The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 16, 1948 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 16, 1948
Page 13
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, *•>' "?* W/j/tf ertiore; In ftft We&k imofe—-Mr. arid MVs.'AfU •"-" • • • .. i j&tef,r,,r-f,. \1 Whitt6mofe—Mr. and ivirs. An, rafew Furik celebrated tlidi? 25th ft ?„ Bedding anniversary last'SUfl- -,,^«lay everiing at the Cylinder* t&wH f fcrhail, 1 About thirty-five, guests ;V,were entertained at 500. Louis -VHackbarth and Mfs. Theodore /(> . Biersted winnihg high,', Martin > Ostwald and Mrs*. Lhszie • 'Funk s » '; .winning low, Richard Biersted received the trrfVel prize, R> freshm<*nts wore served during the evening and lunch ,was- served folloMhg/yfis' awarding < of the prizes. Iffle' hortorfed couple re- teived m/Ay useful .gifts.' Mr. and Mrs. Theodore 1 Biersted entertained about thirty-five guests at their home last week Wednesday everting on their 25th Wedding anniversary. Mrs. Biersted and Mrs. Andrew Funk are sister's and/ their anniversaries are only four'days apart,, Five hundred was the evening's entertain. , frtont. Archie Voigt' and Mrs. In „„ Raymond Heller winning High, • • >• Fred Bi&rsted and Mrs. Frank Schumacher low, Norman Funk * * door prize, and Mr,s. Andrew t Funk chair prize. Lunch was -v serVed at the clojie of the evening Itt I ft IK V si ^ served Mrs, useful and-refreshments during the evening. Biersted< received presents.. ' Wed 35 Yea! Mr. and Mrs. Heriwu., , UJe were pleasantly surprised Saturday evening on theiriSSth wedding anniversary when about 35 of their relatives and neighbors gathered at the Voigt home at 8 o clock. The bride was hpjge alone as the groom had an apbjfirttmen* With,, the barber for a'hffiktt and was told by his son tHapie was wanted at home as a friend of the family had called for an evening's Visit, Present were Mr. and ..Mrs. Edward Hanson, Harold, and Rosella Voigt, Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Mdthcs and daughter Arlenc. Rodman, Mr, and Mrs. Garald Ollom, Burt, Mrs. Ida Kueckef, Lotts Creek, Rev. and Mrs. Paul Weinhold, son David and daughter Jdanee, Mr. and Mrs. Simon Weber, Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Schultz, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Meyer, Mr. and George Meyer, -Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. NOME at a price \ you Wcmt'fb pay/ N^*v . . .^^H Thrilling ncv/s for small families f • Now^you can enjoy better tasting, fresh frozemfoocls all year'Voundl -Amana Model 50's famous "Zero Wall" gives you five cubic foot perfect food storage capacity! . EXTRA PROTECTION! You get 5 year free replacement warranty on sealed-in mechanism and 5 year insurance policy against food spoilagti with every Amana Home Freezer!'Come in and see Amana Model 50 Home-Freezer today! . ifW^tfBREsVf* 118 No. Thorington Phone 308 Algona for Spring! tj — -• — —,/ *-» j *..».», «**V* AYJ.I Ot Reinhold pstwald, Mr. and Mrs. Archie Voigt and son jumes, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur^Heidenwith, and Mr. and Mrs. Milton Espe and son Brian, ahd Mr. and Mrs. Lorenz Hansen, all of Whitten^?re, 500 was plaved, Archie V$fet and Jeane Weinhdld, high,;?K;inhold Ostwald andl Ida KuaSKer, low, Rosella Voigt, Mi's. GeW|d Ollom and Mrs. Milton EsprfKpre hostesses and served a verjfe t d"licious lunch. The honored coutjlc received many pretty presents, Father Succumbs « R. L. Richardson left Tuesday evening for Sioux Falls, S.'D,, to be with, his mother Mrs. i A. M. Richardson, as his father had passed away the same afternoon. Mr. Richardson being tlie only child of the family and had visit- .ed his father the preceding weekend. His condition following an operation, did not seem ' grave^ but with complications setting in he became worse an'd did not rally from his illness. Frank l£ock of W<5st Bend,' assisted .with"-' this week's edition of the Champion. Station Agent Leaves Lowell Schuck who'has for the past seven months s%v'&cFShere with the Milwaukee road, as station agent, left Thursday for Rapid City, S. D., where he will have charge of the station there. Mr. Schuck will be missed here'as he has made 'many friends during his stay. J. M. Millai'd' Of 'Mason City took /over. Mr. Schuck's vacancy for several weeks until a permanent agent can be found. Honor Miss Maahs A miscellanious shower was held Sunday afternoon in the auditorium of the Lutheran school in honor of Kathleen Maahs, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Maahs. Miss Maahs will be married March 31 -to Wilfred Gade, son of Mr. and Mrs. Werner Gade. Over 200 attended and the bride-to-be received many useful presents. The afternoon was spent playin'g cards and bunco. And after the unwrapping of the present a delicious' liCbcb' was served. ",, • r ra The members of the confirmation class of St. Paul's Lutheran ,- church answered their questions Sunday morning in the local church, being instructed by the Rev. Paul G. Weinhold 1 .'-Confirmation -will take plaoeitpn Palm Sunday in the mornmg service. The class consists of RuSsslfc Barber, Henry Lauck; JoHi Leinenger, Marvin Struecker m EJlaine Maahs, Marilyn Maahs, LaBerta and Leola Ostwald',-' -'Barnard Wichtendahl and Marilyn* Ostwald. Bod6: The Legion Auxiliary met at the church recently t with the following -hostesses: Miss Hilda Harris. Mrs, Thelma Rolland. -Mrs. Gladys Rolland. Mrs. Henrietta Nasby, Mrs. Clarice Torgerson,- and President Baiv bara Helmen presided, Mrs. Rdl- Iftnd serving as • secretary in the absence of Mrs. Lillian Rossing It was decided to have a birthday party for thr. Legion boys, date to be decided later. The entertainment commitlpe will be Clarice Torgerson, Delia Neal, Laila M^eiland, and Barbara Helmen; the serving committee, Etta Saathoff, 'Emma Bi'attland, Betty OlEfon, Albla Carlson, Selma Ophdm. Leona Prison, The Auxiliary voted to buy 200 more poppies this year. There were, 31 members present, and there are now 92 members altobether. The afternoon was spent at sewing carpet rags, and me hostesses can led out a St. Patrick color scheme' at lunch. Attends Traces School Robert Barker, attending a trade school in Chicago which specializes in refrigeration, returned to Chicago after-a few days with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Barber. Patient ajt Hospital Mrs. Maggie Monson is still a surgical patient at the Lutheran lospital, Fort Dodge, where she recently had a-serious .operation. Eastman Seriously Sick Fred Eastman' was lately taken suddenly ill in his with what at first ,was thought to be a heart attack, and was taken to supper ""'"'"'"" A»'-'." Plans / Legion Party Lutheran Dodge. -Where- he ^wapt',,op,eraiea on, At last reports he ,wts iir very serious condition. Girls Defeat Men The high school girls' »«.,,»..ball team and a team, frond Hhd Community club, forme* high school players, lately met in the school gymnasium for /i g'ame before a capacity crowd whic*h was highly amusing. At the close the score was 31-20 in favbr of the girls. Farewell Cbffee Pafty Mrs. Oscar Sween and Mrs, Sam Thorsland entertained J4 women at a coffee party Friday afternoon in honor of Mrs, L. M. Olson and Miss Esther Opheim, who are leaving town for the Olson farm. Girls' Birthday Feted Mr. and Mrs. Carl Opheim entertained a group of their- daughter Barbara's playmates Monday after school in honor of Barbara's ninth birthday.' C?a'mes and other amusements were -followed by birthday cake and ice creaml The Rev. T. F. Gullixsen, St. Paul, and Attorney B. C. Berge, Garner, were recent guests of Mrs. T. H. Berge. The next meeting of thc.De lana Dcers boys' 4-H club will be hold in ,/tha dwell Monday night, March 1, Har'- lan Berge and Howard Hemtno- stad arc co-leaders of the group. Students recently home between terms at the State Teachers college were Earl Opheim Dick Opheim, and Geraldihe an" Alvm Rolland. Buys New Bull. Jesse Harms of Burt, la., ..„„ rcepiitly purchased the registered Brown Swiss bull Pedro's Boy Leader No. 85403 from J. J Shaipness of Thompson, la., according to a report from Fred S Idtse, secretary of the Brown Smiss Cattle Breeders' associa- tom, Bcldit,' Wis. , . A little Va-tro-nol In each nostril quickly opens up nasal passages to relieve stuffy transient congestion. Invites restful sleep. Relieves sniffly, sneezy distress of head colds. Follow directions in the package. Try it! The Legion Stag regularly schedul- ed for Wednesday, March 17th, will be postponed. AUNT HET BY ROBERT GUILLEN "Helen ihinks she's a friend. But when she offered lo gei thai hear! medicine for me, she got back with it six hours later and made no .-excuse." Noise is fina at basketball games, but too much of it takes all the pleasure out of driving. Let the KOSSUTH MOTOR quiet your car to a whisper — and give it .a thorough lubrication, too. KOSSUTH MOTOR CO. belied , pallfp'l START WITH POULTRATE/ KOCNICBWU KOENI6 CANS f BUTTLES id#te £COMOM StzeQVAKTCAN Century Distributing Co. 692 Twelfth St. S.E. Mason City, Iowa , t ^ C9H9cnlr»tcU for njixing with'boine'rflins; lit furniel'ss 1 an abundant* low fos| sonrcg of yHaniins.'jnjnenrts ,- and ,b»Janped protein?' ,',v , >t|iq «-'!|insnts chicks must have for a « . A»-pW(!k8 grow oldey, a sjiglit cliange'jn the formwU, enables you t« 4 nih thq finest 'growing -«nd,' laying roasbe? money ^n Jfc' 11*., H I; r W>itffmg nd sppMjidtag Mk.H V That's a promise we made you * • . i when government controls' were I '. v relaxed and everyone became eligible to buy a new,car. * rt * I i uuc the ideals that inspired those regulatory" controls are j> no less applicable today . . . it's equally important today, as it 'was then, to serve the best interests of the community. We intend' >7 ' that our continued service will adhere, in the highest degree, to the ethical standards and fair practices of our industry. ** *i ' * i ' "* » -We believe,'as-dp other factory-appointed authorized new car dealers,' 1 ' » „* » i ' that these high standards constitute the soundest cf n •'**,. ' " business principles. We* believe that your best guarantee " ', " of SAFETV is to<;(Jrive a SAFE car-protect your?elf by having yourj?l'r:ni§cjianically. checked, today I T -^- ' ~ * "* *~ t w JO! "T" .-y - rt' £~ Spring is just around the corner. Prepare now to get that' Bottle Gas range, refrigerator or automatic water heater/ installed with All-Gas and remember: , . ., / •, ' 1. When you buy an All-Gas installation you OWN it. '•";• 2. All-Gas prices are always competitive. ' : . . 3. All gas installation equipment is 'approved by the Underwriters Laboratories. ^" ,]' " i 4. All-Gas is supplied by one of the, newest, largest and equipped refineries in the world. * if t ,5. All-Gas Servicemen are trained by factory representatives! of various gas equipment manufacturers to service any kind or make of Gas equipment. • • ) " 6. All-Gas is your closest large Bottle Gas distributor with our plant here in Algona, giving added assurance of supply under eX- treme conditions . - - ,' ' i ,- - ' Your business solicited and appreciated by the following All-Gas dealers in this territory Liehty Hardware „__, %l,uVer,h'e, la, Schroder Hardware ,: , „„„ ,.__.,_Bwrt, fa, Fred Flaig______; _i. one J, C, Helm'HqVdwinreU ---__^__,,_ -,.— _iv_-_^ ^Crystal Andrew S, ilberts Hqrdworf j; 1, Ukeha Harare C!rop, And F0i : v' . . ,'*}••. >. .}*'< Al

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