The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 9, 1948 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 9, 1948
Page 3
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alifornia Picnic Mrs, FV<M, -„..„ .Befiehj • Calif, Feb. 29— We usedV,t8',enJ6y' reading Mi's. Bewyer's letter^ .when she would send back' the'narftfee.oi those who attended the I6wa picnic for you to print, but-I,am afraid. I picked a bad year i( fo^ yesterday'was «ot • the sunshiny, kind which CalifoK rtia is so proud of, and the crowd was notf as'large 1 as in former, years. , ,'•Intermittent shbwe'rs whi6h 'started shortly before noon kept many of" the picnickers at home, but the registers were well sighed,, and all listened t td the' speakers, ate their, lunches, and reminisfedd, about the state noted for Its tall cofn.. •„ ( - ' The crowd'started'to gather at 9 a,m.,\and;sdon all were wearing ribbons denoting their home counties. When,the' first driszle began most of'.the -people ignored it, but as the showers increased a few umbrellas', were opened, while othef people simply folded newspapers over their .heads." and, Went right-on talking "about good'old- Idwa and the people in it. About 2 p.m'. the sun came out,' and, all went home feeling that it hadinot been such-a bad day after all.' I am enclosing a list of names of Kossuth people present' as I took them off the register, as'follows: - ' .. • . .*, Algona—Messrs, andl Mesdarnes H. V. Beesoh, D. J. Habeger, Andy Godfredson, O. J. Schultz, Lewis Gade 1 , J. H. Zanke. J. 1 E. Callahan, R, O. Bjustrom, P. J. Heiken, F. D. Mathes, and O. F. Peterson. J. D. Deen and Donna, the Rev. and Mrs, Chipperfield, J. E. Bedell, C. W. Nicoulin, Edw. Cap- asius, Ernest Taylor, F. R. Hopkins, O. A. Laabs, Mrs. F. J. Mann, and Mrs, F. M. Chase. > r Mrs. Maude Youngerman, H. C. Benedict, Mrs.'.'Julius'- Peterson, Mrs. J. T. Alexander, Mrs. Gertrude Wheeler, Ella Hartshorn 1 Parker, George Parker, Gladys Crouch Scott. Charles.,. Morgan, • Mrs. 'Ellen Crouch, Ira Burbank, Rollin Hart, Alfred Matson, Minnie' 'Dearchs, Mrs. Arnie T. Hovey. . Wesley—Will Sherman, Lyle Corey and Fred M« Bacpn. , ' Bancroft—Ben Bollig, Everett Larson^ Esther Larson. Fenton—W. E. Stoeber, Mr. and Mrs. E. C.,Weisbrod, Mr. and Mrs. Lauritzen, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Wolfe, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Dreyer, Mrs. Mabel Dreyer-Priebe. Whitiemore — Emilyn .Dreyer, Otto Elberts", Harold Bowan, Mary Higgins.'. > .Theodore H. „ 'Rantzow, -Mr:,aMM$s>C. %S|pa»^S?fc M . ^weaiJCity/^Mc.tandf-Mrs: -'O. -£. Jensen, Mr. and Mrs.' Keith'Grif- fith, S. W.'Tweeten. .: Ledyard—Mr. sand Mrs. F. D. Wayne. ' • " * ' i..,' Tiionka — Leslie 'Hanson and Mrs. Frank Kline. Burt—Mrs. Stella Mae Hodge: Cagers Eat Steaks ,• John Kirk was host i*; the coach and squad members of the Algona "high • basketball team,'- Monday eevning, at a steak dinner at George's Cafe, in recognition of their fine season.. and ^district championship. \ If uth Lichty ' eds , LuVerne—-Mf. ahd Mrs. «$<• L, Liohty announce the hiatriag'e Of their' daughter .Ruth Mabel Lich • » >•« • t + i.»iii»i i fitj.,1 •* f ty of-Chicago artd \ Call; Son of Mr. and min McCall, sbn of A.. Benjamin McCall of Chicago, The wedding ceremony- was i formed by 'the pastoi- ' of. the Faith Presbyterian cnurch <,ol Chicago, the .Rev. Megahey, .Sun* day' evening) .Feb. 29, 9$* the home of the /bride's sistofr ''and the, groom's brother, MK.and Mrs. Fergerson McCall. & > Don Lichty of Chicago, uncle of the bride, gave hcrgin marriage. The bride was attired' in, a grey 'street dress and** wore a corsage of orchids. She.'^was attended by-her sister, Mfs,-,Fer- gerson McCall, who was 'attired in a pale rose street dress and Wore a corsage of camellias. The groom was attended , ,,by his brother Fergerson McCall,' as best man. A large bouquet of cut flowers was placed, "on v the piano. ^ •-, * , A lunch with a lovely, wedding cake, was served to the ifttmedi- ate families following ^he^cere-., mony. - ,1""" The bride was a graduate! of the LuVerne high school clals of 1936. She has been employed in Chicago, since, 'The groom is employed by a linotype supply company. % „ After a wedding' tripj|to,j Canada and Iowa the ydu/i| couple will make their home in "Chicago. • ~~"*~~~~—^—— Society, A Golden Wedding— ' '' •Mr. and: Mrs. Frank!,Schallin will observe their golden • wedding • anniversary on (Wednesday, the 24th of March. The anniversary party will be held at the-home.of-Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rusch at Lotts- Creek. Plum Creek Women—.5?'*$ i The Plum Creek Worf&ri's .club will .meet -tomorrpw, Wednesday, March 10 at the home of Mrs. Wm. K. Ferguson, Algona. Roll call will be answered by '.'What I Want on the Club Program.V Officers elected ; fbr<-'the year. Hostesses are Ella Hutchins, 'Evelyn McEnroe, and rHazel Seeley. Bridge Club Hostess— Mrs. H. T. Bunkofske entertained her bridge' club members Friday 'afternoon'.^ ,i£h ^izefjpnp' Mrs. Vf.'C. Irelan won the low score, prize. - v tegs are Lovely in Gotham Gold Stripe NYLONS ON *ito M<\ ,in tljem In the sipgrf nt w Mrs. Robert Fleming, Whittemore. ' , < Later in ttfe evening a group of senior classmates of Berna- 1 dette, students at the St. Cecelia academy, made her ft surprise visil Those attending Were Ar- Ine jSpilles, Natalie Seholtes, Betty Harig, Phyllis Reyndlds> Ruth Kollasch, trene fiischeid, Joan Loss, Rosa.nne Fisch, Joan LicK- teig', Nancy ' Hutchisbn, Gilbert BUscher', Marvin Erpelding, and Cyril Veerkamp/ The • evening was spent at "Court Whist" with Marvin Erpelding winning the high score prize, Natalie Sehol- tes, low score prize. Arlene Spilles poor prize, and Betty Harig the lucky chair prize. Refreshments Were served at the close of the evening. The class presented -her 'With a, fountain pen, and She received other gifts from her family. Casler Family, Dinner— A'family dinner was held Friday at the Vernon Caslers, a farewell courtesy attended by Mr. -and Mrs. John Schueler Sr., and -Mr. and Mrs. John Schueler Jr. of Bancroft, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Mogenson of Swea City, and Mrs. Estelle Schueler. Mrs. Hovey Hostess— Mrs. L. E. Hovey was hostess to her card club members last we,ck Tuesday evening. Mrs. Leon Merritt won th*e'>h'igh score prize,' and Mrs. George" Conklin was winner, of the low score prize. ^ 40ih Anniversary— Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Gisch observed their 40th wedding anniversary, March 2, and a family dinner was given, attended by their sons and daUghters-in-law, Mr. and Mrs.» John Gisch, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Gisch, theIf, daughters and sons-in-law, .Mr., and Mrs. .William Spechtt ^MrV and Mrs. Joe Lichter, and th^lf respective families, and tn<5 daughters Ruth and Rachel, and the son Larry, Nels Beck, and Maurinus Hansons The evening was spent socially. Electricity had recently been installed at the Gisch home and the anniversary gifts wore household appliances electrically operated. The grandchildren ' pre* sented -Mr, and Mrs. Gisch with a bouquet of roses, Threeway Birthday— ' ' Mr. and Mrs. Harry Barton at ton^rl a family rlinnor Sunday at Wesley at the Harold Marti- neks, in celebration of the birthdays of Mrs. Martinck, Mrs. Barton and Mrs, Ed Ilauptman. Oth-> ors attending were Ed Hauptman, Mr. and Mrs. Bert King. Babs and Timmy, and Mr. and Mrs, Bud Hauptman and Jim, Fifth Birthday- Mrs. Joe Lich tor gave a party Saturday honoring the fifth birthday of her daughter, Judy Kay. Guests were Doris A'nn ind Howard KohlhaaS, Bill and K. Thomas Specht, Madonna, Rosemary, and Virginia disch, June Roepke, Gretchen Zendef, Sandra Phillips, Ronald Schlick, Mary Lou Tiggcs, James Loebig, Lyanne Soppland, and the hbn- oree's sister and brothers, Betty Ann, Jinx Bob, and Ddnny, Because of sickness Susan Schumacher was unable to be present. Adult guests were Mrs. Raymond Kohlhaas, Mrs. William Specht, and Mrs. John Gisch. The afternoon was spent at games and closed with the serving of refreshments. w- m/wr KENT WOfTOR CO. Has 17th Birthday—' ^>F.J"* Mr. and Mrs. JV{. R. Wagner gave a dinner Thursday, March 4, in celebration of the-- 17th birthday 'of th'eir daughter-Bernadette. Guests were Mr."'and Mrs. Allen Wagner, Mr. and" Mrs. Victor Neuroth, and Mr. and My talk by These dainty frocks say such .sweet things, for your 6 to 18 month-old! 'Pale colors, soft, washable-cottons by''Kate Greenaway . . . made' .beautifully inside,, and dutj *&&,,. jf as * j t *^ *^^r i ••/ •" <' '*; ••. ftH, • K»J ftefums On Vlsif Mrs. Geo. W, Godfrey, Ames, Was here part of last week, guest of her sister-in-law, Bertha Godfrey, she came to consult her farm tenant southeast of town and to have her income tax return made out. Her soft 'Dick' is doing post-graduate study in general engineering at the state college, and his wife is teaching sociology there. House Every Pattern s For the first time in the whole history .of the wallpaper industry, the designers and manufacturers of wall* paper have had an opportunity — because of the war — to build COMPLETELY- NEW LINES OF WALLPAv PER. Thai's what we want YOD to see — the famous Lehnon Line of Peacock and Rotocraft Wallpapers which are as NEW as today's newspaper. Every single design Is a brand new P,OST- WAR work of art And the colorings are more harmonious, gayer, more beautiful than ever be- '•4 ._.„-•- ...... ^ s&\ Come in and look over* these gorgeous NEW wallpa-j pers now while our stocks \ are complete. ! You are certain to find the very pattern and coloring you have been dreaming about for YOUR home. Gleh Nielsen A Medicdl Gmducrte Glen E. ielsefi,, son of Mr, and Mrs. Alex tfieisen, Algona, will be graduated from, the State evrsity of Jo\^a.on March 13 with an M. D. degree. He plans td in- terne at GalVeston, Texas, will go there the.firs't of July. Glen wag graduated from the Algona high school and enrolled training at St held at 16<M ten O'clock __. k March 13. WANT-AM TS8 fSH- Sd YObft. GIRLS OOIN6 TO IT'S MUCH tose A Pl-AlM LOOKINii 'CH/MPON SERVICE ':?^ tSc*^un%,*£»u& " • PHONE 1086 « 302 ESTATE * \ ./ ^ XT V^a ^ ^ M^jJK^ siiw 7 ^ \ exciting new -_styles from our Easter array by Cp|pr is the Spring fashicn riews-in fhoes! And «o|or with imcirff0otwear>yling i; whflt you will find. in Kresfcmky's, *hflt d»partment| ClflmprsMs platferm'd qriklefs and epe'n pr dosed, tpers in shining black pat, ^rtf, rich red calf, or luscious grey ?uede. AUo plat, form'd »MntJi thdt fairly fheyt Spring! Htre is ffllfl feet* rJ-sf.S ' *•?? \' T " J '^if DIPT, '^Kf s^.-y }&&<>•$ 4 ' r r- ~ r f'U^.' Selection of cotion Balislo and Broad- cloih. Eyelet Irim. $3.93 , W**^ VWi'e.-G^-'sC': 1 »-' with lape-trim. Several- styles.^ ^^ . $3.96 \\ "7! ' $5.98^''^^ ' In the right length for your skirt. new ***>tA**~ f . -*«*••* f v /$> 'I "-,'ff* i:i ,,'iS,TV%i M*y,/ • * ,v,w-. '*« ,-m . •** 3* m iapfrtns^ ^M '- AT^PfH^ IWW ** s * -,"? L^v^r^ •3 , '# 1 s* t, ~tf ^ W $ & •*<& '1 "i^ M f '',| t-f/f ' r ^^ 41 • "W • m ,m >m ^4 *ti& T* 1 * 5,<j44M -^ r * ', /VV-3, ,» f xf- l-^E-flv^l SJ-. ,/vf. m^ \\ ',',-• ,>n^ 'T-^ y iv-»^ t r t '^^aij >si' ~"*4*k ••i* I'***$ -^1? fc*J&J: «', ». *."i,-4 S« m

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