The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 23, 1948 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 23, 1948
Page 3
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* r. aa^^^pil^^Uai-^^jto^a..^^/^.!.^ fcf|pA. ' T : ....'. ',iJ '«&*«:,(. A, •JFc.&'v . .*f - . , u (*. i.. m. • *>& v/kt /' -* , Mitwyvmi will .»^ \. ,.., •ataf 1 ". j., .' ,).'' ,. ,., . ,'f i*> VbmbiJlSL* 'J*ji.'', - t I s V ft; wiim . 5 ' "'' ih£ vary i feifl-watei- f a-44. lehgths. K 4 • Soft Suede cloth in beau«i -• fitful. > colors* levely ? liit* 1 Ins, fla»6 back— size 16 ' lo 18, $32.50 by CHRIS REESE i oi fhti, a Llllla o£ Thai; Nat Much of » ate Wheh I'm eleated either , ,of Algona or councilman-at-large 6rte of the first things I'm going to do is to have a stop sign drt the corner of ^So,, Dodge and Nebra-j ska streets because on account of it's a most dangerbiis and hazardous corner- and ,1 'pale and hold my breath and get goose pimple's froth fright every time I negotiate the" corner.. Especially going, south on Dodge I can't see the other guy until I'm practically in the intersection and usually the Nebraska street travelers are going too.,fast for me/ being in a big hurry it seems. Now if Bill Dau's garage wasn't on one corner and the Legion hall ort the other corner the visibility would be much improved but I don't expect them to, move'-their buildings, hence I'm in favor of a stop sign, an.S those of you who are also in fa-: vor of that should scratch the square,in froht of my name on election day, , Top selling suit ,, of 40-60 gabar- '" dine— in Skipper blue, black, gray, coral, beige. 4 $29.75 ? >> « a , v little Girl >'«* • • ,/\Tulip »prlnf—six ';' % .gore skirl—Belle • ' , ' r Aire'' Rayon Ore. , pe-^-size 9 to 15.'" Here it .was school election day last Monday and I'd forgotten about that or I could have been a candidate for a board member and that would have been fine and Dave Lcffert, after serving on the board for years, told me that he was sure' I was smart enough to make a good school - board member but Roy Christen^ sen told me I was too dumb for •that/sort-of-a job and it,wouldn't be fair to the kids and' students to have a dumbbell on 'the board. .And Frank Zender said I bragged too much about being a Dane and •it wasn't supposed to be a Dane 'School and H. W. Miller told me 1 always bragged too much about being a democrat and there should be no politics-in the school board, and so\ there are several reasons put why maybe I shouldn't hanker to serve., But just wait another couple of years and maybe I'll fool those fellows and take the job anyway, so to speak. I was asked to fiddle, for the folks in Union township Thursday night but, here the Chamber of Commerce is haying their, annual, meeting and feed and I am going to take that-in. because on account of that means 'good eats, but I'm not bringing my fiddle this time. Mrs. James Dodds,' of Burt, asked -me would I. fiddle for the Union township folks and ,1 got even with her by sigrting she and her•husband up in the Gulpers. I remember fiddling out there one time,several years ago Horner Dodds told me-that —W, of a lot 1 of the folks- ge>. headache.*listenirrg to my scraping. And Glenn Jenkinson said-he wouldn't mind 'being present when I fiddled if I could arrange to have the fiddle equipped with a 'silencer. ,• In a letter from'Allen B. Pruitt, officer in charge qf the U. S. Department of Justice at Omaha, he asks me to sign up the office force in. the Coffee "Gulpers, said that Algona >was, becoming widely known as a gulping center and he wanted his force lined up. And so it is, that brings the membership iniOmahaito 82, and includes the office .force of the U. S. Loan .Corporation.-And so it goes, with Java tipsters getting into line through'the Algona office. Kossuth Swing To Sprays •" KsOssutli county farmers 5winging to sprays, ., This year hundreds of Ihefri arc going to try DDT, 2,4-D and other ncvv chemicals in their farming operations County Est-j tension Director A. L. Brown Said this wceki ' Many ore building or buying their own spray rigs, he report^ ed., Others are relying on cus* torn operators. Custom spraying is a now btis-< iness, but it's growing rapidly; Brown said. Schools conducted by Iowa Slate college have help-* ed. to train operators in the use of .DDT.against insects and 2,4-D against weeds on Iowa farms. There are a lot of things to be learned about spraying, Brown said,- Applying sprays at the right time and under right pressures is highly important,'Then ;oo, fire hazards can be created " y. applying oU solutions of DDT to unpainted wood surfaces, No lengthy, training course is necessary. But nearly all, good operators have had some sort of nstructipn, and. mcvt have invested in adequate equipment, according to Brown. Pie warned farmers in this vicinity to be sure they knew the spray operator-with wnonv they were dealing, A few instances have been .found where custom operators have collected money — i, v.iviuiii\^i jji laj Jiv; vr nit* A* er or the West Bend creamery* 4. is an ex-G.I.,' and b~efofe\thd war he was employed at the, Graottingor creamery. ..«...M.-l^... , _ , V _ • , Lake school election-the Wffted dowft, 471-245," a proposal for, $195)000, bortcte to build and eduip a how fieldhousc for school USC. NOTICE OP. „ .. ' cc '' Oll SttftPAetNG. SECONDAflV flOAD , Tie* N0< 647, ., given to; alt persons whoso names npaear In the. within thai there HAS beert filed Jn the office of the County Auditor of. Kossulh County, town a repofl- ot the Bodrd of Apportionment, Showing the special assessment proposed , to (be levied on nil pnrts and parcels of real esfntd !fi?U tdod within Secondary Road .District No. 047, which schedule of pioposod 8«b*Pvislon is n-i follows ' sac. p. ,Hng , . ... ....... SWUSW':, .... ........ l SEWSW ', SEW NBW N N W' l ....... ..12 ex 1 A, for School ....... ..12 W.UNW", .... ..... ]2 B*lNW', . _______ 12 fl5 95 95 D6 D& 27 27 27 27 27 2727 40'. 4040, 40 3!) 40 40 ( . frame o! The Owner Homer N.. Lawson Homei; N, Lawson Horner. Ni Lawson Hpmpr ,N. Lawson Lou Ricke" Lou Rtekc Lou Rlcke Lou Ricke for spray jobs, and then have disappeared without doing, the kind of, work, promised, .he said, Best insurance farmers have against such 'a practice is. to be Sure that they are dealing with a trustworthy sprayer who plans to stay in. the business, he added. and ink might be conserved and a lot of easier spelling of names would result, and so forth. Spell Murtagh by leaving off the g and h and Kohlhaas by leaving out and h and an a and leaving an e out of Reese, and so forth. So a committee has been suggested and I'm appointing that committee and next week .at 7:30 we're getting together and checking all of thd names in Kossuth county and ..we'll see. how ..many letters eliminated and how much lead and ink can be.saved. There are!even a lot of 3 and 4 and 5 letter names, which carry extra letters, so to speak. For instance and e out of Lee, a g out 'of,.Ogg, a t out of Otto, an e out of Lowe, an o out of Moore, an 1 tout of Miller, a g and h out of Leigh, and so forth. Of course pencil and ink manufacturers,are not going to be so hot for the system but look at the ,time saved by the assessor and the tax collector and the- banks""and secretaries of clubs and school teachers and what a lot of brain work will be eased when names are spelled according to sound .because on account of all superfluous letters would be eliminated v And I find there are ,a, lot-"'ofrtiames in Kossuth* coywty ggchjichijeyen me, smartf in spelliiig as, I'am, find" it hard to put ' t down in pen or ink. If you have^any suggestions as to this moveScontact the "Name Spelling Elimination Club" committee, which I stiall appoint •• and the names printed ip the bunky column next week. And that's that; You and each of you Whose names appear In the within schedule are hereby notified that said report will come on for hearing before the Board of Supervisors at thcii office In,Algona, Iowa on the 7th day of April, 1948 at two o'clock P, Mr At said hearing any ot the above apportionments may be Increased 01 may be adopted without further notice. unless you file written objections 16 said report on or before noon of'sald day, the same will be presumed to have been conclusively waived.. All assessments! may be,.paid ih full Without interest if paid;, within twenty days from date the assessment IsiConfirmed. Dated at Algona, loAVa.thls IBthXday o£.March, 1048; L, J. 1MMERFALL, Cou NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT" Fpft SURFACING SECONDARY ' ROAD „ .. DISTRICTING. B44M! Notice is hereby given to all persons .whose names appear in Ihe within schedule that there has bemt filed In the office of the. County Auditor of Kossulh County, Iowa a repOft of the .Board of Apportionment, Showing the Special assessment proposed to be levied on all .parts and parcels of real estate Included within Secondary Road District No. 644, which schedule of proposed assessments is as follows: Sub-Division NEiiNW'/, NWiiNW'. 12,4: 94: 9.08 County Auditor Sec. rTwp.,,Hng,. Acres, ., .,- , Ex. Gravel Pit . ..20' "".'. .. Ex. "J.A/ Ry - 20 4.40,R . NE',iNE' __ Ex. Ex. .2G, 20, . 20 1)5 05 95 95. 95 ; 95 '95 95 95 ; 95 95 95;, 95 -. 95, 27." 40', Name o£ The Owner . Assm'l Albert H. £ Ruby N. Johnson 7.U5 27' -.35.6 ; Albert-II. & :Ruby N. Johnson 8.43 27 27: 27' 27 2727- 27 2727 . 27. 27 27 -.-.• 2727 37.29 Albert H, & Ruby N. Johnson Afbert H, & Ruby N. Johnson Albert & Ragnhlld..Kinsejlh 9.11 8.47 fi.78 B.fifl 35.GOAlbert & Ragnbikt Klnseth 40 ••. Albert &-.,Hagnhlld -Kinselh • 38,75 Albert &-Ragnhild Kinseth 0.82, 3J.81 Charles F. & Clarence Nelson 8.49 38,10 H. '.I. Arndorfer 7.54 40 diaries F, & Clarence Nelson 8.47 40 Charles F. & Clarence Nelson' 11.01 40: Charles F.- & Clarence .Nelson H.18 40 Charles F, & Clarence .Nelson 8.47 40 . Russell P. & Ruth H. Hall 8.81 40 Russell P. & Ruth H. Hall 8.35 4.19 Ry —'1-.27 NWUNE'.'., Ex.-, ,Ry. .27 -jW!'.(NEV., . 27' SIViWE),:, --»---•».•.I --. 27' 4 27.:- ^E'/i&E 1 ,!)' -IiriIIIIIIl27 _.., _. .„ . „ .._ _.. You and each of you whose names appear in'lhe within schedule .are hereby notified that said report will come tin for hearing before the Board of Supervisors at their oltic<f In Algonai Iowa on .the 7lh day of April, 1U48 at two-oV-IOck P,'M. At said hearing any of the above apportionments may be increased or i be adopted without further notice. Unless you rile written.-objections to said .. _ .... ._ report on or before noon of sale day, the same will be presumed,.to have been conclusively waived. All assessments may be-paid In full > without interest if paid within twenty days from date the assessment,is,confirmed• Dated at Algona, Iowa this 18ih,day of March, 1B48 L. J.lMMERtfALL, Cou County Auditor. NOTICE OF.^ASSESSMENT FOR; SURFACING SECONDARY ROAD DISTRICT NO., 652.- Notice is hereby given to all persons whose names app'ear in .the'within schedule that there, has, been filed In,, the, office of the County Auditor ol tossuth County, Iowa a report-of the .Board of Apportionment, showing the peclal assessment proposed to be levied on .all parts and parcels of real-estate ncluded within Secondary Road District No.,.052, which schedule of proposed assessments Is as follows: Sub-Division Sec. Twp.. Rng. -Acres NBV4SE',!, 30' <J;>' "II 40 NW^iSElii .-30' !I5. 2'1 40 SWi'jSEt.:, . 30 cj5 . 27 40 SE','4SE>/4 ._ 30 flS 27 40 NEi' 4 NEi<i ..- 31 95 27 40 NWWNE'/4 31 95 27 40 SW',iiNE',4 31 95 27 40 SE'/4NE'/i - 31 95 27 40 Name of The Owner - Assm' Mary Ilarig . 8.31 Mary ,Hurig 7.10 Charlie SUifllck 10.21) Charlie SUlU'lick; Union Const..Co.. 12.4Q Union-Const. Co;' 12.8: Union/Const., Co. . 8.88 Union, Const. Co. * 9.23 You and each Of you whose names appear in the within schedule are hereby notified that said report will come on for hearing before the Board of Supervisors 1 at their office In Algona, Iowa ort.the.7lh:day,of April, 1948 at two o'clock Pj,M;X At said hearing,any of the above .apportionments may be .increased.or may -be; .adopted without-further- notice. Unless you file written .objections to-said report on.or before noon of said, day,-the*same will-'be presumed to-have been-conclusively waived. All assessments may be paid in fhll withput Interest If paid, within twenty days from date.the;,assessment is confirmed. Dated at Algona, Iowa this 18th day of March, 1948. L. J.'IMMERFALL. County Auditor NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT .FOR, SURFACING.'SECONDARY 'ROAD DISTRICT .-NO; ;.p56v •Notice,Is hereby given to all persons whose names appear, in the within schedule';that,,there.has-.been .filed -In; the. office ,of- the County Auditor of. Kossuth-County, Iowa a report of the.Board oC.Apportionment, showing ihe special assessment proposed to be levied ionalLparts and .parcels: of real,,estate- included. s withln Secondary Road District No. B5Q,.. which-schedule .of proposed asSessme'nls is as?'follows: Sub-Division NW'ASW'A - 11 SW'iSW'i , 11 10 r—, 10 Sec. Twp. Rng. Acres » was approached by, Ray Beamish the other day and ihe had been visiting, with Gene-Murtagh, and'John, Kohlhaas and they had agreed ^ that there was c a,, lot qf wasted muscle and ink-ahd pencil •in a -lot of the names of men in Algona and would be-a gpod thing, to organize and .have a "Name Spelling Elimination Club" organised and get- some changes made, in order- that lead ,v Gabardine skirt •?— -with pockets— (not shown in illustration) grey, navy, . black, brown, $7.50 T.WARNCR, Mokes i««rs ride easier , f ' Hrtf and.pther And, by the way, Mr. Orton, Mrs. Raymond Sayre of whom you wrote last wieek, is a Coffee Gulper. I signed her up at a meeting of the Osceola. County Farm Bureau in October, 1946, at Qcheyedan, and she's; as well a fine gulper as she is speaker. W'/iWH'' _________ 10 SE',iSW',i -- ....... 10 NEliNWii -- 1 _______ 15 'NWliNW^ ... ..... 15 SW'iNW'A ......... 15 SE'/iNW'/ 4 • ......... 15 NE'/4NE'/4 __________ 15 SE'/jNEiii . ..... ____ 15* N,Wl.!iNE',4 ,_ ...... ,.15 SW>,!,NE'/4 .......... 15 NW'ANWH ........ 14 SW'.iNW'A ....... --J4 95 „ us »5,, 9595«, 95- 95 95 95 95 95 95 95 95 'J5 . 95 C! 95 40, 40 40. 40 40 40 Name of The Owner Mathlas N. Hermann Mathjas N. Bormann Belle. Black etaL Belle Black etal Belle Black etal. Belle, Black etal * '40 ,Belle»Black etal 40 Belle/.'Black etal 40 Belle* Black etal' 40 Belle: Black etal 40 Belle Black etal 40 Belle, Black etal 40 Hannah • Seeield 40. r Hannah.Seefeld 40 J-. A, Raney.i 40 J. A.t Raney 40 Joseph Amqn , 40, '-Joseph ;Aman'. 22.89 23.50 = 23.50 22.89 10.-J2 16.27 ' ,22.89 'IB.92 X23.50 v 16.27 22.89 16.1)2 . ....... - __ __ ... ________ . _________ _____ You and each 01 you whose names appear Jn the/within scliedule are hereby notified that said report will come on i'dir- hearing before ,the Board of Supervisors at, their oflice' in.Algona, Iowa on the 7fh day of Apzp> 1948' at,, two o'clock, P, M. At said hearing any ot the. above apportionments may be increased pr may be adopted without further notice. ^ Unless you file written objections to said repocf on or before noon of said day, the same will be presumed to have been fonrfuslvely Waived. i All assessments may be paid in full without interest il paid .within twenty days from date the assessment 1 is confirmed,*' i Dated at Algona, Iowa this 18th day. oL',- 1948. \ L. J, I . . RFALL, CoUnty Auditor . .* •-a The, Eoster Btinny's heret bounty Qf practical for your "little pre- rompers. Many beribboned and beruffled -, , - all of the f , oil pr!«ed yeyr Holiday Jnfdiytf/and "*"*"' }•>•.,••• V af Algona Implement Cou Oh Rubber With Cultivator and Plow 1 ^ 11/ 2 _21/2 H P Gas, Eng 1 ne v 1-No; 6 INC Hammer Mill * 2—Double Unit Milkers Complete 1—No. 11-F-CA Deep Freeze Unit 6-Foot 7-Footv 1— No. 4FC Deep .Freeze Unit McCormick Peering Cream Separators^ With Stainless Steel Tinware->and\v i, Electric Motors 1-No. 100-H 45-Bushel., Spreader r 1— Trailing Lime Spreader 1— No. 30 IHC Manure Loader to Fit Farmall H or M ' ! " SBECIAU >.•- ' v .fFt^ Wide Type-Tractor^ 1 2iFt> Disc/Harrows 10"Ft. v Disc Harrows Tandem Tractor Discs FLEXIBLE LEVER HARROWS KEWANEE HARROWS ' I—No. 60 ;Double Gang, Soil : Pulverizefu- i ' ' <•)'*'' with, Gang Extension - . ' Pneumatic Rear-Wheels for, IHC Plows?, F-14 SIDE-MOUNTED CULTIVATOR F-20 LIFT-ALL ATTACHMENTS M LIFT-ALL PUMP AND ATTACHMENTS,

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