The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 10, 1942 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 10, 1942
Page 5
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The Algona Upper S^s Moinefl, Algona; toWa, March 10,1942 FRIENDS SHOWER KRAUSE AT LONE ROCK i* ,1 JLone Rock: Seventy attended .1 'miscellaneous shower -in honor of ' 'JM>8. Blmef Krauae, nee Myrtle jCherlahd, at the J. T. Cherlands on •Friday afternoon, Oames wove played. The bride was the recipient wSniany useful gifts. Lurich was AM'tod iby the following hostesses Mrs. toave Lynch, Mrs Dick O'- JDonttety Mrs, Ervln Wetzell, Mrs. *Lawrence Dlttmer, Mrs, Odey Cher- .land, Mrs. Carl Wiener, Mrs, R. A. :.Bleleh, 'Mrs, William Nelson, Mrs. Amery Cherland, Mrs. Albert Shas- «r, Mrs. Ed iHoppe, Mrs. Julian Cherland, Mrs. Joe Culbertson, Rti- 'by Cherlahd and Mrs. Clalr Bellinger. Out-of-town guests were Mrs. Thomas Murphy,-Mrs. Lawrence Joht|nhe93n, . Tilda Jdhantneson, Xdnnea Mathson and. Mrs, Leonard "Warner of Bancroft, Mi's. Harold 'Nellson, of Ringsted, SUB. S. E. Stfaley and daughter, A-udra Kne, Mrs. Ralph Rledel>Mrs. AH Krause •and Mrs, Edwin Krause of Fer.-ton.^ -Alylna Hasse, Kathrlne Mantis, airs. E. C. Blerstfidt, Mrs. Walter Sorenson, of Burt, Mrs. S. M. Or- •vlck, Mrs. Marvin Kuecri, of Ledyard- and Mrs. Maynard Kueck of Sweft City. Gust Kraft of -Algona spent Fri•day with the Emll Krafts. ' ^Florence Householder, Humboldt, .spent the week end at the H. A. Blanchards. : Mrs. Candlne Ackerman, Burt, .•spent'a few days last week with the "Frank Flaigs. )Mr.' and Mrs. Fred Haack returned Monday from a business trip to •Omaha, Nebr. >i8everai from here attended the .luneral of : Mrs. R; H. Ortman at ~J3urt-Wednesday afternoon. -. The.Raymond Blerstedts attended A 600 party Tuesday evening at the <3.,E, Sigsbees, .Burt, in honor of Howard Sigsbee, who soon leaves for; the army. The Raymond Blerstedts and the IHarry Hobsons attended a fare-well party at the C. E. Sigsbee home ".Friday evening in honor .of their son-, Howard. (Mary Ann Flaig, of Mason City, spent the week end here at home. Viola Serdahl also of Mason City, •was a Friday supper guest at the -Frank Flaigs. The American Legion Auxiliary and the Band Mothers club will sponsor a. card party this week 'Thursday evening for the Red Cross "War Relief fund. The Jifth and sixth grades gave •a farewell party for Claude Ackerman Wednesday afternoon. He left with his parents to live on a ifarm south of Ventura. , The American Legion Auxiliary thet Wednesday afternoon 'wit ::Mrs< N. L. Cotton, . Mrs. Ralp Thomson was elected poppy chaii man. The next meeting will b •with Tena Jensen. '•' The 'Band -Mothers 'held 'a car party 'Thursday evening, at. th •school gymnasium. Nine tables o 500 were played. Mrs. Roy Jen .-5pn and George Long received'th "high" prizes. : Mrs. Jim . Long an Ralph Thompson received-low, an .Andrew Thomsen the door prize. WEEKS NEWS ETEHTS PttnTOGRAPtlfiD FOR The Upper Des Moines DESTROYER SHAW—Thn West Coast: The Drfstroyer Shaw, above, which the Japanese announced had been destoyed in the Pearl Harbor attack of December !, will soon be back In service. Equipped with an omcrgenny stub bow and a tern-/ porary bridge on the after end of the ship, the Shaw arrived in- a West Coist port for re-pairs. Within a few weeks, Navy officsrs said a new bow an< bridge now under construction, will be fitted to'thi damaged destroyer and the ship will be in servici again. U. S. S. R CHINA SHANOHAIV Vjr- '* >OUAM .x)MUkSriALL isl •MAKIN I. MIDWAY WAKP •»«. ' WAI : t HONOLULU^ HAWAIIAN IS. .SEXTON NEWS Mrs. Jack Wei land spent part o 'the week visiting her sister, Mrs Arnold Danielson at Bristow, Iowa Harold Fitch, who is at a CCX •camp at Cherokee, Iowa, spent th week end at U\e P. Wj Hanse: home. , {Mr. and Mrs. Lester Elsemanr of MasMi City were visitors Thurs day evening at the August Kirsch baum home. Howard Lowman, hrother of Mr and Mrs. Perry Lowman, will leav Sunday for Des Moines to ente <nrmy service. Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Hansen an Mrs, Jack Wetland helped Victo Fdtch of Burt move to a farm va '•ctited by David Webber near Burt Dale Thonjpson >of Osage was a «aller in Sexton Wednesday anc states that they think they wil like their new home and location quite well. (Joan Krieps is still reported to bi <on the sick list with an infected v«ar. Because of Joan's illness, Mrs Krieps, who plann-ed to entertain the Sexton Homemakers 1 club on 'Tuesday, will be unable to have ttv meeting. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Steven, Mrs 33. E. Sanders and Mrs. Drusilla Noble were privileged to hear E 'Stanley Jones, famous missionary and author of several books, at For' Dodge Thursday, where he was th* -.featured speaker of the day, . ' Mr, and Mrs. W. C. Taylor quietly celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary at their home on Wed •-nesday, March 4th. Friends drop ped In to congratulate them. Wr Taylor ds the implement dealer for 'the Case line of farm machinery In and formerly 'lived here. Four Corner Jacqueline Lowman- and* Lance Stevens spent Friday night and Sunday with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Chet Robinson. \ •Harvey Broadwell and the Roy l*e family moved to the Pearl Potter farm Tuesday, which was formerly occupied bv the Peter Mul' family. Mr. and Mrs. Karl Miller and Mr. and 'Mrs. Keith Stevens at tended a Sunday school party ai, Mr. and Mr§. iRopaJd Jenkiw' home Friday evening. . • iMr. and Mrs. Quentin 'Blusjrom andifcfir. and Mrs. Cecil-Bjuatrom left Friday morning *o attend the funeral pf the boys' un«le, Jof— Bjuetrpm, of Stratford, and th , Tetursed home tb* same evening. : I I pcSBagfggtsfl^^ —../ ^_ ,_ m _ Q &ffsss&e^^ (J. Spittle returned to JoUet, pi., Tecently after a three-weelw's stay at the bome of U* daughter, Mr?. U. S. RAIDS JAP BASES—Map locates the mid-Pacific Mar. shall and Gilbert Islands, which the Navy announced Sunday had been raided by ships and planes of the U. S. Navy, causing extensive damage to Japanese bases, military estblishments, planes, and auxiliary ships. The raid included five bases in the Marshalls. and on Makin Island in the Gibert. group, wrested Ifrom the British eary In the war. It was the American's first attack on Japanese territory. The navy communique indicated that eleven U. S. aircraft failed to return and two surface vessels received minor Injuries. If the 'ratio of Jap,-losses to American losses, which prevailed , In .previous air fights was maintained, the Japs must have .been.,dealt,a,severe blow. As the big guns of Singapore opened up, similar action was taken iby Gen;. MacArthur's troops holding Corregldor fortress. Blasts from the Americans crushed a sneak raid and wiped out numerous launches and barges,, which the Japs had secretly prepared at Ternate, across the bay. JAP PJUAN OF ATTACK ON U. S^: This plan of attack on the U. S. proposed toy a Japanese officer was cited February 27 in a Dies Committee report: (1) Capture of Hwaii, (2) Destruction of Panama Canal and U. S. Fleet, probably after an engagement in the North Pacific, (3) Invasion of U. S. west coast' with Jap ficrces establishing a battle line in the Rockies while consolidating armies on coast,, (4) Advance to East coast. NOW ?«OTBCTEp »y p. a TCftOQ?8r~Wjnemstad, Cura- coa, Outch West Indies—^ This is a 'dew of tl»e waterfront of RVillem.stad, capital of Curacao, one of two Dutch West Indies Islands in the Caribbean Sea to which. United Stages troops have been sent- The 'American forces wilt assist the Patch in protecting Curasao and, the n«ial\by Island of Aruba and their are; refineries, the State Department has annpvnced- The a near the northwest corner of Venezuela. reda Le!and returned home a week ago Saturday after a three weeks' visit with the Hiphard Wands in California. ,Tho WilMam Pfter^on Art Peterson of Bancroft and and 'Mrs. Harold ftaha and daugh- er .Grace, were Friday evening, dinner guests at tfte Walter Q. Pet- raon home. Jimmle, nine year old spn 9? Mr. nd WL^s. Qetffge Burner iijader» «p ftppendfic operation at th,e Memaw «»5pit,»H, EsttjerviMe. of ill and it wa* necessary fer her "to be taken to the Colemaa hospital, f&thervUle), Whfre the Wrth MTM by Caesarean operation;. Mother and baby are getting along nicely. •, • " Hr, and Mrs, Richard jUe^and and Mr, and Mr* Walter Peterson, arrived owe TttSfda^ f rPB» l^oa geies t PaJlif. Ifcey TO^ to, sumsjff where the jjxen w«fo Jn a 4f fftMtf Ifictojy. a/e al ItofcoWf f her NEGRO AND WHITE RIOT IN DETROIT—Detroit. Mich.: The white residents of the neighborhood have fought a iong battle to keep up the property values, by not having negro tenants move into the Federal Defense Housing project. Their protests, which have been in vain, changed to . physical argument. Photo shows'police struggling with a colored rioter. SIAMESE TWIN GIRLS DIE—New York, N. Y.: Photo shows the Siamese twin girls that were born to Mrs. Jessie Picclotti, at the St. Vincj>nt<s Hospital In Staten Island, Feb. 26. Dr. Peter Plmpone, who delivered the babies, which were connected from a point just below the chest to about an inch below the navel, had been consulting with other physicians concernin-g the feasibility of an operation to separate them. V. S, DOUGHBOYS SEE LONDON SIGHTS — London, England: Corporal Sherman Long of Duluth, Minnesota, (left), and Private Ben Zwolinski of Kingston, Pennsylvania, are shown getting their directions here front a London policeman. They are part of the A. & F- recently tended in the North of Ireland. Applications for 1941 Parity Must b« Filed Before Mar, 30 Applications for 1841 parity and agricultural conservation payments be signed and filed in the QJWty AAA ojEBJce before M*rch 1, Robert M. Lpa», chairman of the Kpsauth County Agricultural Conservation Assodatfcn announced this weettv ' lAny termec. copperating In tfce AAuy. pnpgraw ig&o lias not receivj- ed an; applfcatiofl for 19*1 payments e county the FAIR SPONSORS SCHOOL PUPILS ESSAY CONTEST The Kossuth County Fair Board with Alex iBonnstetter, West Bend, chairman, announces the spcftsor- ing of an essay contest among Kossuth school pupils on the subject of "The Value of Our Kossuth County Fair." Wm. .C. Dau, on the essay committee with Mr. Bonnstefter, has set up the program through the office of the county superintendent of achcols as follows? The contest Is open to all pupils in all schools in grades 7-8-9 In Kossuth county. The pupil whose essay is .judged the best will receive a $25.00 defense bond and the second best essay will receive $10.00 in defense stamps and the third best essay will receive $5.00 In defense stamps. Three persons will be selected on the committee to judge the essays. Rules 'fit Contest The purpose of the contest Is to bring to the attention of the people of Kossuth county the definite values which come from the annual county fair. It is expected that many pupils will enter the contest as a school project either in the study of Kossuth County history or through the English classes. Contest entry closes March 28. (Following are the rules for the contest as set out by the committee in charge: 1. All essays must be sent to the office of the county superin- tent of schools on or before May 1, 1942, and will become the property it the Kossuth County Fair Board and used for publicity purposes., 12. Essays to be limited to less ;han 150 words. 3. Essays must be written in ink or typewritten using only one lide of the paper. 4. Essays will be judged on the following point basis: Originality of ideas—60 points. . Arrangement and organization of ideas—25 points. Sentence structure, spelling and neatness—15 points. LEONA WALKER, ALGONA, WED TO LOVSTAD OF BURT Leona Walker, 'daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Walker of Algona, became the bride of Clifford Lovstad, son of Mrs. Anna Lovstad of Burt, Sunday at two o'clock at the Good Hope Lutheran parson--! age with Rev. M. M. Schafer per^ forming a single ring ceremony. They were attended by Helen Walker, a sister of the bride, and Raymond Lovstad, brother of the groom/ The bride wore a navy blue street length dress with a corsage of roses. Her attendant wore an aqua blue street dress with a corsage of jonquils and daffodils. •A wedding supper was served at the home of' the bride's parent, the home .of the bride's, parents. •Those;present were: MrsJ Anna Lovstad and sons, Robert,.Leonard and Raymond, Mr. and Mrs. Albin Schneider and son, Kenneth, Mr. and Mi;s. Jack Schneider and daughter, Joan,, Mr. and (Mrs. Victor Gorman and children', June, Rich- nrd, Kenneth and Jiimmy all of Burt; Mr. and Mrs. Emil Lovstad and son, Billy, Mr. and Mrs. Durwood McArthur and children, Reuben and Rachel, Mr. and'Mrs. Robert Carney and daughters, Fern and Mary Frances of Algona. - The newly-weds will live on a farm south of Bancroft, Th'e bride was honored at two pre-nuptial courtesies. Mrs. Robert Carney entertained 15 ladies last Thursday afternoon at her. home. Games were played and the bride received many beautiful gifts. Last Friday afternoon Mrs. Leslie Walker, an aunt/ entertained 40 ladies and the Mothers and Daughters club at her home. Ganges were played and recipes written. The bride-to-be opened her gifts. A tray lunch was served. RICE HEAD OF _ EASTER SEAL COMMITTEE The ninth Annual Easter Seal sale will begin next Monday and continue through April 5, it was announced today by Norman C. Rice, chairman of the Kcssuth oitnty committee. Prodeeds of this sale go to sup- nort the activities of the Iowa Society for Crippled Children and the Disabled and iits organized county committees which are affiliated with the National Society for Crippled Children. I', N MM Serving with Mr. Rice on the county commttee are: G. S. Buchanan, secretary; Eugene Murtagh, i. Di Schaap, M. D., E. A. Scheme!, ilarence Phillips, Lucia Wallace and O, B. Laing. (Funds raised in the mi Easter Seal sale campaign have provided such aids for Iowa cripples as the following,- a recent report of the :owa Society showed: Hospital beds, builWup shoes, conyalscont care, hospltalizaWon, wheel-chairs and other appliances. The Easter Seal sale is conducted by mail. Envelopes, containing the seals are received by citizens with the request that they use the seals •on letters,and monthly statements as a token of the Easter Season and he re-birth *f good-w»H«. The Rcbekah Lodge tvilt have its regular meeting tonight (Tuesday) Mrs. E, A, G«nHch spent the week end ,4n Brooklyn, Iowa, at the home of her sister, Mrs. W. 3. Becker entered the Kossuth hospital Sunday for medical treatment. The Elementary P. T. A. met this afterjicon (Tuesday) at the Bryant school building. Mr. and Mrs. Jess Beamish spent Sunday in Spencer attending to business matters. (June Corey went ttt Rochester Friday for a check-up at one of the hospitals there. , F. Amfiihr went to Jessup, Towa, Wednesdd(y to attend tjie funeral of his niece. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd .."rafct went to Storm Lake Sunday and spent the day with friends. Mr. and Mrs. John Parks, Jr., of Spencer spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. Parks. Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Shellmyer of West Bend spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs Paul Bell. Mrs. O. S. Buchanan entertained the members of her bridge club on Monday afternoon at her home. Mrs'. Maude Solomon of Spencer came Friday for an indefinite visit at the home of Mrs. Stella Sabin. Richard Keen will arrive today (Tuesday) for a few days with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Keen. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Sigsbee of Fort Djdge spent the week end in Algona with relatives and friends. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Parks spent Friday in West Bend where Mr. Parks attended to business mat- ,ers. MrK. G. D. Stokes will entertain :he members of the Idle H:ur club tomorrow (Wednesday) at her lome. Helen Daughan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.- T. Daughan, spent ;he week end in Des Moines with 'riends. Mrs. L. G. Baker went to Kanawha Saturday to spend a few days with her sister, Mrs. H. H. Stewart, and family. Mrs. T. C. Sherman left Monday 'or Ocala, Fla., where she will spend several weeks with her daughter, Mrs. C< R. Kin-gsley. ty aflid Mrs. N. J. Crawford spent Sunday in Spencer at the home of the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Helnen. Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Griffin spent ast week end at Salsm; S. D., tit :he home of the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Reddin. Mrs. Lee Doy will leave Friday for her home in Kewanee, 111., af- ;er spending the week with her mother, Mrs. Ellen Wagoner. Hank Bruncr returned to his home in Webster City Sunday, after spending the past ten days at the 1 home of Mr.'and Mrs. Dennis Pratt. Richard Norton spent the week end with his parents, Mr and Mrs. M. G. Norton-. Richard is'a senior at-the University of Iowa at Iowa City. . Miss . Neva Ellsworth, .Penvcr, Colo.', ^Tias been visiting friends in Algona. for the past few days. Miss Ellsworth is a former Agona: resident. , Miss Ella Thompson left Thursday for a month's visit at the home of her brother, Mr. and Mrs. Willard Thompson, alt 'San Antonio, Texas. " Mr. and Mrs. Paul James are the mrents of theJr second- daughter, jorn Saturday evening at the Kossuth hospital. Mr,i 'Jamlss is a Tucker* Engish Lenten services will be leld Wednesday evening at eight o'clock in the Trinity Lutheran church. - The public is cordially nvited. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Noel of Fort Dodge have moved to Algona to the tfc'Call apartments. Mr. Noel is employed by the Kossuth County redit bureau.' Rev. and Mrs. J. C.: Buthman went :o Garner today (Tuesday) to attend a sub-district preachers' me;t- ng at the home of Rev. and Mrs, Marlow Hall. Rev( K. M. Burns, Rev. J. C. Suthman, Rev. F. C. Volzke and v. E. K. Nelson went to Fort Dodge Friday to attend a x special ireachers* meeting. Mrs. Joe Kelly left Monday evening of last week for Chicago, where she will spend three or four weeks with her son and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kelly, Jr. R. B. Waller of Des Moines spent the week end in Algona getting acquainted with his new daughter, Pamela Grace, b;rn Wednesday at the Kossuth hospital. Lakota Ha$ Hot School Election Lakota: There weje MS votes cast in the gchopj election here Monday. -The terms qf two,members, Dr. R. L. WUUsms and Ray ^gth, expired and they were not candidates for re-election. Four new candidates'had been nominated for the ticket, A*, Anderson Marvin Bfujn, Nick BiBhrends and Walter Roaenau- Tfte latter tw«" choice of *«* voters 1 An Iowa First A new top price for heavy steers on the Chicago livestock market was allowed G. S. Barker, shipper living near Bloomfield, during) the last week in February. The price was $14.00 a hundredweight or $221 each for two head averaging 1,583 pounds. Kelsey Dunn returned to Norfolk, Va., after spending several days with his mother, Mrs. Bessie Dunn. Kelsey is <in the navy. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Clark became the parents of their second child, a girl, Sunday at the Kossuth hospital. Mr. Clark is a highway patrolman for the state of Iowa. Mr. and Mrs. Gail Clem and family moved to Ankeny last week where Mr. Clem is employed in the defense plant. Mr. Clem was formerly employed at Barkers' drug store. Anton Johnson, H. W. Miller and John Hutchison, the latter of Wesley, went to Humboldt Thursday evening to attend an executive board meeting of the Prairie Gold Area Council. •Gordon Kulut, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Jergensen, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Kuhn and Ed Kuhn went to Mason- City Friday to attend the funeral of Frank Longley who died Tuesday. Mrs- Lewis Buhr and daughter, Beverly of St. Paul and Mrs. W. B. Rae of Mason City, visited their parents, Mr. and Mrs. E, N. Taylor and sister, Mrs. M. Webster, Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Hobes and famiy moved from Algona to Fairmont, Minn., recently where he has accepted a position as night railroad operator with the Chicago & Northwestern railroad. Mr. and Mrs. Roy IJjustrom, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Bjustrom, Q. H. Bjustrom, and Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Bjustrom left Friday for Stanhope, Iowa, to attend the funeral of an uncle, J. S. Bjustrom. Mrs. Minnie Long, Mrs. W. F. Clow and daughter arrived Friday evening from Chicago. Mrs. Long has been visiting in Chicago since Christmas and Mrs. Clow will remain here for a few weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Smith anil Mr. and Mrs. Will Runchey were Sunday evening visitors at the home of Lyle Runchey and his bride at their home, the former Wm. Greenfield farm in Garfied township. Mrs. George Hobbs and son. Jerry, will join her husband at Pryor, Ok!a., this week. She and her two children have been staying with her mother, Mrs. Bessie Dunn. Mr. Hobbs is foreman in a DuPont plant there. Jack Hemphill arrived Saturday for a week's vacation witth his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Hemphill. Jack is in the navy and is stationed at Chicago where he works in the personnel office at the Navy Pier. Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Wadleigh are moving" from North Harlan gifeet to their fa, m home the last of th* week. They moved Into town ort Nov. 1, to enable thedr chffdreft, Calvin, and 'Louise, to attend high school here. , . Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Sigsbee ftnd son, Gordon of Burt, Mr. arid Mrs. Raymond Blerstedt and son, Donald, of 'Lone Rock, and Mrs. Kate Dittmer and Josephine were Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Graniow. • Lois Col well left from Cfidar Falls Thursday to visit an auntj Mrs. James Reynolds at Cranford, N. J. She will also visit HatwJd Banwart at Camp Dix, New Jersey. Lois is a student at IoWa£tate Teachers' College at Cedar Falla.- George Scobee went to MaAoii City Saturday to attend a meet* ing :Of all officials and railroad labor leaders of the Milwaukee road. Plans were made to sell every employee a defense bond., Mr. ScO- bee was named chairman of this division. Mr. and 'Mrs. Harlan Frank! became the parents, of their first child, a girl, Monday afternoon at the Kossuth hospital, The baby has been named Diane Maria, and is the first grandchild for Mr. and Mrs. John Frankl and Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Sterling. Dr. Karl R. Hoffman and daughter, Joan, Phil Kohlhaas, Jr., and Misses Anita Rose Kohlhaas and Rose Scanlan were visitors at Rochester Sunday with Mrs. Hoffman, •who is a patient in St. Mary's hospital there. The latter is improving nicely. Lorraine Morrison also was a member of the party and she visited her mother who is a patient at the Kahler hospital. M 0V E D I have moved my barber shop to the basement under Voigt's Cafe, Thank you for your past patronage and welcome to my. .new shop. Barber 10* Reduce disease damage to grain crops and make your labor pay more profit by treating ' this year's higher-priced seed \yheat, oats and barley with New, Improved CERESAN. Generally in^creases yields. One pound treats 32 bushels of seed at extremely , low cost. Kills certain seed-borne diseases by contact and effective vapor action. Wear dry mask when applying. Come in how for ' New Improved CERESAN artd free ; Grain Pamphlet. CERESAN ; for OATS Lusby & Giossi the original organic menury SEED DISINFECTANTS A TREATMENT fOH f V£BV MflJOn CROP Tuesday and Wednesday, March 10-11 )TO SOI * ( The picture you will want' tO | see. . One hundred larla to a ,' > customer. . •' •'•'• ''. : - J" Thursday, Friday and Saturday, March 13-13-14 ' 4 Loaded for your entertainment! . ', *"*">'( ROY ROGERS Lynn Carver Plus serial, "Holt of Secret Service" Sunday, March IS-^Four Days : ' TWO GREAT SPECIALS! ' ; ' Rape of China by Japs! UffiOKMEl! UIUWI Shanghai under Fire! MOtmCna ncnmes cotfounow tmnii Storm Troops — Concentration, Camps—Living Hell! K| NOTICE f { , • ^ This i* to inform ow customers that owr 8to«Ji of material, ^ w not tied up, and that we have the rif ht to jell any mater» ial that we have in stock and my material available <in the present market, Any statement to the contrary j» We have a good stock nf material on hand lnr.^Wf • * *t. i", .,- "f ^w * ^^R^W^WS^W ^l^^P' ^^P ' m

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