The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 16, 1948 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 16, 1948
Page 7
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fpiffflie^ • « f,«A* ""~<,- "t* "''''*,» _ \ _ ,'"' trSBl "Notice how much belter they do when my-wife's in charge?" ' ' ./> W^ '* ' "Fishing folk" is becoming the order of the day here at rViesrter's. The, approach of spring is bringing fishermen into our sports -center by the dozens—to swap fish stories and look over the swell new tackle coming in. Wh'y not '• drop in and get the feel of the new rods and,reels? FRIESNER'S SPORTS CENTER _•* Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday,;March 16-17-18 \ He Set Their Love to Music!. Impassioned romance that soars on golden .wings of melody. .-. telling of a woman's strange', deception ... a man's unshakeable devotion! f -EVelyr • ' Evelyn Dau, daughter of ' Mr, ahd Mrs. William Dau, was given A' miscellaneous showefr, Sunday,- at, the Trinity LutHefan church. H6stesses tfere Mrs. John Drecsrtian, Mrs". L$ren Brown, Mrs. Regina Baas, and Mrs. Otto Ruhnke, Mrs. Elmer Ruhnke, ahd Lorna Runke, LottS Ci'eek. Ninety'guests were pi*es- enti Miss Dau is being mafHed soon to wilbcrt Ruhnke, Lotts- Creek. Lutheran Conference— A circuit, conference of. Luther•> an ministers was held last week Monday at the Trinity Lutheran chtfrch with the following Jn attendance. The Reverends and Mesdames L. Wittenberg,, of LU Verne; W. Wolfram, Ventura; O. Erbe, Minneapolis, Minn.; G, KujJke, • Garner; F.' Weigert, Burt; W, Freidrich, Fenton; Irvin Weinholdt, Whittemore; and A. Otto, Lotie Rock. Bridge Club Hostess— Mrs. Leighton Misbach entertained the members of her bridge club Thursday evening. The high score prize was &6n "by Mrs. Craig Smith and the second high score prize went to.-Mrs. Bob McCullough. Sewing Club Meets — • Mrs. .John Thompson was hostess to her sewirtg club, Friday afternoon. At Family Dinner- Mr. t and Mrs. Herman -Lindeman went to Humboldt, Sunday, to attend a family dinner given at the Henry Lindeman's in celebration of the 88th birthday of M. Lindeman, and • Henry; of Herman Baptist Circles— The Woman's circles of the Baptist church .will,.meet.Thurs- day afternoon, March 18, as follows: 1, Mrs. Da'rryl Sparks, assisted by Mrs. Merle Cooper, devotions by Mrs. C. H. Taylor; 2, potluck lunch at the church, devotions by Mrs. Bessie Waddell; 3, Mrs. Paul Richardson,, assisted by Mrs. Chet Cook; devotions by Mrs. Delmont ,Crail; 4, Mrs. 'E. , Richardson, -assisted" by Mrs. larence Priebe, who will also giver devotions.'', Mrs. Helberg Hostess— \ Mrs. Esther Helberg entertained the "Eight Specks" card - club Wednesday evening. The high icpre prizes were won by Mrs Milton Dahl and Mrs. Clara Pratt. Plan Gift Program— ' A Woman's Gift program wil "-;b'e held Thursday afternoon, Mar "18, at 2:30 for the woman's -asso"-" 'sociation members of^ttte^Coh- gregatJonal church. Dr. John Scott (sivertori of Grianell will bet guest speaker. Mrs. August-Sla- ble- has charge of. program, ar~ ^angements. DANA 1MERLE V ' ETHEL ANDREWS • OBERON • BAIIRYMORE A JOHN CROMWELL PRODUCTION 4M HOAGY •' Produced by HARRIET PARSONS * concino byUITH?I£VCNS ' Perlormed by ARTUR, RUBINSTEIN »nd THE NEW VOftK PUIIHARMONIC SYMPHON I ORCHISTRA sC»nducl|J by CUCEI .DIiKlM by JOHN CKOMWCU • SctMn Pli) b| Funk f«n Jon lod Clrt |rvi»l" * ' ' . Added—Caftoon Flip Flop—News. \ ^ Friday - Saturday, March 19-20 »'«' Kt V Congregaiional Forum The Men's Forum of the Congregational church will meet for dinner Wednesday evening at the Congregational church. Dr. John Scott Everton of Grinnell will give a talk. -Idle Hour Bridge Club— . The "Idle Hour" bridge club met with Mrs. S, B. French on Wednesday afternoon,, at which time Mrs. French's birthday was observed. Merry Mixers Meet— ' The'Mery Mixers Sewing club was entertaine_d by Mrs^fJohn Thompson, Friday afternoon. 4 ' Spwing Club Hostess— , Mrs. Leo Immerfall entertained the members of her sewing club,. Tuesday .afternoon. 'Presbyterian Circle— !The AVoman's Council of.' the Presbyterian church wift. meet Thursday, -March 18, for a one o'clock\ luncheon, which ^vill, be served by Circle A, of which Mrs. C. B, Murtagh is chairman. Announcement To Kossuth j» Car Owners,., . .it» -MARIA PALMER r JOHN ABBOTT • FRITZ UIBER' HOWtAND CHAMBE ""Basid on a 5toy by fla/i* PiodiS to MICH4H GORDON SpiiQiftl. pigige i, _.•—.^,. 1 ,^,., ^_,,^,j ."fttJjx The Fox"?«|Jf v Wf/\ ^> t^- $M* • , f * | 3 H" B NBi.^ ; y F^i? Nop -- : } j> > ^» l V F >' '•'"' v ' ^ftiromvm- "*'* ,v , '<; f %t ". Of Qwr Service Dept Tf" J. "^ U „. ,' ^ * ^ T «• -<.'-, f J*5 * "/ % I ' * s -i i ~?t -.«? r i (•• , /. ' t -N* 1 ' * ^''V- %V ^ fet-, il •? W *i*, -JB- /"f^Vi^^' 1 *-*^i f^JrrT^ *«, The Beta Sigma Phi sorority met Wednesday evcnifig , at thdi club rooms. Interesting talKs were given by Mrs, Afdis Win and Mrs, Jean Miner. MeW Mariners Club— A group oi! members • of the Presbyterian Mariners club weftt to Rirtgsted Friday evening to assist in launching a >dub thefe in the Presbyterian church. This was preceded by a pot-luck sup* per. In attendance from here were Messrs, and Mesdames Don Weaver, Ernest' Egel, Wilbur menders, Keith Strayer, 'Alwin Huenhold, and the Rev. ahd Mrs. Gilbert Kuyper; W. S, C. S.. Circles— The W. S. C. S. Circles of the Methodist church will meet Thursday afternoon, March 18, as follows: 1, Mrs. W. G. Curtis; 2, Mrs. B. A. Thorpe; 3, Mrs. D. S. Hutchisc-n; 4, Mrs. John Mc^ O-'ire; fi. Mrs. Fred Will: 7, Mrs, Ov.'cn Hurt; 8, Mrs, D. A. -Barnar<?: 9, Mrs. Harvey Stevens; 10, at ihe church, See Moving Picture^— A pot-luck supper for members of the Methodist church was held Thursday evening. Following the dinner D, F; Steele showed films on "America Sings", "Three Little Bears", for the juveniles and "India", a film showing conditions there, missionary work and. general interest angles. LOCALS Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kent Sr." returned recently from a sojourn of several weeks at Fort Lauderdale, Fla, E. J. Loebig went to Mason City, Friday, to bring home his" mother-in-law, Mrs. Katherine Hanson, who had been at the Park hospital the past five weeks with pneumonia. r Mf. attd Mrs. HerfMft M«ftH9 ft|'d as visitor Wednesday, John Maahs, brother of Herman, of Emmctsburg. • Jimmy Loebig s6n of'M#. , Mfs. E J. Lotbig, has been having chicken pox. He is enrolled at the academy. Mrs. Myrlle Hayne returned to, her home at Webster City, Thursday, iollowing a visit here iwith Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Lehman and Various relatives. Grace Scott, §randdaU9htef of MtV and Mrs. C, J. McDanel, returned last week Saturday from a Deck's vacation at Bertrtim, Minn., with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Scott. Mrs. Ralph Campbell of Sen' eca ramc' Saturday to visit her mother, MJ-S. Alice Duryea and sister, Mrs. Elmer Dye. Sunday the lhic><< wt.nt to Fort Dodge to visit smother daughter Of Mrs. Durycn Mildred and Margaret Willey, twin daughters of Mr. and Mrs. .Chester Willey, were out of school last wflek with chicken pox. The older daughter Shirley was home with pink ej^e, but all returned to the academy on Monday. Mrs. Bruce- Bob went McCulloUgh and to Correctionville last week Friday and remained till Thursday with her • parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Michael- soft. Mrs. Michaelson returned with Mrs. McCulloUgh . but remained for only a brief time. Mrs. W. V. Kempley, presby- ~ of the Presby- went to IJort ter ia I president •tefian church, Dodge last week Tuesday to g'ive a talk before the Guilds of the Presbyterian church. Her subject was "sharing." The organization is composed of young women members of the church. iFrank Bulierfield has returned from Cainsville, ' Mo., where he had been since October with his daughter and son-in-law, "•> Mr. arid Mrs. Carl Weiner. After a visit at daughter Bancroft with and son-in-law his he will come here to be with another daughter and son-.inrlaw, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lewis, with Whom he spends mosit of his time. Oswald tattle* attended Jtie; final rites at Port Dodge Tuesday morning for an aunt, MaryvMaiS tin, 88. ' Earl Miller was dfliled to Omaha, Neb., last week Tuesday by the serious sickness of • his father, Proctor Miller, who is a patient at the Methodist hospital Claire Laird cafrte/ from - Des Mxjines Wednesday for a brief visit with his mother, Mrs, Ella Laird, and sister Mrs. Ethel Chubb. While here he also transacted some business. Jupniia Kelsp, who has been, in nurses training at Davenport,' went to St. Louis, Mo., Monday for three months of training at a psychiatric hospital. She is a; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Kelso. Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Holt and; Mrs. Leonard Peterson spent Thursday at Fort Dodge. They- also/called on Mfs. Lawrence Winkel at Mercy hospital, where she had surgery recently for the removal of gallstones. She is recovering nicely, Mr. and Mrs. William Ludwig,; Darrel and Arlen, spent last, 'week Sunday at West Bend with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Ludwig. Arleen had, been having .the flu but was recovered sufficiently to return to school this mid-week. Mr. antl Mrs. Gale Stock well; and their daughter and son-in- law, Mr. and tyTrs. Fred Lassohn spent last weekend at Ruthven; with Mr, and Mrs. Henry Nelson, another daughter and son-in-law of the Stockwells. Mrs. Lassahn remained till Wednesday. v Janet, 10-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs.', Swan Lundh, had recovered from chicken pox but it was followed by a reaction that made it necessary for her to stay out of school awhile. She returned to school Monday, since she has been feeling considerably improved. Mr. and Mrs. W. E; McGrew and Susie, accompanied by the la tier's., sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Don Weise, Judy and Wayne, spent the .weekend at Van Home, where they visited Mrs. Emma Engelking, mother of the women, and Mrs. Mary Weise, mother,of Don. gives you the V- Coat Story bring Here's ihe Long and the Short of the- New Spril>9< Cpat.sijihouetjes , , , ** You'll loye.the sh^MI^-nH^bers, either wrapped. or flare^,, ,/, YpH'H wear them- with full, sr.pepeii. skirts ,', « the full and flareeLpfilp'W^iyaipM Unes, aU smart, f}a«tiw?« a|&>YPu'}l find them all in ur very s very forth* . which: js already s ' •& > c j &>&&.*> JSASfcK $ 1 presents Algona High School 64 PIECE PROGRAM March of the Majorettes ______ „ ___ .. C?eeh Rhapsody- _ _ _ _______ Weift fcrerge t Tea for Two ------ ^ ____________ Youmem* , ' Trombone _______________ .-Fillmore Pasadena Day- ________________ Vessel la. Badinage For Brasses ______ ___ ___ Walters Peg o'/My Hearti _______________ i.Fiskef Boogie Wopgie Band _____________ Bennett' Instrumentalist- --------------- Skornicka V t Admission: Adults 50c— Students 9c Season Tickets Good • \ Algona High School Auditorium: Sunday, March 21, 3 PI PAINT From Marsha IllWells Complete Stock Paints, Brushes and Painting Supplies Zfenith Wall Tone,, Qt.$3,29; Zenith House Paint^-Qt. $1.50-Gal. $5.25 ! .Zenith Fldt WalL -Qt. $1.00-Gal. $3.25 Machinery,Painti____Qt. $l.$0-Gal. $5',00, * *"** Aluminum,Paint.,-^_~,I_ . Gal. $5,25 lf Quick-Drying, i• *' , Enamel ^llPj. 85c^Qt. $.1.45-GaL $5,50 Zenith Easy-Coat-: Qt; $l;35T-Gal; $,4,50 Zenith Gloss Coat—-IQl.^J.^Gal, $5,25 _-i_J ,_-,^^ Qt. $1,40 , ' i ,, ~ ' ' T Zenith^ t, $1 ,( rjta^Raint 7 ,,„ J-J w - - r - ™Qi,; $ J,,{J9 jen liiameU^^—^ Tr ^^,^Qt; 9Q| ^Veirnjslu, 7 ^,-^_;,^^Qf t 4 i& ^ - -i « 4i « *^ Rti i4?,d^Qk81« -\v>, v*" f/ -> t "• •""' <S '* 1 5%?%''™ ivofc ^ ^ „» ,t, ^ ^Qfi:4§c^OQD$ J|9| ••« •* n «f i •• ,' • i j i-. r ... i .'•• ii « 3 '>*< It's Time to ? t * Blush - y? VW-i rjwpr*

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