The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 16, 1948 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 16, 1948
Page 4
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4-AlflOhd Uppec D*s Mdlti«« Tuesday, Mdrch 16,1946 JM l_£ik 111 JM ,_. A WlLrl M a JM JUP. ¥ !-, ' Mrs. L. C. Nichols and Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Elbert spent a day •fit Mason City last week with friends. Susan Pruyn, Litile granddaughter of Mrs. E. J. Murtagh, had been spending several days hero and Friday, her father F. H. Pruyn of Des Moines, came to take her home. The Pruyns re- .cently became parents of their Sec6nd' child, a daughter whom they have named Polly. Mr. and Mfs. Francis Livingston spent the weekend \vith friends at Omaha, Reb. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Jensen returned from Sioux City for the weekend but went there again Monday to be xvith Mrs. C. C. The Rev. and Mrs. Emil Benzon returned Wednesday from St. Peter, Minn., where they spent a few days with their daughter anH son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Reynold Anderson. .Your Child Would Have Everything, You Said How many were the plans you made for that child of yours when the proud news of his arrival cams lo you overseas! He's to go io college, he's to have a home io be proud of, he's io see ihe world i:ie RIGHT WAV. And now ihai you're back, now ihai he's growing up, it's time lo siari a savings account in his name—or jointly with one of his parenls—ihen add io it regularly. Savings are insured io $5,000. Algona Federal Savings and Loan Association Since 1917 Home Loans for AH Purposes Kitchen Cabinets Made to Order TO FIT YOUR KITCHEN Ask Us For Free Plans and Estimates J - Cabinet Making Shops No. Lantry Street Phone 166 STORAGE BATTERIES GIVE LONGER AND BETTER SERVICf SECURELY FUSED POSTS For greater st.-cnglh and to prevent any possibility of leakage. SUPPORTED CELL COVERS Firmly resiing on heavy 'ledge to give support to plates j r o m above. THICK, HEAVY PLATES Constructed ol superior material to meet COAST- T O • C O A S T STORES rigid specifications. FULL SIZED CASES Leakproof and acidprool. PUnty pi room for chemical action—moro power. INSPECTED AND TESTED By experts with up to date testing equipment be. lor» they leave lh« factory. 45 PLATE FULLY GUARANTEED Quick starting, longer life. Built to withstand rug ged weather. • More Miles To A Gallon • Quieter, Easier Starting • A Peppier Motor 95 with 24-month Guarantee L QWNfP CQ 'BLOOM. Owner Sr NATIONALLY *< OR$ANIZEP KELLY JOHNSON. Mgr. Mr. and Mrs., fearl lcl So« -Milter, b! been sick, with >mumps the past two weeks. ;• , ,, • \ ' Mr. and Mrs. C. W, Mofck spent last week Monday and Tuesday at Des Moines, the former attending a business convention, the Blatter Visiting her sister ahd brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Peterson. Fowler, mother of Mrs. Jensen, and assist in establishing her in her homo following a few weeks at a hospital from a fall in which she suffered a broken leg. " A housekeeper has be x en employed to remain with Mrs. Fowler till she has completely recovered. Mr. and Mrs. George Larson and the former's mother, Mrs. Hattie Larson, had as~guests Friday Mrs. Clarence Calligan Und her daughter-in-law Mrs. ! Bob Calligan of PocahontaS. The senior Mrs. Calligan is a daughter of Mrs. Hattie Larson. Harry McCorkle Jr. and Richard Mathes have reached Camp" Stoneman, Calif., having been in service in Korea,- and are expected home soon. Richard reached the states somewhat ahead of Harry and upon his release will visit relatives at Glendale, and will await the arrival of Harry so they can make the trip home together. They entered service at the same time. Ray McCorkle of Austin, Minn., spent from Tuesday till Friday here on business and visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs.-E. B. McCorkle, and brother and sister-in-law, Dr. and Mrs. Harry McCorkle. Cecil McGinnis went 16 Rochester, Minn., Thursday to go through the clinic. Mrs. McGinnis went there Monday to be with him a few days. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Misbach went to Fort Dodge. Sunday, to see their little son Joseph John, who has been kept at a hospital there since his birth a few weeks ago. He is gaining and will soon ''"'a,- 4 ^ Members b! Ihe 1« club went Id .„.„ evening and helped I .6tgdn1ie a similar club at-the FresbMerian church there. - " ' Mf* aad MM. were Sunday supper and • overnight guests at the ChWs Long home, } Alex Bottnsieitef, former Kossuth county representative,' was brought home from • Rochester Friday. He had been a patient there for two \weeks. Mr, and Mrs. Dohald"«Bfelsori and their daughter Rosemary of Lone Rock, artd >A(r. and Mrs. I. W. Nelson of'Algbna Were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harold jWelsort at Lone Rock. ,-y / Following aV-iwb weeks/stalemate in the* license business at the court clerk's office,there was on So. Mai-Ian st. feicen.ily' chased from Mrs. "delii Deaf * Mfs, Edith Miner Wiufned id .Clean" be brought home, possibly' in another week. Mrs. Agnes Walnem of Burlington has begun work as a nurses' aide at the Kossuth hospital. She will make her home With her- mother, Mrs. Hattie Larson. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Roelh- ler are moving to the Potter farm in Cresco township. Mrs. f Roethler is the former Delores Kollasch. Mrs. George Deitman came home March -10 from San Diego, Calif., where she had spent two months with her daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Byson. H. E. Morgan has recovered sufficiently from his recent heart attack to be up afternoons in a short time will be able to lengthen his time out of bed. Mrs. Clarence Morrall, accompanied by Mrs. Clara Sankey, spent a day recently at Ruthven, the former-with her father C. B. Miller, the latter with her daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs Verle Smith. Gene Clemeni came from Fayette, Friday," ami spent the weekend with ins mother and her husband, the Rev. and Mrs. John Clyde.' He is a' student at the Upper Iowa college and also does some music instructing. Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Pelley- mounter, their son and daughter- in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Pelleymounter and little son, and the latter's mother Mrs. Stella Barnes of Osage, were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Long. R. A. Pelleymounter is a brother of Mrs. Long. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Irelan had as guests Sunday their daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Middleton and the latter's. parents, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Middleton of Clarion. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Fuller have returned from a few weeks.visit with their daughter and son-in- law, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Coors at Los Angeles, Calif. They made the trip by train. Mrs. Hamlin Iverson and har sons John and Lowell have joined Mr. Iverson at Chicago, 111., after spending six months here with her mother, Mrs. Alma Nelson. Until recently it was impossible to obtain suitable living quarters in Chicago. Mr. Iverson is employed in the customs departmont. Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Paiton, daughter and son-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. L. J, Nelson, came Friday ^from Champaign, 111., where the former had recently completed a course in geology. He left Saturday for Denver, Colo., where he has accepted a position with a California firm. Eventually Mr. and Mrs. Patton will be located at Ringely, Colo., but till dwelling can be found Mrs. Patton will remain with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Morrall were dinner guests Sunday of their daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and 'Mrs. Harold LeVier, Fort Dodge, in celebration of the birthday of Mrs, LeVier, Mr. and Mrs. Jtferle Pratt became parents of a son, born last Friday night, who has been named John Howard. The newcomer weighed five pounds and three ounces. He has an older brother, Robert. Mrs. Merle Neilson of Spencer and Mrs. Gus^a Patterson were dinner guests last week Wednes- iay of Mrs. Alice Duryea. Mrs. Neilson, accompanied by Mrs. Patterson, went to Fort Dodge the following day to visit Charles Armstrong, Liverinpre, brother of Mrs. Neilson, who is a patient at Mercy hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Oswald Lallier lave had as guests Mrs. A. Van Dean and Mrs. Don PoL£ of Rochester, Ind., sisters of'' Mrs. ^allier, who came to attend the 'uneral. Wednesday, of their aunt, Mrs. George Kelch at Cor- ,yith. They had also spent some time at Superior and Esth,erville with their brothers Julius and Alfred Kelch respectively, and their families and with other relatives at Clarion and Wesley, before returning home, Sunday. i an upturn FrldSy^-Xvith' two licenses being' ifeued;^ 'they .were to Lawreneq. ? ,Wood <"', of ,Algona and Ilo Dillon ,of Bode;'"Molvm Riedel of Hurt and i Se"lma"Louise Behnkendorf bf LitVerne.'-- The Rev. Gilbert Kuyper spent Thursday and Friday at Sac City attending a ministers , institute. Other Kossuth Presbyterian pastors who went with him were the Rev. E. H. Buschman of Lakota, L. Kingma of Lone Rock and Arend Smith, Livermorc. Mr. and Mrs. Allen Slickers and Randy went to Grundy Center, Friday, whft-e they, spent the weekend with the -former's parents, Mr. and Mrs.V Albert Slickers. From there Mrs. Slickers and Randy went to Morrison, 111., to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Ardapple' and will remain till after Easter, when Mr. Slickers will; joiiv her and bring her home. ' • ,-, A note from "Gus" Peek, former well known Algona business man and for a -number of years Algona postmaster, now living at Medford, Ore., where his son is in business, says that he and his wife spent,a month or so in Min- neauolis this winter, where they visited Charley Johnson, a son of the late W. W. Johnson, pioneer Algona lumberman, and a "brother of Mrs. Peek. Charlie.- who is now • 88 years old, is in good health and active. The Peeks had intended visiting their many old friends in Algona, but were prevented by inclement weather. "Best regards to you and Mr. W. C. Dewel," Gus adds. Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Chrischilles have returned from a vacation of several weeks, which began at Chicago, 111. From there they San Diego and Manhattan Beach, Calif., to visit Mrs. Emma Dorian-and Bob Chrischil- .es, aunt and uncle oft Mr. Chris- chilles and Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Kranz, brother and sister-in-law of Mrs. Chrischilles. Amongvthe nany former well known Algon- ans living in Southern California, with whom they spent varied lengths of time, were Mr.'.and Mrs. R. H. Quinby, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Adams, Harry Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Adams, their- son and daughter-in-law, 'Mr. ,and work at the Modern „ ers last Week following.......— sence due to aft attack of flu. f' Bill Ddu Jr. was operated bri a! .the General hdsMtal last - Tuesday for appendicitis. He etfpeete to get home todffy or tomorrow (Wednesday), following a good recovery. Mrs. Lewis Gade, ihe forme* Elvera Schweppt* of. Algona, started work March 1 at credit bureau* in BellefloWer, Calif. She did similar Work in the Algona office. Mr. and Mrs. Gade went to California the 1 ffrsi week in 'January and they were fortunate in finding both an apartment and jobs. Lewis/who was employed at the Council Oak store here, is working at Belleflower in the accounting department at the Chrysler corporation. Harriet Vining, Mrs* Myrtle Vining and Mrs. Hattie Witham spent Saturday afternoon Visiting the latterts son and daughter-in-law, Mrr and Mrs. Roy Witham at Mason City. Harriet, employed at "the old age assistance office, has Saturday afternoons off. At ihe Presbyterian church on Easter Sunday there will be two identical services. One at 9 'a. m.. the other at 11 o'clock. Decision to have two Services was made Sunday because the church auditoriulii is small and it .was thought it could not accommo* date in one service all those attending that day. It's happened twice in the same family on the same dale but nine years apart. Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Don Guderian became parents of a son, David Eugene, born at the Kossuth hps- pital. He has a brother Lewis, whos" birthday also is on March 14.. They arc the only children Mrs. Verle Dr. and MAS., Lee Nugent, Mr. and Mrs. Charley Palmer and their daughter Mae, who since the death of her husband, makes her home with her parents. Mrs. Palmer has for some tims suffered with arthritis and has not been active for several years, though she used a wheel chair and is able to ride in a car. The daughter, Mrs. Ruth Sheppard, has lived in Hollywood with her parents a number of years. in the faniily. Mrs. Richard Norton returned home Sunday from the Kossuth hospital. The twin daughters Leslie Ann and Eva Lynne will '•emain at the hospital for awhile longer. Mrs. Norton's parents. Mr. anVl Mrs. Ned Downing, and her sister find brother-in-law and their son, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Crosby and William, all ' of Marshalltown, came for- the davit the Norton's and to see the new babies. Mrs. Crosby and William remained for this week. Mrs. Wm. Peterson, Mrs. Merle Larsen and Del Turner from. Titonka had business in Algona Friday . afternoon. Two weeks ago Mrs. Larson, her son Larry nnd Mrs. Neal Nelson of Burbank, Calif., brought their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Del Turner, vf ho had spent some time in California, to Titonka to the home of another daughter Mrs. Wm. Peterson. Monday. March • 15, they drove to Illinois to visit at the home of Doctor and Mrs. Roscoe Ralph. The latter is also a Turner daughter. The Turners jwill return to Titonka for an extended stay with the Petersons. Since retirement from : the farm south of Titonka they have made their home with their children.'ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES Published by the Upoer Des Moines Publishing Co. J..W. Haggard; R. B. Waller and C. S. Erlander. 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