The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 16, 1948 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 16, 1948
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ALGONA, IOWA, tUESDAV, MARCH 16, 1948 , •* cal police,'bf cburce, didn't , / it, but, two fellows who en* flaged in conversation i over ah early-morning cup' of < coffee some Wfieks brick, wbre.the ofies who wtfe' recently sentenced for theft rirsdy Jbeans ih Southwest Kos- slith county . ,» the two men had jUst- returned from trucking the stolen beans intp Missouri,,. the theft was not immediately dis- cdVeYed, but after l lt was,' Lewis E.^Poague and Orville Merchant- were apprehended. , '\ 4 / * * * ' From.Beloit, Wis., We find thai OUP last summeVs reporter 1 , Julian Chrischilles. is now sports editor of,/the' Beloi<i Couege, ''R~oiind Table", college 'newspaper . . . and it does not surprise us to,find on 'looking through the publication") that Julie"is 'engaged "ih a heated sports page argument with ah editor; from . Monmouth col- fWO SECTIONS-16 PAGES 8 Page Tabloid Rural Gravure VOL G. O.P. Picks StateDelegat^ 1, C. Hutchison Named * * * , Janitors at the state house,are said to be complaining that their .work has,more than doubled be- Ca^use of mud slinging between varioUs republican state officials and warring departments. '', * * * The'boys at Taylor Implement got;one of those chain letters the other day, and> of a different nature. Here it is: , , "This chain letter started in Reno to be sen: to tired business men. Unlike most, business letters, this one does 'not ask any money.. Simply ' bundle up your wife ^ and Send her to the fellow at the lop; of the list, acjding your 'name to the Jjoiiom.' When • .your name/comes to the iop ,YoU will, receive 16,170 women. Have faith? do not break the chain. • One man broke the chain and got his ; own wife back/' . tfn'tthe final cage contest, Saturday, at Laurens,' between 'For• est cCity'and .Sioux rCe'nte'r, four Fordst City. 1 players wei'e?'fouled put, in the final quarter;. . , For 1 k cst City, fans are" reported'as'hav-' i(igl'cohsidera,blc*to.say,^boutahe *-.E™iii!jdli; j&«ife,«£-,,*Y,rA'TC_->-~l.-i",'.,.. M««i6f^flciais'"t4{i, : tp r (*g 1 -l,y,.;^hd; > Ab Lauijitzen 'tells us that unless>new blood is brought 4iito' the< officii atihg; bUsiness, thqre may not Be enfcugh, 'officials- to. "go around next season.' . jT'f' * * * Now that football has become a sissy'game and basketball takes its^'place, it is time some construc- tive'changes were made—one fellow.* .suggests customers. shooting the cash -< If ( you think the Anti-Mac- ArtKur movement is a distant-' thing,"you're mistaken .' . .' only by : laws .which prevent the organization from ey ' pressing -any political senii- ' ment, kept a local 'veterans' group from going on record in opposition •. to MacArlhur recently .•. . and Pacific veterans are/scarce who stand . up and cheer for Douglas. , * *. *' < 'After a talk on how to instruct voters, so 'they do n°t spoil ballots, at the recent county republican convention, the group ballot- ed'on nominees, for county office! , ,',,you guessed it; there was a spoiled ballot, voted- fpr two people for one office, on the same ballot. ( % * t * • We called .out our scouts to ' Check on these rumors about reservists being notified " to stand' by for duty ,\ ,- to be ready to leave' in, 24, hours .,. to do this and thai..'. there ain't nothing Jo It, folks . , , not a single member of the army, n^vy or marine reserve, wjth whom we talked has/re. ceived anything of ijris nature. No Resolutions, Adopted At Friday Conclave I Delegates to the county repu»- lican convention Friday morning looked the national situation over and came >to the conclusipn that resolutions-about the'.stfttp of affairs in th'^ nation would> be entirely superfluous. >T. C. Hutchison ^ w as elected county chairman on a,, vote of the convention. H. B. White, who has re-entere'd the' army, was •named chairman two years ago,', but since he left the county i,.e office has been vacant, My. Hutchison will serve until; the convention next June. Delegates to the 'state* convention, April 2, were. instructed to present -the. name of : Mrs.. Mary Woodward, Whittemore f| ias a candidate for delegate to, the na,tion- al convention in Philpdelphia. •Duane * Dewel was named as chairman of' the county delegation to the state convention. The list of delegates named is as follows: * T. C.' Hutchison, Algpna.. Mrs. Mary Woouwai'd, Wnitte- more * [ Charles Patterson,* Algona J. A. Nelson, LuVerne Mrs. Nell Potter, 'Algona Ed. Hof, LuVerne G. J. F. Vogel, Biirt* George-W.'Patterson, Burt 'W. B.'Officer, Burt./-' A./A.-Schipull^ LuVerne. •--<-*- y Misbach^ Algona ^ Jay Cees Elect New Officers ',•. SEVEN OF NINETnew officers elected last Wednesday evening by the Algona Junior Chamber of Commerce are pictured above. ' In Ihe front row, left to right, are Jack Chrischilles, first vice president? Ted Chrischilles. president; and John Ferguson, secretary.' ' •,' In the back row are Bob LaBarre, Jerry Allen, Allen Buchanan and Bill' Thomas, named as directors. Not in the picture are Murray Mowers, second vice president, and R. C, Dewel, a new director. (Algona Newspapers' Flashfoto.) , , ip^Wandef/iEen't'onf K '.'"• ffi.,0. 'Chambers,' Cor.wlthiV • -MyVon -Johnson, Swea City ' Ray, Smith, Swea'jGity ' Mrs. W. E. Ley, Lakoja, • - Evan Carmeai;, jdancr v olt, Mrs. Martin Becker, Buvt Mrs. Luella Bdker; Algona, ' Mrs. Albert Jo»nosn, Gorwith Alternates to the convention' named are: Howard French,' Ti^ tonka; Henry Meyer, LuVerne; Jergen-Skow, Wesleyj/Hugh Ra ; ney, Algona; Donald; Patterson; Burt;, Orville Thorespn, ' Swea City; L. W. Nitchals, A-)gpna. March Sets Niew Weather Records March set two new, weather records, last week, according to Harry Nolte,- 'official Algona weatherman. J" , March 10 had .the, coldest daytime, temperature this ' winter, and March 11 had, thpr-cpldest ;emperature of the winter^ and owest ever recorded here, for the month of. March. The week's weather; Algona Firm's Ad Makes A Round Trip To Holland Eddie's r Flower Shop here believes 'they have established a new all-tjme record for the dis- tance'covered'by-'a single ad. It all began last fall, when the flower shop advertised tulip bulbs., In the, a(3 was a reprint of';a'letter'from a firm* in Holland ll whiplv! ) s i b.ld"$he Jiulbs.' the, next tWn'g,-yhaj;f.happened was -that; a Lucerne*rwpman -clip' pe'dfoufr £ NerPaspW Ramsey Church Army Veteran Date High Low March '9 ........ _______ -12 • -1 March 10 .......... „.-,- 1 -10 MaVch' 11 - ........ ----- 8 • -20 March 12 ........... —29^" -9 March 13 .............. 38 ' 2 March 14 -../.„ ...... .-43," 22 March '15 '„„...-.,-„.—- 38 27 After* the severe qold; snap, temperatures this week moderated,* and the outlook w.a,s for ris ing temperature? snow, = ., with, raw 'or A. LV Brown j\Wto« Rotary Electiiow , A.,' t. Brown,' ,p;ofsutji- county extensipn ,directpr, was named 1 as —,.,-_.. ^ ^ he ^}g 0na Rotary Mon- day^nppn, at "the 1 ^Igpjwr hotel Rev, A. Roskamp New pastor at 'the Ramsey Reformed church, '.Titonka, • is the Rev. A. Roskajnp, pictjured here, ' ' 'Rev. Roskamp , born raised 'in WrighJ 'county, Kanawha, and near , received his education in' Iowa,* Michigan , and Prinqeton, N. r J.,- with 1 a final year •in Philadelphia.,, ^. " During his tjieq logical career three »chM'rche.s in' Can- . ada,- one in Hopewell, Npva Sco- ' ' ' O n e '» n thfetthird and to the tulip firm, with a request that the firm procure twp cycles and see / if the bikes could be taken over the border into Germany to. relatives who badly needed a means of transportation—probably out of Germany. A Surprise Visit ., The firm, B,aartman'& Kohing, Sasse.nheim,('.THoUand,'rwas, 1t unabie. t$, take" qarp, qff,tfa«f, fecTe^nltf ter, 'atitf/cto* strict regulations, T in : the occupied' zone, but they did go for the ad in a. big Way. 'Last week, one' 'Peter Barnhoorn, member of the firm, walked in on Ed Ostrum and his wife Lucille, and introduced himself. He recalled th§ ad and then to the consternation of the local folks, pulled the ad out of his pocket; He said the ad had been making the rounds in Holland annong tulip growers, and was a choice exhibit at a meeting of the 50 foremost tulip v bulb exporters of Holland. Round Trip' for Ad In this country, Mr. Barnhoorn is visiting a number of retail outlets for his firm, and using the ad as a sample of what can be done in aiding the sale of tulip bulbs. Thus the flower shop ad has made a trip from'Kossuth county to Holland and return, and is still going. Barnhoprn was on his way to Denver to a 'meeting of tulip aulb retailers, but he just haa :o stop off in> Algona and meet Eddie ^nd tell him all about the effects of his ad, run last August. To Pick Queen, Popular Ballot Attendants City Buys New Street Sweeper Algona's city council purchased a new 'street sweep'er, at a semi - monthly meeting, last Thursday evening, - The new ve- licle, which is said, to be one In 1943 he entered the V, s. army as a.chaplain,, and.returned Dep, 39,'J945, regejving, his di ™ ' " ' served as Reformed that will not raise dust, will cost slightly less than $5,000. At the same ^time purchase of car was au- Kent Motor P, , The new vehicle will cost il,622,99 *and a trade-in .lowed for $1,522.99. .. •Albert, Sask, [ The single bid on construction new city police ;hori?ed from the Professional Entertainers Will Perform Seven candidates, Were"-nomin- atc-d, last week, as Queen of the 1948 Algona Charitv Ball, to be heM Tuesday, March 30..Nomination blanks were carried in the Algona papers, last Week; t The nominees, in order of arrival of nomination blanks: Beverly Wilhelrhi. JoAnne Balgeman Margaret Rooney Joan J. Crawford Mary Alice Fox Pit-Pollard' Georgia Gerhart The Queen will ,be elected bv popular ballot. All voters have to do is clip the coupon found on this page, todav, and mail it to Charity Ball Queen committee. Algona, Iowa. There will also be a ballot in Thursday's paper. To Get Formal, Shoes All votes must be received bv next Monday morning, March 22, which means that they mailed not later than Saturday pf this week. The girl elected Queen will be amoly rewarded. | She will receive her formal, fmd her slippers. The next four high girls in the vote total will He the Queen's attendants, and they will receive corsages. * Mel Griffin, general chairman of the Charity Ball, announced Monday in response to numerous inquiries, that formal attire will not be necessary for those attending as patrons, however. the meantime, Billy Barry f < |Qanpb chalrhljanj 'was con- itingVlpoali p'ers6hs r wiih-TegaW f * 'contributions. There are no Jckets sold to the event. Donations, however, are welcome. •> Special Program Numbers Harry Greenberg, , program hairman, also announced that hrec special numbers will be u^csented as the evening's program, in addition to dancing to he harmonic strains of Al Men- •ce's orchestra. Nicki Feori, personality singer, will present a number of vocal selections. - She is known as the "Flirtation Singer", and has appeared with several name bands and has entertained in a number of middle west and west coast nhrty clubs. Carl Thorson, the jesting juggler, who loured with U. S. O. amp shows for two years in the Ball Queei C. ofC. Banquets Thursday Navy Chaplain -3 To Show Films From So. Pole Rev. Wm. J. Menster To Build Co-op. Apartment If Eight Families Willing A working,. proposal for construction of , a multiple .apartment 'dwelling' in ''Algona, , .-with eight ap Saturday chaii'm'an^of the'housing 'commit- presentee y-VtVE:" Kfesensky 1 £ ill _ 1_ «.?•.! _ .niT »_~LA_L i—. i L. Pacific, is a second Both he and Miss entertainer. Feori will come here from Des Moines. Third program number will be that of the complete Bel Canto chorus. Dr. C. C.. Shierk .will act QO master of ceremonies, and states that he entertained numbers will be presented at 9 a. m. the night of the ball, with the dancing to follow. Committee-Heads Other members of the general committee are as follows: Music—Wm. Steele. Queen Contest—Al Buchanan. Decorations — Jack Chrischil- les, Distinguished Guests—C, B, Murta»?h and D, E, Dewel, Publicity—R. B. Waller, Reception—Mr, and Mrs". Chet Kurt?, Mr. and Mrs, Joseph Lynch, Mr, and Mrs. Fred Shilts, Dr, and Mrs. R. K, Richardson, Ros§ Lampe, Mr, and Mrs. Ray Beamish, Mr. and Mrs. Lejghton Misbach, and Mr, and Mrs, Dick Post. Iowa, for the pas. ,„,. -Rey, Roskamp has, a ftye boys a_nd W<M"M,,, r ,, . js ,npw m the, «rn$>rviof i work for the Algonp airport was rejected last week, as being considerably higher than can be accepted, t^e ppunejl was informed the airport pomirn'ssjpn, A new call for- bids, is 4Q be- made, . for purchase of the pity- owne4 hQme\ en. North Ridgeley pt. were, alsq rejected, There were twp bidders, .' The house is adjacent to the pity-qwried light and Big Banket ,?&^H« w ,F e J 5 !§?J 7 P rese f* ** ' j'^'j" """T 51 , W7 r "(f e; ?r TT L "** t " y « T^^M^ 1 """ 8n4 djrecfqrs, banquet which Lawyers Relax! March 15 Past SUCCESS ITEMS Paul K 'Plack, ',Webs(er , son o{ Mrs,- , ^ , of *Alipna,- was recently 'installed in 'fhe annual j of, We Wf bster cKamber P| commerce ,He will succeed Jpe'feynph, aisp?a,candi(iati. for, county; ' Named, -as, vise " *' as secretary^ J,ob,n,Fej of fining, Tues- Defqcin Ajgona lawyers-^snd probably a gpo$ many pth,eps— .were wip* ing the sweat frpm their browg, today,' » Yesterday, Monday, March 15, was the last day for filing of fed* eralrmcome tax, returns fop 1947, JM it;wasvaiso the decline fgr f U{na tfte fi?st estimate and pay* Mt l Qn the 1948 income tax. 'L,awJ?ers 'reported that their toe 1847 returns hit 8 willing to .put in< a 'minimum.' of $r,000'.each,_. they can cooper a jtively , own a new apartment building in Al- • gqna, Mr. 'Kresensky said. The balance of construction cost can be financed through the .Federal Housing Administration, he added. Financing other than the original i down payment would be takon care of over a period ol 20'. years, . with monthly payments, just like rent, he added. ,_- ' Location, is Ready A.'/location, for the muttiple unit; dwelling is already available, Mr. Kresensky said, on Colby-St,; just south of State street, The- site .has a frontage of 132 feet, facing east, and has an alley on the north and at the rear. This is for an eight- t*nit apartment'. The proposal is simply this, j If eight persons of responsibility are each willing^to make the necessary down payment, with the balance financed through F. H. A., Mr, Kresensky will present all details of the plan to the interested group, He said that .an estimate had already bepn given on construction cost for such an apartment of between $50,000 and $60,000, on the basis of eight apartments, four with one bedroom and four with two bedrooms. Each apartment would contain a large living room-dinette, bathroom and kitchen, plus either one or,two bedrooms. Central Heating There would be, a central heating unit for all apartments, and it so desired -a multipule garage could be built at the rear ,of the lot. A rough blueprint is already available .for inspection by those interested, and is in. Mr. Kresen; sky's possession, He said that 1 'in preliminary conversations,- two units had already been spoken for.. Interested parties should sontact Mr, Kresensky in 1 the matter. It is believed that construction could be accpinplJshed Vi °"° 1+hii simply ,cut down time involved. the payment The same process could also be used in, developing a Cooperative coiirt p\a.n, "he abided, ,& The r -entire proposal,'Has, investigated' "•""** i^<«^ n tfo«< jr> ^•'ur'.zszf *noK: •*? matter, no W/ * pf ^ f iriding H ','eight persons genuinely ''interested'' the proposal. ' ' 1 is" presented*'as • **•» "•-" 1 > * - *"*" mt £ yphb a in ncj it was later than B reyig- eas^- tax laws is made gt the mean that return? 8 wiu be 'm if many changes call fq? learowi r - F , • » In th'e long term financing, the interest wpuld-mm, about 4 to 4Va percent he~sa,id. Jt is belie vecj that tj)e one be<jroom apartments could be financed pn the basis, of , $30-tQ-$35 per fVipnth, and the t\yp pedvpom .apartments at about «$3? to M) per mpnth, including '?oft e{ These ffi|yir§s,. pf .taxes,-, d city andf watef, ' p pqt pg or electri- however. On that fcasis, 'thf .aoartment would pay out It Four Winners To Education Board Named Four of the five winners in the Eirst election to H select a county aoard of education were known, VTonday, but the winner of the 'ifth spot on the board will -not pecome known until after the of- 'icial canvass of votes on Monday, March 29, at 10 a. m. County Supt. A. E, Lauritzen said that votes from-five precincts had been sealed, with' the unofficial count sealed inside the envelopes. The tabulations from these five precincts, therefore, are not available, While they directly concern the election of a board member- at-large, they will not change the results in the other four contests. G. D. Welhousen of Titonka and H. W. Linde of S^vea City were the two candidates for member- at-large, with one to be elected. Elected from the first district 'was Clifford Krantz of Titonka, who defeated Swen Larson of Hebron and D, C. Friets of Ledyard. From the second district, A. H. Sehuler of Swea City was name'' over D. C. Crouse, Grant township, In the "third district Wesley Bartlett of Algona was elected without oposition, and H. J. Braley of Wesley was named from the fourth district without oppo- sitipn, • ' , Father Menster Of CorWith Is Special Guest ( s Lt. Com dr. Wm. J. Menster. • USNR, now pastor of the Corwith Catholic church, who was • chaplain on the Byrd Antarctic Expedition, will be the, featured speaker at the annual Chamber of Commerce dinner here Thurs* day evening at the Country Club, ' The dinner is set for 7 y. in. ' ' Lt. Comdr. Menster will speak and show movies takpn on "Op- > eration Highjump", as~the Byrd * expedition was technically termed. 1500 Ft. Color Film The program • will include"^' showing of 1500 feet of colored •> movies taken personally by the > chaplain on his unusual, ,cruise to ' the bottom of the earth. Climax- ' 4ng an interesting and varied ' career of nearly five years in the * active naval reserve, the assign- f ment as chaplain to • Admiral , , Byrd came as a complete surprise '• to Father Menster. , ' > 7 , The assignment includes for him'''* 1 the unique distinction of becom- ,. -V ing the first, clergyman to set foot ' t on the last continent" on earth of v $ more than six million square , " miles and* of blessing and dedi,-- ftv eating it at tKe^ first public r wor-V,,y ship offered from the continent; •in a tent at Little , America, <J an. , $ over 26,000 .- F ___.[cr-iB, ,— f „,— water, '»he was the priest,'minister and rabbi fpr 2,000 rnen of" all denominations on five ships. - *^ Besides his two masses ' each {$ Sunday fo'r Catholic men, 1 Father, /' Mepster conducted each Sunday -&1 two general services for Protest-,* * ant and Jewish men. The program is not confined .to* 1 'chaplain's activities, however.' It contains ; scientific, , historical" and geographical', ^highlights of the expedition. '; * , • Ray Beamish, retiring 'president of the'Algona-Chamber, of Commerce, will preside T * at the dinner and program. He is being, succeeded in office by Joe Bradey. Other new directors elected' ast week by member vote were Pat *Cullen, Milton Norton, Wayne Allen and Bob McCullough. '4 ,'K'i „">/ £ Fishermen Start Joke , Season Early Warm weather of the past few days, turned fishermen into a jpking mood, , hereabouts. > Some of the fishing pals' of A. E. Lauritzen, county superintendent of schools, were responsible for placing .a sign, 3 by 5 feet, in size, at one of the approaches |p Algona, Monday evening. The, sign read? "Recl.Nwe Crawl," ers— A, E. Laurilzen— -Day 9r Niaht 3erY»Qe," . \\ *•'*>• Then a* 2 «t m* Tuesday morning ' vr 'r i,\S '5vj *& J? ' I if *£ nice, new sjgp,' immediate delivery o| nice, red CHARITY BALL QUEEN BALLOT « ^ k A^, .r .1^'-^ * * ?34 , H , i-J ' * . * . * I vote fo»v ^'~^-,-~-T.-,*,~>^ e? Qyf en <?f thf 1948 Algon^ Chwrjty ftgij, i ' ' . " i •> "V

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