The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 23, 1948 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 23, 1948
Page 8
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f o»*tfay% M*hft 23, 1940 ttf g f iiV tt ^ A WANT ADS FOR SALE ~ WILL- be 4 weeks old at Easter, grrfy and red, 76c each. Phone 3lM, Wesley. ^ alhilS FOR SALE-^8 EWES, LAMBS at side. Alfred Grill, Algona. allu* FOR SAL*? with watef ti6n, priced to seII v , Bancroft, £hofl£ 608 ( VLoW Ktfdk, ' • '• fc FOR SALE OR- TRfADE FOR livestock—Model B John Deere tractor on rubbfr with cultivator. Kenenth McCof, 6^ miles south of Hobarton. v ull-12a* FOR SALE—CLINTON OATS, % mile wist of Algona on gravel. A. F. Vah Buren, phone 1-F4. / ullalStf The annual member^ bf th6 held on M&Aday ( April 6, 1948, FOR SALE— i net, sirfk, oil stbVe, Bruno , Bruns, Titonka. . *:.. I u!2a* frortt> Practically fgfid as new. Reason for selling—*will be Using electric stove. Ji H, 2aftfee, Burt. i - -i . ' aiiu* FOR SALE TWO TYPEWRITERS Smith-Corona portable—the personal writing machine preferred by students, writers, and travel 1 ers because of. its many superb features. ' Underwood Noiseles^ portable-ib machine with most features of an upright typewriter. Don't miss these two machines. All (machines sold here are. backed with a service guarantee. ALGONA NEWSPAPERS Office Supply Dept. Ill E. Call St. Algona, Iowa all-12u FOR SALE QR RENT—IMMEDI- ate possession. Farm, South % of the N. E. 1/4 of section 17, Plum Creek Twp. 6 miles northeast of Algona on gravel road. V. M. McWhorter,'' Wellington Hotel, Oma- TWO SPINET PIANOS, , ly scratched in shipping. Priced to sell at once. Write Armstrong Piano Co., Spencer, lowa.i, aiiu* USED ESTATE BOTTLE GAS range for sale. $40. , ' Koolhaas Hardware 'allulO A report of the past'year's adtlons wlH be rea:d 'and such business be taken - "barb 'of fis propetly comes.before th1§ meet-i ing. D, D. u!2a SecretaryiTreas'ure'r. -i •—— JnOt 300 Vacating a Pdfiion of South , Sweet, AN ORDINANCE VACATING A PART OF SOUTH'STREET Otf -, 4 f _. . THE CITY OP ALGpNA, IOWA. Coras Of Thank* AND AUTHORIZING THE MAY! v. uru j» «JT • norms OR OP THE C1TY ojr ALGOWA „, . . . ... , IOWA, TO CONVEY 'BY, QUIT We wish in this way to express CLAIM DEED TO THE ADJOIN*' „. n «^«, n ,,^.^ .„ *_.. „.... 1NO OWMERS THE PQJ^^ OF SAID STREET SO VACATED. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE our appreciation -to all for flow ers, cards, letters, and other expressions of kindness extended to us 'during the illness and-death of our husband and father. Mrs. Gust Haack and family. l u!2a* I wish to thank all my friends and relatives" who remembered me with flowers, gifts, cards, and the mpny kindnesses extended me .while I was in the Fort Dodge hospital and at home. Mrs. R. A. City 61 Algpha, lifteby atttho d,,te' eoft^ev to of AIl6Hft,'l by Quit 'claim Dledflall S Utfd v W«[ Interest df'the Clt Algoha; IbWl.Mn and'to'the^ hefe-bVAV^tedito the ftdjoiiiihg -Idhdg, as T , Allcfe At, Hutchlhs-'th«-Weit XWvS) 1 of; the tract > herein above \teeated," and • ' • To Clatid/A.-Samps'on'. GharUs L. Saftip^on'ahd Clinton t». Samrf" ' !ffl$ \*. i AEma i Juup_^xns., t.o. ot ^p ',1 Hartt6r3> Conrt., , *>' -'^f«<>t4 e c.4«-l'": tx, . ion— the-Eafit^a'lfXE^-) of the hracfc, so vacated. .' < i Section 3. That this Ordinance shall 1 be" m, full force attd effect fromiattd after, its passage and publication as provided by law. PASSED ind ADOPTED thfe Xftfrta Llfe.lrtSt C6. oi 27 40 > HaHtortL canrt. t ; * i/, A Aetna tif&lnsr Co,, of , ami'*ach 1 "ot* l you sjvlitJsB t\6ffice «f5))iar irt the'withliV (rlea thut said fcpott will eomfe oh tof lasring b&fore the Board o ,. T ,at thdW flfflcc In Alsorta, Iowa oh ihc itluday bt April, 104S st two o'elpcl "" \i said hcafltitj any of tl—*•-" ••—"•'-•"—'•''- —•«-• u - <--»— -«^ -J adopted without further , . , of t\\e above apportionments may bo Inefea^iaopica wunoui iurini?r nonce. .., , .... . , . ,ji. flplcsa j-ou fll6 written oble6tlons to said teppft .on or befOrd nooh 'of wid 'i the same-MU bfc pfceuhiea loihavS be6n conelusfveiy waived.- < ; ,• . AHtassesstn6t).tS tna^bj: pqld in full jvithOUj interest If paid ( within twtnt^ • m" ' """"""' mW be paid lh full without in .date the assessment is confirmed. < / , , . at Al^ofta, Iowa this 18th 'day*f>Matt!h, 104ft. , . ' * . J'. iMmERFALL,,County Auditor Harvey, Burt. -u!2a35 ha, Nebraska. ull-13a33* Kyloii (nffcla nncl slicsr T\y'on Lcno ci.'.stic in ;; slip-on pantio and stop-in. Ju:;t i: f:\v ounc::; of gcnllc control for your:;;, sender figures. Tlic pantic has tl:tachable nailers. $10.00 $10.00 The uplift bra is cT sheer Nylon crops i :icl Nylon marquiseUc. Small, medium There is still time to get your new Spring foundation garment before you buy your new Easter,outfit.- Have Miss Lampe, our graduate Gossard corsetiere give you a fitting. We have a full stock of the latest models in Gossard foundation garments and we guarantee satisfaction. Come in this week and talk with Miss Lampe; she will gladly advise you. j If'T.lA 1 || Cnrischilles HOUSE FOR SALE—6 ROOMS and bath, all modern, insulated. Immediate possession. Located in Burt. Call 4 on 89, Burt, Tom Trenary. ulla20tf FOR SALE—AMES NO. 2 EAR- ly oats, Ames tested, 43 lb. test wt. Phone 5-F3, Mike Elbert. Algona. u!2a!7 FOR SALE — GOOD PRAIRIE hay, 70c per bale. Baled straw, 40c per bale. George Wildin, Algona. • ulOatflG FOR SALE AJAX OATS Suitable for Seed Germination 96% Bin Hun $1.50 per Bushel BOB HAMILTON Lakota, .Iowa Phone: Bus. 2181, Res. 2352 Household Goods We wish to thank all neighbors and friends, and especially, the Farm Bureau Tadies' - lot* their kind assistance during bur recent- bereavement. The' E. O. Mann children and grandchildren. u!2a* Miscellaneous MARCH ,29TH TO APRIL 3RD is the week of our 20th year in business, so the first Spinet piano customer in puu store from Algona we will give a $100 discount on any Spinet we have. Armstrong Piano Co., /Spencer. Iowa. u!2a* TREgS CUT DOWN — MAY have woo'd free if gotten soon. Is.abell Loss, phone 17-F21. ^ u!2a* ^.ASKMTCNTS DUG. gravel sh'ipDinTs. fills, washed sand •'id erav°l hauled. Gep. Schumacher, Irvington, la. •'' a9-18u* FOR SALE—KITCHEN RANGE. Glo-Maid, reservoir and water For All Types Concrete ."Work READY-MIX CONCRETE Delivered to vnur job Phone 166 '' READY-MIX CONCRETE & SUPPLY CO. '•' Aluona •' K!-u4atj SEE ME ,FOR RBAL BARGAINP in farms, loans, drainage snr- voym4 and estimates on tile. Phil J. Kohlhaas, phone 22, Al'gOna. ;-ulati COAL. s' Ct Complete stock on hand. HP S?ife ,')« Call 234 Raesly Lbrl Co. Mel B. Grifl'in, Mgr, ulatf HUB CLOTHIER! Leuthold-Williams Co. Famous are famous for fit, style and expert workmanship Famous dresses have been an exclusive garment in our ready to wear department for over ten years, and customers are demanding more and more of these popular, moderately priced garments year after year. There is a reason. Famous dresses.are always a season or two ahead of the Fashion Parade. They're so designed that they look well for many seasons. They are made from the best materials and » the trimmings are always different. They have "class". And distinction. And yet the prices are moderate. We sell Famous dresses from $22,50 to $29,95 and there isn't a better dress-buy in the market today. Famous dresses came in two size ranges— 12 to 20 and 1614 tp 24 1 /? thereby fitting both the missy and womans type flgwre. STflRP if i if HH • " exclusive INLAID' LINOLEUM' — wall tile laid by experts. Custom work. Cowan Bldy. Supply'Co.; Algona. " v lilati AND isning. Heavy commercial •i|uipun.nt. rui table ""powei plant. Cuwan Bicig. Supply -Co. Algona, phone 275. '/ ulatJ GRANULATED ZONOLITE IN- suiauon, rvoC-K v.'ooi .t>atts and granulated wool arc available tor your home. You loo can insulate your own home. See us! F. S. NORTON & SON phone 299 a3utf Used Cars FOR SALE — 1929 MODEL A Ford, good tires, motor yery good condition.? George Heirien, phone 474-J.' u!2a* FOR SALE—1936 MASTER DE-, luxe Chevrolet sedan, clean. Also pressure gas range,' Everett Mann Estate, 4 east, V> north of Burt. ; u!2a* FOR SALE—1947'CHEVROLET truck, 8x14 combination, box. Will sell separately or together, Glen Householder, Lone Rock. u!2a* FOR SALE—1938 CHEVROLET Master DeLuxe radio, and heater. Bernard Bell, Whittemore, box 283, phone 3432. u!2-13a* FOR SALE—1946 FORD, PER- feet shape,' Phone 2-F111. Robert Hagg. • ul2a* FOR SALE—1938 PLYMOUyH, 4 good tires, radio and heater, A-l shape. Can be seen at John Deere Store. Rudolph Harig, Ul2a20 FOtl SALE — 1935, FORD V8 pickup truck. Inquire C. U. Pollard, at City Hall. City of Algona. ul2.-13a!6 FOR SALE—1931 CHEVROLET tudor, good condition. Ira Kohl, 314 E. Call St., Algona. alju* FOR SALE^1934 CHEVROLET coupe, good shape. E.^M. Toothman, phone 119, Burt. all-12u,* FOR SALE—1239 OLDSMOBILE 8, good condition, good tires, icater, radio,'Call 22-5 or see AA. JCrueger, Lone Rock, Iowa, BUY and SELL USRD gARS See Us T?o*Buy Or Sell. >IQTOR' CO, , SAVE UP TO 35% IN heat costi wivh Hon.e Guard InsulstJPJB Veather Stripping asphalt §Wo? <?les. Free estiinates for yoy| home. Write or call Garoble' tore, Algona. Phone 28. uls$ Sunday is Easter and there is stijl time to buy/youftfow oytfit and "shine' 7 in the Easter parade. Last minute arrivals in Coats, Suits and Dresses have come on this week to replenish those sold during the busy days of last week. This is stilla frUALITY-store, dedicated to exelusiye,"distinc- tive and different apparel. " ' • v ' s : , \/ ' ' •* . ' / *^ A Big Stock of Beautiful Coats We haye received almost 100 v new long and short coat.s fhis week— a truly inspiring collection of the newest and most wanted models in the har<l«to-get materials. All colors are here and prices are so reasonable, considering the HI£H pUALITY OF THESE COAji .CorneJn this see the pretty'hew coats, here in all sizes froiti 9 to 46. r i < * » « t < '' l «, V4i,^.. \P Have Hfenty of ' .W'C ',- f'. le She'ef 5sfylons 7. I? in any corn- §y§h wp\\ (<nown lin^Uf|rint¥9i«^. Swans* dlowp/jpunt/Juniors an^Jfslll which inswres you the be^t fif and trje*|||j|&§t v/prkmanship and material. Completerfiw^anj^s make* shdice§.o*y, " - • jV'»f'\' V.'V'V..': lurgf st,8; _ r n HaW T I »,- oEHigh i ». A. .^> ^-i« _ >_-••» ^^P^ i ' -, Ik/*"'" *"' ^' t " 1 4%" ; 1 ^^ 4V ^ f - 1" •^L-Av^A^tSj

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