The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 9, 1948 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 9, 1948
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? J' Leander Menke, §wea Cify, has ^beeii' a • Steady • attendant at thb '•Fa^ftiers'f Evening Schdol classes Held-Mre; during-thfc wifitor^ On Mfihday flight;.March 1 1, Leahder 6ahie f in , about & half hout, late, 'Jft, 1 big 1 Smile- mbfcmftg-'across his ..idfie > £ .« - -th6it l4 {M6jfa6t8 s cam6 out Afi .'.'!Vfrg^MeHk^pd.giV6H birth . t befdr«. ak;tli'd?;''oendral hospital, *"""••"•'••"• l -Whim,, , .'but he . , _.jdv.Ha8 a perfect al- lailc^recor,d/ stork or no stork. vv VJ.JL j c a wuir i j^aiaiAAjr FJJUIO* «i Kids' t&ys, 6> 'te&dlhered a L ther- doffiest d yftftt. ! ' You aw a BfidWHof aftd J yeu • >6uldn't tradfc'that'life' f of. any tsther,, ( but loefe'dttf^-yotf may have th'e chahge "Jflsde fbr yb'U, because this 4§ Map* yMft v . ' If you ate tali; dark, and handsome" yeu are fft'> dfang&n 'the Same if <yoii arc* biontf, and if ydu •art cheerful Srtd a 'good sp'oi-t ?6a'ala praclicfilly sunk^ , , A c^ftjss scdtloh poll of eligible yaXffig W6meh in-'Algoha was made ,td'find f^t-What they real* ly WSrit in * liUSband; No Sigrta- , lufcs ^effc ' asked on the qucs- tioftnaifgBf^'Myadfeal man Would be like thls-**^ dBUt the gals say first 6f all he'must be religious in it^ bfdadest sefise. H6r6 Is a Cfoss^ection 6f ahsWers tutned high ideals and tliough beauty <n would bd handsome with iurly hair. He himself a sissy wash dishes, iVe the &m6 need not be Jlean cut Shd lid want him'to ESTABLISHED 1865 shop/ '' : <°sai under a "drVeif, looked up ', v? and, 'f wind' JVlice .Wllkins/ af- , - So ;6f Algorta t sitting under / another dry'er right aCrosS , s.wdm her. j'' . t ' , r •• , ' < ' s -| CaHfo*n!a— Ari Cruikshank , was parked- - in, his L car at ; .Capistrano , (mayb'e looking I , for, swallows), when an loWa i -'",S5" oat drove, in beside 'him, -.and in If was 'Virg Smith. » - - _______ --- , v . ' > ,'ajiologies io , MW. -J.' O. 8 F. She forwarde'd a clipping to disregarding a rapid turnover of tfee'-lo newsprint, and on it was ' ' notation inscribed "from • my- A" We ^'mistakenly thought it sia soti of. Mrs.' Price, "but the flotation had'been placed there by the^friend in'the south and refer- 1 red'to the'latter's son. The Prices h&ve^no son. ' I - One candidate for county office w.ds 1 quite astonishe'd to have two nomination blanks returned, fully signed, the day after' they were forwarded to" neighboring towns by^mail .'. . bodes' well for the candidacy. t ," '."A. local woman, J whose name is being withheld for "Obvious! reasons,' gave .her . husban^-e present, of a box of his, 1 favorite cigars. - ,, ' \ "JVliBt did_' you'* pay <for them," she was}asked.\ , - ]i"Noihing:"For the-past few • motifhs I have .taken one out shiM Ideals as handSOme have a gobd educatldtt and get alofig Well with people." "H* must hftfe a nice personality and be about j> ft. 5 in. I'd like him to be interested in fishing, hiking and hunting, I prefer blondes, but a brunette Would be acceptable." "He mufti be medium height, have wavy blonde hair, b<* a ftEAL man 'and willing to work, He must be cheerful." "Ha mUil be a gentleman at all times, olio that is' gdod Matur ed and cheerful." ';H<J ttiUsl be someone can .have fun With, willing to wbrk, ahd cheerful." ' "He would have a pleasant p&rsonality. You could depend on having a nice time With him. He would have good manners." "He must a'ilended church regularly, I'd like him to be good looking but if he isn't I guess I will take him anyway." A, TUESDAY, ,MARCH 9, i948 gona -CagiS In Sub- ' ' Win District At Laurens A Torrid Finish Dbwh EstherViKe ; ^S-36; Foresif Clity Foe ' ' Has'Wtten ,us b'adly,' the fe"ver has increased as the > season has progressed and, as Algona's Bulldogs have moved'along the'state state- toUrnamcnt trail. tSo'last Saturday night at Laurens, \ve took down a feWr notes, »i)ot on the game so much as the ratfid fans, like our- self. " .. '''Qounty Supt. Ab. Laurii- zen, after the game, had one -fellow come up to him and re. mark: '"Say, that, brother of yours is an awful good basketball player." . O.' B. Laing, Algona supt., arrived a little late ,for the game against' Albert City, last Wednesday, . . , and couldn't get into. the gym .'. . he 'explained- to doormen he, was the Algona supt. but they thought it was . ju,st another gag to' get inside. , .1 , , ' / ' Tpny Didriksen left -his seat at intermission; ahd got lost in the maze of corridors Adjacent to the Laurens gym ', , . he finally found himself' in the /'Algona team's dressing roomy where Al Buchanr an gave him a j-oad'map'for returning to the gym, , • ,,'Pat Cullen' arrived jioo late for the r Albert City 'game to :0et in the gym 'front, door . . . , he found another door, with a guard stationed, there , , ; a , dollar bill in *h^ palm turned the, trick, lie go* in. D,-D,- PBXSQJ?, •> iQQHing put- at , Saturday's snow, commented that maybe the sanity . gpmmission should examine .tboge making the ^.murens drive ,',•) bqt it, -really wagn't " so -bad, so ' }ong as' the sno. t .torrid last quarter drive Kave 'Algona high school a 55 to 36 'cage victory over Esthervillc. ^nd* the district champ'ioriship, in th^ finals at , Laurens, Saturday riighi , ' ' 'As a result, Algeria" meets Forest . City, tonighf (JUes- ' dr.y), pt 8'P. m. Itf thd JMason r City high gym. In if sub"-state '., game, with' ; the wlffid'r" "going v to. Leufehs, SatuMfy* nighi^ -: to -,'play ihe - winnf;f • of '. the • ,"* Sioux 'Ccnter-Hsffle'yVgame. • The victor, Saturday, gets a-» ticket .to the stefe" nife^t ' at ' Iowa City. ' ' .j <,.•>,. Algona,' -players a\'i| v t in the,' stretch, right'^now. > Th&re- is no. smooth sailing ' from 'h l p^'. ' Every game wilj be toUgh, forest. City has .been -beaten, only tWice,,thiS sea'son, by Clear ~ ' ' i ' 'pei'S^'Wlc'dneSclay*' • rii&ht."-' -LiyeY- mor6'/'travels;'Ud -, a su'bstatq', at Ames."' ;. -7,'., ,.( v 1 - * .. ' " ' • First Half Closie ,\ But to'got'back to the Esther vill'e contest. ,,?„ t. f * •*• ^ Crapser, Lauritze!n, ! > ~,Dbugla's, Waldron , and Skogstrooi started for. the Bulldogs. They-., edged into a nice 7 to 2 lead,, and then Esthervillc began to; irqll,-* trailing Algona by a poin^.oB.two the lirst quarter, which' ended' 13-12 for AlgOna. The Bulldogs did, n'6'| s'c'em to ( be playing as fast a gOTie* as expected, to start, 'anct 'tfieir re- bound'work was not up'ta, standard. Estherville,put a hard fighting team on -,the floor, With r an acpurate, basket'eye. In the> second period, midway through. the quarter, Estherville moved into' a 21 to 19 lead, which was erased by the half. It was the, only .time other than the first minute' of /Wee/ Your NEW NEIGHBORS - • , ' - 'Olio; Ubman. , • , .i-S jft t f-V«*T" i * i i , , j *9 imf night, an' Esthervilie teaohep remavkea ,th "AJsona isn't what Jfa-cr^ek^d W tp be,',' " play, that Estherville; led where in the» contest. any- C Two points behind, it was Crapser, with a field goal, Skog- strom with, another field goal, and then a final basket that s"erit the stands- into an uproar and gave the Bulldogs a, 25 t to 21 margin at the half, That last basket before! the half was something, Crapser took the ball,;out-of-boupds. back of the Estherville basket, Three of' his teammates lined up directly in front of him. He flipped /""the ball against one "man's back, stepped inside the court in the same motion,. tooft" the rebound, pjvpted and tipped in the basket. It ' happened --sg fa$t- Esthej-yilJe didn't Qome.KuntU the, half end' ' - ' " , ed ,' ,„-, neither ;d$ th,e fens, ' * ' * Tvin* v:^ n f n^^^Jji^'," - * also ha.v&,a pri- , Henry Sphepp- of Jryingtqn .oppqsing Andrew Reeling, v incumbent, who d *;tPVfiJl °wt the Fra,se r , ^egeased, }ve ./standouts ' test,, the district -tournament tro>' ' t ' -, 5H S? ' 'pmthe with, a #ee' v threw "and ,'^r9p?e?.sanH!, or tw« ponts the teams , , sfter Amgteur Show At "'• ""for't \\V» f i buiineait^slartedt Vwheft-he ; was,2.ydars.old. '' 4 With, fils/lu^'l^ork laid, . 'oil! for Himself-at'an early age he went about thd job of its only last' quarter basket. At At the. three-minute time ouf, Skogstrpm was taken out, being somewhat shaken' Up, and' Lauritzen went- in. I TKo 1 big center then''•contributed,'-a basket, tipping in a rebound. Pjouglas sank a free th^w, S5gler f tossed a goal, La,uritzen dropped, q sfree throw, then went out on, fouls, Pentecost replacing him, ' / ' ' . - ; Then,' in the qlpsing seconds, Sigler, sank a charity toss, Crapser tossed in a. beautiful' one- 'handed shot, then', two free throws, in > succession 1 and the game ended," 55 to'36j ^ ' Victory oi Teajn' \York It was a victory > of cool, collected team work../'The officials, doing their work r as' they saw 'it, were calling things plenty close. Algona played a .deliberate 1 game for three quarters, trying to keep from getting into-a bad spot via personal fouls. In the,fin^l quarter they cut loose. , EstheryiUe lost two> men by/ fouls in 'the final quarter, Algona' one. * , It would bg unfair to 'select any ,one player or' players as outstanding, 'The Bulldog victoyy c$,me as a result of good team play, ' Crapser,,was uncanny on his one-handed push shots, Skog- strom displayed his usual flash and fire and speed and played a beautiful game, • .Lauritzen, Douglas, Sigler and WjUdron ex,celled in their departments, Sigler played his best^loor game of the- year,,-while 'Douglas,' preparing himself in a ough manner. ''•'/Vr,-^/ After graduating' fronl I trie' high school at Game*'he,en-; tered Iowa Stale college "at' Ames and took work ^iti^ifl^ dustrial engineering lo'siedrn-?, the shop layout and ,othof'" bp«ic essentials. '- j'-.'.j Following a year at"Ame'si 'he went to the University of 4 Iowa for a course in business,administration. After that he- was^ready for a job;Xartd, came io Algona last Noyem-, 'bar. His parents' own ' the';; s only bekery in GarnerJ and ' Otto,had accumulated a con-- siderable store of practical '> experience while he „ Was f growing up. He hopes some'' J day, to have a fine shpp''of'j his own. ' "'' > / tl "l /His igood 'trade" Back-" ground and a liking;for''his-' work should "make his /-goal'4, , easily; attainable,' his friends,^ \say. - •" '*•<•;•' •'» " 'Otto has lived his'fehtire , life' in Garner. He has.a^sis- *ler, Linda, x who,'is a student^ i^at r Waldorf - (t cpllege. Forest Horne. ;'He is'-a^ member,, 1 of the,'Lutheran church and so far he'*is""hearf, whole and fancy free". But then this • is 'Leep Year'! m Balgeman Out For County Job Two -new candidates for county office have entered the field. One is H. ( .J, McNertney, who will be a candidate'for county attorney on ,the .democratic ticket. His candidacy gives the democrats a 'complete county slate with the exception of thd supervisor races. McNertney will be making his second campaign. In the layt general election he made" 3 good race, losing by a narrov/ margin to H, W, Miller, his republican opponent. Thus far, only other candidate for the post, is L. A. Nitchals, a republican. The democratic candidate is a graduate of law from th'e University of, Iowa, in. 1944, He practiced for a time in Des Moines, and entered practice here in December of 1945, E[e also operates a part- time law, office at Bancroft, his home town. He was born and raised in Kossuth^ county, Frank Balgerrian, longtime republican supervisor 'from the first Petitllury For •M mOf t Court Named Two Fined In i Drunkenness Cases, $25 Each The petit jury list for the next term of Kossuth district court selected Monday bv Mrs. Alma Pearson, clerk of court. The jurors are to report for duty on Tuesday, April 6, at 9 a. in. in the clerk's office. ' Named to the jury are the following, with their postoffice addresses: Kenneth Asa —__• _____ _Algona Marie Anderson _______ T-Lakota Esther Breen ___________ Titonka Donald N. Borman'n ____ -.Algona Erna^.Baars ______________ _Bur f t Andrew Brones ------ Swea City Auguat'Bauman ___ '. _____ Lakota yiggoJ-Christensen . ..... Bzmcrp" ore"." ;r .:iI'.. TVarren" Ewing — :.l..Swea City ttarriet M. Ricel..- _____ .-Algona Mary Gengler ...... Whittembrt Tracie Holtzbauer ______ ,'AlgonI Ann Hanson ------- :.,._Algoni Srnest Habeger ______ West Bend Gordon Hansen ________ Titonka ?a}mer JensonJ _________ Algona Deria K. Kohlhaas ...... Algbna Lora Link ----------- Swea City Olive Larson ----- Buffalo Center fames' MeColley ________ Titonka jylc Newel ___________ u.Fenton Arthur Peterson __._l__Titonka Trclla Patterson I_._r_. -Algona ilrs. Wm. Poppe ______ Ledyard Harriet Schutter ------- fTitonka Tack Schallin --------- Lone Rock Gordon Schmidt ________ Algona Alfred Scherer __________ Algous Smory Smith .„ _________ Lakota Tridolph Soderberg >. ______ Burt !uphemia Voigt L.__Whittemore *Iarie Weiland __________ Wesley John Weydert _ ...... ...Algona Viola Wilhelmi ______ :._'. Wesley There 'was no new activity in he past few days in district ourt here, only routine court matters being handled. * » * SIX FINES IN MINOR COURTS OF CITY Those fined were Bernard Cgrl rug and Matt Fisch, Wesley, rug's liquor book was also sus- ended, Jn other cases before the mayor, Robt. L. Pifer was fined $JO and costs on a charge of drunk- 1 epness.'and Fred W. Schoby Jr, $10 and costs for illegal operation of a motor vehicle. Before Justice J. B, Johnston, things I bo ambitions' aM eafh money, aftrf with it but win but not be a Now, ybu you stock up--4r - -«~a THREE SECTIONS-20 Named To School D.S. Lakotans Wed 62 Years Pictured;here'are Mr. and Mrs. Herman Wirijes of Lako- la who are, among Kossulh's longest married couples. On Feb. 25 they observed their 62nd wedding anniversary. Mr. Wirtjes is at the left ip ihe above picture, Mrs. Wirtjes" in the center, and a friend at the right. ' The long-ago bride is th'e former Katie Folberts. She and Mr. Wirtjes were married in the Methodist parsonage at' Freeport, 111.,'in 1886.' They farmed there for live years,'and in 1891 they moved io a Kossuth county farm near Lakota. After 34 years on the farm they retired to Lakola where they have resided for 23 years. Mr. and.'Mrs. Wirtjes became parents of 10 children; six of whom are living. They are: Mrs. Hannah Cushman, Mrs. Mary Anderson, Bert and Edward all of Lakoia; Mrs. Hazel Lester, Woden, and Herman Wirtjes Jr.,'of Bricelyn, Minn. There are 27 grandchildren.- Mr. Wirtjes is 86, Mrs. Wirijes 82. Says;Building Stifled Due To Lack Of Low Cost tots district; who lost office in the n »n?;i vXwh , ' f 1 t onns T' 1932 landslide and has not been Dan '£ l Y e !£h°use of Kanawjw _ _i. __ _ ~ " ... . .•»*»** ^Tr wafi flnp»ri Sn nnrl nnete -fnn allrtnr_ active as a candidate since then, is again a candidate" for the first district; post, .filing for both the full term and the sh,6rt term, He lives at Whittemore, . Opposed to v Balgeman for the G.O,p. nominatiqnvwill be A, A- 1 Schipull of LuYerne, > ' was fined $5 and costs for allowing an unauthorized person to drive his car, and Ray Black of Lone Rock was fin^d $5 and costs for pperating a motor ve- Mcle without a proper Farmers Notice! ^ Attention pf farmers" is again to ,the fact -that intentfon p F partipipating in the 1948 ervation -progjajn must -b<? then Aprjl 1, Town-getting th? flue* gut, City In Need Of Sevyer, Water Expansion" ' / One of the rnost serious handicaps for any, Algona 'home building .program, >in v the opinion of C. R, LaBarre, 'secretary of the Al* gona Federal ' Savings & Loan Ass'n; is the. Japk of lower priced lots with sewer and water available,- "In fact," he said, "it is stifling home building in Algona," Mr. LaBariVwa.s askec^ to comment on home building prospects in Algona by a reporter, and 'he said that whiles few homes would probably be'.bwUt, the prospects not brjght' for any' great expansion ' until * the' problem - of available Ifitfi'i? ,worked ovit, . ' ' ' Qthej ; ' >H<? a<ide4'*^gt there are very feyyjots,, ^oday.jjln the cjty whjch can P§ puvch^ed. by the^man of " jAnd then, -he a 'Jet &X «;« 1948 QMEEN NOMINATION ENTRY which may be ,three, pr four' blocks from sewer connections. Commenting on loans made recently by the association," he said that nice home build" , ing programs are underway in [ a number of adjacent communities. ' He mentioned Po- cahonias, Britt and Humboldt ' as three spots in which ''the local association has approv- ' ed of loans for home building, However ,the problem 'of lots at a 'reasonable cost, available to sewer and water, does not exist in these other -towns, The lots in Algona, available to sewer and water, run anywhere -from $800 to '$1,500 at present in nearly all * Third Member To Win Monday 1 y . t '*% ^ * f FiveVyay^RaCjB f / Brings OUt! ; A L^ _, jM v* la There Viill^bej'bnc^new mem^,^ii ber on the Algona'school v boara|f'| as a fesu|t'of Vthe ^election f^efci^,-.! here Monday 1 ;- "~'\'Vf| f'r'Vui vC-fl i Perry-Collins \vili>replace-'DaVef 3 * Leffert, who'- has Seryed on • inegi .board for mltny 1 ,, years/ fj - .^ ,c4^|i Mrs. Veda' •'Murt'agh""' was, > l i|he' other mdmb^r. .elected, to serve' for.three years^'and/D. .P } 'w<"«-"V-^ insom was v -elec£e'd^t5,"fill .'"out^'a-i term'',6f' bne-year. ts <He /had' prei? viously^been, appointed" tov,ay va^* cJincy'Uiitil' jkhisfelebti&ri. <- 5 ^ If i /as D f *GiO three" vydaBlt'eiOTiK-j* (D:i.S". jii«vw^ inson, - who w'as"unop'poscd,, XKiu 257 votes.' ' * ' ' ' ' '• ( -E. -A.\ ' -li'ad.| was ; Monda'y''- The -_eledtion!f Vow^g'ivcs gona's -school' . ing F. C. Mr. Stmman-fpFesiaenitibtSi,™ board, said thaV.the". prganizatidn ITlGGtinS " fr""-- 1 -*!*^- "s. — !~«fci.r^ — v k *•„: would , be > evening.-',- / TWO BALLOT-, Lakoia: j^, t yY,»tynnag,' wiuv'^o votes,; and, j,qrv|lt,Byby, > with • 21,| Monday, withQ'utt;op t po|ition;;" *• 376 VOTES '< AT'SWEA^CTTY l ^^ ~^**f IT&T 1 ^, •*•**• », ** school ,eleptionu 'i here* Roy • Bra vender «<with' ^238 i.\ and« George w K?;" Nelson i with.-X. were elected'td the school*"bp& Bravender will/fiU' put "the";!er Joseph Weid' instances, An official 'of; eptjoff Co., new mofoj- tes'tjng equipment factory recently 4wat' ing in Algona t alga had gorwj ppm- ments in an unofficial ,Ke said ' ,Ke said 'th^whene'cqrn,, pany's program js fully 'underway, there --wiU be M^.-fpr^hji'vising pl?out - 10Q famifes,- • TKe? coming 10Q pany has been"8ss£p of managerial, mjinufactwing,^^,,,, gona plant, an4 many slroajjy here, UivJng >6tejs^ut tj^r 1 2UMA 'Afli-r ^*Whi.., sad^FA

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