September and Is now stationed at Jacksonville, Florida, with a medical corps. , iWANTBD-eihgTiS fftftH, of high school boy^fof-' fltfttt wofk with horses. Call at UppeV iDes MoiHes. . i 10* Wanted WILL THdS £tJR&>tf holding thft Algona Upper Des Mollies' check No 0198 Issued Dec; 16,1M1, to A*t Heldenwlth. Whlttemore, plisase bring It to the ttppsf Des Mdlnes office to be cashed, > 10* Heated Mom over Klelhpe store. 8e« June cofeyat Dea Molnes office. WANTED — kerosene refrlgera- ator. Must be in good condition nhil reasonable.—-Ernie Schmidt, OttOsen. 9-iO* WANTED—Again we are buying :old books' and magazines as well as scrap Iron ..' and metals.—Joe Greenberg'. ,''• 30-tf Miscellaneous "QUEEN OF SWINEDOM"—Ashland, Nebraska: This is a picture .of Main Line Beauty 2nd 512612, a registered Hampshire brood sow owned by Guy K McReynolds, which was the first in the United States to gain Registry of Merit recognition. The part of the Hampshire breeders in the "Food for Freedom campaign is to supply farmers with P"^" 8 ^^ 1 "^-?^ that will produce the most pounds of pork at the least possible cost. These breeders have taken the lead in developing superior ibreeding stock through brood sow production t^f' A ."r now thil "Queen of Swinedom" has just made further history for Hampshire by qualifying her fifth Consecutive Registry of Ment litter: She, is the first brood sow of all breeds to become a 5- Stiar" Registry of Merit producer. ^^^ ' T-'79—Russell Jess Hammerstrom, Burt. T. 80—William Lawrence Welp, Bancroft. T- 81—Ray Lester Corbin, M. D., LuVerne. T- 82—Louis Fuhrmann, Algona. T- 83—Shirley Jens Beck, Swea City. T- 84—George Harvey Hobbs, Algeria. T- 85—John Planting, Fenton 1 . T- 8ft—Palmer Cassem, Elmore, Minn. • T- 7— Charles Henry Uhlenhake, Wesley. rp. ga-JWalter Henry Sorenson, Burt. fl~. 89— Peter Paul Weber T- 90-^Lee Fox. Burt. T- 91 — Lance Eugene Reibhoff, T- '92— Wilfred Elzia Woltz, Burt. T- 93— August F. Studer, Corwith. T_ 94— Stewart Adolph McFadden. Algona. T- 95— Leroy Henry Kleirvpeter, T- 96— Meindert H, UUman, tonka. Hospital News Kossuth Hospital March 2—L. L. Benge, Sioux Falls, accident; John Kajewski, Algona, surgical. March 4—Mrs. R. B. Waller, Algona, girl. March 5-^Mrs. Ben Recker, Corwith, medical; Mrs. H. L. Reetveld Corwith, surgical. March 7—Mrs. Jesse Black, Algona, medical. March 8—Mrs. Vincent, Algona, medical; Mrs. Robert Clark, Algona, girl; Mrs. W. J. Becker, Algona, medical. March 9—Mrs. Elmer Hanson; of Burt, boy. General Hospital March 4—Margaret Wingert, of Corwith, surgical; Mrs. J. R. Forbes, Swea City, boy. March 5—Mrs. George Gunder, Algona, medical. March 7—Ho Dillon, Ledyard, "flfS 8~August Dontje, Swea City, medical. The 17-year-old cat, Felix, belonging to Katherine Baumann of Dakota City helped to save the house from burning when his crying brought Katherine to the kitchen. A blaze had spread from a pan of grease to towels hanging nearby. The cat had been termed a "fraidy-cat" because he once became frightened -when a mouse jumped from a basket near him. Ndibher has he IHeen known to catch a mouse. . Felix has been n many pet parades in Humboldt in the last few years and has been awarded prizes as the oldest cat in the parade. Rotarians Entertain Farmer Friends at Dinner oh Monday Members of the local Rotary club entertained farmer friqnds at a dinner at, seven o'clock in the Hotel Algona dining room Monday evening. Every Rotarian brought a guest. President John McD,»wel introduced Glen Buchanan who had charge of the program. Mr. Buchanan introduced George Godfrey, of Iowa State College, a former resident of this county and president of the club. Mr. Godfrey spoke on the farm tenancy problems. A. L, Brown, county agent, was then introduced and he in turn presented Jim Wallace, manager .of the State College foundation 1 farms, and he gave an extended talk on the farm tenancy probems in Iowa and presented charts with "figures which gave a detailed picture study. :0f the situation.' ' The program -was very much enjoyed by the 120 men and guests present. Scout Troop No. 31 In Reorganization The troop committee for Scout Troop No, 31 has lined up some changes in the troop taking effect immediately. Jess- Reynolds is the scoutmaster and the assistants are Irving Olson and Carrol Johnson. The troop has a membership of 32 and meets each Wednesday niglit in the Legion hall. The scout committee ds made up of G. B. Brundage, chairman; Harry Godden, Gene Schemel, Wm. St. Clair and Art Moulds. The committee has laid out plans for scout activities for the coming summer. No Peljt Action of the Villisoa city court cil to pay the balance due on fire department equipment will bring that city out of debt. The equipment purchased two years ago will be completely paid for from surplus funds transferred to the general fund. IN* BRITAIN'S NEW WAR CABINET— London, England: Reorganization of the British (Government, with Prime Minister Winston Churchill still at ithe helm as Premier and Minister of Defense has beerK announced in London. Sir Stafford Cripps, pictured here, former Ambassador to Russia, ibecame Lord Privy Seal and (Leader of the Government in the House of Commons on Friday. On 1 Monday Sir James Grlgg was named the v new war minister with several others taking, important posts. These changes are concessions to the public demand for decisive action since the British losses in the orient. Navy Recruits up to 50 Years Now Taken (Experienced construction - men are being,offered a fine chanCe to enlist in the U. S. Navy and still remain in the type of work they are acquainted with. (Lieutenant R. E. Harrison, Navy Construction Regiment Officer, will be in Des M.oines at the Main Recruiting Station, Odd Postoffice Building, Monday and Tuesday, March 16 ,and 17, to interview 1 applicants. •In the case of men desiring to enlist in Construction Regiments, recruiters have been authorized to accept men with false teeth, or who are color blind, if •they^are otherwise able to meet the'-basic physical requirements.. The'age limit is 50 years. The physical waiver applies only to men for construction work, however. • , Construction workers dnclude men experienced In amost every trade, such as electricians, machinists carpenters, crane operator chauffeurs, engine operators and similar occupations and trades. .Applicants should immediately visit the nearest Navy Recruiting Station for further information, .or appear in 1 Des Moines March 18 or 17. If possible, to speed up interviews, the Navy would appreciate having applications made at once, and the physical examination taken, prior to Lieut. Harrison's visit. Navy Recruiting Sub-stations are located at Ottumwa, Spencer, Burlington, Waterloo, Mason City, Decorah, Davenport, Cedar Rapids, Dubuque, Creston, Carroll, Sioux City, and Fort Dodge. Applicants for any type of service In the Navy sftou_ld visit the sub-station nearest their home. FARMERS-^-Swlft's Baby Chicks can be money makers. Place ypUr order early to insure getting; them when you want them.—Swiift & Co. Hatche'ry, Algona, Iowa. 0-tf SWIFTS POULTRY and Swine concentrates contain all of the proteins, minerals and vitamins necessary for cofrectly\ balanced diet with your home grown grains. Poultry concentrates, 37% protein, $4.35 Swine concentrates, 41% protein $3.80. Egg -Mash, $3.00.—Swift & Co., Algona, Iowa. 7-tf PHONOGRAPH RECORDS—all the new releases. Needles—albums. —Kossuth Radio & Electric, Algona, Iowa. 9-tf ife ffepl, Bweme Direct from FActotWs / Wardrobes-^Overnlte Bags• CnAdslortes ,„ i t Suitcases all reinforced, comers. From $1.86 up. Bjustrom'* furniture •, . ^ J* . . .. .!_ .^^^^-* ' BBRWiND BfttQUUm' Sold by Raesly Lumber Co. Phone 234.48-tf Exchange Cept. Basement ' Good Used Furniture Dining "room—Living room suites Breakfast sets, Buffets, Radios and washers Bjustrom'fl Furniture FARM LOANS--l5,yr. loans, 4%, no com. or stock to Buy. Refinance now.—C. W. NlcpullH, Algona, la -OFFICE SUPPLIED File Folders Adding machine rolls Typewriter Kbb0n..< Carbon Paper Mimeograph papier •Scotch tape Statements Olasp envelopes Index cards Goi&y .».. vw *~ Irtk fcftiW, atampa stamp t>ad ink mm The J *nt' berfea^emenl which? has vfeltetf duf home has'brdughe 1 to' us a gritttei? appreciation of our friends.' iSiich kindnesses, neighborly thoughfulrtesS can Marshall and softs. . -. ' " 10* Card of Tttanks iWe Wish to thank our^t friends and neighbors tot 'their act* of love arid sympathy during our recent bereavement. We edpeclaK ly wish to thank Rev. Richardson 1 for his inspiring service and the* singers for their contribution. • , Mrs. C. F. Specht and children., C*rd of Thanks We want to thank all of our friends' and neighbors for thejr kind! deeds and sympathy In the loss ot our beloVed wife and mother. , <R, H. Ortirian, , Mf, and Mfs. Ronald Ortman. *- ' 10* The Algona Upper Des Molnes i Authorized Smith-Corona and Underwood Dealer Allen Adding Machines 3-tf 97% INABILITY! Actually 9.7 out of every 10 chicks alive and healthy at Bweekil That'* the life itory of more than 100,000 day-old Swiff i Baby Chicks. Place and order today with your neareat Swift Hatchery. Swift's Baby Chicks IF YOU NEED, a rubber stamp for any purpose, you can order them at The Algona Upper Des Molnes, SOc and up. 13*-tf WHEN YOU haul your own coal, come to the handiest place in town. —Raesly Lumber Co. Milwaukee Depot Plaza. Phone 234. , 46-tf SEE MB FOR Real Bargains Ir /arms, loans, drainage surveying and estimates on tile.—Phil J. Kohl- tiaas, phone 22,,. Algeria. 16-tf TOWN PROPERTY LOANS is low as 4%%' to buy, build,-remodel, refinance F.' H. A. or Association plan, monthly reduction or five-year term. No Commission or appraisal charge.—Algona Federal Savings & Loan Ass'n, Algona. Iowa 14-tf 1 Oil Heaters—Coal Stoves Coal Ranges—Kerosene Stoves Bjustrom's Furniture or Announcements See our complete line > of samples—printed or engraved. Let them \ complete your trqus- * seau and tell the story of the all important event. +' •* The Algona Upper Des Koines Just Arrived for Spring! .Before they were through, highway patrolmen had 11 counts on which a motorist,-stopped for speed- Ing in a restricted zone near Maaon City, was held. j No Cuffs, No Frills, No Pleats So says the War Production Board, to become effective from March 30th, on. Here's another chance for you to'take advantage of our foresight and buying power. Our stock of spring clothing is complete in every detail; we still have "all wool" suits, plenty of double and single breasted, all with vest and plenty on the bottom for cuffs, most trousers still with pleats and zippers. Our new spring suits from Hart Schaffner & Marx, Clipperfcraft, Leu-Clair and other makers are in and all were purchased months ago for our early Easter business ... 30 days till Easter. Classified Ads For Sale 'FOR SALE—Modem 7 room house with 2 lots in Bancroft— Nick Sandt. 10-11* (FOR SALE—Mukden soy beans, $2.35 as combined, $2.50 recleaned. Carl Hutchins, Algona. 10* FOR SALE—1939 Four-door ds- luxe sedan. Priced to sell in order to close estate. See Hutchison & Hutchison, Security State Bank, Bldg. Phone 251. 10* FOR SALE—iSmall improved farm for sale. Available this spring. Also have house and lot cheap to settle an estate, Price $1500. Write Lock Box 30, Algona. 10* est rates, no red tape, commission or appraisal fees. For the BEST In Farm Real Estate Service See McDonald Land Co., Algona, la.^ RATES—Minimum charge 25c for 13 words or less. Cash rate, 2c pe' word, paid in advance. "ORIGINAL OWNER selling 1940 Ford V-8 coupe, low mileage, excellent condition. Heater, defroster radio. Priced for Immediate sale. Write Mrs. W< F. Clow, Its N. Phillips. Call 152-W. 10" /FOR SALE—-Baled straw.—A. J. Dittmer, phone 8 on 93, Burt. 10* FOR SALE—Purebred Shorthorn bulls, old ervough for service. — Herman Studer, Wesley. 10* (FOR SALE—3 year old Shorthorn bull.—Ronald Gardner, Algona, Phone 22F22. 10* FOR SALE—Choice Bison flax seed, $3 per bu. Phone 33U.—R. C. Bauer, Wesley. W (FOR SALE—Team of* 3 year old Percheron geldings and 21 head of eweg ._S. A. Gardner, Algona. 10* FOR. SALE—Stack of prairie hay. —Alfred Jergenson, 6 mi. N. E. Algona. 10 FOR SALE—Brown Percheron mare coming 3 years old.—Jens Sorenaen, route 2, Algona. 10* FOR SALE—Two young x work horses.—James Coady, Burt, -° miles east of Lone Rock. 9- x l«* FOR SALE— Good Remington upright typewriter. New roller. Completely overhauled. First $22.50 takes it.—The Algona Upper Des Moines. _____ INSURANCE FOR Brooder house and contents. Insured against fire and wind.--L. S. Bohannon, over S, & L, Store. 7-1* ON HAND—Thousands of Baby and Started Chicks every day- Thompson Hatchery, Elmore, Minn. . 10-13*-24 (FOR SALE—Bison flax seed. ?3 per bushej. Dial LuVerne 2512.— Joseph J. Wadlelgh. 10* HUB Cloth FOR SALEr-^Good used washing machines, radios, battery and electric, sewing machines and good cook stoves.—Gamble Store. 10 FOR SALES—Hoe Feeders, Hog and Chicken Waterers, troughs and tanks.—Raesly Lumber Co. 25-tf We Will Buy Your Car Bring your car to 21-2nd S. W., Mason City, Iowa. We pay highest cash prices. Zenor Motor Co. 6-12* FORSAiLE— 1 Whiteface Bull, big enough for service. 6 springing Shorthorn heifers. l matched red roan mare and gelding. 2 yrs. old. 1 matched bay team geldings, yearlings. l red roan 7 yr. old mare in foal. One 6 yr, old bay gelding. One 9 yr. old bay gelding. Several 3 and 4 yr. old oolts. Linde Iwleijnent Co., Sw««V City. FARM OWN15RS ., If you went to sell your fans, _ lust part of it call and see us at once, We have, many cosh buywi for Improved and %n&>i(Hroyfd l*»fl and can get you the highest market price. ' v If you want to fcuy «r,r*to*we fftrw be »we tp ems to. T ~"- SEED POTATOES FOR SALE —Early and late varieties. Grown on new ground. Free from disease. -Thorelon Bros., Swea City, 4 west, 3 no * "Weai-.a bright hat this Spring says Fashion. Vivid contrast to your suits and dresses—these are eye-catchers—-and .so flattering. Choosing your hat will be simple from this large assortment of styles, 'colors, novelty trimmings. Budget priced to enable you to get several. ,, Replenish your wardrobe now; for- Spring /.. and you never can have too many hats. Come in today. See • what value you can get for just 2.5O-3.5O-6.OOup Plenty^ of Wack and navy straws in tyoth youthful and matronly models —$ay with flbwers-j-a fiafc for every taste. orth. For Rent 'FOR RENT—Farm house. Seed barley for sale.-^Whn Lpngr, Jr., Burt. W Wanted WANTED—Competent riri for general bouse work. In Des Molnes. Phone"960. Algona. W office. -Married m,an for farm, Call at this 1Q od used, steel 10* office- TO (RENT—Modern Write to *M9 IS We are exclusive Algona agents for tfce famous 'FISK hats — oldest and most favbraWy Jmowttliaeof jnilii; aery in-toe United States, You/11 like these distinctive bats, so-jUffereiit, so •SDSWIMQ (\ Q^¥»i»A%W%& \ cpmplets s&PW£ > NOW; Store

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