The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 23, 1948 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 23, 1948
Page 9
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Igotta {jpper ... ^n** j^ j\ SECOND SECTION •-,% :$ -V « / ,' ? "' ,j~ ' * artA-^.rfMi.^.jJ^^..,. ' ^J^,.,^,. ^,..C. _ . Demand Rising WesSay i •••- ik :; fl' Local Realtors MARCH 23, 1948 Big Algona Bousing Need ti. i-i * ; See Leveling Of Prices; Mfrny Units Needed V'Thcre is a hped for at least 200 - 'newniouslhg uhits Jff Algona." n*h&tVwas the .blu'nrstatement pfyond >real estate man. whn rt>- 1 »•»•" *W .14 £ 4 *"10 VI 1C* I itvwas the, blu'nr Statement --,- ~ f( .6 >real estate man, who recounted! the efforts of dozens Oi ViMCbrs'vto'his Office to.find places tpfl*v£ here. t i"5?»* i^ as ' 3een a saci experience tdjptye r to tell them the same old stO'rV-^no prospects," he added. -, ', J) '!, Estimate 50 To 300 'A'ssu'rvey of'all local real os- tate-;men brought forth about the same 1 story. .Asked to estimate the number -of mew dwellings or apartments needed in this community at this time, the men who should know estimated that-all the way from 50^0 300 were needed. "About the .only person with a chance to acquire a fairly good •home'at this this city i one who is willing to pay fa more than the property is worth,' Onc.,man said. v ' ', .See Leveling Off .However, real estate men did say that' they sensed a leveling off in the prices being asked foi the few homes now on the market for, sale, and they said in some cases the prices seemed to be dropping a little. 1 lOne told 'of a local man with a house for sale who set a price on it, went south for the winter, and whe.n he returned 4 he found that his'price had almost been-met-by a prospect!ve,purchaser* ' .-"He, then added $1,000 to the original quotation,", 'the agent said.'The sale'did-not'go.through. ;V,ir'L J IJ¥^l«l?^i^s^^»w^««* f* i / ' »•» * ''• I •" i • From Building '-•j'Jusi plain fear is keeping ^'gobd many folks from dig* ging into the,ways and means of building themselves new ; homes, said 'one man connected, with ihe building trades. ,,','And' laziness is another," he. added. , He went on lo explain that Ihe "fear" was that of pay-' .ing loo mufch or owing loo much,.<and then' having the •bottom • drop, out. That is 'probably a sensible view* point, he said, but- very often they are .frightened before 'they find out the facts. * In the case of ''laziness," he said thai if somebody would ' build ihe homes and offer Ihem, for sale,-, he believed - they'would all fjnd buyers, no matter what ihe price, "But it is an effort for a < man lo bring himself io ihe point of going over plans, getting estimates, and work- • ing oui a good many of ihe .. details himself,", he< added. "If ihe home Is" set- down, ' ready lo move into, it is so much easier," ' Local, contractors, and lvm> her/yards all nBYe-dpzens of , plans, free for-the asking; and will otter advice, and help whenever requested, it was pointed out. •** r f '* r Vi r/ '*- r * • •* • v * (? * < * t r > ",' ;VaiJable For Builders buy a IcffTwitfff »iib«oli conditions make wet basements, a possibility, , , • ,_' Working drawings of new houses may be obtained 1 from practically every lumber dealer, contractor, 6f person Vhose chief occupation is in the building trades. This week we off<5r, several home designs, working plans for which may be' obtained readily. , ' ' • These homes are initially > sponsored by fhe National Retail Lumber Dealers' Council. They may now be ordered from the National Building .Material Dealers'Service Corporation, Suite 302, 'Ring Building, Washington 6, D. C. Sets are available at $5 each, three sets for $10, or four or more sets for $3 each., Further details on request. - Cowan Opening Subdivision Of 23 Lots Here Announcement of tho opening of a now sub-division of Algona is made this Week by Harold Cowan. Ha is opening' 23 build- in? lots, and a full page ad else- whore in this issue gives com- olotc details. The lot area is adjacent to city Jtilities, and streets have been out in reaching alt of the lots. They vary in size, as explained n the announcement by tfte owner. iThis presentation is the biggest single opportunity made available to prospective home build- arsjn a good ifiany years in Al- «ona. The lots are carved from he old Slagle property, adjacent o Diagonal St., 'in the northeast- crn section of Algona, and are nicely wooded, although much underbrush has been weedec DUt, and trees cut down where hey were too thick for building urposes. Mr. Cowan stated that he thought home construction this summer, was going to be, in a much better situation than has been the case for the past several vears, and that "things are opening up" in tho home building line. Out, Dust Catchers! Furr down your exposed cabinet tops from ceiling to cabinets with wallboar,d. There's no fun with a'kitchen that's all solid geometry and antiseptic white. So let these toppers add a little color to the kitchen.. • ... -undergo. sure to venWlate^Wq' doors of* (the sink cabinet—a cilt-out'with a piesh, covpringfTwill do it. Building & Loan Ready To Finance C. R. LaBarrc, secretary of the Algona Federal Savings & Loan Ass'n, said this week that that institution stands ready to finance home building at low interest rates. The organization can also cooperate in making Federal Housing Administration loans, and G. I. loans, if all necessary requirements are met. LaBarre said ...... ^ 6I111 - ization hoped to assist with the construction of at least 50 homes this year, and already has a considerable number of homes being planned in some adjacent communities, more so than in Algona. 2 Commercial Projects For Year Planned At least two major building projects are in ihe offing for Algona this year, with iwo more remodeling or jobs of addition also in ihe wind. The Algona Produce, which already has laid the footing for a 1 large new plant on North Phillips St., just off State, is one commercial project. Algona's Veterans of Foreign Wars is planning on building a building about 44x 118 in size, on its newly acquired State St. lot between Jones and Minnesota, post officials said. Work is. slated to gel underway this spring or ; early 'summer. In addition to that, the Algona Creamery is planning the building of a fine "hew front on its present plant, and other- improvements. And the Taylor Implement Co. is planning an addition lo its new, building on South Phillips', with the'work to be done this summer. The total amount of new commercial r construction, how&vor,.does noi,.seem lo be Kitchen Ideas Presented To Cut Down Work Modern kitchens are scietltififc kitchens. Scientific kitchens mean f .^^.^ freedom from* useless tasks. Since many hours 'a "d'ay' are spent irt that the organ- kitchens, it's 1 important that kit-- chen layouts pro planned careful* ly from two viewpoints: (1) Cutting down useless walking. (2) planning working surfaces to make meal preparations simple and easy. (3) The place arid layout of kitchen working tools' are important. To save steps in yoUr kitchen, consider the path of food! From the time it enters your kitchen to your refrigerator, to the sink, to the range, and finally to your dining room. Types Of Working Areas The working centers in your kitchen are, the refrigerator, sink, and range. Casual placing of these will waste time and effort, The three work areas fall into three general types: U-shape, L- ' shape and the 2-wall area. Of the three work'ing areas, the U-shaped is the most efficient. It gives you continuous working surfaces on three sides of the room with plenty of cabinet space. If your kitchen is large, perhaps you can use one wall of it for a working "U.". All working surfaces line up with the sink and range at a 36- inch height. This will suit the average person and is not too high for a short woman. Manufacturers offer almost any style of cupboards, drawers, shelyes, tray files, and drying racks as standard equipment., ' Most sinks now ' come built in. Other 'Kitchen Ideas , f , If your kitchen-is very large! -•• why not use some of the space , as an ^ating-nook? " • /, Modern kitchens^should have a, handy little desk fpr 'the woman • • who plSns .meals, pays bills'! and runs her hpme f ., -f ' / ' - - materials available"for homes in greater - abundance. locally'. • than was the case last year. ' Why Home Ownership Pays AX/haf oUntii V,H«. * *_? Here are a list of things that prospective 'purchasers of building lots should keep in mind. 1 — How close is it to your work, or how readily can you get there from the land you may purchase? , 2 — How close is it to the schools tend? 3 — How handy is it to shopping areas where you may making trips almost daily? your children may at- be 4 — Is it handy to church and recreational areas which you favor? 5 — Are there traffic hazards, if you have children? 6— Are, facilities of utilities landy to the lot, electricity, water supply, sanitary sewer, etc, i 7— Is it reasonable to , assume' hat land values will be stable in i if area you are studying? 8-r-Will you be protected by a oning ordinance or egisiation, so that some other your new What about home ownership from the standpoint of the money spent? How does it compare with other types-of investment for your savings? Is it cheaper to buy or build th,an to rent? Only two very sketchy studies have so far been made to get the facts concerning the rent-or-own question. The firgt was made by the U. S. Department of Labor. This is what the study found: "Given-two families with the same monetary -income and the same living standards, if one group owns their,home and the other rents it is quite likely the owning family will have more money left fpr other purchases after they have paid the operating expenses of .their home than will the renting family after the rent has been paid, This difference between owning a home and renting the same piece of property in the city of Chicago has been estimated to average $224 a year or almost $19 per month." For mortgage-free homes it was $346 a year or almost $29 a month. For mortgaged homestead it averages $169 a year or $14 a mo"nth, -The study indicated the economic advantage of home owner ship in the case of the median family as equivalent to an ia crease in earning of approximate '/•• «< ,l! I, lighting , ,, -- Most kitchens hould have a telephone and peb- ! haps, a small raio.-. Bulletin lome is not surrounded by low- iriced dwellings? els." That is only half the story What did the owner get for his money? Both studies found this: The owning families, all the way through, lived in better houses than the renting families at the same income level. Their houses had a higher rental value, tended to be larger and more modem, as evidenced by plumbing, heating, etc. y 10%, said the Loan Banh Don't buy a lot which is not erved by electricity. Broker Can Save You SSS K£ | ** P -3.tri-= a-^' ,_,.„., .,-.,»,. JT . £estat$ broker shotlW-be , ,f?e$l cpniHjentisls, it' ii .wfw- to , ,a'i?rqjier--lQi' ypu jp av»8t§,t9 o$h- 11, A broker's competent ad viqe is valuable and -'-will: save- you money, goupd, aplyice is al \vays'cheap,.no. mafter' wh>t-the post, . Free ad vice 1 '- is •>'generally expensive. ( -• i; T - »». i«.«- •^s.^'i.o.rt i. ,». * ffvft • the terras aim .prqperwes <,W]M h§ has, Qfferfd yfeu. in cpm |ipe n s^ - • * ., v ''VMtt "• " Competent • eopnsei injcpRi ion With real'* (?statp transact Ji }§ : Vljualge < ami -results (; >. •.jtoTOi.jnaH^.^f.^pepM ?«d trsiii' fta«,J^8l*W } iwt«iP \ai?W~ . ••* ' ». '3 ,fj 'jfl-S '""•»"**'+»' " "*" *V * 1 i"" r » * «** V,«L ! , I**!- • + ' $& ty l^^p}g;ipifrvisei,Pl ; : 1 a! §in«Je .brjekirv.andRplacing, your ^KP^OW-r fK i ^S-VZIffc f '„ K-^Wt* »?**§*- f Sfntjnd/iiaMgr/'sirvi, mfl^kWJ^tfe with,^il be$' judgment ences, f ^; -.v> v*> ,' ' - . 1 PQ not, deal ,wUh pthscsthwi agcreaitgd brHer.' Irresoni, yaw 4 ywr .. same useful ,capi Place'eabjnets ,8^, - t'kitphen iWhte neighbors . walls i$v$&8jr In Heating Plant Has To Be Good So Here's Few Tips .The heating plant in „,-,, h,ouse Is the' one piece ol equip' " "• gets the most cxintinu an4 night, ous use, Thp cost pf a good piece of heating equipment will never be , r „ , When, the proper hating plant ' is is as Irpm drudgery a^d Irp.e49m frojp wprry ers, '-In a sense a fireplace is th^e unit heater, and so is the e|[e?tric unit built'intQ the bathroom, ap.c so j§ ,the portable steam electl'iP diator that can be picked up d Carried from room to room ' in all our heating units in,, this climate are of central heajing? equipment, of which theje/ r are two classes: (^ Warm ' circulates throHgb a. -furnace through ' and s c9sfly repairs. are reaUy on}y 'two general .types ,0t. hating fciamjs Qen- the syftejtn in . a'ir is returned, surf apes -heitpd steam from a' boU§r furnace§ .have and 'QWgh. pipes ili the Review. It commented that sine- 1935-36, home-mortgage interes rates have gone down and rents have come up, The balance has therefore now swung even farth er in favor of >the, home owner. The second study was made by the U, S. Department of Agriculture on family expenditures in small cities and villages 'of five regions, It fpund that "home- owning families spend less foi housing during the year than renters." At. relatively low-in' come levels tl)? yearly expendU tures of owners, including no! qply taxes and interest 'on the mortgage but also repairs anc other items of upkeep,,were only about two-thirds. a§ great a§ rent paid by nqn-PwnWr However, ii the interest which might or might nQt havf Jee.n earned pth- erwise on a]l house wgre Average ,t9t3l pijt into the costs of ap- prflSCh-clesjBjy/^efayeraga sum,?, spent to F?Rt^,W;|a0.they wo«14 be. grea^r gtn~m^ fg, ifwisjroi ,*«v »f v*?V- ,**" w§ stttA.lwtb-tist» m4"bu . Statistics aside, this we do know: Acquiring a home brings to practically eyery family an urge to save which is more effective than any other pressure and more easily borne, A home is something worth sacrificing for. It is capital which will be tightly held through thick and thin. Now becoming available is a loan plan whereby pre-payments upon your mortgage give you the right to a grace period in time of illness or emergency. The home owner las improved credit standing. As le pays off his mortgage or a substantial part of it during his period of prosperity and high earning capacity he builds a backlog which in misfortune or hard times will be much better than paid rent receipts and will enable him to carry on, "Puttering around the place" tends to supplant costlier recreations, and to keep the property constantly at top value. and over , . ----- _„...„„ counters. Wall cabinets should be ' . e Placed within eas.'y> reach of the kitchen table. to.Jiouse all/ the kitchen dighes. There should ,be' sufficient electrical < , ouUcts'l for toasters, irons, gr|lls ''and o'ther less used -appliances.;!^ , " ' * Ventilation^ is, I an, important' factor in kitchens.' The correct size of the fan, setfat about eye- level, and as far as -possible from any windows will help make your kitchen a 'pleasant working', place. t Bright, fresh calico cu'rtains.i bold and possibly frivolous • will do a great deal towards .making! a kitchen charging' and pleasant.' If possible plan tp have the movr mg sun stream through your kitchen windows. If you're 'building a new kitchen, it' would be wise ' < j i+'! <:$ '& . V* J , t ... . " * »Yw*44v* we VYJai? * i t Y to keep this m mind, for it's easy '' to use Venetian blinds for keeping out the, sun. Eating areas should be near windows. Large picture kitchen' windows offer the frost fight an* the best view, , • > Types Of-Sinks The popular trends in sinks to* day are double sinks. These permit rinsing and-washing at one • operation. Th« threes popular types of sinks are flat pirn sinks/. cabinet sjnks, and dish, water ' sinks, -, Building Permits F$r New Homes Since 'permits fpr |ive iiew homes have been appro ved* thus far this year in Algona, according to a, made clerk. from, the city, s ii fUtajL'wtt the, Pity Pi the city records Adeb, Carlson, pity * Home ppnstmction permits proved up to this date.are for the

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