The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 23, 1948 · Page 21
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 21

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 23, 1948
Page 21
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Drive2 f iMl. : then Get Stuck At Whiffemore Whiiiemore—C. F> f 0. Lyle J Andersen and .Mrs. Andersen ar, rived here from Seattle, Wash. Marclv 8, They, drove the dis- tanqe of 2200 miles without car or road trouble , and found all highways open until they reach* ed Whittemore, where they were -l stalled right on main' street in snow drifts, s ', x Mrs. Andersen, trie former Lorraine Wichtendahl, was called home clue t-lo the serious illness of her father, George Wich" tcndahl, who recently returned home: from. Rochester, Minn., much improved in health. Mr. and Mrs. James Bisenius and daughters Bonnie and Joan and son Clement were Sunday '«£. First Since the War! Genuine EASTER LILIES OUDPJt IN'OW! • Ilimlior O More Ik'UiitifuI jy- Eddie 9 s ; Floral Shop ; riiono !()!)() Qrders May Be Placed Wilh '.•;,->' My Agents At: Wesley—Ray Williamson Burl—'Lappe's D-X Station CALL us Day or Night for Fast Removal of ALL DEAD STOCK , . - . • • PHONE US COLLECT WEST BEND—138 LONE ROCK—500 WESLEY—1500 LE0YARD—75 BURT—178 BANCROFT—4441 LUVERNE—2061 • LIVERMORE—2514 WHITTEMORE—1500 or Schumacher's DX lion—2331 Or ALGONA—7 WE PAY ALL PHONE CALLS Makers of ALGONA RENDERING CO. , Psrmit N9t 31 » 4 * • quests. !n tho home of ''Mr, and Vlrs. James Lcnhart-.'-at- Storm jflko. Othar guests '-faere Joseph md Joan Cavanaiigh of Lohr- 'ille. Relatives who gathered at the .lo'itie of Mr, 'an'd Mrs', Lester Baas lagt Tuesday ;? e;vening to oelebraie Mrs. Baas'' .birthday. Those who Were present "Were: Mr. anB Mrs. C. C : . Baas and daughter Elda, Mr; '• and Mrs. George Baas and family; Mr. and Mrs. William Roeber, Emma Roeber, Mr. and .Mrs. Melvin Roeber, and Mr. and.Mrs. Leonard Meyer and sons, Gerald and Tommv, Whittemore, Mr, and Mrs.' Thomas Kettleseh,' and Mr. and Mrs. William Paetz, Algona. The evening was spent at cards and a^lunch was served. Mrs. H. W. Behnke left Friday jvening by rail for Rbselle, 111'., where she will visit her son-in- law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert Haberkamp and also to attend the confirmation of her granddaughter, Carrol Haberkamp, Palm Sunday., Mrs. Arthur Heidenwith left for Albert Lea. Mhin., Saturday •norning to visit at the home of her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Walker. She returned home the same evening. Marion Hyink drove to Sioux Jity Thursday morning to bring lorne 'Mrs, Sam Montag, who underwent an operation on her sack at the Mercy hospital in Sioux CitV, last week. Mrs. Montag is well on the road to recovery. ••• . Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Brogan vis- ted at the home of their son and daughter-in-Jaw, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Brogan and Mr. and Mrs. John Wier, at Clear Lake, Sunday. 'Arthur Heidenwith was a bus- ness caller for the L. W. Swanson store at Clear Lake, Friday afternoon. I A number of relatives and friends of Mr., and Mrs. William ;Hanover Sr. gathered at their home Thursday after'nooh and evening. Those wh'6; were afternoon callers were Mr. arid Mrs. Chris Meyer, Mrs. Herman Gade. Mrs. Theodore Meier" Mrs. Albert Behnke, August Gade, and Mrs. Richard Potrafe-,.Evening visitors were Mr. and C; Mrs. Otto Bell, Mr. arid Mrs. A-hdy Elbert, August Roeber, Emma Roeber, VTr. and Mrs. John Ruhnke, Mr. and Mrs. William '.Hanover Jr. and daughter, Mr. and''Mrs. Ru- :lolph Hanover and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Alfred' 'Bierstedt and family. The occasion was Mrs. Hanover's birthday. Mr. and Mrs. George:; Meyer » ' ( drove to Sfory' City, Thursday, where' they attended the wedding of Robert Looft and Marilyn Jacobson, who were married at 8 o'clock, Thursday .evening • at Story City, Mr. Looft is a nephew of the Meyers. The Women's Neighborly club met at tho home of Mrs. Frank Kollasch, Thursday • afternoon. Prizes were received by Mrs. Frank Foley, high and 'travel, Mrs. A. B. Buscherfeld, door prize,. and Mrs. Frank Spilles, low; Mrs. -Daniel Foley,' Whittemore, and Mrs. Herman Bode, Corwith. were guests of the club. Mrs. Frank Gappa of Ayrshire assisted at the Peter Waldron home during the absence of Mr. and Mrs. R; L. Richardson, who were in Sioux Falls, S. D., following^ the death of Mr. Richardson's fathur, A. M. Richardson. Mesdanus John Ruhnke, Bert Seely, Edwin Greinert, Erwin Bruhri, Archie, Voigt, Herman Voigt, Arthur Heidenwith, Herman Meyer, William Ostwakl, Ernie Meyer, and Theodore .Bierstedt helped "Mrs. George Meyer at a quilting bee Wednesday and Thursday. 'tient for fitfc weeks after .surgery. . 'trtjfi Mi-, anrl Mrs. WinS man and little daughter 'of near Britt were Wednesday afternoon visitors at the home of his Mr. arid Mrs. August baum. . A large crowd 'attended the Sexton W. S. C. S. meeting at the home of Mrs. Leo Steven, Thursday .afternoon. Special music Was given by Mrs. Theron ' Hanson and Mrs. ( Lawrence Hanson ol Wesley. LUVERNE SEXTO Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Dutlon. Algona, were recent visitors at the home of their niece, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Mimbach. Fred Laymon, Oakdale, visited from Wednesday evening until Friday morning at the home of his daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Gabrielsori. Mrs. Jess Grubb returned home Thursday from Iowa City University hospital, where she had been for two weeks with a badly broken jirrn, . It is still in a cast. Her daughter, Mrs. Allen Bullock of Nevada is here helping care for her. • Glenn and John GabrieJson accompanied their brother Donald Gabrielson of Mason City to Starbuck, Minn., the first o'f the week to visit their' parents, Mr. and Mrs. N. G. Gabrielson, returning home Wednesday evening,. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Krieps re-' turned home Tuesday evening from St. Louis, Mo., where- they visited a week- with Joe's sister. Mr. and Mrs. James Castress and family. Mrs. Drusie Noole was brought lome from the Lutheran hospital at Fort Dodge, Wednesday afternoon, where she had been a pa- Witirthe approach of the usual Spring Cleanup of their yards, citizens of Algona are re- other debr&m~'streets or alleys of the Cjty, even for burning. Citizens are required to remove garbage, ashes and other waste materials from their premises and at their own expense. These accumulations, if permitted in streets and. alleys, constitute a menace to storm sewer drainage and seriously hamper the work of the street department, instructions-are issued for the reporting of violators , so that they rrjay be punished. By order of'^Kfe'City Council of the City of Algona. ' -• , / * I "" \ ,.' , .FRANK KOHtHAAS^ ,,,,; Mayor. HEAR .IN'. SECRET, Suppliers of 90% of the preciijlon test Instrument* luej in America, 'A stftrtling, new discovery for both njen «n4 women, the Maico Secreteer invisible mold, is a thin, " flesh-tinte4 frame that conceals itself within th«» inner folds pf the . ear, Now you can wear the Maico Atomeej hearing instrpwent with* put thei old-f«sl}ione4 button via* ible m the-ear, Confidence wr» 6^0-.- J^'es" ., De§ Mpines,' Iowa 25, 1948, frpjn 9 §,m. to 5 p.ii}. , wj^ b^ i If wp$bte',to 0end wrjte for ' , 'Batteries and'seryipe for a}l makes Q| hearing aids'. Mr. and Mrs. Marx Schwyter of Rcnwick spent Friday .aftet- noon visiting at the home of Mi-, and Mrs. Henry Kubly.' Mrs. Walter Kiel and daughter returned to their home in An- kcny after a few .days visit 'at the home of .her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Archie Sanford. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Lichty, ; ,Lbt^ tie and Jennie' Mason - were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Ja'mes Zwiefel in Corwith. Mrs. Maurice Espland of • Fort Dodge- and Betty Dimlur of Des Moines spent the past week visiting at the home of their parents, Mr. and -Mrs. Ralph Dimler. ' Mrs. John Rainus took her mother. Mrs. Cecilc Wermersen, to Fort Dodge Tuesday. Mrs. Wermersen had spent the past week here visiting her daughter and family. 31/Cuppttd In Pbrtldhd Contest , Portland: ,'• The Portland lo.wn- isniji' spelling -contest was held at 'the! No, 1.' school. Mrs. Harold Bates is teacher. Entrants were from the four schools and a Burl township .school. Thirty-one competed and Ruth Phclps, 8th grade pupil at No, 1, was winner. Runner-up in oral was John Teeter, 7th grad<T, and in written, Mary Ann Bartlett, 7th grade. Pronouneer was • Mrs. Clifford Young. Judges were Mesdames TaeJcHiXfyycT Bartlett, W. J. Stewkrl'j Bfertiard' Phelps. At Teachers Meeting Mr., ancTMrs, W., J. Stewart, Mr. an* Mf-s.vFranz Teeter and Teachers Evelyn Meyers, Phyllis Christiansen arid Dorothy Von Bank attended the county school teaclic'rs' meeting at Algona recently. A St.'Patrick day theme was "arricd'out and''they listened to ••m interesting talk by a Miss '"een. • ' ' Austin, Minn., and Mr. and Mrs. John Cox, Algona, speht Thursday at the Earl Miller home. LuVeme Cagers At Slate Meet LuVerne — Darrell Nielson, Robert Nielsen and Clifford Hanson went to Iowa City Tuesday to attend the Iowa State basketball tournament. The boys are members of the LuVerne high school basketball squad. Attending the state boys basketball tournament held in Iowa City Wednesday were: Frank Gronbach. Dr. John M. Skogmo, Harold Licltty, Duane Neal, Mr. and Mrs. Merlin Baker, Mr. .and Mrs. Cecil Bakcr^Elmer Grpn- bach, Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Will. _ Mr. and Mrs. A.- W. Yoimtj of '.'ioar Lake were recent visitors •••'' at the Clifford Young home. Mrs. Harvey Samuclson, Fort Dodge, sister of Mell Peterson, <ang "Going Home", at the fun- •ral of Mrs. Fannie Mann, Thurs-lay. T/his was a special song, as i courtesy, to the mourners. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Scott i.'ive a new 80 cubic feet deep "ri"'7.c unit. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cox, Can Be Trusted Always! The gun that wasn't loaded and the bull that could be trusted have something in common — they're both responsible for many accidents. The "gentle bull" is too often the one that gores someone, says County Extension Director A. L. Brown. One of the principal safety rules .with bulls is to handle them as lillle as possible, with a properly designed and well cons'tructed bull pen, any bull can be handled AT SARGENT'S Sargent $ (Co,, Algona) la. -*;; <"y ;•&: ET -Design Trucks Only Chevrolet Advane-Design triifks have these new and finer ftatvresl 4-SPEED; SYNCHRO- MESH TRUCK TRANSMISSION in hepyy, duty modslf that 0*«wrt« n»w op«ratlna «q*» and «ffl?!»ncy. NEW STEERINQ COLUMN GEARSHIFT^' CONTROL In mod»|» with 3-?p««d Iram, mifilpn? pr«vidt| «r«g|«r delving eat« gnd «onv«nl«nc», NEW FOOTTOPERATIP PARKING BRAKE providing «|«ar flppr ar«a, *of«ly 9n«j »ffleiin 5 y (n mod*l| with 3-*p'«»d lrqntmUi!«ni. ' 5PUNifi ATTACH- MENT TO WHEEL HUB of grealor (trenglh ond durability in heavy-duty modali. NEW IMPROVEP VAIVE-IN-HEAD ENGINE hat greater durability and op«r- atlng •fficiency, TH| CAB THAT "pR,EATHES"*-Fre»h- Qif-nhealed in cold weather—Is drawn In and u«*d air forced out) rl(jS « Unlweld, al|-»ieel cab cpn- »iruetlon t N«w, heavier tpringi < Fyll- flpalln 9 hypoid rear ax(e« t Speciglly defigned brakef s » Ball-bearing fteering » Wide bat* yvhieIf t and many othf rf I triffty pp/Jonol qt oxlra coi(. Among all truck producers, only Chevrolet brings you AdvqneerDesign with th» latest qnd greqte?t features - of advance engineering, plus ' thi$ matchless premium of i production and sales leadership— the lowest prices in the volume fielcjl Here ar« frvclqi with ^omparatle equipment ^ qncl specification? \hqt list for less than competitive make/* models qi much q« in our : FIRST f KOSUTH MOTOR CO SALES AND SERVICE PHONE 200 ALGONA Tuesday, March 23, 1948. safely. The gate arid doors, as well as facilities for feeding, watetina and breeding, can be arranged id eliminate neatly all danger of attack from ihe' bull. , ; Bulls are not the only live on the farm i' diet with care, fh* HiHdnit Safety Council poUis dtli'/ thai horses were reS£6ftslfai|j for mote farm deaths and } injuries last year than bulls.?; Sale of ERTY wagon Tuesday, March 30 Reason for selling is the railroad in St. Benedict is being taken out. i Grain Elevator Building Complete with Equipment * ' 1—2750 bu. steel grain bin 1—16x24 frame building 1—14x18 frame building 1—14x32 2-bin coal building 1-^—Depot building, •, 1—lO-ton 16-ft. Fairbanks scale 1—Safe .;-' 1— Addling machine 1— -6 drawer desk 4—-drawer steel file cabinet '1—2-drawer steel file cabinet 1—Steinlite electric moisture tester £ I —Electric Brown-Duvel, 1 compart* ment moisture tester 1—Howe counter scale ' : Iv^SeetJburo, four-m-one scale , , -; 1—No, 11* Ev^n 3ftlaoce scale , '• ; r • •*< Also Sundry Merchandise ,5| FARMI|I$ teRAIN^ St. Benedict, ALSO TO. LEARN C-HRJ5T'5 WAY. BRING THeOmb&eN TO CHURCH SCHOOL OUR HOPE FOR THE FUTURE . . . , ~ "-* "* . ? < ' ' i Each generation must fight its own battle for human • liberty and dignity. Each generation _must nerve itself to die, if necessary, in defense of its faith. Many Americans are learning these significant lessons: As long as one single man anywhere lives under brutality and tyranny, no other mari's freedom is assured; , to sing about the "Faith of Our Fathers" and glory in the courage of the martyrs will not suffice for life today. •: It is not enough that our forefathers wru'rtg. f t O'SSi an unfriendly environment the right and the opportunity; lo build their churches, and to worship tHeir 'God< ! we must make their faith our own. We must use our Christian heritage. We cannot live off the past. We must commit ourselves to the Christian faith an teach ihe Christian heritage to our children if we are not to see our civilization overwhelmed by barbarism. Many of our churches are carrying on crusades to bring the people under the influence of Christian teaching. Half the children and young" people in the United States receive no religious education. The Sunday schools of the United Stales have reached only one person in five; j the vast majority of our pople are learning little or noth- , ing of the Christian heritage. In your community now, the leaders in schools, churches, and other service organizations are making an effort to bring every school child into the Sunday school of some church. These leaders need your help. They ask you lo attend Sunday school yourself, and they ask you to give the children and youth in your community an opportunity to attend Sunday school. Attend Sunday school and bring others with you! Give others an opportunity to know the Christian heritage and to commit themselves to the Christian faith. L•*/- '• ' - '- ,•"-'••"> y s^. t . •-•-,'.'-_"''Sii^Vt

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