The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 26, 1953 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 26, 1953
Page 7
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IATUBPAY, DECEMBER 26, ItM OUR WARDING HOUSE — with M.jor FAP/f I'M A WIZARD, eirr THIS SIFT LIGHTER DEFIES Me/ UM/L V*3MDSR IP TH6 SOU** TO THe PNS- AWD-DIM6, I'VE 60T A 5HIET YOU WAKINSH- OUT THffl . lNlHAT|ll)Rl<EV'HA4H LILAC feVTHAr TWe lOTOll /Atl6SUSl£ THAT L PUTTIMS OM WooiDRiHe FLOOR/ii LIMB A NVTCWISHT/ CHBIST MAS LETDOWN! OUT OUR WAY ly J. R. Willwmi FAGI SEVEN I'M OOINO T9 MCND HI* •W— 'S BYE TOOTH CaMEPUTflFTHESe Tte HEW* THAT CHRIS ANP«AT&« BEIN6 HELP BYCOWMODORB BLOOC Parts and Supplies for All Cars, Trucks and Tractors 55 5 W H O I. K S \ I. K WILL YOUR HOME BE HOT AND COLD THIS WINTER? Let our eiperti ihow yon the comfort and casnalness of heat- Int with Natural Gal. Buy Now—Pay Later JEFF HESTER Plumbing & Heating Phone 8217 Vi Centni7 with Natural Gaa 'romnl DELIVERY itRVICE Phone 4507 Boon: I a.m. to 10 p.m. With Deliver? In 1 p.m. WOODS DRUG STORE 221 Writ Main St Burnt Moth Holes Tears Ladies & Men's Garments WHY PAY MORE? RUTH McCLANAHAN —SKIL WEAVER— 421 E. Sycamore Blythevllle SYCAMORE HOUSE ai Ark-Mo. State Lin* Specializing in • CRAPPIE • STEAKS • COUNTRY HAM Operated by Jimmy Robertson PHONE 9922 For Fine Foods, Choose PICKARD'S GROCERY & MARKET Nationally Advertised & Fancy Groceries We Deliver 2043 Call In Come In 1044 Chick. CC/tL $10 ton delivered - 2 tons or more (Plus Tax) HESTER'S COAL YARD PHONE 3186 THE ANGELS FELL XXXII 'THERE wai a murderer at large, and the destructive . „ work of those four records would !|. go on—il I let it. Hannah sat wordless and still, her head and shoulder bowed. "I asked you this a few days ago," Helm said. He was looking at the hole in the wall, the hole that some day I'd get around to patching up again. "If a bullet had struck there, what size would it have been?" There was no longer any need to keep up the pretense. "Probably smaller than a .38 caliber." "From Larkln's .32 automatic?" "I ean't be sure, but I guess to." "Uh-huh. A gun flght in this room, each firing one shot." "Then why didn't the killer claim self-defense instead of trying to frame me?" "It'» not self-defense to kill a district attorney who pulls hii gun in the line of duty." I said testily: "Did it occur to you that a .38 caliber revolver is generally a police gun?" "Uh-huh. That's why the killer couldn't get rid of it after he A shot Larkin. And a blackmailer •¥ didnt tap Willie Shad't wire There's no percentage in it. Shad's dangerous, and revealing publicly that he's a crook Is no new» to anybody." I looked down at Hannah sitting limp and apathetic on the unmade bed, defeated and crushed. I picked up the briefcase and walked over to her and tald: "Here, it'i yours." She looked up, not at the extended briefcate but into m> face, and there seemed to be i shimmering gray mist in her eyei. "Thinks, Paul," the aald quietly, "but t don't want it." "It'll uve your father'i pre«- ent Job and maybe let him become a Senator." wasn't worth anything that happened." I stepped back from the bed. Helm, sucking his pipe, watched me thoughtfully. "What would you do with it?" I asked him. He smiled gently. "At the moment It's your problem." I replaced the briefcase on the table and sat down on the bed beside Hannah. Her wistfully lovely face turned to me. Her hand slipped Into mine. 1 didn't want payment, but I didn't take my hand away. "What now?" 1 said. Helm was looking out of the window over our heads. "I'm waiting." "Not for the police," I said with weary sarcasm. "You're not so far off at that." In the stillness we heard the car. It swung to the aide of the house and stopped. For an instant Helm's hand bringing the pipe to his mouth paused; then he clamped it between his teeth and struck a match. There was no knock. The door flew open. "I've been expecting you," Helm said. DUSS HANDY stepped into the room. Slowly his head turned in an arc, his wide-spaced eyes impassively passing Ben Helm on his left, passing Hannah and me sitting on the bed, then after t long-drawn moment finding the briefcase on the table. Without a change of expression on hi< unyielding face, he closed the door. "Like I figured, you were sitting on it all along. Flan," he said "This is going to burn you." Hannah's hand tightened In mine. "It's clear he couldn't have shot Dlna Larkin," ihe protested. "No?" Handy started toward the briefcase. Casually Helm slipped between him and Ihe tab]". "You've got it it before either her husband or the killer arrived. The man who lives upstairs found it in the furnace." "So?" Handy's head .dipped an inch and rose an inch in an automaton's nod. "Cope!" he sneered. "Looked everywhere but where it was." "You and they both," Helm said. "1 understand you were with them when they searched." The two men stood facing each other, no more than 20 inches between them, Handy's small- featured face like a mask. Helm sucking his pipe. . And Handy said: "Get out of my way." "For what?" Handy took a sideways step to move around Helm, and Helm shifted in the same direction, remaining between Handy and the briefcase. It was like a children'! game, but it was no game. "You're Just a s h a m u t," Handy said. "And you?" "I work for the D.A. That briefcase goes to his office." Helm shook his head. "I'll take care of it." 'So?" Handy stepped backward, away from the table, away from Helm. "You'U take care of it for the guys you work for. Maybe for the killer. That's what you're paid for. Well, I work for the county. It goes with me." "No," Helm said placidly. TJANDY'S right hand flipped 11 under hit jacket, to his left armpit. I uttered some sort of sound, a warning or maybe only a growl. All Helm did was take another pull at his pipe, and then Handy id his gun out. Hannah's nails dug Into my palm. I didn't fiance at her so close beside me. I stared it the revolver In Handy's hand and told myself that Helm was an Idiot. doubted if he carried * gun, and If he did It wai toe late for him to go for It. "Step aside," Handy said "All he way to the bookcase." Helm obeyed. He took out matches and put I light to hli ilpe. He seemed somewhat bored by what was going on 7 7 7 7 8: 8 8 8 9 9 10 10 10 10: 11 11 11 12: 12 12 1 1 1 2 3: 3: 4 4 4 5: S 5 5: 5 8: 8: 8: 6: 7: 7: 8 8 9: 10 10 10: 10 11 12 only COURIER NEWI FRECKLIS AND HII FRIENDS Buying Dad a TV *et was a mistake! Now he plans for an of u$ to sit home and watch the New Year't celebrations!" PAMA6EP? THEN THE CO/VIMODOEE , -j\ Cop.. I»i3 b, MA 3.rvlt., Inc. T. M. «„. u. s. p,,. on. THEN WHY NOT TRY Hill" ™T'S ttf DIMMER'S ABOUT , (ZWPOSINfiASAHOBBY, ^f A 60OO IDEV\V" ^rf LISTEN/WAS STEVE? >'OU HAVE THE TALEMT) DR. ROGERS.' I'LL Ig^HBffl THAT A BACKSROUND, A LOOK INTO IT/ 3 RAYBURNE , \VpTHEFAaLITIES.' H?OH, O-WSWW6 CALLINS AND ALL-VOU KWOW HOW MY MEW VE/W'g RES-] IOK«V, LAPS?TU. U*/ IMS TO OPiN IT--OIZ EX PLAIN WWV M3O HIP PROM &»WHft VE9TE2 OLUTIOWS IS TO FORM A SO CI6TV FOR THE PRESBW*.- TIOWOF MC FLINTS SMILE. CQM& ON, WHAT 6IVE6 WITH VOU? SIFT. ITWA5LOV6LY/... AND THIS IS FOR VOU. 1 TKlEPTDaETHOLPOP WU ALL VESTEWW// CARPS ON T«T*»|J/ SORRY IF I HaP UP YOUR FIK.5T WE'LL TAKE THIS X HOP IN, SW. ~ WSHWW SOUTH -VHRUTHE } WEIi MKE UP OZAKKS TO LITHE TOCK— J THM L05TTME BEFORE VOU KWOW IT! SEARCH FOR A fkClOM WM5INB DEIAVEP WE— I CALLED WASH FROM FLORIPA AND HE SNP ID PIMP VOU IN ST. LOUIS, SURE HOPE I CAN FIND TH CASTLE WHERE THEY HANDEP OUT THAT GCOD BARBECUE/ I SWEAR I COULD EAT AN ARMADILLO WITH SHELL ON! AMI SHIN THINS* OK 19 THAT SVUVESTB* WORKIN 1 ' I WOULPN'T O' BiLIBVEP IT IF I HAPN'T SiEN IT! ,—•'I TAKE IT MS ,siee,i PETiST IT HEARTILY, GO. , WRY MR.TOUKSf TO 061 AND* \V> V\Y1 Television- Tonite, Tomorrow WMCT. Memphis, Channel S SATURDAY NIGHT, DEC. 26 6:00 Ramar of the Jungle 6:30 Lone Ranger 7:00 Bonino 7:30 Amateur Hour 8:00 Show of Shows 9:30 Pride of the Family 10:00 Wrestling 11:00 News 11:10 Amateur Night at the Handy 12:05 Sign Off SUNDAY, DECEMBER 21 10:15 Previews & News 10:30 Excursion 11:00 Frontiers of Faith 11:30 Industry On Parade 11:45 Captain Hartz 12:00 Football 12:30 American Inventory 1:00 Film Featurette 2:40 Kukla, Fran t OUie 2:45 Film eFaturette 3:00 Zoo Parade 3:30 Ethel & Albert 4:00 Roy Rogers 4:30 Range Rider 8:00 Meet the Presi 5:30 Stu Erwin B:00 Paul Wlnchell 6:30 Mr. Peepers 7:00 Comedy Hour 8:00 TV Plnynouse 9:00 Racket Squad 9:30 Favorite Story 10:00 News 10:10 Weather 15 News Weekly :30 Story Theatre :00 Colonel Flack :30 Sign Off MONDAY, DECEMBER 21 :00 Today :25 News :30 Today :55 News :00 Today :25 News :30 Today :55 Morning Medtiatlon :00 Ding Dong School :30 Shopping At Horn* :00 Hawkina Falls :15 3 Steps to Heaven :30 The Bennetts :45 Follow Your Heart :00 Bride fc Groom :15 Storyland :30 To Be Announced :00 News :15 Farm News :30 Channel Five Clut) :00 Homem&kers Program :30 Photoquiz :45 Music. Shop :00 Kate Smith :00 Welcome Travelers :30 On Your Account :00 Atom Squad :15 Oabby Hayes :30 Howdy Doody :00 Slim Rhodes :15 News :25 Weather :30 Stars on Parade :45 Hartoons :00 Evening Serenade :15 News Reporter :30 To eB Announced :45 News Caravan :00 Name Th»t Tune :30 Voice of Firestone :00 Cisco Kid :30 Robert Montgomery :30 Badge 714 :00 Wrestling :30 News :40 Weather :45 Man v». Crime :15 TV Theatre :15 Sign Off Old "Cure"? According to a cookbook published In 1880, a toothache could be cured by "splitting an onion, roasting It, and binding It while hot onto the wrist, over the pulse, on the opposite side from the aching toolh." Protect Your Room Air Conditioner with a fORD'l Air Conditioner Cover— Stall ••! rain, mow. aoot * told air— A»old« eipente of •ouonal dlimaantlni »nd rein- lUIUng. lfi.25 FORD AWNING CO 1 1.1 S. rinl 41. IHythetlllt PIMM tMl-NIgM Mil

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