Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on June 9, 1959 · Page 22
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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 22

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 9, 1959
Page 22
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PITTSBURGH POSTGAZETTEi TUESDAY, JUNE 9, 1939- JTBaeMmamnuii HDbslk By HAROLD V. COHEN Local Scrap pings Freddie Grosstncfr. tht Pittsburgh actor, landM a role on the West Coast In a new "Gunsmoke " episode, It won t he shown until fall, however. After working in New York as a production assistant on Harry Belafonte'g independent picture, "Odds Ajtalnst Tomorrow," Crossinger drove Belafonte'a MeroedesBenz to Las Vegas for the star and after a few days there went on to Hollywood where he has settled down for the summer In E. G. Marshall's Sherman Oaks home while Marshall is In the East playing stock. Del Taylor, the Channel 11 announcer, and his wife leave Friday for a two week vacation In Miami Beach. . . . Carl Low, of the White Barn Theater, has a wide Pitt-burch radio following- and probably the radio following doesn't even know It's Mr. Low they're following:. He has for the pat several month now been a featured player via transcription on the Cordlc and Company show. Mr. Serjeant of the (Mellon) bank commercials and Mr. Low are one. Aliquippa'a John Francona, who does the ring announcing chores for the Saturday afternoon wrestling shows on Channel 11. is leaving next Tuesday with Mrs. Francona and their two boys, John, Jr.. and Louis, for a two-week vacation in California, They'll stay out there In Riverside' nt the home of their driest son. Tatsy, fljid his wife. . . . The Jack (WWSW) rvHavens' seventh weddinp anniversary Sunday had an extra special significance; two week old Michelle, yie DeHavens firstborn, was among those present narold C. Lund, the West-lrighnuse. Broadcasting veep, haa been elected to the executive committee of the Alumni Association of Wash-Inglon and Jefferson CoHcrc. his Aim Mater. . . . Mr. and Mrs. Bill Sthwarz he' the new projrram director of KDKA radio are preparing for another visit from the atork late this aommer. They have a son Ave years old. The Town House's Tommy Sands could have a big hit on his hands In "Sinner Man," which Capitol has Just released. . . . Shirley Jones and Jack Cassirly head for Dallas, Tex., immediately after they close at the New Arena to he-gin rehearsals ' In "Having Wonderful Time" for the State Fair musical series. Cassirly starred in 1he original Broadway production of this show. Shirley's mother, Mrs, Faul Jones, will accompany them. Arthur Steinberg:, the non of William Steinberg, the Mttaburgh Symphony maestro, sailed Into Boston a few weeks ago from Greece t pick up supplies and equipment for an nrchneloglcai expedition to Turkey. Voting Steinberg then headed bark to the Mediterranean for a brief visit to Sicily on his way to Ankara. He'll !c digging around the lost city of Sard Is all summer. . . . The stork's on Its way to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sogers. Father-to-be. Is half of Josle Carey's "Children's Corner." Al Marsico will baton the Legal Notices Estate nf Salma Mrllbrath. deceased, nf Brrni(XKl Brno. No 243. of Letters trs'amentary m her estate were granted to the undersigned aho requests ail persons having elaims or demands against tha es'a'a of decedent In make known the same and all persona tudehied to deredept to mui payment without de.ay to Mirth Schnli, 1110 Glrard Av , Brentwned, Pah. il. P , and Rohert McIlraUi, 4$(0 Brownsville Pd . Pin ' 3T. P4 . txtrj ElmM A Brfhlfld, Attr., ltns Law and rmtni-a B'd , fth i. r Etat of Frank S. Dunbar. c-tmtH, of Pormonf, No 54 94 nf 19. ltt"' t'ltajnnitary on nil tttt fr irajitft lo th undfrlnM ho irqu'tts all prnnl alf rlaimj or demand! aiainit thf 'ai of dfcedfnt to n-.ak anown thf im and all fwrjont indfbifd to dw-fdfnt to make pavmfnt without dfiay to Vfrhert L. t'unbar, Extr., Rrf-mont Ave , Mt Lebanon TP, Ta. J Rona'd Jnh-ron. A'ty., 5104 Law aid nr.anrf B :d t, Pth 19. Pa Ei'ate of Jul.aua K ikhiag. c.'-Ci..ed, of Uoper S-i Clair Twp No S4R6 of lsa. Letter tei'amentary on her e'ta'e were framed to the i.nders.nfd wno requeda all penona hivinj cia;m? or demanda again! the fmie o! decedent to make known tre same and all per&onj Indebted to tJreiert lo mane pavment without deny 'o Carl Schlaj. Extr., S.1.14 Comanrhe Rd Pgh 34. Pa. Samuel Vi Pnnt'.e Prmjle Bredln A Martin, A"y., Brirk Bide . Pth. lfl. Pa . Notice is hereby jnven that an order dated June 4. IftM), by th underlined authoring 'he name of tha oil acrew Do All No 4, official number 37,1473 owned by John F. Caey Company. o which Pittsburgh. Pa , l the home port, to be changed to Ca'ey v.. Sarairel Klmvex. A..l5iant Collector "f Cujtoms, rorl ol pltla-fcurrj2 Pa b S Palkuvitj, Attorney.' sTliTind locust ft . MtKtvipprt, penna O m-ronweal'n of Pennlvania. '-'uniy of AUerhenv Ruth P'an Kni'kr fc'HIard H Ha'r:ier, at i d April Term 19,"ii. Court ef c-wtrrn r; . To Willard H Ha'-hrr. v a. tvi-ted that Pulh Pearl Hah It the ptatntlff, has commenced an aiin rf dn'orce ar:n-t you, which r.j i:9 required to defend WILLIAM H TAVI- Sheriff of Allegheny ro.r."y. COMSlOVttXA LT H OF PENNSYLVANIA IEJARraENT OF PROPERTY AND SITPLIXS BUREAU OF ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION 3231 FOR5TER. STREET P O. BOX SS3 HARSISBUBC. PENNSYLVANIA NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Bid Date Wednesday. June 34. 1959 Time of OperUnr 13 30 P. M. Eastern Siandard Time a'0 P M. Daylight Saving Time Trie Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 111 receive at the above office snicd propoisaU m-hKh w.ll be publi-iv opened and read a: the above natrd time f. r the W!olnf Projects construction of sub.tat;'!v carage and examining fif.ld. pennsylvania state police, tp.evose road. pennsylvania, henrv d dagit and sons, 1123 pace street, Philadelphia, pennsylvania Project No 304r)-l (re-bld Central Conatructlon. Protect No .'040-3 (re-bldi Heatlni and Ventilating. Projert No. 1940-3 (re-bldi Plumbing Ceottrueunn.. project No, S040-4 Ue-tdi BertrtestT'Conarnirttton por for EACH PROJECT. .10 ' WSiTAJXATiON Of IMERGENCY house band for the Variety Club telethon this weekend, Just as he has for the last several years. . . . Angela Ran-daz?o, who was rhief engineer Ted Kenney'g Girl Friday at KDKA radio until her recent retirement, welcomed a bahy girl. . . . The Bodyromhe clan, Including organist salesman Aneurln (Red) Bodycombe, gathered recently at Wheel lng's Oglebay Fark for what's to be an annual reunion. Some SO strong from coast to coast attended. Radio Row hears that local songwriter Churchill Kohl-man has Just been awarded a huge sum In a New York court for back performance rights and royalties on his tune "Cry" (the Johnnie Ray hit) after a litigation extending back four or five years, the details are still vague . . . Bobbie Thunell tliafs a Miss, suli has moved from the W( AK radio traffic de. part men t to WTAK television for the vacation period. . . . "The Greeks Had a Word l or It" Is returning to Channel 13 next week (Tuesday nights at 8) with Jim Gerard, the Channel 2 morning man, as the moderator. Addenda Kay Thompson Is currently finishing her third Elolse book. "Eloise in Moscow," and recording an album based on It for Capitol. Miss Thompson recently returned from a visit to the Russian capital. . Look for Benay Venuta toplav t he Kthel Merman role in llie Chicago company of "Gypsy next season. . . . Albert Irk ker has Joined Elizabelh Tay lor, Montgomery Cllft and Katharine Hepburn in the cast of "Suddenly Last Summer," the movie version of Tennes see Williams' drama, "Garden District." Larry Douglas haa been set for Martha Raye's summer theater package of "The Bells Are Ringing." . . . The llol Miol Ballet's two week gross at the Shrine Auditorium In ios Angeles was a mammoth (T.Vt.nntl. . . . Robert Alan Aurthnr has checked In at 20!h Century-Fox to screen script the new C.ra-e Metal-lous novel, "Return to Teyton riace." . . . Julie Harris will star In the movie version of James Costlgan's "Little Moon of Alhnn," which she first did on television. Sylvia Sidney and Betsy rai nier are both pning to hit the straw hat circuit this season in different productions of "Once More, With l-eelnif;." . . . Catlv lecn Nesbitt has vacated her co-starring assignment In the traveling "Garden District'' and Diana Barrymore is now the sole star of the Tennessee Williams drama. . . . Elaine Martin has replaced Clrl Ja robsen in the rulitzer Trize drama, "J. B," and is appearing as a sister of her real life sister, Merry Miriam Martin, an original member of the cast. Ills "Bat Masterson" series will be good for $I.MI,0(I0 worth of summer personal appearances for dene Barry. . . . One of the famous restaurant men of New York In the 18!)0s, Jacques Bustanoby, will be the subject in the fall of a new musical railed "Mr. Broadway." . . . nume Cronyn and his wife, Jessica Tandy, have gone to their private Island In the Bahamas for a three-month vacation. Legal Notices r.F.NFRATOR SET TROTIP HPAD-OUARTBR.S PENNSYLVANIA STATE MUCI WA.HIN5TOK PUTLER AND PUNXSUTAWNEY. PENNSYLVANIA. WASHINGTON, PtTLER AND JEF-VT5RSON CtM'NTlFS PROJECT NO 3244 4 Electrical Work Deposit for EACH PROJECT. - On t-M-P-O-R-T A-N-T SEPARATE CHECKS DRAWN TO THE ORDER OF THE COMMON-WEALTH OP PFWSYLVAV1A Ml'JT BE 8UB-MITTXD FOR EACH PPCV'FJCT PLANS AND SPECIFICATIONS WILL NOT BE SUPPLIED UNLESS A CHF..-K lS FOR THE PLAN'S DEPOSIT ACCOMPANIES THE RE Bt'EST. Drawings. Speclftcatlona and Proposal Forms nor exceeding two t3t complete seta may he secured be prospective bidders by applying to the Bureau of Engineering and Conatruc-tion. Department of Princrty and Supplies Hauntrjrg. Fe nnsvH ania. and depo.ttinc the amount a'a'ed above, whicn d-pont will he rpfund'-d on'v m.-'n re eip: of a Bc.,,a Fide Bid cn the Standard Pmpojal Fni-n and return of the drawmr and spe -in. aliens In good o.der within !rn (in, davs after the opening of bidj olhcrwise, the deposit will be forfeited Drawings and SpeciAi all. ns ma- be reviewed free of rhaige at the i.ffire of the Bureau of Engineering and Conatructlon, Department of Property and Suppliea Harrisburg. Pennavivama fcach Proposal must he accompanied by a Certified Check. Bank Cashier a Check or Trust Company Treaiuier s Check, drawn to the order of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania In an amount of not less than Ave per centum l.) of the bid herein submitted BID BONDS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED, Bidders are requested to re lew the manner and fnim of executing Bid Proposal In accordance with l.NAimv-TiON TO RIODKfiS under the heading PROPOSAL M'lRMS The cvrnmonwaith "f Pennsylvania reieives the right tn rnrt any or al! Bids and tn accept or icicrt unv part ol any bid nndrew M Biadlcv. Secretary of Prone, ty t, Supplies LEGAL NOl'it.X NOTICE IS HKREKY GIVEN to all persons Inreres'ed or wno ma be aflecicd by the 1t.soiiit!on of Forwaid Telephone Company of Forward Town-inip, Allegheny County. Pennsylvania, a Public utility Corporation, that it has filed with the Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County. Pennsylvania, at No. 3450 July Term, 19S9. Its Petition for Dissolution, which said dissolution haa been authorized bv Order of the Public Utility C"m-mirsicn of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, dated Mach 3. 19"9, at rcKet No A SA03.1. and which luild Tuition r.3s been presented by virtue of and pursuant to the unanimous e.frtion of tn of the Stockholders and an of th Directors of taid corpora- tlnn The C"uit has bv Its Order, fixed Just 39th 1 !. a1 10 no o clock AM E D s T . for hetrinr. upon and flni an. .-in upon said Petition a' whirn Line a id place anf and all r-rs'.ns nveres-ed miv apper and be he.-.rd if Ihrv .r, dciMie The pioceed.nss tforesatll for the 'ss"!iticin of sad ccrpoiation are in accordance with the previsions of the . ' A""nMy of the r-r mmonwealth P L 'j"i'v,n' Apr" 18S9' 'CLARENCE p. DEVORE, Solicitor for Forward Telephone Company.. 35S JUIa street, 4anopitjla, , Pajmsyle ANTOrf aVr'BR.TF,T Hot Jones Bidr , Pgh. 1, Pa. ' In Melody Tent's First of Season . r i4 JANE A. JOHNSTON I'olsed for the opening of the ( Me Mght Opera's Melody Tent with "The Most Happy Fella" next Monday night Is Miss Johnston, among others. F.dwln Steffe and Carolyn Maye have the leads in the Frank IiOesser musical version of the Sidney Howard play, "They Knew What They Wanted." o I Iff if and By MIKE CONNOLLY' Short Taken Columbia Pictures announced Glenn Knrd as Kim Novak's co-star In the wpcomlng "Strangf ri When We Meet" b u t the chances of Glenn doing It are now as re-mole as Greta Garho doing a nl"ht club act In Las Vegas since he discov. ercrl the script deals with Mr. Connolly adultery. Glenn Is still Involved In the produc tion of a local rclijrious show on TV called "Faith of Our Children" and doesn't want to become Involved In a censorship hassle. Another big picture deal went down the drain when Itinjr Crosby discovered .lean Simmons won't be available as his leading leady in "Bachelor's Rahy," Fox has cancelled it ns a result. The blK drive Milnd the bustup of that nuiltl million-dollar production company, Hecht -XI 111 Lancaster, Is Harold Ifecht's. He haa been associated with Burt Lancaster since the beginning: of Burt's fabulous career, first a agent, then a partner. Now he wants to prove he ran he .a success without Itnrt. He turned down the Job us p r o il ii r 1 1 n ii chief for Paramount when V. Frank Freeman retired because he doesn't wflnt the headaches of running a major studio. His first production chore away from Kurt will le Evan Hunter's crime yarn, "A Matter of Conviction," starring; Glenn Ford. Esther William Is signing her checks and correspondence "Mrs. Ben Gage" again. Concise advice from Vincent rrlce: "The only thing that can cheat a woman out of the last word is an echo." Martha llyer farmed out her collection of Old Masters (paintings, that Is) for a charity exhibit staged by the Los Angeles Council of Jewish Women. His Hollywood chums can't figure out how Lei and Hay-ward Inevitably turns up with a Broadway smash (currently Ethel Merman's "Gypsy") and yet can't ever seem to get off the dime as a picture producer (his most recent film flop being Spencer Tracy's "Old Man and the Sea"). rt.ATHOVSI! Craft Avenue Theater: 'The Tunnel nt Lnve " Tonight at 411. Hamlet S'reet Theater: "Man In the Dog Suit." Tonlrht at H.40, SHinvBOAT SI'lHorr. irrnle McLean and his "Miovvboat Mirntrels " with Ullian Rrlgcs. Tonight at and 10 MTTI.r. l.aKI. "llnwie." T.'nltht at IliTK rlKN "Orre More With Feel-h- " Tniiiclit al fl 40 Mi ntun rn ii:ii : a Hole In lh Hesrl T.-n:fnt at t .'0 VIMiN Millie I'eikiii- sad Joteoh Srh Mkraut in "The Diary o! Anna Frank Ten'glU II S JO , Bl HI. PI.ANFTARH'M The Blrtn ft 1 City ' Ti ttay at J 15 and A.30 ART rlfMA Dany Renin In "Maid In Fans' at il. 3 15. 5.2S and .3A nil f.'lco: Berger in "Glria ol tne Mtht" at ii 40. J SO. 6 55 and 10 05. CASINO Jus'a Pream In hurleenue Matinee continuous from 1-5. evenings. 7.30-11. Late show Saturday a 110 30. n i TON Orson Welles. Dean Stork-well and Bradford Dillnun In "Comrulnon " a: 11 24. 1 34, 3 44. 6 54. .04 and 10. 14 Ol II I) "The Tevti strikes at Nigh." i:h Merio Adon at 6 13. A 0 and in 04. HARRIS Aian Land. Vsn H'nin and .lean Arthur m "Shane' at 11.15, 1 25. 3. 25. 5 :i5. 7.45 and 10 PINV .lamet rgner, D-n J.tiirtsf and Pana Uvnter In ' fhaket Hards Wl'h the nevll ' at 1 1. .10. 1 35, 3 4'j. 5 50, A and 10. 10. SHADYSinr "The Bnlshol Ballet tr-rlng Gal In L'lanova at A 20 and 0 20 IQI IKKH, nilU "Room at the Top," with Laurence Han-ey and Rlmone ig-moret at... 01, and 10:10. TANltr Paul hfewmaa ' and Barbara Filh In "The ' Yottng Phtladelphlan," al 11:40, 3:30, 8.05. T.45 and 10 30 n M0II OUT TO A 8MOWI 810 Million Deal For Jerry Icwis HOLLYWOOD, June W Jerry Lewis has signed a 10-million dollar contract which Paramount Studios saya Is the biggest priced paid In Hollywood for the exclusive serv ices of one star. The seven-year contract calls for the comedian to make 14 pictures, seven by Para mount-York Corporation and seven by Jerry Lewis Productions, Inc. Lewis currently is making "Visit to a Small Planet," the last motion picture under his contract with Hal Wallis. rf o 1 i (iiiiiiiv 3niius At Town House Tommy Sands, whoi,e ap pearances on TV and in movies have combined with his recording successes to make him one of the most popular young entertainers In the country, Ls currently topping the show at the Town House. Also on the bill la comedian Tommy Hanlon. Ralph De Stefano and his orchestra play for dancing and the shows at the Monroeville room. Davis to Europe! Sammy Davis Jr. Is going on a four month pre-Broad-way European tour In the new musical "Free and Easy." The Harold Arlen-Johnny Mercer show ls to debut at the Hague In October, subsequently appearing In Brussels, Paris, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Zurich, London, Rome and other cities Sublet to Club Membership Jaw POLKA THURS. JUNE lllh CABARET STYLE 9-12 A. mm m-- rar 7 COLUMBIA PICTURES praassM DORIS JACK DAY LEMMON nAuel sn reete- hf lhCy0 Ql"l Cierwiwe OUt5T 9mk 9ULkm 9eV4 mmiwiit Ttv ccoasMca EsVSTMAM Starts TOMORROW Alr-Condltloned Hurry! Last 1 Ticket Offices Now Open to Serve You IN PITTSBURGH KAUFMANN'S FIRST FLOOR ATlontic 1-3777 Ambrldgo Davidion'i Dept. Store; Btaver Falls Bvr Valley TmvbI Serv, Butler Winter'i Drug Store, Chorlerol Mill.r'l Clolrton Hanson'i Gift SSop Greemburg Weher't Furniturs Homestead-Peoples First Natl Bank Jeonnette Ratner'l Kittanning Rohrer's Drug Store La t robe-Mary Lee Agetuy SEASON OPENS JUNE 15 with FRANK LOESSER'S BROe.DWe4r HTi "THE MOST KflPPY FELLA" Good Scats Available But Hurry! AVAILABLE TRANSPORTATION FROM DOWNTOWN PITTSBURGH TAKE 82 LINCOLN OR 85 BEDFORD AT TM AND SMITHFIELD, LIBERTY AVE. AT ROSENBAUM S AND ATM AT WTLIE AVE. ANY STM AVE STREET CAR TO WASHIN&TON PLACE AND THEN A SHORT BLOCK TO MELODY TENT ON CENTER AVE. WALKING DISTANCE FROM CARLTON HOUSE, PENN SHERATON AND IIGELOW APT. Among Sinners Of 'Heroes and...' ? MARIA FELIX 8he plays the aulrry Mexl-can temptress Involved In a network of greed, murder and terror In "Heroes and Sinners." The movie, which has an African setting, opens tomorrow at the Guild. Curt Jurgens, Yves Montand and Jean Servais are also starred In II. a TONITE HAL CURTIS SATURDAY HAL CURTIS SUNDAY HAL CURTIS LADS ,'Mffi M. yTo begin with we had a charming story about a lady, a hick lawyer, a tycoon and a locomotive. A star-bright cast. A colorful, untrodden locale. But after we'd filmed It all, we also found we had some secret ingredient (Luck? Magic? Skill?) that merged all the others Into a magnificent,' motion picture that le as BIO as it Is bright In fact-lt'8 bigger than all of usl ERNIE KOVACS eSKeMTikj MFlCE AN WiN wrtouCTiOlt TARS " trm mioowi uwht mooh ncmtt COLOR Day "SHANE" sMasMajjjgassj i a toaaiTirtart) aiags DAftlNCI IXIS21J Civic Light Opera MELODY TENT BOX OFFICE 88 FULLER. ON ST. ATLANTIC M311 Mononqaholo Wsstern Pa. Nat'l Bank Natrona Helqhtj Htrbar'i Man't Shop Nw Cattle Flaming Music Center New Kensington-Cooper Broi. Rochester Hoffmann Drug Co. Steubenville Melody Record Center Unlontown Kaufman'i Washington Teek'i Fine Shoes W Ikinsburg Penn Lincoln Hotel FULT0H-2"i,V, 1 MiraWTLlft rrzi s ias-d wt Hwsiucreyiu ICliKWODHlUiN I If. wv" CieeiMoeHt kasMke aa-e . ItAO Hi. 4441 PLAY NOW CRAFT AVE. HITI "TUNNEL OF LOVE" NOW! HAMLIT ST. "THF. MANtheDOQ SUIT" Tlcaetst Glmbeli A Herea'l r Call MA, BASEBALL TONIGHT 8 1 1 8 GIANTS vs. PIRATES Taatafra SIS With Claim Girl From Thi Outtr Spices "JUSTA DREAM" AND MICKEY O'HARA i HP ijhiiesBeMf THEATERS ABC Da Roati M kerawaa AmkrWia A lochsMar BLUE DELL atta 30 East Valley l-ltit "Sheriff RRftfUfinP Oa Oranaa Belt sslawat Wntset "OREGON ana semtstsr. Wiua Tae slen CAMP HORNE Bslwtsn t. 19 A Obi lhr Blue. FOresI 4-4127 COLONIAL II. 51 Snilh Olympla S-9707 DEPENDABLE Parkoay Fitiniloa. J Ml. Iron airport. AMharst 4-50T1 ECHO Rt 51 at Iri lrte Mi Elltae' "The EL RANCHO t. 28. Brlaattllle CAnal 1-6027 'Safi of FAMILY Rt Krw Kmslngtaa EOlson 7-7831 "THE GATEWAY Oikmont Ct. Claa Rest lift iVt Ml. ta N. Ksnilnotoa, II. 909 Greater Pittsburgh It. 30, V Ml. East el Watt-laoaaasa Brlaaa. Valley 4-5590 Greater Pittsburgh It SO. Vt ML Eaat ef West. kaghoata ftrldge. Valley 4-550 GREENTREE laileslewa II. Bet, Crareee a r.arnaala. WAInat 1 2049 From "THE HARMAR Dehhle Rt. 28. HirmnrYllst Oaknont 2525 "Smoke KENMAWR It 51 let. MfKs leesv Csrseoolli. SP. 1-0577 MAPLE It. 50. Underbill J45-8 10 Ml. E. al WilUn.surs MT. LEBANON 15 Mia. freai ML lal. Little Wash. It 19 MT. LEBANON 15 Mia. trass ML Let. Ta'l Llttla Walk. It. 19 ODIN It. V). I'i Ml. W at Greeaa. ksr. 6rsenr; g04 PENN-LINCOLN It. 22-30 W. f lmeerl.1 st tha Y. Oifor( 5-7218 PITTSBURGH It. 22. MnnrMillle Draxel 2-4616 Rainbow Gardens Lineal. Way. 2 Ml. a lintel. Hlwst. Orchard 2-623 RANALLI'S It. 8, Bat. Eta. I Ssssritoam, Hilltop 5-229T.. ROUTE 19 M Mln. mm Mt. leaaes swara Wajklaitesi SILVER LAKE Within City. Wan. Blvd. tele Frsi!S!tAn, E E HI. 1-1 SOUTH HILLS "THE t. 1 a Meit t Ankaet. HO. 6-7112 SOUTH PARK & "ME Intra M Tinny. 5-77i7 SUPER 30 It. )0. Irvla. Pa. UaderhlM J-7417 SUPER 71 B. ta It. 51 ta 71 Wsmrly 9-7040 SUPER 71 S aa It. M M71 Waufly 9-7040 "Queen TWIN HI-WAY It. 60. 2 Ml. W .1 Crittoa. WAInst 1-424) Wexford Starlit Inte 19 Miles treat Wast View WC, 4 2731 WOODLAND Maamraa.-Da.iasnt Id. late II. Alraart. KOntsttea 2-4)34 WEEK OF JUNE 16 t"j ACADEMY AWARD NOMINEE Peggy Cass IH THE COMEDY HIT "Born Yesterday ALSO STARRINfJ FRANK CAMPANELLA MARK MILLER TOP PRICE T"2 ' ivri hone Now! invi. StJNClAl MAI Kir I tl S tr an IEX 9-752J I 11, LiiLUJ'tJIjL.fd! Savi A Toll Call! Dial (Pgh.) Walnut 2-2030 or 2-2031 To Renrvi Seats (or Any Perlormanco IT "I Mm! $ iyv I I r A l ii 1J W '""W !!"- IS..1-.-IS- Disney's "SHAGGY DOG" Ttie Law Jake Wade" Tlne.-Terh. Robert Taylor. Blebard Wirlmara Children's Admission Required Cartoon Show en Daylight gereen at 1:H Disney's "SHAGGY DOG" of rraetored Jaw", Terh J. Mansfield rh lldren'a Adm laelon Beqnlred Disney's "SHAGGY DOG" PASSAGE" Tech., J. EricWon Children's Admission Required Cartoon Show on Daylight Rereen at 7:4a Disney's "SHAGGY DOG" "Merdl Oras" Teeh.. P. Boone, T. Panda mm hlluren'a Admission Required Disney' s"SHAGGYDOG" "Mardl Oraa" Clne.-Tech. Pat Ronne, Tomme Flanria, Gary Crosby Children's Admission Required Disney's'"SHAGGYDOG" "Sheriff of Fractured Jaw" Cine. -Tech. Jayne Mansfield Child ren'i Admission Required Aeaderny Award Winner DaTld Nlveu "SEPARATE TABLES" Burt Lancaster Rita Hayworth, Deborah Kerr Conquerors ''-Teeh., J.. Wayne. 8 . ITarward Disney's "SHAGGY DOG" Hemp Brown' Tech., R. Calhoun Children a Admiaalon Required "S0MELlf(E if"H0T" UT..I1.. U...... T.a.b I Tm. reiwilaa "Shark'fighters" Cine.-Tecn., V. Mature NAKED MAJA"--Cine.-Tech. Ata Oardnrr. Anthony FrAnf Insa "Ihme Before Park" Jfn fiimmnns, Dan O'Ucrllhy "THE NAKED MAJA" Cine.-Tech. Ara Gardner. Anthony Franeioaa "Pillars of the Sky" Teeb. Jeff Chandler, Doroiby Malone t'Tehnleolor" At ionH I ta ! "DESERT FURY" Burt Lancaster "CALIFORNIA" Ray Milland "GREEN MANSIONS" Cine.-TecK. AwStm Bfpbara,' Anthony Perkfnt the Earth to the Moon" Teeh. Joseph Cotton, ,''yr""Af,f mmmm MATING GAME" Cine.-Tech. Reynolda. Tony Randall. Fain Donrlai Signal" Tech. Dana Andrews Cartoons 6 "THE NAKED MAJ-V" Cine.-Tech. Aa irrnrr. AnthonT F-'anrln-ia 'iJlf Country" Tech., G. reek, C. Hftrn "'GREEN "MAN S ! 0 N S " C ineT-Te criT" Audrey Hepburn. Anlhnne Perkln. "Night of the Quarter Moon" mm Julleuondon, J. DreirBarrjmore) Srreen'l l.tShlnt at I)ni Disney's "SHAGGY DOG" "J attoorea FITN-O-BAMA" Thlldren'a AdmUslon Hequiredl Screen 2 lat"s"rae! At Dusk SaasaManal A Halt Stoat (Racmisnnifeo for Aifiltt) "I Led Two Uvea" Freneh FolUes ta Behare an a Picnic Oh My Goahl "Olrl Behind the Curtain" "ONIONHEAD" Andy Griffith "AS YOUNG AS WE ARE" Rnaert Rarland. Plppa Scott "TUNNeITOF LOVE" Cine. Doris Dae. Elehard Wldmark The. Decks Ran Red" James Mason. Dorothy Pandrldge Dilney's "SHAGGY DOG" "FUN-O-RAMA" Children'. Admission Beqnlred "smTlike it""hot" atarllya Manrne, Jack Leramon, Tony Cnrtkl "SNQWFIRE" Tech. Disney's "SHAGGY DOG" "LEGEND OF SLEEPING HOLLOW" Children'. Admlaalon Beqnlred "THUNDER IN THE SUN" Tech. Snean Harward, Jeff Chandler "THE PAGANS" Rape of Rome Disney's "SHAGGY DOG" "GUNMEN FROM LAREDO" Tech. Childi en's Admission Beqnlred NAKED MA.'A' -Cins -Tech. Are Gardner Anthnnv franelnsa "The lady lakes a Flyer" fine. Tea l.ana Turner, Jeff Chandler Disney's "SHAGGY 003" THE COLONEL" Danny Kaye Children'. AdmLssinn Keqnlrad "HELEN OF TROY" Tech. Bosanna Podeala, Brifttte Bardot "Land of the Pharaohs" Joan Collins i i-lTis Presley Bits! "LOVING YOU" Tech. "KING CREOLE" "UP PERISCOPE" Tech. Jamea "MaTerlck" Garner of Outer Spaca" Zsa Zsa Gabor Ditney's "SHAGGY DOG" "No Name en the Bullet" Teeh. Audle Mnrphr. Charles Drake Children'. Admission Required "SOME LIKE IT HOT" Marilyn Monroe, .lack lenaitn. Tony Cartl. "MUSTANG" Jack Beutel Disney's "SHAGGY DOG" 'Saga of Hemp Brown' Tech., R. Calhoun Children'! Admission Require Tieaday, Jtini , lMt saBttaasasssaaasaatsttBaaatssBtttaBaaaaaai TONIGHT AT 8:30 MAT WU. IF. HURRY! LAST 12 DAYS thi DIARY on ANNE FRANK aia reiin 1 Nfivn?j' " ' ' r HURRYI IAT oaii u I HE CHEAT ITAM M t... C7 BALLETS, 41 Si . 1. 1 1 Irlt 't 1 Tr AJRCONDITIONED 5HAXE HANDS WITH THE DEVIL MreeeV i'e:HJra fflf -Caa Mtiartaa 4-1 issJ umaaii 1 5 Heroes jin.fi t P Sinners MA I starring YVES MONTAND MARIA FELIX JEAN SLRVAIS REOOMMENDEO FOR ADULTS STARTS TOMOBCOW "DESERT FURY" (o-feotura "THE CALIFORNIAN" LIBERTY Beat Liberty MO, 1.7820 SO. HILLS DOBMOVT kS. 1-1100 KsnnttK Marl "A NIGHT TO REMEMBER" aanisnlint .trims DENIS Ml. LrbaooB LE. 1-1SOO imr-t j-L r at.e-- as i ENJOY A MOVIE TONIGHT TfESDAT, JVSt 0 GARDEN (NORTH81DF.) 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