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Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska • Page 13

Lincoln, Nebraska
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Doesn Ky DICK Bl'XKKK Omaha Xebraska will operate with just 3 quar- mbacks this tall, Fiob Devaney revealed at the annual Big raght pre-season football meetings here triday Making his first appearance before the grouj), Devaney pleaded with the other football coaches: rush our quarterbacks too hard or pile on. If you do. we may have a guard playing there has just junior Dennis (daridge, sophomore Fiieker and senior John Faimon at quarterback. Hon Oilbreath of Sidney has been scholastically. Devaney said the Huskers will have just 52 or 53 in fall camp and that that number mav be further reduced boys are in summer school or taking correspondence courses and we just hope that they come through, Devaney said.

He indicated were key plav- ers but declined to name them. scratched from the fall roster are guard Gary Gray of Valentine, F.aVane Johnson of Eagle, tackle Haas of Moline, 111., tackle Robert of end Gary Faicas of Greeley. Colo, and place kicking specialist of Oshkosh. Devanev didn give mucFi lioost to optimism surrounding the imi2 Cornhuskers. squad looks good on jiaper with 24 returning he said, this is the same group that won 3 games last fall.

Itefore we go hog wild about a winning season, we will certainly have to improve. squad will be small in number and not deep. But we inherited a good bunch of boys. Sometimes this is not true where there is a coaching change. We're not complaining.

feel we can go into any game with a chance of winning. We have a lot to learn about the conference the hard way. is our biggest problem. We stress it a lot. Boost NU Optimism At Wyoming we ranked near the top nationally, but we satisfied with our progress in the We must get vicious, not dirty, just vicious and hard-hitting.

Our passing game will be a part of our running game. We have the personnel to use the pro tvpe Devaney referred to Bill Thornton. VII- ('onference fullback, as fine football plaser. who likes to hit and likes the game," The XU coach said that sophomore Kent of Broken Bow was a sought-after athh'te. intelligent and has good potential.

He is. however, a sophomore and has much to learn. running beliiml Rudy Johnson and Dennis Stuewe, two bovs who have played a lot of football for Xebraska. This fall we probablv will use Kent as our quarterback on defense. We just have enough quarterbacks to use them Fie indicated that if another plaver had to be shifted to quarterback it might be Dave Theisen, halfback transfer from Marquette.

Referring to a statement by Clay Stapleton, coach at Iowa State in regard to university to the of Iowa State and its easy courses, Devany jested: wish we had some snap courses like car washing or live ball casting. losing some good boys. Harvard has a hard time getting football players, there is just no reason to compete scholastically with Harvard. We're Just going to have to get boys who are better Devaney refxirted that fullback Noel is now healthy, but apparently has lost some of his speed due to tw'o knee operations. 8 Devaney Davis Colorado Stapleton Iowa State Weaver Katiias Slate Kansas Speegle Oklahoma St.ite Devine Vllssouri Wilkinson Oklahoma What the Other Big Eight Coaches Had to Report South staff Oscar Smith, Citv (lelt); head coach Cliff Dale, Fairburv; Bill James, Bellevue and Oliie Smith, Hastings.

Shrine Stars Will Learn Why They Play Grid Game At Twill (jlies Hospital Minneapolis, Mmn. mmute preparations were the order of the day Friday as the children of the Shrine hospital await the annual visit of their football teams Saturday. contingent of of finest high school football players will flv into the Twin Cities to observe at first hand end result of the Shrine All-Star football game. The game, to be played 18 at the University of in Lincoln, will pit the South stars against the North with of the proceeds going to the Twin Cities Shrine Hospital. Clarence Finger, chairman of the hospital board, pointed out that the visit by the gridders will not be an inspection tour.

boys are C'oming to meet the he said. event is one of the big days in the lives of our boys and Every child at this hospital for crippled children has been assigned a sponsor, for about a month now the excitement has been building towards meeting. find that this visit is good therapy on both Finger explained. players and children will form an attachment for each other during their short visit. We have a hard time getting the players back on the bus when time for them to go back was on deiensive maneuvers, to Lincoln.

Sflurtial PAGE 13 Eight football coaches were mainly optimistic here Friday in their reports at their annual press conference. Some of the observations: (lay Stapleton, Iowa State think smarter because we are running the T-formation this year. We changed because we had a single wing complex We have the largest number of athletes we ever recruited on our freshman squad (49) and we lost only two We will probably start at least 4 sophomores Dave Hoppmann has done fairly good as a quarterback but we want to play him there, too good a Doug Weaver, Kansas lot depends on luck. We have to count on luck. The others use old- fashioned things like talent and coaching We may be effective because of our experience.

Each year we get a little bit Cliff Speegle, Oklahoma play everybody pretty tough, but probably help everybody out the low'er echelon in the league has to he optimistic we have two weeks open after our first game which is almost like playing two Bud Davis, plans to surprise a lot of intend to show up We had a rocky spring so that we have had to change our offense and add a lot of passing. wdll probably throw 40 to of the Jack Mitchell, Kansas graduated our entire first line and also must replace John Hadl and Curtiss McClinton. We will be young but we have iioten- tial and could develop into a good team if we are not beaten down early Con Keating of Columbus. is one of the better defensive haltbacks we have. He is a daiai good (luarterback although ho does not have a lot of sjieed and is not a good thrower Gale Sayers of Omaha is the fastest boy on our sijuad.

We think he has running and appears to have, a lot ot ability at adjusting and cutting. He has been ing on a construction job this summer and Bill Jennings has been helping him on his passing. We are going to have to use our halfbacks as Onofrio, have 3 serious problems, loss of our interior line which was the best in the league, loss of Ron Taylor, who was a natural leader at quarterback and loss of the men who made the big play for us last year we be as good defensively but we hope to be a little better Gomer Jones, Oklahoma would like to continue where we left off last year with 5 wins and a victory over our Alumni this spring we have a fine group of sophomores and they will certainly get good lessons in our first 4 games against Syracuse, Dame, Texas and Kansas Bill Van Burkleo wanted to transfer. He wrote to another school. We feel if a boy is not interested in the school and the team he should leave.

It is more important to have team morale than to be an (Van Burkleo has been dropped from the Oklahoma squad. He was the starting quarterback last year as a sophomore. He reportedly wrote to a west coast sclwx)! about transferring.) Injuries 2 North Ilalfhaeks Fred Farthino. Keith Giiines Injured; lialkoree Top Kieker Fremont Two right halfbacks on the North Shrine Bowl high school football squad were sidelined by injury Thursday. Fred Farthing of Omaha Tech, who had the post on fullback, stood out.

the No. 1 offensive lineup, had a severe charleyhorse and Keith Grimes of Columbus was out with a groin injury. Running at the spot in practice were Jerry Kilcoin of and Larry Miller of Sidney. Much of the work Thursday preparatory to a defense scrimmage Friday. i In the extra Doint drill, Steve Balkovec ot aha Holv Name anH Vn 1 I Diversity one weekend ana iioiy Name, and No.

1 chatted with on his trip said Finger. Miss Helen Bassett, hospi- ital administrator, said the look forward to the for months in advance. children regard this visit as she Frit lav Local A American Legion State Tournament, Sher- 1 ------man Field. Columbus v. Omaha meaning of the game to Phillipstore.s, 8 p.m.

them. We just let them enjoy Public Ice Auditorium, 15th The boys and girls look upon the players as their said. try to explain Sc For Sonili riiniiiaiie Crete Cliff Dale planned the first full scale scrimmage for his South high Shrine Bowl squad Friday, but sent his squad through two one-hour sessions Thursday that provided some contact work. The squad continued to get by without injuries. by Dale to work together as a defense team was this lineup: p.m.

Saturday Local Horse Racing Fairground.s, 2:30 p.m. Public Ice 15th 1-3, 3:305:30 and p.m. National Baseball Detroit v. New York, TV-6 10. 12 p.m Baltimore V.

Boston, TV-3, 12 p.m. Posts Classic Vlark Akron. Ohio IT) Palmer pounded out, a one- Tom Cotton, and i under-par 69 Friday for a two- Rob Sterner, Nebraska City, total of to take a ends; Rich Birdsley, Auburn, commanding lead among and Gordon Ham, Sutton, tac-'earlier finishers in the second kies; Dinnen round of the American Golf Concordia, guard; Roy Wind-; Classic, horst, Deshler, Dave Stow-' 67-69 was a 36-hole ers, Boys Town, and Kelly record for the gigantic Fire- er team, Miss Bassett explained, look for reports on game and in many instances will receive letters from some of the players long after the game has been The Shrine Hospital here serves Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa and Nei braska. Finger said the tilt was the largest game i played in the area and has resulted ill a sum money being raised for the hospital. Nebraska game is a grand example of statewide spirit and Finger said.

temples at Hastings, Lincoln and Omaha work magnificently togeth- Petersen, Cozad, linebackers; Ron Poggemeyer, Nebraska City, safety, and John Nespor, Fairbury and Don Reidl, Cozad, halfbacks. To Finciiiiiali Cincinnati kf) Quick-footed halfback Ben Jones of the Mo- stone layout of 7,165 yards, Hospital officials are seri- bettering the 137 fired by de-1 ous when they say the visit fending champion Jay Hebert I to the hospital wiil be bene- last year. ficial to the football players Mike Souchak, wdio was tied as well as the crippled chil- with Jim Ferrier and George idren. Bayer with 69s Thursday, had one official put it, a 74 for a 36-hole total of 143. Don January came up nessen, High School will a 70 for a 141 total, and Jackie attend the University of Cin cmMti this fall.

Cupit also shot a par-70 for a 142 count. learn that the theme of the game, Legs Will Run, So That Weak Legs is not just a slogan, bifi a tangible LINCOLN, NEBRASKA FRIDAY, AUGUST 10, 1962 Fairgroiiiuls Races Entries Post Time, p.m. First race, 4 up, (Taimiiig, purse $100t), Lincoln Course. Miss Shy Ann (Houghton) ............................113 Go Rocky Go (Padron) H5 Up Glory (Collins) ............................110 Random Fool (No boy) .................................113 Jimmie R. (No boy) .....................................115 Ramodiddle (No boy) iis Banker Bill boy) ...................................115 Big Beaver (Gaffglione) ..............................118 Glad Broom (Germany) Royal Brownie (No boy) boy) 108, L.

(Padron) 110, Boots (L. Rettele) 115, Bazooka Pac (No boy) 113. Second race, 4 up, claiming, purse $1(100, one mile. Doll Up (B. Morris) 113 Olkros (Kcoffey) Winged Mercury (Padron) 118 Kaithtu! Lad iNo 113 Navy Grey Sacandaga (Gailghonei H8 Fleeting Day (No boy) 113 Trajectory (Collins) U8 Also-Red Ember boy) 118.

Third race, 2 y.o., allow purse $1100, 2 furlongs. Leity True 113 Polite C. (Collins) 112 I'aithiul Dad (No buy) 115 Cleo boy) lio Wagon (L. Rettele) 112 Bemolee (Martinez) no Miss (No boy) no Bird-Lady (Gaffglione) 112 Call (No boy) 110. Fourth race, 4 up, Nebraska bred, claiming, purse $1000, Lincoln Course.

Repowder (Collins) n.l Master Red (Houghton) Reliant (Kuhns) no Billy-B-Gon boy) ii7 Gene 1). boy) xlOH Ivory Fox (Gaffglione) 120 Gypsy Dan (B, Slorris) 120 Black (Kcoffey) no Re-Pete (No boy) Bull Hy (No boy) purse Lint'oin 1 Sickle's Chance (Kcoffey) Lucky Gay hoy) 115 (Correa) Pilot (L, Rettele) ns Little Phil (K. Morns) Jayay (Houghton) Faleen (Padron) 108 Pemberton (Hanc(K-k) xllO Borgia Bull (Gaflglione) Sixth race, 3 up, claiming, purse $1200, Lincoln Course. Dunbar (Martinez) ............................................121 Ma-VVin Germany 116 Miss Beano (B. ...............................116 Picco (Houghton) ns Darling (Correa) Ocean (No boy) Dashable (L.

Rettele) JamZan (No boy) Cute Pic (H. .................................109 late, 3 A. up, claiming, purse $1400, one mile and seventy yards. Hydro Charge (Collins) 117 Gallarcna R. ..................................112 Rovai Patti (Houghton) Wild Bean (Padroni .....................................112 Birdie-Doo (No boy) .................................108 -Mr.

laislie (Martint'z) ..........................114 Lady (L. Rettele) Feiida ...........................110 CopiHM- Doll (B Morn.s) ......................112 Fudge entry. I.ighth race. .3 A up. handicap, purse one mile.

Ki'comnu'nded ng liish Swede 'B Morris) 113 a April Dunn 11.5 Stymie Star (Gaifglione) ..............................108 Sam Hill (Martim'z) 112 Mr. Clay F. (Houghton) ..........................107 Fido Pop (Kcolfey) Spring Bid (No hoy) in Mrss Woodchuck boy) 110, a Little Amy (No boy) ,107. a -Gva! Naugle entry. Ninth race.

4 A up, claiming, purse SIOOO, one mile. Mark Love (Padron) 115 Pal (Hancock) Jug Mar (Germany) ..................................113 Milk Bubbles (No hoy) Bomb (Martinez) 115 Atomic Mi.s.sile (Gaffglione) ...................118 Reno John (Kcoffey) ...........................115 Kenora Miss (B. Morris) allowance claimed. Taber and Chadwell Close in on Gary I llvMdts Page Gary Gruenemeier was still the man to beat for the Lincoln City Golf title, but he had a long hard day at Hillcrest Thursday. Seeking his 3rd successive crown, Gruenemeier soared to a 79 in the semifinal round for a total of 220.

But he still held a two- stroke lead over Matt Taber, ho managed to chop the gap by one stroke with a 78 and a total of 222. Zooming into the picture with a par performance was Results Page 14 veteran and former champ Gene Chadwell. His 72 brought a 3-round total of 225. Flrv Peterson shot a 75 to gain a 3rd place tie with Chadwell. Lew Sheary is 5th with 226.

Thursday was somewhat of a nightmare. Dawn rains forced a delay in starting the tourney and some slogging lower flighters frequently jammed the Hillcrest course. The Gruenemeier-Taber- Sheary threesome tee off until after 3 p.m., and they had to wait another hour before playing the second hole. They struggled home in near darkness, shortly after 8 p.m. Both Gruenemeier and Taber had good fortune and bad, but it was a spectacular approach shot on 16 that kept Gary in the seat.

Taller went in front for the first time in the tourney on No. 13 when Gary took a double bogey, but the defending champion evened it up on 15 when was stuck with a bogey. Gruenemeier potted his duece on 16 by chipping from the lower portion of a bunker on the left side of the green. His shot rattled the pin, then dropped, and when Taber wound up with a bogey 4, Gary was again in command. The two leaders see.sawed all day and both were in trouble on several occasions.

I Taber pulled within stroke after two holes, then; dropped 4 strokes behind on the next two, bogeying 3 and I taking a double bogey on 4. Matt birdied No. 7 while Gary sailed into a tree and, faced with an unplayable lie, chose to drop out and take a two-stroke penalty. That evened things up, but Taber bogied 9 and 10, while Gary bogied 12 and then took a 6 on 13 to tie up the leadership again. 72 was the best round of the day and came when winds and delays were bothering most of the field.

Taber, by the way, had good reason to be a bit edgy. In addition to the late start, the delays and some bad luck, he became a father for the second time just prior to his tee-off time. Mrs. Taber, who a rushed to the hospital at 6 a.m., presented Matt with a 9 pound, 1 ounce girl, the second daughter. 1 Taber and Peterson teed off 1:18 p.m.

in final 18 hole round at Lincoln try Club. Gruenemeier, Chadwell and went off at 1:25. Champions in all other divisions were decided Thursday. They were: Firxt Kinc (244) SercHid Mulligan (241) Third Ilerrod. Sr.

(252) Fourih Bill (264) i Fifth Harris C266) 1 Sixth Leinhach (269) I Seventh Goldstein (287) Fighth E. Byrd (299) Following cham- I pionship windup, Uie annual tourney awards banquet will be held at LCC. Garv Gruenemeier Supportiiiji; Point CUih Holdrege was the community to hit its Extra Point Club quota. it was done in one day. Dr.

Means reported to president Bus Whitehead of Lincoln. Funds raised by the Extra Pomt Club are applied on grants-in-aid for University of Nebraska athletes. in Holdrege, are more than happy to help the and the new coaching staff in their task of providing us with a fine football team and the development of these athletes into future citizens of this great state of Means said. Beatrice is organizing 'its own chapter of the Extra Point Club under the leadership of Bill Cook Jr. Lciijiue Pft.

GB NVw York 61 43 I I.ox Angeles 6-1 50 .561 5 Miiuiesuta ...................................64 ..561 5 Baltimore 58 56 11 Uhicago ...................................51.58.496 Cleveland .55 51 .491 13 I Detroit 55 .57 .491 13 Boston .51 61 .155 17 insas City ................................52 63 .4.52 17' Washington 42 70.375 26 THrKSDAV'S KKSLLTS Boston 4. Clevelanct 0 Chicago 6. 0 Minnesota 12, Kansas CItv 10 Detroit 8. Washington 5 Baltimore at Neu Vork rain games Detroit (Fo.vtaek 8-4) at New York (Tiirlev 2-2), night. Baltimore (Koherts 7-4) at Boston I Delock 3-1), night Minnesota (Kaat at Los Angeles (Chance (9-61, night.

leveland (Ramos at Washington 4 12), night hieago 6 9) at Kansas City (Pena 1-0). night. SMCHDWS GA51E.S; Minnesota at Los kngeles, night, i'hlcago at K.insas City, night. Cleveland at Washington, night. Detroit at New York.

Baltimore at Boston. GAMKS Minnesota at Los Chicago at Kansas ('Ity. Cleveland at Washington. Detroit at New York. Baltimore at Boston Nalioiial 70 46 62 5.1 IndianaDolis Omaha Denver 61 56 Louisville ....................54 61 Oklahoma City 53 64 Dallas Fort Worth 48 68 Till KSDAl RE.Sl LTS Denver 3.

Louisville 2 Omaha 5, Oklahoma City 2 Indianapolis 5. Dallas-Ft. Worth 1 I-KID GAMES Dallas-Ft. WOrth at Indianapolis. Oklahoma City at Omaha.

Louisville at Denver. SATI GAMES Oklahoma City at Omaha. Dallas i t. Worth at Indianapolis. Louisville at Denver.

Pet. GB .603 ..5.39 Vt .521 9' .470 .453 17'Y .414 22 Hoiiiidup PdilP 15 I.os Ange 1rs Sian I ranclsco Cincinnati Pittsburgh l.ouis aukce Philadclnhia Chicago lioiision York 79 73 08 6.3 (it 61 6.5 42 73 40 72 30 83 Pet GB .681 42 ,6.3.5 5' 16 10 49 563 It 50 .561 51 .530 17'i .110 28 ..365 .3.57 37 .265 Till RSDAY Kl is 1. hirago 0 San Francisco 7, New ork I Cincinnati 7. Houston 3 Los Angeles 8. Philadelphia 3 Only games srheduled.

C. Los Angeles (Podres 9-7) at San Francisco 13-10), night. New Y'ork (Jackson 6-t3) at Cincinnati (Piirkey 16-4), night, Philadelphia (Owens 2-3) at St. Louis (Washburn 10-5), night. Milwaukee (Spahu H-ll) at Houston (Farrell 8-13), night.

PitOburgh (Friend 12-11) at Chicago (Cardwell 5-11). day. GAMEsi New York at Cincinnati, night. Vitlsburgh at Chicago. Philadelphia at St.

l.ouis. Milwaukee at liou-stun. night. Los at San Francisco. SCMIAY New York at Cincinnati.

Pitt.sburgh at Chicago. Philadelphia at St. Louis (2). Alitwaukee ijA Houston. Los Francisco.

Jk 0 Moore (lay (Jay Face Heal Hiji Tesl I Billed as the biggest non-title fight I in the nation this year, veteran Archie and unde- feated Cassius Clay will meet here in a 12-round heavy: weight match Oct. 23. I Moore was guaranteed 75 thousand dollars or of the I gate while the 20-year-old winner of 15 straight fights, will get 40 thousand dollars or.

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