The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 9, 1948 · Page 15
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 9, 1948
Page 15
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' ''"• 1^' • •"':*'^ .4 i -. -,, ,• *F ?'s f ? <M <n w, THIRD *"""•"—•-•-"• i -» taona jlbtnesf MARCH 9,1948 ., Luv»fndi Moving day was , Match :i, id48. around the town of 'LuVtthe and outlying vlcin- Jty*"' . .Mf. and Mrs, Edward Hof, whp have lived* oh the farm known as Chambers and Hof farm since 1021J have retired and Moved to tne"hoiYie they purchased reeent- •ly from Mr', and Mrs. George Tiede. Their son, William Hof and family, will farm the place fof'the coming ye'ah-Mrs. Tiede moved earlier / to • Fairmont, Minn., where Mr,'and Mrs; Tiede purchased a new modern home. Mr. Tiede owns ahd manages an up-to-date grocery' store there. , Mr. and Mrs.'Ralph Consoer, who have farmed for several years on a farm between Lu- Verne and Renwick, held a public farm sale recently and will retire. They have 'purchased property in Fort Dodge, where .trey have moved to make their future home. Mrs. Consoer is the former Lena Swiger, daughter »of Mrs. Anna Swiger K and the Ittte Charles Swiger, -. '• • * * * -Mr, and Mrs.'Herman Hinz Jr. and family, who were unable to find, a farm for rent for the year 1947, moved to the former Wil- lija'm* 'Ellis property, where they liyed last year. This spring they moved to. the farm owned by his father, Herman Hinz Sr., three mileS west on the county line. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Wo'od and family, who have lived there the past few years, moved to a farm northwest of Algona., Mr. and Ray Agard earlier purchased the former Ellis property from Geo. Miller. . The Agard family will March Changes In LuVerne nitcly stated where n« will live He spends some tim<5 with rela* tives in Ohio. „ * * * Hfifdiri Hanson will start farming this spring on a farm owned by his father, Harold Hanson, located one mile south ' ,of Lu^ Verne, Hardin Hanson and Betty Patterson, daughter ' 6f Mr, and Mrs. Milo Patterson, Will be married some 'time in 'Match. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dacken, who occupied the Hansoft"'fa"fm the past year, recently purchased the Libby Hawcott farm in* 1 Union township, near Burt. This is the first time the Hawcott farm has changed hands ih 65 years and also the first time its occupancy has been changed in that time/ Mr. and Mrs. Dacke'n, who are elderly people, have several married daughters living near their new farm. r~" • * # * Mr. and* Mrs. Roberi Deimer- ing, who farmed the Sam Swank far'm west of LuVerne the past year, moved to a'farm near Renwick. Mr. and Mrs. Allen Thompson and two sons have moved to the Swank farm. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Randall and son iave moved to the tenant house on the farm of' Mr. and Mr& ._ Biegger, where the Allen Thompsons have lived several years. Mr. and Mrs. Robert ,. „ , Cody and family of Humboldt' fam i 1 ? l 1 ?^?, will occupy the house vacated by the -Randalls. Mr. Cody is the new Standard Oil tank-' and truck man serving the community of LuVerne. No house was Frank miles farm whcfe his > father Youngwirth • Hyes, - five riorth of Luvcrnc. * » * The old Frog tt6lldw farm, fl,ow owned by D, Ei ThOmas 61 Humboldt and occupied by Mr ahd Mfs. Albert Bbeckncr and family the past three ycafs, will bo (farmed by Mr. and.. Mrs Henry Daugaurd ,ahd family IP IT'S MEWS, Wfi WAMf If 1 'Boeckners moved to a farm they purchased hear (Cylinder, Mr. ahd Mrs.' Hdhfy 'Thompson of Nevada will occupy the what is known as the Hanna • Ranch farm vacated by the Daugaurds. * * * Mr. and Mrs, Floyd KUehnast and family, who have lived in the tenant house on the 'farm of Mr. and Mrs. L< S, Pearson the past several years, moved to a farm in Beaver township, Humboldt county. Mr, and Mrs. Elmer Peters, recently married, will live on farm the coming year on the Pearson farm vacated by the Kuehnast family. ( The Alvin Hardkopfs, farmers iqrthcast of LuVerne; arc rotir- ng from the farm <ahd will make ;h'eir home here, Their two sons Funior and' William .will con- ,inue with the farming the c'om- 'ng,ycar. ' Miuer. ; me Agard family will available for his family in town modernise the home before mov- . * * mg to same. ,\Mr,,,Agard, who has operated a 'hatcnery business at the south end of'main street for the past two .years, will build a new hatchery/building on his property and transfer his business there. * ^ '\*. * Mr. and Mrs.' Francis Krause and family of near Renwick, purchased the farm owned .by M. M. Lowmiller. Xftey moved there in February. ' Mr. Lowmiller, who is a widower, has,not defi- CLIP BOARDS AT TOP- HEAVy'BACK Mr. and Mrs. Henry Miller moved from the farm owned by the Union Construction company Where they have lived several years, to the farm they purchased two mile* east of Lu- Verne. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Miller, who have, lived on the Henry Miller farni the past two years, have moved to the farm of His father, Alex Miller, a mile north of LuVerne. Mr. and Mrs. Alex Miller have moved to their new home in LuVerne. They bought the house on the' former Jesse Willey farm, brought it to .town arid remodeled and made it modern in every detail. It is located south across the street from the Methodist church. The Vernon Plathe family of'Rodman arc/moving to the farm vacated -by the Henry IV/Titl ore •> * '.,. and , Mrs. .Donald Yo'un'g- " 'idtiyg^i^lJi'nd&^sye five miles northeast' of town.- 'Mr! and' Mrs. Joe,-Willigcr moved earlier to their new home they purchased 'in Algona. The Youngwirth family have living in the tenant house on the * * * ; • Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lenz and to LUVerne this and,will make.'their home .with Mrs. Lettz's father, Fred 'Tiede, first 'house west ,of the Lutheran church. The Lenz family have liVed on the' farm, owned by LUtoi,Miller for the past 23 years. Mr, Lienz has had poor health for''some time now. *•'*!,*.'.''. Mr. and Mri. Harley Rusher and family Will occupy the Miller farm the comihg year- vacated by the Lenz family. The Harley Rushers-have lived-in a tenant house on the farm occupied by his brother Robert. Mr. and Mrs. John Pergande, newly married, will occupy-the tenant house of Robert Rus'her. - .,'*-**.• Mrs. Margaret i Byson of near Algona purchased the acreage in the south' part of LuVerne of Mr. and Mrs. Johft Ramus and has moved her family of six children here, where they, will make their home. Mr. and- Mrs. Ramus built a lovely new horne'thc past winter and .are nicely located. •i * 1 • Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Carlson and two >,'daughters move'd to a tenant' hbysc 1 'pn. the Lisle-Hood farm 1 . The - Hbnry f J farnily had .lived^ihc'a.past .'low.-jnpjiths'- 'on the 'Pele-Blumer^farm. Mr. 'and Mrs. Ray'riibrTd"/Williams; 1 and 'family of Humboldt moved to the Pete Blunder: farm. • ,• Mr. and Mri; Lyle Hersom and children are . hioVihg to a farm they purchased nea'r?Corydon, •>s m ,!>>'*; ; THE Re-Opening of the KOSSUTH H O SPIT A I ^^i^^^ ^^^^^^ ^ ^^^^^^ i^^^^^^ ^^^^v I^^^^HI f^^^^^m^ipp " , * - v l >. ALGONA , 10WA Public Welcome Private Repm-w^ Double R«9m.-. x i '• Flat R«t«! f,or O R§r Pay Ptr Pay . " Casts ... . , *^li t,. ^/i',f\, ' ' ! " Mfi-L ?,Wl * ^ftHJP^ «ff RSJ^PSfKF ^P^ ^ffit ^WF-5^tt ,.*-ni(i"tf t -*w t opr —y «~r-iv f i™» -T— - —-•—-r ^, , "'"-*• ' '•• ' • - r * 1 "" * r i r * 5 *' J t' ''^ * ' « J t **• •* Mrsi Ftersnsf Yandtr Witfi $wprinfiii^fji| « ,; ;i v (. >.!-» V, ;. j: • ,;• • . V* *-^"^«-, &*'.- ,v>?K' ; ;tv/; 5r' ' * -•-> -'t. j " l • ^,^ J^»- '- , iVS"^ €* *'i"t .. .... ",viV. > t , ' ' ' - ~" \ f ;'y.- ' ' . ,' f ^ l : "" : ^^jf>, ' •";*:-, «- * 'tlT r '" "^ . ^^i**,f^'.<y.*jjt-', \"\'" j . --«f'. ', " 5 ,'*? f'-'^J'^* 1 ? '••j/r'"/ r t$-'? 2'^, ^''$?£-& ^m^Sr&i?;.\fM'':'f..::,.->I A ... ,,:*.^i^.^L<±^^.,,±?''&-&^z^.JKM& 400 Baby Beeves By 4-H Kossuth county 4-H boys clubbers have put 400 baby beeves on feed recently. •• Forrest Ives youth leader says this is ah increase over 1947 but hot so many calves as the boys had planned to feed this year. The main reasons are due to the high price bcihg asked for feeders, also difficulty ih getting choice calves. Each, year ho said it seehis harder' to flhd good feeding cal- Ves. The increased demand is the result of rapidly expanding 4-H club enrollment. • The boys are asked to consider other projects such as the beef heifer in which this call is,f<M breeding purposes; >ltt SU(»Iil>»fd*'J jectg the boys hSVIfTfcr afr/i mate gdal raising thSlf owlsil beef Or, startiflg a bfeef ^firltt. The baby beef pfbjeel ,48i ment closed Jan, 1, but'othe'r jects are op'en tfntii May 1'. • •f "Many times a year the people turn to the Red Cross—-once a year the Red Cross turns to the people; that time is now/' *M .. once again it's Red Cross Time! • MRS. HUGH POS'll Kossuth County RED CROSS WORKERS i f IVlio Arc Giving JQ! onerously of Their Time in. the lied Cross Campaign. L. W. TUTCilALS — General Chairman WM. C. ZBIMEJtMAiV — Algona Chairman JOHN FERGUSON — Algon'a Business District • lst Ward 2h<f Ward MRS. 1>. T. SMITH— 3rd Ward MRS. If. W. I'LETCH— 1th Ward PAT- McENROE— Kossuth. Towns GKO. HAWCOTT— Burt MRS. ALBERT MCCARTHY, JJancrofct MRS. .RAYMOND -•• STOEBER— l<'cnton MRS. RAYMOND STOEJIER — Eenton- MISS LILLIAN HARMS— Lakota WM. WEIMER— Ledyard MRS. EVELYN EARING— Lone Rock / J. A. NELSON— LuVcrno A'. HUNGERFORD— Swou City DR. TORGERSON— Titonka Mrs. J. A. MEURER— Wesley MRS. PETE SCHUMACHER — Whitteniore Out of human suffering the Red Cross wsu born. ••'''••/•', At the scenes of human suffering I lie -Red Cross takes its place. Emergency is its call to service. JThe unpredictable disaster — the uiicoWtrollajiic flood and raging f re, the stealthy epidemic — when these strike, your Red Cross quickly reaches its victims, to comfort, sustain and restore. The Red Cross must )>o prepared .to spring instantly into action, anytime, anywhere. And the Red Cross will be ready. It will In ready because your generous dollars always have made possible its merciful work. For the sake (if the unsuspecting thous mils who -nill bo stricken this year . . . for the sake of those destined for injury and anguish . . . the Red Cross* now turns -to -you. ~ •, M I, 1 '" It's March—and Red Cross time. This is the annual appeal I, the Red Cross'makes so that YOUR human ! ty may be spread throughout the coming,year, among all—irrespective of race, color or-creed.- You'll help aga'in, won't you? Division 1 ' Eagle Grant' Swea. Harrison Division 2 - Springfield Hebron Ledyard Lincoln. Division- 3 - ( Seneca Greenwood Fenton Division 4 Ramsey German TOWNSHIPS Mrs. W. Thompson ;\ *$%$%•' Mrs. W. E. Ley, Jr. C, O, Bailey H, ^French Jffl'ffn pkpw jpkf^wpnmn,. .i-'' $1* IfBgb -H«8Sy '}$>,£•-"*>•<• ''?}••-'V*-V- -v . .v^-i. V '\> ( March 8-13 Kossuth County / ^MSvLfj" ^ . /" ", " ' • y , • M . -f>j /« *''ir •>'"-,-

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