The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 23, 1948 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 23, 1948
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, MARCH 23, f*4§ v, < ,.'<• Si, PjUrifkVfcay found .Jack Johnstoft, justice^of thtf peace, I Weferlhg a flne-tftahv lapel pin i wM "Erin Gb.Bragh" inscribed . oh it-, , . ju§t hoy/ a man named i Johnston getjTinto the Irish -dan ;4?'? t>llpatfl dav ncodfi a,little explaining,'but whatever the rea- , son, it certainly matte Him invincible in eribbage, as Doc'Janse • will testify. • 1 L ' *'•*'••, ' pave Long,. inX-photographer, 1 says' that thofee midget SM photo- fla;sh bulbs have been discontinu 'fid, in Manufacture : . , s"eems the' ware so sensitive that if you go in*;the ,\vay ot any radai-wave? they went off . . ,- photographer* • couldn't get used to.having them ' fexplodd in their pocliets. • • I **•<*?,,; * » ," ~'Wheh Herman' Waller' and , , Frarik Hukiabletfound them• selves Seated ^across fr<Jm ^eaeh other at ihe Farmers 1 Banquet*-the talk-turned to , past histjtfyj wh'en each had played in > orchestras 1 .. . they discovered, they ,• had played • m the same dance halls out ' in South'Dakota,'some years. 3 SEC.TIOrlS—24 PAGES Indium Creek Township tv£j* **„ * V*S* ? *t 7 ± *f^-'"s'>l'»\ V- '•! (•H'-rv * ** &> f>/." » t f% r %^^ '•rw?* 'Atf'f' ' //* ?,H«C '4 ••'I- i ;» .»• .4 rt a 1 PEPT. ; f s The Kent'Wheeler Mfg. 1 com- .pany is pondering a p'ostcard, recently received, from ' a Mrs. George Blosch,, Hazleton, Iowa. She wrote:'"Saw your semi'g'o by -this morning and wonder if you / have pencils .with; your name of Kent Wheeler Mfg. Co., Algona," £la., -on them. Hope you do,'and r would send me, a pouple, both [different please, as pencils are a ,very interesting''pasttime'as well ,as v 'a lot oft pleasure. 'Thanks." ;Kent Wheeler-'didn't have any, fbutrthe Upepr ,De^ 'Moines Publishing, Cb.», did,^t>o wei sent'her one of ours.-, - / ' -. < 1 -•>*--< *~t -v- «, ^ *- . -„ , i ^Father Monster' of Corwith, •prefacing.his,movies with a few' - r .S"L a , rk ?" at , the annual Chambei ofr Commerce banquet last'.ThUrs- ^day, said .that he had^npw spoken four times in Algona at the'-Cpun- •try,,Club, and shown movies.-He r}*-lflfirl 4 lin 4- «J- J.IT_. 'jlt.i^A. **j t . , What was proDamy , tne, biggest, itaiA 'wrack e^e* id' happen in .KoSsutti touniV took pjace Wednesday'¥oon, ' at 12sl0.p. m, when 14 freight ,cars of a Chicago,'fe No'rlh- westerri train wefe,'detailed about five miles noflh o'f Al-' -,gona, in Plum Cfgefc Sown-, ship. ' ' • Seven, of Ihe eats wefe 'i baek, on the \ f rack' 1 / by last Thursday afternoon,, but ihe , remaining six'.'iwere .some* thing else agajlv and a ,com' t ' J>lele;,wreekitfg I ,,dre^ and train from Eagle 1 Grove was neces- i safy to clear the, line, 1* was also necessary to reldy & siderable portion of the Wack.'The accident happened "is '" the southbound freight WaS^' coming through a small cufc on a Curve, just before it 8 reached ihe bridge over Pli»hi\ Creek. , " / < v Emil Lovsiad,^ who farms • just east of the scene-of the wreck, was just sitting down to dinner when he heard a considerable noise. He turned to his wife-and said "That ifain is making more noise than usual." The Lovstads looked out their front Window and saw box cars crash' ing all over the right-of-way. One completely telescoped into a field, and several turned over. All of the cars were loaded, it was reported. - The pictures shown here were all taken by Mr. Lovstad within a shori time after None of the train crew were injured. Just how the accident happened is not known, but C. & N. W. investigators checked the matter in an effort to determine the cause. Service resumed on the line late Thursday night, With the wrecking crew still cleaning up the mess between trains. 1 * /^1"i lin^ Ch 1 t, i 67 ?' .^ ;» t > V-J •^-sr- Jna$nf SffS?gv\... iv . „,• „,„• ,. 'er^'qut,tpf_,the;;hduse4 '.The jefufere ^ell^elJ^seiiteci on v fourth occasiplri,-However, f j''. . .'/,1&,, v o , w , \ 4 , Algona can** be ^proud "of ' Winning the safety award for Iowa Cities 4,000 to 5,000 population, as airesult of no traffic-fatalities the past year ... guess we'll have .to wait until lhot',1950 census to-convince " folks our .population, is well above 5.000. -however. " • i K V » j U 1> It .'«*' ^^ v ...«,*»«44«.-aT iff^msn we read and hear about the.'arises/in Washington,' we feel, Mike revising Churchill's famous saying to read: • "iCJeVer. have so. many done so little 'for so much!" '? -, i ' * / * * y - . ", H<5LLYWodp JOKE: ,: • ^Key tell the s'tory^of "a^Holly wood producer who. got--ih. early one morning 1 to' findo'his wife awake,' and- stamping >her foot demanding to know y^here h( had been. • • , . '' "Well,* he said,'"we ^reviewed my, new -picture, ~"W*<f afterward I got t to talking, tp the .leading lady, A lovely "person, 1 'We > went to^momanoffs, th'en'sh'e said'she ,vwjm t ted me to see' her apartment. You. know how it'is—o'n«J thing led to another/and'here' I am," s !'I}on't. lie ,'you> t rat,"< said his 'Wife, "I knoW}you'yfpeen out all plight-with the-'boys playing gin ' rummy,", ,' * * Committee Fo , Study Housing Hopes To Aid ^ C5,l;<s Here (n • Building Plans Organization of a committee ori lousirig bv HaFn; p 0 s| No. '90 of the American .Legion <wasi announced^ last week, and the first meetine- of- thp-groltp-'--vvas"held ast. Friday, afternoon.'" ''"''. The "organisation,' still in its nuclear < stage,: i "reached and adopted a program" outline of, six points,, sclt foi;th, hcreV*ailhed ^at doing something* about ! iU - i: '—--'" Briil#T$Be Badly Hurt th ;."<£c?/!; Cf,ash At J •• ^"" "WW«* '••^ *»^^^»*Jf ' i * r- •We^Wt a reporter^ut'to cover a \stag' party, for 1 aJ groom-to-be the father; evening in Algpna, and back'came, this'Spcietynptej >, ' "The groom'.was^attivld in' a rep -sweater, and-a flyshed iace v M»dMfay, ( jn^ the, /ntej;jiinmei\t PFO^pam,'! whi^h^w^S'.phigfly penny .ranje, a, strjsngeri arrived with six casfs-of jnjiipwness, to*'8dd'tp th? sccssjon t Cater'jn the v evening to gpngs er?iivened, the, ' * iu ^ sj^c^aijaj ^pnce 1 '2—^There '^aro "s'ti _ "* «J* «• ij * i—"""T"*"" •""•*' v+<,i ind adjacent to Algona',at'fih'e' present; time ."tp •?mak*e- possible -heBuilding,of a large axumber 'of homes.,if ^sew'er and/water ,can'be provided.' -'There aVe ^also -some lots ready, for ' building right now, 'i < ' 3—Building- and; gontracting ,acuities in Algona are, sufficiently abld and willing to build thtf required amount o Homes this year. 4—Present prbvisTons of the G L Sir lof Rights' make tt .possible for veterans to build-homes with a surprisingly small Amount-of .nitial capital, and that the terms set'out'by the government in .this jilrdo give the veteran a'ge'nu- ino chance to build/and tfjfiance a home. ' ~ T "-' ' ^ 5—While interested' primarily in housing for, veterans. / Hagg Post, No. 90 is also interested, in problems.of housing for non-vets. i 6—Although, building costs' are high, and will, probably 'stay high a substantial saving could .'be effected if a. group of ISjai- 20 veterans could get , together t and build at the same time, thereby enabling- contractors to buy materials in larger quantity, ", The Committee'' will continue, with meetings.and investigations in an endeavor to' get something done about housing in Algona, Harry, Greenberg, .postf com-" mander, stated; , , , It is tentatively planned-to .get out a questionnaire thatjWQUld to some , extent;- determine ' how many^of^w.hat type'-of-hpmes are needed and to find out the names of. those genuinely interested >in building homes',- on highway 1& the car swervlsc off the,paving, overturned one and one-half times and landed 'hi the ditch at the road'side, accord! mg to a report by Patrolman -T .R. Mikesch investigating officer t The young men in the car craw.led out of the wreckage and iWent to the Arthur Voss home nearby, ,for help. The .highwaj patrol was called from there. Before patrolmen/ arrived a- passing motorist" picked up, the trio and took them to the hospital at *"--' metsburg. ' • Arthur., and Francis were-dismissed after receiving first**'aid for minor injuries. Francis telephoned ...,„„, ,,,„-. ents here and they immediately? went to their daughter's bedside. As this -is Written full, extent of> her ;injurics had not been deter-' mined. " ; V 44"h e "Parents stayed -.with ptacticatly^aU of^the^time i t^i^,^^,jwf%r^'^ •3 * $f * iV ^ HadiAyand natvs hvnnrfr>aafa anrl i n rpf «f «i»a,n-j' ^^"T t j»y «"g -Tt?«»tttj*^- j **i ba anpf -Wffpygh Itojy. &v A-Th r r----.-.^!,' *-^*» " VS*-*- ^ I*?*? *«•«» '•' I 1 *** ^!Bffi A-vowW?^ m$ 9v»Jm ^i%ip;^i tmp&x (;jf«A:MMte^ \ H s J^J iyi^^^'"'''^'* * J^Sif * ^ / fl f i f ' Lutheran, :h6s|»it«|JhV for jtreatmenVff IffM^p^ in, a;seriotiVc,ar,!racojdent thurs- rlav af 4-^in a "-"Wi 1 ! -y«r r 1 -"' . Ciay^ ov i^x.oU t Sif m. ^^5 Y * fr *> ' „ ' Miss" I Crawfor8!)l .her 'fiancee, Fr'ancis Fan*deir2J; V6f/' Whittemore, and Arthur »EJbert/ also of Whittemore, 'were returning home from-a-'date' when^the-accident lappened. Thoy;had'wleft -'the fnilrfh rvartxr Q tr/-*!*^**' iir/\*^-inn 'n* fourth, party, a you^g her-i home,' in Spencer, •. Phyllis, was cjrivlng Arthur's, 1941 ^Chevrolet cqach.-' .Elbert is said to^have told <pfficers' that he was asleep in tHe,back>seat and Fandel was sleeping r |h,the front seat' when. the c^ar^crashed,' and ws me' " w^s, completely', "Demolished., Phyllis had not been- able to give he.r version,' Satu'fday", of what happened, ", " t ^ " - . At the south-edge of Ruthven Athletes Get ;•!., gymnasium, 'On? hundred' attended* the,- a lhamber of QA anqut>t Hsre ; Wre '•i^ - ni@,n 5Ci4Vfr'*'j"(^j +»JH*HW J jeard John O'Dorinell, sports y «- tor, of t><e Davenport Democrat, eea.lled interesting, highlights of ft years of sports writing, 'and Big Nine' officiating," and saw member^ ot.thes Algona n'high school athletic,' ! fqyaflf (-receive their letters, "•/,',;• «^'ft' t' 1 ' l ' \ St - Cecelia|n • flWd^y? athletes 'K^.i^W^^M^fl.HS! |W-H,B|jupviaua'!^dV 1 take/1 tWs !''Mbin'es.«- She < .was' M ^ L , HK,^-iuwa -•ambulance , Friday dftcrnoon/* ip^fbines ttrained nurse,, also "her . fianc^ ,-i~itt —j Francis 'Fandel, accompanjed'he'r. 'Planned To^ Wed, ,31sir' „ '< Phyllis and Francis had so' their wedding date'for" the Wed nesday following Easter, Marc* 31. Pre-nuptial parties had been planned for the bride-elect. " " M^ss Crawford' is a registerec nurse, haying ',been graduated from Iowa Lutheran hospital school of nursing March 1. She came home March 9. The acci dent happened March 18. Last year.on March',15 her sister Gloria, received a broken collar bone-in a car crash in P t alo Alto county. Six young people were returning to Algona when their car crashed into a bridge.' Mr, and Mrs. Crawford and Mr. and Mrs. Wm, Finn visited Phyl- lis'at the hospital" in Des Moines Sunday. , ^,^., Three Broken Ribs Mr .''Crawford'said when first hurt Phyllis was in a critical -con ditioipfrpm shock and internal injuries, ** By , Sunday internal hemorrhage had cleared up and there "seemed no cause for concern on that line, • . v X-ray pictures , Saturday revealed three-broken ribs, Doctors told Phyllis that 'if she continues to improve she will probably be able to carry out her wedding plans.'The marriage was to have been at St. Michael's church in Whittemore, ' larilynBaff Jf St. Benedict ; County Winner ] Will Go Now To Start Final - In Des Moines , Marilyn Batt, 13, eighth '-grade pupil at St. Benedict's parochial S6hool, ( is Kossuth county's cnampion grade school speller for 1948. Her teacher is Sister ilprv Clement. ^'Marilyn won the honor at the sighth ^annual spelling contest held at the court room here, Saturday afternoon. It was .the, hardest fought battle of words staged since the' contests began., 'Runner«Up was Lavonnc'Hoff- man ; fronf St. 'Cecelia's academy Fdih^r Mallinger Illness Rev,Maili|r Of k Cecelia's Rites Today For Algeria The Rev. Joseph Ut Malling'ek ,* ', pastor of St. Cecelia'^ Catho^S .-: church, Algona, die'd Prlddy^ 6 . night, March 19, at'Mercy hoMt*-S al in Fort Dodge. '"'". - * ".. Father Mallinger had beeh itt\, poor health for some time, suffer-.'? ing from a heart condition. Fri-' f day about supper time- he was » 1 " v taken to Fort'Dodge by ambu- ' " lance and he died'not loAg after", ; arrival there. ' , ' < Funeral services 'were "held at '"'' 9:30 a. m. this - morning With '• church dignitaries in attendance. The Most Reverend J. Mueller/'' D. D., Coadjutor Bishop of Siohx ' City, celebrated—the Pontifical i Requiem high, mass. Other; offic-., ers of the mass were: • \*'> , v' Officers of the iMass ' The Right Rev/Msgr.'^. J. Da^ vern, Arch Priest of Fort Dodge] ' Rev. J. Schultes, deacon; Ban-/, croft; Rev. 'G. Theobald,' sub- ", deaconf St. Joe; Rev. N. L: Klein, : of Wesley delivered-the sermon: Rev. C. A. Ahmann, Thurifer -u' 3? •* « Queen of Charity Ball! Who Is She? ' - Who will be the Queen of the 1948 Cbafttv 'Ba,ll? ,, ., , * ^ ' ,rr~ """* ?-'^, vojnpeic t ^ •• There \ wer-'e ' 25/1'contestants rom, t public' 1 ' t and * ; parpchikl chools over thc-cfohnty.' There vis both i a -written and an "oral '<forf- tcst.- 5 /£hc .written, contest was given first. Ten I words-; were pronounced, then papers' collect- ed'and marked. ' < " 4 \ r-. ' The paper markers were < Sister, M. , Louise- of St, Joseph's school, Wesley; Josephine Hujs- man, Hebron No. 1;' Anna Flom) Wesley Rackne, public,*Seneca I 'v. V^AWA<^ vJ-bjr VIJUV«1;DU« * The Very Rev. Msgt". T.' 1 J> Gannon, teacher of-philosophy' at.Lo-, ras college, DubUque, acted 1 ,as • Master of Ceremonies,'The Rev.' L. Greveing of West-Bend was* Miter bearer; 'Rev. R. Ifick' 6ft' Whittemore, book bearer: ' the 1 , Revs. R,^V. Sweeny"* of' Sioux- City and B. Eischeid of Arm-' strong were acolytes.- "• ' ',-k The choir was under direction^ of Rev. G. Wessting/ot-Pocahon-': tas with •the-Rflv.*G.-Skkhillf 6f! Spirit Lake at,the/organ.' jf'.-v^'fe Burial was in Calvary ccrneteryx east of.AIgona. Palltbearers-wera'aL, Wm. Barry Sr., Harry /Bode, '.Dri-M C. H. Cretzmeyer^Luke.Lihnahl'/li Frank Zendelr^and.P/hil Tr " u1 <«»«t--'«s Arrangeniertts''" 1 '"'"' L " iltootJ-EUneratl „.„. t Tat u he , r ^MaUirifeer/, WM ,, Marchy-lMSSl, Vat -Duncombe,-Ia?v He was^th^sqriljQtnh^late^t- •"* and'Selma Almberg, Eagle'-No'. 5. Oth.ety'contest 'officials were: ' Pronouncer,, " ^Superintendent Claude Sapkey',. Clarion; judges, Sister Rita Clare, St. John's, Bancroft; Marcella'Fandei; Whit- 1; Genora Roland/ temore No. LuVerne. Dictionary reference teachers. Genevieye , Genrich, Union; -Sis- Benedict; Buffalo yipusli i tteiiestt , j'^iJjf>.BJW.M5tt*' 'jwp,| H c otH of Faftw to }n«ff}^,wejp tojj-hsye ,. theip Mhletic awards ajsp; presented mfts. bar^qy* srtisWiHiaCTit , The , bajjpts ^were .^ Monday, and) the Queen is to tJie-cpmmHte§ but tq .them ' my,^ w f t ,^~, . 'At the anrluaf affair, held ne??t J THes4ay evening, -Mar?h 30 m the" high school gymnasium. Valewa; Bijttg, Quepn gf 'the '1947 t^T'-BftU. Thf next -four high l^ the vpting i wilt b& the ter 'M. -Clement,-St. Mary Qesterreicher, Consolidated. . , On,the first written __^,_ three contestants were eliminated and at the end of-the'10th round all • were eliminated but iavonne and Marilyn. Harder words were, used and ;he girls had perfect 'scores' for three more founds but" on the 'ourth LaVonne missed/ a . word. Hard Fought Batijle _ jere was a 10 minute regess before the pupils lined up for the oral ^contest, which started at 1:15. 'The first round pronounced was for practice, On the'see-* ond everyone'got down to busj- . , -The" two girls spelled 23 rounds 'school; Alice" and both <rni§sed ^these words: Consolidated; trachoma, genealogy, guillotine, " ' " ameloriate and" 'parboil. Then dispensary was pronounced and LaVonne missed /it, Marilyn spelled it correctly ami also managed the hurdle^of the championship word "omnifarious". 'The audience' 'applauded and breathed a sigh of,' relief -for it was beginning,-to look like Mr< Sankey would' have to' go through the speller- again. Fidelia Skow presented Marilyn Batt with a gold championship pin. She js eligible tc-com- pete in the state-, cpntest to be held in Des Mpines'in April. •Linda Benspjioter, contestant from Whittemore' independent school, failed to .appear for the contest but ,ajl cithers pntered were present. Last Thursday's paper carried the names of contestants that had been received at the county superintendent's office last Wednesday, Those received later and not in the list were: Evelyn Burgespn, Swea township^ Madonna Froeh'cty St, Joseph's, ness and when the spelling was Wesley, and over and the smoke cleared away TI " i "~ XT " * Mr. Sankey said it was one o: the'hardest'contests he had ever r jirls were 'just plain spellers! Tp finally elim- ,^l»e used,up a.}l the words 1 defied m his list and proceed' eq to/the, hardest, some pf which the i^h-js said they'd never heard of before, .The word?,- of Bourse, . .,.. in4he official speller used m aH, the contests. Tft eliminate .down, to two spellers, M,p. SanHpyr pronounced 45 rounds of '-• * - 1 -•" wordv Algona Winner Of State Fjrst, Highway Safety "For the-second time in;three years, Algona was judged the safest Iowa city from a traffic accident standpoint in the state of Iowa, for tjie year 1947.? ',.•' Winners 'in various population groups were , announced« Jast week, ^ Chief of Police Cecil McGinnis received the following telegram regarding the honor; "Your city hase been judged the first place.winner m its population group-in* ihV -Al^lowa Traffic Safety Contest for 1947. Dan.J. Sieele, secretary, Iowa Safety Council,,'. • , In the same population bracket, 4,0 ( 00 to 5,000 population, Iowa Falls was second and Jefferson Kenrick' 'S > /• he was, hood. ., ..,» He \i irst seryea. Mercy,' ' " " ' for six pastor held i Rolfe., , r „ „.„_ ,. 4 , <r For 161 ye'arsTbMore'j.corqmg'lto^ Algona he 'ser.ved ' Si!^Bridget's J church at Grand 'Ju"nction>Iowa.¥? He came ta;A,lgona on 'July 41.^5 1937, and ^.served, th^ parish'u'S 11 -years. He«l}»dviWtf.fassistants^ the Rev. RSiV. >»«/pnn»u Tnn™$ s *>i&. Father Father Ti J. Surviving Mike of of Fort more City, 1 „,.„ , of Emmetsburg,, attend final er. •ft* 'f¥ < ~, ~~'~ ~*"~ r. ~" r-jr "v."! ''' *"iV Registrations'VwiU be^taken,, all i^to, ibis, week atfthe^ p}apesnisteaibp:!.'P low.for the annual'Model^Kite^ and Plane Pay.sse^ ,-i here, 'and -sponsor^" gona Lions All of the spiers wore blue " satin ribbon badges ' It is expected that a 'formal presentation of the first place plaque will be made heje some,, time ,m the near future. Algonat also won the hqnor and received: a .plaque in 1945. . '7 printed in gold,' '• s " _' Union Holy being hekjUby gpna* Minister iaj ^sspeiation, and ire 1 having their ';'\t . ' / haa'beWfilPd %

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