The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 16, 1948 · Page 15
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 16, 1948
Page 15
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i- iH *_,/." K V M * '.* sy* y^'Tp^XMJ i -i f,,'*rr 1 II IT I 0 -W. JV Lockwood visited" his mother Mrs. Emiha-LodRwood al _ Hardy Wednesday. She is ser- foully ill. A, group of ladies quilted at •Mrs, O, J, F. Voxel's several days last' week. G; O.'McFarland was on the sick, list last week. , Mr and Mrs. J. £. Miller took 'Mri, Miller's grandmother,. Mrs. Gill,; to Story City Thursday, where, she Is visiting a niece, the Millers went ofr to Ames to visit p,, their son Lawrence and family. Mf. and Mrs. ttols J. Nelson ,and,Mr v artd Mrs. Roland Chafce Were-Mason City',visitors Wednes- ,dly, ,'MJrs. Chafee,had her ears i tested. The Sewing-Circle met Thursday afternoon with^Mrs, W. H. Vogel. Mrs. Ed ThaVes, Algona, was a guest, She, was'formerly a member sf the cir6le. , The Friendly Four ,club met . Thursday afternoon at Mrs. 'C. E • Sigsbee's. " " Mr. and Mrs./iLe^lie Sorenson <> 'were v/eek ago^Suridav^evenirig guests at the (Roland'' Chafee home. .\ J' ; ' ' , Mr, and .Mrs. Merril Bacon and Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Rieken entertained the members oft the Friendly Four and their husbands at a card party at,the Hotel Burt n last 'week Monday evening, Charles Olson and Mr, and Mrs. Bert Godden left -early Friday morning for Minneapolis, Minn., where, they met Mr. ,'Olson's 'daughter Mrs. Dean Me;V .and two children of Tacoma/ Wash., who came for a several weeks visit with the Olsons. Mr. Meier is expected in a week or two. ' Mrs. E. H. Pannkuk returned Thursday from Des Moines where she had scent about a week at th*> home of her daughter Mrs^K'en- neth Zimmerman, helping^care for one of the twins who'had undergone an operation. Kave Holding, Jack McMullen, rlar-eld and Carol •R.eirners/ Donald Carman, Milton Salisbury and Leonard Stenzel went to Waterloo Friday to atten'd , a sub- state basketball tournament being held there. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Mitchell and Mrj.,and Mrs.-Walter Sorenson wer ( e in^Des Moines last Tuesday and .Wednesday attending a Westinghouse dealers meeting. The Edmund Larsons were supper guests Thursday evening at the Ralph Bristow home. Mary Jean Racfrut and -her .vqommate Georgia Kis'tle","\L'a"li£ • fr *Park teachers, spent the" 'weikeptf with'Mary Jean's parents Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Ractyut. ' -\ ,, f ' „•„.' Mrs. F. L. Pratt and h'er daughter Mrs. Ronald Elvidge and two sons of Waterloo went to Worthington, Minn., Thursday" to spend a couple of days at the Earl Nester home. Mrs. Nester is Mrs. , Pratt's daughter. & r Claude \Vhitehill Jr., Fayette , student,' 'came .Thursday \o spend ,the weekend with is wife. Mr. and Mrs. Keith' Merryman > are parents of a daughter .'born Saturday, March 6 at the Kpssuth } hospital. Mrs, Merryman is the former Joyce Meier, 'daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Meier i ' Mr. and Mrs. Edward P-aipe and daughter'Linda Joyce", Coun- •f cil Bluffs, came 1 Tuesday/for" a visit at ihp parental E. E. Paine , home, • l Mrs, Gertrude .McMullen,'-Paton, arrived a'week ago Sunday > for a visit at the home of her son G. H, McMullen. Her 'daughter i, and family, the C. H. Petersons, brought her and spent the day here. Mrs. McMullen .suffered a / broken leg some weeks ago, biit is now able to get around on t » crutches, " ' , St. JohnVLmheran Church ' Ferdinand Reith, Pastor Burt, Iowa ! l> The sixth in a series of Lenten services will be-held pn Wednes'•* day evening at 8, On Thur|day evening,- 8 p. m., the picture, "Reaching frorii Heaven", will be shown, { Sunday, March 21—9:45, Surf- day school, 10:30, divine service^ , On Wednesday evening/^he following persons were received into comunicant membership by the rite"o J f-frqhfirmfltion: Merwyh Cunningham",'' Harold ' Cushmari, Mrs. Harold Cushman/'-Alfred Schadendorf, William 'Voigt, and Mrs. Inez Lewis Wiener, «*«m««v> Burl Presbyterian Church Ray K. Hill, Minister Sunday, March 21— 10 a. m., morning worship. Sermon, "Jesus' Most Previous Promise." 11 a, m. r Sunday school. Adult topic, "The Kingdom of God." 7 p. m,, Intermediate Westminster Fellowship, leader Harriet Long. " ~'' ~B p. m,, Senior Westminster; Fellowship, leader Jeanette Hor^tman. ' , . • , 4, , The Methodist Ch'ufch Burt, Iowa' 4P i -William S. Handy, Pastor Sunday, March 21, Palm Sunday: Sunday school, 10 a. m. Morning worship, 11 a/m.^"The Palms", choir. Sermon by the pastor, "Behold Thy King". M. Y. F., 8 p. m. The choir will meet at the parsonage Wednesday, March 17. '* The Missionary Maidens will meet Saturday, March 20 instead of the regular day. ' - Two special services are plan- lied.for Holy wee,k. Thursday, Mardh 25, Meditation and Communion service; Friday, March- 26, 10:30 a. m., union Good Fridaj service in. the Presbyterian cHurch. '. Mrs, Mann Will Be 85, March 20 Portland—Mrs. Fa,nnle .Mann has been quite ill the past Week, Her daughter, Mrs. Viva Wegner, Decorah, came Thursday for a visit. The granddaughter (Lois) Mr, and Mrs. Peterse'n, Callender were visitors Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Mell' Petersen and 'two children, Fort Dodge, came Saturday and brought a birthday cake and bouquet of sweet peas for Mrs. Mann, who will be 85 years next Saturday, March 20. Mrs. Petersen brought the cake so they could celebrate the birthday together, in case bad roads prevented a tfrap back next Saturday. •Winkies Are Guesis Mr. and Mrs. Clair -Winkle were recent supper and evening gtlests -at the Earl/ Miller "home. Thd? Wiftkics have moved ' to a farm near Hayfield, Minn., and will be about 20 miles from Mrs. Miller's niece. > fe" McWhorier Trip'News Mr.-and Mi's. Ray• McWhorter have.visited the LeRoy Lees, the Ted .Ringsdorfs and Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Moore and California, also were overnight guests of Mrs. George-Becker's parents Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Young at Long Beach. ' McWhorters plan to reach home the' last of March. Fined In ^1 urn bo Id t Humbojdt .— Howard Busch who gave his address as Algona was fined $7.50 here by Justic Bicknell for .failure, to trepor^ ; motor, vehicle, accident. 'To; "ayoii -hitting ' another caT he swerveu irito the' 'ditch and struck a phone pole. ', , - ... Enlists In Army « ' v Swea'& Eagle—Harryf^M fo Mr. and Mrs:, Art Larsorifhfs" en listed .in U. (S. army passed hi: physical and was accepted.,Las week s his parents received wore He was irf'Colora'do. Curing the y ( served,, two' yeats^ ih *'*4 '$ « «« -it • <*•—If . WE WANT IT! FOR $ALT - YOU COAL ^ Mixers -pf Fetee F«?eds t > SCHRIDEHf . BURT II 1H .* i V*. i Insurance He'll Along Because His ' Is Coming From .Creetjn Staff f m Mrs. Earl Miller and i Mrs. Raymond Lovstad attended the Cresco Embroidery club at Mrs. John Cox's Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Robert Harvey is recovering nicely from a recent operation with the' care of nUrse Robert Harvey. She is now able to be up jDart of the time-and plans to soon be back on the job- again. , Bancroft —. A meeting 6f • the Franciscan secondary UhgHsh teachers WAS held at the Si John's high school Saturday. Sister M. Patrice O. S. F, 'sec* ondary supervisor made arrangements" for the meeting. • A fe~w seniors took the .teachers' through the church and school. Sister M. Patrice read a mes sage from Mother Mary Irmina Following this vvtts the "Observation on Our School Population and the Survey Tests," Sister Philip Neri read a paper on Reading Skills in High School; Sister M. Rita Clare conducted a demonstration class on The Hound of Heaven by France^ Thornpson with the English IV literature class. i In the afternoon Sister Patrice gave a talk on The Pupil in Mind and the Art of the Teacher. Sis-! ter M. Berneil preseented a, papreii on The Teaching of Usage in the High School. Before the adjourning the all-day meeting Sister M. Callistus discussed the reading of a poem. ' These out-of-town teachers at- ten^fd the meeting: Tister M. Berneil, Sister M. Pascal, Sister M. Marilyn, Sister M. Ruth Agnes, Sister M. Joanice, Sister M. Philip Neri, Sister M. Rosalyn, Sister M. Callistus, Sister M. Bridget, and Sister M. Ivan. P. M. Schiltz of Bancroft was a patient at +he Holy Family hospital at Estehrvilel the past week. Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Welp of Bancroft who spent .the winter in California and Texas returned home last Tuesday, , Noi> «i City Limits of the AlRona, Town, mul 1h<- intpr- ol said Park Avenue with' " f tl1 ° Clty ri * .''•'" Portion ot Jones Stj-cfet f ram 'Us Inlei sectlnh with Park Aven- W«iSJ Iu> ^ ollth llnc of the intersection WjJOnc-i Sti-cot with Call Street or the °"*. S, r , A'Bonn. Iowa'. . (•») ~»at pottlon or State Street between thr> ucsl line or Hall Stre&t and thf east line ol' Phillips Streel or the City ol Algona, Iowa. 4 ! 4 L l h J u noi'ion oi Phillips Street lymrf brluecn the South CJtv Limits or tne nu or Algona, Iowa, and the south line of Lucas Street ol Ihe City or Algpn.i Iowa (5) Thai pait or Diagonal Street between I he west line of Phillips Street anj3 the \\c-si line or Roan Street of the. City ol Alffona, Iowa. (6)Thai portion 01 Commercial Street between the west line or Hoan Street arid the rast line or Main Street or the City oJ Algona, Iowa. (7) Th,n portion or Main Street bo-j tween HIP south line or Commercial Street and United Stales Highway No. Sec, 2. -that all vehicles entering upon such Boulovaids or Through Streets from am ,md all cross or Intersecting streets 01 nllevs shall be brought to a full stop immediately before entering Upon .s;iKl teoulevaids or Through Streets, except that Vehicles moving iri an eastcily dlicctlon toward the intersection ol State Streel and Phillips Street sh.ill tiol be ict|uited to come to a full stop bcloro enteilng upon bald intersection See/ j. i hat any violation or any or the provisions of this Ordinance shall be deemed ,1 mlsdeanor and any person convicted of such violation shall be punished by line or 'not exceeding Twenty-live Dollais ($25.00); a person so convicted and lined shall be imprisoned in the city jail until the fine is paid or until discharged by due course of law. See. 4. Tlul Ordinance No. 205 of the City ol Algona, Iowa, Is hereby repealed Sac. 5. this Ordinance, being deemed ol immediate importance, shall be in lull force and effect from an after its passage anU approval and publication as provided by law. .PASSED. ADOPTED and APPROVED 'his 261 h day of February, IMS. ADAH CARLSON, Clerk ' Approved: FRANK KOHLHAAS, Mayor The foregoing Ordinance No. 299 of ,he Ordinances of Ihe City of Algona, Iowa, is duly authenticated this 26th day of February, 1948. FRANK KOHLHAAS, Mayor ADAH CARLSON, Clerk ;SEAL) ORDINANCE NO. 299 AN ORDINANCE DESIGN A T I N G PORTIONS OF PARK AVENUE, JONES STREET, STATE STREET, PHILLIPS STREET, DIAGONAL -STREET, COMMERCIAL/ STREET AND MAIN STREET OF THE CITY OF ALGONA, IOWA AS "BOULEVARDS". O R "THROUGH STREETS" AND PROVIDING THAT VEHICLES ENTERING UPON SUCH DESIGNATED BOULEVARDS FROM INTER.S E C T I N G STREETS SHALL COME TO A FULL STOP IMMEDIATELY BEFORE SUCH ENTRANCE AND PRESCRIBING PENALTIES ^FOR VIOLATION AND REPEALING ORDINANCE IN CONFLICT. DRAINAGE (50., H?<1 NOTICE IS HEREBY Gi,^, that there has been incorporated under and by virtue of the pro^ visions of Chapter 491 of the 1946 Code of Iowa and acts amendatory thereto a corporation for pecuniary profit. 1. The name of the corporation is Algona Excavating and Drainage Co., Inc. and its principal place ot business is in the city of Algona, Kossuth County, Iowa. 2. The general nature of the business is to excavate and drain land and to execute contracts and W receive assignment of contracts therefore and to manufacture and furnish materials and supplies connected therewith. 3. The amount of authorized capital Stock of this corporation $17,500.00, to be divided into shares of common stock having a par value of $1.00.00 each, to be held, sold and paid for at such time and in such manner as the board of directors may from time to time determine. Payment therefore may be in cash or in property to be approved by the Executive Council, as, by law provided. 4. The corporate existence of this corporation shall commence on the date of the issuance of the certificate of the Secretary of The State of Iowa and shall ter^ minate at the expiration d? twenty years from said date, but the period of its existence may be renewed from time to time as provided by the laws of the State of Iowa. This corporation may be terminated at any time upon a vote of majority of,the outstanding stock. 5. The management of this corporation shall be Vested in a board of not less than two or more than four directors to be elected Tuesday, March 16, 1946 at the annual meeting of the stockholders to be held at the principal place of business on the last Monday of ApHl of eaeruyeat-, commencing jn 1948, said directors to hold office until their successors are elected and have qualified. The officers of said corporation shall be President, Vice- President, Secretary, and Treasurer. One person may hold more than one office. Said officers shall be elected by and from the board of directors. Until the first annual meeting of the board of directors, the Officers shall be as follows: \ , President and Secretary—Zelda M. McOuire, Algona, Iowa. Vice,-President and Ireasurer—" Eldon W. Lindstrom, Algona, Ia< 6. The private property of the stockholders shall not be subject to payment of corporate debts to $ny extent whatever. The Articles of Incorporation have been accepted by The Secretary of State of The State of tlowa and filed in the office of the Recorder of Kossltth County, By E. W, Liridstrom Vice-President " POP 'CORN : We haw j^*t completed doubling our slor'ige facilities at our Schaller plant and will'naSiTrnore farmers'^ grow pop corn fo r us. Be sure to write us regarding par otleT 0 before contract- ingjfpur'potfcbrn acrea'gHhis spring, BE IT ORDAINED BV THE CITY; COUNCIL OF THE CITY* OF ALGONA, IOWA: Sec. I. That the 'following 'designated Streets or Avenues or parts of Streets or Avenues be and they are hereby designated 'as "Boulevards" or "Through Streets": (1) That portion of Park\Avenue bc- For Livestock Trucking (2 semi-trailers) « ' ' NEW, TIRES—BATTERIES GARAGE SERVICE —See— CLIFF HOLDING NOTES / ~; This is the tijne of the, year when'the family ( budget usually experiences an abnormal strain. This is the time, vyhen' taxes of almost every description are due and 'payable. This is the time when we wish you to think of our bank and if you need funds' to meet some demand come in and talk it over with us. We have loans'for almost every .purpose and need: - i It is our sincere so handle your business that you; will recommend, us to your friends. Personal Loans , . • Automobile Loans . Life Insurance Loans Farm Loans Tovyn Rr9perty j.oans . ; -Commercial Loons G. I. Loans , « • F. H. A, Loans ' BURT SAVINGS. BANK , IOWA H. E.-Rwhut,-Pres, H. A, Thompson, Cashier R, I, Mawdlsley, Vice-Pres; V, L, Lovstad,"Assl. Cash, Member Federal Deposit-Insurance Corporation The FRIENDLY Bank 1 • ' '. • . HAVIOUR I** 1 ' j V^* AV* ' it.^' t-s. ^ c3 A r4a I ^ '* ' **" *"' ^?^?9S^^f *'t r j 2 *"> iflk '}' *" f -^ -iK ** "^'.i *i«i«Sft " *->C- ( feSsf^'-ii^S /' ^ '• **/ J ' t ;- -, - V-v ' •."') 'i 'jm - i-*-« i ^ v • -^ *** i * yfe li'V.v-,^-;-'* ^ ¥(, ^ r j>^ i ^ '2$£ nmim^m^i felSSK^ 1 - 1 ^'^-' *•.&'"Sfrrr:; \ ^W'^^^^^M^ 1 ^ ; i"! rained 'crews , You'lt la^DlfasnnH^xiirnri'inrl'tn Unrn hk>L I;M.| A u -• i l^ ; • - f i',' t <^ n.^4 A.r if i. I?; F S8. BURT, IOWA New Easter Hats for Ladies $2.95 to $3.95 New Easter Hats for Men and Boys $1.95 to $3.45 **** . - • ' ' , • f ' ) Mrrriifj /f-mf/i/ f.i<> •, i • ' r * /• v. • f ' " i , jAr The advance of medicine against the enemy, disease, sweeps forward on every front. Techniques of anesthesia have improved to make possible surgical procedures denied to the practitioner of the twenties. Highly refined and specialized mechanical aids, jncluding the x-ray, fluorosc*ope, and electrocardiograph, have sharpened diagnostic skills. Testing, of the blood and urine reveals'more significant facts to the physician than ever before. In support of the physician, the pharmaceutical chemist continues to forge new chemical and biological weapons to fight disease. Insulin for the management of diabetes mellitus, liver extract for pernicious anemia, sulfa drugs, an'd penicillin are examples. Your physician and your pharmacist are alert to apply the improved procedures as they become available. ' ' R U P T U R--B , • * SHIELD-EXPERT, H. L. HOFFMANN of Minneapolis, Minn.., will demonstrate, without charge his "rupture Shields" in ALGONA, HOTEL ALGONA TUESDAY, MARCH 23 . . . *. From 10 A.M. to 3 P.M. Please come early.,Mr, Hoffmann sayp: "I have specialized in the field of Rupture Correction since 1928 and personally fitted well over ten thousand cases. , When skillfully done most Rupture openings will contract in a short time. Above all you go to work immediately without fear or pain. There are many of my satisfied customers right here in this community. Special lady attendant for WOMEN and CHILDREN. Ask for Mrs. Hoffmann." . CAUTION: If neglected, rupture may cause weakness, backache, nervousness, stomach and gas pains. People having large ruptures, which have retuined after surgical operations or injection treatments, are especially invited. "If you want it done right, don't experiment. See HOFFMANN." If unable to see him at this time'address: HOFFMANN'S SURGICAL APPLIANCE CO. Minneapolis 2, Minn. 933 Adrus Bldg. In Ping Pong or GASOLINE PHONE' 251 AIGO.NA./OVVA Goodrich In an • impartial, nation. w»d§ survey, thoussntjs pf farmers yqfe4 tbe " open' -the B.F.Go tresd=-best for veteij fpf it 2 IP \'I ot ( y? 1 B, I 1 , Goodrich open trea^ rires with sep- ' Us I W^ W»v«;_1Fraetii^_'riri>j|j RUBBER WELDERS 'ITIRST IJKJ RUBBEKE PHILLIPS 66 IS CO#7K0U£& QUICK STARTS AND PLENTY'OF POWEfe It takes a pretty neat touch to keep that little white' T' ball on the table . . . and it takes plenty, of qbntrol ' to build a gasoline as good as Phillips 66, took *> * The trick we use is to control the blendirig*pf ithe high-quality components that go into Phillips ; 66 tb> [" fit your driving needs in hot;weather or cold!; ';' v » Give your car a break .>)>*"!* wjth Phillips 66 Gasoline 'next time. The proof s in the performance! „ "¥01471117* 7* 9WG YM FAST STARTS.' fj\i .il. \ Pmllip r: i "v ^-rO '^Vr" * ' *-i-**' " *" '-«™ 1 «'** : *'«ftf/iS.*-" 1 Wiir ? *

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